Week 3 NFL and Fantasy Football thoughts

September 22, 2008 |

MONDAY 9/22/08 Thoughts!!

· Ronnie Brown had a great day…4 TD’s plus one throwing! He started the game for the Dolphins as well, but Brown 17 carries, Ricky Williams 16 carries…so we still have a split RB situation in Miami

· Ever watch TO play football…he is a great football player…he had 20 yards receiving Sunday night, yet blocked his butt off.

· Denver and Miami RB situations are a mess…just trade all their RB’s…you will sleep better.

· Detroit, Kansas City, Atlanta and ST. Louis…when your RB plays any of these teams…they become a MUST START.

· Indianapolis is as well as long as Bob Sanders is out.

· WR’s love seeing New Orleans, Green Bay and Denver on the schedule and those are three teams that should make the playoffs.

· Baltimore and Tennesse have given up 20 and 29 point respectively…3 – 3 tie in week 5?

· The BYE WEEKS ARE HERE…rule 1…never drop a player that can help you win a game later just to fill a hole in your roster…take a zero for one week if you have to…

· Teams that are done after 3 weeks…Cleveland, Oakland, St. Louis, Detroit and Kansas City

· Team that is close to being done…Cincinnati (Palmer, TJ and Ocho will make some noise at some point, won’t they?),

· The Giants could still finish 4th in the division…I said could people.

· The Steelers were exposed Sunday at Philly. If they can’t run the ball and protect their QB they are in trouble.

· New England will be OK…they just won’t be the greatest team ever…but still good enough to win the division.

· I can’t decide if I believe in Buffalo yet!

· Minnesota and Jacksonville got MUST needed wins…Both will make the playoffs…

· Brian Westbrook…sigh…that offense needs him…and must have him to compete…C Buck is a nice player but he is not Westbrook.

· Brian Griese’s arm hurts today…if it does not…my arm hurts for him…67 passes..wow!

· FLUKES are the week: Steve Slaton (sorry not buying it, Tennesse took away Andre Johnson, that is the way to beat the Texans), Miles Austin, Brian Griese and Ronnie Brown (one week, now everyone has film Ronnie)

· FINDS of the week: Julius Jones (he plays in a week division, I believe now), Antonio Bryant and Justin McCareins

· I am not sure what to do with Brandon Llyod he could be a find.