What Are They Doing?

November 18, 2008 |

So, I’m watching Monday Night Football last night and I see the match-up. With all of the great match-ups around the league and all of the traditional powers in the league, we get the Cleveland Browns versus the Buffalo Bills. That doesn’t even sound exciting, and I’m a “junkie.”

Now, it turned out to be a very exciting football game, but that’s beside the point. MNF is not for those of us who are going to watch regardless, it’s for people who are looking for a reason to go out and drink Coors Light. MNF is for people who don’t usually watch football, but watch on Monday night because it’ pop culture. This night should be reserved for a familiar match-up. It’s not for ESPN to get cute and think they know something we don’t know.

Who looked at the NFL schedule and said, “The Browns vs. the Bills is going to be the best match-up of week 11?” That’s what MNF should be about. We should look at the schedule each week and see, potentially, the best match-up of the week in the NFL. You could argue with another game, but there’s no way the Browns vs. Bills could ever have the potential to be the best match-up of the week.

Here’s my request. Can ESPN please get the best potential match-ups of the week for MNF? We don’t want the “flavor of the month” team like the Cleveland Browns. That team had too many prime-time games because so many thought they would be good this year.

Let’s stick with what we know people. The Patriots, Cowboys, Giants, Bucs, Steelers, Chargers, and of course the Ravens. Match those guys up with other teams and you have the potential for an entertaining game. You can’t match one traditional bottom of the division team versus another. That’s the potential for disaster in so many ways.