Whatever the case might be

March 03, 2008 |

Here are some random thoughts from the weekend:
-If you are a fan of college basketball, there were some great games that took place this weekend. There was everything from teams blowing leads to game winning shots and everything in between, a great weekend to start to get everyone ready for March Madness.
-I am not convinced that Jeremy Guthrie will have that great of a season for the Orioles. I will say the over under for him is 13 and I will take the under. In fact I will say that he will be closer to 10 wins than 13. Daniel Cabrera will have another and possibly final mediocre season for them. If he has not gotten it (whatever that is), by now then he never will.
-Non sports related, but I just saw it on the web that the Van Halen tour looks like it is over with. I know they were scheduled to come to Baltimore next Sunday, but it does not look very promising at this point. I was never a big Van Halen fan and actually prefer Sammy Hagar to DLR, but there is no way I would pay the type of money they are asking for a ticket. Rather see Hagar with Kenny Chesney at M&T Bank Stadium.
– Speaking of the Ravens, make sure you check out the team’s official website. They have redone it and it is pretty impressive looking.
-There was a rumor floating around this weekend that Ray Lewis was close to agreeing to a deal with the UFC. I see no way that it is possible for a couple of reasons : A) I know Ray was a all state wrestler in high school and I  have seen him first handle wrestle guys like Ed Hartwell and have them tied up like a pretzel. I also am aware that Ray does some boxing and kickboxing stuff as a part of his conditioning. B) Last year there was talks that Ray was going to wrestle on TNA Wrestling against Frank Wycheck and there were people who stepped in. Now maybe Ray does UFC type fighting after his career is over but not while he is under contract.
-Mike Flynn deserves more credit than what he gets for the way he played the game. Now was Mike the most talented or athletic guy out there? Probably not, but no one was going to work harder than him or give more effort than him. Does Mike belong in the ring of honor? That is not for me to decide, but he is a guy that meant a lot to this organization and will be missed by not only his teammates, but the staff of the Ravens, and several members of the media. Will Flynn ever play again? I am not sure; he has a young son now and probably knows that the end is near one way or another. He has made a nice living playing this game and played longer than a lot of people do, and has the one thing that every NFL player past, present, or future, plays for…a Super Bowl ring. I think Mike Flynn deserves credit for what he did not only as a football player, but also as a guy that was always in the community. Stay tuned.
So that I don’t forget, for my number one fan out there, that is what I think about sports or WHATEVER THE CASE MIGHT BE.