Who cares about 2011?

March 23, 2009 | Keith Melchior

What has happened to the term WIN NOW?  For all the people who actually care a rat’s ass about the Orioles, I cannot believe how many people are in favor of what they are doing to this team in 2009 to prepare for 2011 and beyond.

Just where did this “it’s OK to sacrifice almost everything now for the future” attitude come from?  It’s NOT OK. What happened to “let’s win NOW or, at the least, let’s TRY to win now?”  Why has it  turned into “Keep believing and trust us, we think we know what we’re doing?”

I cannot believe people are actually buying into that load of crap the Baltimore Orioles are and have been shoveling out over the past few years. In my opinion, Andy McFAIL is a freaking joke as a GM. Loading this team up with a bunch of has-beens and never-will-bes and trying to pass them off as a major league team?  Are they filming another Major League  starring the Baltimore Orioles, this time? Let’s pretend THAT will ever happen around these parts anytime soon. It insults our intelligence as fans.

Didn’t they try the “Come see the kids play” gimmick on us a few years ago? Kids? NOT!!  As I recall, that trick didn’t work out too well. In fact the average age of the team was close to 30 at the time they were promoting that slogan.  This time we want to watch the kids play and they are giving us someone elses kids to watch, not our own. We’re getting our kids ready so they can make an impact in a few years. So they claim. I think after suffering through a few seasons of losing, Matt Weiters will turn into Javy Lopez and Earl Williams, catchers who didn’t want to be a full time catcher anymore. He’ll eventually be traded or be an annual DL candidate with the phantom groin pull.

The BORIOLES  have no idea how this thing is going to pan out. They are asking us to take that proverbial leap of faith. We want to believe them, but it is very difficult when we see what is happening year after year. They have no right to ask us to wait a few more years while they continue to rebuild. They have been rebuilding for 11 years now and it isn’t working enough to keep the interest of more than maybe 6000 faithful people who love to watch baseball no matter what. I bet more people have given up their season ticket plans than people have bought season ticket plans over the last 5 years. We’ll follow them on TV but there are no immediate plans to pay to go see that train wreck in person.

Oh, I can hear all those Oriole apologists now…”They are doing the right thing” , “They’ll be contenders by 2011 and beyond”, “They are building from within the farm system first”, “Andy knows what he is doing.”   To this I say, HORSE HOCKEY people!!! Wake the hell up!!!  Aren’t you tired of waking up and seeing the Orioles at the bottom of the AL East year after year? I sure am and 2009 and 2010 will not be any different.

What is it going to take to convince the “fans” that the Orioles have turned into the MLB version of the LA Clippers and Detroit Lions?  They have become nothing more than laughing stocks of the league. People sure get their panties in a bunch with the conspiracy theories when something negative is said by the national media and  fans about the Ravens, so why do the Orioles get a pass? First thing people want to do when the Ravens stumble is call for Ozzie Newsome’s head on a platter. Why isn’t Andy McPhail admonished for his tactics (actually that should be antics) The ONLY reason they signed Roberts and Markakis to long term contracts was to totally avoid a full blown mutiny by what is left of their fan base. Look how many people were pissed off when they didn’t sign Mark Teixeira and then followed that up by going by the books and forcing  Jeremy Guthrie to take a pay cut. And people say they are planning to go to OPACY when the Yankees come just to boo Teixeira? How about booing the Orioles for making us believe they were actually serious about signing that guy? Think about it.

I, for one, do not like the way McPhail has run the team. I will not give him a pass because he’s only been here for less than 2 full seasons. The Orioles have gone downhill for what will be 12 seasons come October. They haven’t sniffed .500 baseball since 1997. They are not going to be competitive this season and they already know it. Yet, people will still go out of their way to complain about people like me who often criticize the Orioles. And to those who think I am wrong, trust me, you have no clue what you are talking about. Look what happened over the last 12 years. I want them to try to win NOW.

I don’t care if they appear like they are taking a page out of Tampa Bay’s success book. That team NEVER had a winning season until they caught lightning in a bottle last year. That lightning ended against Philadelphia. I doubt Tampa will sniff the post-season this season, regardless of whether they “did the right thing” or not. They still do not sell out Tropicana Field or whatever it’s called nowadays, even after winning the AL Championship.

If you think Tampa is here to stay and will actually contend with the big boys, Spring Grove and Sheppard Pratt have plenty of counselors that will talk to you. One shot wonders is all they are. NO SHOT BLUNDERS is what the Orioles have become. They have alienated their fans and supporters and it will be very difficult to get them back to where they were before the Ravens came to town. 

For those of you who actually believe they will win in 2011 with this present formula, I have some real estate in the Everglades I’d be willing to sell you.