Check out the cool purple videos with your football today

December 21, 2008 | Nestor Aparicio

Like the rest of you, I’m monitoring all of the Sunday NFL action today, albeit running through an airport or two en route back to Baltimore from frigid Dallas. When we arrived here on Friday, it was 78 degrees. This morning it was 19 degrees. Right now, it’s about 34 degrees.

It’s amazing what a “pep in your step” we all get when the Ravens win a game like that. From what I’m hearing and feeling at home – via and Facebook – I get the vibe that the city is jacked up for the holidays and next Sunday’s game against Jacksonville. (My wife is talking about busting out the purple rope lights!)

I spent most of the morning watching the “Miller Lite Purple Palace entries.” It’s AMAZING some of the stuff we’ve gotten for entries. Click here if you want to see all of the contestants. Feel free to comment here as well. We’ll have our three finalists selected (the WNST staff is feeding back) tomorrow morning.

Usually, on a Sunday like this we’d all have to be watching some of these snowy games with a rooting interest, cheerinf madly for a team that would help the Ravens’ situation. The truth this year? What difference does it make who wins today if the Ravens beat the Jaguars next week? The Ravens have no excuses and shouldn’t be concerned with “backing in” to the playoffs. So today is a bit voyeuristic. Just watching a few games — this Pittsburgh-Tennessee game looks enticing — and hoping to be entertained. And then you can select where you’d like the Ravens to go: New England, Miami or New York?

Right now, I’m checking outta Dallas and watching the CBS pregame show, where they’ve elected to do a whole segment on the goal line play from last week’s Pittsburgh game. They’re using “hyperzoom” technology and justifying the call by Walt Coleman (no doubt per the orders of Roger Goodell and Mike Perreira). Now, after beating Dallas, we get more clarity about the significance of the call. The Ravens, with a fourth-down stuff or Mike Tomlin’s choice to kick a field goal, might be in a position to have a first-round bye instead of prepping to travel on the road for good in 2009.

(Once again, we WILL be doing a Miller Lite Football Roadtrip to the Ravens’ first road game. Just drop me a note if you want to be on the “interest” list. Lots of possibilities and we’ll keep you in the loop on the site.)

For record, Dan Marino – Pittsburgh’ native son – thinks Coleman made the right call. Another reason to hate Pittsburgh: Marino!

When you think about it, if the Ravens win their next two games, maybe ‘yins will get a rematch at Heinz Field the second weekend of 2009. Hey, if you can’t dream a little today and in your mind find reasons that the Ravens can go on a tear, then why be a fan?

For the record, I’m pulling for the Jets as the Ravens’ opponent. I like the Ravens chances of going there and winning better than going to New England. Miami, too, would be a better matchup for us on the road and the weather would be better and the trip would be a helluva lot of fun. But there’s something gritty and “for my Pop” about smacking the Super Bowl III New York Jets in the mouth in the playoffs. Beating New York and competing in New York is always fun.

And that would be one helluva bus trip for the WNST crew.

Just my two cents…