Who is Tired of The Kurt Warner Story?

February 02, 2009 |

Let me start by saying last night probably sealed Kurt Warner’s place in Canton and he won the NFL Man of The Year award which shows how much he does in the community but I am getting tired of hearing and reading about his story. We all know what he has been through so why do we have to keep hearing about it. Why do we have to keep seeing shots of his wife everytime he did something? Did we see Santonio Holmes’ family after his catch or Big Ben’s family after one of his great plays? No we didn’t. He has used two great sets of offensive weapons and one weak division to get two teams to three Super Bowls with a 1-2 record. I am sure there were other players on the field last night with unique stories of their own but all we heard was about Kurt Warner. I am not saying ignore the story completely but the last few weeks have been unbearable.