Will Cam Cameron, coach to victory or defeat?

January 04, 2010 |

The Ravens Playoff future lies in the play calling of Cam Cameron. We all love Flacco, but many times this year Cam was calling an inordinate amount of passing plays to which ended in losing games on last minute drives as a result of a tired defense or an interception. (Mindless penalties didn’t help either) The Vikings seemed to have figured out as of late that they must create short pass plays to open it up for Peterson to run effectively. For the Ravens, it’s the opposite, our success seems to be more traditional, run the ball first to open up the pass. Not only does this strategy seem to work well for opening up our offense, but it also allows our injury laden defense, (mainly Ed Reed) and an average secondary, not to be on the field as much. Going into the playoffs with an average “D” and a Bi-Polar kicker is pretty tough when your going up against Tom Brady and the other AFC offensive juggernauts like the Bengals and the Colts. It’s a tough challenge that only Cam Cameron can control. If he can create those 7 to 9 minute drives and the Ravens grab 7 points or (god willing) a made field goal, Cam will create a much easier outline for victory. The only obstacle then is penalties and most important 4th quarter penalties. GO RAVENS!