Will he ever outrun the dogs?

November 18, 2010 |

Let’s go back to my reference of the Monday Night Football crew and their discussion of Michael Vick, on Monday evening. It was the best performance of his career and the talk still involved his criminal past.

In the couple days following the game, I watched plenty of NFL-related programming. Every single segment devoted to Vick and the Eagles’ throttling of the Redskins, and the awesome performance, also emphasized the dog fighting history.

My observations provoked a pretty distinct realization …..


There are plenty of people who will suggest this is just another form of justice served. There are also a fair amount who will sympathize with his plight.

To his detriment, it appears those opposed to Michael Vick are still in far greater numbers than those who support him.

It is what it is …..

I’m not really certain where I stand on the issue. I don’t wish bad things for the man. I don’t know him and he’s never done a thing to me. He’s served his time and he’s steering clear of trouble.

That said, like anyone else, I’m subjected to some very poignant reminders of Michael Vick’s past and the tragedies that still linger. Yes, I read this – (HERE)

Please don’t misinterpret this as my attempt at sensationalizing a horrible sequence of events. That’s not my intent, at all.

I realize an enormously large sect of our society loves dogs – they really LOVE dogs. I’m married to one of them. She’s a sweetheart, most the time. But, I’m convinced she’d have the strength to tackle Peyton Hillis if he hurt her “baby” …..

To sum this up, I cannot be more direct about my true intent …..

I have no desire to invest any energy in disliking Michael Vick. I’m just not doing it. I have a life to live, a family to support, an itch to scratch …. you name it.

But, I’m thoroughly convinced my feelings are far outnumbered by people who harbor much different impressions. Their animosity is very evident and it’s likely fed by the multiple media accounts that relive Vick’s horrid past.

In an ironic twist, the continued exposure of Michael Vick’s past is being orchestrated and manipulated by the people who report on his profession; THE MEDIA.

Perhaps, you’ll think I’m doing the very same thing.

Not really.

I’m just making an observation. I’m just rendering an opinion. Nothing more, nothing less …..

Who knows if the sensationalism ever dies down. Maybe, if he performs at a Brady or Manning-like pace for the next few years, the crush of dredging up his past will finally become an unrealized distraction.

Part of the problem could be Michael Vick will never be viewed in comparison with his peers and competitors, off the football field. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Donovan McNabb are marketable. Whereas, Vick is not.

And, that won’t change.

Perhaps, over a longer stretch of time, the sordid past will be diminished, as it relates to resurfacing when Michael Vick’s name is mentioned.

For the time being, he’s in a tough spot – as is everyone who has grown tired of seeing it and hearing about it.

If I’m gambling on Michael Vick, I’d bet he won’t string together a series of successful seasons. And, I’d also bet he won’t really outrun this negative image, in its entirety.

I think he’s probably stuck in a painful and sad reality.