Win over Texans wasn’t pretty, but the playoffs aren’t supposed to be

January 15, 2012 | Peter Dilutis

Survive and advance.

I’m not writing this to be a homer or to cover up for the mistakes the Ravens made against Houston. The Ravens could have played a better game…there is no doubt about that.

The 49ers could have played better on Saturday against New Orleans. Tom Brady could have played better against Denver. The Packers have gotten off to a sluggish start against the Giants as I write this, and even if they go on to win, they clearly aren’t playing their best football.

None of that matters at this point. The winners move on, and the losers watch the playoffs from their respective couches next week. Period.

This is why the the players lift weights 350 days a year. This is why the coaches put in 20 hour days during the season. This is why fans spend thousands of dollars on tickets and purple gear from September to January.

The playoffs are a whole different animal. We’ve been lucky here in Baltimore to experience the playoffs for a fourth straight season.

Get in the tournament, survive, keep winning, and eventually you’ll find your way to the Super Bowl.

60 minutes stand in the way of the Baltimore Ravens and the Lamar Hunt Trophy.

Nothing else matters. Nothing.

See you in Foxborough.