Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi Plays Nasty, but not Dirty

March 30, 2011 | Brian Billick

Wisconsin’s Gabe Carimi is a totally different prospect than Derek Sherrod.  While I just described how Sherrod is a finesse player that uses body position and quick feet to secure his opponent, Carimi uses raw power and a nasty streak to hold his defender at bay.  Carimi measures in at 6’7 and 314 pounds with 35 inch arms.  He bench pressed 225 pounds 29 times and jumped a 31.5 inch vertical.  Those numbers are very similar to his top tackle prospect peers, but what isn’t similar, is his aggressive and nasty style of play.

Now, when I say nasty, I don’t mean dirty.  Having a “nasty” quality to your style of play is actually a very nice compliment down in the trenches.  He plays hard between whistles and often finishes his block with the defender on the ground, and that mentality sets the tone for the remainder of the game.  He has a very strong punch off the ball and a nice short area burst that makes him explosive in close quarters.  He is quick enough to reach block on the backside and eliminate the threat of a defensive lineman running the play down form behind.  Sometimes, Carimi does drop his head on contact and leans into blocks, allowing for the defender to easily side-step or shed the block entirely.

Because of this style of play, I believe him to be a better right tackle than left.  Some clubs are even considering him as an interior lineman to take better advantage of his skill set.  No matter where he plays on the line, he is the best run blocker available in this entire draft.