With lockout becoming very real, people are hurting

June 22, 2011 | Peter Dilutis

I won’t be so naive to say that the business issues should be ignored simply so Josh and Bruce from Dundalk can plop down on a Sunday afternoon in Baltimore to watch a day of football, or so Uncle Tom and Uncle John can take their usual holiday in August and spend a day cheering for the Ravens in Westminster.

I realize it isn’t that easy.

Again, this is a business. The owners and players need to look out for themselves. But at some point, enough is enough. Without the fans who spend thousands of dollars every NFL season, there would not even be a NFL. There wouldn’t be a season to miss or a training camp not to have.

Either a deal is going to get done or it’s not. Plain and simple. What is taking so long?

I think most of us have a feeling that the Ravens will be playing on September 11th against Pittsburgh. We’ve all had a feeling for a while that this lockout was serious, but ultimately would get resolved before the line of potentially missing games was crossed.

It’s human nature. Wait as long as possible. Stretch things out as long as possible. If the bus leaves at 1PM and you live 30 minutes away, head out at 12:25 and hope there isn’t any traffic.

But this is different. There needs to be a sense of urgency.

People are getting hurt. While the bars, restaurants, and the people of Baltimore have been absolutely daggered by the Orioles over the past 14 years, the Ravens have been there over that time to provide excitement and a sense of pride for this great sports town.

Now the Ravens are hurting the city, just as the Orioles have. The beloved Ravens will be doing the same thing to Westminster in July and August, and God forbid if there isn’t football or if games are missed, to Baltimore in September and October.

This thing really has gone too far.

All over money. Greed. Lawyers. Millionaires.

I’m a fan at heart. I’ve grown up loving and passionately cheering for the Orioles and Ravens.

I can feel it. My family and friends can feel it.

The NFL is hurting us. So are the Ravens.

As a sports fan, it’s an awful feeling. As a Baltimore sports fan, it’s an even worse feeling.

It hurts. Bad.

And it is the NFL…the Ravens…that are inflicting the pain.