You would never trade the 15-7-0 for a sixth round pick

September 09, 2013 | Glenn Clark

6. Quarterback Devin Gardner wore #98 and it was far from the weirdest thing to happen in Michigan’s win over Notre Dame.

Brent Musberger interviewed Eminem at halftime, because why the f*ck not? Eminem said he was uncomfortable, which I never would have guessed when I heard Brent Musberger was interviewing Eminem.

Gardner wore #98 to honor Tom Harmon, whose number the Wolverines “unretired” to honor him. Gardner did a great job of just that other than this play.

You guys wanna see the Fighting Irish do a hilarious bit where they don’t tackle?

The good news for them? They also have a hilarious bit where they pass the ball to each other.

Hey-here’s Brady Hoke making a face. Thanks, ESPN!

Speaking of ESPN, College Gameday was in Ann Arbor Saturday. Lots of great signs, but this perhaps best.

Elsewhere in the Big Ten, Penn State QB Christian Hackenburg got off to a tough start.

Further elsewhere in the B1G, the Ohio State band did some pretty stellar Michigan trolling…

And even further into the Big Ten wildnerness, Tom Izzo told Michigan State students he would come sit with them if they cleared the stadium during a weather delay. He lived up to that promise.

7. It turns out the answer to the question “how we gonna go face South Carolina now?” was “with a level of ease”.

The Bulldogs won thanks in part to Keith Iverson Marshall.

In the loss, Jadaveon Clowney (who was a bit banged up for a minute) returned to doing Jadaveon Clowney things.

Also, this game provided us THE SINGLE GREATEST GIF OF ALL TIME.

And for Gamecocks, likely the ugliest GIF of all time-as assistants Kirk Botkin and Deke Adams looked like they probably used the term “douche” more than Vic Lombardi.

This game was actually littered with great GIFS, as Georgia celebrated their big win by “Cranking That Soulja Boy” for no reason in particular.

Elsewhere in the SEC, Tennessee topped Western Kentucky, but it wasn’t because WKU’s Leon Allen didn’t offer more aerials than System of a Down.

8. The Kansas City Chiefs are the first proof you needed to know that you should ALWAYS pick up whatever defense is playing the Jaguars this season.

The Jags should probably think about having Jaxson de Ville line up at defensive tackle or something.

Warning. In the next GIF, you will see Tyson Jackson’s ass. This is not a joke.

9. Andrew Luck was able to hold off Terrelle Pryor and as it turns out that’s actually something to be proud of.

This was almost unfair for Pryor though, since he had to beat the Colts AND Greg Toler’s mouthpiece.

Elderly people beware, Pryor is coming for you next.

Also beware of trying to complete a simple chest bump with Terrelle Pryor. He will make it awkward.

10. Not only did Al Golden get his biggest win as Miami coach Saturday, but he also did a damn fine impression of former WWE champ JBL.

Stick with me here.

Hey Joakim Noah? How do you feel about the Gators’ loss?

Also, someone should donate some more money to the Gators’ uniform budget.

Oh and here’s this.

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