You would never trade the 15-7-0 for a sixth round pick

September 09, 2013 | Glenn Clark

Seven not-so-positive observations…

1. It’s not that we don’t believe in Ozzie Newsome and think he knows best, it’s just that none of us were saying it Sunday.

Unfortunately no one has any highlights of Anquan Boldin’s MONSTER day, so I’ll let Twitter do the explaining.


Elsewhere in this one, Clay Matthews did something he wasn’t supposed to.

From the “probably won’t get traded for a 6th round pick” file, here’s Jordy Nelson in defeat.

2. Lavonte David should always be embarrassed about dumb penalties, but a dumb penalty that leads to a loss to the Jets should be more like “Spiderman 3” level embarrassment.

The Jets would have had to try a 63 yard field goal to win. Instead…

How do you feel about it, Greg Schiano?

Here’s Geno Smith Christ Superstar’s reaction.

Apparently playing the Meadowlands makes you do very Jets-like things.

Anyone wanna watch Rian Lindell run quickly in place?

And now, Ed Hochuli’s arms!

In a related story, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie wore this shirt to the game. I believe he told his designer, “one goofy graphic for every kid.”

Also, we learned that Bruno Mars will play the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show in New York/New Jersey. Here’s Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan for reaction.

3. Speaking of which, Lane Kiffin is so jealous of how easy Rex Ryan has it, you guys.

Let’s check the parking lots to see how the Trojans fans are handling the loss to Wazzu.

I mean, I too was surprised by the number of fans of country music singer Aaron Tippin that were chanting at the end of the game…

Your thoughts, coach?

Of note, apparently the Cougs have this guy on their staff. I just assume he’s related to Rob Ryan somehow.

Elsewhere in the Pac-12, Marcus Mariota ladies and gentlemen.

Further into the Pac-12, Maurice Harris er’body.

4. If Lavonte David’s level of embarrassment is “Spiderman 3”, Rey Maualuga’s should at least be something like “Rocky Balboa”.

We’re gonna get the ball back with a chance to win! We’re gonna…Bengals.

You know who doesn’t need to be embarrassed? Martellus Bennett.

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