All is right with the world — the Flyers season ended last night

May 01, 2014 | Drew Forrester

Once a year, the gift that keeps on giving shows up at my door.

In 2014, it appeared last night right around 10pm EST.

The Philadelphia Flyers saw their season come to an end.

There’s never a more glorious moment than the one that comes when the clock hits zero and the Flyers are either eliminated from the p0st-season or they simply aren’t good enough to make the playoffs and their annual efforts conclude when the regular season ends.

Last night was especially pleasurable, because the Flyers battled until the very end before falling to the New York Rangers, 2-1.

Some folks would rather see a blow-out, an embarrassment of riches like a 7-1 loss where the outcome was never in doubt and the final twenty minutes was nothing more than a 20-minute skate-of-shame.

Not me.

I love the fact the Flyers were teased until the end.  They threw everything they could at the Rangers and goalie Henrik Lundqvist, but none of it was good enough.

They couldn’t blame the refs or bad bounces or shoddy ice conditions.  In fact, throughout the series, the Flyers acquitted themselves well against the Rangers.  It was a hard fought series that went down to the final game — the final period, even — before the clock reached midnight and the Flyers turned into pumpkins.

In the end, the Flyers just weren’t good enough.

Somewhere this morning, Claude Giroux will wake up and look at his phone to check the team calendar of activities for May 1, 2014.


If that’s not a great morning, one simply doesn’t exist.

Oh, by the way, what do the Flyers and the designated hitter of the Chicago White Sox have in common?

Wait for it.

Here it comes.


They’re both Dunn.

(I’m here all week)

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  1. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    Drew, I haven’t really been commenting lately, but who really cares about the Flyers unless you live in Philly ? Who cares about the Capitals unless you live in D.C.& your station doesn’t reach that far. Is there nothing you can write about the O’s or Ravens or even update us about your high school team, just 1 guys opinion. (DF: I write about whatever I want to write about.)

  2. Steve from Sandpoint Says:

    And that’s why I’m choosing other outlet’s for MY info, you are definitely not the only game in town !!!

  3. David Manzo Says:

    The greatest thing in hockey is the failure of the Flyers. We care about the Caps because its the closest team to root for if you are a hockey fan. Its also clear that Steve does not know much about the Caps fan base as a good portion is from the Baltimore area.Plus its May which means hockey and basketball playoffs. Again the Flyers losing should be celebrated. (DF: Of course it should be celebrated, David! Just like the Yankees losing, the Steelers losing and Old Mill losing. When the Flyers lose, a healthy baby is born somewhere. That’s the way God does it.)

  4. BK Says:

    David – The Flyers are almost as close as the Capitals, and they are both not in the State of Maryland. It is basically a coin flip. It is fine to root for the Caps I guess, but why all of the scrutiny towards the Flyers? Who cares. Makes no sense at all. Steve, I agree with you 100%. And as usual, you got the typical Drew response. If it isn’t his core of 15 to 20 fans (friends), then he treats you like crap and talks down to you. I assume more people feel like you and are leaving for 105.7 (Oh no! I mentioned another radio station, will I be banned?). I laugh now when I hear ‘The leader in local sports’ and they ‘crush’ every other station on the dial. Sorry, that is just not true except maybe for one Towson basketball game here or there. Drew couldn’t even give props to one of his old colleagues a few weeks back because of the grudges he holds.

  5. Raz_la Says:

    BK……….WNST, regardless of the host, talks more sports and offers more in-depth analysis of sports in one hour than 105.7 does in a FIVE hour span. Enjoy the commercials.

    DF………I’m with you on the Flyers losing (I’m a Sabres fan), but why all the Flyer hate?……Not complaining, I think it’s hysterical.

  6. Kolo Jezdec Says:

    I was hoping the Flyers would win the series just so Drew would have to pull for a Pittsburgh team for a week or 2. Go Pens!! (pulling for the Habs, too)

    BTW, are those Wild and Blackhawks logos together on the ice a great sight, or what?

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