Best PUCKING Time of the Year!!!!!!!

April 09, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Well it’s that time of year. When the minority of Baltimoreans become glued to their TV sets night after night for two months. I am referring to of course the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs; which is the best time of the Year. For all you cynics who mock and mimic hockey; KISS MY GRITS. You don’t realize what you’re missing.

In this year’s playoff year, we have the Washington Capitals qualify for the playoffs in their season finale. They are in the number seventh spot and will play the number two seed Stanley Cup Champs Boston Bruins. The number one seed in the NHL’s Eastern Conference New York Rangers will play the Ottawa Senators. Number three spot Southeastern Division winners Florida Panthers will play the New Jersey Devils. The marquee matchup in the first round is the number four seeded Pittsburgh Penguins playing the number five seeded Philadelphia Flyers. There is much tension between the teams and it should be a heated battle.

In the Western Conference, The President Trophy winning and the Stanley Cup runners up, Vancouver Canucks will play the L.A. Kings, the number two seeded St. Louis Blues will play the San Jose Sharks, number three seeded Phoenix Coyotes will play the Chicago Blackhawks, and the four seeded Nashville Predictors will play the fifth seed, Detroit Red Wings.

The playoffs will start Wednesday and run through the middle of June.