Caps Re-Assign Lepisto to Hershey

December 08, 2008 | Ed Frankovic

Defensemen Sami Lepisto has been re-assigned to the Hershey Bears by the Washington Capitals today. Hershey does not play again until Thursday and Washington plays Wednesday at home against the Boston Bruins so this means that either defensemen Tyler Sloan, Tom Poti or Mike Green is ready to come back on Wednesday. Let’s hope it is Green and that seems to make sense because Lepisto was up for his offensive skills. Lepisto’s defense has been suspect lately, as evidenced by the two behind the net blunders he had this week, the first against the Islanders on Thursday and the second last night that helped cost the Caps the game in Carolina (he also had a big giveaway that led to the first Carolina goal).

Sami has good offensive skills but, in my opinion, he is too small to play in the National Hockey League on a consistent basis.

By the way, the Hershey Bears have set a new franchise record with their 11th straight win on Sunday night. The Bears lead the AHL despite having several players called up to Washington, including five defensemen (Sloan, Lepisto, Karl Alzner, Bryan Helmer, and Sean Collins) before Lepisto was re-assigned today. Once again, kudos to Coach Bob Woods and also the entire Washington Capitals organization, especially GM George McPhee, for building up a lot of depth. Now if the team can just get healthy…