Don Cherry Can Shove It!! (Updated)

March 01, 2009 | Ed Frankovic

So I just saw a clip on You Tube ( of Don Cherry’s rant against Alexander Ovechkin and his spontaneous goal celebrations from Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday and my response to Cherry is: Shove It You Big Out of Touch Blow Bag Who Can’t Dress Properly (talk about overly loud- have you seen the AWFUL clothes this guy wears each week???!!!) Cherry is totally partial to Canadian players and because the Great #8 is Russian he doesn’t like him. In fact, the man called Grapes, or should I say “Sour Grapes,” has always been anti-European. He has a long track record of this, he doesn’t like to see his Canadian guys not be #1 on the headline list. Anyone who has watched the Caps and Ovechkin KNOWS these celebrations are not pre-planned or choreographed and are just pure excitement unlike those stupid soccer celebrations he compared them to on Saturday night (which seem to be staged and planned). All you have to do is look at how happy #8 is when other players on the Caps score – Ovechkin goes just as crazy (see Mike Green’s record breaking goal in Florida). The NHL needs a salesman and Ovechkin has taken over that position from Sydney Crosby. Again, Cherry wants it to be one of his beloved Canadians but his boy Crosby is being overshadowed by not only Ovechkin but Evgeni Malkin on his own team. Crosby is a whiner and should just shut up and play hockey (his energy should be focused on getting his team into the playoffs- the Pens are in 10th place right now). And Cherry calling out Ovechkin for being over the top in his celebrations is the pot calling the kettle black. Clearly Cherry can’t handle all of the attention paid to a team that has several prominent European players.

This celebration nonsense reminds of me some of the hoopla made of Tiger Woods’ fist pumps and post great shot exuberance when he first came on Tour (and sadly there are some who still rail at it). Imagine where the PGA Tour would be without Tiger Woods and his outstanding skill and charisma??!! All you need to do is look at the television ratings and media coverage from last year after Woods went down with his knee injury to see how much Woods means to golf. The NHL needs guys like Ovechkin, unfortunately Cherry seems to be too cement headed to see that.

My advice to the Caps and Ovechkin: Don’t pay any attention to this dinosaur of a man who is out of touch. In fact, I think this year his once “Must Watch” Coaches Corner segment has turned into a weekly worthless diatribe that offers little hockey insight. I say give us more of Kelly Hrudey, that guy knows hockey and knows what is good for the game. It’s time for Cherry to hang it up because the game has passed him by.