May 02, 2009 |

“Where Amazing Happens” is the NBA’s marketing slogan; the series between Bulls and Celtics has more than lived up to this moniker.


Overtimes, buzzer beaters, and incredible individual performances have added up to one of the greatest series in the history of sports.  Seeing players step up has made it so much fun to watch.  Whether it’s Ben Gordon of the Bulls or Paul Pierce or Ray Allen of the Celtics, players are making great plays when it counts most.  It’s been fun to watch, and having Doug Collins and Kevin Harlan call the action for TNT has made it perfect.  Somehow, I wish the series would be best of 11 or 13, because it’s been that good.


When played at maximum intensity there are few things as good the NBA.  Too bad the long regular season doesn’t allow us to see quality that often during the season.


Speaking of quality performances, where would the Capitals be without the play of rookie goalie Simeon Varlamov?  How good has this kid been?  The phrase “standing on his head” is used way too much by analysts when they talk about NHL goalies.  But in this case, it is more than justified.


If the Capitals do finish this ride and win the Stanley Cup, Head Coach Bruce Boudreau benching of Jose Theodore after game one of the playoffs series vs. the Rangers may go down as one of the boldest and best moves in coaching.  He put a rookie in the high pressure situation of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the kid has come through; if you asked Boudreau, he probably would tell you it was a hunch or a gut instinct.  Whatever you call it has been great.


Here is the best news of all: we still have a month of playoffs left in both sports.  Enjoy the wild ride; I have a feeling it’s just starting to get good.