NBA Team or NHL Team?

March 18, 2008 |

It’s always interesting how many Baltimore fans can dream up a certain “what if?” for their pro teams. What if Peter Angelos sold the Orioles? What if Terrell Owens stuck with the Ravens in 2004? What if Cal Ripken had never been dedicated enough for “The Streak”? What if Brian Billick was never fired? I thought of many “what if’s” over the years for both the Ravens and the Orioles yet there was one “what if” I have never brought up much at all. What if, just what if Baltimore had one or even two more pro teams to root for? The pro teams I’m referring to are an NBA team and an NHL team.

I know we don’t have the arena for either franchise just yet but just imagine the possibilities. Imagine if we had something else to watch in February besides a small chance of seeing our Maryland Terps make it in the NCAA tournament. Imagine getting your signs ready so you can let the likes of Kobe Bryant or LeBron James know just how you truly feel. Imagine beer flying through the air as a hockey puck goes through the net for our team’s game winning goal. Sounds like a fun environment, doesn’t it? I sometimes pray for this kind of environment, unfortunately it only exists between August and January.

There are some of you out there that bring it up but do not go into great detail and for good reason. We just aren’t an NBA or NHL kind of city. Yet, the thought still sticks with all of you sports fans. So, let’s get this subject on the table. What sport would you choose, why would you choose it, and what would you name it? I would choose an NBA franchise, with the reason being we seem more likely to convert to pro basketball quickly due to the fact that the Terps have been inconsistent in NCAA tournament eligibility in the past several seasons. Granted, UMBC, Coppin State, and Mount Saint Mary’s are providing local fans hope but we may never get that same type of hope again for awhile.

The team would be called the Baltimore Express, if you are an ABA fan, you would understand that the team would be coming in from New Jersey. I may be a fool for thinking but a Baltimore fan can dream anyway he or she can choose to. Even if the dream is bringing in another sports team.

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