Second Round Begins As First Round Ends

April 29, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Well if you’d ever listened to Drew and Nestor, I am sure you heard them say that the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs were the best in all of sports. I agree with them, but of course I’m bias. But I would like to present my case. I will use the first round of the playoffs and the second round to prove my point.

If you look at the Western Conference alone you might say that my arguement was weak. Of the four series in the West, three of them went only five games, and the other went six. But if you look at the overall scope you’d find my argument creditable. In the Eastern Conference, three of four series went to seven games, the other six.

Both of the finalist in last year’s Stanley Cup finals were eliminated. Of all the games played in the first round, and the few in the second, there have been 18 overtime games. The games are exciting, hard hitting, and competitve. As a hockey fan, I can ask of nothing more than that.

I’m hoping that the Caps and Flyers advance so we’d be assured a new winner. No one in the Western Conference has won a cup. In the East the Devils won it in 95, 00, and 03. The Rangers last won it in 94, and Flyers in 75. No one else left has won a cup.