Top 10 Baseball Distractions

June 12, 2012 | Glenn Clark

4. Pro Wrestling: WWE No Way Out (Sunday 8pm from East Rutherford, NJ live on Pay-Per-View)

I feel like CM Punk is becoming one of those wrestlers where everything he does is just amazing. It’s a shame there aren’t 30 of him employed be the WWE.

Also, I feel like I’ve let you all down because I haven’t spent NEARLLY enough time singing the praises of their star AJ. She’s absolutely tremendous…

3. Soccer: CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying-Team USA @ Guatemala (Tuesday 10pm from Guatemala City live on Pay-Per-View); UEFA Euro 2012: Greece vs. Czech Republic (Tuesday 12pm from Wroclaw live on ESPN), Poland vs. Russia (Tuesday 2:45pm from Warsaw live on ESPN), Denmark vs. Portugal (Wednesday 12pm from Lviv live on ESPN), Netherlands vs. Germany (Wednesday 2:45pm from Kharkiv live on ESPN), Italy vs. Croatia (Thursday 12pm from Poznan live on ESPN2), Spain vs. Ireland (Thursday 2:45pm from Gdansk live on ESPN2), Ukraine vs. France (Friday 12pm from Donetsk live on ESPN2), Sweden vs. England (Friday 2:45pm from Kiev live on ESPN2), Greece vs. Russia (Saturday 2:45pm from Wroclaw live on ESPN), Czech Republic vs. Poland (Saturday 2:45pm from Warsaw live on ESPN2), Portugal vs. Netherlands (Sunday 2:45pm from Kharkiv live on ESPN), Denmark vs. Germany (Sunday 2:45pm from Lviv live on ESPN2), Croatia vs. Spain (Monday 2:45pm from Gdansk live on ESPN), Italy vs. Ireland (Monday 2:45pm from Poznan live on ESPN2); MLS-DC United @ Philadelphia Union (Saturday 7pm from Chester, PA live on Comcast SportsNet)

The Americans come into the showdown with Guatemala after a win over Antigua & Guadalajara or Aruba & Bermuda or Alpha & Beta or whatever the hell tiny island country they beat the other night.

Sadly, Tuesday night’s game won’t be on broadcast television here in the states. This is good news though, because I’m INCREDIBLY backed up on episodes of Lizard Lick Towing on my DVR…

Why in the world wouldn’t everyone be watching that show?

2. NBA Playoffs: NBA Finals-Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat (Game 1 Tuesday 9pm from Oklahoma City live on ABC Game 2 Thursday 9pm from Oklahoma City live on ABC Game 3 Sunday 8pm from Miami live on ABC)

Kind of a shame no one’s been talking about this series, you know?

You feel for the folks of Seattle, but you’re happy for the people in OKC. If they’re weren’t supporting a team in the NBA Finals, they’d probably be doing that other thing everyone else does in Oklahoma City.

It does kinda look fun though.

1. Golf: U.S. Open (Thursday & Friday 12pm & 5pm live on ESPN2 3pm live on NBC Saturday & Sunday 4pm live on NBC. All golf from San Francisco)

I’ve seen this episode before. This is the one where we all talk about Tiger Woods leading into the tournament but end up having to watch Stephen Ames and Simon Dyson Sunday and pretend like we care.

You know who I’m picking…

He’s due.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…