Top 10 Baseball Distractions

June 18, 2012 | Glenn Clark

4. Tennis: ATP Tour WTA Tour Wimbledon (Monday 6:30am from London live on ESPN2)

I’m headed to London myself in about 10 days. I’m planning to camp overnight for tickets. This is apparently what the overnight ticket queue looks like…

So…I’ve got that going for me. My Wimbledon picks? Venus Williams and Roger Federer. Don’t they always win this?

3. Soccer: UEFA Euro 2012-England vs. Ukraine (Tuesday 2:45pm from Donetsk live on ESPN), Sweden vs. France (Tuesday 2:45pm from Kiev live on ESPN2); Quarterfinals: Czech Republic vs. Portugal (Thursday 2:45pm from Warsaw live on ESPN), Germany vs. Greece (Friday 2:45pm from Gdansk live on ESPN), Spain vs. TBA (Saturday 2:45pm from Donetsk live on ESPN2), TBA vs. Italy (Sunday 2:45pm from Kiev live on ESPN); MLS: DC United @ New York Red Bulls (Sunday 7pm from Harrison, NJ live on NBC Sports Network)

You KNOW I’m hoping for an Italy-France showdown. One would be the country that gave us this…

The other is the country that gave us…


2. Pro Wrestling: WWE Smackdown (Tuesday 7pm from 1st Mariner Arena airs Friday 8pm on Syfy)

Charm City has been the site of quite a few of the greatest moments in WWE history. You know, moments like that legendary match between Vince McMahon and his…DAUGHTER…Stephanie McMahon.

Nine years later, I’m still speechless. This actually happened.

1. NBA Playoffs: NBA Finals-Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Miami Heat (Game 4 Tuesday 9pm from Miami live on ABC, Game 5 Thursday 9pm from Miami live on ABC, Game 6 if necessary Sunday 8pm from Oklahoma City live on ABC)

First of all, screw LeBron James. Now that you’re listening to me, here’s a trailer for a movie in China starring Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. Yes, I just typed those words…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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