For those of you who love WNST, please read this and pass it on to a friend who loves Baltimore sports

May 02, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

and show our civic pride by showing our love of our local sports teams – from the Colts to the Orioles, from the Terps to the Ravens (and beyond…) on our heads and chests and deep within our hearts. It’s all about the passion of the metropolis.

This is what we’ve stood for and what we’ll always stand for as long as I’m breathing and the letters W-N-S and T are on the front door. Most people who come into contact with WNST understand and respect what we stand for and how we are legitimately a “community powered” company.

Over the next couple of days I’m going to do my best to tell you where this company is headed and why we’re going there and how our WNST community of sports fans – that’s YOU – is going to be the biggest part of what we’re doing. And how we’re going to save you lots of money around Baltimore doing it and rewarding you for your loyalty to our brand over the years while still giving you the best sports information divinely possible in the marketplace and on your mobile phone.

This weeklong series of blogs will be a corporate mission statement written to be transparent and designed to answer a lot of the questions I get on the street every day about my business – the past, former employees, lies, rumors, the strength of our AM radio signal, our website, Twitter, Facebook, Text Service – you name it!

So MANY of you seem to CARE so much about WNST and I’m flattered. Even the trolls who read every word we write only to spew hatred in the comments below, I’m even writing this to clear things up for you, too!

There’s no reason for anyone to put words into my mouth in 2011. I always speak my mind. I always tell the truth about our company. And I’m always available via email to answer any question anyone has regarding our business and our information. And I’ve always appealed to our community to raise the bar whenever possible. I want the best for Baltimore sports. And that’s really what’s always in the best interests of

In 2011, the potential has as a new media property for growth and funding are tremendous – literally enviable to every other media entity in the marketplace because we’ve grown in real numbers and we can prove it now in so many measurable ways. The days of Arbitron telling the lie that “there is no WNST community” is now plainly absurd to anyone with a web browser and wi-fi.

And the real reason for that growth has been “The Sally Field Effect” — because in some way you must really LIKE US and what we do because our logo and information touches more people every day on their mobile devices now in any number of ways and we’re watching it grow. And when we do get your attention for the first time, we try to make you think about the real value of sports in Baltimore and how we can make it better for everyone. And our brand is authentically Baltimore and true to our city and our state and that’s something that no Pittsburgh, Boston, or New York born-and-bred commentator is going to EVER build for our community. No matter what!

So it’s with the spirit of community and what YOU’VE built here at WNST that I’ll continue to try to put into perspective where our corporate strategy and mission is heading and reconfirm our commitment to wanting to be your first choice for Baltimore sports, radio, news and information on your mobile device. Especially now that almost every one of you are living on your Droids, IPhones, etc. and will forever more as your cyber-life expands. And if you’re not yet, you WILL be soon enough and that’s where our company is heading at

And, of course, these blogs will educate you so you can feel confident supporting WNST as we continue to grow