For those of you who love WNST, please read this and pass it on to a friend who loves Baltimore sports

May 02, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

and serve up Baltimore’s best and most authentic, hometown “voice” for local sports fans.

Because we’ve changed personnel here and because people seem to love to gossip as much as they like to breathe, we’ve heard all of those “Is WNST going out of business?” blog topics and message board postings on our competitor’s websites who WISH we were going out of business because they see the warnings from the scoreboard and see that we’re winning across the board and growing in places that didn’t exist five years ago when we did our initial “Free The Birds” campaign that brought more than 58,000 people to in a 24-hour period. Our competitors see the Alexa rankings. They see the growth in our Google Analytics. They see the burgeoning Facebook community. They see the Twitter followers and the real conversations going on in cyberspace. They see the videos from Charlotte with 1,200 Ravens maniacs partying on mechanical bulls and drinking Miller Lites.

More than 15,000 of you wake up to our Toyota Morning Newspaper every day in your email inbox, with more than 72% of you accessing that via your mobile device during morning coffee.

Nearly 2,000 of you hit our website every day from an IPhone. And you spend an average of six minutes and 12 seconds per visit so that tells me you’re listening live or accessing our Toyota Audio Vault with great regularity.

We had 1.2 million visitors to last year. Our YouTube videos have been viewed by 53,212 people, who’ve clicked more than 3 million times on our channel.

Our text service informed more than 6,200 people with every Ravens draft pick and news item over the weekend. We’ve now served almost 4,000,000 (yes, that’s million) texts!

Our Twitter – the leader in the market and by an astounding number, really, if you start adding up the followers of any of our “major media” competitors, who all have substantially less – is about to surpass 8,000 followers and combined with our WNST Facebook fan page we reach almost 12,000 people with every live tweet from wherever we are.

And that’s all in real time — sending words, texts, videos, audio, live Tweets, pictures directly to ALL of you in some way every day.

No one but fools or lying, shallow competitors are talking about the “radio station with 10 listeners” anymore. It’s really interesting that, when we get sued by an employee of our direct competitor (CBS Radio) — who was originally brought to Baltimore from New York by Peter Angelos’s company — it becomes the No. 1-most read story on The Baltimore Sun website for a 48-hour period (creating web traffic and revenue in gobs for the newspaper).  Small-time kids from Dundalk and small local business don’t usually merit that kind of attention.

And trust me, our company is very well represented, our First Amendment rights are alive and well, and we will vigorously defend ourselves to the conclusion of the lawsuit — and in the meanwhile, we will focus on what really counts: the best interests of all Baltimore sports fans.  Rest assured, you’ll read the truth here at

The truth is: there are a LOT of you out there from all walks of life who are touched by the WNST brand in some way every day. Maybe you’re an old-school radio listener who’s been with since 1992. Perhaps you’re a newspaper receiver every morning