For those of you who love WNST, please read this and pass it on to a friend who loves Baltimore sports

May 02, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

at 7:31 a.m. when we throw our daily report onto your Blackberry or IPhone or Droid on the way to the office. Or maybe you’re an out-of-town displaced Baltimore sports fan who loves to follow the Orioles or Ravens or Terps from afar and we feel like the social media version of crab cakes and an ice cold draught beer at your local tavern on the internet.

You might be a Facebook friend or a Dundalk friend or a roadtrip or party friend. Chances are one of us at went to high school with someone you know or played Little League with someone you know or grew up with someone you know.

WNST is the Kevin Bacon of Baltimore sports.

We’re all connected to you…hell, we’re connected to EVERYBODY because we all feel the same way about Baltimore sports. We’ve all sat with each other at Baltimore sporting events since the 1970’s – from the Civic Center to 33rd Street, from the Capital Centre to Camden Yards to the purple crab cake and beyond. And we’re hooked for life, even when our baseball team hasn’t played a meaningful game since last century! And even when our football franchise leaves the city and we get a replacement one that has now been locked out for 90 days.

We’re all pulling the rope in the same direction and if there’s anyone in Baltimore who believes that WNST doesn’t want success for the city or the local teams then they just haven’t been paying attention.

That’s the “Smalltimore” side of our city that I think most of the people in this country don’t get to experience. A true “civic pride” that emanates far beyond the soul of many people who grew up elsewhere and don’t feel that sense of Chesapeake pride.

I must say that these last few months have been quite unique and relatively awful for WNST fans and for local sports in general. Not only did the Terps not earn a March Madness bid but no team in the state did. After a streaking first week of baseball, the Orioles have begun to settle into another season where it appears they won’t be playing any meaningful summer games.  The Ravens’ schedule release and the NFL Draft came and went and without any free agency buzz and fans’ general disinterest in the finer points of collective bargaining and jurisprudence regarding antitrust