Part 2: What does WNST stand for & what journalistic value do we have in Baltimore in 2011 and beyond?

May 03, 2011 | Nestor Aparicio

all the friends in your world, which is our hope with our new project.

The “share” button functionality is a global shift in the way media is presented and received.

I wrote a five-part series on my beliefs and strategies 15 months ago. Just click HERE and read all five chapters at your leisure. We’ve been very transparent in how we do things here at This week’s blog series is designed to be a follow up on everything I wrote about in February 2010 and to educate our community and anyone who cares about WNST and the fact that our business model will be changing and saving you money and getting you great deals around Baltimore will be our daily mantra.

And our accountability and transparency is beyond reproach regarding our mission statement and civic intentions. We’re moving to social media and direct sales via a discount coupon platform that we need our community to experience, take advantage of and give us feedback about over the weeks and months ahead.

We’re building a company for Baltimore’s next generation of sports fans and building a company “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

And is winning the local media growth battle everywhere except in the traditional media sales game, where television and traditional Arbitron-rated radio stations are still getting all of the national agency money without producing measurable results.

At some point in the “new economy” there must be a place for local entities with 20 years of goodwill to not only survive but thrive by using the power of the people who empower the community.

Sure, it’s partly about Baltimore vs. corporate, out-of-town owned media. Because last I checked there’s little WNST and that’s about it for locally owned, locally interested sports media entities with the integrity to give you the truth and the track record that backs up the bravado. And on the internet, we’re the only ones even providing a well-rounded approach to Baltimore sports in real time.

What we do is very, very visceral. We’re sometimes sadly stuck telling you the truth about Baltimore sports. The truth about the baseball team is a well-documented civic tragedy that has cost me “brownie points”