Here’s another nice mess….

December 10, 2012 | Keith Melchior

Cam Cameron was let go after an up and down 86 games as Ravens’ offensive coordinator. Under his watch, they were never a top 10 offense. The team won mainly because of the defense and special teams. In 2012, the defense could no longer bail them out of tough situations and poor field position. The team, although 9-4, finds themselves looking to get their first December win after a 4-0 November. They need to finish strong to convince the rest of the NFL they are serious Super Bowl CONtenders and not PREtenders.

The Ravens offensive woes story continues. In 1996 it was Ted Marchibroda (the original author of “Hey diddle diddle , Lydell up the middle” and his 1,2,3 kick offense in the 70’s), then it was Matt Cavanaugh, then Jim Fassel, then Brian Billick, then Cam Cameron. Now it’s Jim Caldwell.  No matter who the offensive coordinator is in Baltimore, he WILL be blamed if the team continues the up and down roller coaster ride on the offensive side of the ball.

Cam Cameron was the scapegoat of a team that averaged about 30 points a game in 6 games at home and 18 points in 7 games on the road. Big wins against Cincinnati, New England, Dallas and Oakland at home and San Diego and Pittsburgh on the road were overshadowed by losses to on the road to Philadelphia and Houston, a terrible performance where they escaped with a 9-6 win at Kansas City, then losing to a 60 yr old immobile Charlie Batch at home and choking up a lead in the 4th quarter against an injured RG3’s replacement, Kurt, or is it Kirk, Cousins and then falling in overtime after a huge punt return put the Redskins in great field position in OT.

So why Cam Cameron and not Dean Pees?   When you look back on the season, it was the defense who gave up late leads against Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington, but yet held on to leads against New England and Dallas. On the road, they held KC to 6 points and SD to 13 points. Only against Houston was the defense totally exposed, but that was after the offense sputtered and stalled after taking a 3-0 lead early and giving up a safety which started the opening of the flood gates.

Does the defense get a pass because of all the injuries? With Cameron’s ejection from the palace this morning, it appears that way, for now. Starters Lardarius Webb, Jimmy Smith, Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis, and Dannell Ellerbee have missed multiple games on the defensive side of the ball. Only tight ends Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta have missed time on the offensive side.

Jim Caldwell has called as many plays in the NFL as I have, so it will be interesting to see what happens on Sunday when Peyton brings the Broncos to town. The defense is rumored to not like the no-huddle offense because if it fails they are back on the field after about 90 seconds. Manning will light them up if that happens. Actually with little Manning brother coming in a week later, the defense could really be strapped and the Ravens could well be 9-6 needing a win in Cincinnati to even secure a spot in the playoffs.

People have been calling for Cameron’s head for the last 4 years, just like they called for Marchibroda’s in the 70’s and late 90’s, Cavanaugh’s in the early 2000’s, Fassel’s and Billick’s in the mid 2000’s. Well, folks, with 15 days until Christmas, you got what you wished for.  Now who are we going to blame?  Flacco? Caldwell? Pees? Harbaugh? Ozzie?  Stay tuned, it’ll be a wild and unpredictable final 3 weeks of Baltimore Ravens football

Here’s another nice mess they’ve gotten us into…..