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October 23, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

because he was my friend. But I only had one reason to believe in him. I think he’s an innocent guy who got caught in a bad position.

“Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. in a bar,” a friend once told me.
So many questions remain, many of which we’ll probably never know the answers.
The facts are simple and indisputable:
Ray Lewis was out with his friends. Ray Lewis was drinking and having fun. Ray Lewis was not driving. He had a limousine. Ray Lewis was very conspicuous by his appearance, sporting jewels and a white mink coat, which I had actually seen him in the night before the incident in my hotel in Atlanta. Ray Lewis was famous, targeted and wanted it that way. He was not trying to blend into the scene. People knew he was Ray Lewis and Lewis like that. Ray Lewis had never been in a bar fight in his life. Ray Lewis was doing nothing that at least a hundred other NFL players, many of whom had far less celebrity, were doing in Atlanta that night. The Super Bowl is a chance for NFL players to show off their excess, access, wealth and celebrity. Ray Lewis and his friends were not looking for trouble. They were trying to go back to their car and go home for the evening.
After that, it gets blurry.
 All we know is what we saw on Court TV.

Here is my interpretation of the events: