Purple Reign reincarnated, the life and times of Ray Lewis this week at WNST.net

October 23, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

and the praise for his style will continue for as long as NFL Films continues showing highlights of Super Bowl XXXV.

From defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis: “He runs sideline to sideline, covers receivers, plays in space. He’s got everything you want, from a great mental capacity to leadership skills to incredible intensity and athletic ability.”

From Ravens’ linebackers coach Jack Del Rio: “The advantage that he has over most players at that position is he’s big enough and strong enough to handle people at the point of attack, yet fast enough to make plays outside the box sideline to sideline. Most guys that are fast enough to go sideline to sideline can’t hold up inside against stronger people. Most guys that hold up well against the stronger people can’t run the edges like he does. So, he’s a rare combination…His mind is set. We talk about the fact that great players aren’t great one game and not the next, aren’t great one season and not the next. It’s over time. It’s consistently great over time. And that’s what he wants. When you have somebody that’s motivated that way, he soaks up every bit of information I give him. He’s infectious because of what he rubs off on the other guys. And they pick up on it. So he really sets the tone of the defense.”

From defensive end Michael McCrary: “He can’t wait to play. You can see it in his eyes. He can’t wait to go over and knock someone’s head off.”