Ray Lewis past, present and future: Celebrating the Ray of today

October 28, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

Leader Ray – He’s a big brother to every player in the league:

Teammate Ray – No player ever left Ray Lewis’ defense and shined anywhere else. Do the math: Sharper, Keameatu, Thomas, Scott, Hartwell, Siragusa, Adams, — all of those guys can say they played their best football when No. 52 was beside in a purple smock.

Spokesman Ray – This is the evolving guy. Where his opinion has relevance and his thoughts about everything from NFL player safety, to 18-game seasons to rules are all considered. And when he feels the refs are wrong, he’ll scream bloody murder — and generally get away with it!

Egotistical Ray – All the humility and “normalcy” he shows with his teammates  sometimes disappears when he’s in the real world dealing with his strange reality of fame.

Elitist Ray – See my interview request last week and the eventual result.

Hollywood Ray – If you’ve seen him on the Pro Bowl or the set of NFL Network you know that he has clearly spent considerable time under the wings of the likes of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin. He also played college football with The Rock, Dwayne Johnson. This is perhaps the Ray Lewis I like the least but the one that could produce the most post-football revenue for him.