Ray Lewis past, present and future: Is it safe to say the Ghost of Ray has passed?

October 26, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

and the franchise hasn’t been the same in the decade since he’s been gone.

There’s going to be a helluva hole created for the city and the franchise when Ray Lewis isn’t dancing downtown on fall Sundays.

It’s hard to say what is more difficult – finding these cornerstone/anchor athlete superstars for your franchise or trying to replace them.

I’m already beginning to pray for the “next” middle linebacker who will play that position for the Ravens. Poor guy…

First, no one is an expert on Ray Lewis and certainly no media member would claim that distinction. Maybe not even his mother, who is as close to privy to his whole world as anyone would be and she’s clearly the most central figure in his world.

If there’s anything that would stand as a thesis statement for these next few thousand words about Ray Lewis it’s that he is