Ray Lewis past, present and future: Is it safe to say the Ghost of Ray has passed?

October 26, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

that I admire so much and try to learn from in a sports and business application.

Just think about some of this stuff:

Wrongly accused of murder when there was never a shred of evidence that tied him to injuring anyone. Publicly brought in front of the world in an orange jump suit. Sent back to the NFL in shame with a scarlet letter that he carries every day of his life.

His best friend was brutally murdered just days before he was drafted.

He was taken off of the Westminster field in a Medivac shock trauma helicopter in the spring of 1997.

His close friend and former teammate Steve McNair was murdered in a love tryst on the Fourth of July and Ray served as a key speaker at his funeral. Try watching this and think about the strength it took to deliver this speech:

He grew up without his father and went on to eclipse all of his Dad’s wrestling records in Lakeland, Fla. as a kid.

He won not only his freedom in 2000 but also won a Super Bowl later that tumultuous year.

He is a father to six children by four different mothers.

He’s been embroiled in several contract disputes with the Ravens over the years including a few weeks last year when he walked the earth free to sign with any other NFL team