Ray Lewis past, present and future: Will he be a Ray of Light in the future?

October 28, 2010 | Nestor Aparicio

and for all of you Fantasy Football lovers – as to where No. 52 will be in 2020 or 2025 when the Ravens Super Bowl teams come back for the “Where are they now?” bow.

In honor of Joe Flacco’s new “Situation” haircut, I’m going to put Ray Lewis in “The Situation Room” and give some realistic scenarios for where his focus could be in his post-football life.

The Peter Boulware Route

As Boulware – one of the all-time great guys who wore a purple smock – says here he did his time with Ray Lewis and ran for public office in Florida last year. Former wide receiver Michael Jackson is the mayor his tiny hometown in Louisiana. Will Ray Lewis make a run for public office or Mayor of Baltimore? Highly doubtful…
Odds: 40-1

The Anthony Munoz Route

The wikipedia entry says Munoz simply has a foundation but he’s used his star for every good cause in Cincinnati for 20 years.  I simply use Munoz because I know him a little bit and he’s just one helluva impressive man with all of his post-football work in Cincinnati including a minor media role. This could also be called the Derrick Brooks Route or a variety of other football players who have contributed greatly (not just in writing a check but in participating) to their communities. You can see from the 40 years of United Way commercials we’ve all seen what I’m talking about. But if Ray Lewis had the stature of Anthony Munoz he would have helped this world greatly.
Odds: 6-1

The Cal Ripken Route
Obviously, Ripken dedicated most of his post-career work to his businesses surrounding the game of baseball and youth initiatives and homes for kids who want to play baseball. This is not much unlike the “Munoz Route” but it’s a route that includes and incredible commitment to honoring the youth of the sport. I’m not sure Ray Lewis wants the Pop Warner leagues to be renamed the “Ray Lewis Football League” but it wouldn’t be a bad way to connect urban football players to the game and keep them on the straight and narrow. Matter of fact, I like this idea more the more I write about it!
Odds: 6-1

The Reggie White Route
I’ve chatted with three people about Ray Lewis – people close to him – that tell me this is the clubhouse favorite right now. Several people think Ray will literally do minister work and use his faith in God