You Play The Coach – Ravens Game Ball Picks – Week 9

November 03, 2008 |

Yeah, I was wrong and so were a lot of us. Drew, Glenn, Bob, Casey, and I all picked the Browns to win. But for some reason, crow tasted pretty good last night.

Some thoughts on the game:

-If this were last years team, the game would have been over as soon as Cleveland went up by 14. Where are all of the Ozzie detractors now? His draft picks were on display in great form yesterday.

-Every time someone runs on the Ravens, they do us a favor. I don’t care who you are, you cannot run on the Ravens. You’re literally wasting a down. Passing? That’s a totally different story. Thanks Romeo Crennel!

-As great of a game as Cam Cameron called yesterday, I didn’t like the goal line calls. Stop getting cute and give the ball to Le’Ron McClain three times. Get Ngata in there and tell Le’Ron to put his hand on #92’s back.

-If it weren’t for Joey Porter, I think Terrell Suggs would be getting a lot of national attention as a NFL defensive player of the year candidate. Sorry, Bart. Love ya dude, but I think you’re going to be the odd man out this off-season.

-I counted five missed tackles on the Josh Cribbs return for a touchdown. If it weren’t for Cribbs, Cleveland would have been blown out yesterday. Even though it was early, Cribbs completely changed the flow of the game. Special teams will spend a lot of time with the tackling dummies this week.

-Thank God you don’t live in Cleveland (unless you DO live in Cleveland…in that case, my deepest condolences). They were booing 6 minutes into the game! They were booing with the game tied in the 4th quarter! Cleveland fans are probably the worst fans in the world. If a Browns fan’s wife is in labor, and if he wants a boy and gets a girl, would you be surprised if he booed his wife? I wouldn’t…truly the “Mistake by the Lake”. To add injury to insult, the Ravens effectively ended Cleveland’s chances of making the playoffs yesterday. Not a low blow, just a fact.

-Don’t look now, but Matt Schaub hurt his knee yesterday, which means Sage Rosenfels The Great could be the quarterback for Houston next week. He’s getting an MRI today, so that’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

-If I had to give out a game ball, I would cut it in half and give one half to Joe Flacco and the other half to Ray Rice. I made this call in week 3 and I’ll say it again. FINALLY we have a quarterback. This guy is the real deal. Ray Rice looks like a Brian Westbrook/Maurice Jones-Drew hybrid. Just get him the ball on 3rd down and he’ll take care of the rest.

Who gets your game ball this week?

Get ready to break out your dark red and yellow colors. It’s time to cheer for the Redskins tonight. Oh my God did I just say that? I feel sick…