You Play The Coach – Which Raven Gets Your Game Ball?

November 18, 2008 |

That was a thorough thumping the Giants handed the Ravens in the Meadowlands, but (and I can’t stress this enough) it’s not the end of the world. Chalk that one up to a rare bad day for the Ravens defense, who ran into a buzz-saw in the Giants running attack.

Some thoughts on the game:

-The Giants are just a better team than the Ravens right now. This loss is not a reason to jump off the purple bandwagon. I still think they’re going to make the playoffs as a six seed. By the looks of things, that could put us in another post-season match-up with the Pittsburgh Steelers. So to all of you bandwagon jumpers, don’t poison the purple kool aid for the rest of us.

-Jared Gaither, who was playing with one arm, did an excellent job on Justin Tuck. How many times did we hear his name called on Sunday?

-Looks like the Giants have a pretty good run defense too. The Ravens running game did absolutely nothing, which made things exponentially harder on Joe Flacco and the pass protection. Under those circumstances, Flacco and the pass protection played pretty well.

-Derrick Mason, who was also playing with one arm, continues to prove how valuable he is to this offense. He snagged seven balls for 82 yards and except for the interception that was his fault, he played very well. He is the only receiver on this team that can consistently get open. The next best WR stat? Mark Clayton: 1 catch for 10 yards. Ouch.

-If you check last weeks prediction blog, I hinted that Brandon Jacobs could be the first back to rush for 100 yards on the Ravens. He would have rushed for 200 if he didn’t hurt his knee. The Old Browns front 7 played like…the Old Browns. I have a feeling that Ray and company will make a strong comeback this week against a banged up Brian Westbrook.

-I feel terrible for Matt Stover. He’s had such a great career, but has had one of his worst careers as a pro this season. He’ll probably be the next Raven inducted into the Ring of Honor.

-My game ball goes to Joe Flacco, who played much better than the C- that Mike Preston gave him. It’s so refreshing to see a quarterback stand tall in the pocket and make plays in the face of a relentless Giants pass rush. Bring on the Eagles.

Who gets your game ball?