You Play The Coach – Which Raven Gets Your Game Ball?

November 10, 2008 |

Another Sunday, another win, and another great performance from our rockstar rookie quarterback. Mondays are especially busy for me, but whenever the Ravens win, the day seems to just fly by.

Finally, it looks like Joe Flacco is starting to get the kind of national respect he deserves. When was the last time the Ravens put up a 40 spot?

You’d have to go all the way back to 2005 on Monday Night Football, when the Ravens lambasted the Packers 48-3. Remember that game? The one where “Kyle Boller finally came out of his shell?”

Kyle who? So much for that…

The Ravens are sitting pretty right now at 6-3 and control their own destiny as far as making the playoffs are concerned. They currently own the #5 wild card spot and the division title is certainly within reach. It will probably come down to the Steelers/Ravens rematch, which thankfully is in Baltimore.

The Ravens will need to win that match up in order to cement a playoff spot. With the Colts beating the Steelers, Peyton and Co. are breathing down the Ravens’ neck. If we don’t beat Pittsburgh, we could likely find ourselves in a tie with the Colts.

How devastating would it be to get knocked out of the post-season by the Colts AGAIN? I’d rather watch The Notebook.

This week will tell us a lot about this Baltimore Ravens team. If the Ravens can pull the upset or at least keep it close in the Meadowlands, it will send a strong message to the rest of the NFL that the purple city bird gang is for real.

My game ball this week goes to the monster in the middle, Haloti Ngata. Flacco, Ray Lewis, and Willis McGahee are also deserving. So is Derrick Mason for having the stones to finish the game with a dislocated shoulder. But where would this team be without Ngata? His interception on the goal line completely changed the game.

Who gets your game ball this week?