32 Team field is set for the World Cup

November 19, 2009 |


     After today’s play, all the nations that need to worry about hotels in SouthAfrica next summer have been decided. There was some very good action on the last play-in day. Slovenia’s victory over Russia was exciting, but there really was only one story today that transcended them all. And its not that I’m bitter, withmy mom’s birth name being O’Shea and all, but come on Ref. That was one of the most obvious handballs of all time. Thierry Henry’s “great play” will be replayed on Irish TV for months and in the heads of Irish soccer fans for years.

      On December 4th each country will get to see who their 3 opponents will be. Then we can make a more clear projection of each nations fate. But in the meantime, I thought I’d provide a list of the qualifying teams with a basic outline of their chances.


                    Countries with a legit shot of winning it all

Brazil, Spain, England, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Portugal.


              Countries that could make a run to the Semis

 Mexico, Ivory Coast, France, Serbia,  USA, Nigeria, Ghana, Japan.


    Countries that should be happy to get out of the Group Stage

 Chile, Slovakia, Uruguay, Denmark, Australia, Switzerland, Greece, S.Korea.


                 Countries that will most likely be 3 and out

  Honduras, Paraguay, Slovenia, Algeria, N.Korea, S. Africa, New Zealand, Cameroon.