Typical Baltimore politics…

October 10, 2009 |

I’ve been frustrated,  indeed almost infuriated, by the news that Baltimore is looking to woo DC United up here by dangling a new soccer stadium.

My main reaction was…why? Let’s face it, the city is doing very little to help our current indoor soccer team of over 25 years to remain solvent and successful. Ed Hale has been fighting for a new arena in a fresh, safer location for what seems like forever, and instead he is told that they’re just going to use the exact same site all over again, which obviously raises the question as to where the Blast will play for the three or more years it will take to re-build it.

With all that being said, why would the city jump literally through hoops to find a location, find the financing in a still moribund economy, and build a soccer stadium when this is far from a sure thing. Unlike the jump from the CFL to the NFL where pretty much everybody WANTED to upgrade to the better-known and respected league back in the mid-90s regardless of the delightful success of the CFL team here, who outside of some serious  outdoor soccer hardcorers is really pushing for the DC team to come here, which would no doubt drive the final nail in the coffin of a beloved Blast team that has so much history here and has forged so many ties to the community, and yet barely is able to play games year to year due to league mismanagement or simply not being able to get the message out well enough amidst the glut of other entertainment opportunities these days.

Does anyone else out there find this as ridiculous as I do? I know that Drew Forrester certainly doesn’t care for the idea at all, and HE’S a serious soccer guy..now what does that tell you?