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Three the Hard Way

Posted on 03 July 2012 by derekandrews

 The NBA is now officially back in business and free agency continues to bring excitement to hoops aficionados and it’s only been three days. Just like the Frenzy of 2010 that featured the highly coveted Lebron James, today the hoops world is waiting and highly anticipating the trade of Dwight Howard. There are some strong contenders such as: the newly rebranded Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Whoever gets the big prize of 2012 would be elevated to contender status, or would be the final piece to a championship team to make another run. What has changed from free agency of the past to today’s game is the obsession of the “big three”. It is true that you can’t win alone in life nor in the game. Every great player in any sport had support from many individuals — from fellow teammates, to the support staff of a team — professional or amateur, but now teams are coveting superstars in numbers to win today, not later. The NBA is one of the only sports leagues that multiple superstars acquire that can instantly make a team elevated from a lowly team to a contender and win.

Just ask Boston in 2007. They acquired Kevin Garnett in free agency, and traded rights of Jeff Green to Seattle for Ray Allen and the rights of Glen Davis. With Boston already having Paul Pierce, the big three, made a championship run immediately, winning the 2008 NBA championship and rewriting the books of free agency. Since that acquisition, Miami not only won the Lebron James sweeptakes but made a big splash in acquiring Chris Bosh and resigning Dwyane Wade. It took two seasons, but what was expected finally came true: winning a championship.

This also changed the books of free agency and was the reason why owners during the lockout wanted to change the rules so that smaller market teams could have a chance to improve their team and even the playing field. Now it’s 2012 and the Brooklyn Nets, Atlanta Hawks, and Los Angeles Lakers are on the clock. Who will win the big prize? Here are the proposed trade offers:

Trade #1: Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are a hot marketing juggernaut this year because of the rebranding of the team’s highly popularized logo, the support from Jay-Z and Steve Stoute, and a brand new state of the art Barclays Center in downtown Brooklyn. Also the fact that, the team’s new owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, is very wealthy and wants to bring a contender back to New York. And it can happen with the acquisition of Dwight Howard. According to ESPN.com, The Nets have proposed to send Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, Marshon Brooks, and three first round drafts picks for Dwight Howard. This is a great deal and a top choice for Howard to land. The organization has gone a long way to helping become the top interest by acquiring Joe Johnson in a trade. This would give Deron Williams added reason to stay in Brooklyn and form a very formidable big three.

Trade #2: Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks’ front office has shedded a large amount of cap money to make room for the acquisition of Dwight Howard and the possibility of getting more attractive free agents in 2013. A proposed trade offer would send Al Horford and Jeff Teague to Orlando for Dwight Howard. This deal would provide a piece that would elevate a playoff team into contention with Miami and Boston in the East. The resigning of Josh Smith is guaranteed with such a move as this one. Could Atlanta form the big three of Paul, Howard, and Smith?

Trade #3: Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have a possibility of winning the sweepstakes of Dwight Howard because they have a piece with upside to make them continue to be competitive in the East. The Lakers proposed trade would send Andrew Bynum to Orlando for Dwight Howard. It’s sending value for value. It would keep the Orlando Magic in the interim from rebuilding. Also, the Lakers would secure the future of the franchise. The downside to this offer would be that it is all the Lakers could afford to give where other teams could package draft choices, cash, and some good talent.

What team do you see winning the prize of 2012? You decide and let me know @WinLifestyle



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Joe Johnson vs the Nets

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What Joe Johnson to the Nets Means For The Wiz

Posted on 02 July 2012 by Jesse Jones

Joe Johnson vs the Nets

Joe Johnson has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets

The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to trade superstar shooting guard Joe Johnson to the now Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams and former Wizard DeShawn Stevenson, along with a future first round pick.

My initial reaction: The Nets are serious about getting better now. But, we all knew that since they’ve been in contention for Dwight Howard for the past year.

Let’s break down what the trade meant for both teams.

The Nets get Johnson to go along with Gerald Wallace. If Deron Williams decides to stay, the Nets will have three All-Stars in their starting lineup, and quite frankly, that’s it. They now have no cap space left to trade for Dwight Howard, as all three players have max contracts. Brook Lopez is a free agent so there is no guarantee that he’ll be back next season. Even if Lopez comes back, the Nets now have no depth, especially in the front court.

Having three All-Stars is certainly a nice thing, but depth is so key in the NBA, in fact any professional sport.

The Hawks and new general manager Danny Ferry got rid of Joe Johnson’s huge contract, and appear to be in rebuilding mode with the team also trading Marvin Williams. Why they are rebuilding, I have absolutely no idea since they’ve made the playoffs the past five years, but it’s clear they are.

In return for a superstar, Atlanta now has expiring contracts of bench players and not one starter, except Stevenson because of his defense. The future first round draft pick is certainly a plus, but for right now, it seems the Hawks want to undergo a face lift.

So what does this mean for the Washington Wizards?

The Wiz Kids, who have a promising team this season, have an even better chance now to make the playoffs. The Hawks will have trouble keeping up with Miami and Orlando (if Howard stays). With a veteran front court, a young, speedy back court, and a coach that the team wants to play for in Randy Whitman, the Wiz should be good enough to finish second or third in the Southeast Division, depending on of course what happens with Howard in Orlando. They are certainly better than the Bobcats and Hawks now, but they are far away from competing with Miami for first.

With the Hawks transitioning from a playoff team to a rebuilding team, look for the Wizards to be in contention to make the playoffs, finishing anywhere from sixth to eighth place.

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