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Nick needs some support

Posted on 27 May 2008 by caseywillett

Nick Markakis is having a decent year so far. He is batting .258 with 9hr and 24 rbi’s. The problem as has been talked about all season long so far is the lack of support that he gets from the hitters in front and behind him.
Here is a look at the numbers on the season for Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff as they compare to the batters who hit in the #2 and #4 slots for their team in the American League the last two days.
Melvin has a .239 avg which is third lowest with only David Dellucci (CLE).228 and Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA) with .218 average in front of him. Also looking at the other key stat for a guy like Melvin in my opinion is his on base percentage. Just on the Orioles team, only Ramon has a lower OBP .248 than Melvin’s.295. Again comparing Melvin’s season stats to the season stats of the rest of the #2 hitters over the last two days in the A.L., Melvin has the lowest. To be fair to Melvin, he has done an exceptional job of hitting with runners in scoring position. Melvin is batting .409 with less than two outs and .444 with two outs.
Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar have both taken turns batting in the #4 spot for the Orioles. For Huff of the 15 hitters who batted #4 in the American League the last two days, he has the second lowest batting average .246. Only Carlos Pena has a lower average at .238. Huff’s power numbers for the season with other guys who batted #4 the last two days are about middle of the pack. Only Magglio Ordonez (9) and Carlos Pena (10) have more homeruns than Huff (8), and then there are a bunch of guys with seven or eight. Huff has 28 rbi’s which puts him seventh among the hitters who batted #4 for their team.
Here are the numbers of Millar and Huff when they bat fourth and fifth.
Millar #4 -.216avg 4hr 12 rbi(126 plate appearances)
           #5 – .263avg 2hr   9 rbi(64 PA)
Huff  #4 -.293avg 3hr 13rbi (87 PA)
          #5 -.200avg 4hr 12 rbi (92 PA)

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Let’s Go Get Some Yankees

Posted on 18 April 2008 by roblong

Now, I do not endorse violence. So please, don’t take this as that.

However, my blood boils everytime I see this area flooded with Yankee and Red Sox fans.

The problem is, O’s fans are allowing it. Whatever you have to do today, do it downtown. So what, you don’t have a ticket. That’s okay. So a presence. Go downtown and show Yankee fans what Baltimore is all about.

It’s not about the Orioles. If you’re really offended by what Aubrey Huff said, go downtown before and after the games this weekend and show them your Baltimore pride.

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Rangers – Orioles Preview

Posted on 08 April 2008 by caseywillett

Last Game
The Orioles completed a four game sweep of the Mariners yesterday with 5-4 win after Aubrey Huff hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 8th inning. The Orioles bullpen came in and did yet another strong job as Dennis Sarfate got his second win in a row and George Sherrill converted his third save against his former team. The Orioles bullpen won three games versus the Mariners this series and have won four of the five games so far this season. So far the Orioles bullpen has allowed two runs over 21.1 innings pitched.

The Orioles take their first road trip of the season as they travel to Texas to take on Jason Jennings and the Rangers in their home opener. Jennings will become only the second Ranger pitcher born in Texas to start a home opener in Texas. The other person who did it is one of the most dominant pitchers of all time and now in the front office of the Rangers, Nolan Ryan.

Jason Jennings (0-1 7.20 era)
Last outing: Apr. 2 L 1-4 loss 5ip 5h 4r 2bb 1k 2hr
Here is a look at Jason Jennings career numbers versus the Orioles

Brian Burres will make his first start of the season for the Orioles
Here is a look at his numbers versus the Rangers hitters
Here is the box score from a historic game versus the Rangers Burres was in last year

Winning Streak
The Orioles had a five game winning streaks last year: 7/24-7/28
The longest winning streak last year was six games: 5/26-5/31

07 Results vs Rangers

Orioles were 4-6 against the Rangers last year

Last year today

The Orioles were 2-4 last year in 5th place

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O’s – Mariners preview

Posted on 07 April 2008 by caseywillett

Last Game
Orioles 3-2 winners over the Mariners after Felix Hernandez shut the Orioles down for 8 straight innings (8ip 5 h 0r 2bb 6k). The Mariners bullpen came in for the 9th inning and allowed a double to Nick Markais, an rbi groundout by Aubrey Huff, back to back singles to Luke Scott and Jay Payton, a walk to Ramon Hernandez which resulted in a wild pitch that allowed Adam Jones to score who was pinch running for Scott and then the first and biggest hit of the season for Luis Hernandez to win the game for the O’s.
Bullpen vs Bullpen
Here is what the two team’s bullpens have done against each other so far in the three games of this series:
O’s: 9 ip 6h 2bb 4k 2r 1hr (2 wins Albers (Sat) Safarte (Sun) and 2 saves Sherrill
Mariners: 6.2 ip 10h 7bb 4k 8r 2 hr (1 loss)
O’s bats
Luke Scott had his second consecutive 3-hit game for the Orioles yesterday he has now raised his average to .538.
Kevin Millar has hit safely in all 5 games so far this season and has a .389 average.
Today’s starters
Daniel Cabrera (0-0 13.50 ERA) no decision last outing vs TB (4ip 6h 6er 5bb 2k)
Here are the numbers for Daniel vs Mariners hitters
Carlos Silva (1-0 1.29 ERA) 7ip 3h 1er 3bb 5k vs Tex
Here are the numbers for Silva vs Orioles hitters
After the game
The Orioles will head out on a six game road trip starting with three in Texas (Tue, Wed,Thu) then to Tampa Bay for three games ( Fri, Sat, Sun) before returning home on April 14th for a seven game home stand.
Did You Know?
The Orioles were never in first place at any point during the season last year. They were in 5th place on this date a year ago with a 1-4 record.

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Pregame notes from Camden Yards

Posted on 04 April 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some new notes from Camden Yards:
  • Dave Trembley said that the rotation will go Trachsel(Fri), Loewen(Sat),Guthrie(Sun),and Cabrera(Mon). Brian Burres will stay in the bullpen the next couple of nights and likely start the first game of the Texas series on Tuesday.
  • Trembley said that all the pitchers and position players stayed even after the game was rained out yesterday to get their work in.
  • Trembley still feels that Bedard is one of the best pitchers in baseball and that he is grateful to him for what he did while he was here
  • Today will be the first time that Perlozzo and Trembley will be able to speak face to face since the coaching change
  • Sam Perlozzo spoke with the media before the game and you can listen to the entire session under the Toyotaliveweb audio vault
  • Besides Erik Bedard and Sam Perlozzo, former bench coach Lee Elia makes his return to Baltimore as the on field consultant for the Mariners
  • Jarrod Washburn is 3-0 versus the Orioles in his career as a starter. He did lose a game in a relief appearance back in 1998
  • Aubrey Huff is 12-31 with 1HR and 4rbi’s against Washburn
Here is the O’s lineup for tonight
  1. Brian Roberts 2b
  2. Melvin Mora 3b
  3. Nick Markakis RF
  4. Kevin Millar 1b
  5. Aubrey Huff DH
  6. Jay Payton LF
  7. Ramon Hernandez C
  8. Adam Jones CF
  9. Brandon Fahey SS

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Predict Your Orioles Stat Leaders!

Posted on 03 April 2008 by joshuahall

So far in this young 2008 baseball season, the Orioles starting pitching hasn’t been looking too good lately while the relief pitchers have really been the only bright spot on the very inexperienced staff. Maybe 37-year old Steve Trachsel will pitch a gem tonight and prove me wrong on my early statement. Then again, I love early discussions, arguments, predictions, whatever you want to call them just because it makes baseball and even all sports that much fun! I love picking out the players that I think will shine and the ones that will be “dead” by season’s end. (And even though I can’t stand him, I wouldn’t wish death on Aubrey Huff).

Now, let’s make some picks! Here are my predictions for Baltimore Orioles stat leaders for this season:
Batting Average: Nick Markakis (.325 BA)
Home Runs: Nick Markakis (32 HR’s)
RBI’s: Melvin Mora (108 RBI’s)
Runs: Adam Jones (115 Run’s)
Stolen Bases: Brian Roberts (55 Steals)
ERA: Jeremy Guthrie (2.89 ERA)
Strikeouts: Daniel Cabrera (186 K’s)
Saves: George Sherrill (37 Saves)
Lead Holds: Chad Bradford (48 Leads Held)
Home Runs Allowed: Steve Trachsel (30 HR’s Allowed)

Give me your thoughts on this topic! Also, don’t miss out on the Bruce Cunningham Ravens Report with Ravens Reporter Aaron Wilson, on Saturday Mornings from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.! Only on the station where we never stop talking Baltimore sports! Sportstalk 1570 WNST AM Towson/Baltimore!


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History made at Camden Yards tonight

Posted on 03 April 2008 by caseywillett

In front of the smallest crowd in Camden Yards history (10,505), the Orioles scored four runs in the eighth inning to earn their first win of the season. Just f1or conversation sake, the record before that was on April 6, 2006, when 13,194 fans watched the Orioles play the Devil Rays. The smallest Orioles crowd ever was when 655 fans attended an afternoon game on August 17,1972, against the White Sox.
Much of the Orioles offense came from the bat of Aubrey Huff who went 2-4 with 4 rbi’s for the Orioles tonight, including what he called “the sweetest homerun of his career”. Aubrey had heard boo’s for the first two games of the season, but silenced some of the crowd with his 2 run HR in the 6th inning. Huff would put the Orioles ahead for good in the bottom of the 8th with a 2 run double and later score that same inning. Brian Roberts,Melvin Mora, Nick Markakis, Ramon Hernadez, and Adam Jones all chipped in with rbi’s.
Daniel Cabrera had yet another shaky outing, as he was only able to go four innings partly due to his pitch count which was 94. The O’s bullpen has been solid so far and Randor Beird deserves a lot of credit for making his major league debut with the no outs and the bases loaded and getting out of it. Chad Bradford, Jamie Walker, George Sherill, kept the Rays bats silent leading to Walker getting the win and Sherill the save.
Although it has only been two games so far this season, the starting pitching has gone 9.1 innings ( Guthrie 5.1 Cabrera 4.0) while the bullpen has gone 8.2 innings while only allowing two hits and zero runs over the first two games of the season. The Orioles will need someone like Trachsel to go deep into a game to give the bullpen a night off, or else you might be looking at the bullpen getting burned out again. So far the good thing is that Walker, Bradford,and Sherill have only had to go one inning each.
Be sure to check out the Toyota liveweb audio vault for post game sound from Dave Trembley, Aubrey Huff, and Geroge Sherrill.

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From the ballpark

Posted on 03 April 2008 by caseywillett

Daniel looks like he has started to settle down a little bit. Dave Trembley said before the game that Daniel has a tendency to settle down later in the game, the issue is the damage he causes in the first couple.
          On the Orioles scoreboard between innings, they do a this or that contest where players have to pick between the two options. Tonight the option was Beastie Boys or Beach Boys. It was tied at six a piece with Adam Jones on the screen. After a long stare at the camera Adam said “neither”. The Beach Boys ended up winning with votes for the likes of Jamie Walker, Nick Markakis, and Ramon Hernandez
          Aubrey Huff just got booed again
          The scoreboard here will drive you crazy. There are times when the count on the hitter will just change without a pitch being thrown, then will go to all zeros when a pitch is thrown. Right now we are in the fifth inning and the scoreboard says it is the third and the O’s are winning 2 – 0.
          For some reason the Rays uniforms remind me of a minor league team. I will say though that they have one of the coolest mascots in baseball. Here are some videos of him in action, including schooling the Orioles bird.
          Well looks like Bob Haynie has given Daniel Cabrera the kiss of death with his 11 wins prediction. He just got pulled from the game and basically booed off of the field by the 1200 fans here

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From the frozen grass at Camden Yards

Posted on 02 April 2008 by caseywillett

Ok so it is cold and 1200 of my closest friends have joined me here at the ballpark to watch the O’s and Rays.
          Pat Sajak threw out the first pitch, he had on the whitest shoes I may have ever seen in my life
          Aubrey Huff is still getting booed, even by the 1200 people that are here
          Different year, same Daniel Cabrera, he has zero ability to hold runners on the base. Carl Crawford ran to the mound from first base and tapped Cabrera on the shoulder before going to second. In two innings he has allowed one walk and two stolen bases.
          I think having the manager on tv talking to the broadcast crew while the game is going on is a bad idea. If you want to do two minutes between innings than so be it
          Cabrera has just walked another guy. I say the over under is four… I will take the over

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Post game thoughts

Posted on 31 March 2008 by caseywillett

So the O’s are off to the 08 season with a loss to the Rays. Jeremy Guthrie was solid for the first couple of inning, and then started to get hit hard. Today is about what I expect that you will see out of Guthrie for the season, not great, but not horrible. He will give you about 5 innings of work and have to hope that your bullpen can hold the other team down. Good news for the O’s today was the performance of Matt Albers. Dave Trembley spoke highly of him after the game and said they were impressed with the job that he did today.
Offensively for the O’s, they are just not going to be a team that is going to score a lot of runs. I think they are going to be a NL style team. They are going to have to hope for 3-5 runs a night and hope that it is enough to give their pitcher the support that he needs.
The 1-4 hitters today were 4 -13 with 2 RBI’s ( Millar), the 5 – 9 hitters were a combined 2-13, you don’t give your pitcher a chance to win when you do that. It was so bad that after Kevin Millar’s double in the first inning, no Orioles made it past first base.
Some other notes from today:
          Aubrey Huff admitted that he said some stupid stuff when he went on his famous radio show this offseason and understands fans booing him. Admits that he would have booed to if he was a fan. Kevin Millar even admitted that he was booing Aubrey.
          Dave Trembley said the fans have the right to do whatever they want to do as it relates to Aubrey Huff
          Adam Jones said that the nerves he was expecting to have today were not there and that it all went away when the first ball was hit to him. He is trying to get use to the rubbery type substance that the warning track is made of, but says he does not see it being a problem.
          Rick Kranitz the O’s new pitching coach was in the clubhouse talking with Jeremy Guthrie after the game and going over some of the things that he noticed.
          Aubrey Huff and several of the other O’s said this is not the same Rays that have been playing in years past. Several of the hitters mentioned that Jamie Shields has some tremendous pitches and gets better as game goes on.
          Today was the first time since 2000 that an Oriole did not hit a homerun on opening day. Can you guess who leads the O’s on opening day homeruns?
          Today was the first Orioles home opener loss since 2000 when Mike Mussina suffered a 4-1 loss to the Indians
          One down 80 more to go

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