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Let’s cut Heap and the anthem singer…

Posted on 08 September 2008 by Drew Forrester

Hour number one of today’s Comcast Morning Show was interesting.

I had two phone calls urging the Ravens to…cut Todd Heap.

“Let’s go ahead and part company with Heap…he doesn’t have it anymore.”

Are you friggin’ serious?

“Heap’s always hurt. He never plays a full season.”


In his 7 seasons in the NFL, Heap has played all 16 games on four occasions.  Is he nicked up a lot?  Sure.  If you got pounded the way he’s been pounded since 2001, you might be nicked up too. 

Look, Heap – by his own admission – didn’t have a great game on Sunday vs. the Bengals. He had an early fumble and a drop that would have been a TD…those are very unlike-Heap occurrences.  In his career, Heap has a grand total of — 6 fumbles.  He probably has fewer end zone drops than 6 in his career, but that stat isn’t available. 

Someone else called in today and wanted to cut Heap AND the national anthem singer.

The Ravens just won their season opener. Their #1 draft pick outplayed his veteran QB counterpart and former Heisman Trophy winner. Two players (Reed and CMac) who were questionable both played and made game changing plays.

And this cat calls in and says, “Cut Heap and fire the national anthem singer…”

Maybe Aubrey Huff was right.

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Another September swoon…

Posted on 04 September 2008 by Drew Forrester

Don’t look now, but it’s September and the local baseball team is collapsing again.

Another Keystone Cops episode in the bottom of the 9th at Boston earlier today gave the Red Sox an improbable 5-4 win over the Orioles, handing Dave Trembley’s team their 3rd loss in as many days at Fenway and finishing their Tampa/Boston road trip at 0-6.

It was a game the Orioles controlled until the bottom of the 8th and then the world fell apart.


When will it get better?

Next year?

Probably not.

Who’s going to pitch in ’09, Bob Gibson and Vida Blue?

Without an off-season committment to acquiring two or three legitimate major league starters, the O’s won’t improve much next year either.

Make book on that.

And why wouldn’t they go out in the off-season and make pitches – no pun intended – for guys like A.J. Burnett or Derek Lowe or Ben Sheets? They created a TV network three years ago that pours money into their coffers in unimaginable numbers and they themselves promised us the TV revenue would go directly into roster improvement. They’re half-swindling a lot of us out of $2.60 a month whether we watch MASN or not – shouldn’t they at least go out and spend OUR money in the fashion they promised?

Yes, they should. And if this off-season comes and goes and they fork over some lame-ass excuse like the one we’ve heard before: “why would we pay $14 million a year for someone who only works once every 5 days?” then Free The Birds3 should take place on opening day.

Now, to be fair, here’s the good stuff.

Despite the September swoon, there have been bright spots this year. And, honestly, the first three months of the campaign gave reason for hope as the team hovered around the .500 mark and played competitively against every team in the American League.

For a while in the late spring, going to the ballpark was exciting again because you were never quite sure if the O’s just might find a way to win even though they trailed 6-2 going into the 7th inning.

Adam Jones was a rock star until he got hurt and even Aubrey Huff made good on his pre-season promise to make us all forget that asinine off-season remark he made about Baltimore. Like him or not, Huff “manned up” in ’08 and could certainly be the team’s MVP this season without much argument from anyone.

Brian Roberts – by far the team’s most valuable ASSET – refused to allow the team’s public attempts to trade him keep him from another good season and Nick Markakis overcame an embarrassing spring training contract snub to produce yet another strong major league campaign.

Somehow, those four guys put together fine ’08 efforts in spite of the fact they’re playing for one of the major’s worst teams.

Hats off to them.

Off the field, there are still issues that need to be addressed. In typical Orioles’ fashion, they may or may not address them in time for the close of the season.

Maybe they’re just waiting for football season to start so they can drop out of the limelight and make their hard decisions in the background. That’s smart, if they’re thinking that way.

They’re stringing along a manager who has been a decent contributor for them over the last 15 months. Why they haven’t publicly disclosed that Dave Trembley’s ’09 contract option has been renewed is a mystery, but it’s always that way with the O’s. They never really clue you in on what’s going on…leaving us all to speculate.

Fair enough then. I’m speculating that perhaps they’re NOT sold on Trembley for ’09. Why else wouldn’t they have announed he’s returning next season? I know common PR isn’t their niche at The Warehouse, but this one is so easy even a dummy like me could figure it out. Give Trembley his ’09 contract and let’s move on. Or boot him and go find someone else that will deal with the likes of Fernando Cabrera, Alberto Castillo and Lance Cormier without wanting to stick a crab claw in their eye.

Keeping Trembley on hold like this is wrong. Period.

With attendance at 1,725,000 and some change, the O’s are in danger of NOT drawing 2 million fans. That’s not a surprise, of course, since the team has been losing since 1998 and over the last decade have more times than not gone out of their way to fight with the fans and paying customers. They’ve made serious attempts to patch things up with the Baltimore fan base this year and those efforts should be applauded. Still, though, the numbers don’t lie and if the team doesn’t average roughly 16,000 per-game over the last 17 home contests, they won’t draw 2 million at OPACY.

That’s why they’re offering $1.00 tickets to all September home games. Mind you, those aren’t $1.00 seats in the lower box. Those are $1.00 seats so high up in the ballpark they’ll ask you to put down your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts before the first pitch is thrown. But a buck is a buck and even if they’re doing it to try and avoid the embarrassment of failing to reach 2 million fans, it’s still a solid gesture to the fan base that has long been slapped around by the organization.

Under the guidance of Andy MacPhail, the O’s have seemingly started to get things back on track. Make no mistake about it though, the team’s rise back to respectability both on and off the field is a marathon, not a sprint.

And right about now, the team is just getting ready to tie their shoes on race day.

The real running hasn’t even started yet.

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Miller Lite’s Big League & Bush League

Posted on 01 August 2008 by Drew Forrester

Note: Some of the elements of this edition of Miller Lite’s “Big League and Bush League” were included in a Thursday blog that was lost when we encountered server issues on Thursday night. That explains the repetition. That explains the repetition.

Big League — Andy MacPhail isn’t throwing a perfect game in his 13-plus months with the Orioles, but it’s a 2-hitter over 7.2 innings with 9 strikeouts and no earned runs. In other words, he’s been REALLY good. This week, he once again did the right thing by not jumping the gun on a trade offer “just to make a deal.” Sure, moving Aubrey Huff somewhere would have been cool by me…getting a really good prospect or two for George Sherrill or Chad Bradford might have been interesting as well. But, MacPhail’s accumen has been on full display since June of ’07 and it’s worth trusting him based on the results he’s generated thus far.

Bush League — This time last year, a slew of Ravens players were dipping their toe(s) into the world of radio, hosting or co-hosting their own weekly radio show during the 2007 NFL season. I raised an immediate “red flag” on those shows and noted that not only do they cause internal strife within the business-side of the organization, but they also provide players with a forum to talk about “team business” in a public environment that is not good for locker-room unity. Last year, the shows became a hot topic when players openly criticized the coach, styles of play and other elements of the organization. I assumed one of John Harbaugh’s first “stamps” on his team would be to eliminate those shows in 2008, but evidently the new sheriff in town only has one set of handcuffs, because FOUR more shows are set to air this year on a competing radio station in town. Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Chris McAlister and Terrell Suggs will get behind the mic this year…for better or worse. I said it in August of 2007 and here I am saying it in August of 2008: Having players do weekly radio shows outside of the organization’s best interests is not a good thing. It usually leads to more bad than good. It did last year. It will this year, too.

Big League — Theo Epstein will get a standing ovation when he walks into the Red Sox locker room around 3:45 pm this afternoon. I’m sure every player on the team yelled out “THANK GOD!” yesterday afternoon when they heard the news that Manny Ramirez was on his way to Los Angeles and would no longer be poisoning the Boston clubhouse. How much of a royal pain-in-the-rear did Manny become for Epstein to ship him out while the Red Sox are involved in a daily fight for their lives in the American League East? Think about that…Boston just traded one of the most powerful and prolific hitters of our generation during a pennant race because he was wrecking their locker room. I love it. Ramirez has become the most ungrateful athlete in all of sports (yep, more ungrateful than Favre) and yesterday he got his due when Epstein said, “The joke’s on you, pal…we won two World Series titles with you…we’re sick of you…and now, you can pack your stuff and we’ll carry on with our work.”

Bush League — Brett Favre. Enough said.

Big League — I heard Ray Lewis on a radio show this week and he commented on his lack of an ’09 contract by saying this…”I’m not even focused on that now. I’m worried about this football season and getting my defense ready to play 16 games. That contract stuff will be dealt with later on.” Now THAT is the kind of comment you want to hear from your team leader.

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Ponder these 19 points

Posted on 28 July 2008 by Drew Forrester

1. For all of the talk about how this year’s O’s club is so much more entertaining and exciting as last year’s (true, by the way), guess how many more wins this year’s team has – after 104 games – than last year’s band of misfits? ZERO. Both teams are/were 49-55 at this stage in the season.

2. My Ravens “bird in a tree” tells me the newcomer they’ve been the most impressed with so far in training camp is Ray Rice.

3. Manny is “tired” of the Red Sox? That’s funny. “Tired” of the team that has paid him $20 million a year for the last eight years. Sometimes I wonder if these guys have any brain matter up there.

4. So Chad Johnson wound up reporting to camp after all that posturing and pontificating during the off-season? Another coward exposed.

5. What on earth was Dave Trembley thinking in his Sunday post-game press conference when he blabbed the news that Roch Kubatko was leaving The Sun and joining MASN? Shouldn’t Roch be allowed to tell everyone the news on his own schedule?

6. Perspective: The O’s have a total of TWO complete games as a staff this season. Johan Santana has SEVEN with the Mets.

7. I like John Harbaugh’s “30-plus” club concept. He gives players who are 30 and over every 3rd day off…smart move, Coach. Funny, though, had the “former coach” instituted the 30-plus rule, it would have been scoffed at as another example of “Camp CreamPuff”. It IS a great idea, though and another touch from Harbaugh that shows he’s in tune with what’s necessary to get the players ready to play in September.

8. With Radhames Liz being optioned to Triple AAA, that leaves an opening for a starter…why not give Jim Johnson a chance? He’s been the team’s most reliable non-starter over the last 50 games or so.

9. If the O’s can’t move Aubrey Huff NOW (hitting .293 with 20 HR), what’s that say about how the rest of the league perceives him?

10. Except for the AL West, it looks like every race in baseball will go down to the final week of the season. Should be interesting in the AL East, where Boston finishes at home vs. New York and Tampa travels to Detroit to end their season.

11. Note to Jay Brodie and the gang at the Baltimore Development Corp. — Since a new arena (even though it’s in Baltimore) would be contributing admission tax to the STATE of Maryland, how about going to the esteemed Governor and asking him to put some heat on the University of Maryland to play at least ONE home basketball game (Men’s and Women’s) in the new Baltimore arena for the next 10 years? And don’t make it Maryland vs. UNC-Asheville, either. Give Baltimore the ACC/Big Ten challenge game or some other strong non-conference opponent.

12. One Ravens vet tells me everything is going fine in training camp with the exception of a couple of the team’s new assistant coaches who are bordering on being disrespectful to the players who are making mistakes in camp. As the player told me, “on one of those days when it’s really, really hot and people are ready to boil over, one of those coaches is going to chew out the wrong guy and get himself in trouble…”

13. If I had to bet on one team right now to win the World Series, I’d put my money on the Angels. Good starting pitching, good offense and a great bullpen with a tireless closer. Oh, and they also have a very good manager, which comes into play a lot during the post-season.

14. Q. What do you get if you see a Redskins fan buried up to his neck in sand? Answer at the bottom of the page…

15. I’m the biggest golf fan in the world and I’m barely following the sport with Tiger out of action. I didn’t watch ONE hole of the Canadian Open over the weekend. Not one. Chez Reavie won. Yeah, I don’t care either. Hurry back, T-Dub.

16. KOBS Final Four: Ripken vs. Palmer and Brooks vs. Unitas. Here’s who SHOULD win: Palmer and Unitas. Here’s who WILL win: Ripken and Unitas. It’s shameful if Palmer isn’t the overall winner, but I’m not holding out much hope.

17. There was a rumor floating around town last week that Brian Roberts “popped the question” to a lady friend. Have no fear, ladies, it’s not true. According to Scott Hoffman at OriolesHangout.com, Roberts is very much still an unengaged bachelor.

18. We have some VERY big news here at WNST.net that will be well received by Ravens fans this season. Let’s just say we’ll be “in the huddle” with the team…each and every day. And you’ll be able to read it all ONLY at WNST.net. Details coming soon…

19. A.J. Burnett is telling people in these parts that he’s coming to Baltimore next season. I’ll take him. Especially if it’s the A.J. Burnett who pitched against the O’s last week when Toronto came to town.

Answer: More sand.

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Have no fear, ’19 points’ is here.

Posted on 07 July 2008 by Drew Forrester

1. All of this loose talk about Brett Favre’s possible “un-retirement” and, perhaps, a stop in Baltimore has me thinking. Yes? Or no? I say, “Sure, why not?” Three words come to mind when I ponder #4 in purple. Those three words? Boller. And. Smith. Favre’s helmet has won more games than those two ever will.
2. From the desk of “I-told-you-so”. It was me about six weeks ago that said, “whatever you do, don’t let Adam Loewen come back and pitch this season, unless you want to just give him a few starts in September so he feels OK about returning to the mound in spring training, ’09.” Here it is early July, they allowed him to rush himself back to the big leagues (is the per-diem that good?)…and then, BAM!, there goes his arm again. Sad.
3. While I’m at the desk of “I-told-you-so”, it was also me that told you Anthony Kim was going to be a rock star on the PGA Tour after his win in Charlotte earlier this year. Now, with his win at Congressional yesterday, he’s basically on the Ryder Cup team. And don’t be surprised if he contends at one of the final two majors of the year with the greatest player in the history of the game rehabbing his knee injury and out of the picture. “A.K”. is the real deal. 
4. There’s another desk called “I missed that one” and I just happened to sit down at that one for a second. I was the guy who told you the Rays would collapse in August. It’s not looking like that’s going to happen, although they’ll be entering unchartered territory if they have a 5-game lead in mid-August with 40 games to play. Let’s see how they handle it.
5. It all started to unravel when Matt Albers went down with his shoulder injury. 
6. C.C. Sabathia won’t make the Brewers into a playoff team this year.
7. So there’s this guy and he’s on vacation on a resort island and he comes back to his hotel room and when he opens the door, there’s a genie on the edge of his bed, completely naked, holding two of his neckties. She dangles them and says, “tie me up and you can have anything you want. Anything.” He says, “Anything?”. She says, “That’s right. Anything.” So, he proceeds to tie her hands to the bed post and then says, “OK, I want the Redskins to go 0-16 this season.”
8. You think we have internet problems at WNST? The Orioles computers have been down since the season started. I haven’t received ONE return e-mail from them since April 4. 
9. I’m in the camp that says Nadal has Federer’s number and that the only way Roger wins major titles now is if someone upsets Rafa along the way. Not saying “Feds” is going to be stuck on 12 major titles forever, but he’s not going to breeze through the field anymore like in year’s past.
10. You have to look at trading-deadline moves like a stock broker looks at the market. What value did the Orioles have in, say, George Sherrill and Aubrey Huff, BEFORE the season started? What value do those two have right now? Will it ever be higher than it is today? There’s your answer then. Move them and look at it as nothing more than a short term investment. You bought ‘em for a price, sold ‘em for a higher price (assuming you can) and you’ve improved your portfolio with those deals. And I’m a guy who thinks Sherrill is the team’s MVP at the halfway point. But…if you can improve the club, make the move.
11. Someone “in the know” tells me Troy Smith can’t win in the NFL on a consistent basis. “Too easy to game plan against” is what I was told. I hope he’s wrong.
12. What’s the big deal about those two fools eating 60-some odd hot dogs on July 4? Paul Newman ate 50 eggs in one hour in “Cool Hand Luke.”
13. Over/under on the Orioles winning 73.5 games. Right now. You HAVE to bet $1,000 of your money on the total. Which way do you go? It’s YOUR money. A grand. Make the bet. 
14. Baseball sure has some funky scoring rules. Freddie Bynum commits a fielding blunder that essentially opened the floodgates for Texas in the 8th inning on Sunday and he’s NOT charged with an error because it wasn’t a certain double play? Dumb.
15. Speaking of shortstops, why not just give Brandon Fahey the job and see what he can do with it for a 20-30 game stretch? I’m guessing under those conditions he’d hit .240…which isn’t very good, obviously…but he’s reasonably reliable with the glove and his attitude seems refreshing. What the hell, they’ve given three other dudes a shot and none of them panned out. Can Mark Teixeira play shortstop in a pinch?
16. So we tracked down a “man of the cloth” today and talked about the O’s Sunday dilemma and I asked him to come on the air and pray for them with us this Thursday. His response? “I guess you didn’t hear. Greg Bader of the O’s front office called God on his cell phone last Wednesday to try and have him personally intervene but God was in a meeting. God called Bader back three times and e-mailed him twice and Bader never returned the inquiries.” Now I don’t feel so bad.
17. Towson men’s basketball has St. Joseph’s University at home, along with a cross-town shoot ‘em up with UMBC at the RAC Arena (both in December). Good stuff.
18. Drug-testing on the PGA Tour started on Thursday, July 3. The first two guys tested were Charles Howell III and Davis Love III. Weird, huh? (Both were clean, by the way.)
19. Will someone over there at OPACY re-sign Dave Trembley and give him the contract extension he deserves so he can stop being so snippy with the media after every loss? The man deserves some piece of mind.  Or is that “peace” of mind?  I never know.  I’ll e-mail the O’s and ask them.  Never mind.

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19 points – Monday night in prime time

Posted on 01 July 2008 by Drew Forrester

1. Were the Royals outfielders actually trying in the bottom of the 5th inning on Monday night? Three balls danced around out there in the right field-center field gap and no one looked like they were in a hurry to get to them. On the ball that Aubrey Huff hit, right fielder Mark Teahan looked like a little leaguer trying to get to it. 
2. Melvin Mora out in the community signing autographs this week during a homestand…t-shirts being given away at home games…crafty promotional events designed to reward the fans for their attendance. Hmmm…I wonder where the Orioles suddenly got all of their motivation to reward the team’s customers? I wonder…
3. A member of the Ravens staff tells me the team is “over the moon” (English slang for “very excited”) about Joe Flacco. “The guy can make every throw in the book,” someone told me at Owings Mills. Take a whiff…smell that? Smell it? It’s a quarterback competition this summer. And Flacco is going to be involved in it.
4. I’m no baseball expert, that’s a given, but I can’t figure out what damage it would do to Matt Wieters to bring him up in September this year and let him make 50 plate appearances in the big leagues just to get a taste of it. It can’t HURT, can it?
5. Inbee Park’s win in the U.S. Women’s Open golf championship is not a good thing for the LPGA Tour. She’s a nice young lady and all – and obviously a terrific player – but the Korean contingent that has flooded onto the scene in the U.S. offers nothing to the LPGA in terms of marketing magnetism or fan connection.  
6. Now we find out Derrick Martin of the Ravens really was the Derrick Martin of the Ravens who was found to be in possession of marijuana in Cleveland on Saturday night. Well, then, where’s the other Derrick Martin who was supposedly in the airport at the same time? Did his bag have marijuana in it too? I’m confused…
7. Roger Goodell showed some real stones last week when he told everyone the obvious: that NFL rookies make far too much money coming into the league and that changes need to be made to stop rewarding players who haven’t accomplished anything. Give Roger a raise.
8. Ray Lewis of the Ravens allegedly owes nearly $5,800 to a company in Phoenix who provided #52 with “hostesses” for a Super Bowl party he held last January. “Hostesses”. I love it. 
9. Note #213 on Michael Phelps: Baltimore has never had a professional swimming team in a professional swimming league. I double-checked just to make sure.
10. So the Orioles dropped another Sunday road game and everyone’s all up in arms. What’s the big deal? The Redskins have had the same problem for years and no one in Baltimore seems to care about that.
11. Boy, talk about good luck. Just when Jamie Walker’s elbow starts to bother him (*cough* – *cough*), Adam Loewen just happens to be ready to return to the team and pitch out of the bullpen. Now THAT is some good timing, huh?
12. Speaking of the O’s and pitching, even though I think he’s their best pitcher (by far), I’d dangle Jeremy Guthrie’s name around at the trading deadline and see if I could fleece someone who wants a quality starting pitcher. And, before you start bellyaching about trading our #1 pitcher, keep in mind that Guthrie is the proud owner of exactly 10 career wins in the big leagues. Ten.
13. My Tigers to the World Series pre-season pick has new life, huh?
14. Last week, Bubba Watson might have said the dumbest thing a professional golf has ever said. When a member of the media talked to him about not having a win on either the PGA or Nationwide Tour, Watson scoffed at that fact and said, “Anyone can win a tournament, but no one out here can hit the tee ball as far as I can.”  Kenny Perry hits it 50 yards behind Watson and he beat him head to head last week to win his second event of the year. 
15. It’s kind of funny that Dave Trembley gets rattled anytime the media questions him about an in-game decision he makes. Someone asked him why he let Melvin Mora hit in a key situation against the Nats last Friday night and after Trembley explained himself, he ended it by saying, “and if people don’t understand that I did the right thing, they can go fly a kite…” Take it easy, Dave, none of us wants your job. 
16. I read an article in a golf magazine that told the story about Gary Player giving a clinic at a golf course he was helping to design in California somewhere. At one point during the clinic, Player holed out three straight shots from a greenside bunker. I’ve played about 80 rounds of golf this year and I’ve holed out exactly ONE bunker shot. Player made three in a row in the span of two minutes. Wow.
17. If we ever hold a King of Baltimore Sports Media tournament, Scott Garceau will be a tough out. Congrats on a great 28-year run, Scott.
18. I’m probably the only guy who cares about this, but the Ravens are playing the top three teams with the best helmets in ’08. 3) Bengals, 2) Dolphins, 1) Texans
19. Baseball is a weird sport. Ronnie Belliard hits a game-winning home run for his team and the O’s bristled because they said he “hopped around the bases, whooping it up a little too much.” The entire NFL is built on taunting and showing up the other team and the other players. In baseball, you can’t even get excited if you hit a home run and win the game. Bizarre.

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An Amazing Game at Camden Yards

Posted on 28 May 2008 by caseywillett

Tonight was a game that I will not forget for a long, long time. MASN can now add this to their catalog of O’s classics; it was one of those games. This game had everything you could ask for in a game to have.
It was amazing to be in the O’s clubhouse tonight and listen to almost every single player say it was the best game they have ever played in or been a part of. From Dave Trembley who got so emotional talking about the win, that he cut his press conference short, to Kevin Millar, to Aubrey Huff, Jamie Walker, and many others said it was game for the memory banks. I encourage you to listen to the audio in the audio vault from post game tonight and hear the guys talk about the win and the way this team plays. They are not the most talented team in baseball, but they are scrappy and fun to watch.
I do not think anyone would say that the O’s teams of the past would have been able to come back from the deficit they were in tonight and pull out a win, from Brian Roberts’s amazing double play in the 10th inning, to Alex Cintron’s game winning hit in the 10th. Also factor in the five homeruns that were hit by the Orioles tonight. Kevin Millar said that during batting practice this afternoon they could sense that the ball was going to be jumping out of the ballpark tonight.
The Orioles did a pretty cool thing when the came started backup in the bottom of the ninth inning after a 67 minute rain delay when they invited all the fans that stayed to come down to the lower seating bowl to watch the rest of the game. This is a collaborate decision that is made between the ushers, baseball operations, and other parts of the Orioles organization.
This was an amazing night of baseball here at Camden Yards.

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Nick needs some support

Posted on 27 May 2008 by caseywillett

Nick Markakis is having a decent year so far. He is batting .258 with 9hr and 24 rbi’s. The problem as has been talked about all season long so far is the lack of support that he gets from the hitters in front and behind him.
Here is a look at the numbers on the season for Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff as they compare to the batters who hit in the #2 and #4 slots for their team in the American League the last two days.
Melvin has a .239 avg which is third lowest with only David Dellucci (CLE).228 and Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA) with .218 average in front of him. Also looking at the other key stat for a guy like Melvin in my opinion is his on base percentage. Just on the Orioles team, only Ramon has a lower OBP .248 than Melvin’s.295. Again comparing Melvin’s season stats to the season stats of the rest of the #2 hitters over the last two days in the A.L., Melvin has the lowest. To be fair to Melvin, he has done an exceptional job of hitting with runners in scoring position. Melvin is batting .409 with less than two outs and .444 with two outs.
Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar have both taken turns batting in the #4 spot for the Orioles. For Huff of the 15 hitters who batted #4 in the American League the last two days, he has the second lowest batting average .246. Only Carlos Pena has a lower average at .238. Huff’s power numbers for the season with other guys who batted #4 the last two days are about middle of the pack. Only Magglio Ordonez (9) and Carlos Pena (10) have more homeruns than Huff (8), and then there are a bunch of guys with seven or eight. Huff has 28 rbi’s which puts him seventh among the hitters who batted #4 for their team.
Here are the numbers of Millar and Huff when they bat fourth and fifth.
Millar #4 -.216avg 4hr 12 rbi(126 plate appearances)
           #5 – .263avg 2hr   9 rbi(64 PA)
Huff  #4 -.293avg 3hr 13rbi (87 PA)
          #5 -.200avg 4hr 12 rbi (92 PA)

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Let’s Go Get Some Yankees

Posted on 18 April 2008 by roblong

Now, I do not endorse violence. So please, don’t take this as that.

However, my blood boils everytime I see this area flooded with Yankee and Red Sox fans.

The problem is, O’s fans are allowing it. Whatever you have to do today, do it downtown. So what, you don’t have a ticket. That’s okay. So a presence. Go downtown and show Yankee fans what Baltimore is all about.

It’s not about the Orioles. If you’re really offended by what Aubrey Huff said, go downtown before and after the games this weekend and show them your Baltimore pride.

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Rangers – Orioles Preview

Posted on 08 April 2008 by caseywillett

Last Game
The Orioles completed a four game sweep of the Mariners yesterday with 5-4 win after Aubrey Huff hit a solo homerun in the bottom of the 8th inning. The Orioles bullpen came in and did yet another strong job as Dennis Sarfate got his second win in a row and George Sherrill converted his third save against his former team. The Orioles bullpen won three games versus the Mariners this series and have won four of the five games so far this season. So far the Orioles bullpen has allowed two runs over 21.1 innings pitched.

The Orioles take their first road trip of the season as they travel to Texas to take on Jason Jennings and the Rangers in their home opener. Jennings will become only the second Ranger pitcher born in Texas to start a home opener in Texas. The other person who did it is one of the most dominant pitchers of all time and now in the front office of the Rangers, Nolan Ryan.

Jason Jennings (0-1 7.20 era)
Last outing: Apr. 2 L 1-4 loss 5ip 5h 4r 2bb 1k 2hr
Here is a look at Jason Jennings career numbers versus the Orioles

Brian Burres will make his first start of the season for the Orioles
Here is a look at his numbers versus the Rangers hitters
Here is the box score from a historic game versus the Rangers Burres was in last year

Winning Streak
The Orioles had a five game winning streaks last year: 7/24-7/28
The longest winning streak last year was six games: 5/26-5/31

07 Results vs Rangers

Orioles were 4-6 against the Rangers last year

Last year today

The Orioles were 2-4 last year in 5th place

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