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Drew’s Morning Dish – Fri., April 5

Posted on 05 April 2013 by Drew Forrester

In case you missed it, I picked the Orioles and Dodgers to go to the World Series during this past Monday’s edition of The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction.

A few of you sent me emails filled with jabs, jeers and LOL’s.

Well, as the great Steve Perry of Journey once sang, “Who’s Laughing Now?”

Wait, that was who “Who’s Crying Now?”

Same difference.  You get the point.

See you in October, baby.


Now we’re finding out the truth about Auburn football.  It basically looked like this: A bunch of players consistently failing drug tests for synthetic marijuana, to go along with paying the players and changing grades to make sure they remained academically eligble.

One of the dead giveaways came when Auburn school officials reviewed the Basket Weaving 101 final exam of star running back Michael Dyer.

He evidently needed 55 minutes to complete the 4-question test and do you know what he got on it?


There is some good news though.  The grad student who wound up later taking the test for Dyer got 4-out-of-4 and Dyer was allowed to continue his football career at Auburn.

Whew…that was close.


Amidst all of the discussion about Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, I’m stunned no one has mentioned this and it’s the first thing that came to my mind when I watched the video.

Big ups to the kids on that Rutgers team for not slugging that idiot.


Those kids showed TREMENDOUS restraint.

Actually, they’re not kids.

They’re adults.

And, despite his position as their coach, what happened in that video – and countless other times at practice – was cause for a fist-fight if I’ve ever seen one.  Usually, when one adult shoves another adult or throws a basketball at another adult, someone gets punched.

If your coach makes you do 50 push-ups or run the steps, you mutter “a-hole” under your breath and off you to go start the push-ups or hit the steps.

But when that Mike-Rice-sort-of-aggressiveness takes over and the coach goes completely out of his mind, anything goes at that point.

Here’s a “Morning Dish Golf Clap” for those kids at Rutgers who didn’t haul off and knock that’s clown teeth out.

They’re the winners in this one.


Brendon Ayanbadejo hinted that one of the reasons the Ravens let him go was his position on gay rights.

I understand.

It’s never easy to get fired.

You wind up saying something about the boss’s niece that you shouldn’t or you yell, “You’re a lousy softball player!” to the guy taking over for you.

You say anything you can to remind people that there’s no way you got fired just because they have someone coming along that might do your job a hair better than you.

You come up with a wild story about being released in part because you think gay people should be allowed to marry — “because there’s no way I got fired for my production.”

Brendon knows why he was released.

He’s 37 years old and he makes too much money.



Admit it.

It’s kind of a dreary morning when you wake up eager to check and see how bad the Astros lost and you buzz through the scores only to find out they had an off-day.

They should have to play every single day or night.


I can’t believe people in Baltimore actually took to Twitter on Thursday and snickered, laughed and giggled when Brian Roberts came up lame in the top of the 9th inning with some sort of leg injury.

You know the rules:  You NEVER, EVER, EVER laugh at someone when they get hurt.  NEVER.  It’s just not cool.

Unless he plays for the Flyers.  Then it’s fine.

In fact, it’s recommended.


Every Friday on the show, I play a bunch of small clips of various Bruce Springsteen songs coming back from commercial break.

I call it “Friday with the Boss”.

I also play a full song at the beginning of the show in place of my traditional show-starter, “Raised on the Radio” by The Rayvns.

This morning, I started with “Land of Hope and Dreams” by Springsteen.

It’s opening day in Baltimore.  Our baseball team is good once again.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a ticket to this afternoon’s game, you’ll be sitting in Camden Yards — Baltimore’s own version of “Land and Hope and Dreams”.

Have fun.


And finally, for the last two weeks or so, I’ve been trying to buy Masters practice round tickets from various sources on the internet.  I’m going down to Augusta Monday night and will hang out at the greatest course in America on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anyway – scammers are EVERYWHERE on the internet, as you all probably know.

Some of them are sort of obvious…like one guy who was selling Thursday tickets for $200 each “just to get rid of them”.

Yeah, sure.

Some of the scammers are much more “professional” about it and you have to really be paying attention or you’ll get hoodwinked.

I saw one ad, though, that didn’t take much investigating to know, for sure, it was definitely a scam.


What a shame.  I was looking for something in the upper deck.


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