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Wednesday 3-Pointer: Buck Growing on O's Like a Nice Goatee, NCAA Brackets Busted Already & Give VCU a Re-Do

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Wednesday 3-Pointer: Buck Growing on O’s Like a Nice Goatee, NCAA Brackets Busted Already & Give VCU a Re-Do

Posted on 09 March 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

Wednesday 3-Pointer


 #1 – Buck’s Orioles Growing on Me Like a Well Kept Beard


Regardless of the logistics and profitability (or lack thereof) in televising spring training baseball games, it would seem that a team that owns a network should be able to do such things, and while I’m aware that it’s not a practice carried on throughout Major League Baseball, I’m also aware that the league only began televising their own draft last year, so just because they aren’t doing it now doesn’t mean that there is no market for it or profit/benefit in it. At this time of year as our thoughts turn to warm weather and baseball, it would be nice to turn our TVs there too.


I’m not sure whether the decision not to televise comes down to it actually costing the team or just not providing enough profit to justify it. In either case, I’d have to imagine that if televising spring training (home) games served no other purpose they’d at least do a better job at generating fan interest than those silly in-house commercials that they produce and run all season long trying to convince folks who are already watching the games to watch games. To that end I’d presume they could justify it as pseudo-advertising if nothing else.


Needless to say I was happy to get a chance to lay eyes on the team first hand in their game against the Yankees on Monday, and although I love a pitchers’ duel as much as any baseball purist, no runs scored on either side was a bit disappointing. The game itself served as a reminder, perhaps (counter) to my initial point that in spring training there are too many individual agendas at play (pitchers working specific pitches, batters not subscribing to particular game situations) to make for interesting or at least competitive games.


The highlight of the night for me though (narrowly beating out Reynolds laser the other way) was the in game interview with Buck Showalter. At one point, when asked to opine on the notable upgrades to Ed Smith Stadium he said something to the effect of “another excuse eliminated”. For long suffering Orioles fans, this is music to our ears.


What it says to me is that Buck is aware that the team has a perception problem that will linger for as long as they continue to buy into it themselves. It was a nice insight (a nugget if you will) into Showalter’s approach in trying to change the clubhouse culture. Reports by the Baltimore Sun indicating that Showalter had gotten the club to loosen its stance on the facial hair policy is another excuse eliminated I think. While it seems like a small thing, if the team has a perception problem and knows it, then there’s no reason to add to their challenges with frivolous policies. It may seem like a small thing, but much like the hair on the chin’s of Derrek Lee and Vlad Guerrero, Showalter is growing on me, and lots of other fans too I’d imagine.




#2 – Brackets Already Busted


If you haven’t yet fully come to assess the potential effects of the expansion of the NCAA Tournament field to 68 teams, you’d better get a hold of it by Sunday night, as it’s going to impact your bracket pools this time in ways that the addition of the 65th team never did.


The first four play-in games to be played on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in Dayton Ohio will not be made up of the worst 8 teams in the field as I think most people still suspect. Instead the 4 lowest division winners (seeds 65-68) will be pitted against each other in Dayton with the winners of those games advancing to the 16-line in the tourney and being destroyed by #1 seeds. As with the 64 vs. 65 game in years past, this can be seen as a foregone conclusion and may not even merit picking, a policy that most pools have seemingly adopted.


The other two games in Dayton though will feature the 34th – 37th at large teams and matching them up against each other. The winners of those games will be inserted into the field presumably on the 11th or 12th lines depending on actual seeding. That means match-ups on the 6 vs. 11 and the infamous 5 vs. 12 lines in the first round have just gotten a lot tougher to pick.


Will pools adopt a system where the play in winners are considered wildcards and can be advanced as such or will all of your pools have to be in before Tuesday night? How much harder does it become to pick a 12-seed to upset a 5 if you have a 50/50 shot at determining who that 12-seed will even be? You can bet that folks you know who always pick at least one 12-seed in the first round will now be compelled to do that in the regions where play-ins determine the 16-seeds and the 12-seeds are predetermined.


I think I’m most interested to see if the NCAA will play the 4 lowest overall seeds all on Tuesday and the other (more interesting) games on Wednesday. Since a 16-seed has still yet to beat a #1, that would at least give everyone an extra day to get those brackets in. While the NCAA can’t and won’t publicly condone gambling, there’s no doubt that they owe a lot of the popularity of their event to the popularity of the pools that accompany it. It will be interesting to see if they play the lower seeds first and at least (in some way) acknowledge what they’re doing to bracket players everywhere who I am afraid aren’t yet ready for this.




#3 – Do Over for VCU


I got to talk to Tim Gardner from USA Today on Monday’s show (available in the Buy-A-Toyota.com Audio Vault) ahead of the CAA championship and the prospects therein, he indicated to me that both George Mason and Old Dominion had done enough for the committee regardless of the outcome of the title game to get themselves into the field of 68. He went on to say that if VCU won the game the CAA would likely see its first ever 3-team bid into the tourney.


VCU didn’t win, but they made a valiant effort. In the end the result was 70-65 Old Dominion with the Monarchs sewing up the CAA’s automatic bid and likely leaving VCU home for the dance. The end however isn’t what everyone seems to be talking about. The game started with a peculiar VCU turnover, they quickly got the ball back and buried a three-pointer. After forcing another quick turnover VCU guard Ed Nixon slipped on his way in for a lay-up, leading to a turnover and a three-pointer at the other end. Play was then stopped due to the excessive slipping going on under VCU’s basket, and a barrage of towel wielding employees went about wiping what was described by the game’s announcers as a film off of the floor at that end. The announcers blamed it on the fog machine used for pre-game intros and blamed the conference for not testing it as they were on a neutral floor for a conference title game.


It turns out that it wasn’t the fog machine. Yahoo sports reported that the film on the floor was actually baby powder, left there from Old Dominion’s mascot “Big Blue’s” attempt at a pre-game LeBron James impersonation. Although the score was 3-3 at the time of the stoppage, and could have played out in a number of conceivable ways from there out, the two turnovers and resultant 3-pointer the other way possibly as a direct result of the floor issues could have cost the Rams as much as 9 points (lost and given up) to that stage of the game…on account of the ODU mascot.


With 3 extra berths available in the field this year, VCU deserves one; it’s the right thing to do. Who are they going to rob one from the 5th place SEC, ACC or PAC-10 finisher? Put them in the field in Dayton with a shot at the 12 spot if they advance. That would make me feel a little better about the mess they’re already projecting to make of the brackets this season. And VCU’s resume isn’t terrible; they beat UCLA early and an underrated Wofford team in December. They’re 2-1 against a strong George Mason squad and 1-2 after Monday’s loss against Old Dominion. Give them a redo, and get the mascots and cheerleaders away from the court, before they really cost someone a game.

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Tuesday 3-Pointer: McGahee's End Lets Ravens Spend, Is LT Last of the H.O.F. RBs? & Melo-Dramatic Ending

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Tuesday 3-Pointer: McGahee’s End Lets Ravens Spend, Is LT Last of the H.O.F. RBs? & Melo-Dramatic Ending

Posted on 22 February 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

Tuesday 3-Pointer

#1 – McGahee’s End Could Help Ravens Spend

This is one crazy NFL off-season already, and with fans forced to face up the reality of the impending labor strife, it seems that any opportunity to turn their collective focus toward anything moderately on-field related will have NFL fans jumping in with both feet. For evidence of that look no further than the apparent stir caused among Ravens fans yesterday based on the speculation by the Sun’s Mike Preston that the Ravens are likely to release Willis McGahee.

The reaction was a much bigger surprise after all than the realization regarding McGahee itself should have been. McGahee’s original deal with the Ravens, was reported to be a 7-year deal structured to be 3 years, meaning that by the end of the third season McGahee’s salary cap number would likely be preclusive to the team’s ability to keep him around beyond that time. The fact that Willis was a Raven at all in 2010 should have been a moderate surprise in the first place, and is likely at least somewhat attributable to the absence of a salary cap last season. Add to that the Ravens apparent wait and see approach, indicating that no players were likely to be released before the expiration of the league’s collective bargaining agreement in March, and it’s apparent that fans are dying for something…anything unrelated to labor negotiations to talk about.

Given the recent trends at the running back position league-wide, and the apparent wear and tear that has been exacted on Ray Rice of late, it’s easy to envision the Ravens looking to get younger at running back for 2011. What’s more, the failure of a number of recent highly drafted running back prospects, and success of almost as many undrafted free agents in recent seasons could lead to a bounty of running back talent in the late rounds of this year’s NFL draft and beyond. Say what you want about Ozzie’s recent draft record, but his success at finding running backs has been consistent throughout his tenure with the Ravens.

The league, in recent seasons, has shown a willingness to use running backs for all they’re worth while they’re young and relatively cheap, seemingly exhausting most of their talent before having to commit to big, long-term paydays. In the modern salary cap environment (presumably coming back in 2011) facilitating a position like running back “on the cheap” might free teams up to spend outlandish money for the types of talent that’s tougher to come by through free agency.

While I can’t envision the Ravens looking to break the bank and salary cap on a player like Nnamdi Asomugha, it’s reasonable to think that they could afford to if they were sure they could cover the running back position credibly with 3 low paid options. They might look elsewhere in the system too, to places like tight end and/or safety, places where they’ve always been able to find inexpensive, late round talent, at positions that are propped up to a degree by the system, and places where they’re reasonably certain that they could maintain strength in that system without committing a ton of money to the effort. If Joe Flacco matures and becomes a reliable top-10 in the league quarterback instead of a top-5 QB, that too could mean a savings of $5-$8 million per season, in this NFL, where corners and rush ends have seemingly been recognized as the most valuable defensive commodities, spending through free agency might be the only way outside of finishing 2-14 of coming by these types of players.

#2 – LT – Last of the Hall of Fame Running Backs?

Speaking of the plight of Willis McGahee, or the plight of the modern running back in general for that matter, it seems that we may be moving quickly toward the end of the Hall of Fame running back era.

There are 28 players in the Pro-Football Hall of Fame listed as modern era halfbacks (more than any other position but offensive and defensive line) with Marshall Faulk on his way in 2011. There are another handful of hopefuls who are retired and waiting hopefully on the call for induction, and there’s LaDanian Tomlinson. After that, it might be quite a while before we see another halfback able to put together the type of career that merits induction into the NFL’s hallowed hall.

In this modern landscape of multi-headed backfields, and where running backs are being employed more and more in short, over the middle passing options that wide receivers used to build their reputations on, the league seems to be chewing up and spitting out running backs at a record pace. While guys like Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson might be well on their way, at this point they’ve done little more (or arguably less) than Terrell Davis, who is still waiting on a call from the hall, and unlikely to get it in the minds of most or Jamal Lewis for that matter.

I’d encourage you to enjoy LT while you still have the chance, it may be a long time before you see another hall of fame running back.

#3 – Melo-Dramatic Ending

At long last, and after countless speculation, offers, counter-offers, and innuendo, the Knicks and Nuggets have finally agreed to a deal that will deliver Melo to his stated destination of choice in New York. There he’ll join forces with Amar’e Stoudemire to form their own “little big 2“, with arguably nothing else to speak of.

In getting the deal done, and thanks to the pressure provided by the Nets, the Knicks parted company with Timofey Mozgov, Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari, along with a bevy of draft picks (only 1 first rounder), and some cash to boot. The Nets, for their trouble are reportedly set to get Mozgov and one of the Nuggets’ other new acquisitions for a pair of first round picks that were central to those two teams’ own Carmelo talks. The Knicks will also reportedly send Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph to Minnesota for Corey Brewer.

That leaves the Knicks with 2/3 of their own big 3 in the making in Anthony and Stoudemire, along with uber-second round pick Landry Fields, Brewer and Chauncey Billups if he reports for duty with the Knicks in the backcourt, but next to nothing in support of Amar’e up front. Rony Turiaf remains from the Knicks original roster and he’ll be supported, lightly, by Renaldo Balkman and Shelden Williams (also acquired in the Anthony deal).

The Knicks were a nice early story, and will ultimately benefit from the attraction that is Anthony and Stoudemire, but for this season at least, they look to have taken a pretty significant step backward. Felton could be viewed as found money by the Knicks, but was one of the most effective (and seemingly quickest) point guards through the first half of the season in Dantoni’s system. Gallinari was having a disappointing season, but was a legitimate threat from the outside with a developing post game, and Mozgov is a reasonably skilled 7-footer with a pretty legitimate upside; he’ll be a welcome addition in New Jersey. But since New York had no real stake in the Eastern Conference this season anyway, it may be one step backward with the intent of taking two big steps forward with two franchise forwards in tow.

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A Ravens-Steelers Week Propaganda Roundup

Posted on 13 January 2011 by Glenn Clark

Always my favorite part of every rivalry, the propaganda surrounding Saturday’s AFC divisional playoff showdown between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field has reached a fever pitch.

The pictures, videos, jokes, etc. are FANTASTIC.

We’ve all seen the classics. Every time the teams play, we’re used to seeing pictures of some of our favorite Steelers fans…


huge butt



And there’s always one particular Heath Miller/Todd Heap bit that everyone enjoys. It’s a little offensive, but it’s the Steelers we’re talking about…


This particular version of this picture is more Cleveland Browns-related; but I’ve certainly been texted a version of this that has the dog wearing a purple collar in the past…


Joe Evans sent me a pretty good variation of the above that I really like…


UPDATE: Perry Hall High School alum Billy Apostolou just gave me another one. Winner…


Leave it to Ravens LB Terrell Suggs to kick things up a notch. After getting everyone riled up out at McDaniel College in Westminster during Training Camp by wearing THIS shirt…


…He whipped the 1 Winning Drive facility out in Owings Mills into a frenzy when he donned this one Wednesday…


New this year? A Ben Roethlisberger take on an Antoine Dodson classic. Thanks Barry Aparicio…


Which lead to this fantastic musical variation from our friend Samantha Sankovich…

And that lead to a funny segment Daniel Tosh did with Dodson on Tosh.O the other night on Comedy Central. Sorry for the poor video quality from YouTube…

As we’ve said all week, Big Ben was never convicted of raping anyone.

In an unrelated story, “No means No.”

It was unrelated. I promise.

Gil from Perry Hall and Tim Kaiser both let me in on a shot of the Steel City that I hadn’t seen before…

gil from Perry Hall

Nick Persico hit me up with this one. I like it…


Here’s an update from Kathleen Smero’s Facebook page. I think my girlfriend needs this shirt…


It’s not really propaganda, but it’s always a good memory. As Luke Jones shared this week at WNST.net, our favorite Ravens-Steelers memory involves former LB Bart Scott…

Well, I guess we like this toss from QB Joe Flacco to WR TJ Houshmandzadeh toss too…

Former WNST intern Michael Pomerantz took the Wiz Khalifa song “Black and Yellow” (which had damn well BETTER be banned from Charm City radio stations this week) and turned it into the much more appealing “Black and Purple.” You can download it here, it sounds like this…

Our friend Rob Fahey (you’ll remember his band “The Ravyns”) has a new tribute to Roethlisberger this season. He joined Drew Forrester and I in studio Friday on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST to play it…

In the meantime, my buddy Rich in Westminster couldn’t help but notice that the broken nose handed to Roethlisberger looks an awful lot like the result we’re hoping the Steelers will be handed Saturday…


My buddy Kevin Richardson over at the Baltimore Sun put together a pretty good Ray Lewis remix video worth checking out…

Our friends at B-More Bird’s Nest also put together a video this week…

Our own Derek Arnold also passed this along to me…

And he directed me to a funny picture Kissing Suzy Kolber posted yesterday. I apologize for the language…


UPDATE: Scott Price just sent me this one. I love it….


When Flacco was told about the existence of this “Last Supper” picture, he got nervous. I don’t blame him…

last supper

After seeing the photo, maybe some folks around the state of Maryland are praying this prayer…

Our Flacco who art in Pittsburgh, hallowed be thy name.

Thy Bowl will come. It will be won, in Dallas as it is in the Dome.

Give us this Saturday, our weekly win, give us Touchdown passes but do not let others pass against us.

Lead us not into frustration, but deliver us to the Superbowl.

For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFL and the glory of the Purple & Black now and forever.


That’s not bad. Neither is this joke our buddy Ron Pierro posted in Facebook…

“A Ravens fan, a Bengals fan and a Steelers fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who loves his team more. The Bengals fan insists he is the most loyal. ‘This is for the Bengals!’ he yells, and jumps off the side of the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Ravens fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells, ‘This is for the Ravens!’ and pushes the Steelers fan off the mountain.”

Here’s another joke pulled from Facebook…

“On the seventh day, God said ‘Let there be football.’

And it was good.

Later that day, God said ‘Let there be one team to rule the others and set the standard for excellence.’

With that, he plucked stars from the heavens and placed it on the helmet of black and gold.

God said, ‘Let it be called The Pittsburgh Steelers.’

Later that day, God said ‘Even Steelers need a**holes.’

So he made their fans.”

UPDATE: One of my best friends in the world…Sara Mulieri…just posted a weather forecast for Pittsburgh Saturday. I like it…

***WARNING*** The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Pittsburgh PA & surrounding areas for Saturday the 15th of January. This warning will be in effect from 4:30pm until 8:30pm. This Flash Flood will be caused by the tears of the Steelers Fans as they realize the Blackbird Nation has ruined all hopes of another Superbowl appearance. Crying will intensify as the game goes on.

This is a good start, but I know there’s more. If you have something you’d like to add. Please email me (glenn@wnst.net), pass along via Facebook (search “Glenn Clark”) or via Twitter (@WNST).

I love this stuff.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Pittsburgh Steelers

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Wednesday’s Afternoon Drive w/ Rex Snider

Posted on 24 November 2010 by Ryan Chell

Here is the lineup for “The Afternoon Drive” with Rex Snider:

Luke Jones joins Rex in studio! He’ll tell us what he’s thankful for. Hopefully it involves getting away from the future Steelers fans up in Pennsylvania:

Pittsburgh Steelers

These three seem to be okay though.


2:10-Clifton Brown, Sporting News.

We’ll talk some NFL football with Clifton. Three big games on the slate tomorrow on Turkey Day.

The best one of the day? The World Champs in the New Orleans Saints versus a 3-win team in the Dallas Cowboys. John Harbaugh would call them “a damn good football team.”

Dallas Cowboys

3:10 Barry Barnes, AOL Fanhouse

Barry steps in for his weekly chat with Rex. The Buccaneers game was moved to 4:15 on Sunday, which means the NFL is throwing some respect toward the Bucs and the Ravens. Rex will also ask Barry where us here in Baltimore can send our contributions toward Richard Seymour’s fine for knocking the lights out of Ben Roethlisberger.

3:50 Kazy Brown, Ravens Fan Club-Los Angeles Chapter called “The West Wing”

Yes, there are Ravens fans in California. My uncle is actually one of them. We’ll talk with Kazy-who also has a hand in Warner Bros’ record business-about the Ravens and more.

4:30 Steve Gould, Baltimore Sun

Yes, the Orioles missed out on Victor Martinez yesterday by two million dollars to the Detroit Tigers(sure…). They then tried to keep us content by hiring Willie Randolph as bench coach. We’ll talk with Steve to see what direction the Orioles might go in free agency. It could be a short talk…

Willie Randolph

5:00 Ravens report with Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark checks in for the final Ravens report of the day and the last before Thanksgiving.

5:30-Mike Easterling, Huntsville Times(Alabama)

We got to see Philip Rivers’ brother, Stephen, and his highlight reel Monday night between the Chargers and the Broncos. Stephen recently committed to LSU, and he could be just as good as his brother-maybe better. Mike Easterling has seen him personally. We’ll see how good he really is-and Mike as well.

AND YOUR CALLS! 410-481-1570

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Maryland’s Good Karma Completely Gone After Loss to West Virginia

Posted on 18 September 2010 by Glenn Clark

MORGANTOWN, WV — The trip to Morgantown is a bit different than a visit from Morgan State.

The Maryland Terrapins (2-1) were completely dominated by the West Virginia Mountaineers (3-0) Saturday,  31-17 at Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium. The game was not quite as close as the score would indicate, as Maryland trailed 28-0 early in the 2nd half.

Maryland was outplayed in every aspect of the game, with the only exception being a solid performance by punter Travis Baltz-who also kicked a field goal in defeat. The Terps briefly made things interesting in the 2nd half thanks largely to two long Torrey Smith TD grabs, but the ‘Eers easily snuffed out the potential Maryland rally.

The loss isn’t particularly devastating from a football perspective for Maryland, as West Virginia is a very good team (ranked #21st in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll) and the game was played on the road. Should Maryland knock off Florida International next Saturday at Byrd Stadium (as they are expected to do), they would improve to 3-1 and need just three ACC wins to get bowl eligible this season. With Duke coming to College Park the following week, Maryland still has a realistic chance to start the season 4-1. They also showed improvement over the team’s last visit to WVU; a 45-24 beatdown suffered in 2006.

But for other reasons that may be slightly less tangible, this loss was particularly devastating for this Maryland team.

With a last second win over Navy in Baltimore to open the season and a blowout win over Morgan State in College Park, the Terps had already matched their 2009 season total in wins through just two weeks. With the Navy thriller being seen by a national TV (ESPN) audience on Labor Day, there was a measure of positive karma surrounding Head Coach Ralph Friedgen’s squad that was desperately needed.

The decision to retain Friedgen (and Offensive coordinator/Head Coach in waiting James Franklin) following the disastrous 2-10 season was not met with any level of real excitement. Interim Athletic Director Randy Eaton told the Baltimore Sun before the Labor Day battle at M&T Bank Stadium that the program had sold less than 19,000 season tickets this season. Two wins over in-state programs weren’t going to suddenly spike ticket sales, but they did offer hope that a foundation could be laid for a turnaround season.

That foundation didn’t crumble entirely, but it certainly wasn’t built open in Morgantown. It wasn’t just that Maryland lost the game; but also that they put together a completely woeful performance in the process.

Maryland was bad in (almost) every aspect of the game. They allowed eight sacks offensively, a record for the Friedgen era. In the process, QB Jamarr Robinson injured his shoulder (not believed to be serious-he stayed in for the entire 2nd half) and QB Danny O’Brien re-aggravated an ankle injury with forced him out of the game. OT Justin Gilbert was also hurt in the process. Maryland doesn’t know the full details of the injury, but Friedgen said Gilbert “heard a pop”, and the team believes the injury to be significant.

The Terps were not able to get anything going on the ground, finishing the game with -10 net rushing yards. They put together 227 yards via the air; but 140 of them came on the two long TD passes to Smith.

Defensively, Maryland was unimpressive throughout. The Terps allowed West Virginia to amass 469 yards of total offense, 24 first downs and 11 of 18 third down conversions. The first two TD passes from Geno Smith to Tavon Austin (Dunbar) were particularly ugly,  as Friedgen admitted defenders “blew some assignments” to help the ‘Eers establish an early 14-0 lead.

Even more disheartening was the lack of discipline the Terrapins showed. Maryland committed 10 penalties for a total of 77 yards, including three delay of game penalties on their initial possession. Offensive coordinator James Franklin said the penalties occurred because the team “couldn’t hear the cadence” from Robinson; but that certainly doesn’t excuse such a poor drive.

Things could very well turn around for this Maryland football team this season. They won’t play many opponents who will be as difficult as West Virginia (only Miami jumps out as a similarly dangerous opponent), and the mistakes they made Saturday afternoon are correctable. The bigger issues will come off the field. Instead of igniting support within a fanbase that is anything but passionate; this performance will likely ignite responses like “Friedgen can’t do it” or “Franklin isn’t good enough.” What’s worse, this type of performance might not elicit any sort of response whatsoever.

Frankly, with the game on ESPNU and the outcome lopsided-the fanbase in the Old Line State might not even think about Maryland football.

That’s the biggest problem incoming Athletic Director Kevin Anderson faces with the football program.

The good karma from the first two wins is completely gone. Maryland football became Maryland football again Saturday in Morgantown.

For the program to survive under “The Fridge” past this season, performances in big games like Saturday’s cannot continue. Maryland can’t simply win games against the likes of FIU and Duke and hope to win over a fanbase, they must go out and perform like a team worthy of recognition against more significant opponents.

That didn’t happen Saturday.



Hear from Friedgen and Franklin following Saturday’s loss NOW in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 26 July 2010 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: MLL Lacrosse-Chicago Machine @ Chesapeake Bayhawks (Saturday 7pm Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium); WNBA-San Antonio Silver Stars @ Washington Mystics (Thursday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet & NBA TV), Tulsa Shock @ Washington Mystics (Sunday 4pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet & NBA TV); Arena Football League: Tulsa Talons @ Oklahoma City Yard Dawgz (Friday 8:05pm from Oklahoma City live on NFL Network)

10. Slightly Stoopid & Cypress Hill (Thursday 6:30pm from Pier Six Pavilion), Heart (Sunday 6pm Pier Six Pavilion); Carnival of Madness feat. Shinedown, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust (Wednesday 5pm Merriweather Post Pavilion), Jason Aldean (Friday 7pm Merriweather Post Pavilion), Honda Civic Tour feat. Paramore (Saturday 6pm Merriweather Post Pavilion); Creed (Wednesday 7:30pm Jiffy Lube Live), John Mayer (Saturday 7pm Jiffy Lube Live), Brooks & Dunn (Sunday 7:30pm Jiffy Lube Live); Steve Miller Band (Tuesday 8pm Wolf Trap), Aretha Franklin (Thursday 8pm Wolf Trap); La Roux (Wednesday 7pm Rams Head Live), Dead Weather (Monday 7pm Rams Head Live); Rooney (Tuesday 7pm Sonar); Blues Traveler (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head On Stage), Gin Blossoms (Wednesday 8pm Rams Head On Stage); Robyn & Kelis (Monday 6pm 9:30 Club); Tom Green (Friday-Sunday DC Improv); Living Colour (Saturday 8pm Jaxx); Buddy Guy (Friday 7:30pm Birchmere); Dru Hill “Indrupendence Day” in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

So much to like here. First of all; of all of the “post-grunge sorta metal” bands in the world-NONE are better than Chevelle…

I almost knocked over Hayley Williams at the VirginFest a few years back. She’s tiny. But when Paramore covers Kings of Leon, she’s HUGE…

You can say WHATEVER you want; John Mayer is AWESOME…

You might not be a countrry music fan; but Brooks & Dunn are splitting up. That’s significant somehow. I think. Ehh, here’s a country tune…

When I was in middle school, it wasn’t cool to like Blues Traveler. It also wasn’t cool to skip going to White Marsh Mall on Friday nights to stay home and watch Boy Meets World; but screw you for judging me…

9. “Dinner For Schmucks” in theaters (Friday); Otakon (Friday-Sunday, Baltimore Convention Center); “Shark Week” begins (Sunday 9pm Discovery Channel)

Yes, these things are very random. But they’re all delightful as well. I don’t know if “Dinner For Schmucks” will be funny or not, but I feel like it has potential. At least the potential to be better than, say, “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World”…

The first thing that comes up when you Google Image Search “Otakon” is below. I was hoping I’d figure out more about the event. Instead, I think I’m safer just continuing with my life…


And we ALL know how great Shark Week is. So with that in mind, I offer my favorite ever “Texts From Last Night” entry…

i just defriended some girl because according to her status she “doesn’t give a f*ck about shark week.”

And I also offer the t-shirt version of Tracy Morgan’s greatest ever quote from 30 Rock…

shark week

8. Tennis: ATP Tour Farmers Classic (Friday 3pm live on ESPN2, 7pm live on Tennis Channel; Saturday 5pm & 10:30pm live on ESPN2; Sunday 5pm live on ESPN2, 8pm live on Tennis Channel. All tennis from Los Angeles); U.S. Open Series Legg Mason Classic (Saturday-Monday William H.G. FitzGerald Tennis Center in Rock Creek Park)

Yeah, you know damn well I’ll be wandering down to DC at some point next week to watch Andy Roddick and company (did A-Rod REALLY lose to Mardy Fish this weekend in Atlanta?!?!?!?) because I’m a tennis nerd; but we’ll get back to that.

Back to Mardy Fish, did you know he was married to Stacey Gardner of “Deal or No Deal” fame? If it weren’t for the “married” part, this would probably make me a bigger fan of his…


7. Pro Wrestling: MCW Shamrock Cup (Saturday 6pm New Green Room Dundalk)

With no offense to Peter Schmuck or Kevin Eck from the Baltimore Sun (who are scheduled to “wrestle” at this event); the night is being headlined by appearances from former WWE stars Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer.

You would think I would be more excited about an appearance from the former Women’s Champion than I would a former ECW journeyman; but that only means you haven’t seen this video of him battling Rob Van Dam…

6. Golf-PGA Tour Greenbrier Classic (Thursday-Sunday 3pm from Sulphur Springs, West Virginia live on Golf Channel); Champions Tour U.S. Senior Open (Thursday & Friday 1pm live on ESPN, Saturday & Sunday 3pm live on NBC. All golf from Sammamish, WA); LPGA Women’s British Open (Thursday & Friday 10am, Saturday & Sunday 9am from Southport, England live on ESPN)

I’m not much of a golf fan; but I feel as though if I lived in West Virginia; I would probably attend this event. Mostly because my entertainment alternatives would include…


Who are we kidding? That’s actually not that bad…

5. Auto Racing: NASCAR Sunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500 (Sunday 1pm from Pocono live on ESPN)

I actually poked at the Brickyard 400 while the Orioles game was in a rain delay this past weekend. No thanks.

In fact, I’m really not sure how this race ended up 5th on this list. If I hadn’t already made it this far I’d probably go back and adjust it, but that would take far too much effort at this point.

It’s a shame Ultimate Frisbee never makes the list instead of NASCAR. Then I could post this incredible video from Deadspin instead of posting something stupid about golf. Oh wait, look at what I just did there…

4. Boxing: Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Juan Diaz II (Saturday 9pm from Las Vegas live on HBO PPV)

I’d like to be excited about this fight this weekend; but I just don’t know how I feel about boxing anymore. Let’s consider a recent boxing mega-fight in Australia between Danny Green and Paul Briggs…

If you can’t trust a sport with the unquestionable history of boxing, what CAN you trust in the world?

3. Mixed Martial Arts: UFC on VERSUS 2-Jon Jones vs. Vladimir Matyushenko (Sunday 9pm from San Diego live on VERSUS)

This is very simple. Jon “Bones” Jones is the brother of Ravens rookie DT Arthur Jones. That means we root for him. Vladimir “The Janitor” Matyushenko is from Belarus. That means we (and by “we” I mean “I”) don’t root for him.

His nickname is “The Janitor”? How many Janitors have you rooted for in your day? I mean-BESIDES “Janitor Bud” from Boy Meets World of course…


…right up until the point when we found out he was skipping out of work early to go bet on the horses. Jerk.

(Edit from GMC: That’s two BMW references in one post. Don’t think I don’t have more in me…)

2. Ravens Training Camp (Tuesday & Wednesday 8:45am, Friday-Monday 8:45; Monday morning closed to public. All practices at McDaniel College)


I’m not really sure what else to say here. The long civic nightmare known as baseball season here in Charm City is finally over; and we focus our attention solely on football. That’s such an incredible blessing.

Of course, the Sergio Kindle news dampers the start of Training Camp; but doesn’t ruin the eternal hope that comes with being a Baltimore Ravens fan. And if the teams needs another body in Camp with Kindle out, I think Patrice Hollis is qualified (Thanks The Smoking Jacket!)…


1. Soccer: Manchester City vs. Inter Milan (Saturday 8pm M&T Bank Stadium); MLS All-Star Game: MLS All-Stars vs. Manchester United (Wednesday 8:30pm from Houston live on ESPN2), MLS-DC United @ Real Salt Lake (Saturday 9pm from Salt Lake City live on Comcast SportsNet & MLS Direct Kick); NASL-Montreal Impact @ Crystal Palace Baltimore (Saturday 7pm Maryland SoccerPlex)

Just when you thought the whole soccer thing was over for the summer…

I’ll of course be rooting for Inter Saturday night. Not because I’m a big Inter fan; but more because my family is from Italy. How do you not root for the country that (sorta) gave us this???


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wes Moore at Hopkins

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Former Johns Hopkins WR Wes Moore on His Accomplishments: “It’s Been With the Help and Support of A Lot Of People Who Refused to Give Up On Me”

Posted on 22 July 2010 by Ryan Chell

Wes Moore at Hopkins
Former Johns Hopkins wide receiver Wes Moore, in the beginning stages of his life growing up in Baltimore, was starting down a dark path. After watching his father pass away right before him at the age of 3, with no real father figure or influence in his life, Moore was finding a lot about life from drugs, crime, and his deviant friends.

His mother and grandmother became afraid of his future, so he was sent away to military school. Much as expected, he hated it.

“I tried running away,” Moore told WNST’s Rex Snider on Friday. “At this point I had already run away four times from the school, and after a fifth time I tried to run away, my squad leader came into our room and gave me a map on how to get to a train station.”

“He said my attempts to run away were pretty pathetic. I kept running through the woods to find this train station was and I couldn’t find it. And finally he gave me this map, and I wen out later on that night and tried to use this map to try and to a train station, and this map kept on taking me more and more deeper into the middle of the woods.”

“Eventually I just start crying, cause there’s nothing I wanted more than just to go home. And then I start hearing leaves rustling and I start hearing laughter, and it was my entire chain of command. They followed me out to the middle of the woods, and the map was fake. The map took me out to the middle of nowhere; they just wanted a gauge on how bad I wanted to go home, and I think that night they got their answer.”

But in the end, he was allowed to make a phone call afterward to his mom, and he finally realized that he had a cheering section behind him. He realized he could turn his life around because of the people around him, but he had to take the first step.

“She reminded me on that phone call how many people were rooting for me, and how many people were there supporting me, and who really wanted to help me. But I had to meet them half-way. And how my father was looking down on me, and how proud he was, and that he just wanted me to give it a shot.”

He finally realized that while this school was not going to be easy, it was going to change him into a different individual. But it would be a change that Moore wanted to go through with in order to make him a better man.

“While I hated every minute of it,I literally ran away five times in the first four days, it was a place that really helped to shape my larger identity and helped me think more about the kind of person I wanted to become, and the type of man I wanted to become. And I think really from there, I started to understand all the parts of something bigger.”

Wes Moore

And Wes Moore did become something bigger. He graduated as a regimental commander from the military school, and eventually found his way to Johns Hopkins University. It was there that Moore graduated Phi Beta Kappa, and became was a star receiver for the Blue Jays.

He averaged 25 yards a catch his senior year for the Hopkins, and he said that he learned a lot about life from sports.

He eventually went on to serve a tour in Afghanistan, time in the White House under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as a White House Fellow, and he had the distinction of being the only Hopkins football player to earn a Rhodes Scholarship to attend Oxford University.

But Moore said he had to stop and take a look at his life the day he was scheduled to graduate from Hopkins. The Baltimore Sun that day wrote a story about his accomplishments, but around the same time the Sun chronicled his life, they also wrote a series of articles about a Wes Moore from the same neighborhood, similar age, and background as the Wes Moore graduating from Hopkins.

Only this Wes Moore,  who along with three others, robbed a jewelry store and killed a police officer. Reading more,the similarities to his background seemed odd to our Moore, so he wanted to dig deeper before, during, and after he headed overseas.

“Here I was going off to England on this full scholarship while the other Wes Moore was heading to a maximum security facility for the rest of his life. This story…this contradiction really haunted me, and it haunted me to the point where I one day reached out to him, and wasn’t sure if he would even write back.”

“But then a month later, I received a note back..from Wes and that one letter eventually turned into a dozen of letters, those dozen of letters turned into dozens of visits. And it was really through that process that I began to learn how much more we had in common than just our name. How much we had in common just on our neighborhood, and what that larger story means to us as a society and what it means to us as a larger country where we have to think about the types of Wes Moore’s that we’re fostering around us.”

And all through this process, the Wes Moore who was out of prison wanted to make sure he gave the incarcerated Wes Moore his due. He wanted to not be judgmental and to be fair, and to see where he went wrong. That promise to his “partner” turned into over 200 hours of interviews and research, and Moore turned his conversations with Wes Moore while he was in prison into the book which he has been promoting, ‘The Other Wes Moore.”

Moore and his story have made appearances on Oprah, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

“I really wanted to go through this process, and make it as thorough as possible, because the only way that you can really do justice to this was to A.” Not be judgmental”, but also that you would be accurate. And so I really made sure that I wanted to get all the facts right, and the feel of the story right. I’ve known Wes for about five years, but it only took me two and a half to write the book, so it was a long and arduous process.”

He said the lesson behind the book is that there are points in everyone’s life where there is a fork in the road, and with just a single positive mentor in a young man’s life, that one guiding hand can draw a person down the right path-and a lack of guidance-can steer a young boy down the dark path.

Wes Moore said he-and his other half in prison-should be prime examples of that philosophy.

“I’ve had the honor of serving as an army officer, and serving in the White House as a White House fellow, and so many amazing things. But again, it’s been with the help and support of a lot of people who just refused to give up on me, even though they had no reason to.”

And Wes Moore said one of the first people to take home his message was the incarcerated Wes Moore himself.

“It’s interesting because Wes really had two different reactions when he read the book. The first was that it amazed him how much research that I put into it, having done the hundreds of hours of interviews. and the second reaction that he had was once he got to read about his life in the book, it amazed him how little he’s done with his life.”

And now Moore is out there fighting for make sure there are no more Wes Moores out there that end up in prison, and his book-and the message it conveys-is his tool.

“Right now, I’m working with the book and trying to make sure the lessons of the book that I’m trying to drive home…taking care of one another, and the importance of mentor ship, and the importance of role models, and understanding when second chances become last chances and the choices we make in life, -that’s the things I’m really passionate about.”

And that’s what Moore wanted to re-iterate. This book is so much more than two different Wes Moore’s, where one went left and the other went right.

“The fascinating thing about this, and typically about the reaction to the book, is people realizing this book is so much more than just these two boys. It’s about so much than Baltimore. It’s so much more than about one socio-economic group, or one race of kids.”

“It’s really about all of us, and how the decisions that we make , the people we have in our lives that help us make those decisions, and what the ramifications for making those decisions are, and what they can be.  That’s what’s been so grabbing about all this. Hardly ever do we think about our own lives, and think, if it hadn’t been for this decision or not making this decision, how different things could have turned out.”

“And as I say on the cover of the book, the chilling story is that his story could have been mine, and the tragedy is that my story could have been his.”

And Moore said that while his life may look like its all peachy, he wants to assure his readers and followers that it wasn’t easy as it seems and he was very difficult to work with at times, but it became a lot easier when he took his life into his own hands.

And remember, he was a receiver, so he had some really good ones.

“I’d be lying if I said anything happened overnight cause it didn’t, but there was a switch that started to take place where i started to realize that leadership mattered, and accountability mattered, and responsibility mattered. And that’s where I think I started to do a shift on who I wanted to be and what I wanted to become.”

If you would like to read Wes’ book, it is available at Amazon.

WNST Thanks Wes Moore for spending time sharing his story with us and wish him the best of luck in his continued journey spreading his message!

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Regarding LeBron: How Would We Have Felt?

Posted on 13 July 2010 by Glenn Clark

If I chime in on LeBron James, does that officially mean that EVERY columnist/blogger in the world of sports media would have dedicated print/type to the subject?

I will admit that I have much less moved by the LeBron James saga than the large majority of this country. I was unmoved by his free agent courting process, I was unmoved by ESPN’s “The Decision” special, I was unmoved by his decision to bolt Cleveland for Miami, and I was unmoved by Dan Gilbert losing his mind Thursday night.

I will also admit that rarely am I particularly moved in any way by a subject in sports that doesn’t garner any sort of emotional investment from me. With no offense to the Boston Celtics or Los Angeles Lakers, my level of involvement in the NBA Finals was minimal at best. If I was home and the games were on, I watched them. I certainly did not plan my month of June around making sure I was home to see Kobe Bryant go up against Paul Pierce.

I have no emotional investment when it comes to LeBron James. I have enjoyed watching him play at times (his masterpiece against the Detroit Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals was special), but I have never been much too concerned about what he was doing on or off the floor.

Apparently I’m one of the few.

The most compelling thing about the LeBron saga for me has been the reaction-both in Cleveland and across the country. Be it fans burning LBJ jerseys in “The Comeback City” or Jesse Jackson forcing himself into the topic, I have been intrigued by all of the attention that has been placed on the subject.

Heck, even my partner on “The Morning Reaction” Drew Forrester has been inspired to talk about the NBA, a subject I couldn’t even ask him to discuss the other 11 months of the year.

Obviously the most irrational reaction has come from the shores of Lake Erie, where sports fans have not only burned jerseys; but have made much more dangerous threats and have compared the man they previously called “The King” to their other most despised sports figure-former Baltimore Ravens majority owner Art Modell.

Also amongst the reaction have been the inevitable comparisons to heartbreak-or potential heartbreak-in other cities. For example, Yahoo! Sports’ Les Carpenter (formerly of the Washington Post) wrote a column comparing James’ decision to depart Cleveland to the decision Cal Ripken made in 1988 to re-sign with the Baltimore Orioles.

It’s a fair comparison. Both were local products who achieved great success early in their career with their hometown team. There are also key differences.

Had Cal Ripken walked away from Charm City following the 1988 season, he would have been doing it in an era where fan reaction would have been much more difficult to gauge.

There were no sports talk radio stations in Baltimore in 1988. Blogging didn’t exist. Only the columnists at the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post would have REALLY had a chance to express the feelings about Ripken’s decision in a way that could have been knowledge to the man who would eventually become a Hall of Fame-caliber player.

There are also career differences-as Cal Ripken had helped lead the Birds to victory in the 1983 World Series, while LeBron James had never reached the mountaintop with the Cavs. Cleveland fans are starved for a championship at this point considering the many near misses of not only the Cavs, but also the near misses of the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians over the last 25 years.

Part of the angst felt by Cleveland fans certainly has something to do with the fact that they had to be convinced James would be part of the solution to finally end the city’s title drought. In reality, it’s hard for fans in ANY city in the country to really understand the mental makeup of a fanbase that hasn’t claimed a major pro sports title since 1964. Heck, in Baltimore alone we’ve won 5 titles since then, despite having only two pro sports-one of which was missing for over a decade.

However, I don’t necessarily think it’s unfair to try to consider how we’d feel in the situation. It’s with that in mind that I offer this hypothetical, which may or may not have any real validity in the big picture.

Let’s imagine that the Baltimore Bullets never left town. Instead of moving the team to Washington, Abe Pollin was granted an expansion team in DC and sold the Bullets to local ownership. Let’s also consider that instead of the Bullets franchise winning the 1978 NBA Championship; the “Washington Wizards” expansion team won the title.

Stay with me.

Let’s continue with the hypothetical and say that the Baltimore Bullets franchise during the 80’s and 90’s had about the same success level as the team that ACTUALLY moved in the nation’s capital did. The Bullets/Wizards franchise made just one playoff appearance between 1988 and 2004-a 1st round sweep at the hands of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in 1997.

Now let’s consider that in the mid-1990’s, the team had moved out of the clearly defunct Baltimore Arena and into a new building, potentially where M&T Bank Stadium now sits. The building is now known as the “Under Armour Center”, but was previously known as “PSINet Arena.”

Still with me? I hope so. I’ve laid the groundwork for the “Baltimore Crabs” (the NBA still forced a name change due to the violent nature of the name “Bullets”); a team that has existed since 1963 without winning a NBA Championship and has at times struggled to survive given the organization’s struggles and the level of pro competition in both Baltimore and DC.

Now, let’s have that organization meet a significant player. Let’s say that Towson Catholic graduate Carmelo Anthony decided that instead of going to Syracuse, he would follow in the footsteps of fellow Catholic League star Juan Dixon and could commit to Maryland. During the ’02-’03 season; ‘Melo would join with Steve Blake and Drew Nicholas to lead Gary Williams’ Terrapins to a 2nd consecutive NCAA Championship and then bolt to the NBA.

Look, I said this was a hypothetical. I probably should have said “dream sequence.” But let’s not split hairs here. I know Carmelo was BORN in New York and has always been fascinated with The Big Apple, but let’s pretend he was MORE fascinated with staying home. It works better here.

Being one of the poorer teams in the ’02-’03 season, the Crabs obtained the #2 (or #3) overall pick in the NBA Draft; where they were able to select Carmelo after the Cavaliers selected LeBron James.

Suddenly, a franchise with no direction and no hope becomes a team with a local star player-a player that would quickly develop into a perennial All-Star and would lead his team to the playoffs year in and year out.

Games at the Under Armour Center are now sold out before the season after previously being attended at O’s-like rates. Businesses near the Inner Harbor boom 50+ nights a year when the Crabs are at home. Crabs jerseys with the Number 15 on them are as popular sellers as Ravens jerseys with the Number 52.

On top of all of that, the Crabs really put things together in 2010-2011, and Carmelo eventually leads the Crabs to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history-where they unfortunately lose to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Did you stay with me?

It’s the summer of 2010. The Baltimore Crabs have acquired some solid players, but were fortunate to get past the Miami Heat in ’11 because Chris Bosh was hurt early in the season. With a healthy Bosh teaming with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Heat are again viewed as the significant favorites to win the East. Amare Stoudemire had a stellar season for the Knicks, and rumors swirl that New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul will join him at Madison Square Garden to try to make a run at the Heat.

Carmelo Anthony is now facing free agency. He’s beloved in Baltimore, where his family and friends have enjoyed watching him play night in and night out. The people of Baltimore view him as an icon, but he’s not sure he can get over the hump and win a championship given the commitment level from ownership.

With all of that in mind, Carmelo bolts. He signs a max deal to join Amare and Chris Paul in New York, where a welcome party is held in Times Square and he’s given a key to the city by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Now here’s the question.

How do you feel?

Are you burning a jersey in the street?

Are you calling Carmelo a “coward” or a “traitor” or “Benedict Anthony”?

Are you ready to picket outside the Carmelo Anthony Youth Center?

Or are you willing to say “he’s still a hometown guy, and I’ll always be grateful for what he did here”?

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer.

The reality is that I might be closer to “burning a jersey in the street” than I would be to “thanking him for the years he gave to the city.”

How would you react? How would Baltimore have felt if this were OUR star?

It’s worth considering.


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Timing Fishy As Birds Reportedly Set to Hire Showalter

Posted on 11 July 2010 by Glenn Clark

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Baltimore Orioles are “close to (a) deal” to hire Buck Showalter as manager; citing major league sources.

There is nothing particularly surprising about this news, as it has long been assumed that Showalter was the front-runner for the position. What IS surprising is that it comes on the same day the Baltimore Sun had reported that Juan Samuel would be the team’s manager following the All-Star Game.

Rosenthal stated in his story that it is unlikely the team would make the hire official until after the ASG, as Bud Selig and the MLB Commissioner’s office doesn’t like having individual clubs “upstage” the marquee event. However, it seems unlikely that a high-ranking O’s official would tell The Sun the team would keep Samuel as manager knowing they were “close” to a deal with the former manager of the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers.

There’s something very fishy about the two reports.

Perhaps the timing issues have something to do with the much-discussed idea that the team could hire Showalter as manager yet still let Juan Samuel continue to manage the team on the field. The discussion has centered around the idea that Showalter would be allowed to spend the year traveling to Norfolk, Bowie, Frederick, Aberdeen, Delmarva, Bluefield and Sarasota to get the feel for the entire organization.

I have dismissed this idea publicly not because I have any inside knowledge of whether or not it was true-but more because the idea is so stupid that it doesn’t really warrant mention. Or because the idea is so stupid that only the Baltimore Orioles could have thought of it.

Hey, plenty of good organizations have two men in charge at the same time! For example…the Washington Redskins decided to hire Mike Shanahan last season before they fired Jim Zorn! And when have the Washington Redskins ever done anything wrong?!?!?

The problem here is that IF this is the case (and I pray to God it isn’t), the team would then have two managers in place. One manager (Samuel) who is running the club on a day-to-day basis and appears to have found some level of respect from his ballclub. The other (Showalter) who will be spending time looking at players-the majority of which will never see a field in Charm City.

If Andy MacPhail is responsible for the organization, why would Buck Showalter need to worry about how the Ironbirds are doing?

My understanding is that in Major League Baseball (and despite the fact that I’m not welcome at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I still have YEARS of experience covering MLB teams) managers are responsible for the team ON THE FIELD-not for making sure the right 4A guys are out there so that the Tides can make a run at the Charlotte Knights on the AAA level.

I believe both reports. The problem is-if both are true, something like this almost has to be going on.

That can’t be the case, right? This was such a good weekend in Arlington. I refuse to believe that Peter Angelos and company are going to screw something else up after the best 4 days of the season.

I don’t know why I refuse to believe it considering everything else they’ve screwed up, but I guess there’s still an orange Kool-Aid drinker inside of me that prays not everything can be as messed up as it seems.

We’ll see.


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Tweet Cred

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Tweet Cred

Posted on 09 July 2010 by Thyrl Nelson

In finishing up the week, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the guests who helped to make this week’s shows, and direct you to their Twitter pages too, so that you’ll be able to find them and follow them more easily. Thanks again to all for lending some Tweet Cred to the show, and all of their interviews are up and available in the BuyaToyota.com audio vault here on the web site.



MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli – www.twitter.com/britt_ghiroli

Detroit Tigers Broadcaster Rod Allen – www.twitter.com/rodallen12

UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg – www.twitter.com/mfg16



KFFL’s Ryan Bonini – www.twitter.com/rblaptop

Hoopsworld.com’s Steve Kyler – www.twitter.com/hoopsworld

Baltimoresun.com’s Steve Gould – www.twitter.com/stevegould

Pro Boxer Jimmy Lange – www.twitter.com/boxerjimmylange



Chicago Bulls reporter and Jordan Rules author Sam Smith – www.twitter.com/samsmithhoops

KFFL’s Nick Minnix – www.twitter.com/nicholasminnix




SportsNetwork.com’s Tony Moss – www.twitter.com/alylemoss

Yahoo.com’s NBA Reporter Marc Spears – www.twitter.com/spearsnbayahoo

Pete Kerzel from Pressbox.com and the AP – www.twitter.com/kerzelpete

Fox Radio’s Stephen A. Smith – www.twitter.com/stephenasmith


And last but not least, thanks to Todd Helmick from NationalChamps.net. We have to get him a Twitter page.



Here’s Where I’m Playing Right Now.

ESPN’s Streak for the Cash is the safest way to gamble on the web. Compile the longest monthly winning streak for a chance at $25,000. Join My Group.

MLB’s Beat the Streak challenges you to pick one hitter per day and make a run at Joe DiMaggio’s all-time hitting streak for $3,000,000.  Also links to Beat the Homerun Streak and MLB Survivor. Join My Group.







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