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“The Reality Check” Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Posted on 08 September 2011 by Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark’s Power Rankings…

32. Oakland Raiders

I’m well aware they went 6-0 against the AFC West last year. They had Nnamdi Asomugha and Zach Miller then. I’m thinking like The Who now. I “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” The Raiders stink.

31. San Francisco 49ers

I don’t think an organization can have a “lose on purpose” philosophy. I think it’s impossible to convince a group of men to not try to win. But if a team was shaping up to get Andrew Luck, it would be the Niners.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

If I’m Jack Del Rio, I’m asking for the Jags to just go ahead and fire me now. The move is puzzling, but the bigger puzzle is “what will the name of the team be when they move to Los Angeles”?

29. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers actually went out and got a couple of players this offseason. Winning games will be predicated on Cam Newton progressing. It’s no guarantee, but they might have a chance.

28. Washington Redskins

If they didn’t have to play a quarterback they’d be higher in my rankings. Since I hate the Skins I smile a bit every time I hear the name Rex Grossman.

27. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincy’s defense is too good to be the worst team in the NFL, but Andy Dalton looks to be one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the NFL at the moment.

26. Cleveland Browns

I’m not buying into Colt McCoy helping the Browns take the “next step.” I don’t think they’re very good and I don’t think it’s changing soon.

25. Tennessee Titans

If Matt Hasselbeck played all 16 games, the Titans would win 8. He won’t and they won’t.

24. Buffalo Bills

I don’t like much about the Bills, but I’ll give Ryan Fitzpatrick the benefit of the doubt. He was pretty good last year, perhaps he’ll be fairly decent again this season.

23. Seattle Seahawks

Once again, it’s a shame teams aren’t allowed to play without quarterbacks. They’d likely win more games with David Garrard than with Tavaris Jackson.

22. Minnesota Vikings

I’m gonna go ahead and guess that Donovan McNabb doesn’t play 16 games this season. I know I’m really going out on a limb.

21. Miami Dolphins

I like Daniel Thomas. I like Brandon Marshall. I like the Phins’ defense. I just don’t understand why I don’t like the Dolphins more.

20. Denver Broncos

I don’t like Kyle Orton nearly as much as some others do. But there’s probably more to like about the Broncos than I’m willing to give them credit for.

19. Dallas Cowboys

I can’t figure out if the Cowboys need to rebuild or simply retool. They clearly didn’t do enough this offseason either way. A healthy Tony Romo helps, but does it really make them a contender in the NFC East?

18. Arizona Cardinals

I immediately regret putting the Cards ahead of the Cowboys on this list, but if Kevin Kolb is any good at all the Cardinals have a great chance at winning the NFC West. There’s talent on both sides of the ball.

17. St. Louis Rams

Love Sam Bradford. Love Steven Jackson. Question marks just about everywhere else. Still think they win the division.

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Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7: Athletes We’re Glad Have Never Played For Our Favorite Teams

Posted on 28 June 2011 by Glenn Clark

In honor of Terrell Owens having offseason ACL surgery that may ultimately cut his career short, today’s Tuesday Top 7 topic was “Top 7 Athletes We’re Glad Have Never Played For Our Favorite Teams (and we hope never do).”

Self explanatory, yes?

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Ron Artest


6. Alexander Semin


5. Jonathan Papelbon


4. Michael Crabtree


3. Scott Rolen


2. Rasheed Wallace


1. Jay Cutler


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Top 10 Local Sports Moments of 2010

Posted on 28 December 2010 by Glenn Clark

These were selected by….Glenn Clark. Enjoy!

Honorable Mention: Orioles sign Miguel Tejada, Maryland names Kevin Anderson Athletic Director, Navy pounds Notre Dame at Meadowlands, Ravens beat Jets on Monday Night Football, Maryland field hockey wins National Championship, Shogun Fights II & III come to 1st Mariner Arena, John Tillman hired as Maryland lacrosse coach, Ravens sign T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Trice Capra reaches 3rd round of U.S. Open, Terrapins hold off Midshipmen in Labor Day thriller at M&T Bank Stadium, Cliff Tucker buries Georgia Tech with incredible buzzer beater

10. Danny O’Brien breaks out as Maryland tops NC State

Maybe the “moment” should be O’Brien getting his first start against Florida International. Unfortunately, no one was at Byrd Stadium that day and even fewer were watching on ESPN3.com.

Maybe the “moment” should be Maryland’s battle against Florida State in College Park where O’Brien nearly beat the Seminoles and gave the Terrapins a chance to play in the ACC Championship Game. But the Terps lost that game.

So I’ll stick with the season closer. It was an epic breakout performance from a freshman quarterback that offered hope to Maryland fans that change had come.

Of course, change was really STILL to come.

9. Ravens trade for Anquan Boldin

If you actually go to the page for that YouTube video, you’ll find multiple Super Bowl related comments.

That was the immediate feeling when the Ravens traded two NFL Draft picks to the Arizona Cardinals for Boldin. Since that time, the Boldin deal has looked…well…not quite as overwhelming. But it doesn’t change the moment.

In that moment, the Ravens became the “Offseason Champs”, an honor the Washington Redskins had owned for years.

The difference? The Ravens till have a chance to be the REAL champs as well.

8. Baltimore Grand Prix officially announced

Look, I’M not a fan of the IndyCar Series myself. Well, other than Danica Patrick anyway.

And I have NO IDEA how many folks in Baltimore could EVER tell you who Will Power or Dario Franchitti were.

But if the Baltimore Grand Prix raises as much money for the city as Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Governor Martin O’Malley say it will, this could be a MAJOR moment for this area.

7. The return of the Preakness infield

After the “miserable failure” (my own words, folks) that was the 2009 Preakness “Infieldfest” event, the Maryland Jockey Club hit a home run in 2010.

Pimlico’s infield was covered in people thanks to a $20 “All you can drink” ticket that replaced the previous BYOB experience and an awesome musical combination or O.A.R. and Zac Brown Band (which was LIGHT YEARS better than ZZ Top and Buckcherry the previous year).

It was an awesome event. Hopefully there will be another one.

By the way, does anyone remember who won the Preakness this year?

(Edit from GMC: It was Lookin at Lucky. I ALMOST had to go to Wikipedia to jog my memory.)

6. Duke beats Virginia in lacrosse Final Four

Maybe Notre Dame’s improbable run to the National Championship Game or the Blue Devils’ thrilling Memorial Day win over the Fighting Irish were bigger stories; but the Saturday showdown between the Cavaliers and Devils was absolutely EPIC.

The impact of Yeardley Love’s murder added to the buildup surrounding the game, as Cavs coach Dom Starsia was reminded of George Huguely’s name throughout the NCAA Tournament. Also adding to the buildup was the presence of the final class of “Super Seniors” from Duke, as the NCAA granted all Duke players an extra year of eligibility following the scandal that rocked the Durham campus in 2006.

The game was even better than the incredible buildup. Max Quinzani’s game winner with 13 seconds left finished off what had been one of the more incredible quarters of lacrosse ever seen in Charm City.

This will be the only entry on the list that doesn’t involve a local team. It was good enough that it doesn’t matter.

5. Orioles hire Buck Showalter

When I gave my “Local Sports Person of the Year” vote to Buck Showalter, I said his hiring represented the first real “hope” Birds fans had experienced since the 2005 campaign, when the team reached the All-Star Game still leading the American League Wild Card race.

What happened with the O’s down the stretch (a 34-23 finish under Showalter) means little if the team does not build upon it. But the hope that came with the incredible finish was that the team COULD build upon it.

We’ll see.

But it certainly doesn’t change the level of excitement that came with Showalter’s hiring and incredible two month run. If things truly turn around for the Orioles, it will be marked as the actual moment of change.

4. Joe Flacco finds TJ Houshmandzadeh to beat Steelers in Pittsburgh

I’m pretty sure my column that day said it all.

The Ravens were ABSOLUTELY on their way to another crushing loss at Heinz Field; and I wasn’t going to believe it wouldn’t end that way until the moment Houshmandzadeh hauled in the Flacco TD toss.

The Ravens QB had never lead his team from behind to win in the final two minutes of regulation.

That changed.

Had the Ravens held on to finish the sweep of the Steelers at M&T Bank Stadium; the win would have meant even more.

3. Maryland beats Duke to (essentially) clinch ACC regular season title

As I stated when he was voted “Local Sports Person of the Year”, this was the defining moment for Greivis Vasquez.

Beating good teams at Comcast Center has been somewhat commonplace for the Terps in the Gary Williams era. In fact, Maryland had knocked off North Carolina in College Park just a season earlier. (Both the 2009 Tar Heels and this year’s Blue Devils would go on to win the NCAA Championship.)

Yet somehow, this particular win over a good team was more satisfying. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that it was Senior Night for Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that the win would ultimately prove to be the difference as the Terps would split the ACC regular season title.

More than anything, it probably had everything to do with the fact that it was Duke.

Wins ALWAYS feel better when they come against Duke.

2. Ravens go to Foxborough, beat New England Patriots in AFC playoffs

If it had been a round (or definitely two rounds) later, this would have been a slam dunk #1 on the list. Unfortunately, the flat performance in a divisional round loss to the Indianapolis Colts a week later took some of the excitement out of the win at Gillette Stadium.

That being said, the emotions of a dominant win over a Bill Belichick/Tom Brady lead team on the road won’t be forgotten for some time.

It was even more emotional when the story of Matthew Costello (son of WMAR anchor Jamie Costello) giving Cam Cameron the play call for Ray Rice’s opening play TD came out.

It was a huge win and an awesome feeling. It’s just a shame it didn’t extend towards the Super Bowl.

1. Reggie Holmes breaks Morgan State’s all-time scoring record in win over Coppin State

I was there for #2, #3 and #4. This was better.


The emotions inside Hill Field House were incredible.

It was Senior Night, the final home game for star guard Reggie Holmes.

Holmes was announced as MEAC Player of the Year. Kevin Thompson was announced as MEAC Defensive Player of the Year. Dewayne Jackson was announced as MEAC Freshman of the Year. Todd Bozeman was announced as MEAC Coach of the Year.

Holmes’ entire neighborhood (Cherry Hill) was in the stands…and actually rushed the floor PREGAME. The game started more than an hour late.

Holmes needed 33 points to break Marvin “The Eraser” Webster’s Bears career scoring record. He scored 36 in a blowout win.

It was incredible.

It represented everything that makes college basketball in Baltimore great. It represented everything that makes Baltimore sports great.

It was the best moment of the year.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Sounds Like Coach Speak-But Harbaugh, Ravens Right Not to Panic Over Loss

Posted on 17 October 2010 by Glenn Clark

FOXBOROUGH, Ma. — It’s never easy to stomach a loss when a team has a double-digit lead in the 4th quarter.

It isn’t easy in the NBA, or in the NHL, or in College Lacrosse. It’s especially difficult in the NFL when games are a bit more meaningful due to the fact that there are only 16 of them played in the regular season.

With that in mind, it isn’t tough to understand the frustration from the Baltimore Ravens (4-2) fan base following the team’s 23-20 loss to the New England Patriots (4-1) at Gillette Stadium Sunday.

It wasn’t hard to understand the frustrations felt by members of the team in the moments immediately following Stephen Gostkowski’s game winning field goal, either.

It was a bit more difficult to understand why the frustration seemed to have more to do with the reaction to the loss than the loss itself.

LB Terrell Suggs was quick to dismiss the significance of the loss, saying “it’s not the end of the world. We’re six games in. We’re going to go play next week. We can’t cry over spilled milk.”

Suggs wasn’t the only member of the team who was quick to dismiss the significance of the loss despite a late game performance that could be fairly labeled as a “collapse.” Head Coach John Harbaugh was quickly dismissive of the significance of the loss, saying “we’re disappointed with the loss, but we’re certainly not discouraged in any way.”


Pro Bowl RB Ray Rice wasn’t just dismissive about the loss, he was almost combative in his response. “Do I think they’re a better team than us? No. Do I think they played better than us today? Yes.”

Well Ray, the team that isn’t better than your team is — they just outscored your team 13-0 in the final 11:02 of regulation and overtime.

It was a strange scene in the post-game locker room. I don’t think I expected Ravens players to be despondent, but I think I expected them to at least be frustrated with their performance in the latter stages of the game.

The weird thing is, I actually think I agree with them.

Ray Lewis made a relevant point during his post-game session with the media. “You win 80 percent of the games you play the way we (did) today” said the future Hall of Famer. “The mistakes that we did make in the 4th quarter, they’re definitely correctable.”

It’s really hard for an emotional, passionate fan base to accept the fact that not every loss in the end of the world. (Trust me, I would know). But in this case, this loss really ISN’T the end of the world.

In our weekly “Picks and Comment” segment Friday on “The Morning Reaction” on WNST AM-1570, I told Drew Forrester that there was a reason I was picking the Pats to win 23-21. (I don’t bring that up to rub in that I picked the game right, I bring it up because I want to make a point.) I told Drew that the Ravens had already proven this season that they were capable of winning these types of games, as they did by beating the New York Jets at New Meadowlands Stadium and by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. But that didn’t mean they were necessarily ready to win ALL of them. I was also fearful of Patriots QB Tom Brady having the ball in his hands to end the game.

Well…Brady had the ball in his hands to end the game. And despite the fact that the Ravens held him in check on the last drive of regulation and the first two drives in overtime, he still came up big when necessary. Of course, that’s why he’s already solidified his spot at the Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

The Ravens proved Sunday that they are absolutely as good as teams like the Patriots. Through 49 minutes, there was no question that they were BETTER than the New England Patriots. They just didn’t quite finish it off.

They’re not there yet.

There is a desire from a fan base for an improving team to just be great immediately. It’s an understandable request. If a team wants to win a Super Bowl, they have to be capable of winning consecutive big games over quality opponents. This Baltimore Ravens team is approaching greatness. They’ve already shown that early in the season.

But they’re not quite there yet.

And that’s okay.

Honestly. Like Suggs said, it’s early in the 2010 campaign.

QB Joe Flacco is capable of late minute heroics. WR’s Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin have each shown themselves to be capable of putting together big 100+ yard game performances, as has Rice. The offensive line (despite OT Michael Oher’s struggles Sunday) has been significantly better than expected. And while the defense struggled for the better part of the 4th quarter in Foxborough, they also responded to make big plays three of the final four times the Patriots had the ball.

They’re a really good team, and they’re still getting better.

Sometimes really good teams lose to other really good teams on the road. It happens more often when the other really good team has a Hall of Fame-caliber team QB and a Hall of Fame caliber head coach (Bill Belichick). It really ISN’T “the end of the world” as Suggs so rightly pointed out.

The Ravens have things they need to correct — questionable play-calling certainly comes to mind as one of their biggest issues and Cam Cameron will be the one roasted by the fans this week for the loss in Foxborough. But with that being said, they have an opportunity to beat the Buffalo Bills at M&T Bank Stadium next week and improve to 5-2 heading into their bye week.

Lewis feels pretty good about the team’s chances of doing just that.

“It’s going to be rough on Buffalo…but we’ll have some fun with it.”



Hear from Harbaugh, Flacco, Rice, Lewis, CB Chris Carr, TE Todd Heap and Suggs NOW in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

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Ravens-Patriots “Purple Haze” Live Chat 1pm!

Posted on 17 October 2010 by Glenn Clark

FOXBOROUGH, Ma. — Greetings from Gillette Stadium, where the Baltimore Ravens will face the New England Patriots at 1pm Sunday. The game can be seen on CBS (WJZ 13 in Charm City) with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on the call. We will be chatting live during the game-as WNST.net personalities will be participating in the “Purple Haze”, which you can join HERE.


Here are your inactives/roster changes for today’s game-

OT Jared Gaither (back)
LB Tavares Gooden (shoulder)
DE Paul Kruger (knee)
WR Donte’ Stallworth (foot)
OL Scott Kooistra
DT Arthur Jones
CB Josh Wilson (hamstring)
DT Lamar Divens

OL Marshal Yanda will again start for Gaither at RT, OL Chris Chester will start for Yanda at RG.

RB Fred Taylor (toe)
CB Terrence Wheatley (foot)
DL Kyle Love
OL Rich Ohrnberger
S James Sanders (hamstring)
WR Taylor Price
RB Thomas Clayton
OT Mark LeVoir

Head Coach Bill Belichick and Pats players will be donning pink today, similar to what the Ravens did last week against the Denver Broncos. This is the third and final week of a window the NFL allowed for uniform alterations to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the league. Some Ravens are again wearing pink shoes; including WR Derrick Mason, LB Terrell Suggs, LB Prescott Burgess, S Tom Zbikowski, WR Marcus Smith and DT Terrence Cody.

The Ravens are in white tops and white pants today, the Patriots are in blue tops and white pants. Bill Levy’s crew will officiate today’s game.

Come chat with us!


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 13 October 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because once again I get to name two new “Greatest Song(s) of All Time This Week.” The first addition is the “new” addition to the list…”Grenade” by Bruno Mars…he played it on Saturday Night Live and it kicked a little ass…

The “retro” version of TGSOATTW? It’s also Lesson 3 for “Boomer Sooner” as I prepare her for her first Dave Matthews Band show in November. It’s “#41″…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. National Football Post’s Matt Bowen says Ravens, New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers all playing better football than any NFC team

At this point, that’s probably true.

My hunch tells me that the only NFC teams that could end up being TRUE Super Bowl contenders would be the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants.

The Saints don’t look like Super Bowl contenders right now, but that’s mostly because they can’t run the ball. They’ll get Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush back, and they should be able to run again. The Green Bay Packers can get back on that list should they figure out a way to run the ball-but I don’t see that happening if Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn are the primary backs.

The point is-those three aforementioned teams are the only teams that look like they can stand up next to the three premiere AFC teams-at least the three that have stood out thus far.

The good news for the Ravens is that as of right now-this season is shaping up to be a season about “balance.” In recent years, teams that have won have tended to have the most powerful offenses or simply the best quarterbacks.

Early on this year, the teams that have had the most success appear to be the teams that are the most balanced. If it remains that way, the Ravens should be in good shape.

Of course, we know damn well that things can change quickly in the NFL.

2. BaltimoreRavens.com’s John Eisenberg says 4-1 start doesn’t ‘guarantee’ anything for rest of season

Of course not. But if it guarantees that Jamie Edmondson takes more pictures in Ravens gear, than 4-1 was PLENTY WORTH IT! (Thanks SI with tip from Derek Arnold!)


3. Boston Globe’s Monique Walker says New England Patriots still remember AFC Wild Card playoff loss to Ravens last season

This was a topic I discussed yesterday during Ravens Reports on AM1570 WNST. There will almost definitely be some level of a “revenge” factor when it comes to the Patriots Sunday. Bill Belichick is a proud man. Tom Brady is a proud man. These are men who will CERTAINLY remember the embarrassing fashion in which they were dismissed at Gillette Stadium in January.

Does that mean that the Ravens will quickly run into a buzzsaw in Foxborough? Not necessarily. But do I think this Patriots team will look at this game with a bit more significance than other games? Sure.

Should I ask another question and follow it up with another quick answer? I think I’ve run the course.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says John Harbaugh, Ravens concerned with Pats returner Brandon Tate

Before we move on from the on-field Ravens, a couple of things…

-Harbaugh apparently reiterated on his radio show last night that CB Josh Wilson’s hamstring injury is not a major concern. I say “apparently” because I didn’t listen to the show personally. How could I? The replay of “The Morning Reaction” was on WNST!

-The Ravens are back in action today at 1 Winning Drive in Owings Mills. We’ll be out there all day with full coverage; so make sure you’re tuned into AM1570, following us on Twitter (@WNST) and checking back in at WNST.net throughout the day. We’re expected to hear from Harbaugh, Joe Flacco and others before practice.

-And this picture of Ray Rice-which has been passed around Facebook over the last 24 hours (add me by searching “Glenn Clark” and adding the best looking person you find) is kinda awesome…


5. SI’s George Dohrmann says former Ravens OT Jonathan Ogden admitted accepting benefits from agent Josh Luchs while at UCLA

The funniest part of the story is Luchs saying that during an entire Janet Jackson concert, J.O. screamed “Janet!” at the stage. Of course, I might do the same thing if she was rocking out a little “All For You”…

For the record, Luchs maintains that he did NOT pay or give benefits to either Ravens TE Todd Heap or LB Terrell Suggs while he was working with Gary Wichard and pursuing them at Arizona State.

Did you miss Josh Luchs with Drew Forrester and Thyrl Nelson on “The Mobtown Sports Beat” Wednesday morning on AM1570 WNST? Make sure you head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net today to check it out. Some other things you can find in the Audio Vault include…

  • Dabo Swinney (Clemson Football Coach)-who joined Drew Wednesday on “The Morning Reaction” to preview the Tigers’ contest with the Terrapins Saturday
  • Craig Laughlin (Washington Capitals Color Analyst-Comcast SportsNet)-who joined Drew Wednesday to talk some Caps hockey
  • AJ Daulerio (Deadspin Editor)-who joined Drew Wednesday to discuss the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger controversy
  • Ralph Cindrich (Long-time NFL agent)-who joined Drew Wednesday to offer his opinion on the Josh Luchs story
  • Jon Anik (host of ESPN’s “MMA Live”)-who joined Thyrl and John Rallo Tuesday on “The MMA Report”
  • Marcellus Wiley (ESPN)-who went around the NFL with Rex Snider Tuesday on “The Afternoon Drive”
  • Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports)-who discussed his new book “Death to the BCS” with Thyrl Tuesday

It’s all in the Audio Vault-so consider today planned. Again. Because I’m awesome like that. Again.

6. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Buck Showalter had surgery Tuesday in Texas, no decisions imminent for Orioles coaching staff


There’s no chance that human injuries could affect a superhuman like Buck Showalter enough that he required knee surgery. I refuse to believe it.

That being said, the handful of folks who are waiting for news about the Birds’ coaching staff will have to keep waiting. In the meantime, MASN passed along that the O’s are apparently interested in Seibu Lions SS Hiroyuki Nakajima.

And you didn’t think Andy MacPhail was going to make the moves necessary to win in 2011. I know you feel stupid now. Hiroyuki Nakajima, babe. What are the dates for the 2011 World Series???

7. Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Clemson coach Dabo Swinney prepared to face Maryland QB’s Jamarr Robinson, Danny O’Brien Saturday in Death Valley

Swinney told Drew Forrester this morning that having to prepare for both QB’s makes Maryland particularly tough. Maybe so, but I generally don’t think the Terps can win big games if they try to split reps between two quarterbacks.

They might not do that. They might end up having one real “starter” and a package for the other QB. But it’s totally possible that Robinson and O’Brien could alternate series in James Franklin’s offense. I would prefer the former.

I mean, I would prefer having one REALLY GOOD QB, but sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got.

8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Terps coach Ralph Friedgen has good recent history at Clemson’s Memorial Stadium

I keep being reminded of Maryland’s win at Clemson two years ago. Maryland probably wasn’t quite as good as their record indicated, but they were able to hang around just long enough to let something goofy happen to help them win. I don’t THINK the same thing will happen Saturday, but it certainly could.

You know what else could happen? Kayla Collins could call me. I don’t THINK it will happen-but it certainly could. (Thanks The Smoking Jacket!)


9. Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo expects FB Alexander Teich to be able to start Saturday vs. SMU

And with Vince Murray banged up, the Midshipmen could certainly use Teich on the field; as the Mustangs can score points.

They’ve scored at least 21 points in all six of their games, including 35 against Washington State and 42 against Rice. They’re VERY capable of scoring points in the June Jones offense.

The Mids however have scored 14 points or less in three of their five games thus far. It looks like they’ll need to score to win Saturday at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium. It won’t be easy.

10. TowsonTigers.com says DT Yaky Ibia named semi-finalist for National Football Foundation’s William V. Campbell Trophy

This is very cool. Cool enough that even Maggie Q should be interested. (Thanks Guyism!)


And finally, I leave you with this…

I know everyone’s already seen it-but here’s the Grover/Sesame Street/Old Spice YouTube gem for the 5 or 6 of you that may have somehow missed…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 11 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our WNST Bus Trip to Providence and Foxborough this weekend. Thanks to Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square and Zeke’s Coffee for a delicious breakfast Saturday morning, Gunther Charters (and my man Stack) for getting us there, the Providence Hilton (and especially our girl Taryn downstairs at Shula’s for serving us WELL after last call) and Dave & Buster’s in Providence (with the best AND best looking staff we could have asked for) for taking care of us during our trip to New England. And thanks to the New England Patriots for taking even better care of us. Great weekend. It made this group of people DELIGHTFUL to travel home with…..


Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says ‘crazy’ season continued for Ravens with win over Pats

Crazy doesn’t begin to describe it.

In fact, if you were following us on Twitter (@WNST), you’d know that I was out of descriptive words as early as things went to 21-0. I kept going back to “surreal”, but I don’t think even that was explaining it well enough.

Looking for help, I consulted Thesaurus.com and entered “crazy.” Here are some ideas they offered…..

ape, barmy, bats in the belfry, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, erratic, flaky, flipped, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad, mad as a March hare, mad as a hatter, maniacal, mental, moonstruck, nuts, nutty, nutty as fruitcake, of unsound mind, out of one’s mind, out of one’s tree, out to lunch, potty, psycho, round the bend, schizo, screw loose, screwball, screwy, silly, touched, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped, wacky

This helped. Here’s your headline….

“Ravens win over Patriots mad as a March hare.”

Love it.

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens win ‘glorious’, but team not Super Bowl contenders just yet

Boy, even I want to punch myself in the shoulder for saying that.

It’s true-I stand by it, but maybe I should’ve just chosen to celebrate a little more yesterday than immediately going down the “don’t get too excited” route. I love critiquing myself.

That being said, if the Ravens go to LucasOil Stadium and beat Peyton Manning and company, they are ABSOLUTELY Super Bowl worthy.

They’re already more Super Bowl worthy than the Jets, who are AMAZINGLY still alive in the playoffs despite the fact that they stink! I guess the Bengals just stink even more???

Either way, this guy is ABSOLUTELY already booking a flight to Miami today, despite the fact that there’s NO WAY his team can get there…



3. Ravens Official Site’s Ryan Mink says secondary stepped up to lead Ravens to AFC Wild Card victory

Credit Domonique Foxworth.

Credit Chris Carr.

Credit Dawan Landry.

Credit Ed Reed.

Credit Frank Walker-especially for a hell of a play leading to the Landry pick.

It WAS a very impressive performance. Please someone let Randy Moss know that the game was YESTERDAY. I’m pretty sure he’s warming up right now for kickoff….

4. The Sun’s Brent Jones says Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed ‘back’ after outstanding win

Let’s hope that saying this wasn’t a one-off showing.

T-Sizzle made a MAJOR statement defensively with his sack/strip/recovery on the Pats’ first drive, and Ed Reed did the same by batting down a Tom Brady pass that appeared destined to give the Patriots their initial first down.

It has to continue. Terrell Suggs HAS to find a way to get Peyton Manning on the ground. Ed Reed has to see where Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are going on the field. It can’t be a “one time only” thing.

5. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Flacco ‘tough’ even if performance not overwhelming


Joe Flacco gutted it out yesterday, but everyone with a pulse knows that you can’t keep winning NFL playoff games with a quarterback going 4/10 for 34 yards a pick and a QB rating of 10.

I’m happy that Joe’s hip/quad didn’t cost the Ravens in their first playoff game. I’m hoping his arm will help the Ravens win their next playoff game.

6. Boston Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy says Sunday’s loss proved Patriots’ ‘dynasty over’

Must be nice to live in a place like Beantown, eh?

Celtics are winners, Red Sox are winners, Bruins have won consitently even if they haven’t won the Stanley Cup recently, etc.

Look, the Patriots “dynasty” IS over. But it isn’t doomsday.

They’re going to have Bill Belichick next year. And Tom Brady. And Randy Moss. And Vince Wilfork. Etc.

They just have to use their picks in the NFL Draft better. They’ve really struggled there. It might be wise to try to trade 2 or 3 of their 2nd round picks to get a better pick in the first round and get an impact player.

Or they can just keep struggling. I’d be just fine with that.

7. ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli says Ray Rice ‘set tone’ in win at Gillette Stadium

Remember when John Harbaugh was asked about Ray Rice a couple of weeks ago and he responded “I just love the guy”?

Ditto for the rest of Baltimore.

We just love the guy.

8. CBS Sports’ Clark Judge doesn’t think Ravens will have enough to win at Indianapolis in divisional round

That’s completely fair. The Colts didn’t lose a game all season in which they actually tried. The Ravens haven’t beaten Peyton Manning since he was fresh out of Tennessee.

Of course, the Ravens had NEVER beaten the Patriots, and the Patriots had NEVER lost a playoff game at Gillette Stadium.

We’ll all be thinking about the January 2007 game at M&T Bank Stadium this week. I don’t have to tell anyone that there are a number of demons to be exorcised there…

9. NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says Harbaugh ‘disappointed’ Ravens didn’t have enough evidence to challenge punt issue

The only real question here is: which feed was being shown in the coaches’ box upstairs?

If it was the in-house feed at “The Razor”, then the assistants did NOT get to see the play again, and the Ravens had NOTHING to base a challenge off of.

If it was the CBS network feed, then they probably should have seen the play again.

Thank God the final score was 33-14 and this REALLY doesn’t matter.

10. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Greivis Vasquez tallied 22 points as Terps topped Florida State

In the second half, he needs to be the guy. Other players on this team will put up numbers (like Eric Hayes did last night and Sean Mosley & Landon Milbourne have done at other times this season), but when it comes to getting wins in ACC play, he needs to be the one to carry them down the stretch.

11. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Greivis Vasquez hit big jumper to squash Seminoles’ rally in 2nd half

It’s not EXACTLY redemption from his miss against William & Mary-because the Terps were trailing the Tribe; but leading against FSU. But it is similar. The shot isn’t the problem. MISSING the shot is the problem.

12. Tallahassee Democrat’s Corey Clark says foul trouble for Solomon Alabi cost ‘Noles in loss to Terrapins

The Terps will NOT be killed by teams who are dominant inside (although Derrick Favors and Gani Lawal will give them fits when Georgia Tech comes to Comcast Center). The Terps will be KILLED by teams who can just drill outside shots and get 12 points while nobody notices. Florida State was the former.

13. The Sun’s Matt Bracken says former Miami LB commit Javarie Johnson switched pledge to Maryland

Picking up a 4 star linebacker is always a good thing. It appears as though Johnson (Dunbar in Washington, DC) just decided he had a change of heart and wanted to play close to home. As long as that’s the case, no reason to be concerned about the mental or emotional state of the kid. If it’s something more-you never know if a kid is ready to play at this level.

14. The AP’s Janie McCauley says Giants add former Orioles 1B Aubrey Huff

The best news about this? Andy MacPhail won’t try to pass along this note in a month….

“We really think the re-acquisition of Aubrey Huff solidifies us at First Base this season as we continue to develop our young players.”

But that doesn’t mean they’ve ruled out signing this guy to man the hot corner…..


15. Loyola Official Site previews tonight’s visit from Iona at Reitz Arena

A week ago, we were talking about the Siena game being a potential “gravy” win for this Greyhounds team. More realistically, the Hounds now can’t afford a home loss to the Gaels to fall to 1-5 in MAAC play.

And I leave you with this…

I didn’t get to see much of Charles Barkley hosting SNL. I’m going to try to check some more of it out during the day today. Here’s his monologue, what did everybody think?

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Ravens punch Indy ticket with easy beatdown of Patriots, 33-14

Posted on 10 January 2010 by Drew Forrester

Let me get this straight.

New England hadn’t lost a home playoff game in 31 years — and in that time they were 11-0 in Foxborough.

Tom Brady was 8-0 at home in his post-season career.

Baltimore’s pedestrian 9-7 regular season mark this year included a dismal 3-5 away record.

So with all of that statistical data overloaded against Baltimore, it made perfect sense that the Ravens would race out to a 24-0 first quarter lead and cruise to a 33-14 win in New England today.


If you say so.

What a crazy league the NFL has become.

And what a crazy season it’s been for the Ravens, who literally entered the 4th quarter of their final regular season game in Oakland with their playoff berth still very much in jeopardy.

7 days later, they’ve polished off the mystique of the New England Patriots and they’re on their way to Indianapolis for a Saturday evening showdown with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

The New England fans hung around until there were about 9 minutes to go in the game.

They put in more of an effort than Randy Moss, that’s for sure.

So how did it happen today?

In a way only the dreamer could possibly imagine, the Ravens scored on their first play from scrimmage and then parlayed two first quarter turnovers into a 24-0 lead before half the crowd could say, “Want another cup of chow-dahh?”

And with their star quarterback obviously in need of a spark-plug change and Moss mailing it in like a member of the Postal Service, the Patriots were left with nothing to do except entertain an afternoon of boos from their faithful and wonder to themselves how on earth they picked today to have their worst game of the season.

As for the Ravens, they picked a great time to produce their best 30 minutes of defensive football all season, that’s for sure.

With Ray Lewis providing yet another epic post-season performance and Domonique Foxworth leading an opportunistic secondary, Baltimore clamped down early and often on both Brady and the running game en-route to a comfortable 24-7 halftime lead.

And when Willis McGahee scampered in with 10:32 to play to make it 33-14, the stands started to empty.

So it’s now on to Indianapolis, where the Ravens will undoubtedly have January 13, 2007 on their minds.  Fresh off of a 13-3 regular season and a first-week playoff bye, Steve McNair had a game only Tom Brady could duplicate (today) and the Baltimore offense stalled in a 15-6 loss to Indy.

Next Saturday night in Indy, it’s payback time for Ray Lewis, Todd Heap, Ed Reed and the rest of the guys who were part of that disappointing home defeat.

It had to be this way, right?

Baltimore vs. Indianapolis.

Winner goes to the AFC Championship game.

Loser goes home.

One thing for sure:  Tom Brady won’t be making a trip to South Florida in early February to gun for his 4th ring.

The Ravens made sure of that today in New England.

Now if they can send next week’s opposing quarterback home early, we might really be on to something.

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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying “Thank You” to everyone who came out to our Brian Billick “Milkshake Social” at Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square last night. It was a TREMENDOUS turnout, and a very cool event. A SPECIAL “Thank You” to Steve Pavlovsky-the Godfather of Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square, who I believe I managed to convince to adopt me last night. Steve also took the time after our event to show me a Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich secret, called “Carolina Style.” For those wanting the inside info, these are your ingredients……


….You’ll thank me. Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Nestor Aparicio thinks Ravens fans aren’t fired up for playoffs

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess I have to agree-but I’m certainly understanding of fans who don’t decide to invest the money in a 9-7 team that has gotten questionable play in a number of crucial areas. That being said, I can’t WAIT to get on the bus tomorrow morning in White Marsh and head to New England to watch the Ravens. Like I said, if you want to challenge me in Pop-A-Shot basketball tomorrow night at Dave & Buster’s in Providence, feel free. But I will kick your ass.

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens sporting new patches after Harbaugh’s postgame speech

Unfortunately, I can’t take still pictures in the locker room-although I might try to sneak one today if possible. The shovel and sword essentially represent a “Keep digging but stay fighting” mentality that Coach Harbs has tried to pass off to his team. Find out more by checking out this clip of the post-game speech after Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders……

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee not ‘comfortable’ with being backup, but not concerned about it right now

Anybody not think this was the case? Of COURSE Willis McGahee doesn’t want to be a backup. But Ray Rice is THE guy in Baltimore now-there’s not even a way to argue that…..at all. You can hear Willis’ comments in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. He didn’t say the wrong thing, he was just honest. As long as he continues to work hard while he IS a Baltimore Raven, I don’t have a problem with him admitting that he’d probably rather be somewhere else.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Cameron hasn’t been contacted by Bills


If I had to guess, Leslie Frazier ends up getting the job in Buffalo. That being said, I think Cam probably does deserve another chance as a head coach. And in fairness, Buffalo might be the perfect spot for him-as they can’t REALLY have great expectations up there. If the Ravens don’t advance past the AFC Wild Card round this weekend, I would expect Cam WILL be contacted, and will get a chance to interview.

5. 4 of 4 Boston Globe analysts pick Pats to win Sunday

If you add the analysts on “The Comcast Morning Show”, you can make it 6 of 6. During our “Picks and Comment” segment this morning, Drew picked the Pats to win 24-14, and I picked the Pats to win 26-17.

Look, NO ONE wants the Ravens to win more than I do, but Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game in Foxborough. I can’t just ASSUME that Joe Flacco will be the 1st quarterback to go beat him.

But I’ll be hoping.

6. ESPN.com’s Greg Gaber says Harbaugh worst in NFL in saving timeouts for crucial situations

I know Ed from Park Heights doesn’t put any value in this statistic, and the statistic alone is not the issue. The issue is that John Harbaugh really struggles with game management AND the team tends to struggle with get play-calling in quickly AND Joe Flacco often struggles to adjust at the line.

They’re all issues. The statistic is just a representation of those things.

7. SI’s Tim Layden says 6 sure fire future Hall of Famers will be on field at Gillette Stadium Sunday

You know the list-Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Junior Seau, Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I don’t think Ed Reed is a slam dunk (and Randy Moss might not be either) YET, but I probably agree with the rest of the list.

Of course, this is what happens when you get good teams together….they have talent, arguably historic talent. It will be a joy to watch these teams, there’s no doubt about that.

8. The Sun’s Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec say reunion with Miguel Tejada ‘unlikely’ for Orioles

I guess this can’t be surprising since Garrett Atkins is going to be the guy at 3rd base. I know some people will say Tejada can just play 1st base, but there’s no reason to just ASSUME Miguel is a 1st baseman.

That being said, the Birds need to sign SOMEONE to play 1st base. Michael Aubrey should not be the guy…..but he probably will be.

9. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Blow Horn Equity, Angelos group attempting to be “stalking horse” in Pimlico, Laurel auction


Our long civic nightmare continues?!?!?

My “leader in the clubhouse” remains David Cordish. The tracks remain more valuable to him for multiple reasons than they do anyone else. He has slots rights (so he can make money off his own facility) AND he’s a local guy who cares about the state and the horse racing industry.

10. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Seminoles will be tough defensively for Terps

They’ll be tough all around for Maryland. The good news for the Terps is that they don’t shoot lights out, and the shouldn’t run up a 12 point lead early in the 2nd half to make things tough. I’ll say Terps 81-73. But of course, I WOULD say that. The game is on Comcast SportsNet (Fox Sports Net nationally) at 5:30 Sunday from Comcast Center. Someone will need to keep me updated while I’m on my way back from NE.

11. Maryland Official Site says Terps women blown out in ACC opener at NC State

This is exactly what I was saying about this Maryland team. We have NO IDEA if they’re any good or not. There’s no one who has the responsibility fall on them if things aren’t going well. They are clearly MUCH better in College Park than they are on the road-I think that’s fair to say. But it will be a dogfight for Brenda Frese’s troops in the ACC.

12. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland’s Nick Ferrara named freshman All-American

He’s deserving. He was asked to do a lot this season with Travis Baltz hurt, and he should certainly solidify the position for the next 3 seasons. There’s a few other positions that need to be solidified still…..

And finally, I leave you with this.

College football season wrapped up last night with a bit of a thud (although credit Texas for making a game out of it even after Colt McCoy left on the first possession of the game), but certainly there were a number of more memorable moments throughout the ’09-’10 campaign.

One of my favorite moments had nothing to do with football. Instead, it happened just 7 days ago before the Sugar Bowl when country band Lady Antebellum sang the national anthem. Really REALLY freaking good.

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Live From Owings Mills: Ravens Sporting New Patches

Posted on 07 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

4:45 INJURY REPORT: Ravens-

CB Marcus Paschal (back)
QB Joe Flacco (hip)
LB Tavares Gooden (groin)
TE Todd Heap (neck)
LB Jarret Johnson (back)
LS Matt Katula (elbow)
WR Derrick Mason (knee)
DT Haloti Ngata (ankle)
DE Trevor Pryce (head)
S Ed Reed (groin)
G Marshal Yanda (knee)
S Tom Zbikowski (neck)


OL Dan Connolly (ankle)
QB Tom Brady (right shoulder/right finger/rib)
WR Julian Edelman (forearm)
DE Jarvis Green (knee)
T Nick Kaczur (shoulder)
CB Shawn Springs (knee)
DE Ty Warren (ankle)
TE Benjamin Watson (knee)
DL Vince Wilfork (foot)

3:11-Overheard around the facility today:

Jerry Rosburg:
-“I’m confident” Matt Katula will play well Sunday vs. Pats
-On playing in Foxborough: “They have a good surface.”

Cam Cameron:
-Bills rumors are “farthest thing from my mind”, he said he hadn’t been contacted about their head coaching vacancy.
-Playing against Belichick, Patriots “ultimate chess game.”
-Thought Flacco played well against Oakland because he didn’t put defense in a “compromising position.”
-Holding on to the football is a “critical element” of playoff football
-on facing Vince Wilfork: “Matt Birk’s here for a reason.”

Greg Mattison:
-“We’ve hurt ourselves” against really good QB’s
-Ben Watson is a “very very good receiver.”

3:06-Hear from the following NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net:

Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron
Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison
Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg
CB Chris Carr
CB Domonique Foxworth
RB Willis McGahee

Also, RB/KR Jalen Parmele joined Drew Forrester on “The Comcast Morning Show” this morning on AM1570 WNST & WNST.net. You can hear from Jalen in the Audio Vault as well.

Don’t forget-for the quickest updates-follow us on Twitter (@WNST).

1:07-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Baltimore Ravens continue their preparations for Sunday’s AFC Wild Card round showdown with the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

At practice today, CB Marcus Paschal appeared to be the only player not participating-although he was dressed and on the side; he may have ended up doing some work. It is worth noting that a few Boston media members are in town, and they are NOT being allowed to watch Ravens practice.

We are scheduled to hear from the coordinators today (Cam Cameron, Greg Mattison and Jerry Rosburg) around 1:30.

In the meantime, check out this speech from John Harbaugh following Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders. He refers to a shovel “Just keep digging” and a sword. The Ravens are now practicing wearing patches that depict both a shovel and a sword.

Back shortly with more.


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