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Wednesday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 18 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

Really Pittsburgh?  If Bud Selig wants to rewrite the Major League Baseball record book by taking out players guilty of using performance enhancing drugs.  Maybe the NFL and Roger Goodell should consider doing the same.  This morning Sports by Brooks has a story asking the question, “Did Steelers Blood Dope Before the Super Bowl?” WR Hines Ward and S Troy Polamalu, public enemy’s #1 and #2 in Baltimore, received a controversial treatment knows as Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy.  We all know the 70’s Stillers were the fathers of the sports ‘Steroid Era.’ Hmmm… sounds sketchy to this CMS Staffer.

Maryland’s Mt. Rushmore of Sports.  SportsCenter is currently holding a competition of which individual United State has the best ‘Mt. Rushmore of Sports.’  They are going to announce a series of finalists and then the fans will have the final say, which gets this “prestigious” honor.  Where will Maryland factor into the discussion?  The Old Line State put up quite the fearsome foursome, Cal, Brooks, Johnny U, and Michael Phelps.  You have to wonder, do you think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, or Abe Lincoln were ever involved in a ‘Bong-Gate?’

Surprise, Surprise.  This morning it is being widely reported that Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets will have season ending micro fracture surgery on his left knee.  Since being an underrated budding star in Toronto with Vince Carter, he was supposed to revolutionize the NBA with Grant Hill in post-Shaq-Orlando, and be involved in the next ‘Big 3′ to make a title run with Yao and Artest in Houston.  It might be really safe to say, McGrady might be the most overrated, way over-hyped “super-star” in the entire post-Jordan era.  Anyone who has played with that amount of talent over a decade should without a doubt be able to get to a conference semi-final, but as you’ll remember, the amount of playoff rounds T-Mac has ever won is 0.  Bob Haynie, esteemed host of the Bob Haynie Show, had Houston-Boston in his NBA Finals… sorry Bob, not this year.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football Talk has a few words on Terrell Suggs potentially being ‘tagged.’

The Schmuck Stops Here has a thought on “Guthrie and the WBC.”

MLB Trade Rumors comments on Brian Roberts and the O’s possibly narrowing the gap on a long-term deal.

Ravens Insider asks is “Rolle next on the chopping block?”

Fanhouse:  “Broncos cut Dre Bly,” could he be a potential FA signing for the Ravens?

Medium Well wonders if is “Maryland among ESPN’s Mt. Rushmore finalists?” The Old Line State has a pretty nice fearsome foursome with Cal, Brooks, Phelps, and Unitas.  I wonder if anyone on the real Mt. Rushmore

Face off confirms that “Hagelin’s still the one at Loyola,” and ponders who is “UMBC’s next diamond in the rough.”

Recruiting Report looks at the life of ex-Terp basketball recruit Eteyen Edet.

Deadspin has a great human interest story, “Not all high school kids are punks”… Drew addressed the story this morning on the CMS.

CMS Video of the Day

With the NFL Draft approaching quickly potential draftees all over the country are trying to show GM’s all over the league that they should be selected.  San Jose State 6’4 287lb Jarron Gilbert did something amazing while getting out of the pool after a workout… absolutely unreal for someone that size to be able to do that, put him on my team’s D-Line!

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Root For The Steelers …..

Posted on 30 January 2009 by Rex Snider

For the past two weeks, I’ve heard all the excuses.  I’ve heard of the disdain and pure hatred Baltimoreans stomach, when it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Heck, you’re even blindly rooting against them in the Super Bowl, right?


Well, if you are rooting against the Steelers, I’m gonna try changing your mind ….. and heart – for just ONE day.  I hope Bob Haynie is reading this and at 10am, I hope he tells the world, “Rex Snider helped me see the light.”


Maybe, Nestor is reading it, too.  Could you imagine if I changed his mind?  Hey, it’s possible ….. if you look at this game and the very reasons we SHOULD have for rooting for/against each franchise.  And, yes, it’s personal …..


Why do we hate the Pittsburgh Steelers?  We can’t hang it on 3 losses, this past season.  And, we can’t manufacture the hate – out of envy, simply because they’ve got a knack for beating the Ravens at the most crucial times.  C’mon, don’t bluntly hate, as a result of disappointment.


Unlike the Cowboys, Yankees or Lakers, the Steelers are not brimming with glitz and an aura deeming them BETTER than others.  Nope, they’re just a hard knocks football team.  And, they’re legendary.  It is what it is …..


There’s one more factor, too …..


The Steelers and specifically, the Rooneys have never played games with the hearts of Baltimoreans.  They have never courted us and they’ve never left us standing alone, with our “ ______” in our hands, right?


So, they’ve kicked our asses between the goalposts.  What are they paid to do?  It’s really that simple …..


Now, look at the team on the opposite sideline – yep, the Arizona Cardinals.  You can twist this supposed feel-good story any way your little heart desires.  Sure, Kurt Warner is a great guy and a truly good man.  And, the Cardinals may never be here, again.   TOUGH.


You wanna hate someone?  Better yet, do you simply wanna root against somebody?  Well, choose the right person ….. and the right team.  And, get fixated on that little dude in the bowtie and cheesy suit.


Look no further than Bill Bidwill – owner of the Arizona Cardinals.  Sure, jump in the “wayback machine” and land yourself in 1988/89.  Do you recall the antics Bidwill and his Cardinals organization pulled on the people of Baltimore?


We were fresh off a life-defining loss of our own franchise, to the city of Indianapolis.  And, Bill Bidwill played GAMES with us.  He used us and left us with nothing – but hearts that were even further damaged, from a desire to love another team.


Has he ever apologized?  Has he ever reached out to Baltimore and explained himself?  That’s the audacity and selfish nature of someone who doesn’t care about people, simply because, he doesn’t personally know them.


Now, this IS A REASON to root against someone.


Every season, Dan Rooney rises to the occasion and delivers on providing the toughest and most formidable foe we can readily expect.  Isn’t there a respect and degree of admirable distinction in this?  Damn, it’s exactly what football should be …..


The Steelers and Ravens are turning into the NFL’s best rivalry.  But, there must come a time when we tip our cap to such an adversary, especially when they beat us and left us “disappointed” in the RIGHT way …..


Bill Bidwill didn’t do this.  He made it personal ….. and it had nothing to do with football.  His defeat of Baltimore came outside the goalposts.  Don’t forget this on Sunday.  He doesn’t deserve our support.


I can only hope Bob Haynie reads this in time …..

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Five Reasons Why The Ravens Will Win In Pittsburgh

Posted on 16 January 2009 by Alex Thomas

As game day approaches, I have to admit, I’m becoming exponentially more worried about this game. The injury bug is what worries me the most. But in an attempt to resurrect some optimism, here are five reasons why the Ravens will win this Sunday in the Land of Unpleasant Living.

1. Turnovers – With all due respect to the Steelers defense, nobody creates turnovers and turns them into points like the Ravens. Led by the best safety in the game, the Ravens ball-hawking defense has created an unprecedented eight turnovers in the first two playoff games. Roethlisberger has been sacked 46 times this year, and even without Suggs, the Ravens still have the ability to pressure the quarterback. Jameel McClain, Trevor Pryce, and Bart Scott all have the ability to rush the passer while Haloti Ngata and Justin Bannan can collapse the pocket. By pressuring Roethlisberger to make some mistakes, Big Ben could make some big mistakes on Sunday night.

2. Suggs’ absence could lead to more of the “Suggs Package” – One thing the Steelers haven’t seen this year is the Suggs package. In the previous two meetings with the ‘yins, Troy Smith did not take a snap. In the first two playoff games, we only saw #10 on the field once (in the Miami game). It would be wise to assume that those four games are the games that Pittsburgh will be studying the most this week. Don’t underestimate the wizardry of Cam Cameron.

3. Flacco The Protector – Joe Flacco hasn’t turned the ball over in the last four games. If the Ravens don’t turn the ball over, we’ll be talking about a Ravens win on Monday.

4. Little Willie – In six games against the Ravens, Willie Parker has averaged a measly 43.7 yards per game and has never scored a rushing touchdown. I really don’t care how he performed against the Chargers. The Chargers are not the Ravens.

5. The Ultimate Guarantee for Ravens Victory: The Reverse Schleprock – This morning, Bob Haynie cast his voodoo spell over Western Pennsylvania by picking the Steelers to beat the Ravens. Bob will be the first to tell you that his predictions usually don’t come to fruition. Here’s to hoping that he jinxed the Steelers.

Well…I hope that cheered you up. I know it made me feel a little better.

My pick: Ravens 19 – Steelers 17. Stover makes a last second field goal despite that sorry excuse for a professional football field in Pittsburgh. I played on rec league fields that were more suitable to host an NFL game.

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I’ve Found An Expert Opinion …..

Posted on 05 January 2009 by Rex Snider

Do you recall the famed line “When E.F. Hutton Talks, People Listen” …..

Well, I’ve found a modern-day version of this reliable motto.  And, the substance of the statement is exactly what everyone in Baltimore wants to hear.  Unless you’re living under the Hanover Street bridge, or Star Trek – and not sports – is your bag, you’re wishing for one more Christmas gift, right?

To be specific, where do you want that Post-Christmas goodie delivered ???  How about your living room ???  Better yet, your driveway ???  Or, are you bluntly looking for your final and most coveted of presents to be delivered in Nashville, on Saturday ???  I think we all know that answer ….

If you’re searching for that optimistic source of hope, than look no further than to one of music’s most controversial and popular artists.  Yep, according to rapper “Lil Wayne”, the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl.  In his latest blog (ESPN.com), Wayne has boldly predicted that “thanks to a dominating defense” the Ravens will be hoisting the Lombardi trophy, in Tampa.

The good news is Wayne appears to be one of this era’s luckiest souls, and anything he touches seems to turn out RIGHT.  On the other hand, his claim to fame is songs about sexual gratification and “Lollipops,” as well as mimicking police cars.

Oh, it gets better ….. although, the New Orleans resdent is not a Ravens fan, he does maintain a true hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  And, he thinks PacMan Jones should be kicked out of football.  Wow …..

I can’t say I’m a big rap or hip-hop fan.  But, I’m certainly hoping Lil Wayne’s predictions are as bold as his record sales …..

Note To Drew Forrester/Bob Haynie/Rob Long – I believe Lil Wayne has earned some play on the bumper music selections, this week …..

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O’s, Motley Crue, Barry Sims, Lex Luger and ultimate matchup

Posted on 24 June 2008 by caseywillett

Here are a couple of things before going in to work at the station:
          If you are an Orioles fan, here is a recommendation for you. Make sure that you tune into the Bob Haynie show to hear some news as it relates to the Orioles. That is all I am going to say about it. Not only will Tony Pente from Orioleshangout be joining Bob as well as Marc Carig from Washington Post to talk O’s, but there will be a surprise thrown in there also.
          Had a chance to listen to the new Motley Crue cd this morning. I am not sure what to make of it yet. While it is not Dr Feelgood type Motley Crue, it is better than Generation Swine . I am thinking about going to check out the Crue concert when they come to Nissian next month. They are a band that I have always wanted to see play live and not had the chance to. Have seen Vince Neil a couple of times with Ray Bachman and have some pretty funny stories from those concerts.
          Anyone know of a good tattoo parlor in Baltimore ?
          Barry Sims signing with the San Fransico 49ers is not a huge surprise to me. Although he would have competed for the tackle position for the Ravens, and put some pressure on a guy like Jared Gaither, I do not think the Ravens are in any worse shape without him. I still think that some veteran will be out there that the Ravens can bring into camp and look at.
          For old school wrestling fans, here is a very interesting story about Lex Luger. It is very interesting to read about his story and where he is now.
          Here is one of the funniest and odd baseball moments I have ever seen. Here is the video of when a switch hitter faces a switch pitcher. It is pretty entertaining to watch and how it all plays out.

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From the ballpark

Posted on 03 April 2008 by caseywillett

Daniel looks like he has started to settle down a little bit. Dave Trembley said before the game that Daniel has a tendency to settle down later in the game, the issue is the damage he causes in the first couple.
          On the Orioles scoreboard between innings, they do a this or that contest where players have to pick between the two options. Tonight the option was Beastie Boys or Beach Boys. It was tied at six a piece with Adam Jones on the screen. After a long stare at the camera Adam said “neither”. The Beach Boys ended up winning with votes for the likes of Jamie Walker, Nick Markakis, and Ramon Hernandez
          Aubrey Huff just got booed again
          The scoreboard here will drive you crazy. There are times when the count on the hitter will just change without a pitch being thrown, then will go to all zeros when a pitch is thrown. Right now we are in the fifth inning and the scoreboard says it is the third and the O’s are winning 2 – 0.
          For some reason the Rays uniforms remind me of a minor league team. I will say though that they have one of the coolest mascots in baseball. Here are some videos of him in action, including schooling the Orioles bird.
          Well looks like Bob Haynie has given Daniel Cabrera the kiss of death with his 11 wins prediction. He just got pulled from the game and basically booed off of the field by the 1200 fans here

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Casey at the bat: This and tha

Posted on 05 May 2007 by caseywillett

Back from Ravens rookie camp, now here at Camden Yards. Rookie camp is always interesting to attend to watch the new guys and how they are in awe of being at 1 Winning Drive.

The practice is just the basics, nothing special, no real dramatic scheming or game planning going on, just learning the ropes of the NFL.

Troy Smith is wearing #11, but if I was a betting man I would say that he will be wearing #10 by the end of training camp. Was nice to meet Troy and he was great during his interview with Bob Haynie today.

Had a chance to catch up with Dan Cody at the facility, he is in tremendous physical shape, and told me he is getting antsy to get back onto the football field. Dan is one of my favorite Ravens, and I would warn anyone that is calling him a bust already.

Warning to Prescott Burgess, your locker is next to Bart Scott and Gary Stills, you could be in for a long season with those two guys as neighbors.

I am getting excited for football season to get going, rookie camp ends tomorrow, then they will be back for mini camps. Covering the Ravens is always fun, great staff, great players and above all it is football!

That brings me to the ballpark where the Orioles will try to stop this run away train that is losing. If the Orioles can not go at least .500 during this home stand, they are in trouble, and could be on the verge of melt down mode.

When does training camp start again?

Had several e-mail guesses as to who the guy in the picture from the UFC fight is, however none where right. It is Rick Bauer formerly of the Orioles, who is a big UFC fan.

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