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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 23 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Tuesday!

It’s another one of those “I THINK it’s a Happy” days today, as season allergies hit me like 6 tons of bricks last night. I have to get healthy before tomorrow night, because “The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet” and I are supposed to go see Alicia Keys at 1st Mariner Arena.

I can’t miss that.

I need your remedy ideas. What will get me healthy again? I’ve been taking the Benadryl Allergy stuff at night, but it makes me drowsy-so I can’t do it during the day. Or at least not when I’m working.

I need ideas. Apparently blood spinning won’t help me, but I’m willing to give it a try. Hell, I’m willing to try anything if it will make me feel better. So far I’ve tried this….


And while it’s made me feel better…I’m not totally certain it’s working.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens added veteran DL Cory Redding with 2 year deal

This appears to be a good acquisition.

Although nothing is guaranteed, Redding has a (mostly) solid track record-and we have reason to believe he might well be BETTER than Dwan Edwards. That being said, Edwards CERTAINLY had a better 2009 season than Redding did.

It appears as though Redding will slide in at Edwards’ position, possibly rotating out for Trevor Pryce in obvious passing situations.

I still expect the Ravens to pursue pass rush help in the NFL Draft-either at DE or OLB. BUT-I think this is a good addition for a team that needed D-Line help.

Although, my first choice of people to steal from Seattle would probably have been this guy….


2. Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neil says Redding struggled to start season in Seattle last year, but was one of Seahawks’ ‘better linemen’ down the stretch

I’ve heard a few people say something along the lines of “are we sure Redding was always giving his all in Detroit?”

For the record, I’m not.

That being said, I’m not sure I expect someone playing for the Lions to always give it everything he has on every play. I also know that things were VERY awkward in Seattle a season ago, with Jim Mora finally taking over, struggling, and going on to be fired.

It’s REALLY hard to judge what happened last season there.

I’m certainly willing to give Redding the benefit of the doubt, especially knowing that he’s coming to a MUCH better system. In talking with Redding yesterday, you could certainly sense the excitement he had about playing alongside the likes of Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, etc. If you missed Redding on “The Bob Haynie Show” With “Hoops” & Mark Suchy yesterday-check it out in the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

(Edit from GMC: That makes back to back times that the Ravens have acquired a player and I was the first reporter in town to talk to the player, after Anquan Boldin a few weeks back. I don’t say that to brag or boast. I say that because I hope you’ll continue to turn to us for Ravens information-as well as information on all local sports.)

3. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens receive no compensatory picks in NFL Draft

Which we knew was coming. Unfortunately-for all of the players they lost (Jason Brown, Kyle Boller, Bart Scott, etc.); they also signed their own free agents (Domonique Foxworth, Matt Birk, LJ Smith, etc.).

The Ravens will still look to acquire 3rd or 4th round picks between now and when the Draft starts about a month from now.

I’ll look to acquire Olivia Munn’s phone number myself. I just can’t guarantee that either of us will be successful, but I probably have more faith in Ozzie Newsome and company. (Thanks Busted Coverage.)


4. Philadelphia Daily News’ Bernard Fernandez says Zbikowski would consider boxing return if NFL has work stoppage


I had never thought about this.

First of all, I GENUINELY don’t believe there will be a work stoppage in the NFL. I really don’t. I think this will get worked out.

BUT-should there be a work stoppage, I just can’t see Tom Zbikowski REALLY use the time to step inside a ring; unless his relationship with the Ravens is somehow damaged between now and then.

Just because they might have to step away for a short time doesn’t mean they won’t ever have to play football again. While I doubt Tom Zbikowski WOULD be injured in a boxing ring, he’d certainly be putting himself at risk.

It would be pretty freaking cool, though.

5. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Bisciotti currently AGAINST changes to OT rules

In fairness, I don’t necessarily think that the new OT rules are perfect, but I DO think they’re a better option than the current system.

Really, I’m fine with just about any system (really, I am) as long as games don’t end in ties. As we all know, tying is like kissing your sister.

Which is only okay if your sister looks like Angie Quesada…


6. Carroll County Times says former managers Johnny Oates, Ray Miller elected to Orioles Hall of Fame

Johnny Oates is clearly getting in because he was a great guy who sadly met his demise due to a brain tumor. He ABSOLUTELY did not do enough as a manager or player to warrant consideration for the honor.

Ray Miller was a very good pitching coach and not a good manager. I guess someone had to get in this year.

And apparently this guy didn’t get a whole heck of a lot of consideration….


7. The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Bordick will try to teach Birds’ minor leaguers ‘little things’

Like…which town has groupies you might want to stay away from? (Edit from GMC: I’m looking at you, Pawtucket.)

It’s great to have Mike Bordick back with the organization. I’d like to see even MORE former players involved with the organization somehow. Bordick is a guy who can certainly bring a quality perspective on defense, bunting, timely hitting, moving runners over, etc.

All of those things are really good for young ballplayers. Or veteran ballplayers for that matter. Like the ones playing in Baltimore for example.

8. Washington Post’s Dave Sheinin says O’s ‘full of hope’ this season

I think we should play a game: “Who’s going to write this story tomorrow?”

I’ll say Stan McNeal from the Sporting News. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone from USA Today…or CBSSports.com…or wherever.

Here’s my only question. What side of the hill does Mr. “Hope” throw from? Does he have a win-loss record better than Jeremy Guthrie’s?

If so, I’ll take him.

9. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Jordan Williams, Sean Mosley will be ‘most integral’ parts for 2010-11 Terrapins

And the team is going to NEED scoring from Adrian Bowie and/or Cliff Tucker.

And they’re going to need Dino Gregory to develop into a more all-around power forward.

And they’re going to need James Padgett and Ashton Pankey to be able to give them some minutes up front off the bench.

And they’re going to need the freshmen guards (Terrell Stoglin, P’Shon Howard, Mychal Parker) to give them SOME sort of contribution. Parker is clearly the most likely to do that, but Stoglin could end up working into the rotation as the point guard of the future.

Of course, we’re some 7 months even from Midnight Madness. Maybe we should calm down a bit.

10. Inside Lacrosse says Terps 4th in poll, Hopkins falls out of Top 10

It is definitely WEIRD to see the Blue Jays outside the Top 10, but you have to beat SOMEONE of note to be considered a top-tier team. (Edit from GMC: I’m terribly afraid that win will come against Maryland.)

What’s also weird is that no other local team (with MAYBE the exception of Loyola) is even a threat to get NEAR the Top 10.

Let’s step it up boys. It’s about time this town is recognized for something besides selling X-Boxes that were once evidence in a major trial on eBay.

And finally, I leave you with this.

For whatever reason, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were taken up by comments on “Dancing With The Stars” last night. You people do know that wrestling airs on Mondays, don’t you???

Here’s Chad Ochocinco…

And Here’s Erin Andrews…

If I see your testicles lying around, I’ll try to return them to you.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Ravens Agree to 2 Year Deal With Cory Redding

Posted on 22 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

The Baltimore Ravens have announced that they have agreed in principle on a two-year deal with former Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions DL Cory Redding.

Redding joins a Ravens D-Line that has recently lost both Dwan Edwards and Justin Bannan. He joins Haloti Ngata, Kelly Gregg, Trevor Pryce, Brandon McKinney, Kelly Talavou and Lamar Divens in the Ravens’ D-Line rotation.

Redding may immediately step in at DE to replace the departed Edwards, with Pryce switching in for obvious passing downs. However, D-Line will still likely be a position the Ravens try to upgrade during the NFL Draft.

Here are Redding’s career statistics, thanks to the AP (via WNST.net):

Career Defensive Stats
Year Team G TK Asst Sacks Yds Int Yds TDs PD FF FR
2003 Det 9 6 1 0.0 0.0 0 0 0 1 0 0
2004 Det 16 34 6 3.0 20.0 0 0 0 0 1 2
2005 Det 16 26 7 1.0 4.0 0 0 0 4 1 1
2006 Det 16 38 10 8.0 43.5 0 0 0 0 2 1
2007 Det 16 27 10 1.0 5.0 0 0 0 1 0 2
2008 Det 13 31 6 3.0 19.5 0 0 0 0 0 0
2009 Sea 15 18 2 2.0 10.0 0 0 0 0 0 2
Totals 101 180 42 18.0 102.0 0 0 0 6 4 8


1:10pm update: Cory Redding just joined Bob Haynie and Mark Suchy on “The Bob Haynie Show” on AM1570 WNST. Here are some of the things he had to say….

-“Love the program, love the facility, love the organization. Respect the men who play there.”
-Ravens were “a perfect fit” for him in free agency.
“I don’t care what my position is. Just to be out on the field will be fun for me.”
“It’s gonna be a unique situation” playing with Ravens defense.
“Can’t wait to get ready to work with you guys and pursue the playoffs.”
“I love the game of football. I love to compete.”
“I will definitely do my best” in games against Steelers.
-Cory also told Bob & Mark about his Foundation…The Cory Redding Foundation…visit CoryReddingFoundation.org

If you missed the interview (SHAME ON YOU!), you can hear the entire chat in the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

12:30pm update:
Nestor Aparicio caught up with Ravens coach John Harbaugh and this is what he had to say about the addition of Redding in Orlando at the owners’ meetings:

12:20pm update: John Harbaugh just joined Nestor and the other Baltimore media covering the league meetings in Orlando. Here are his thoughts on Cory Redding:

“We’re excited about Cory because he fits us. He plays with a high motor, plays with great energy. He’s a sideline to sideline type of player. He’s excited to be a Raven. We think he’s a similar player to Dwan (Edwards). We hope he falls right in at that spot. He’s a really good player against the run. He’s stout and he plays real hard.”

Harbaugh’s chat with the media will be available shortly via WNSTv.

12pm update: Here are some thoughts from Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome:

“This will sound a little like a broken record, but Cory is a guy who plays like a Raven. He hustles, he plays with intelligence, and he can play multiple positions like many of our defensive players. He’s been a starter at both inside tackle and defensive end. And I am sure our coaches will use him in both positions.”

WNST.net’s own Nestor Aparicio is live in Orlando at the annual NFL meetings, he will continue to provide us information from John Harbaugh, Dick Cass, etc. as it becomes available. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for the latest.


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Join Us On Twitter During Maryland-Michigan State!

Posted on 21 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Greetings everyone!

As I am not in Spokane this weekend, I am not blogging live from the Maryland-Michigan State NCAA Tournament game. INSTEAD-I hope you’ll follow us on Twitter (@WNST), and join in our conversation during the game. There is no doubt that Bob Haynie, Drew Forrester and others will be chiming in; and I’ll ReTweet information from “Comcast Morning Show” Terps correspondent Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse) who is live at the Spokane Arena.

Come on over to Twitter and join in the conversation while you watch the Terrapins and Spartans on CBS! After the game, check back here at WNST.net for my postgame thoughts!


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Emotion Lacking in Terps’ ACC Tournament Loss to Georgia Tech

Posted on 12 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Greensboro, NC It was going to be a tough match-up.

When the seedings for this weekend’s ACC Tournament were announced, Maryland fans were immediately concerned about the potential for the Terps to have to face Georgia Tech in the quarterfinals.

They were right to be concerned, as the Yellow Jackets had nearly stunned Maryland some 3 weeks earlier in College Park.

But what no Maryland fan (or ACC pundit) could have ever expected was the listless effort the Terrapins would give over the first 20 minutes en route to a 69-64 defeat at the hands of the Jackets on Friday night.

The Terps weren’t just outscored 41-25 over the first 20 minutes, they were out-rebounded 21-14, they shot just 9-31 (29%) from the floor and missed all 6 of their 3 point attempts. They trailed by as many as 19 before an Adrian Bowie 3 point play just before the halftime buzzer.

At times, it was ugly. Shots weren’t falling, but shots weren’t being taken with the type of determination you’d expect from a team that entered the game on a 7 game win streak. ACC Player of the Year Greivis Vasquez had just 5 points on 2-8 shooting, and ACC Rookie of the Year runner-up Jordan Williams had more personal fouls (2) than field goals made.

This wasn’t the Maryland team we had seen since a February 13th loss at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Gary Williams knew his team wasn’t ready for the task at hand. “I have to take the responsibility for the way we played the first half. Whatever we did getting ready for this – obviously we had plenty of time to get ready – we have to be ready emotionally.”

It’s hard to believe a Gary Williams-coached and Greivis Vasquez-lead team might not be ready “emotionally”, but you could see it on their faces.

Maybe splitting the ACC regular season championship left this Maryland team a bit overconfident. Maybe Georgia Tech got an emotional advantage by having to gut out a victory over North Carolina just 24 hours earlier.

Whatever it was, it was clear that it was something more than just being outplayed by a tough Georgia Tech team.

The emotion came back. After halftime, Maryland extended the last 3 points of the first half into a 24-7 run that got them back within two points-but no closer-before the Yellow Jackets finished off the victory.

The most frustrating part of the 2nd half was that Maryland had the ball nine times with the chance to tie the game or go ahead. Yet they never did. The emotion they dug up at intermission couldn’t carry them over that hump.

Senior guard Eric Hayes confirmed that failing to tie the game or pull ahead in those situations was “demoralizing”, and added “it’s a little frustrating when you use that much energy to get back into the game…and you can’t really get over the top.”

It’s about emotion.

This Maryland team may have put up some solid shooting percentage numbers this season, but they are by no means are perfect basketball team. They’ve struggled to shoot consistently away from College Park (they finished the Georgia Tech game just 25-67 from the field-37.3%, and just 4-21 from beyond the arc-19%), and they’ve been out-rebounded by teams (like the Jackets) that present matchup problems inside.

On paper, almost any team they’ll face in the NCAA Tournament might match-up favorably.

But where they’ve made up for their basketball imperfections is in emotion and intensity-at least until they got to Greensboro. They need 40 minutes (or more, as was the case when they traveled to Blacksburg) of intense, emotional effort. They put together about 12 in their loss to the Yellow Jackets.

Being eliminated from the ACC Tournament doesn’t end the season for the Terrapins. Some fans and analysts (who apparently don’t understand the significance of the ACC Tournament) have suggested that it might be a “good thing” for Maryland to lose before March Madness gets underway, as it would be difficult to extend a 10 game win streak into the NCAA Tournament.

They’ll gather Sunday night to watch the “Selection Sunday” show, and they’ll likely find out that they’re a Top 5 seed in the Tournament. Likely a 4, 5 or 6; they’ll be facing tough opponents again starting in Round 1.

Wherever they lost their emotional edge on the way to Greensboro, they’ll need to find it before they step on another floor.

If not, the remarkable run Gary Williams and his tremendous senior class has put together this season will be over as quickly as their appearance in the ACC Tournament was.


Greensboro, NC
Greetings from the Greensboro Coliseum, where the #2 seeded Maryland Terrapins battle the #7 seeded Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals. The winner advances to face the winner of tonight’s Florida State-NC State game in tomorrow’s semifinals.

The Terps were 76-74 winners in the only meeting between the teams this season-back on February 20th at Comcast Center in College Park. You’ll remember that Maryland needed a miracle 3 from Cliff Tucker at the buzzer to pull out the victory.

This matchup includes all of the ACC awards winners this season; ACC Player of the Year Greivis Vasquez, Coach of the Year Gary Williams, and Rookie of the Year Derrick Favors.

I will be providing updates below throughout the evening.You can also follow us on Twitter (@WNST), where Luke Jones, Bob Haynie and others will check in as well.



9:19pm-Georgia Tech knocks Maryland out of the ACC Tournament and likely punches their own ticket to The Big Dance. Final score 69-64. I’ll be back with more shortly.

9:18pm-Short stay in Greensboro. Not what you’d expect from the ACC Player of the Year…

9:17pm-They’ll have a chance….

9:16pm-It isn’t over, but it will take a miracle….

9:15pm-I was afraid of that….

9:14pm-We all know how this possession is going to end. Just 7 seconds on the shot clock though…

9:12pm-Can’t waste any more of these types of chances….

9:10pm-HUGE shot from Vasquez after Favors appeared to dagger the Terps with the putback dunk. 15 for Vasquez.

For the record, that DEFINITELY appeared to be a shot clock violation, and I’m right under the rim. I’m reasonably certain that ball did NOT hit the rim….

9:06pm-How many shots can Maryland miss with the deficit a one possession difference??? Unreal. Both teams have one timeout remaining with 1:44 to play. Tech ball up 3. They’ll want to work clock and get the ball inside.

9:04pm-The Jackets have been DESPERATELY trying to help the Terps from the line in the 2nd half…letting Glen Rice come down with that ball there is a killer though. Terps fortunate to get it back.

9:01pm-Tech will be in the double bonus the rest of the way. How many chances has Maryland had to get over the hump? Unreal. 2:47 to play at the final official timeout of regulation, Terps trail 62-59.

9:00pm-I don’t even have to ask if you think Derrick Favors’ head is in this one. It clearly isn’t. He’s a tourist. On vacation until the NBA Draft…

8:58pm-There’s two stops, but a BADLY ill-advised long pass gives it right back to Georgia Tech with Maryland trailing 62-59. 4:19 to play. Can’t afford those types of mistakes at this point in the game.

8:56pm-Landon Milbourne has 15 points to lead all scorers. Trailing 62-57 with 5:08 to play, the Terps need some defensive stops.

8:55pm-That was the 2009 Adrian Bowie we just saw on that last possession. Too soft to the rim, then line-driving a 3 point attempt. He’s been much better than that in recent weeks.

8:54pm-Who wants to hire me as a color analyst? Jordan Williams back in. Tech will want to go at him-at least when Moe Miller isn’t hitting jumpers…

8:51pm-12 points now for Greivis Vasquez, and Maryland trails 59-55 with 7:08 to play in this one. Gary has to be thinking about when to re-insert Jordan Williams during this timeout.

8:49pm-Big shot there from Eric Hayes to cut the lead back down to 5. He has 10 now. But ANOTHER miss inside from Mosley turns into another 3 from Brian Oliver. Tech by 8 again.

8:46pm-Maryland had plenty of chances to tie this up or take the lead, but instead they again trail by 5 at 53-48. Tech is regaining confidence, and a Brian Oliver 3 makes the lead 56-48 now for Tech. Gary Williams is forced to call his 4th timeout with 8:50 to play. He’ll have to go back to the drawing board.

8:43pm-The Gani Lawal-Sean Mosley matchup does not favor Maryland.

8:39pm-And with that foul on Mosley, the Jackets will be in the bonus the rest of the way. 48-46 Georgia Tech with 11:39 to play in the 2nd half, we’re at our 2nd official timeout.

8:38pm-This place was ready to explode if Vasquez had managed to hit that 3 ball. Maryland fans are absolutely drowning out the Tech fans in the building.

8:37pm-Already 5 team fouls on Maryland here in the 2nd half, still nearly 13 minutes to play.

8:35pm-If this is going to continue to be a coaching contest, I know this much. I prefer the guy on the Maryland bench. 48-44 Jackets.

8:32pm-Interesting to see Gary Williams turn to a small lineup, especially without Greivis Vasquez on the floor. But it’s working early, and the Terps have cut the Tech lead to 46-42, the closest they have been since early in the game.

4 teams fouls early in the half for Maryland. Cliff Tucker is playing the 4, and Paul Hewitt is quick to get Derrick Favors back in the game.

What is an “elbow violation” anyway???

8:31pm-Boy is this going to be a big 2nd half for Dino Gregory. The Mt. St. Joe grad is going to have to tough up with Jordan Williams in major foul trouble.

8:29pm-The Jackets are “lost” in the words of my friend Bruce Posner (who is sitting next to me here in Greensboro). Paul Hewitt is forced to take his 3rd timeout.

A block on Jordan Williams might change everything. He tried to get set, but I’m not sure he did. That’s four on him with 15:33 to play. Trouble.

8:26pm-There’s still a long way to go tonight. Terps have to sustain this energy for the rest of the half, and hope the Jackets wear down after playing a tough game against the Tar Heels last night. But trailing by 6 at the 1st official timeout of the 2nd half isn’t what I thought we’d be talking about when Georgia Tech was about to extend their lead to 20 in the first half.

8:24pm-Maybe we’re going to have a game tonight after all. 5 straight from Hayes and Vasquez, and it’s just 44-38 with 16:11 to play. 10 points now for the senior from Venezuela.

8:20pm-The Terps won’t go a game without a 3 ball tonight, as Greivis Vasquez drains one falling down. BUT-D’Andre Bell has an answer, and GT re-extends their lead to 11 at 44-33 before Paul Hewitt takes his 2nd timeout with 17:08 to play.

8:18pm-And just like that, Jordan Williams picks up his 3rd personal. This will be tough down the stretch as Maryland tries to contain Derrick Favors (6 points and 6 boards in the first half).

8:17pm-Jordan Williams finally missed his first free throw, but the Terps have scored the first 3 points of the 2nd half. Hey, small victories….

8:15pm-Did anyone think there was ANY chance Maryland might try to take a page from “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and change jerseys at the half? You know, Ducks fly together….

8:10pm-Maurice “Moe” Miller and Iman Shumpert lead all scorers with 9 points each. Landon Milbourne has 7 to lead Maryland. Greivis Vasquez has 5 (2-8 from field), Eric Hayes has 2 (1-5). Maryland has not connected on a 3 point shot yet tonight.

8:00pm-First Half point totals for Maryland this season away from Comcast Center….

11/23 vs. Chaminade in Maui-36 (lead by 10)
11/24 vs. Cincinnati in Maui-18 (trailed by 13)
11/25 vs. Wisconsin in Maui-27 (trailed by 10)
12/1 at Indiana-35 (lead by 2)
12/6 vs. Villanova at Verizon Center-38 (trailed by 11)
1/3 @ UNC-Greensboro-52 (lead by 18)
1/12 @ Wake Forest-39 (trailed by 3)
1/16 @ Boston College-38 (lead by 10)
1/31 @ Clemson-22 (trailed by 7)
2/4 @ Florida State-25 (trailed by 4)
2/13 @ Duke-24 (trailed by 16)
2/17 @ NC State-27 (trailed by 10)
2/27 @ Virginia Tech-31 (trailed by 6)
3/6 @ Virginia-38 (lead by 11)
3/12 vs. Georgia Tech in Greensboro-25 (trailed by 16)

It isn’t a perfect science, but there’s certainly a trend there. There won’t be any more games in College Park this season, so they’ll need to do something to improve upon this…

7:56pm-That’s a big play to end the half; but it doesn’t mean the Terps are back in it. It’s 41-25 Georgia Tech at the half. I’ll be back shortly…

7:54pm-Maryland trying to show SOME signs of life before the half, and the Terrapin supporters in the crowd DESPERATELY want to come to life. But every time something good happens, they struggle to build on it. Moe Miller just buried a 3 right on top of Vasquez and Milbourne. Wow.

7:52pm-Greivis is trying to “get the bit between his teeth” as Drew Forrester likes to say…but he is being taken COMPLETELY out of his game by Paul Hewitt’s defense. 39-20 with under 2 minutes to play.

7:50pm-Throwing the ball in the direction of the hoop instead of putting the ball IN the hoop from the cylinder has been an issue for Maryland all season.

This is dreadful. I just shouldn’t ever take road trips to this state I guess. 38-19 Jackets now, and Gary is forced to call his 3rd timeout already. Unthinkable.

7:48pm-We knew this was a bad matchup for Maryland, but it is STUNNING to see them struggle like this. 34-19 with 3:29 to play in the half at the final official timeout. If they can’t get it back under 10 before the break, this trip to Greensboro could be over before it started.

7:45pm-With both Gregory and Williams in foul trouble, Peacock was able to get his own miss there. Unreal. They have 6 team fouls, but they’re much more spread out.

7:44pm-Big hoop for Eric Hayes, as the Terps desperately need SOMEONE to hit some shots from outside. Of course, they also can’t have a guy like Zachary Peacock hitting 3 pointers on the other end. 29-19 Jackets…

7:43pm-Didn’t take long-Jordan Williams and Dino Gregory came right back in. Tech will obiously aim to go right at them…

7:41pm-Padgett has shown some heart defensively, but the Jackets are absolutely having their way inside on both ends. Gary will have to risk further foul trouble, as Tech has extended their lead to 26-15 with 6:55 to play, and the Terps had to take their 2nd timeout. Maybe Gary should have dressed Jerome Burney for this one….

7:38pm-Maryland finally breaks their offensive slump by getting Landon Milbourne behind the GT defense for a dunk. Unfortunately, Sean Mosley picked up his first foul (5th team foul) before the 3rd official timeout of the half. 22-15 Jackets with 7:37 to play.

7:35pm-As I guessed, James Padgett checked in for Maryland. He played good defense, but could only watch as Derrick Favors pulled down the board and threw home a 2nd chance dunk. Yikes.

Landon Milbourne especially looks tentative to shoot right now. Maryland trails 22-13 right now, they don’t want Tech to build this to double digits going towards the half.

7:33pm-That’s 2 personals now on Jordan Williams-which is PARTICULARLY bad news for Maryland. Gary Williams will call a timeout-he’ll need to come up with a new plan now with his big guys in foul trouble. Might need to steal a few minutes from James Padgett, who did not play in last Saturday’s win at Virginia.

7:30pm-Mfon Udofia checks in for Georgia Tech, Paul Hewitt is trying to keep his guys fresh after a hard fought win over UNC last night.

Shumpert’s dunk puts Tech up 19-13, Maryland badly needs one of their shooters to wake up. They came here in January to play UNC-Greensboro specifically hoping to get comfortable with the building.

7:29pm-I know that isn’t a great spot for Dino Gregory there at the top of the key-but you just can’t commit 3 shot fouls.

Of course, if you’re GT’s Brian Oliver, you can’t miss three free throws either. Wow.

7:24pm-Adrian Bowie into the game for Maryland-I can’t remember the last time he missed a shot. Of course, no long jumpers are falling for Maryland early on-which has often been the case away from College Park.

15-13 Tech at the 2nd official timeout of the half. 11:56 to play.

7:21pm-Maryland wants to see Tech take jumpers instead of working the ball inside, but they don’t want to see Iman Shumpert and Moe Miller hitting long ones like they just did. Landon Milbourne just hit the first long jumper of the game for Maryland.

Brian Oliver checks in and Gani Lawal checks back in for GT, Cliff Tucker and Dino Gregory get in for the first time for the Terps.

Worth noting that Jordan Williams has started the game 4-4 from the FT line.

7:17pm-Zachary Peacock checks in for GT, and Landon Milbourne gets a big 2nd chance hoop off a missed jumper by Mosley. We’re at our first official timeout, Maryland leads 7-4 with 15:41 to play in the half.

7:15pm-Given the types of layups Eric Hayes has made in recent weeks, it’s almost stunning to see him miss one.

Landon Milbourne makes just 1 of 2 at the line….you have to wonder if he’s going to get out of his funk at all before his career is over.

7:13pm-Odd decision for Paul Hewitt to call his first timeout so early, but he clearly didn’t like something after that Vasquez breakaway to put Maryland up 4-2. He’ll do a lot of coaching tonight, knowing the Ramblin’ Wreck might well need a win to get into the NCAA Tournament.

Moe Miller is the first Jacket off the bench.

7:06pm-As Luke Jones just Tweeted, the Terps are wearing white tonight, not the gold uniforms we’ve gotten accustomed to seeing them wearing in recent weeks at home. Our friend Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse on Twitter) let us know Wednesday night that the Terps DID bring the gold uniforms with them, who knows if we might see them at some point this weekend should the Terps advance.

7:10pm-A nice cut to Sean Mosley on the first possession, but he’s in amongst trees down there. What you saw on the Jackets’ first possession is EXACTLY what Maryland can’t have happen tonight. Three chances for a Wreck hoop, including Jordan Williams’ first personal.

7:01pm-No surprises in tonight’s starting lineups. Georgia Tech goes with Iman Shumpert, D’Andre Bell, Glen Rice Jr., Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors up top. The Terps counter with Eric Hayes, Greivis Vasquez, Sean Mosley, Landon Milbourne and Jordan Williams up top.

6:44pm-How did I miss the note that John Mayer was playing here at the Greensboro Coliseum Monday night? If Chris Bonetti is in with Drew Forrester again Monday on “The Comcast Morning Show”, you won’t need to even bother asking why.

Kudos to the meal planners here in Greensboro. Dinner tonight included fried catfish, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots. There was also sweet tea, and carrot cake after. That’s a WIN.

Also, I’ve been told I need to hit “Biscuitville” while I’m here. I’m guessing tomorrow morning would be my best bet, as Maryland would play the 2nd game tomorrow with a win tonight. Anyone know anything about Biscuitville? Anywhere else I need to stop by?

6:41pm-Well, the Maryland quarter of the arena is certainly packed, and there are a number of Maryland fans in other places here at the Coliseum. As I was walking in, I think 10 different Virginia Tech fans asked me if I was looking for tickets for tomorrow. For the record, I didn’t feel sorry for them. I just hope Terps fans aren’t in the same spot as Hokies fans later tonight….

6:33pm-I’m pleased with the league/Coliseum’s choice of pre-game entertainment, as they are showing the highlight video from the 2004 ACC Tournament currently. Good news there. If you’re looking for me on Raycom (WNUV 54 in Baltimore) or ESPN2 tonight-and I have NO IDEA why you would be-I’m directly under the north basket, wearing a black hat. The GTU cheerleaders are currently down on this end, couldn’t tell you if they’re staying here.

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Ravens Agree to New 2 Year Deal With Derrick Mason

Posted on 10 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

In a move that has been expected, the Baltimore Ravens have confirmed tonight that they have reached a new 2 year agreement with WR Derrick Mason.

Mason returns to a team that has revamped their WR corps this offseason, adding Anquan Boldin via trade and signing Donte’ Stallworth as a free agent.

The sides were unable to come to an agreement before free agency opened, but Mason never took another visit-despite rumored interest from the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins.

Mason had flirted with the idea of retiring at the end of the 200-2010 season, telling media he was either “50-50” or “60-40” to return.

Presumably, Boldin and Mason will be the top two receivers on the team next season. Along with the Stallworth, the team will be deep at receiver, as Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams have yet to gain any interest as tendered UFA’s, and Marcus Smith and Justin Harper remain under contract.

Tune into AM1570 WNST throughout the day Thursday for more reaction to the news.

8:40pm-update with quotes from a team release:

GM Ozzie Newsome: “We know exactly what we’re getting with Derrick and that’s production. Every Ravens fan knows what Derrick brings to this team. It’s reliability, toughness, leadership, the fight to win, the want of the ball in the clutch times. He has a two-year history with Joe (Flacco) that says ‘we know how to produce together.’ They are on the same page.”

Head Coach John Harbaugh: “This is outstanding, just great news for the Ravens. Our coaches are happy. Derrick’s teammates are happy and you know Joe [Flacco] is smiling. Way to go to Ozzie [Newsome] and Pat [Moriarty] for getting this done. We would have lost something special if Derrick had gone to another team. We have gotten better in the last couple of days.”

WR Derrick Mason: “I’m getting myself ready to play football and help the Ravens win. But, the first thing I am going to do is take my family on vacation. I’ll see everybody back in Baltimore soon.”

9:40 update-ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports (via Twitter) that the Mason deal is 2 years, $8 million. In one of those “how about that” moments, that was the exact figure I told Bob Haynie today I assumed they had offered him.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 09 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a Happy Tuesday for me because the people of Milledgeville, GA are much more intelligent and creative than I ever realized….


Clearly, this Roethlisberger issue is too serious to really be funny; but…..it’s also pretty funny. Sorry. (Thanks Deadspin.)

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. Maryland Official Site says Vasquez unanimous All-ACC choice, Jordan Williams named to ACC’s All-Rookie team

And Andy Roddick’s wife is moderately attractive….


Look, we all knew these players were going to receive these honors, so it isn’t exactly earth-shaking. That being said, both are still very deserving. (Thanks Busted Coverage!)

The announcements for ACC Player of the Year, ACC Coach of the Year, and ACC Rookie of the Year come this afternoon. The answers are Greivis Vasquez, Gary Williams and Derrick Favors. Other answers would be inaccurate, which of course doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland, Illinois, Texas, Pitt, Navy, Rhode Island, College of Charleston in field for 2010 Coaches vs. Cancer Classic

Of course, this all sets up for the Terps, Illini, Longhorns and Panthers to meet up at Madison Square Garden early in the season.

I say “sets up” knowing damn well that a few of those teams could give the Terps some trouble early at Comcast Center, especially considering this team will be trying to replace Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne. Adrian Bowie will likely be trying to prove himself for the first time at the point, while Sean Mosley will be trying to prove himself for the first time as a go-to scorer at the NCAA level.

It won’t be easy. It especially won’t be easy if they get to New York.

3. ESPN.com’s Joe Lunardi has Terps as 5 seed, facing Arizona State in first round of NCAA Tournament

As of right now, that’s about right. Due to the fact that their surge has come late, it is unlikely the Terrapins will be able to stay “local” (Providence or Buffalo), but they’re still likely to get a high seed. Should they make a run to the ACC Championship Game Sunday in Greensboro, that seed could be even higher.

And for the record, despite living in Tempe for 2 years-my allegiance is not even a BIT in question. Despite the aesthetics of Sun Devil Country….


4. Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Maryland, Notre Dame finalize deal for 2011 football game at FedEx Field


Of course, by next season-there is no doubt that Brian Kelly will have the Fighting Irish turned around, and this game will be even more of a disaster than the 22-0 loss at Giants Stadium in the Kickoff Classic a few years back.

This is a bit of a good news-bad news issue. The good news is that for a Maryland team that struggled to get ANY sort of TV coverage last season (not that I didn’t enjoy getting to know the broadcast staff of ESPN360), they’ll get a midseason primetime game televised nationally on NBC.

The bad news is that the game will be played only a few miles away from College Park, yet Irish fans will get to eat up the bulk of the tickets via a lottery. This isn’t like the Navy game in Baltimore-where fans of both schools have equal access to tickets.

But it’s still a good thing for the program, there’s no doubt about that. Hopefully we’ll feel the same way the morning after the game.

5. Johns Hopkins Official Site previews tonight’s contest with UMBC at Homewood Field

Your boy is headed over to Homewood Field tonight to FINALLY get his first look at the Jays this season. Let’s Tweet up (follow us on Twitter @WNST) if you’re going too. Let me know, and we’ll grab some sort of frosty adult beverage following the game.

Big game for Dave Pietramala’s crew after falling to Princeton Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium. They want to prove that losing the Tigers was nothing more than a tough loss to a really good team. Taking care of business tonight against the Retrievers will prove that.

6. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ozzie Newsome thinks he ‘made a mistake’ by not originally drafting Anquan Boldin


There are a lot of NFL GM’s who feel the same way, trust me. There’s a heart measurement that can’t be quantified when players run around in their underwear out in Indianapolis.

Anquan Boldin proved his heart just weeks before his trip to the NFL Scouting Combine, when his Florida State team went into the Sugar Bowl without starting QB Chris Rix and backup Adrian McPherson. The Seminoles tried 3rd string QB Fabian Walker, but had no success against a tough Georgia defense.

Knowing that he needed a good showing to help his NFL Draft stock as an undersized WR, Boldin was still more than willing to move under center (where he had played in high school) to try to help Bobby Bowden and the ‘Noles. They didn’t win the game-but it showed the type of player Anquan Boldin was.

It’s good that the Ravens have gotten a second chance to have a player like Anquan Boldin on their team. It’s not as good as having a career’s worth of Anquan Boldin, but hopefully it will help change the entire team.

7. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Harbaugh, Boldin believe acquisition perfect ‘fit’

And it really does appear to be that way. Boldin is a tough player, and will have no problem being part of a John Harbaugh team or a Cam Cameron offense. He’s the type of receiver that will immediately make Joe Flacco better, and he already has the respect of locker room leader Ray Lewis.

I’ve been hard pressed to find negative things to say about the acquisition. Boldin’s health will be a factor, but he’s never played fewer than 10 games in a season, and his only 10 game season came in 2004.

But when you think of “injury-prone” players, he’s not the type of guy who has a history of knee troubles-or who has had to miss a season due to an ACL issue.

It’s a great fit. It really is.

8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says acquisition of Seneca Wallace makes it unlikely Troy Smith will end up in Cleveland

What’s funny here is that the one reason I thought Troy Smith might be a fit with the Browns is because of the affinity Mike Holmgren had for Seneca Wallace in Seattle. In fact, I just talked about that with Bob Haynie yesterday on AM1570.

Apparently, I was (sorta) right.

It’s just that instead of going to get a quarterback SIMILAR to Seneca Wallace, Holmgren just decided to go get Wallace.

This leaves Troy Smith in a tough spot. He and his agent (Ralph Cindrich) have done all of their posturing to try to get him to his hometown team, and calling it a “longshot” would now be kind.

The Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, Redskins and Panthers are all likely still in the QB market. You would think that either Michael Vick or Donovan McNabb would probably end up in one of those locations. In others (like in Arizona), Smith wouldn’t be entering a competition for a starting job-but instead assuming the role of “the next guy to get a chance if our first guy screws up.” And a lot of people think a QB like Matt Leinart might screw up.

But we don’t have any real reason to assume a team like the Cards (or the Rams, or the Panthers, or whoever) is REALLY interested in Troy Smith-especially if they have to give something up to get him.

9. The Sun’s Mike Preston says Ravens should still pursue Derrick Mason or receiver in NFL Draft even after acquiring Boldin

Completely agreed. In fact, I’d say they still need to do both.

Remembering that Donte’ Stallworth and (likely) Mark Clayton would only be back on 1 year deals, and knowing that Marcus Smith, Demetrius Williams and Justin Harper are COMPELTELY unproven commodities, the Ravens can use more help at receiver.

They’d be much better off going into Training Camp with a group of 8 wide receivers that looks like….

Anquan Boldin
Derrick Mason
Donte’ Stallworth
Mark Clayton
Eric Decker (Minnesota WR coming off a foot injury-likely to be picked in the 3rd-5th round.)
Demetrius Williams
Justin Harper
Marcus Smith

From that group, they could keep as many as 5 receivers, try to release others and sign them back to the practice squad, allow injuries to play out as they will, etc. etc. etc.

Now-I’m playing fantasy football here. BUT-I don’t think the Ravens are dismissing Derrick Mason. I think they’re almost giving him the “Ray Lewis treatment” from a season ago. Remember, they made an offer to Ray and made it clear publicly they wanted him to return. They also said to him “go find out how much you’re worth.”

After Ray talked to teams that might be interested (presumably including the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets), he realized that his greatest value was still in Baltimore. He returned.

I get the feeling (although no one has confirmed this to me) that they’re trying something similar with Mason. “Go find out how much you’re worth.” Mason can talk to the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, etc. and truly gauge what his value is. If he finds out other teams value him as a #1 receiver, he might be able to cash in that way. If he finds out the 2 year deal he has on the table from the Ravens is fair-he has the option to come back.

10. The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says kids had serious questions for Michael Vick during appearance at St. Vincent’s Center Monday

I don’t want to get too deep into the Vick discussion here, as we spent the better part of four hours talking about it this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show.”

I do not support those of you who will choose to protest the Ed Block Courage Awards tonight because of Michael Vick’s attendance. That’s not because I support dogfighting, but it’s because I’m done with the part where we try to crucify Michael Vick.

If Vick’s teammates with the Philadelphia Eagles thought Vick was deserving of this type of honor, so be it. That’s not something ANY of us can speak to, as we don’t know the daily life of Michael Vick.

If you aren’t happy that he’s receiving the award, I understand your opinion. But I won’t support a protest of an event that is amongst the best charitable events our city holds. No thank you.

11. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Matt Wieters got first hit of Spring Training, but Birds fell to Twins

You hate to see a team get only three hits in a game whether it’s in the Grapefruit League, the American League, or even the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; but these things happen.

The O’s return to action today in Sarasota against the Rays, first pitch is at 1:05. Chris Tillman starts for the Orioles, Jeff Niemann for Tampa. I’d tell you where to see the game on TV, but………

12. SI’s Dan Shaughnessy says MacPhail, Wieters give Orioles ‘hope’

This looks pretty similar to the Tim Kurkjian story I commented on yesterday. Warm fuzzies are all well and nice, but it doesn’t explain how the Birds are going to compete against the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL East. It’s nothing more than warm fuzzies.

And finally, I leave you with this.

The presence of Scott Hall last night is part of why I think the “Hulk Hogan era” will ultimately doom TNA, but I couldn’t help but enjoy the return of the “Monday Night Wars”, especially when Rob Van Dam bumped into Sting….

It WAS better than watching Criss Angel on WWE. That’s for sure.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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After Tumultuous Run, Terps Again Able to Call Themselves “Champs”

Posted on 06 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Charlottesville, VA It was a scene nearly 6 years in the making.

Following Maryland’s 74-68 victory over Virginia Saturday, the Cavaliers held a “meet and greet” event on the floor of John Paul Jones Arena with new football coach Mike London. Fans were invited to come to the floor to meet the new chief of the Wahoos, and the rest of the coaches who will make up his staff.

And while hundreds of Virginia fans stuck around to take the school up on the opportunity, there was a side effect that certainly was not intended.

With a few thousand Maryland fans having made the journey from the Baltimore and Washington areas to Charlottesville, there were also hundreds of Terps fans on the floor, waiting to celebrate with their team.

Despite the fact that the Terps nearly let a double-digit second half lead COMPLETELY slip away against Virginia, those fans couldn’t wait to enjoy the first celebration of a conference championship (either regular season or ACC Tournament) since the Terps were able to cut down the nets in 2004 in Greensboro. The celebration lasted some 30 mintues until the players were escorted from the floor so they could return to College Park.

The six years it took to reach that celebration may well have been the most trying for Maryland fans and those inside the program alike since Gary Williams took over in 1989.

Entering the 2004-2005 season, the Maryland program was coming off 11 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances, and following a run to an ACC Tournament championship-there was a real feeling that the Terps were poised for a third run to the Final Four in five seasons. John Gilchrist was a preseason candidate to win both ACC Player of the Year and National Player of the Year.

It didn’t quite work out that way.

The 2004-2005 season was instead overshadowed by a troubling relationship between Gilchrist and Williams, one that would eventually end with a trip to the NIT Tournament and a departure from Gilchrist-who went unselected in the NBA Draft. The Terps lost 3 games to a dreadful Clemson team during the stretch, including an opening round loss in the ACC Tournament at Verizon Center.

The 2005-2006 season was even more troubling. Despite lowered expectations, the Terps showed signs of life early in the season, before losing Chris McCray for the second semester due to academic ineligibility. The season was also marked by great disappointment from junior Mike Jones, who failed to live up to the hype surrounding his McDonald’s All-American status. The season ended with a second straight trip to the NIT Tournament, where the Terps were eliminated at home in Round 1.

The 2006-2007 season included a return to the NCAA Tournament, but Maryland failed to advance past the first weekend of the Tournament for the 4th consecutive season. The season was highlighted by the tremendous development of guard DJ Strawberry and an upset win over North Carolina at Comcast Center, but ended when they were upset by an upstart Butler team.

The 2007-2008 season was expected to be a rebuilding campaign, but the Terps put themselves in position to return to the NCAA Tournament thanks to a stunning January win over North Carolina at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill. Those dreams would again be dashed by the Clemson Tigers, who rallied from down 20 points in the 2nd half to win on a Terrence Oglesby 3 point jumper in the closing seconds. The Terps were forced to go on the road in the NIT Tournament, where they lost in Round 2. The season was also marked by very public signs of academic trouble, as a 0% graduation report and low academic progress report greeted the team as they reported for Midnight Madness.

The 2008-2009 season was served as a turning point for the program, but not before an unreal amount of tension and controversy surrounded Gary Williams and AD Debbie Yow. Debates over the recruitment of players like Bobby Maze, Tyree Evans, Gus Gilchrist and Lance Stephenson caused friction inside the athletic department, and lead to a number of fans calling for Gary Williams’ or Debbie Yow’s job. The troubles in the program were documented by high profile stories in the Washington Post, and forced Debbie Yow to give Gary an uncomfortable “vote of confidence” at a winter press conference.

But with everything swirling around the program, the team rallied late in the ACC season to defeat North Carolina again at Comcast Center. They defeated Wake Forest in the ACC Torunament, and were able to return to the NCAA Tournament. The season ended with a blowout loss to Memphis in the 2nd round of the Tournament, but the Terps laid the groundwork for a successful 2009-2010 campaign; and were given a boost when Greivis Vasquez decided to return for his final season of eligibility.

But as of Saturday afternoon, that troubling run ended. The trio of Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne were not only finally able to win a game in Charlottesville, they also were able to finally call themselves champions; an honor that will be recognized with a banner that will hang in the rafters at Comcast Center for the entirety of Maryland basketball’s future.

The accomplishment wasn’t lost on Gary Williams following the game. “I thought about it, so I’m sure the players thought about it. It’s great for them, because we went through a lot of things to get to here. We had to survive some things last year, we did that.” He added “I was really pleased with the way the team came together, but I had a lot of help in terms of our seniors making that happen.”

Ultimately, that will be the mark of Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne. Instead of being remembered like John Gilchrist, Nik Caner-Medley and Chris McCray who all fell short of expectations in their final season; this group willed their way to an ACC regular season title, with the chance to do even more than that.

But should this Maryland team not win another game this season, they’ll always be remembered as champions, which is exactly what they deserve to be remembered as.



3:25-That’s it from Charlottesville. Maryland clinches at least a share of the ACC title with a 74-68 win over Virginia. Greivis Vasquez with a game high 23 to lead the way. I’ll be back with more shortly.

3:24-Really UNTHINKABLE for Tony Bennett to lose his cool like that. Maryland will take the gift. It’s an ACC title even if it isn’t pretty. Congratulations to Gary Williams and the Terps….

3:23-And just like that, this is a 2 possession game with 38.6 seconds to play. Talk about weathering the storm….

3:21-BOY the crowd in Charlottesville didn’t like that call. I’m on the opposite side of the arena and did NOT get a good look….

3:20-A GREAT play call, but an offensive foul, and Virginia has the chance to go ahead…

3:18-Boy, not what you’d expect from Vasquez in the games most important moments. Virginia cuts the Maryland lead to 66-65 with 1:36 to play, and Maryland has just one timeout remaining…

3:17-Williams makes just 1 of 2, but forces a big turnover with 2:36 to play. Time to work the clock I presume…

3:15-Virginia keeps it interesting by going to Meyinsse. Just…thank God for Greivis. Jordan Williams will be at the FT line in a big spot after the final media timeout of the first half.

3:13-He makes me eat my words quite a bit. Vasquez has come up huge here in the 2nd half….

3:12-The Virginia players are playing for pride, and have been gutty in doing so. A Will Sherrill 3 makes it 62-59 with 3:46 to play, and the Cavs call a timeout. Maryland is going to have to keep attacking, the Cavaliers are NOT going away.

3:11-Greivis Vasquez is just coming up HUGE in huge situations down the stretch. He has 16 now after that 3.

3:10-Eric Hayes can sure make a tough hoop. 59-54 Maryland with 5 minutes to play.

3:08-Jeff Jones (the former Maryland commit) with a BIG 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 3, but Vasquez FINALLY breaks his scoring drought to answer with a 3.

Of course, there’s Jones again from outside. 57-54 Maryland. Gary Williams needs another timeout. Virginia playing with house money in the 2nd half, and Maryland has clearly gotten tense.

3:04-With 7:09 to play, this one is WAAAY too close. An Eric Hayes walk gives Virginia the ball back trailing just 53-48 in the second half. Maryland is going to have to go with their guys who are in foul trouble, as Virginia has gotten into a much too comfortable rhythm.

3:03-Yeah, I’m having Mamadi Diane flashbacks as I watch Jerome Meyinsse today. No doubt about that.

2:59-Gary Williams needs a timeout after a Will Sherrill hoop inside gets Virginia within 7 at 53-46. The crowd at JPJ Arena hasn’t been particularly spirited today, but they’re getting into it a bit right now.

2:58-3rd personal foul on Jordan Williams, 8th team foul on Maryland already here in the 2nd half. Cavs AGAIN cur the Maryland lead to 9, with under 9 minutes to play.

2:56-Greivis Vasquez isn’t exactly putting the ACC Player of the Year award on ice today….

2:48-8 points now for Sean Mosley, but he’s going to have to take a seat after picking up his 3rd personal foul. 5 team fouls after the most recent call against Adrian Bowie.

Maryland lead is back down to single digits after a 3 ball from Jeff Jones. Good defense from Jontel Evans on Vasquez, but ANOTHER big 3 from Bowie. Wow.

2:45-After Vasquez went off for 10 points to start today’s game, I said to our friend Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse on Twitter)…”he might go for 35 today.”


He hasn’t scored since then, and Virginia has clawed back within 10 of the Terps thanks to 11 from Zeglinski and 10 from Meyinsse.

2:42-Tonight’s North Carolina/Duke game will ultimately decide the OTHER half of the ACC regular season title picture (and the #1 seed for next week’s ACC Tournament in Greensboro), and there’s no doubt that the Terps will be pulling for North Carolina. That being said, even if Maryland and Duke win today, just the accomplishment of sharing a title is a remarkable accomplishment for this Maryland team. The Terps haven’t even shared a regular season title since their national championship year (2001-2002), and the ACC Tournament title in 2004 is their only significant championship since then.

2:37-Virginia showing a little bit of life in the 2nd half, they cut the lead down to 9 before a Hayes hoop re-extended the advantage to 11.

As Bob Haynie pointed out on Twitter (follow us @WNST), it didn’t appear to be a particularly inspired effort from Maryland in the first half. They were guilty of the same thing a season ago here, and it cost them as they lost their regular season finale.

First media timeout of the 2nd half: 44-31 Terps with 15:55 to play.

2:36-A putback for Jordan Williams to open the 2nd half, I’m surprised the ball hasn’t ended up in his hands more today. He already has as many boards in the 2nd half (2) as he did in the first.

2:33-Vasquez has a game high 10; Tucker, Bowie, Milbourne and Hayes all have 5 for the Terps. 6 each for Jerome Meyinsse and Sammy Zeglinski to lead the Hoos at the break. Terps hold a 22-10 rebounding edge.

2:25-Check out the Virginia student section in the endzone today….


It might not be easy to tell, but the bulk of the sections on the left and the right are empty, and there are a number of Maryland fans who have infiltrated the section directly behind the band. An 8 game losing streak will hurt basketball excitement, there’s just no doubt about that. I guess you have to credit the fans in the upper deck, as the bulk of that level is actually full. A number of empty seats in the big money areas however.

2:19-After the over and back that gave Virginia the ball back, they couldn’t find a wide open Jontel Evans, and the score remains 38-27 at the half. I’ll be back shortly with more.

2:14-Mustapha Farrakhan was the beneficiary of Sylven Landesberg’s spot in the starting rotation, he has 4 points thus far. Tony Bennett also started some of his seniors to help celebrate Senior Day.

I don’t really love Dino Gregory continuing to step back for jumpers as much as he does, but I’d rather he hit them for sure. 4 for him already, 5 for Cliff Tucker, Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne.

Sammy Zeglinski cans a 3, and Maryland’s lead is 38-27. Gary Williams calls his first timeout with 38.9 seconds to play to set up what he hopes to be the final possession of the half.

2:12-32-20 Maryland at the final official timeout of the first half. After Maryland jumped out to a 14-1 rebounding edge, Virginia has toughened up, it’s now a 19-8 advantage on the glass.

Vasquez hasn’t scored since posting his early 10 points, but has been distributing the ball just fine.

2:07-After 3 points early, Landon Milbourne has gone silent again. The lack of a natural position has really hurt him offensively this season.

2:04-5 points already for Adrian Bowie, who has played REALLY well over the last couple of weeks. Maybe the fans who were panicked over the idea of him starting next season after Eric Hayes graduates were being a bit overdramatic. 28-20 Terps with 6:15 to play in the half.

2:02-Obviously, this game took a dramatically different turn when it was announced that Cavs leading scorer Sylven Landesberg was suspended (academics) for today and the rest of the season. Virginia has struggled offensively in their hope to snap an 8 game losing streak.

2:00-The ‘Hoos have already tried a number of different defenders on Greivis Vasquez, they’ve all had an equal amount of success…..little to none.

Jeff Jones has 5 points for the Cavaliers….think he ever wonders why he chose UVa over the Terrapins?

1:58-Thanks to the Virginia IT staff for getting me online….today. Maryland is up 23-16 with 8:39 to play in the first half here at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville. Greivis Vasquez has 10, and the Terps are just killing the Wahoos on the glass.


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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 25 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Honorable MentionNHL: Capitals @ Islanders (Tuesday 7pm from New York live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Ducks @ Capitals (Wednesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on NHL Network & Comcast SportsNet), Panthers @ Capitals (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Lightning @ Capitals (Sunday 3pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet); College Lacrosse Preseason Scrimmage: UMBC @ Navy (Saturday 10am from Annapolis); Soccer: Milwaukee Wave @ Baltimore Blast (Saturday 7:35pm from 1st Mariner Arena streamed live on B2liveTV.com)

10-Wale (Wednesday 9pm Sonar), Martina McBride & Trace Adkins (Sunday 7:30pm Patriot Center), Owl City (Friday 6:30pm Rams Head Live), Theory of a Deadman (Saturday 7:30pm Bourbon Street), Bobby Lee (Friday-Sunday DC Improv), Hope for Haiti Now available on CD (Tuesday), Michael Jackson: This Is It available on DVD & Blu-Ray (Tuesday), Maryland State Police Polar Bear Plunge (Saturday Sandy Point State Park), Vh1 Storytellers: John Mayer premieres (Thursday 8pm Vh1)

Once again, stuff all over the place this week.

First of all, if you didn’t like Wale before…

…you’re gonna have to start liking him soon, as Ravens RB Ray Rice makes a cameo in his upcoming video for “Pretty Girlz”


I probably won’t go see Martina McBride & Trace Adkins (nay, definitely); but I will admit that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with a “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”….

I don’t care for Owl City myself. But if you’d like to hear this song for the 1,000,001st time, I’d imagine they’ll be playing it…..

If your girlfriend thinks this song is a great description of her, maybe just make sure everything is cool at home BEFORE you say “Yeah, she kicks ass!”…

I thought this guy was pretty funny on MadTV…..

I really kinda dug this Jay-Z/Rihanna/Bono/The Edge collaboration on Friday night……

When I went to see “This Is It”, I really enjoyed the part of the show where MJ crooned some old Jackson 5 tunes. It made me sad knowing this could never happen again…..

If I looked more like Martin O’Malley, I’d probably be more likely to participate in the Plunge…..


But, I may actually come out to Sandy Point, just because I’m still a fan of Kelly Bell Band…..

And if you think less of me because I like John Mayer, you’re just too lame to admit that you’re a fan….

9-Ballroom Boxing (Friday 8pm Michael’s 8th Avenue)

I am going to be attending this event with Bob Haynie and Ray Bachman; looking forward to seeing Darnell “The Dingaling Man” Wilson. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be this gang….


8-Golf: PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open (Thursday & Friday 3pm Golf Channel, Saturday & Sunday 3pm CBS. All Golf from San Diego)

Finally, there are boobs back in golf besides the ones Tiger Woods has been chasing…..


Of course, I prefer Cori Rist’s (just not necessarily the rest of her)…..


7-NBA: Lakers @ Wizards (Tuesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Wizards @ Nets (Friday 8pm from East Rutherford, NJ live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Knicks @ Wizards (Saturday 8pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Celtics @ Wizards (Monday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet)

The most exciting week the ‘Zards could EVER ask for. They play the two defending champions in the C’s and Lakers-AND-there might be a pair of wins on the schedule with the Nets and Knicks.

I mean, if you lose to a team that previously lost by 50 points….to anyone…..shouldn’t you just be relegated out of the league???

And also, thanks to Yahoo! Sports’ “Balls Don’t Lie” for digging up THIS picture from the SI Vault, which is even better than the Manute Bol/Muggsy Bogues picture I found last week…..


6-NFL Pro Bowl (Sunday 7:30pm from Miami live on ESPN)

What a disaster of an idea it was to play the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl. Instead of some combination of Peyton Manning/Tom Brady/Ben Roethlisberger/Phillip Rivers; the AFC is stuck with Matt Schaub, Vince Young and David freaking Gerrard at QB. I heard they were pretty close to adding this player to the roster…..


(You thought I had a Kyle Boller joke prepared there! Oh you of little faith…..)

Also, since Drew Forrester, Nestor Aparicio, Ray Bachman and I will be in South Florida at the time, I’m on call if the team needs another QB. Unfortunately, I probably throw the ball WAAAAY too much like Uncle Rico to be of help….

5-WWE Royal Rumble (Sunday 8pm from Atlanta live on Pay-Per-View)

I’ve always been a fan of the Royal Rumble. 30 dudes, 1 ring, 1 shot at going to Wrestlemania. It always works for me……

I’m also big fans of any event that involves Michelle McCool……


4-Strikeforce Miami (Saturday 10pm from Sunrise, FL live on Showtime)

Is there ANY reason for me to want to watch a 47 year old football player fight???


Of course not. Will I do it anyway? Yes, yes of course I will. Also on the card? A gal who could kick my ass with her fingertips….

And a pro wrestling/MMA badass that is near the level of Samuel L. Jackson…….

3-College Basketball: Miami @ Maryland (Tuesday 7pm from Comcast Center live on ESPNU), Maryland @ Clemson (Sunday 5:30pm from Clemson, SC live on Comcast SportsNet locally/Fox Sports Net nationally); Towson @ UNC Wilmington (Saturday 6pm live on MASN); Binghamton @ UMBC (Wednesday 7pm RAC Arena); Fairfield @ Loyola (Thursday 7pm Reitz Arena), Niagara @ Loyola (Sunday 3pm Reitz Arena)

For the record, I will be rooting like CRAZY for the Terps to kick some Tigers ass on Sunday night. BUT…..I want to be the first to point out that I am not fully against everything Clemson University-related……


2-College Football: Under Armour Senior Bowl (Game Saturday 3pm; Practice Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am & 1:45pm, Friday 9:30 & 10:30am. All football from Mobile, AL live on NFL Network)

Ready for some NFL Draft porn????


1-Tennis: Australian Open (Tuesday 3:30am & 9pm live on ESPN2, 7pm live on Tennis Channel; Wednesday 3:30am & 9:30pm live on ESPN2, 7pm live on Tennis Channel; Thursday 3:30am live on ESPN2, 11pm live on Tennis Channel-Women’s Doubles Final; Friday 3:30am live on ESPN2; Saturday 3:30am live on ESPN2-Women’s Final, 5:30am live on Tennis Channel-Men’s Doubles Final; Sunday 12am live on Tennis Channel-Mixed Doubles Final, 3:30am live on ESPN2-Men’s Final. All of this from Melbourne, AUS)

Who do you think has been more of a tease to me in my life? My high school girlfriend Kristen, or Andy Roddick. I’ll give you a hint. The one who looks better with their shirt off…….


I know Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Nikolay Davydenko are still in the Draw, but this is as good a chance as A-Rod has had in a while.

Please don’t ruin this for me.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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This Much we Know-Williams Changes Terps Down Low

Posted on 23 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

College Park, MD The stats won’t tell the story.

In Maryland’s 88-64 win over NC State Saturday night at Comcast Center; Terrapins forward Jordan Williams scored just 9 points and 9 rebounds; while Wolfpack big man Tracy Smith (who Williams was asked to guard on many occasions) tallied 18 points and 10 rebounds.

To channel Bob Haynie-the stats make it appear as though the Maryland freshman from Torrington, CT “got worked” by his NCSU counterpart. But the stats don’t really do a fair job of explaining what happened in the game.

Early on, Maryland went inside on multiple possessions, establishing a presence down low. Of the Terps’ first 8 points, 4 came from putback opportunities for Jordan Williams. Williams went to the break with 8 points and 4 rebounds (playing 16 minutes), while Tracy Smith had just 6 points and 3 rebounds (while playing 18 minutes). Landon Milbourne (who often helped Williams double down on Tracy Smith) has also picked up 10 points and 4 boards. The Terps used that presence inside to establish a 41-33 advantage at intermission.

By the time Tracy Smith was able to find some better matchups, the Terps had started to make the game a laugher.

Maryland going inside early and often in the 1st half forced NC State to change how they played the game-packing their defense in and giving their guards a chance to shine. Shine they did, as Greivis Vasquez (who had scored just 2 points in the first half) exploded for 17 points after the halftime break; to lead all scorers with 19.

It all happened pretty quickly.

A season ago, Gary WIlliams was forced to use a combination of players in the post that didn’t really have what it took to muscle up against the best players in the ACC. Dave Neal was undersized, Dino Gregory had health troubles and appeared to be a bit soft, and Landon Milbourne was probably more of a 4 (if not a 3). None of them were ready to defend the Tyler Hansbroughs of the world, or even the Brian Zoubeks for that matter.

This season, Jordan Williams has given this Maryland team a legitimate big man in the post, who is capable of throwing his body around against the league’s best. Maryland ended up out-rebounding NCSU 39-37 tonight, and they pulled down 12 offensive boards on 25 missed FG’s. Williams lead the way, as he has all season-which has drastically changed a team that was forced to rely on guards to lead them in rebounding a season ago.

Williams admitted he is playing with much more confidence following the game. “Me being more confident has a lot to do with my teammates. I just credit them.” In a game where his team was forced to trust Williams early in order to break down the ‘Pack defense, that confidence paid off for all parties.

It’s not a perfect equation just yet. As Gary Williams said of his freshman big after the game, “he’s learning.” There’s no doubt of that, as he still isn’t involved actively in many offensive sets-and he can improve at the free throw line.

But for a team that is now tied for 1st place in the ACC (Virginia is also 3-1), there is no doubt that Jordan Williams is passing his first classes in this “education.”

It can only serve to help the entire program.


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"What Were They Thinking" - Volume 6

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“What Were They Thinking” – Volume 6

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Rex Snider

I haven’t written a WHAT WERE THEY THINKING (W2T2) blog since the holidays arrived. Needless to say, I have lots to catch up on ….

And, yes, this is my favorite blog …..

Big Unit Retires – Goodbye To A Fashion Staple

Randy Johnson officially hung up his cleats, yesterday. His career was defined by terms like INTIMIDATING, OVERPOWERING and ECCENTRIC.

That’s right, I said eccentric.

Randy Johnson was an enigma. From the way he handled on-field pressure to his frosty treatment of those holding cameras, microphones or notebooks, he was a unique character.

Lets take a look at the versions of Randy Johnson we witnessed over a couple decades’ time …..

Randy’s Mullet:



Legends also inspire others. Perhaps, the “Mullet” was the inspiration Randy Johnson gave to others …..





In fact it’s probably fair to say Randy Johnson’s LEGEND has inspired the hairstyles of celebrities outside of the world of sports …..




While the hairstyle was certainly a trademark for the future Hall Of Famer, I think most people will remember Randy Johnson for specific incidents of GREATNESS, where he dominated lineups and collected strikeouts by double digits, per performance. In fact, Johnson played a part in a couple memorable Baltimore situations …..

July 13, 1993 – Randy Johnson sails a fastball over John Kruk’s head in the All Star Game. In response, Kruk spins his helmet backwards and basically GIVES UP.

August 14, 1997 – Randy Johnson is scheduled to pitch against the Orioles in a summer evening matchup, at Camden Yards. But, the LIGHTS wouldn’t work. Amid rumors swarming around Cal Ripken and his consecutive games streak, the game is canceled. However, some of us suspect the birds just wanted to face the BIG UNIT in a daytime affair, the following day.

Randy Johnson’s career saw him reach numerous personal and team-related achievements …..

He could be the final 300 game winner we see for a very long time …..

His 4,875 strikeouts rank second ALL TIME …..

He will be remembered as the GREATEST SOUTHPAW of the modern era …..

He earned $175 million in his career …..

He was part of a POSSE …..

He won a World Championship with his buddy …..

Okay, okay …. I know you’re waiting for this …..

Without a doubt, one of Randy Johnson’s most memorable performances came on a cold January day, in 2005. As the newest Yankee strolled through Manhattan, he made his disdain for media known while telling the camerman to get the camera “out of my face.” Oh yeah, and don’t talk back to him …..

That was probably the funniest incident regarding Randy Johnson. Aside from the funky mullet and slaughtering statistics, that fateful day on the streets of New York will be etched in the memories of many baseball fans. Thus, I gotta ask, “Randy, what were you thinking …..”

Baltimore’s Hottest & I Mean “HOTTEST” Cup Of Coffee …..

I have no doubt that most WNST listeners/readers relax with their favorite coffee-type drink, each morning, as they scan the website for the freshest updates and perspectives. It’s a ritual, right?

Now, look down at your cup and relive the experience of making it or having it made for you. Who made your coffee? Do you even remember? If so, was it from this GUY …..

Or, how about this goober ???

Trust me, if a sexy nurse from Anne Arundel County has her way, coffee in the Baltimore area is gonna get a whole lot “HOTTER.”

If you love coffee, you’re about to get a reason to REALLY LOVE IT …..

Meet Brandy McMillion, owner of Java Divas, in Pasadena …..

When I say Brandy’s a nurse, I’m not kidding. Yeah, she dresses as a NAUGHTY NURSE on Mondays, because it’s “Women In Uniform” Day, at Java Divas. But, her profession is nursing, at a Baltimore area hospital.

Here’s the deal …..

Last year, Brandy, and her husband experienced the same reality cast on MILLIONS of Americans, over the past couple years. He lost his job ….. AND, their second child was due. The adversity certainly put a financial strain on their household and the immediate future.

So, whadda ya think they did? That’s right, they watched TV !!!! And, while watching the Travel Channel, they were blessed with an idea that might just change their LIVES forever …..

In short …. HOT WOMEN + COFFEE = $$$

A feature on drive-thru coffee shops, serviced by girls dressed in sexy clothing – and little of it – caught the McMillion’s attention. These shops are becoming increasingly popular on the West Coast, and throughout the Desert South portions of the United States. Yup, Brandy looked on her map, confirmed that Severna Park, Maryland, is on the East Coast (I’m Kidding !!!!) and the dream began.

And, after months of planning and hurdling obstacles, such as licensing, suppliers and location, “Java Divas” became a reality, on November 16, 2009. The business is 3 months old and every day is better, from a retail perspective.

After hearing about this “Little Coffee Shop …. with HOT WOMEN,” I had to pay a personal visit. Why? You know that answer ….. I’m Rex Snider. Things like this pique my interest. So, I made an appointment, and stopped by Java Divas for a chat. And, I wasn’t disappointed – in the staff or the appealing nature of the business, itself.

I’ve been thinking about how I would describe the girls who were working during my visit. Of course, I dealt with Brandy – she owns the joint. I want to be respectful to her husband, because I would want him to be respectful toward my wife. But, as an entrepreneur, he knows the lure of their business practice. So, I’ll say this quite humbly …..

If the entire staff looks like Brandy, Pasadena is gonna drink MILLIONS of cups of Java Divas coffee. I will definitely stop by their drive-thru on Tuesdays, for “Fantasy Day” and Fridays for “Sports Spirit Day.” But, rest assured, there is no way I’m missing Saturday, because it’s “Beach Day.”

That’s correct, they wear bikinis, while serving the brew …..

Another very attractive young lady was on hand, as well. But, I’m gonna leave it at that ….. her dad is a personal friend, and he’s capable of causing physical trauma. But, I have a feeling Sarah will be quite successful at Java Divas.

I wish I could tell you more – but, my time at Java Divas kinda passed as a blur. I recall asking a few stupid questions, where Brandy looked at me as if I was that bearded guy from The Hangover …..

Admittedly, it’s easy to lose your concentration …. but, to be honest, the girls at Java Divas serve fantastic gourmet coffee drinks (serving Caffe Pronto) and tasty treats to satisfy your morning or mid-afternoon hunger. They’ve got EVERYTHING you’ll find at Starbucks – but, it’s lesser expensive and did I say the help is HOT ???

Above all, the Divas are LADIES. It was easy to sense they know part of their appeal – obviously. But, in observing their customer interaction, I was impressed by the the professionalism and devotion to providing an excellent product and service. Java Divas is a winner …..

And, as we point out at WNST, they’re BALTIMORE. Brandy McMillion and her girls are not bound to some chain in Seattle or a parent company. They’re smart ….. and hardworking. They acted on an idea and succeeded. Yeah, I wish me and my buddies would’ve thought of the idea, first …..

That ain’t happening. But, the girls at Java Divas are happening !!!! Consider visiting them today – they’re located at 8355 Ritchie Hwy. (corner of Pasadena Rd.) – just south of the Rt. 10 access. More for more information, check ’em out on the web …..


This is one of those rare occasions when a “What Were They Thinking” blog has a positive inclusion. I’m glad Bill and Brandy McMillion were THINKING and WATCHING the Travel Channel. Best of luck !!!!


Tiger Poses In Prison Gear …..

Have you seen the latest issue of Vanity Fair Magazine?

Trust me, I’ve never picked up Vanity Fair ….. BEFORE NOW. Tiger Woods, has obviously made a string of poor personal decisions over the past couple years – and you can count this magazine shoot among them …..

What in the hell was he thinking? In fact, how could ANYONE foresee such photographs as being positive for their image? This isn’t the TIGER WOODS we know. Then again, maybe it is. We’ve certainly seen a different Tiger, since November. Nothing should surprise us any longer.

Perhaps, he really is among a cast of characters who would’ve gladly posed for such a photo spread …..


Who is the “REAL TIGER WOODS” ??? I don’t think anyone has that answer – including, his wife. A couple weeks ago, I vowed to refrain from talking about Tiger’s personal life and I’ll stick to the plan. But, his decision making, and/or lack thereof, really is causing some people to wonder about the guy.

Maybe, this entire debacle of Tiger’s “life gone bad” can be pinned on one person who currently serves in an advisor’s role. I guess it’s possible to tie questionable photo shoots with stonewalling cops and other poorly contrived ideals. And, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an “insider” dismissed, as the conflicted golfer tries to pick himself up.

Regardless, somebody had to agree to these photos. Somebody had to think THIS was a good idea. But, there has been alot of that lately …..

Someday, Tiger Woods will stop making THIS blog, so often. But, until then, I must ask …. “Tiger, what were you thinking …..”

Happy Birthday, King …..

Lost somewhere among a very ordinary Friday, America has forgotten TODAY’S significance. It was 75 years ago today – January 8, 1935 – that a child born in Tupelo, Mississippi, would someday CHANGE the world.

Indeed, today is Elvis Presley’s birthday. The KING of Rock & Roll influenced every genre of music and every musician – whether they know it or not. He challenged barriers and stereotypes that censored expression.

Sure, he bent and compromised his lyrics to ensure his performances invaded televisions in homes across this country. But, in spirit and with being honest to himself, he couldn’t muster a tune without dancing. Heck, he “dirty danced” before it was invented …..

While he’s often remembered by the oddity surrounding his death, he’s a man who really lived.

He never took NO for an answer. He was generous – probably too generous – to family, friends and strangers. And, he fulfilled obligations …..

Is he a standard? Hell, yeah. In fact, he is the STANDARD.

When we think about the BEST of the BEST, certain names come to mind …..







Yes, Elvis Presley is BIGGER than all of our sports heroes combined. He’s reached far more people and inspired millions, upon millions.

Yet, on this 75th Anniversary of his birth, he won’t be found on the cover of the Baltimore Sun or USA Today. He’s not gracing the homepage of Yahoo or AOL. And, nearly every bar and nightclub will let tonight slip by without playing one of his songs. Shameful.

But, not here. I didn’t forget him. In fact, I didn’t forget another deserving soul, either …..

Happy Birthday, Bob Haynie !!!!

Happy Birthday, Elvis !!!!

And, for those who FORGOT ….. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ????

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