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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 04 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Women’s College Basketball: Maryland @ Virginia (Monday 7:30pm from Charlottesville live on ESPN2); High School Basketball: Calvert Hall @ John Carroll (Tuesday 7pm), St. Frances @ Mt. St. Joseph (Tuesday 7pm), Perry Hall @ Woodlawn (Wednesday 6:30pm)

10-Joe Rogan (Sunday 7pm 9:30 Club)

I have no doubt that Joe Rogan hates the fact that most of America knows him more as the host of “Fear Factor” than they do as a UFC analyst or as a comedian, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I mean, if it weren’t for that show-how would I ever known just how delicious bull testicles really are???


9-Tennis: Brisbane International (Saturday & Sunday 9am on Tennis Channel)

You know why this is a big deal? Because somebody I like is back in action…….


Is he wearing pants? Frankly-I don’t know, and I’m not sure that I care……

8-Baltimore Blast vs. Monterrey La Raza (Friday 7:35pm from 1st Mariner Arena streamed live on B2LiveTV.com)

Did you guys see this story where Billboard magazine named 1st Mariner Arena the best arena (of its size) in the country???

I guess the following venues were the other options…….


7-PGA Tour: SBS Championship (Thursday 3:30pm, Friday-Sunday 6pm from Maui live on Golf Channel)

Hey! Golf’s Back!!! Which means……ummm………Forrester will be watching?

Seriously, I only even mention it because its the season opener; the “exclusive” field of 28 STILL includes golfers I’ve never freaking heard of!


Also, did anyone say they wanted to see Tiger Woods’ nipples???


6-NBA: Wizards @ 76ers (Tuesday 7pm from Philadelphia live on Comcast SportsNet), Wizards @ Cavaliers (Wednesday 7pm from Cleveland live on Comcast SportsNet), Magic @ Wizards (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Hornets @ Wizards (Sunday 1pm from New Orleans live on Comcast SportsNet)

I really can’t pile on the whole Gilbert Arenas mess. It’s such a mix of sad and hilarious that there’s nothing else I can say.

Instead, I’m going to share a picture of Hayden Panettierre’s ass from some time she spent hanging out with boxer Wladimir Klitschko. Does it have anything to do with hoops? No. Does it matter? Hell no.


5-NHL: Canadiens @ Capitals (Tuesday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Senators @ Capitals (Thursday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Capitals @ Thrashers (Saturday 7pm from Atlanta live on Comcast SportsNet)

Caps/Thrash, huh? You think Ondrej Pavelec still has nightmares about Jeff Schultz????

4-College Basketball: Florida State @ Maryland (Sunday 5:30pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet locally, Fox Sports Net nationally), Towson @ James Madison (Saturday 2pm from Harrisonburg, VA live on Comcast SportsNet), Penn @ UMBC (Wednesday 7:30pm RAC Arena), Loyola @ Fairfield (Friday 9pm from Bridgeport, CT live on ESPNU), Iona @ Loyola (Monday 7pm Reitz Arena), Coppin State @ Howard (Monday 8pm Burr Gymnasium)

Look, I hope the Terps kick the CRAP out of the Seminoles Sunday night in College Park, but there will still be a soft spot in my heart for one particular member of the ‘Noles nation.

(Edit from GMC: I love you Tommy Polley-but it’s not you.)

That’s right, there’s a legend from Tallahassee that recently made a major decision which might lead them to slip out of the collective minds of sports fans everywhere. That’s right……


3-UFC Fight Night: Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz (Monday 9pm from Patriot Center live on SpikeTV), WEC 46: Jamie Varner vs. Ben Henderson (Saturday 9pm from Sacramento live http://wnst.net/wordpress/glennclark/wp-admin/post.php?action=edit&post=7367on WEC)

Jamie Varner will be on “The MMA Report” with Bob Haynie and John Rallo Tuesday on AM1570 WNST. He’s also from Tempe, Arizona; where he met and became Facebook friends with one Glenn Clark. He also lives a really tough life…..


2-College Football: Citi BCS National Championship-Alabama vs. Texas (Thursday 8pm from Pasadena, CA live on ABC), FedEx Orange Bowl: Iowa vs. Georgia Tech (Tuesday 8pm from Miami live on FOX), GMAC Bowl: Central Michigan vs. Troy (Wednesday 7pm from Mobile, AL live on ESPN)

What a game.

End of the season.

Everything on the line.

Storied careers ready to come to a close.

What else could you ask for?

I’ll take the Chippewas.


1-NFL Playoffs: Ravens @ Patriots (Sunday 1pm from Foxborough live on CBS), Packers @ Cardinals (Sunday 4:30pm from Glendale, AZ live on FOX), Eagles @ Cowboys (Saturday 8pm from Dallas live on NBC), Jets @ Bengals (Saturday 4:30pm from Cincinnati live on NBC)

(Editor’s note: Following thoughts probably NSFW. Unless you work for Christian Bale. Which must be nice…..)


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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My New Years Wish For Everyone .....

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My New Years Wish For Everyone …..

Posted on 29 December 2009 by Rex Snider

As I’m writing this blog, my family is beginning to wrap-up Christmas, while getting primed for some New Years cheer. You know what that means? Yup, BEST OF and WORST OF lists …..

And, as an added bonus, it’s the end of a decade. Indeed, Glenn Clark and I should keep readers busy with pretty opinionated countdowns over the next week.

Today’s blog (5th Day Of Christmas Installment) will absolutely be my longest EVER – I’m trying to include as many people, as possible. It’s simple, today, I’m handing out New Years Wishes to FAMOUS PEOPLE …. NOT SO FAMOUS PEOPLE …. and everyone in between.

Also, since we’re at this decade’s end, I’m offering individual, insightful prospectives – and where we might just find each other at the end of the next decade. I hope you enjoy …..

Joe Flacco

New Years Wish – I gotta think Joe is anxious win a football game, in Pittsburgh ….. where his college career began and ended less than happily. I hope Joe finally gets that win, in 2010.

Where’s Joe In 10 Years – I’m predicting the 2019 Baltimore Ravens’ roster will have only one player remaining from this current edition – and it’s Joe Flacco. He’ll have a Super Bowl ring and several Pro Bowl appearances on his resume’, as his career is winding down.

Sarah Palin

New Years Wish – I’d like to see people treating Mrs. Palin a little nicer. I’m not a hardcore politcal junkie – but, I think it’s reasonable to say she doesn’t get a fair shake.

Where’s Sarah In 10 Years – Well, she won’t be coming from or going to the White House ….. unless she’s a visitor. She’s not electible. However, in 2019, I think she’ll have her own sports talk show, in Baltimore. She will co-host with a guy who obsessively belittles and criticizes her.

Tiger Woods

New Years Wish – Well, I’m wishing Tiger some stability in his personal life and a quick return to golf. That’s where we really enjoy seeing him.

Where’s Tiger In 10 Years – I don’t know. Heck, in 2019, Tiger could be at Florida’s version of THE PLAYBOY MANSION, while hanging out with fellow “older bachelor dudes,” like George Clooney and Derek Jeter. Or, he can regain the things more important than golf, and this recent saga can really be past history.

Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus

New Years Wish – I really, REALLY hope you girls are saving your money. And, I hope both of you survive this “ride.” I’m wishing you an easy transition, when THIS ends.

Where’s Taylor and Miley In 10 Years – Well it really depends on the support they have right now. But, I suspect both of them will be counting their MULTIPLE MILLIONS, when 2019 comes to an end.

Alex Rodriguez

New Years Wish – I don’t know ….. but, I sure hope you got your cousin, Yuri, something nice for Christmas.

Where’s Alex In 10 Years – I’m gonna predict A’Rod captures the All Time Homerun Record from Barry Bonds’ grasp, and he’s gonna lose it, too, by 2019. He’ll also be retired ten years from today.

President Obama

New Years Wish – I think it’s cool to have a President who roots for his hometown team. And, I’m wishing him a White Sox World Championship, in the next 3 seasons. Get it …. 3 seasons ????

Where’s Preseident Obama In 10 Years – Well, I think it’s fair to say he’s no longer President, in 2019. In all honesty – and this is NON-PARTISAN, I think he will lose in his re-election bid. Critics say he’s done very little, in office. Supporters say he’s only been on the job for 11 months.

Think about it …. he’s roughly 1/3 of the way through his Presidency – if you don’t include the 6 months he’ll spend campaigning, prior to the 2012 election. I’ll be blunt – this is a bad time to be President ….. and it’s no reflection on him. I have a feeling he’ll get caught up in a sweep …..

That said, he’ll be a former President Of The United States, and most likely Commissioner of the NFL, NBA or Major League Baseball, in 2019.

Nick Markakis

New Years Wish – Aside from hoping the Orioles outfielder develops into a bonafide big league slugger, I’d wish some personality on Nick Markakis. And, some tact – when there is ONE KID standing near the gate, sign the autograph.

Where’s Nick In 10 Years – I’m a member of the small group of people who think Nick Markakis is a “slightly above average” ballplayer. I can foresee him still playing baseball, in 2019, but I doubt it’s in Baltimore.

Anita Marks

New Years Wish – A Chris McAlister or Willis McGahee BOBBLEHEAD ???

Where’s Anita In 10 Years – I’m bettin’ Miami ….. Regardless, I’m thinking she’ll have a Scott Garceau Voo-Doo Doll, in her hip pocket.

Peyton Manning & Tom Brady

New Years Wish – It doesn’t really matter what I hope or wish …. both of these guys are gonna win one or two more Super Bowls and their respective roads, to Canton, are already paved.

Where’s Peyton & Tom In 10 Years – They no longer compete !!!! They’re joined at the hip on an NFL Gameday Show. They’ll wear all their RINGS at the same time – further reinforcing what jewelry does for a guy’s appearance …..


Lil Wayne Carter

New Years Wish – Considering that Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., is expected to go to jail, in February ….. I’m wishing him some common sense. Lil Wayne got popped for illegally possessing a handgun – and he’s gonna pay the price …..

Where’s Wayne In 10 Years – This is hard to predict, but I won’t be surprised if he’s BROKE, IN JAIL or DEAD. Unfortunately, Wayne is fulfilling the same life his dad exercised. In an interview with Katie Couric, Wayne dismissed his father as never being in his life.

Really? Well, at 27 years old, Wayne has 4 kids with as many mothers – in different cities across the United States. And, he’s getting ready to spend a year in jail. Good luck, Wayne …..

Brian Matusz

New Years Wish – In a word – HEALTH.

Where’s Brian In 10 Years – I’ve gotta feeling Brian Matusz is the guy who won’t “miss.” Ten years from today, he’s the linchpin of the Orioles rotation – with a career record of just over 125 wins.

Bob Haynie

New Years Wish – I’m wishing Bob a very lucky NCAA Bracket, in March. You know, one of those “Ultimate Challenges” that nets the winner $10 million, in cold hard cash. Would ANYONE see or hear from Bob, again?

Where’s Bob In 10 Years – Approaching 20th Anniversary edition of the “Bob Haynie Show, Brought To You By Bud Light.” And, of course, he’ll be getting ready to celebrate his personal hero’s 90th birthday …..


Gary Williams

New Years Wish – Umm, as many NCAA Tournament berths, as possible? After all, that’s what Maryland fans and supporters really expect.

Where’s Gary In 10 Years – Exactly ….. and, I mean EXACTLY where he is right now.

Lindsay Lohan

New Years Wish – That she gets her life together.

Where’s Lindsay In 10 Years – SEE LIL WAYNE.

Albert Pujols

New Years Wish – My wish for Albert ??? Hmmm ….. if there is ANYTHING we should know, I’d hope he tells us before making history.

Where’s Albert In 10 Years – All-Time Homerun King.

Drew Forrester

New Years Wish – A beer with Merton at the 4100 club – where lots of BALTIMORE COLTS memoribilia lines the walls.

Where’s Drew In 10 Years – Playing rounds and rounds of golf with his son? And, still waiting for Greg Bader to meet him halfway …..

Ray Lewis

New Years Wish – A masterful performance in Sunday’s game, at Oakland – and a WIN, to boot.

Where’s Ray In 10 Years – Enshrined in the Hall Of Fame, and making personal appearances, for a nominal fee. Oh yeah, he’s living someplace warm.

Thyrl Nelson

New Years Wish – That ESPN’s “Talented Mr. Roto,” Matthew Berry would call Thyrl and start asking for fantasy advice – God knows he needs it.

Where’s Thyrl In 10 Years – Sitting at Matt Berry’s desk …..

LeBron James

New Years Wish – How about some humility? What else can I wish for a guy with “CHOSEN 1” tattooed on his back?

Where’s Lebron In 10 Years – Retired ….. and short of Michael Jordan’s status.

Clint Eastwood

New Years Wish – Hey, he’s nearing his 80th birthday …. I’m just gonna wish Clint a big dose of good health !!!!

Where’s Clint In 10 Years – Lets hope he’s around to see this blog …. and approaching his 90th birthday.

Glenn Clark

New Years Wish – I’m a huge fan of Glenn’s blogs. If a CRITICAL award (ie – Grammy, Oscar, etc.) is ever devoted to blogging, I hope Glenn nabs a couple.

Where’s Glenn In 10 Years – Glenn will sell the rights for “Crabs and Beer” to People Magazine, and use the proceeds to build a small mansion, next door to Gary Williams’ huge mansion. Glenn will undoubtedly have full access to interactive ventures, like “Gary Cam” …. “Gary, Gary, Gary – 24/7” …. or our personal favorite “You Call Him Gary, I Call Him GOD ….”

John Harbaugh

New Years Wish – That Coach Harbaugh’s brother in law, Tom Crean, finds the “Garyland” shirt on a Google search. Can you imagine the reaction …..

Where’s John In 10 Years – This is the perfect time to disclose my wife’s affinity for the Ravens Head Coach. She thinks he looks super sharp, when cleaned up. Perhaps, he will be beyond his coaching career and pursuing his 2nd career, as a member of the “NFL On Fox” cast. Based on his interviews with Baltimore media, I’d say the coach has some work to do …..

Rex Snider

New Years Wish – That I can somehow manage to make it through the middle of February without ending up lifeless in a dumpster ….. and with teeny little blonde-dyed hairs found in Ray Bachman’s trunk.

Where’s Rex In 10 Years – Co-Starring in the Vegas lounge act “Three Hot Blondes”, with former Steelers kicker, Jeff Reed and Billy Idol.


Kobe Bryant

New Years Wish – Has he EVER been to Baltimore? I’m wishing that Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers would visit 1st Mariner Arena, during the next NBA pre-season.

Where’s Kobe in 10 Years – Retired, loving life and just awaiting his induction into the Basketball Hall Of Fame. Oh yeah, he’ll also capitalize on the “Pulling A Kobe” moniker and brand his own website of creative gifts for husbands who are trying to get back IN the bedroom.

Oprah Winfrey

New Years Wish – That she will consider allowing Rex Snider and Ray Bachmann to host the Oprah show when she departs, in 2011.

Where’s Oprah In 10 Years – Anywhere she wants !!!! God knows she’s got the money …. and TIME.

Jeff Gordon

New Years Wish – I’m wishing that Jeff gets that “fire” back !!!! We’ve seen a different #24 over the past few years, but I suppose a very secure financial future and a family will do that – especially when you risk your life for a living.

Where’s Jeff In 10 Years – Retired from NASCAR, with 6 Championships. He’ll stay in Manhattan (where he lives) or relocate to Southern California and embark on an acting career.

Ray Bachmann

New Years Wish – I’d wish Ray an opportunity to come across a nice 3-piece suit. But, I’d imagine it would need to be PURPLE or ORANGE to interest him.

Where’s Ray In 10 Years – Wherever he is ….. Ray will be wearing an Orioles or Ravens ensemble, and I have no doubt he’ll be cursing …..

Mike Tyson

New Years Wish – Honestly? That people stop exploiting the guy – and, perhaps, he’ll realize some stability in his life.

Where’s Mike In 10 Years – You don’t really wanna know where I think Mike Tyson will be in 10 years.

Stacy Keibler

New Years Wish – That she never, ever goes near a wrestling ring, again.

Where’s Stacy in 10 Years – Umm, living a comfy life, in Southern California, with a very rich husband?

Peter Angelos

New Years Wish – What’s that old saying ??? “If you love something, let it go ….”

Where’s Peter In 10 Years – I gotta feeling Mr. Angelos isn’t really into those sentimental sayings. That’s right, 22 years and counting …..
Dale Earnhardt Jr.

New Years Wish – actually this WISH is for his fans – HE IS NOT HIS FATHER. Got it ??? That said, he’s a decent competitor and I hope just savors his career.

Where Dale In 10 Years – Taking a MONEY BATH with Oprah Winfrey?

Mark Suchy

New Years Wish – A membership to Golds Gym ….. and access to Jose Canseco’s garbage.

Where’s Mark In 10 Years – Hosting “Terps Talk & The Gary Obsession” with Glenn Clark?

Troy Smith

New Years Wish – “A bird’s gotta fly, dawg.” You know what I mean? But, what if the bird doesn’t have a nest …. or, if it doesn’t fly very well? Ahh well, I’m wishing him the best …..

Where’s Troy In 10 Years – Flyin’, dawg ….. flyin’

Jason Jubb

New Years Wish – Ahh, more time with his little man !!!! And, an open invitation to afternoon sports talk …..

Where’s Jason In 10 Years – Making sense of why the Orioles are still losing ….. and riding an 12 year Fantasy Baseball LOSING STREAK !!!!

Steve Bisciotti

New Years Wish – that he has TIME to help out with a 10 minute phone conversation during our “Curing Cancer …. One Call At A Time” marathon, in July, 2010. Evidently, last July was a VERY BUSY month …..

Where’s Steve In 10 Years – Pulling his hair out ….. as his head coach, Mike Preston, alienates players with weekly report cards and detention.

Nestor Aparicio

New Years Wish – A press credential for Camden Yards – what else ???

Where’s Nestor In 10 Years – Owner of the most successful sports-media community, in the area. And, saying to himself “Damn, hiring that Rex Snider was a PHENOMENAL IDEA.”


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Live From Owings Mills: Suggs Non-Committal About Status for Sunday

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

5:47- INJURY REPORT – Ravens:

WR Mark Clayton (hamstring / knee)
OT Jared Gaither (foot)
OL David Hale (head)
LB Jarret Johnson (back)
S Ed Reed(groin/foot)
TE LJ Smith (ankle)

K Billy Cundiff (head)
DT Brandon McKinney (back)
LB Terrell Suggs (knee)

QB Joe Flacco (hip/ankle/knee)


DT Grady Jackson (knee)
QB Matthew Stafford (shoulder)

LB Ernie Sims (hamstring)
DE Dewayne White (toe)
S Louis Delmas (ankle)
OT Daniel Loper (back)
P Nick Harris (left knee)

CB Will James (neck)

2:59-Lots of other notes from around the facility today….

Greg Mattison:
-Daunte Culpepper is a “very very good quarterback (with) a strong arm.” He “probably has a free wheeling attitude” at this point in his career. You “have to be a little but more leery of the scramble” with Culpepper than they would have with Matthew Stafford.
-He has told Ed Reed in the past “I don’t wanna be standing out there when you’re not out there.” He added that “Ed Reed will go if he can go” but “Tom Zbikowski did a nice job” against Green Bay.
-He doesn’t believe it is only the Ravens DB’s “who are frustrated” with the way pass interference has been called. He also credited the members of the secondary because “they go out there and battle as hard as they can battle.”
-On officials: “I would never say they’re out to get the Ravens.”
-Calvin Johnson is a “great, great receiver. He goes after every ball as if it’s the last one.”

Jerry Rosburg:
-“Billy (Cundiff) was out best option” for kicks even after suffering concussion at beginning of Monday Night Football game.
-He could not identify a contingency plan if Cundiff were to come down with post-concussion headaches and couldn’t kick on Sunday. He said that if the team found out Saturday that Cundiff couldn’t go (similar to how the Steelers found out 2 Saturdays ago that Ben Roethlisberger couldn’t go against the Ravens), he would approach Ozzie Newsome with John Harbaugh about making a roster move.
-He said that neither of the short “squib” kicks Cundiff kicked against the Packers were actually supposed to be normal, deep kickoffs.
-“We’re confident” in Chris Carr as punt returner, Lardarius Webb and Carr both have “a lot on (their) plate(s).”

Cam Cameron:
-Joe (Flacco)’s “health has not been a factor” in struggles..
-There was “absolutely not” a lack of urgency in the final minutes of the Packers game…..”we (just) didn’t execute.”
-“We gotta take care of the football in the scoring zone. We expect to move the football, but (we) gotta finish drives.”
-Offensive line is a “prideful group” with “high expectations”; but the struggles on Monday night were a “collective effort” offensively, not just mistakes by the line.
-Lions use a “8 or 9 man front”, allowing “single coverage” in secondary.
-Not having Chris Chester start gives Ravens “flexibility” as he can play other positions (like TE).

-Haloti Ngata was named to the “All-Fundamentals Team” by USA Football and the NFLPA. He received a silver helmet for the honor, and responded by saying “this is pretty cool.” USA Football recognized him for his outstanding “footwork and leverage.” Other players honored include Redskins LB London Fletcher, Steelers S Troy Polamalu, Browns OT Joe Thomas, Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald and Saints QB Drew Brees.

-Hear from Cam Cameron, Greg Mattison, Jerry Rosburg, Haloti Ngata and Terrell Suggs in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. Also, Lions TE Dan Gronkowski (a former Maryland Terrapin) joined Bob Haynie this afternoon on AM1570 WNST, you can hear that in the Audio Vault as well. Lions PBP Voice Dan Miller joned Drew Forrester this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show” as well. Ravens G Marshal Yanda will join Drew Forrester TOMORROW morning at 7:30am, and Lions coach and Baltimore native Jim Schwartz will join Nestor Aparicio tomorrow afternoon on “Limited Access.”

-Brian Billick confirmed with Drew Forrester this morning that he will be calling the Ravens/Bears game NEXT Sunday for FOX. It will be the first time Billick has done color for a Ravens game since being dismissed as head coach. Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan will call the Lions game Sunday for FOX.

-Justin Harper is playing the role of Calvin Johnson in practice; even donning Marcus Smith’s #81 jersey to help the effect.

-Art Modell was here; as were former Baltimore Colts Joe Ehrmann and Lenny Moore. Lenny is a very frequent guest, Ehrmann and Modell make less frequent visits.

2:51-Terrell Suggs told us today that while his knee was feeling “better”, he wasn’t sure whether he’d be ready to face the Lions on Sunday. He told us it would likely have to do with how he felt Saturday night and Sunday morning; instead of a situation where he’d need to go warm up before the game to tell if he’d be ready.

Suggs also told us he couldn’t comment on the restraining order/lawsuit involving alleged girlfriend Candace Williams. Suggs said he would answer questions about it as soon as he was allowed to; but didn’t believe the situation would be any sort of distraction to him or the team.

1:16-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Baltimore Ravens continue preparations for Sunday’s contest with the Detroit Lions at M&T Bank Stadium.

The Ravens hit the practice field around lunch-time today, and when they did, the same group of players that missed practice yesterday weren’t working again today. WR Mark Clayton (hamstring), OT Jared Gaither (foot), OL David Hale (head), LB Jarret Johnson (back), S Ed Reed (groin/foot), and TE LJ Smith (ankle) were all not working. The good news was that LB Terrell Suggs hit the practice field for a 2nd straight day, improving the chances he might be able to play Sunday.

We are scheduled to hear from OC Cam Cameron, DC Greg Mattison and Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg shortly. Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for the quickest updates.


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Terps Put Together Woeful Performance in 69-57 Loss to Cincinnati

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

What a dismal performance.

This Maryland team appeared uninspired, unenthused, and generally uninterested for the better part of their 69-57 loss to Cincinnati Tuesday night in the 2nd round of the EA Sports Maui Invitational.

It was almost as if they believed they were just so much better than Cincinnati that they only needed to run through the motions.

The more frustrating fact to stem from Tuesday’s loss was the realization that once Maryland realized they were in for a fight, the Bearcats turned out to just be a better team.

As Maryland managed just one field goal (and four total points) over the final 9:27 of the first half; Cincinnati scored 20 points to open a 13 point halftime lead. Maryland missed 8 shots during the stretch, any one of which could have halted the Bearcats’ run and kept the Terps within striking distance.

When the 2nd half opened up, Maryland managed to cut Cincinnati’s leads down to 7 and 8; but each time they did-the Bearcats answered back with a big jump shot (Dion Dixon 2, Rashad Bishop 3). Maryland’s mini-runs were squashed, and the Bearcats managed to play the 2nd half at an almost even level.

Due to Maryland’s true lack of outside shooters, this team just cannot afford to make poor decisions, take ill-advised shots, and take defensive sets off. When they do these things, good teams will answer with big shots. Maryland doesn’t have that big shot ability.

The Cincinnati game won’t be the last time this issue plays out this season. This issue will hurt the Terps throughout the year. Gary Williams ran every backdoor set and defensive trap he could think of to get his team back in it-but poor shot selection from Greivis Vasquez (who still lead the Terps with 19 points) killed their first rally, and missed free throws by Cliff Tucker and James Padgett doomed their 2nd rally. There were no more rallies to be had.

This IS an improved team. But they still have problems. Having real big men gives them a better shot on both ends, but their big men (at least until Dino Gregory returns) are freshmen. They’re raw, they need bulk, and they will go through long stretches where they struggle. They don’t shoot well. They rely on penetration, free throws and defense. If those things aren’t there-they’re in major trouble.

They’ll have to learn from this one. Wednesday’s consolation game will be a big statement for this team. In 2004, Maryland went through a 3 game stretch where they lost a heartbreaker to Wisconsin in Milwaukee-then a shootout to George Washington (with a win over a lesser George Mason team mixed in). The inability to win consistently away from Comcast Center early in the season was a theme that played out throughout the season as a streak of 11 NCAA Tournament appearances would eventually be snapped.

Losing to a team that in reality maybe just as good (if not better) than you are on a neutral floor is not damning at all-and could be a valuable learning experience. But failing to prove you can beat decent teams away from home can really hurt a team heading into ACC play.



9:10-Maryland falls to 4-1 with a 69-57 loss. I’ll be back shortly to wrap it up.

9:02-I know why Gary is shooting, but a lack of shooters will only lead to a larger margin of defeat.

This has been a real struggle for James Padgett tonight.

8:57-The good news is that whoever Maryland faces tomorrow (Gonzaga or Wisconsin) COULD still get good enough to make it a quality opponent at the end of the season. But tomorrow becomes a big game for this team. Leaving the island with just a win over Chaminade would hurt them a great deal. Indiana won’t help them RPI-wise, and Villanova is a tall task.

8:51-Just got a text from a friend asking if we can expect Maryland to be out-rebounded by every team all season.

The answer is maybe.

While bringing in Jordan Williams and James Padgett certainly gives the team size; they are going to be raw. They need to continue to add bulk, and learn how to battle. Landon Milbourne, Cliff Tucker, Sean Mosley and Greivis Vasquez MUST help on the glass.

8:48-Sean Mosley, Cliff Tucker and Landon Milbourne were the guys Maryland needed more from given Cincinnati’s size. They needed to match with athleticism, but have been unable to.

8:46-Terps 1/11 from beyond the arc, and the only make was a jumper from Hayes that hit everything on it’s way in. This is just brutal.

8:39-Terps doing a TERRIBLE job of getting back on defense after Cincinnati has broken the press. They just don’t shoot well enough to overcome these big deficits.

Tucker not taking that shot says everything you need to know about this team.

8:38-Vasquez jawing with Stephenson? No need for that. Lance’s team is up 15. 53-38.

8:35-And that floater by Yancy Gates re-extends the lead to 13 for Cincinnati. Two steps forward, two steps back.

Jordan Williams misses 2 free throws, and Gates gets another 2. Another hoop from Deonta Vaughn off a a Vasquez miss, and Cincinnati is up 17. Really?

This one could get ugly. Maryland has pulled out all the stops, and they’re in worse shape than they were at the half.

8:32-Another great play run to Mosley, and another miss at the rim. I counted MAB’s (misses at basket) last season, I really didn’t think I was going to have to do that again this year.

Another free throw miss from Milbourne. Seriously?

8:29-Cashmere Wright abuses Padgett, and Cincinnati will have the chance to extend their lead back to 12. They’ve answered every spurt Maryland has put together.

8:27-Mosley adds to the misery of another missed free throw by missing a chip shot from under the hoop.

Every time something goes well, something goes equally wrong. 44-33 Bearcats, and Bowie misses ANOTHER wide open 3.

8:25-Tucker and Padgett each missed free throws on the last 2 possessions. Those are just crucial here in the 2nd half as this team tries to battle.

8:24-What a shot there from Bishop. Obviously the biggest difference in how these teams have handled runs. While Maryland couldn’t respond, Cincinnati has options.

8:22-Back to back plays run for Mosley. Gary clearly knows the importance of his involvement. He buries his freebies, and it’s 39-30 Cincinnati.

8:20-There is CLEARLY a nice contingent of Maryland fans there in Maui. They were making some noise a few minutes ago, but MUST remain vocal the rest of the way.

8:18-And FINALLY Sean Mosley gets involved. They’ve missed him badly. Nice execution out of the timeout.

8:15-Everything was going well, then Vasquez tried to force things again. If he’s going to force things, Maryland is going to be in trouble. 39-26 Cincinnati as they completely weather the storm-forcing Gary to take a timeout.

8:13-ANOTHER poor shot choice from Vasquez-just when everything was going well. And what do you know, Cincinnati stopped the run on the other end.

8:11-3 personal fouls now for Jaquon Parker. That’s big. Vasquez has 11, Maryland cuts lead to 33-26 on a Jordan Williams bucket.

8:09-Easy two for Rashad Bishop, but he can’t make it 3 despite Landon Milbourne’s critical 4th personal foul.

THAT is exactly how Greivis Vasquez should be allowing the offense to come to him.

8:05-Cincinnati out-rebounded Maryland 21-16 in the first half. The Terps shot a dreadful 7-26 (26.9%) from the field.

7:59-Deonta Vaughn lead Cincinnati with 10 points in the first half; Greivis Vasquez lead Maryland with 7 points.

7:49-That didn’t just happen, did it? Dion Dixon grabs a loose ball and puts it back at the buzzer, and they extend their lead to 31-18 at the break. Unthinkably bad half for the Terps, who will have to open the 2nd half on a run to get back in this. Wow.

7:47-This is where not having faced adversity at all yet this season is hurting this team. Their attitude is particularly poor right now; and Cincinnati appears very focused.

7:45-Larry Dixon draws another foul for Cincinnati. They are just taking it right to the Terps right now. Toyloy with a pretty hoop from the lane; and Cincy has their biggest lead at 29-16.

7:42-Gary Williams is obviously FURIOUS with a 6:14 scoring drought. Terps have just looked sloppy on both ends.

FINALLY the drought ends as Vasquez gets a friendly roll. 25-16 Maryland, and Cincinnati breaks the press easily to get a hoop from Dion Dixon. 27-16 Bearcats.

7:39-After the absolute GIFT of a missed dunk by Toyloy, Vasquez misses the front end of a 1 and 1. 25-14 Bearcats, and Maryland desperately needs more from Vasquez, Milbourne and Mosley.

7:37-This is a BRUTAL stretch for Maryland. Another dunk for Stephenson off the Terps turnover, and it is 23-14 Cincinnati now. Maryland has no outside answer.

7:35-James Padgett REALLY needs to hit his free throws there. A 4 minute scoring drought is a great way to lose games. He’s gonna get fouled, he HAS to hit his shots.

Lance Stephenson hits ANOTHER outside jumper. It might just be a 2; but it hurts to see someone on another team hitting outside shots.

7:32-Can’t have Jin Soo Choi in right now. He’s hurting them. 19-14 Cincinnati.

7:31-When Cliff Tucker drove with no plan, Bill Raftery said EXACTLY what I was thinking: “What are you doing?”

GREAT defense from Greivis as Cincinnati had an outlet.

How does Scott Van Pelt get off work during Thanksgiving week to go to Hawaii with the Terps?

7:28-Seems a little early for Jin Soo Choi to be in the game. I guess they want his size, but he’s a bit of a liability.

And how can Adrian Bowie POSSIBLY have not improved his outside shot by now???

Deonta Vaughn 3 puts Cincy back ahead 16-14.

7:25-Thunderous dunk there on the stick-back from James Padgett. Since Terps aren’t a great shooting team from the field, offensive rebounds are crucial.

Deonta Vaughn makes a pair of freebies to cut Maryland’s lead to 14-13.

7:23-Very smart basketball play there on the inbounds pass by Vasquez. As I was just saying to Bob Haynie over on Twitter-he is SO much better when the game comes to him.

7:20-By the way, I have a side bet tonight with former Cincinnati Bearcats and Baltimore Ravens LB Brad Jackson. It involves us having to wear the gear of each other’s alma mater and having to sing each other’s fight song. He’s joined in on the conversation at Twitter. (@WNST)

That’s great offense there from Cincinnati to get that wide open jumper from Darnell Wilks. 11-9 Cincy.

7:18-Big jumper there from Milbourne there after a TERRIBLE shot from Vasquez. Landon can’t settle for outside jumpers, but his mid-range game changes everything this team does offensively.

7:15-Terps still playing very strong defense, but haven’t been able to get anything going in transition yet. Midway through the first half they usually try to take some more chances.

7:13-Someone is going to have to hit some jumpers to extend Cincinnati’s defense. Landon Milbourne might have to be the guy.

7:11-I don’t know what words to use to describe the color of the shirts Gary Williams and staff are wearing. I like the fact that the school incorporates all colors of the state flag in their uniform scheme-but the yellow polos do NOT look as good as the yellow uniforms.

7:08-Clearly Lance Stephenson is fired up to face this Maryland team. He’s got 5 early as the Cats take a 7-5 lead.

Milbourne responds, 7-7. The Cats certainly have the athleticism to match the Terps.

7:06-Jordan Williams, James Padgett and Landon Milbourne are going to have their hands full with Yancy Gates underneath. They CANNOT let him control the glass.

Bit of a bitter pill to swallow watching Lance Stephenson drive like that….2-0 Bearcats.

7:02-Certainly the lack of scoring from Greivis Vasquez so far is a concern, but Maryland fans have to happy to see how he’s run the floor. Allowing Eric Hayes to be more of a natural shooting guard has been a major benefit for this team in halfcourt offensive sets.

6:49-Greetings from my couch, where I’ll be hanging with you tonight as the Maryland Terrapins battle the Cincinnati Bearcats from the Lahaina Civic Center in Maui. This is the 2nd round of the EA Sports Maui Invitational, the winner advances to face the winner of tonight’s Gonzaga/Wisconsin game in the Championship. The losers will meet in tomorrow night’s 3rd place game.

The most intriguing storyline of tonight’s game is former Terps recruit Lance Stephenson getting a crack at his former Lincoln High School (New York) teammate James Padgett. You remember the hoopla surrounding “Born Ready” last Spring before most schools decided they weren’t interested in him. He’s been off to a decent start with Mick Cronin and Cincy, but has struggled from the field.

Tonight’s game can be seen on ESPN. Sean McDonough, Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas are on the call.


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Poor Performance All Around As Bengals Top Ravens 17-7

Posted on 08 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

It was bad all around.

The offense was bad-scoring just 7 points and not even threatening to score in the game’s first 45 minutes.

The defense was bad-allowing another 100 yard rusher and letting the Bengals score on their first 3 possessions of the game.

The special teams were bad-missing a big field goal and being flagged for multiple costly penalties.

The coaching was REALLY bad-as no unit appeared prepared for what may have been the most important game of the season thus far.

The Ravens’ 17-7 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday was just a poor performance all around.

They’re not a bad team. Even in one of their worst games they still had a chance in the 4th quarter before a costly missed field goal kept them from closing the gap to one possession. But they have an uncanny ability to play like a bad team for long stretches on both sides of the football.

The first half was one of those stretches. Through three possessions for each team in Sunday’s game, the Bengals out-gained the Ravens offensively 228 yards to 41. The 17-0 scoring advantage they established would ultimately prove to be too much for the outmatched Ravens to overcome.

John Harbaugh will almost certainly tell us that he was “proud of his team” for their fight on Sunday, but don’t be fooled. A team that “fights” is no match for a team that is better than their opponent. The Bengals were flat out BETTER than the Ravens today. The Bengals have been better than the Ravens all season.

The season isn’t over, no matter how much some of us will want to think it is. The Ravens are likely dead in the AFC North race, now trailing the Bengals by 2 full games and a tiebreaker. But at 4-4, the Ravens are very much alive in the AFC playoff race, and have two games remaining with the Steelers-who will be in direct competition for a playoff spot. The Texans and Chargers appear to be the other teams they will be battling with in the race for a Wild Card spot.

If the Ravens want to seize a playoff spot, they must play better than they did Sunday. Games against the Colts, Steelers and Packers will not be easy games to win; and they cannot spot ANY of those teams a multi-score early lead. The Ravens spoke this week about a desire to start quicker, but failed to get started until there were less than 15 minutes remaining in the game.

The season isn’t over. The season is only halfway through. But 4-4 in the next 8 won’t be good enough. This team has shown signs of being an elite team, but must BECOME an elite team. And it won’t be via personnel change. Steve Hauschka’s head will be asked for on a silver platter-and there will be some heavy breathing on his seat on tonight’s charter back to BWI. But even a kicker change will not make this a better football team. Strategy and execution will be the only two things that will make this a better football team.

Hopefully it will come.


4:11-At least I’ll have two names to put on my Tuesday Top 7. The other 5 spots are REALLY unknown…..

4:09-Cedric Benson goes over 100 yards twice……3 100 yard rushers in 4 games. Not so good.

4:07-THREE STRAIGHT SACKS?!?!?!?!? The awesome O-Line play this season has been non-existent today.

4:06-When did Robert Geathers and Brandon Johnson become Adalius Thomas and Bart Scott???

4:04-What was Joe trying to do there?!?!?!? Boy……

4:02-This is MAYBE the worst 2 minute offense I’ve ever seen. Did they think Hauschka MADE the field goal?

4:00-If this is their 2 minute drill, it is not very good.

3:55-Getting the ball back with this much time left on the clock only makes the Hauschka miss all the more painful…..

3:52-Did that commercial just say Wal-Mart was selling XBox 360 for 200 bucks with a 100 dollar gift card? Is that going on right now? I will go to Wal-Mart NOW……

3:50-Have you EVER seen a coach as emphatic in throwing a red flag as Harbs just was?

3:46-If I say now that neither Matt Stover NOR Chris McAlister is coming back to this team, can we avoid the phone calls tomorrow?

Wow. That’s a tough spot for Steve Hauschka-first FG try of the day…..and it could be costly not only for the game, but for his NFL career…..

3:45-Just when we were getting excited……

3:44-The Drew Forrester curse hits RIGHT before the incompletion and missed FG.

Thanks Drew.

3:43-A field goal IS okay here; but I get nervous about this team being forced to get another stop without giving up points.


3:40-Jarret Johnson REALLY should have had that tackle. Another big 3rd down here…..

3:37-What a weapon Brian Leonard is…..big momentum shift for Cincinnati.

3:36-This is a HUGE 3rd and short. Really, HUGE.

Going back and forth with Princess Bride quotes with CP has almost been as fun as the game early on.


17-7 with 12:54 to play. This COULD get interesting?

3:28-Joe! Mark Clayton is 5’10”! If they run that route and he’s double-covered, you CAN’T throw that ball!

3:27-Hey! Some offense! Where has this been?!?!?

3:25-Penalties on Grubbs and Oher very shortly after the penalty on Jared Gaither. This team is not making it easy…..

3:22-The offensive line has had a great season. Not a great day.

At least credit Greg Mattison for making some adjustments after a disastrous start. The offense has not done the same.

3:20-Once again, I COMPLETELY agree with this decision by Marvin Lewis.

3:15-Jared Gaither should NOT have to hold Jonathan Fanene. However, holding is better than a sack.

3:13-Ed Reed is NOT this team’s punt returner. He is only a returner on the “safe” unit. There was no reason for the safe unit to be in there. Therefore, there was no reason for Ed Reed to be out there thinking he needed to do something.

3:05-That’s THREE floaters he’s thrown to Ochocinco like that for first downs.


Good challenge by John Harbaugh…..2nd foot out of bounds.

3:03-Jameel McClain CERTAINLY stripped the ball before Cosby was down; but he must have been blown down with forward progress-which he should have been.

A Terrell Suggs sack! Wow!

3:01-Strange decision by Quan Cosby to return that one from inside the 10. Could have been a game-changing turnover.

Any turnover would be nice, really.

2:59-Keith Rivers won’t return. Chris Henry apparently out for the season. Ravens still losing 17-0.

2:58-Best offensive play of the game. By far.

Also, is that 3 straight drives without points for the Bengals now?

I’m trying to stay positive.

2:54-Why did that play work? Because there was pressure! Forced a bad throw! Where’s that been for 3 quarters???

2:52-How did Brian Leonard turn that into a first down?

Is there any particular reason for the extra booing towards Ray Lewis? Maybe just the hit on Ochocinco?

2:48-That was just an AWESOME play by Jonathan Joseph. And a reminder that a 5’10” receiver is NOT a good target for a deep ball. Wow……

2:46-I’m back. Not because I want to be…..

2:31-There’s no reason to risk it here. I know we’d like to see Cam Cameron actually take a chance, but only bad could have happened from the 1 yard line. Maybe Tony Robbins can come in and speak at halftime.

2:29-Incredible play by Kyries Hebert and Rey Maualuga. Brilliant stuff.

2:25-I’m not totally certain, but I’m not sure you’re supposed to throw the ball off of your star running back when you’re trying to throw the ball away. But what would I know?

2:24-Are there other games on???

2:23-If they put points on the board here, they can at least make it a game….

2:21-Holy crap. The Bengals had scored on TEN STRAIGHT DRIVES under Carson Palmer before that? That’s REALLY amazing.

2:18-J.P. Foschi should not be embarrassing anyone. Unreal.

2:14-Did Todd Heap go horizontal a YARD before the first down marker? This has been disastrous for EVERYONE.

Add Matt Katula to the list.

2:12-What the Bengals did on coverage right there is remarkably similar to what the Ravens did on coverage last week against Eddie Royal. If you force a returner to stop and start again, you have a GREAT chance to bring them down.

2:09-If you think the officials have something against the Ravens, you clearly missed whatever Chris Carr was just doing there that somehow went uncalled. Maybe it was a mercy no-call. I’m not sure.

The Bengals didn’t need Shayne Graham to kick that. Billy Graham could have done it.

17-0? REALLY?

2:07-There’s no way Cedric Benson should be able to get 5 yards there. Just no way. Getting KILLED at the line of scrimmage.

2:04-Great observation by Carson Palmer. If Lardarius Webb is going to play off of Coles by 10 yards, just throw him the ball.

Carson Palmer isn’t just not getting sacked, he’s not even concerned. He’s sliding head-first. Jesus.

2:02-How freaking random is a Kelly Gregg/Shannon Miller story?


(Editor’s note: Trevor Pryce was probably held there. Still.)

1:57-Chris Henry injured is the best thing the Ravens defense has done thus far today.

1:53-That’s what happens when you get pressure on a QB. The QB has to throw the ball away. Would be nice to see the Ravens defense do the same thing.

1:50-Nice to see Le’Ron McClain on the field. Apparently it was nice for the Bengals defense to see Le’Ron McClain on the field, too.

1:48-THANK YOU Brandon Johnson. THANK YOU. Looked like the same play that drew Frank Walker off-sides on an extra point.

1:45-What an OBVIOUS penalty on Matt Lawrence, who had actually played quite well.

The no-huddle is not as easy to run on the road……

1:42-I know losing Ngata hurts, but how in the hell is the offensive line of the Cincinnati Bengals just b-slapping the Ravens defense around like this? This is particularly reminiscent of the Vikings game…..

1:39-How in the HELL did Laveranues Coles get out of the grasp of Ed Reed? Reed has to make arm tackles because of his shoulder/neck injuries, and it hurt him there.

1:36-It’s less that they’re getting beat and more that they’re panicking in 1 on 1 situations. These corners just don’t trust their own abilities, and they get grabby when they’re in 1 on 1 situations. It makes a big statement to throw the ball deep on 4th and short. And not a statement that the Ravens should be allowing teams to make against them…..

1:35-Absolutely the right decision by Marvin Lewis to go for it here.

1:34-This doesn’t all fall on the secondary early on. As I said, the Ravens MUST get a pass rush to win this game. They’ve gotten next to nothing early on.

1:33-Not a good day for Domonique Foxworth……

1:32-How in God’s name does Chad Ochocinco come down with that AWFUL floater???? Unbelievable.

1:30-How does Carson Palmer get a first down there? This defense REALLY misses Haloti Ngata today. Thankfully the offsetting penalties nullify, but wow.

1:26-That pass interference PARTICULARLY stings. The “Jim Leonhard was better than Dawan Landry” crowd will be having a field day. Fabian Washington REALLY should have had a pick the next week. I tried bringing up the lack of interceptions with Domonique Foxworth this week-but he really played it down.

1:23-Sam Koch had the space there to do something with that punt. Seen a lot of touchbacks from him recently-which is strange because he’s always been particularly sure-footed.

1:22-Thank God Derrick Mason was there to break up that pass to Leon Hall. Joe knows Leon Hall plays for the other team, right?

1:20-Joe Flacco-I love you. Mark Clayton (and Ray Rice for that matter) are NOT tall. Please throw the ball appropriately. You’re great otherwise.

1:17-Another nice return by Lardarius Webb. He’s really coming along early in his NFL career. His speed is a weapon the Ravens might want to consider finding a way to use offensively……maybe.

1:15-Carson Palmer had all day and Chris Carr just figured he’d watch Andre Caldwell score a TD-I guess. Just an awful first series for the Ravens defense. Wow.

1:10-Really no excuse for letting Carson Palmer get that ball to Ochocinco for a first down there on 3rd and 10. Just unacceptable. That ball was floated because of the pressure, but it should have been a sack or should have been broken up.

Benson running all over the place…..Cincinnati methodically moving the ball. Christ.

1:07-Pittsburgh Steelers fans (who REALLY believe they are the best fans in the world) could learn from the fans in the Queen City. Very impressed by how quiet they were while the Bengals had the ball. However, it was very evident there were a number of Ravens in Ohio by the noise on 3rd down.

1:05-Brian Leonard (Ray Rice’s college teammate at Rutgers) really hurt the Ravens in the first game, too. He’s just a really dangerous player.

How the hell did Cedric Benson get through that?

1:03-Steve Hauschka’s worst kick-off was his first one last week. This first one wasn’t great, either. Weird.

12:58-I was watching the FOX pre-game show instead of the CBS show, and I NEVER get sick of seeing entertainers travel to Iraq/Afghanistan to support our troops. It has been a long-time goal of mine to do a radio show live from the Middle East to support the USO. Was it a bit cheesy? Sure. But was it a great thing for Curt Menafee and company to do? Absolutely.

12:34-Today’s game can be seen live on CBS (WJZ 13 in Baltimore) with Dick Enberg and Dan Fouts on the call. The game can be heard nationally on Westwood One Radio (if for some reason you’re in an area that isn’t showing Ravens-Bengals on CBS) with Kevin Kugler and Mark Malone on the call.

If you want to get hyped for today’s game; head to the Audio Vault at WNST.net, where you can hear from Fouts (who joined Bob Haynie Friday), Malone (who joined Drew Forrester Friday), Bengals LB Coach Jeff Fitzgerald (Drew Friday), Ravens LB Prescott Burgess (Drew Friday), Bengals Play by Play Voice Brad Johansen (Drew Friday) and MORE!

12:17-Chinedum Ndukwe will start for Bengals in place of Roy Williams. Justin Bannan will start for Bengals in place of Haloti Ngata.

As much as the loss of Haloti Ngata will hurt the Ravens in trying to slow down Cedric Benson; it will also hurt them in pursuit of Bengals QB Carson Palmer. Ngata is very good at creating havoc in the backfield; and Justin Bannan will have to improve in pursuit of the Bengals QB. Brandon McKinney and the now-active Kelly Talavou will also get their chances in the D-Line rotation, and will have to work with Dwan Edwards, Trevor Pryce, and Terrell Suggs to get pressure up front.

12:07-As I mentioned in the title, today’s game is particularly crucial for the Ravens, as they CANNOT afford to fall 2 full games behind the Bengals in the AFC North….PLUS the Ravens would lose a tiebreaker to Cincy by virtue of a Bengals sweep. It would be more like the Ravens falling behind 2 and a half games in the division.

11:41-Ravens scratches:

DT Haloti Ngata
CB Frank Walker
RB Jalen Parmele
LB Antwan Barnes
OT Tony Moll
DE Paul Kruger
QB John Beck-3rd QB
OT Oniel Cousins

11:27-Greetings from my couch, where I have not made the trip to Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati (I had a wedding to attend, my apologies); but the Baltimore Ravens have-and I will hang out with you during the game. A number of WNST contributors will chime in on Twitter (@WNST); including Nestor Aparicio, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones.

Bengals scratches:

QB Jordan Palmer-3rd QB
S Roy Williams
FB Fui Vakapuna
LB Dan Skuta
OT Andre Smith
TE Chase Coffman
WR Jerome Simpson
DT Orien Harris


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Live From Owings Mills: Ngata’s Status Very Much in Doubt

Posted on 06 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

3:49-INJURY REPORT-Ravens:

S Haruki Nakamura – QUESTIONABLE – Chest
DT Haloti Ngata – QUESTIONABLE – Ankle
S Tom Zbikowski – QUESTIONABLE – Illness
LB Prescott Burgess – PROBABLE – Illness
TE Todd Heap – PROBABLE – Ankle
LB Jarret Johnson – PROBABLE – Shoulder
LS Matt Katula – PROBABLE – Elbow
FB Le’Ron McClain – PROBABLE – Shoulder
CB Frank Walker – PROBABLE – Illness

OT Andre Smith – QUESTIONABLE – Foot
S Roy Williams – QUESTIONABLE – Forearm
FB Jeremi Johnson – PROBABLE – Knee
DT Tank Johnson – PROBABLE – Foot
S Tom Nelson – PROBABLE – Shoulder
RB Bernard Scott – PROBABLE – Knee

2:02-John Harbaugh told us today “there’s a chance” Haloti Ngata plays Sunday, but wouldn’t put a guess as to what the likelihood was that he saw the field. The coach also chose not to confirm that Justin Bannan would start if Haloti couldn;t go, saying the Ravens have faith in “whoever it is” that will start.

Some other tidbits from Harbs:

-Carson Palmer is “maybe the quarterback who’s playing the best in the NFL right now.”
-Domonique Foxworth has “always been a good player.”
-Coach has “a lot of confidence” in Ravens cornerbacks…..”corners are good”…..”playing with tremendous technique.”
-Cornerbacks (in general) “have to be confident, have to be team guys.”

Haloti Ngata was not available in the locker room again. John Harbaugh also downplayed any concerns about Matt Katula (who played today). You can hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

11:53-John Harbaugh again had the Ravens on the far practice on Friday, limiting access as much as possible as he tries to stay completely secretive going into Sunday’s game. Matt Katula appeared to be practicing, which isn’t surprising considering he spent the week downplaying his elbow injury. However, Haloti Ngata was not seen on the practice field; leaving his Sunday status very much in doubt.

11:17-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where we are preparing to head out to practice. We will be specifically looking for DT Haloti Ngata (ankle) and LS Matt Katula (elbow); neither of whom have practiced this week. It would seem unlikely that Ngata would play Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals without practicing on his sprained ankle, so today could be a big day. Katula appeared optimistic that he would be able to play, but we saw Willis McGahee practicing his long snaps yesterday; and we have heard rumblings about other players who may be able to do it.

If you missed The Comcast Morning Show this morning; plenty of stuff in the Audio Vault at WNST.net to help get you ready for Sunday’s game:

-Bengals LB Coach Jeff Fitzgerald (Former Ravens assistant)
-Ravens LB Prescott Burgess
-Bengals PBP Voice Brad Johansen
-Ravens/Bengals Color Analyst for Westwood One Mark Malone
-ProFootballTalk.com’s Mike Florio
-and Drew Forrester and I made our picks for Sunday’s game in our weekly “Picks and Comment” segment. One of us doesn’t think the Ravens will win Sunday.
-Also, Dan Fouts (CBS color analyst) joined Bob Haynie today on AM1570 WNST, you can hear from him shortly in the Audio Vault as well.


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Live From Owings Mills: Harbaugh “Hopeful” Ngata Will Play Sunday

Posted on 04 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

5:00-INJURY REPORT: Ravens-

LB Prescott Burgess -DID NOT PARTICIPATE- Illness
S Haruki Nakamura -DID NOT PARTICIPATE- Chest
CB Frank Walker -DID NOT PARTICIPATE- Illness
S Tom Zbikowski -DID NOT PARTICIPATE- Illness
TE Todd Haep -LIMITED- Ankle
FB Le’Ron McClain -LIMITED- Shoulder
LB Jarret Johnson -FULL- Shoulder

FB Jeremi Johnson – LIMITED – Knee
S Tom Nelson – LIMITED – Shoulder
S Roy Williams – LIMITED – Forearm
RB Bernard Scott – FULL- Knee
OT Andre Smith – FULL – Foot

2:02-Ray Rice:

-“I think the no huddle offense is great…..it rattles a defense.”
-No huddle “easier to run at home.”
-Joe is “poised” in no huddle.”
-Division games are “like playoff games.”

1:59-Joe Flacco:

-It’s “pretty obvious” what Kelley Washington brings to the team, “especially on 3rd down.”
-He enjoys the no huddle; it “gets your team in a rhythm, wears a defense out.”
-“You know when you’ve got Jared (Gaither) out there, you’re going to have a pretty good day.”

1:53-Ray Lewis:

-Said he had “true belief” Lardarius Webb would return opening kick of 2nd half for a TD. After Lardarius scored, Ray asked him “Do you believe me now?”
-Greg Mattison is “an old school coach” who “treats you completely like a man” and “wants to know your input.”
-Playing alongside young linebackers Tavares Gooden, Jameel McClain and Dannell Ellerbe means Ray has to “focus on getting those guys lined up”…..Ray praised them, saying they all “run very well.”
-Hasn’t been able to watch much of Bengals LB Rey Maualuga, but knows from watching him at USC that he “likes flying to the ball.”
-He hasn’t really talked to Ochocinco since the hit at the end of the first game (about football anyway); but said he’d be ready to hit him again “if he comes in there.”
1:49-Derrick Mason:

-Derrick opened his press conference by asking “What are you all gonna do without me in a year?” This is interesting, as Derrick has just this year left on his contract.
-Bengals “did what they needed to do” to win the first game between the two teams; now Ravens “have to put it back on an even playing (field).”
-Bengals are playing “lights out” defensively.
-Teams “can’t cover me single coverage.”
-Cincinnati “did a good job…..of totally taking me out of the game” the first time the Ravens played the Bengals
-“The best trash talker I’ve ever seen was Marvin Harrison. He said nothing, but he beat you every play.”

1:46-Ed Reed:

-When asked if he reads what Chad Ochocinco has to say on Twitter: “next question.”
-Bengals game “just another football game….we know what’s at stake.”
-Missing the punt block Sunday against the Broncos was a “rookie mistake.”
-Cedric Benson gives the Bengals “somebody else you gotta pay attention to.”
-When informed that Carson Palmer called him a future Hall of Famer: “I could care less about” that type of stuff.

1:38-Plenty of players and coaches met with the media today. I am going to attempt to give you a sprinkling of things we heard around the facility, starting with head coach John Harbaugh:

-Joe Flacco “gets better every week.”
-“I don’t think (revenge against Bengals) is a motivator”; thinks team is motivated by “highly contested” AFC North race
-Ray Lewis is “a visionary leader.”
-“We didn’t have to spend a lot of time” looking at Bengals…..”we know them pretty well.”
-“We’re hopeful” Haloti Ngata can play Sunday
-Carson Palmer “one of the premiere quarterbacks” in the NFL

1:29-John Harbaugh told us he was “hopeful” Haloti Ngata will return from his sprained ankle Sunday against the Bengals. However, the big man was not seen working out with other other defensive linemen during the portion of practice open to the media. More from Harbaugh and others shortly, after I join Bob Haynie on AM1570 WNST.

12:55-Hear from the following NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net……

Coach John Harbaugh
QB Joe Flacco
RB Ray Rice
WR Derrick Mason
LB/DE Terrell Suggs
LB Ray Lewis
CB Domonique Foxworth
CB/KR Laradrius Webb
S Ed Reed

11:10-Highlights from Carson Palmer:

-Mattison gave Bengals “a few different looks” in first matchup than Rex Ryan did previously
-Unlikely to change much from first game, “why change what works?”
-Cedric Benson gives Bengals more of a “power running game”-“AFC North mentality”
-Jarret Johnson not a guy “we overlook”
-Bengals “Not worried about playoff implications”
-Sang praises of Ravens defense, including Ray Lewis

11:04-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where we are expecting to hear from John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and more today as the Ravens transition into preparation for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium.

The ankle injury suffered by Haloti Ngata in the win over the Denver Broncos is the most pressing issue facing the team, so we’ll hope to find him floating around the locker room-or we’ll have to wait for this afternoon’s injury report to get a real idea as to what might be going on there.

We’re scheduled to hear from Carson Palmer on a media conference call momentarily.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer, Tuesday Top 7

Posted on 20 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

Intern Super Jack is out today (swine flu, I believe)-so I’ll handle the Tuesday Top 7 within Crabs and Beer. Like Bob Haynie always says, we “improvise and adapt” at WNST.

Here’s MY Tuesday Top 7 for the Ravens’ 33-31 loss to Minnesota…..

7-Lardarius Webb
6-Michael Oher
5-Mark Clayton
4-Ray Lewis
3-Derrick Mason
2-Joe Flacco
1-Ray Rice

And Drew’s Top 7….

7-Marshal Yanda
6-Michael Oher
5-Trevor Pryce
4-Derrick Mason
3-Ray Lewis
2-Ray Rice
1-Joe Flacco

Now our season totals, starting with mine…..

19t-Frank Walker (1 point)
19t-Kelly Gregg (1 point)
19t-Brendon Ayanbadejo (1 point)
19t-Lardarius Webb (1 point)
19t-Sam Koch (1 point)
17t-Matt Birk (2 points)
17t-Kelley Washington (2 points)
15t-Trevor Pryce (3 points)
15t-Domonique Foxworth (3 points)
13t-Chris Chester (4 points)
13t-Haloti Ngata (4 points)
10t-Terrell Suggs (6 points)
10t-Jared Gaither (6 points)
10t-Mark Clayton (6 points)
9-Ed Reed (7 points)
8-Todd Heap (9 points)
7-Ray Lewis (11 points)
6-Willis McGahee (12 points)
5-Derrick Mason (14 points)
4-Jarret Johnson (16 points)
3-Michael Oher (19 points)
2-Joe Flacco (21 points)
1-Ray Rice (22 points)

And Drew’s season totals……

18t-Marshal Yanda (1 point)
18t-Frank Walker (1 point)
18t-Sam Koch (1 point)
15t-Dawan Landry (2 points)
15t-Kelley Washington (2 points)
15t-Matt Birk (2 points)
10t-Chris Chester (4 points)
10t-Todd Heap (4 points)
10t-Domonique Foxworth (4 points)
10t-Mark Clayton (4 points)
10t-Jared Gaither (4 points)
8t-Michael Oher (6 points)
8t-Terrell Suggs (6 points)
6t-Willis McGahee (11 points)
6t-Jarret Johnson (11 points)
5-Derrick Mason (12 points)
4-Ed Reed (13 points)
3-Ray Lewis (20 points)
2-Ray Rice (27 points)
1-Joe Flacco (31 points)

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says Ravens staffer told him trades ‘unlikely’ before today’s 4pm NFL trade deadline

Glenn Clark says Harbaugh thinks Ravens ‘need’ to play Lardarius Webb more at CB

Chris Bonetti says today final day to sign up for WNST’s trip to Lambeau Field

Rex Snider says Harbaugh doing best Belichick impression

Bob Haynie says bye week adjustments won’t involve firing Mattison OR cutting Hauschka

Keith Melchior says not even Stover automatic from 44 yards

Glenn Clark says Shogun Fights best event of week


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh ‘not very optimistic’ Samari Rolle will return

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh thought Oher ‘acquitted himself well’

The Official Site says Flacco told media his ankle ‘great’

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbs confirmed Webb ‘officially’ kick returner

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh standing by Hauschka

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Greg Mattison’s defense no longer ‘strikes fear’ in opponents

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh ‘expects’ Gaither to play against Broncos

The Sun’s Mike Preston thinks Ravens should consider using ‘fresh legs’ of Antwan Barnes, Paul Kruger, Jameel McClain in pass rush

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh admitted Katula’s snap ‘not perfect’ on missed FG

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh has history with T.O. from Philadelphia

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Jared Gaither was ‘close’ to being able to go Sunday against Vikings

The Sun’s Mike Preston thinks Ravens have bigger need at CB than WR

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Ravens corners ‘can’t cover OR tackle’

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ozzie Newsome wouldn’t rule out chances of making trade

The Sun cleans up after me

The AP’s Lucas L. Johnson II says Kazemi texted McNair looking for money before murder

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says NFL Network’s Deion Sanders says Ravens don’t have ‘playoff-caliber defense’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh spoke kindly about Terrell Owens, but doesn’t think anything ‘happening’ on that front

The AP says Harbaugh believes ‘big plays the problem’

The AP’s David Ginsburg says Ravens don’t want to ‘mess around’ with Rolle’s neck

The Tennessean’s Kate Howard says McNair had transferred money to Kazemi’s account-explaining why Armen Keteyian found $2,500 in her bank account

Sporting News’ Clifton Brown has Ravens 12th in power rankings

Sporting News’ Albert Breer says Ravens should go after Dwayne Bowe

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says Harbaugh’s T.O. comments ‘flirted with tampering’

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco thinks Ravens may be missing Stover

Pro Football Weekly wonders if Ravens interested in Ted Ginn Jr.

ESPN.com’s James Walker doesn’t see how Ravens would be interested in T.O.

ESPN.com’s James Walker not sure if Dwayne Bowe rumors have any ‘traction’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says all 3 of Ravens’ losses have come to first-place teams


The Official Site previews Saturday’s trip to Duke

The Official Site offers complete Terps-Devils release (pdf)

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Chris Turner, Terps must find ‘new inspiration’ this season

Examiner Matthew Bouchard says Danny O’Brien looking like he’ll be starter in ‘10

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says Travis Ivey thinks Terps might have to score defensively due to offensive struggles

The Diamondback has Terps 12th in power rankings

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Terps will be underdogs rest of season

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Blue Devils favored for just 9th time in last 118 games against ACC opponents

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Rutgers, Boston College also after Connor Wujciak (must subscribe)


Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says prospect Ashton Pankey to visit College Park Friday (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Jordan Williams ‘should have’ chance to seize starting center position for Terps (must subscribe)


Inside Lacrosse says Terps to face Duke, Loyola to face Notre Dame, Hopkins to face Princeton at Face-Off Classic March 6 at M&T Bank Stadium


The Official Site previews Saturday’s Homecoming contest with Wake Forest

The Official Site offers complete Midshipmen-Demon Deacons release (pdf)

The Official Site’s Bob Socci says LB Nechak not typical for kid from Malibu

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Niumatalolo going with Vince Murray as starting fullback

Go Mids honors Vince Murray, Tyler Simmons, Michael Walsh for win over SMU

Go Mids’ David Ausiello grades Mids defensively through first half of season (must subscribe)


Northeastern Official Site previews Saturday’s visit from Towson

Northeastern Official Site offers complete Tigers-Huskies release (pdf)

Carroll County Times’ Patrick Stoetzer says Mark Orlando honored by Tigers by entering school’s Hall of Fame


The Official Site says punter Nicholas Adams honored by MEAC


The Official Site’s Robert Emrich says Josh Bell ripping cover off ball in Arizona Fall League

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Brandon Snyder hitting over .400 in AFL play

Examiner Jay Trucker hopes Birds sign Branyan or Delgado to improve lineup


The Official Site says AIFA team signed former Terps, Redskins OL Scott Burley


Thoroughbred Times’ Mike Curry says Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird worked out in preparation for Breeders’ Cup Classic


The Sun’s Dan Rodricks remembers Ricig’s Robert Irsay dummy


-For the record, my question of John Harbaugh at the end of yesterday’s press conference (regarding Greg Mattison) was NOT asked to be an ass-or to put the coach “on the spot.” It was asked because one of the biggest storylines of the last 10 days has been Greg Mattison-with half of the city of Baltimore calling for Mattison’s head. I NEVER want to bring attention to myself during a press conference, I am just there doing a job. I needed a statement on the record from the Head Coach regarding his embattled Defensive Coordinator; and when challenged-I needed to make sure the Head Coach knew I was not going to let him belittle a relevant question. Please stop with your conspiracy “you just hate John Harbaugh” crap. I am a Ravens fan. I care about one thing, and one thing only. I want the Ravens to win. Other than that, I have a job to do as the Ravens analyst here at WNST.net.

Talk to you later today from 1 Winning Drive.


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My 2010 Baltimore Orioles Promotions & GiveBACKS

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My 2010 Baltimore Orioles Promotions & GiveBACKS

Posted on 08 October 2009 by Rex Snider

I really enjoyed my Wednesday evening – sitting around watching another postseason baseball game, as members of the 2009 Baltimore Orioles are already undoubtedly spread across the United States and Caribbean …..

While I cannot inspire these idle hands to helping the Orioles’ on-field woes (for the record, I’m beginning to think Jesus, himself, might decline a shot at such a miracle …..), I do think I could help Andy MacPhail with promoting the product.

Uh-oh, my mistake …..Andy just finds ballplayers.

You know what that means ??? Yep, the radar is narrowing on the likes of Rocco Baldelli, Nick Johnson and Joe Crede …..

Indeed, what you get between the baselines might not change. But, I have some pretty bright ideas to ensure fans enjoy the overall ballpark experience. Who knows ….. my ideas might actually bring people back !!!!

And, they are …..

    Tuesday, April 14th vs. Tampa Bay – Scores Girls @ The Ballpark 

– special thanks to Anna Benson …..

Is there a specific group missing at Camden Yards? Well, that’s easy – it’s EVERYBODY. However, during my dozen trips, in 2009, I noticed a lack of college-aged fans, enjoying baseball.

I got news for the Orioles – guys in the 18-25 age range really love sports, including baseball. They also crave simple food, cold beer and GIRLS. It’s a perfectly tempting combination.

So, what’s the risk in bringing in a few dozen HOT GIRLS to run the bases between innings, sell concessions and replace every miserably downtrodden usher for the night?

Start the game at 9pm, and make the minimum age for entry at 18 years old. It would be a WIN-WIN. Trust me, I know COLLEGE KIDS – and if you mix sports, girls and beer (for those 21 and over), the joint will be packed.

And, who knows ….. maybe they’ll come back, just for BASEBALL.


    Sunday, May 16th vs. Cleveland – Preakness Sunday

It’s simple, the Orioles need to find a way to capitalize on Baltimore’s BIGGEST ANNUAL SPORTS EVENT. Find a way to collaborate with the Maryland Jockey Club, during the weekend of May 15th & 16th.

The O’s and MJC already share a common problem ……

Nobody cares about the product, and their venues are embarrassingly empty. Why not work together, with incentives, to bring people to Saturday’s race and Sunday’s game?

Some cities would kill for such an opportunity.


    Monday, June 7th (No Game Scheduled) – National Cancer Survivor’s Day

That’s right, there is no game scheduled during this Giveaway/Promotion Day. Actually, the Orioles are enjoying an off-day, in the midst of a homestand, and series’ against the Red Sox and Yankees.

No help or promotion needed, right?


Monday, June 7th is “National Cancer Survivor’s Day” !!!! It’s a day when people who’ve beaten the ultimate opponent rejoice and celebrate their life defining victory.

Do you realize how many cancer survivors LOVE BASEBALL? Why not open the ballpark to them?

It’s simple, eligible participants (and one guest) just need to present a ticket to an upcoming game (Yankees/Red Sox excluded) and a note from their doctor. Once inside, they can participate in batting practice (everyone gets 5 swings), shagging flies/grounders and conversations with Orioles players and coaches.

Okay, okay, getting the players might be a monumental task. I suppose we’ll see what the young birds are made of – including a heart.

Open the concession stands, and donate the profits to the American Cancer Society. It’s the right thing to do.


    Thursday, June 10th vs. New York Yankees – Kate Hudson Appreciation Night

A special promotion when the Bronx Bombers are in town ??? YOU BETCHA. And, it’s a very simple proposition …..

This an evening for BALTIMORE BASEBALL FANS to take their ballpark back – even if it’s just for one night. The Yankees are in the house and we’re gonna make it real freakin’ uncomfortable for them.

First, the Orioles hold on to every single ticket for this game. That’s right, it starts with the team coveting all 48,876 tickets. Season ticket holders will be provided their tickets – if they show up at designated gates for entry.

Yup – if you’re a season ticket holder, you’ve gotta attend the game – if you want your tickets. You can bring guests – but, you’re responsible for WHOMEVER you bring into the game.

All other tickets will be issued at remaining gates. And, it’s a very simple process …..

You wanna come inside? No problem – have a Maryland ID, birth certificate or report card. And, you MUST wear an orange or Orioles-themed shirt. The cost of tickets is $20 each – and they’ll be provided in groups of up to 4, together. It’s first come – first served.

And, yes, this rule applies to everyone. What’s that ??? Mark Teixeira’s mom and dad wanna come to the game ??? They’re more than welcome – just put on some orange and get ready to heckle your son for a night. We’ll expect nothing less.

This will be a very special evening, because the Orioles are gonna get off some of that piled-up MASN money. They might not be spending it on players – but they’ll spend it on a night of entertainment ……

And, it all begins with every fan in attendance proudly displaying their free giveaway – a poster of Jesus ….. umm, I mean Johnny Damon. Whoops, wrong again, it’s Chris Robinson – aka the former – MISTER Kate Hudson. Hold up those posters while the Yankees lineup is announced.

We’re gonna kickoff the night with a splendid rendition of the National Anthem by a LIVING LEGEND. Indeed, Pete’s gonna kickout a couple hundred grand to bring the “Material Girl,” herself (a former A’Rod friend), out to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

This is followed by the ceremonial first pitch by the great Owen Wilson. I hear he’s got a mean “split her.” No doubt, this little appearance is gonna cost a few bucks, too. But, the Good Lord and Mr. Angelos know we deserve it.

As the game progresses, some very fitting tunes will be played, between innings. And, I’m talking the good stuff – “Like A Virgin,” “Borderline,” “Crazy For You,” “This Used To Be My Playground,” “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “Jealous,” “She Talks To Angels,” “Remedy” …..

Of course, the 7th Inning Stretch will be a memorable occasion. The ultra-gorgeous, Mariah Carey, will perform “God Bless America.” And, the WORLD FAMOUS Black Crowes will take a prominent spot in front of the 3rd base dugout to perform “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.” Now, that’s worth the price of admission.

Will the Orioles need to do their part? You bet. If they win the game, every fan pledges to donate $10 to Nick Markakis’ “Right Side Foundation.” That’s nearly a half-million dollars. Is there any greater inspiration for Nick to finally get off his rear and start leading his team?

It can be a night to remember …..


    Monday, July 19th vs. Tampa Bay – 40th Anniversary of 1970 Orioles

Would you like to spend an evening with Brooksie, Boog, Cakes and The Crow? Toss in Don Baylor, Paul Blair, Andy Etchebarren, Dick Hall, Bobby Grich, Mike Cuellar and others, and it could be a very nice evening.

Maybe, this would be the only way to get Davey Johnson back in the house ….

It’s heartbreaking to see the special Orioles teams forgotten. Lets hope the Orioles do the right thing – honor the ‘70 O’s !!!!


    Wednesday, August 18th vs. Seattle – “Happy Birthday To LEGENDS” Night 

It’s 2010, and that means THREE Orioles Legends, who happen to also be Major League Baseball Hall Of Famers, are celebrating monumental birthdays.

In fact, these gentleman all share birthdays within a couple weeks of each other, during the month of August. I’ll guarantee you the folks at WNST won’t forget this momentous occasion. Lets just hope the Orioles don’t forget, either …..

In fact, I’m hoping the Orioles can get everyone together for a special night of celebrating – and with a HUGE BIRTHDAY CAKE. It seems like August 18th – in the middle of a homestand would be a perfect evening.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce the birthday boys …..

Earl Weaver – August 14, 1930 – 80 Years Old

The most decorated and beloved manager in Orioles history will be turning 80 years old. Along with a very public party, I think it would be fitting for the Orioles to present Earl with a customized version of the 1983 World Championship ring.

He was a year removed. But, he earned it.

Frank Robinson – August 31, 1935 – 75 Years Old

The man who hit the most famous homer in Orioles history is gonna be 75 years old. Extend that olive branch, and name the left field plaza, beyond the bullpens, in his honor.

Cal Ripken Jr. – August 24, 1960 – 50 Years Old

The Ironman conquers a half-decade of life. Is there anything he hasn’t already received? I don’t care if it’s 1% ….. give Cal a minority stake in the Orioles. It would be a tangible reason for him to take an interest in the team.


    Monday, September 14th vs. Toronto – Ravens Pep Rally

That’s right, it’s the Tuesday following the start of the NFL SEASON. I guess there is always a chance the Ravens will open the “Monday Night Football” season (LOL – yeah, right), so we’ll safely make this promotion on a Tuesday.

This is an opportunity for the Orioles to collaborate with the Ravens, again. And, the perfect fundraising opportunity exists. The Orioles will split the gate with the charitable endeavors of OJ Brigance, Lenny Moore and John Mackey. Fair enough, right?

Lets be blunt, it’s the Orioles and Blue Jays, on a September weeknight. Without any incentives, a matchup between two hapless teams might draw a crowd of 5,000 diehards.

However, if the likes of Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, Todd Heap, Jon Ogden, Artie Donovan, Raymond Berry, Don Shula, Mike Curtis, Tom Matte, Ted Marchibroda and others are willing to lend a hand, TO LEND A HAND, I’d be willing to bet the ball park would be packed.

Heck, such an event might even attract Mike Ditka (he can backup all the talking he’s doing), Frank Gifford, John Madden, Roger Staubach, Archie Manning, Jim Brown, Fran Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw and many others.

Wow, Looking Good, Terry !!!!

This would be a night to TRULY GIVE BACK, and raise thousands of dollars for a few very noble causes …..


    Thursday, September 30th vs. Detroit – “Bob Haynie’s 10th Anniversary Party”

I know, I know, your first impression is “Rex is straight stoned,” especially given the fragile relationship between the Orioles and WNST …..

But, if you think about it, this is a perfect opportunity for the Orioles to recognize a guy who has carried their banner, on-air, for a decade. That’s right, he’s the guy who’s at least “sipped” the orange kool-aid, ON-AIR, for more than 3,650 days …..

And, the team didn’t pay him a dime, directly or indirectly, for his loyalty …..

Mark Viviano can’t claim this …..

Tom Davis can’t claim this …..

Pete Schmuck (I’m a HUGE fan) can’t claim this …..

Bob Haynie loves the Orioles. Bob Haynie could rightfully – and with unblemished integrity – hold their feet to the fire. Instead, he chooses the high road. There is something to be said for such affection.

Honor the man !!!!

And, this is how you do it ……

For Bob Haynie’s “10th Anniversary Party,” the Orioles can make Bud Light affordable. I’m talking $4 per beer. C’mon they’re making money on that !!!! Promote the product that promotes Bob.

To get things started, we’ll use the services of the visiting team …..

The Tigers’ Jim Leyland can meet Bob outside the Eutaw Street gate, where they can burn a couple “sticks” and chat about ANYTHING. While Bud Light will be available, Mr. Leyland will defer his decision on consumption to whether the Tigers have driven him to drink – during games, by that point.

And, this is a BIG PARTY – it’s Bob Haynie’s Anniversary. There’s no telling who might show up …..

The game will start at 4pm, with an early evening finish. Then, the celebration moves a couple blocks north, to 1st Mariner Arena …..

Recently, the namesake of Bob’s favorite band, Eddie Van Halen, announced the group plans on touring, in the Summer of 2010. Now, I know what you’re thinking …. the chances of Van Halen keeping all the wheels and collective egos intact, and on their tour bus has been a challenge, to say the least.

However, they did make it through the last tour, in 2007-08 and after only one hiatus and several rescheduled dates …..

Also, Peter Angelos owes the Van Halen brothers a SOLID. Remember, he backed out of a tentative deal that would’ve landed the band performing, at Camden Yards, in 2004. Pete owes Ed a gig – plain and simple.

Why not make it Bob Haynie’s Anniversary Party ??? I can imagine a lot of Orioles fans rockin’ out to “You Really Got Me,” “Unchained,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” and “Somebody Call Me A Doctor.”

There would certainly be a fitting video tribute to the last 12 years of Orioles Baseball, as Dave and Eddie grind out an impassioned version of “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” …..

There is just something special about seeing David Lee Roth and Bob Haynie, both sporting a pair of ass-less chaps, while sipping on some Jack Daniels and singing an “Ice Cream Man” duet.

Do it, Pete ….. DO IT !!!!

Well, there it is – my proposal for the 2010 Orioles Promotions and Giveaways. Feel free to add your own ideas, below …..

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Live From Owings Mills: Ochocinco Says He’ll Make Ravens “Kiss The Baby”

Posted on 07 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

9:47-Cincinnati running back Cedric Benson did not practice today, per PFT. He has a hip injury he’s nursing. We’ll be watching this over the next few days. The Bengals will need all of their weapons.

5:22-In another tragic twist to the Tony Fein story, it now appears as though Tony’s death is likely to be ruled a suicide. Via the Twitter account of Carroll County Times/National Football Post writer Aaron Wilson, his Baltimore attorney Warren A. Brown says that it is believed Tony took his own life. Toxicology reports may not rule an official cause of death for another 6-8 weeks.

On a personal note, I had the privilege of getting to know Tony and his former Ole Miss teammates Jason Cook and Michael Oher a bit out in Westminster. I had been told by some friends of Tony that he was VERY active during his service time; and still dealt with post-traumatic stress stemming from things he had been involved with during the war.

Truly a sad, tragic end for a man who lived an honorable life. I just spoke to Jason Cook (who you’ll remember nearly made the team as a fullback-and scored a TD in the final preseason game against the Falcons); who is now serving as team chaplain for the Rebels and working with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes there in Oxford. He asked for prayers for Tony’s family, who is hurting right now.

4:37-I asked Joe Flacco if he felt the need to say something to Mark Clayton after Mark’s costly late drop Sunday in Foxborough. I thought maybe Joe could have patted him on the ass, said “You know I’m still coming to you next time” and kept running; OR he could have just assumed Mark would know his QB still trusts him. It was the latter. Joe said “Mark’s fine”, and then followed it up by saying “the end of the game didn’t mean anything.”

Maybe not to him……

4:34-It appeared as though Justin Harper was playing the role of Chad Ochocinco in practice today. Demetrius Williams played Randy Moss a week ago, and the rest of the WR’s usually split the roles of the other receivers after the #1 guy.

4:14-Injury Report:

LB Jarrett Johnson-DID NOT PARTICIPATE-Shoulder
WR Demetrius Williams-DID NOT PARTICIPATE-Illness
CB Chris Carr-LIMITED-Groin
LB Tavares Gooden-FULL-Shoulder
DT Haloti Ngata-FULL-Back
S Ed Reed-FULL-Knee

OT Andre Smith-OUT-Foot
S Chinedum Ndukwe-DID NOT PARTICIPATE-Hamstring
DT Tank Johnson-LIMITED-Foot
DT Domata Peko-LIMITED-Chest
CD David Jones-FULL-Foot
S Roy Williams-FULL-Forearm

2:14-Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for the quickest turnaround possible of news from Owings Mills. As soon as I get something, I get it up right over there.

2:08-OT Jared Gaither and WR Derrick Mason were not on the practice field today. Mason is likely a precaution stemming from the painful way he went to the ground Sunday after catching the TD against the Pats. Gaither was in a neck brace today, John Harbaugh said his neck “is a little stiff.” Neither the coach nor the player would rule out Gaither giving it a go Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

2:03-I asked Ray Lewis if he still gets excited to face former Defensive Coordinator Marvin Lewis (despite the fact that this will be the 13th time Marvin has faced the Ravens since going to Cincy). Ray confirmed that he did, saying it’s been “the teacher and the pupil from Day 1.” It appeared as though a few other Ravens players (including Terrell Suggs) understood the history between Marvin and the team despite the fact that VERY few of them were here when Marvin was.

1:54-Ravens players didn’t really appear to be concerned about Chad Ochocinco had to say this morning on a media conference call, or what he was Tweeting during the day yesterday. Here is a smattering of reactions:

-Ray Lewis: “That’s Chad, man. It’s just fun.” Ray also commented about Ochocinco’s comments regarding 52 as a mentor, saying “my phone is always open to him.” I’m “always trying to help him as a man.”
-Derrick Mason on if HE is the real “Ocho Cinco”: “My mother gave me a name. I’m gonna use it.”
-Todd Heap (who has a Pac 10 background with Ochocinco when they played at Arizona State and Oregon State respectively): “Chad and I go way back……I just laugh at him.” Todd also said that the Ravens will “try to hold him to no catches and no touchdowns” so they don’t see his TD celebration.
-Terrell Suggs (playfully) offered to take Ochocinco up on his offer to box him, suggesting a major event in Las Vegas.
-Domonique Foxworth said he found it funny that that Ochocinco called him “Vivica Foxworth” on Twitter Monday, but he had no interest in responding.
-John Harbaugh declined to comment on Ochocinco’s actions, saying instead “We’ve gotta defend him.”

1:18-Certainly the death of Tony Fein was on the minds of a number of Ravens players today, as well as Coach Harbaugh. Here is a smattering of the reactions:

-Harbaugh said the coaching staff talked about Tony’s death with players this morning. He said he was “shocked”, “saddened”, and “unbelievably disappointed” to hear the news. He went on to say that Fein “was a really good teammate”, “a Raven”, and that the organization had learned that the LB was going to be vindicated in court regarding the assault charges stemming from the incident at Johnny Rockets downtown.
-Derrick Mason said “my prayers go out to his family”, the death was “unfortunate”, and the Ravens “enjoyed him when he has here.”
-Ray Lewis said Fein was a “humble young man”, and he was “really sad” to hear about the news.
-College teammate and friend Michael Oher told me personally that he is considering a game to game tribute to Fein.

1:06-I’m going to start updating soon I PROMISE. In the meantime, head to the Audio Vault at WNST.net to hear from:

Coach John Harbaugh
QB Joe Flacco
WR Derrick Mason
TE Todd Heap
LB Ray Lewis
LB Prescott Burgess
LB Terrell Suggs
LB Jarrett Johnson
CB Domonique Foxworth
and my one on one with OT Michael Oher regarding the death of his Missippi teammate and friend Tony Fein

I will be joining Bob Haynie momentarily on AM1570 WNST.

11:19-The highlight of Chad Ochocinco’s conference call (besides The Ricky Bobby information) was his proclamation that the Baltimore media should let the Ravens know they’re going to “Kiss The Baby.” He asked the media to “make sure you tell them.”

He’s always entertaining.

11:03-Highlights from Chad Ochocinco:

-is Ray Lewis scared of him?: “I doubt it.”
-on Twitter fight with Fabian Washington and Domonique Foxworth: “I was playing around…….I have much respect” for them
-what does “Kiss The Baby” mean?: “It’s over.”
-said he’s preparing “The Ricky Bobby” celebration for Sunday. Confirmed it will come from scene in the movie “Talladega Nights” where Will Ferrell’s character believes he’s on fire. He said celebration is “a rule breaker”, and he’s “prepared to be fined” by NFL
-said Bengals defense is “saving our ass”, offense needs more “consistency”
-He’s “targetting” Ed Reed, Dawan Landry, F. Washington and Foxworth.
-Playing Ravens “most exciting game for me.”
-Ray Lewis is his “spiritual father”, a conversation he had with Ray changed his entire outlook from last season to this season
-says he’d like to box Terrell Suggs

10:57-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Ravens are preparing for Sunday’s game against Cincinnati. Here’s a coulpe things we will be watching for today….

-Will Jared Gaither return to practice? John Harbaugh wouldn’t rule his big Tackle out for Sunday’s game, but certainly you’d imagine this team would use caution in dealing with a neck/shoulder injury.
-How will the team react to the death of Tony Fein? Certainly a number of players had the chance to get to know Tony during Training Camp, but none as well as Michael Oher, who played with him at Ole Miss.
-What will Chad Ochocinco have to say when he talks to us in a matter of minutes? Marvin Lewis is also chatting with the Baltimore media today-around 12:15, hopefully I will catch some of his conversation as well.
-Tavares Gooden missed the Patriots game because of injury, right? I couldn’t help but notice THIS note on this week’s Ravens-Browns game release: “All 53 Ravens players were healthy for the start of the game at New England.” I would assume this is just a mistake, but it might be worth noting…..


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