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My NFL Predictions ....

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My NFL Predictions ….

Posted on 08 September 2010 by Rex Snider

Well, we’ve finally reached that point, right? The National Football League kicks off its season tomorrow night. So, the training camp perspectives can now be translated into your outlook for the AFC, NFC and ultimately, the Super Bowl winner.

It’s easy to sit back and forecast the Ravens to hoist the Lombardi Trophy into the Dallas night, on February 6th. That’s what our hearts say – regardless, of whatever cautionary measures our minds consider. You wanna pick the Ravens, because it feels good to do so …..

Of course, choosing Joe Flacco and company is a logical consideration, as well. This team identified vulnerabilities during the offseason, and they did their best to address current injury-related weaknesses over the past month. Overall, it appears to be a very stellar squad.

This Ravens team is much more lethal on the offensive side of the ball, specifically in the passing game. And, the defense appears to be primed for another strong campaign, even when considering the woes in the secondary. As for special teams play, management chose the leg that boots the ball deeper on kickoffs, and that makes me happy.

Am I picking the Ravens? You’re damned right I’m picking them. I’m rewarding my heart and my mind. And, like I said, it’s a logical proposition. As for my overall views, I’ll spend the next few days dishing on them. Today, I’m providing my picks for the AFC:


1) Miami Dolphins (11-5) – I’ve just got a feeling this team finally reaches its potential. Much of the hope will rest upon Ronnie Brown’s health and I’m suspecting he’ll finally stay on his feet for an entire season. Combined with Ricky Williams in the backfield and the addition of Brandon Marshall in the passing game, I think the Dolphins realize that next step.

If you recall, they were that one team NOBODY wanted to play for a substantial stretch of the 2009 season. That said, they started the season poorly and seemed to be climbing uphill through December. This year, it’s a different story. They’ll finish 11-5 and win the AFC East.

2) New England Patriots (10-6)

3) New York Jets (10-6)

4) Buffalo Bills (3-13)


1) Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – Yeah, I’m drinking the purple kool-aid and it’s for good reason; they’re a solid freakin’ team. When I attended the Ravens ’09 season ending press conference, during the first week of February, I distinctly recall Steve Bisciotti’s words. He said the organization was committed to building around Joe Flacco, and he obviously wasn’t kidding.

Here we stand a mere seven months later and Ozzie Newsome has added receivers Anquan Boldin, Donte’ Stallworth and TJ Houshmandzadeh, as well as rookie tight ends Ed Dickson and Vince Pitta as legitimate options for Flacco’s arm. The defense, while still primarily intact will continue to play at a level Ray Lewis demands of himself. They’ll be fine and this will be a very enjoyable season.

2) Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)

4) Cleveland Browns (5-11)


1) Indianapolis Colts (11-5) – I would like nothing more than to predict doom and gloom for the Colts. But, they’ve still got a superior passing game with Peyton Manning continuing to make good receivers look great. This will be the season of a new favorite target for Manning, as Pierre Garcon will supplant Reggie Wayne as his favorite deep target.

I realize everyone is smitten with the Houston Texans passing game, as well. But, Matt Schaub and his stable of receiving targets will not be enough to overtake the Colts.

2) Houston Texans (10-6)

3) Tennessee Titans (10-6)

4) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)


1) San Diego Chargers (11-5) – Not a hard decision, huh? The Chargers, minus Vince Jackson and LaDanian Tomlinson are fairly intact as the unit that dominated the AFC WEST, last season. I think rookie Ryan Matthews is an upgrade over LT and the recently acquired Patrick Crayton should provide some support to the receiving corps.

Philip Rivers is really coming into his own as an elite NFL quarterback and in a similar fashion to Peyton Manning, his arm and intellect will make his targets look better than they would in a lesser system.

2) Kansas City Chiefs (8-8)

3) Oakland Raiders (7-9)

4) Denver Broncos (6-10)

Well, this is how I see the AFC shaping up. Tomorrow, I’ll give my predictions for the NFC and on Friday, I’ll post my postseason scenarios for both conferences, as well as pick my Super Bowl winner.

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Perhaps, Michael Vick Just Won't Get It ....

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Perhaps, Michael Vick Just Won’t Get It ….

Posted on 28 June 2010 by Rex Snider

While I’m not a passionate fan of Michael Vick’s play on the football field, I have been quietly rooting for him since last season’s return.

To be honest, my hope in seeing him overcome his past has no real tie to football or athletic achievements, at all. I’ve really hoped he would leave his sordid transgressions and the associated lifestyle in the rear view mirror, while proving to himself and others that he is indeed a “CHANGED MAN.”

Better yet, I thought Michael Vick could motivate a growing generation of adolescents who’ve made poor personal choices in their young lives. Maybe, just maybe, his story and ultimate rise from self-destruction would help others in an inspirational way.

There is just one “catch” ….. this anticipated story of a compassionate comeback needs to stay on track.

As recently as a couple weeks ago, things were looking very opimistic.

Today, I’m not so sure.

As the world now knows, Michael Vick celebrated his 30th birthday with a BIG BASH at a Virginia Beach nightclub, on Thursday night. It was promoted and advertised to the general public, via Facebook, Twitter and informal means.

While some people might think that hosting parties and momentous celebrations are an expressed inclusion of our freedoms, many of us also realize that such events are an invitation to more than just dancing, drinking and eating birthday cake.

And, discerning between these two considerations is probably where Michael Vick screwed up.

I don’t care that he’s a convicted felon and federal parolee; I don’t simply assume he’s done something illegal. He’s paid his debt to society – he has every right to attend charity functions at Martins West, movie premieres in Hollywood and parties thrown in his honor.

However, a clearly distinct line distinguishes the difference between the “RIGHT” to do something, and whether it’s “RIGHT” to do something. I’m certain celebrities employ such decision making methods when considering their presence and involvement at events – both public and private in nature.

It doesn’t matter if they organize or host the event, if a BIG NAME is in attendance and something goes wrong, they’ll be forever tied to it. Just ask TMZ’s Harvey Levin …..

When is the last time this guy did something DUMB or ill-advised in a social setting?

Good luck finding such an incident. You’ll likely search for days and still never find any smoking guns. And, there is a very plausible reason behind striking out on any quest in finding dirt on Peyton Manning – HE KNOWS BETTER.

Peyton Manning is aware of his image, reputation and obligation to an array of different people. The list includes …..
His Team

His Wife

His Business Partners

His Family’s Name

I’m sure you see my point – even if you disagree. But, the names go beyond Peyton Manning. I’m confident this list of guys will not be arrested, accused of criminal conduct or attending a party where another attendee is SHOT, in 2010 ….. Drew Brees, Derek Jeter, Steve Nash, Donovan McNabb, Andy Roddick, Albert Pujols, Hines Ward, Tim Duncan, Jeff Gordon, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco …..

How about this ….. I can think of a list of guys who have endured legal troubles, while making some very poor choices in their respectives pasts. But, they’ve given us every reason to believe we won’t be seeing their name associated with crime and punishment, by year’s end. For me, the list starts with Ray Lewis.

It’s been a decade since Ray ran afoul of the legal system or found himself in a public meltdown of poor judgement. He’s way beyond such indiscretions – he values his reputation and image. He has plenty of company among those who’ve had troubles and overcame them, like ….. Kobe Bryant, Ricky Williams, Josh Hamilton, Kurt Busch, Bernard Hopkins, Brett Favre and Jamal Lewis.

Of course, the final group is those who’ve committed multiple transgressions. Arrested? Yes. Stupid decisions? Yes. Numerous occurences of one or both? Yes. These are the guys you’re most likely going to be hearing about during a BREAKING NEWS segment, early in the morning. This is where you’ll find Brandon Marshall, Elijah Dukes, Sidney Ponson, Marshawn Lynch, Mike Tyson, John Daly, Jeremy Mayfield, Cedric Benson, Allen Iverson, Matt Jones, Delonte West and Michael Vick.

Hey, it’s accurate.

Michael Vick may very well have intended to celebrate an innocent occasion, last Thursday. In fact, I’d be willing to bet on it. He doesn’t want to screw up – he doesn’t want to be out of a job – he doesn’t want to go back to prison. I honestly believe these things.

However, I also believe Michael Vick lacks the sensibility to dissect a proposed action or decision, while considering the ramifications of the FALLOUT if something goes wrong. That’s exactly what he should’ve done when the idea of his birthday party being held at a nightclub, and open to the general public was tabled.


Well, there are a few reasons. Foremost, there is very little positive exposure to be gained in a nightclub environment. While nightclubs attract girls dressed in their sexiest wares, they also serve as a hotspot for people with checkered characters. Say what you will – Mike should be whoring himself to more “feel good” opportunities than President Obama, Tom Cruise and the CEO of BP, combined.

Another consideration is Michael Vick should not host, endorse or attach his likeness to ANY EVENT, unless he has direct control over it. I don’t care if a promoter really handled the party, its got the name MICHAEL VICK forever stamped to it. In the future (or in hindsight), he should celebrate his birthday with a party at home or in an establishment that can offer a respected reputation and a high degree of decorum.

If he wants to get CRAZEE and dance with some hotties, while fondling an expensive champagne bottle, he should have the party at home – and make all guests leave their cellphones at the door. Be assured, that’s what happens at Diddy’s house. And, he has much less to worry about than Mike does.

You don’t think Alex Rodriguez enjoyed the arrival of his 30th birthday? How about Ladanian Tomlinson? Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Shaq? They just make good decisions when it comes to enjoying themslves.

As we sit here today, Michael Vick has problems. He might not face any legal sanctions with his Probation Officer. But, I think that everything else is in limbo. I’d bet my HOUSE that a certain group of individuals are angry as HELL. They’ve attached themselves to Michael Vick and he has let them down. Of course, the most important one is obvious …..

However, you can also include Jeffrey Lurie, Andy Reid, Tony Dungy and Arthur Blank. Each of them went to bat for him, helped him or had a HUGE part in giving him this most recent chance to make a living as a member of the National Football League.

What could they do differently, specifically ask “Michael, will you be celebrating your 30th birthday in a nightclub” ??? They should’ve expected that he would exercise better judgement. No doubt, they rightfully expected it from him.

With each passing hour, more and more details regarding the NIGHTLIFE of Michael Vick are surfacing. Welcome to the age of Twitter, Facebook and online tabloids. We now know Vick hosted parties in May, as well as April.

I wonder if dog fighting co-defendant, Quanis Phillips, attended those events. Probably not. Why did he attend this one? Well, it was held near his home. But, most importantly, he attended last Thursday’s party, because he could.

NOBODY and/or NO PLAN was in place to stop such a situation. And, if they did plan for it, they failed …. which is even worse, if you really think about it.

Thursday’s incident is a loud, distinct message to one of Michael Vick’s former endorsers, as if they have really considered resurrecting his marketability …..

You can bet the folks in Beaverton, Oregon, are thinking one thing …. “MIKE AIN”T WORTH THE RISK.” And, if Nike is scared off, so is McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Visa and Under Armor. Like humans, corporations are known to forgive and reconcile, but they arguably take far less chances than people do.

Over the last few days, we’ve heard the typical “we will wait until all the facts are known before addressing the situation” line. It’s the SAFE thing to say …. and it may very well apply to the United States Justice Department’s role in the life of Michael Vick.

But, rest assured, NFL spokeman, Greg Aiello, was better off giving the politically correct statement, rather than saying “Roger is done with this experiment.”

As for the Eagles, did you expect them to say “Mr. Lurie is knee deep in trying to void Michael Vick’s contract.” Oh and “Jeff Garcia is visiting team headquarters, later this week.”

Perhaps, both Mr. Goodell and Mr. Lurie haven’t exercised such drastic measures. But, you can bet they’re not sitting on their hands while waiting for an outcome, either. Not a chance …..

They know what they need to know.

Michael Vick may never, EVER be involved in another incident of violence. He may never pose for another mugshot in his life.

But, he cannot be trusted to really think about a potential outcome to the hair-brained ideas of family, friends and cohorts. No doubt, he’s as spontaneously reactive to his cultural ideals as Paris Hilton is to shopping for shoes.

He’s evidently incapable of change. He is who he is …..

He just can’t be trusted to do the RIGHT thing.

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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 15 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because…I FINALLY have a reason to be excited about the NHL Playoffs!!!

Look, Baltimore has never had a team. If we ever GET a team, I’ll root for them. I’d root for the Washington Capitals if I lived in Washington. Since I don’t, no thanks. I DID however live in Phoenix for 2 years, and went out of my way 25+ times each season to drive to the OTHER SIDE OF THE CITY in order to watch the ‘Yotes so I could see how great hockey really was.

The Desert Dogs weren’t any good at the time, but I knew there was something special about the NHL product. I badly want Charm City to get an arena and get a team, but in the meantime what is happening with out in Phoenix with the Coyotes means the WORLD to me.

Oh and also, “Crowd Chant” by Joe Satriani should be used at (intense) sporting events almost as much as “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC. Freaking great arena song.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Carlos Pena, BJ Upton crushed 3 run bombs as Rays swept Orioles

After what happened Tuesday night, you could kinda see it coming. They sorta pulled out “all of the stops” Tuesday night; with the orange pajamas, the goofy lineup, Brian Matusz, Luke Scott’s theatrics, Matt Wieters t-shirt night, extra innings, the whole deal.

And sadly, it all lead to a loss. Playing a game after a deflating loss like that leaves you dry emotionally, and the Orioles just had nothing left yesterday.

Of course, Brad Bergesen didn’t do much to help.

And it probably wouldn’t have mattered too much if he had, to be honest.

What else do we say?

There’s been a lot of talk over recent days about how it will be good for the team to “get away”, as if they will suddenly become a good baseball team just because they aren’t playing at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Look, we all know they’re not going to go 1-161 this season. They’re going to win at some point. They’ll probably win a couple of games. But it would take a MIRACLE for them to see .500 at some point this season-and I’m already starting to feel a bit uneasy about my prediction that they would win 74 games.

Of course, our “Apologist of the Morning” Neal S from the blog “The Loss Column” still thinks the team can “right the ship” and be 10 games under .500 at the All-Star Game.

If “righting the ship” includes being 10 games under .500 at the All-Star break, the ship is more of a disaster than the FREAKING TITANIC.

And even accomplishing THAT would take a minor miracle.

What a summer we have ahead of us.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of loss

It’s easy to figure out why a team lost when a game is close and individual plays REALLY matter. It would be all too easy to just point at Bergesen as being to blame for yesterday’s game (and certainly he deserves to shoulder it), but there are other things I didn’t like.

-Nick Markakis had a triple yesterday, which is pretty good. But he also struck out twice. There might be an argument that striking out twice is better than being nervous to swing at all-which is what it was starting to look like Markakis was going through early in the season-but it sure as hell isn’t good.

-Ty Wigginton went 2-4 yesterday, which we ALL know is a good thing. And while Dave Trembley is desperately working through a neverending quest to put together an effective lineup, Wigginton’s bat might look like a decent option for the number 2 spot. But asking someone whose baserunning abilities appear to represent “lumbering” at times to hit 2nd might not be the best idea. Wigginton was on 1st base in the 8th inning, yet failed to score on a 2 out double to RIGHT FIELD by Felix Pie.

And it wasn’t as if it looked like he wasn’t trying. He just isn’t quick, and shouldn’t be hitting 2nd. The run didn’t REALLY matter yesterday because the game was a blowout-but the run COULD’VE mattered.

-It’s hard to blame Cesar Izturis OR Miguel Tejada for Tejada’s error in the first inning. On a sunny afternoon, sometimes pop-ups are lost. Embarrassing? Yes. But they HAPPEN. However, it is a bit concerning to hear/read that the problem was communication. Two players-especially two players that don’t have a language barrier issue-should be able to let each other know what’s going on there.

Of course, Brad Bergesen needs to be able to pick his players up, but that’s another thing altogether.

-Jason Berken is the one guy worth applauding yesterday, and it certainly looks like long relief is a role that suits him just fine.

3. The AP says “closer” Mike Gonzalez placed on DL

Placed on the DL due to what I believe was listed officially as a “bruised ego.”

Could Mike Gonzalez REALLY be hurt? Sure, maybe. Is it very likely that Gonzalez is no more hurt today than he was on Opening Day? Yeah, that’s particularly likely.

Does it make it worse when the player placed on the DL isn’t available to speak to the media after a game? Yes, that makes it worse. Especially when even MASN (the TEAM-RUN “media outlet”) can’t get a quote. It makes it look particularly fishy.

Amber Theoharris said during yesterday’s broadcast that Kam Mickolio is expected to be called up today to take Gonzalez’s place. The only exciting part about that statement is that Amber Theoharris said it.

Of course, maybe Mickolio is a better option at closer than Gonzalez. I think the Orioles should go with Jim Johnson IF they ever get another chance to close another game, but at this point they might as well go with Willis Roberts to finish off games.

Welcome back to Baltimore, Kam.

4. SI’s Jon Heyman says no use for O’s to ‘worry’

And I completely get what he’s trying to say. Why “worry” when this team wasn’t going to do anything anyway against the likes of the Rays, Yankees, and Red Sox in the AL East?

You know what I’m going to spend my time worrying about instead of worrying about the O’s? Finding out more about whoever Nicky Whelan is…(Thanks Busted Coverage!)


5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Jake Arrieta, Rhyne Hughes, Steve Johnson all sparked for Birds on farm

And when things are as bad at the major league level as they’ve been for the Orioles, what happens at Norfolk and at Bowie seems to get more and more notice. “Hey, the Orioles lost, but Steve Johnson threw 5 shutout innings for the Baysox!!!”

Before we move on from baseball, the Orioles return to action LATE tonight when the face the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Alameda Coliseum. First pitch is at 10:05, the game can be seen on MASN. David Hernandez returns to the hill for the Birds, he faces Ben Sheets. We’ll of course have our “Orange Crush” chat going at WNST.net, I think we’re opening it early if you want to talk about the Washington Capitals’ playoff game.

You can also follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for 24/7 commentary regarding the Birds. During yesterday’s game, I offered the classic quip “Don’t worry, Brad Bergesen says he’ll be fine by Opening Day!”

6. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Derrick Mason has sights set on winning Super Bowl this season

A couple of things:

1-Mike Preston apparently blogged yesterday that the Ravens held the press conference to “pacify” Derrick Mason; as the team doesn’t usually hold press conferences when a player re-signs, but they needed to hold one for Mason because they held press conferences recently for Donte’ Stallworth and Anquan Boldin. Apparently Mike forgot about the press conference the team held for Ray Lewis just a season ago-which also happened a couple weeks after HE signed because of scheduling issues.

2-I heard/saw a few local and national football analysts say “I bet the Ravens are regretting the fact that they traded for Boldin and didn’t hold out for Brandon Marshall knowing the price the Miami Dolphins got him for!”


The Ravens were THRILLED to get Anquan Boldin, especially for the price they paid for him. While Brandon Marshall is taller and maybe could be more of a red zone target, he also has a MUCH MORE checkered past, and Ozzie Newsome and company never really appeared to TRULY be interested in him-especially not for the price the Fins paid.

If you missed Derrick this morning with Drew Forrester on AM1570, make sure you click on the “Audio” tab right above where you’re reading this; it will take you to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault, where you can hear the interview.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Morehouse OT Ramon Harewood has visited 1 Winning Drive

What do you need to know about Ramon Harewood? He’s certainly a beast at 6’6″, 341 pounds; and it does appear as though he will be drafted.

While OT might not jump out at Ravens fans as an area of great need, it will be an area they’ll look to upgrade no matter what happens with Jared Gaither.

Should they end up trading Jared Gaither, they’ll have an immediate need at OT, with Oniel Cousins, Marshal Yanda and Tony Moll their top options behind Michael Oher.

Should they end up KEEPING Jared Gaither, they’re still unlikely to give him an extension keep him here long-term, meaning they’ll need depth at the position anyway.

Either way, they’ll be in the market. Watch names like Vladimir Ducasse (UMass) and Jared Veldheer (Hillsdale College) as well.

8. The Sun’s Ken Murray says Morgan State WR EJ Morton-Green worked out with Jim Zorn in Owings Mills yesterday

If you missed Morton-Green with Drew Forrester this morning, click on that same “Audio” tab you used to listen to Derrick Mason.

As I’ve said before, Morton-Green is unlikely to get drafted, but thanks to his size (6’4″), he could certainly be an option for the Ravens to sign as an undrafted free agent and give him a look during Training Camp.

9. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says NFL schedule to be released Tuesday night at 7pm, Ravens will find out when they play AFC North, AFC East, NFC South teams

I wish I could say this would provide a nice distraction from the Orioles-but since the Birds are in Seattle, the game isn’t until 10pm. So after 3 hours of dissecting the schedule and figuring out what the Ravens are going to do, you’ll still have to watch the Orioles face the Mariners-who have suddenly looked a bit better recently.


10. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Ralph Friedgen still wants to see more from Pete White

Does anyone get concerned that White might join the likes of Jared Gaither and Bruce Campbell amongst Terrapins O-Linemen who seem to have NFL level ability but just never really make it work at an All-ACC level in College Park? Or am I just too paranoid as a Terps fan?

Cue Black Sabbath…

11. Inside Lacrosse says Maryland’s Grant Catalino, Brian Farrell; Loyola’s Jake Hagelin nominees for Tewaaraton Award

It’s a long list. There’s 4 players from the state of Maryland (including one from Salisbury), and ONE from a school in Baltimore.

Those things aren’t good.

You know what else is good? Pictures of Supaksorn Chaimongkol at Guyism.com…


And finally, I leave you with this.

I usually don’t use this area for more “hot chicks” pictures, but I usually don’t find pictures of Edyta Sliwinska from “Dancing With The Stars” in Maxim…


…Yeah, she seems nice.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday's PM Crab Cakes and Light Beer

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Thursday’s PM Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 01 April 2010 by Chris Bonetti

Suggested Reading

WNST.net: “Wigginton has 2 hit, 2 RBI in Orioles win.” Jake Arrieta, who’ll start this season at Triple-A Norfolk, tossed four innings and allowed two runs on five hits while striking out four in the Birds 4-3 win over Tampa today in Port Charlotte.  Tomorrow’s game in Tampa against the Yankees will be shown on ESPN starting at 1:05pm.

WNST.net: Glenn Clark was at the Donte Stallworth Introduction Press Conference today.  You can hear it all live in the Buy-a-Toyota.com Audio Vault.

SI.com:  It’s April Fools Day.  Here’s George Plimpton’s, “The Curious Case of Sidd Finch.” I can still remember my Dad telling me the story and reading it for the first time.  Awesome stuff.

SI.com: Senior Baseball Writer Tom Verducci, like myself a Seton Hall Preparatory School alumnus, give us his, “Top 10 for ’10: What I’m most looking forward to this season.” Rookies Jason Heyward of the Braves and the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg are Tom’s #1 and #2 storylines respectively.  My take on that… hmmm not sure.

FanHouse: Ed Price compiles an incredible list of, “Baseball’s Best Promotions of 2010,” while offering his own one liners that make the giveaways sound even more ridiculous than they already are.  Some favorites: “Orioles, April 11th – Plush Chick-Fil-A cows. Mooo rhymes with booo.”  “Reds, April 24th – Grow your own pot of Great American Ball Park turf.” Tim Lincecum doesn’t need it, thank you.”  “White Sox, Sept. 17th – Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day. Green White Sox caps given away. Ozzie O’Guillen throws out the first pitch.” “Nationals, Sept. 24th – Team photo and “early bird” 2011 schedule. Because it’s always better for Nats fans to look ahead.”  It’s a long list.

CBSSportsline.com: Breaking News here late… more “behavior” issues for the NFL.  “Browns’ Rogers bust at airport for loaded gun in luggage.” Good.  That’s good.

Deadspin.com:  “Last night’s Winner: Newark, NJ,” I’d just like to say… good for you, Newark, NJ.

Video of the Day

Kevin Garnett thinks Kevin Durant is, “Michael f*cking Jordan.”  Yikes not for the kids!  I don’t think his tone was complimentary there.  KG was clearly not happy with his team (and the refs!) giving up 37 points, including 15-15 FT shooting, to Durant on the parquet.

Tweets of the Day

The Nasty One himself, Nestor Aparicio – WNST

Nestor: Never ceases to amaze me that #Capitals have grown fan base like this. The sea of red here in D.C. is a marvel! #Ovechkin #Caps

Comcast Morning Show Producer, Glenn Clark – WNST

GMC: By the way, Greivis #Vasquez WAS officially announced as Bob #Cousy Award winner-nation’s top point guard. #Terps

Live from the Donte Stallworth Press Conference at 1 Winning Drive today, Glenn Clark – WNST

#Stallworth: “I’ve become a better decision maker”…”making one bad decision can snowball into a whole terrible incident.” #Ravens

The Sporting News Senior College Basketball Writer, Mike DeCourcey – tsnmike

Can’t imagine a better way to spend 90 minutes than watching “The Street Stops Here.” What an impressive film. If it’s rerun, don’t miss.

CBS College Basketball Analyst, Seth Davis – SethDavisHoops

Worst AD in America? Holy Cross’s Richard Regan Jr. fired coach Sean Kearney after ONE season. Since Regan hired him, he should resign too.

FoxSports.com Senior College Basketball Writer, Jeff Goodman – goodmanonfox

Wake Forest’s Al-Farouq Aminu has declared for the NBA Draft AND will hire an agent.

New York Newsday New York Knicks Beat Writer, Alan Hahn – alanhahn

Either the BlazerDancers are unquestionably loaded with nines or this has already been a looong road trip.

ESPN Personality, Skip Bayless – RealSkipBayless

Rams should take Suh, then hope Colt there top of 2nd. Bradford little better than Colt, but Suh much better than Sam. Colt tough leader.

ESPN NFL Insider, Adam Schefter – Adam_Schefter

Herm Edwards on NFL Live suggested 49ers trade for Donovan McNabb AND Brandon Marshall. And they still would have a leftover 1st-rd pick!

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Boldin to B-More not as much of a “no-brainer” as you think

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Tom Clayton

Baltimore has become intoxicated with the possibility of bringing in Anquan Boldin for only a third round pick; and I see a lot of value in only losing a third rounder for a 3-time Pro Bowl receiver. On the other hand I have a lot of hesitations about signing him to a BIG, long term deal; something he is going to expect before he jumps on a flight to Charm City.

First of all, Boldin is not a spring chicken anymore, he will be 30 on October 3rd so he isn’t exactly the young stud that Joe Flacco is going to grow and develop with. Boldin has seven NFL seasons under his belt so he has developed into what he will become, and that may not be a bad thing….I just really want to see a young, stud receiver that Joe can create a connection with for the next 6-7 seasons.

Not only is Boldin going to be 30 this season but there is an awful lot of wear and tear on his 30 year old body. Boldin is a rugged, tough runner after the catch that has a tendency to take huge shots that have directly led to numerous injuries. And staying on the topic Boldin has had some serious problems staying on the field throughout his career; over the past three seasons he has missed 11 of his teams 48 regular season games.

Granted Boldin is a beast after the catch but he isn’t the deep threat that is going to stretch the field. Boldin is more of a catch a slant and gain 12 yards after the catch player than a burner that is going to catch a 56-yard touchdown by blowing past his defender down the sideline.

I have heard many people say the Ravens NEED a big wide receiver but Boldin doesn’t solve that problem, he is physical specimen at 6’1”, 217lbs. but he isn’t a huge red zone target that is going to catch the fade over a smaller defensive back.

People have criticized the Ravens receiving corps and said Boldin will be the answer to an obvious lack of talent; but his numbers are surprisingly similar to Derrick Mason.

Boldin and Mason have both averaged 12.8 yards per catch over their careers and in fact Mason averaged nearly 2-yards per catch more than Boldin in 2009.

As I mentioned Boldin has struggled to stay on the field while Mason refuses to come off of it. Actually Mason has played in 113 consecutive games or hasn’t missed a game in over 7 seasons! It is awfully tough for a receiver to help Joe develop if he isn’t on the field and if you want to say anything about Derrick it is that he WILL be on the field.

Now there are some areas where Boldin is the superior receiver including and perhaps most importantly he is 6 years younger. Boldin is also 3” taller, is much more dangerous after the catch, and gets in the end zone 2 more times per season on average. But Boldin has had the opportunity to lineup along side Larry Firtzgerald leaving him open an awful lot while Derrick has had……ummm…….Mark Clayton taking attention away from him.

There certainly are some things that make Boldin appealing but I just hope that fans can look at everything objectively. Boldin is a good receiver and has flourished in a receiver friendly offense in Arizona but he isn’t a great receiver by any means although he will want to get paid like a great receiver.

If the Ravens are going to spend a lot of money on a stud wide receiver it should be Brandon Marshall, but that’s a story for another day.

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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 04 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me not only for the obvious reason, but also because I got a text from a buddy yesterday that said “Do you like the whole Timbaland/Daughtry thing?”

To which I responded: “What, did they get into some sort of beef?”

It’s amazing how unbelievably un-hip I am. Apparently Daughtry helped Timbaland on a track called “Long Way Down” for his new record “Shock Value II.” I can see why….

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Maryland pulled even with Duke in ACC race thanks to 79-72 win at Comcast Center

Gee, that was fun.

There are games that are intense, then there are games like that one last night. Games where the actual event couldn’t POSSIBLY match the buildup, yet somehow they do anyway.

Just a tremendous game from both teams. Maryland was red hot to start out, then Coach K made some great adjustments (specifically a zone), and allowed Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith to take advantage of mismatches and erase a 14 point lead before building their own lead in the 2nd half. But Maryland got answers from unlikely sources, including Adrian Bowie to scratch back in it.

The final 5 minutes were exactly what you’d want from a big college basketball game. The entire game changed on every individual trip down the floor. The Terrapins and Blue Devils traded big shots, before Greivis Vasquez’s miracle floater iced things away with :37 to play.


If you were there, I’m sure the hairs on your arms stood up. If you weren’t there, I’m sure your heart was still racing at a speed that would have crushed Jamie McMurray at Daytona. Just incredible.

Maryland now knows that they can clinch AT LEAST a share of the regular season ACC title with a win Saturday afternoon against Virginia in Charlottesville.

(Edit from GMC: I heard a couple of people say that they thought Jordan Williams should have been called for a charge on his RIDICULOUS dunk. I guess defenders don’t have to get set anymore? Not only was Scheyer not set, he was already working on how he was going to fall down. It was pretty funny.)

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Greivis Vasquez closed out home career in fitting way

It really couldn’t have been more of an exact science. The moment itself was just amazing. I’m not sure there’s been a player in Maryland history that has induced more “what are you doing?” thoughts and exclamations from fans, and the shot at the end of the game was one more of those.

I’m also not sure there’s been a player in Maryland (or ACC) history that has induced more “oh Thank God” thoughts and exclamations from fans AFTER a “What are you doing?” type of shot; yet there it was once again.

It’s just tough to say much more about the moment. For someone who has been as scrutinized as Vasquez has for four years, I think it’s safe to say he “deserved” it.

NOW….the point is to try to sustain the momentum, not crash after such an emotional peak. That is of course easier said than done.

3. ESPN.com’s Dana O’Neil says Vasquez proved himself as best player in ACC

I don’t think there’s much of an argument left here. There’s no doubt that Scheyer is the 2nd best player in the league and VERY deserving of All-ACC status, but Vasquez won the ACC Player of the Year award last night.

There will still be a bunch of votes for Scheyer. Remember, the bulk of the media that votes for the award is BASED in North Carolina, and they just see more of players like Scheyer than they do players like Vasquez. However, I can’t FATHOM that it will be enough to carry him to the award; even if Duke clinches the #1 seed in the ACC Tournament by beating North Carolina.

Dana said something else that I liked in her column. I described the moment as “poetry” when Vasquez hit the floater. She described it as “theater in motion” instead of poetry. That’s a much better description. Vasquez’s game will never be labeled as “beautiful”, which is the concept of “poetry in motion.” Len Bias was poetry in motion. Vasquez just has this unbelievable flair for dramatic moments, which has made for captivating theater.

4. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says fans have to hope for Maryland-Duke 3 in Greensboro for ACC Championship

Obviously, this is the best possible scenario for basketball fans in the area. The game at Cameron Indoor Stadium wasn’t brilliant by any stretch of the imagination; but after seeing the game last night, you’d have to want to see these two teams play again 10 days from now.

That being said, a Duke win Saturday night would clinch the 2 seed for Maryland and the 10 seed for UNC. If Wake Forest wins or Georgia Tech loses (follow Patrick on Twitter @D1scourse for info on these scenarios), the Yellow Jackets would get the 7 seed. If Georgia Tech plays North Carolina next Thursday, I would tend to assume that the Jackets would be victorious.

An ACC Tournament opener against GT would really be “less than desirable” for Maryland. As we all remember, it took a Cliff Tucker miracle for the Terps to win the first matchup.

I guess we need to take things one step at a time, though. Maybe Roy Williams and crew will play the game of their season in Durham Saturday night and stun the Devils; giving Maryland a shot at the #1 seed. Who knows?

Before I move on from the Maryland game, I want to point out that after I asked Patrick Stevens to look this up last night, he delivered me a stat I absolutely couldn’t believe. The Terps have now defeated a Top 6 ranked team in the country at least once in FOURTEEN straight seasons now.

Once again….wow.

5. Morgan State Official Site previews tonight’s Senior Night visit from Coppin State at Hill Field House

I can’t say enough how much I would implore you to go to this game tonight. Especially if you’ve never been able to see Reggie Holmes play live over the last 4 years, you have no idea what you’re missing. The guy is legitimately one of the best players in the country.

On top of that, it’s ALWAYS special when the Bears face the Eagles. There’s just an incredible level of intensity in the building. I spent a lot of time talking to Fang Mitchell following Coppin’s loss to Norfolk State Monday night, and you could just sense it in him. He’s happy for Todd Bozeman, and he’s looking forward to the challenge of going up against him-both on the floor and in pursuit of kids around Baltimore and throughout the region.

There’s nothing REALLY on the line tonight-as Morgan clinched the #1 seed in the MEAC Tournament some time ago, and the Eagles are going to finish in last place-whether they finish in last by themselves or they share last place. But it won’t diminish the atmosphere tonight, in the closest thing Charm City has to anything like the Bayou Classic.

So let’s “Tweet Up” tonight. I’ll be sitting along press row. If you come by and see me, I’ll have a Steve’s Deli gift certificate for you. Hope to see you tonight, please “ReTweet” to your friends.

6. Loyola Official Site says Collin Finnerty scored 5 goals to pace Greyhounds in win over Bellarmine

You mean to tell me that not only did Dave Cottle’s Terps go to Louisville to play lacrosse, but Charley Toomey’s Greyhounds did as well?

Is Marty Bass scheduling games for the lacrosse teams in town these days?!?!?!?

That being said, it’s good to see an offense outburst from Finnerty, as the Hounds will need him to keep scoring as the schedule gets tougher (starting Saturday against Notre Dame at M&T Bank Stadium).

But since I’m thinking about it….do you think he’ll run again???


7. Stevenson Official Site says Geoff Hebert posted career high 15 saves as Mustangs trounced RIT at Caves Athletic Complex

Thanks to those of you who came out to Owings Mills for my first real “Tweetup” of the lacrosse season. There were only a couple of you braved the cold and wet conditions, but I appreciated seeing you. As the weather warms up, we’ll do this a few more times at Stevenson and around the area.

The Mustangs looked REALLY impressive offensively, they can score goals in bunches. Unfortunately, they have the potential to go on defensive lapses. It won’t hurt them against teams like RIT, but it will hurt them in games against teams like Salisbury (who they play on April 3).

Unlike Louisville, Rochester LOVES lacrosse. But the question is-do they love lacrosse more than they love their own Savanna Samson? You may know her from….ummm….movies you don’t want your kids watching…..


8. The AP says Josh Bell, Rhyne Hughes each homered twice to lead Orioles to win over Rays in Spring Training debut

Just go ahead and make your World Series plans accordingly.

In all seriousness, it is MUCH better to be scoring 12 runs in Spring Training games than to be giving up 12 runs in Spring Training games.

Of course, no one is REALLY concerned about the O’s lineup. There’s the lack of a natural power bat, but I think most Birds fans feel as though there’s good balanced pop throughout the lineup, and the team will be able to score runs.

The issue is the pitching. Jeremy Guthrie was good yesterday, but he barely pitched. Brian Matusz goes today for the Birds against Tampa’s Jeff Niemann in Port Charlotte.

9. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Nolan Reimold left out of Birds’ lineup, Dave Trembley gave no timetable for debut

Doesn’t appear to be any cause for concern here, but I guess it’s easy for me to say that. You want to see Reimold get out there and get some action, but the team has no reason to rush him this early in March.

This is a big season for Reimold, who was red hot when he first got to Camden Yards last year, but cooled off. He has to prove he can sustain his production over an entire season, and you don’t want to see him lose a ton of at bats in the Spring as he works toward that.

10. The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Miguel Tejada hit cleanup for first in first Grapefruit League game

I have long assumed that Tejada would be in this role come Opening Day, but there are certainly plenty of other options. It will be interesting to see if Tejada continues to bat cleanup as Trembley gives him the chance to seize the role or fail in the opportunity; or if he gives Matt Wieters, Adam Jones, Nolan Reimold, Garrett Atkins, Luke Scott or others the chance over the next couple of weeks.

Also…I believe this guy is still available to hit cleanup if necessary….


11. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Jared Gaither, Le’Ron McClain, Fabian Washington assigned 1st round tenders by Ravens

I wonder what kind of tender the Ravens would have used on have used on former DB Ryan Sutter had they known what his wife Trista was going to look like at 37 years old…


That being said-nothing surprising here. Fabian Washington is CLOSE to a surprise-but as an affordable option at corner, it makes sense to not just let him walk away. Jared Gaither is the only player on that list that teams might even THINK about for that level of compensation, but he’s coming up on a big contract and has a semi-questionable injury history.

Mark Clayton is expected to get the first round tender as well, which is again a case of “he’s affordable, let’s hold on to him. It makes sense.

12. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens “could be interested” in Brandon Marshall with Broncos assigning just the 1st round tender

VERY unlikely. The Ravens just aren’t interested in giving away 1st round picks. If there was some sort of pick swap involved, they might be-but trading a 1st round pick for a player-even if it WAS Larry Fitzgerald-would seem unlikely to me.

Anquan Boldin for a 3rd round pick (as reported by Michael Lombardi on the NFL Network) is certainly interesting however.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Was it weird to see a 10 minute delay so the staff at Comcast Center could fix a snapped net last night? Yeah. Was it as weird as a goalie in Germany scoring an own goal because the wind picked the ball back up and blew it right in to the net? No, it wasn’t as weird as that….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 03 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because this blog I am posting today is exactly the 1,000th blog I have posted here at WNST.net. What did you get me? The easy choice would have been to just give me $1,000 to celebrate 1,000 blogs; but I can understand if you failed to do so. It’s not like you’ve never let me down before.

Of course, you could have gotten me tickets to see the Beach Boys at Pier Six. I don’t care how old they are, I don’t care who’s in the band anymore (is John Stamos in the band?), THIS is still one of the greatest things to ever happen in the history of music….

Okay, I’m kidding. But I’m not kidding about the fact that Pet Sounds changed my life….

So….it would be a nice gift…..just saying….

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1. Maryland Official Site previews tonight’s showdown with Duke on Senior Night at Comcast Center

Not a whole lot more I can say about this game tonight that hasn’t already been said. Everyone knows it’s the game of the year in the ACC. Everyone knows it’s the biggest game the Terrapins have played in about 5 years.

We’re just hoping it goes much more like this…

Than this…..

2. The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says tonight final chance for College Park faithful to celebrate Greivis Vasquez

As I mentioned yesterday, his jersey won’t go up in the rafters tonight-but it will eventually. Much like the game itself, there’s not too much more that can be said about Vasquez’s tenure in College Park. He has ABSOLUTELY been the best player in the history of the Comcast Center, and the relationship between himself, Gary Williams, Maryland fans and the building itself has been pretty special.

As he was coming off the floor the night of the Clemson game, you could tell it was getting emotional for him. He loves that place. He loves the fans. He loves the atmosphere. As our buddy Patrick Stevens (@D1scourse on Twitter) mentioned yesterday, he loves college basketball- “Tomorrow is going to be such a good day just to play basketball. Let’s play some ball.”

Also, the game tonight is apparently going to be shown live in Venezuela. Like I said, big deal.

3. Winston-Salem Journal’s Bill Cole says Blue Devils can clinch ACC title outright tonight-they haven’t won regular season title since ’05-’06

I guess that’s the one thing we’re conveniently forgetting about tonight’s game. It isn’t just a big deal for the Terps, it’s a big deal for Coach K’s Blue Devils as well. They’ve been having to play 2nd fiddle to North Carolina in the ACC over the last couple of years, and these players (Jon Scheyer especially) don’t know what it’s like to win a regular season title. That’s in their mind.

Coach K isn’t the type of person to do too much forward thinking, so it’s a bit surprising that he’s actually taken time this year to talk about the significance of winning a regular season title.

For both teams, it’s another banner. Even if Maryland only ends up splitting the regular season title, that’s another banner that will hang in the Comcast Center rafters that these players will be able to back and see any time they come to a game.

4. Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says tonight also night to honor Landon Milbourne and Eric Hayes

Not to be forgotten tonight-these two players have made MAJOR contributions to this program over the last few years-and will be SORELY missed next season. The evolution that Eric Hayes has gone through as an ACC basketball player is absolutely incredible. Remember, it was just two years ago when there was a real thought that Hayes would have to transfer out because he couldn’t handle this level of play.

I also expect Jerome Burney to be honored tonight. He’s going to graduate in May and move on after a foot injury ended his career early. He’s been valuable to the team as a player-assistant, and even took time to hand out stats to members of the media last week, which was appreciated.

5. Navy Official Site says Midshipmen bounced back to pick up lacrosse win at Lehigh last night

Beating a team like Lehigh should be expected from the Mids, but after two tough losses, there was always a chance they might struggle to snap their funk. It doesn’t get much easier for the Mids, as they now have to face a Bucknell team that beat Towson and nearly beat Duke earlier this season on Saturday afternoon at 3 over in Annapolis at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

Speaking of lacrosse, I’m organizing a “Tweet-Up” (follow us on Twitter @WNST) this afternoon at Caves Athletic Complex in Owings Mills-where Stevenson is holding their true home opener against RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). If you’re a local lax fan, I’d love to have you come hang out. Keep following us, as I’ll give you details on where we’ll meet before the game. I’m hoping to hit Steve’s Deli after the game for sure. And please re-tweet to your lacrosse friends.

6. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec and Peter Schmuck say Will Ohman, Matt Albers expected to pitch behind Jeremy Guthrie in Spring Training opener today vs. Rays

Every outing is important for both pitchers-but especially Ohman, who is on the outside looking in right now when it comes to the Birds’ bullpen.

Unfortunately, today’s game is not on TV; as I guess MASN is going to show an outdoors show-or a radio show (that I don’t think would even be on today since they’re airing the game on the radio), or an old Big East Tournament game replay, or something like that.

If you need something to look at without the game being on, may I suggest the new pictures of Audrina Patridge in the British version of FHM….


You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

7. USA Today’s Mel Antonen says O’s not thrilled about playing 16 of 32 Grapefruit League games against AL East opponents

They also were wondering if they could change their AL East schedule to not have to play so many games against AL East opponents.


Now, this is an actual problem. The Orioles would much rather play the Cardinals in the preseason, for the same reasons the Ravens would never play the Browns, Bengals or Steelers in the preseason. They don’t want to allow their most common opponents to get to know too much about their team.

However, they knew this would be part of the equation when they got out of Ft. Lauderdale and got to Sarasota, so they can’t REALLY complain about it. They just might want to schedule some more of their longshot pitchers on days where they face the Rays, Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays.

8. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester mocks Boise State CB Kyle Wilson to Ravens

The only concern with Kyle Wilson is that he’s a little undersized (5’10”), and he didn’t have to face premiere wide receivers in the WAC. Where as Oklahoma CB Dominique Franks and Oklahoma State CB Perrish Cox have had to face the likes of Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Dezmon Briscoe and Danario Alexander in the Big 12, Wilson didn’t face the same types of receivers when he was with the Broncos.

Wilson’s game is comparable to Lardarius Webb-but he doesn’t quite have the pedigree. He’s got TONS of speed and can make an impact in the return game. He’s a nice player. I just get the feeling the Ravens might be looking for more of a big, physical cornerback.

9. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says T.O., Kevin Walter, Antonio Bryant and Mushin Muhammad are all UFA options at WR for Ravens

Which means…..it’s time for free agent porn!!!


Look, none of these guys are ideal. But Larry Fitzgerald isn’t available. SOMEONE has to play WR next season. I just hope it isn’t Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton and Donte’ Stallworth.

10. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd and Miles Austin are all RFA options at WR for Ravens

I’ll save the “RFA WR Porn” for another day, but I will mention that I don’t think Miles Austin or Brandon Marshall are REAL options, and Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd won’t come easy.

Again….somebody has to play receiver.

11. Yahoo! Sports’ Doug Farrar mocks Georgia Tech WR Demaryius Thomas to Ravens

There’s a polite and an impolite word for this.

The polite word is “stretch.” The impolite word is “insane.”

Either one works.

(Edit from GMC: He was a borderline guy BEFORE he got hurt again. How would that make him IMPROVE his status?)

12. The Sun says Crystal Palace Baltimore, Loyola to raise money to benefit Haiti at next Wednesday’s exhibition match

I think this is awesome. And since there’s not much else for me to say about it, I’ll post a picture of Ice T’s wife CoCo that What Would Tyler Durden Do posted yesterday. It’s like “ReTweeting”, just without the Twitter….


And finally, I leave you with this.

I was never an Allen Iverson fan. He went to Georgetown. He played for the 76ers. The only team I root for in Philadelphia is the Flyers. BUT….if this is it for him, he was a hell of a player. Plus, we’ll always have this….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 02 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Tuesday!

It’s a Happy Tuesday for me 1-because I’ve been out of Indianapolis for nearly 36 hours. No offense, but it ain’t good.

2-Nobody decided to drive their car into a tree this morning and knock out power to the radio station and everyone else who resides on Hart Rd…

3-It may have not been in time for National Chili Day, but our buddy John West delivered with one of the greatest breakfasts in the history of AM1570 WNST yesterday morning….


Yeah, that’s lump crab meat, and it’s called “Chesapeake Chili”…and it’s better than what you had for breakfast today.

Let’s see what everyone has to say……

1. Maryland Official Site says Terps 22nd in AP poll, 23rd in ESPN/USA Today Coaches’ Poll

It’s funny, because Patrick Stevens (follow him on Twitter @D1scourse) had him 18th in his weekly poll this week-and I first thought to myself “that seems high”…I actually thought they should be in the range where they are in the polls…somewhere in the low 20’s. That being said, I haven’t been NEARLY as concerned about Maryland cracking the Top 25 as everyone else in town apparently is, as I know that racking up wins will get a team the respect it needs moving towards the NCAA Tournament.

That being said, what else can be said about this team right now? The win Saturday night was just tremendous. Being “gutty” is as important if not more important than being “good.” This team has more “Guts” than Mike O’Malley and Moira Quirk….


If you get that reference, marry me. (Edit from GMC: If you’re a female. Or if you’re Andy Roddick.)

2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Greivis Vasquez named ACC Player of the Week, Jordan Williams named ACC Freshman of the Week

At this point, I’m not sure why they don’t just call it the “Greivis Vasquez ACC Player of the Week Award.” I guess Jon Scheyer could still win ACC Player of the Year (especially if Greivis were to struggle against the Blue Devils Wednesday night), but I don’t think I could necessarily agree with it. He’s been the best player in the conference all season, there just really isn’t any doubt about that. Now-the bulk of the media that votes for the award is based in North Carolina. Like it or not, they’ve probably seen more of Scheyer.

It will be an interesting vote.

Also worth noting, I was given confirmation that Greivis Vasquez’s jersey number will NOT be honored in the Comcast Center rafters tomorrow night. The school is choosing to honor all 3 seniors (Vasquez, Landon Milbourne and Eric Hayes) the same way tomorrow night, which makes sense considering all three have been major contributors to the program.

I assume (although it has yet to be confirmed) that Vasquez’s jersey WILL enter the rafters next to Steve Blake’s, but it looks like they will wait until early next season to do so. This could help them get some juice for an early season game against Bethune-Cookman…or Longwood…or Long & Foster…or whoever they play.

3. The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Maryland fans desperate for tickets to Duke game Wednesday

This is ABSOLUTELY the biggest game in College Park since the 2005 game against Duke-the Saturday night game when ESPN’s “College Gameday” did a live broadcast, John Gilchrist went off, 5 Blue Devils fouled out, the Terps won in overtime and went on to miss the NCAA Tournament for the first time after 11 straight appearances.

There have been exciting games in College Park since then (including North Carolina a season ago), but none have been this big, and CERTAINLY none of them have been this significant. A chance to split the ACC regular season title is on the line, as well as an OUTSIDE chance at an outright title and the top seed in the ACC Tournament (if UNC can beat Duke).

It’s a big deal. Big enough that Erin Andrews is showing up (with Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas) before her Dancing With the Stars gig…..


4. ESPN.com’s Andy Katz says Gary Williams continues to “maximize what (Terrapins) players can do”

That Andy Katz….classic Gary Williams apologist.

I won’t go down the “I told you so” route when it comes to those of you who called for Gary Williams’ head a season ago, mostly because I wasn’t even slightly moved by the argument. Some people say things like “fire the coach” out of panic, because they don’t really know how to analyze a situation. I actually sympathize with those people. While I’ve never called for Maryland to fire Dave Cottle as lacrosse coach, I remain on the “he has to win” campaign.

Gary Williams is winning. A lot of people expected he would. It will be a struggle again a season from now, there’s no doubt about that. That’s the mark of a Gary Williams program in this era of college basketball.

But as Katz pointed out, there’s just no way in the world that anyone not named Gary Williams should be coaching this team right now.

5. The AP says Reggie Holmes’ 32 lead Morgan State to win over North Carolina A&T at Hill Field House

Have you been to see Reggie Holmes yet? I don’t ask because I want to say “shame on you” for not getting out yet, I ask because I’m sorry you haven’t had the chance. He’s REALLY one of the best players on the entire east coast. He’s just been so special to watch for four years now, and he’s obviously changed Todd Bozeman’s entire program.

You’ve got one more chance to see him here locally. The Bears host Coppin State in a “bucket list” type of rivalry game Thursday night. If you love Baltimore sports, you really owe it to yourself to get to a Morgan-Coppin game at least once. I’ll be there for sure, and can’t wait for the game.

6. The AP says Michael Harper’s 14 not enough as Coppin State fell to Norfolk State in home finale

The story of my first trip to the Coppin State Physical Education Complex wasn’t the team (which is just missing a lot of pieces right now), but the building itself. The building is PHENOMENAL. I mean, it’s absolutely unreal. If you ever attended a game at the Coppin Center, you won’t BELIEVE what a world of difference there is now at the CSPEC. It’s night and day-really. It’s just a bright, beautiful, state of the art facility that deserves to have outstanding teams and big crowds fill it.

That being said, Fang Mitchell’s Eagles are tough to watch. They go long stretches without scoring, they lack leadership and poise, and they have no go-to players. It is obvious that they miss Tywain McKee, who was one of the greatest players in school history a season ago, and Fang was quick to point out that they’ll get Lee Jordan back next season to help with a lot of that.

Can Coppin make a run in the MEAC Tournament similar to what they did two seasons ago? I don’t think so. They might win a game in Winston-Salem, but they have too many holes to push for a title.

7. Burlington Free Press’ John A. Fantino says Binghamton out of America East Tournament, UMBC to face Vermont

Which means that the Retrievers are guaranteed to remain in Hartford until Saturday, and all but guaranteed to be gone by Saturday night.

It is ABSOLUTELY the right thing that Binghamton is not participating in any sort of postseason contests this year, and there need to be many more sanctions moving forward. What happened with the Bearcats last season is so UNBELIEVABLY reprehensible that I’m not certain how they even fielded a team this season. In fact, it’s embarrassing that they did.

And while I love Randy Monroe, I just don’t give his team much of a chance to beat Mike Lonergan’s Catamounts.

8. Ravens Official Site’s John Eisenberg thinks team should really think about pursuring “divas” like Terrell Owens, Brandon Marshall, Anquan Boldin and Antonio Bryant

Apparently a local blogger in town tried saying that John Harbaugh was “laughing” when he talked about the Ravens’ interest in T.O. Maybe that local blogger shouldn’t talk about things he doesn’t know about….

Look, John Harbaugh was just as condescending in Indy as he is any other time. BUT-the organization IS interested in Terrell Owens. John Harbaugh saying it publicly is NOT the first time we found that out. If you followed us on Twitter (@WNST), you’d know that we had gotten word about the team’s interest from other sources late last week, and Drew Forrester wrote about it Saturday morning.

Are the Ravens MOST interested in Terrell Owens? No. Would they like to find another wide receiver INSTEAD of Terrell Owens? Yes. But are they going to AVOID Terrell Owens? Absolutely not. They need receivers, and there are only so many available. Owens is 6’3″, and still played well in Buffalo a season ago. If the likes of Anquan Boldin, Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, etc are too expensive or just won’t work (which is a total possibility), they might end up going with Owens.

Those are just the facts.

9. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens expected to give high tenders to RFA’s Sam Koch, Jared Gaither, Le’Ron McClain, Fabian Washington, Mark Clayton, Marshal Yanda and Troy Smith

The interesting point here is a reminder that while fans in Baltimore don’t seem to think that highly of Troy Smith, the organization absolutely DOES. John Beck is expected to get a low tender, meaning that while the Ravens would like to have him back, they are much more concerned about bringing back Smith than Beck.

Once again, those are just the facts.

10. ProFootballTalk.com/NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says George Kokinis seen with Ravens contingency at NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis

Yeah, but take it from me-don’t ask John Harbaugh about it.

I guess the secrecy surrounding George Kokinis’ role with the Ravens has something to do with his departure from Cleveland, but it’s very strange. If he’s back, welcome back. If not, I don’t know exactly what to say.

11. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Chris Tillman, Jake Arrieta amongst O’s pitchers who impressed in intrasquad scrimmage

It IS a good sign that Tillman’s back is apparently holding up well in his early Spring Training work.

That being said, I think Ingrid Ulrich had a better on Busted Coverage Monday than Tillman, Arrieta or even Jim Palmer ever could have…


12. The Sun says former Bird BJ Surhoff to be inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame

I don’t have much analysis to add here, other than to say congratulations to one of my favorite O’s of all time.

And since I don’t have any more analysis here, I’ll instead offer the video for the song “Bedrock” by Young Money. I like it.

And finally, I leave you with this.

I promise that this will be the last time I write about anything Olympics-related. I PROMISE. I just missed yesterday’s post-so I have to get this all out of me.

Did it bother me that Canada topped Team USA in hockey Sunday? Damn right it did. I might not live and breathe hockey, but I sure as hell live and breathe the red, white and blue. (Until I re-adopt Italy again in the World Cup this summer if and when Team USA is eliminated. Look, I’m Italian-so spare me.) Does it bother me that Sidney Crosby got to be the hero in the process? Sure. Not because I root for Alexander Ovechkin or the Capitals, but because Pittsburgh sucks, and everything that comes from Pittsburgh should be a failure-not a great success.

That being said, for our friends to the north-you might have won the gold medal in hockey, but we won the gold in the bobsled, which we all know is more important. While you have Roberto Luongo-we have Steve FREAKING Holcomb, who I’m hoping I can go out for 2-375 beers with very soon….


But-since this is your big week, enjoy it with some Our Lady Peace. You see, I don’t hate everything from your country….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 18 February 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me, because after discovering Christina Hendricks yesterday, some of you did the right thing and directed me to some of the other hottest chicks on TV, including Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory”….


Please…..PLEASE…..to be directing me to others that I might not know of yet.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens taking chance on ‘troubled’ WR Donte’ Stallworth

Which has obviously lead to a day’s worth of discussion regarding whether or not A-Stallworth deserves a 2nd chance after pleading guilty to DUI manslaughter last year, and B-Stallworth is good enough for the Ravens to consider him an “upgrade” over their current receivers.

Let me address the 2nd part of that first (naturally). While Stallworth has never had 1,000 yards in any of his 7 seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns; he DOES have 32 career TD grabs. In their careers; Mark Clayton, Kelley Washington and Demetrius Williams have combined for 27.

This move works football-wise if it is paired with the return of Derrick Mason and the acquisition of a taller wide receiver.

As far as whether or not he deserves the second chance, I’m in general the type of person who believes in second chances. For example, when I heard Tara Reid was going to pose in Playboy, I was willing to give her a second chance despite how brutal she had looked in recent years….and that move paid off….


(Edit from GMC: Someone is currently thinking “Are you making a joke about a situation that involved a man dying? The answer is no. I’m making a joke about Tara Reid. Don’t sweat the details.)

2. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Ravens taking ‘gamble’, but not ‘major gamble’ on Stallworth

In my story yesterday, I wrote about some conversations I had with former Stallworth teammates (including current Ravens TE LJ Smith-who was teammates with Stallworth in Philly, and Saints TE Darnell Dinkins, who was teammates with Stallworth in Cleveland). I also had conversations with other former teammates that I can’t make public, and I heard the conversation Ray Bachman and Rex Snider had with Stallworth’s former Saints teammate Spencer Folau yesterday.

Every single conversation has netted the following reaction:

“Great guy, made a bad decision. He deserves the second chance.”

The best news for the Ravens is that Stallworth cost them only $900,000; and if he can’t play, they’ll let him go after Training Camp. He’s a low risk guy, as the only risk (which Drew points out) is a level of fan backlash. The good news for the Ravens is that they’re in a place right now where Ozzie Newsome and company will PROBABLY be given the benefit of the doubt from the fanbase if the signing doesn’t work out.

3. The Sun’s Mike Preston says Stallworth ‘not the answer’ for Ravens

There’s just no doubt about this. Stallworth has been a good player, but he’s 6’0″. The Ravens didn’t lack for undersized receivers whether they brought back Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton or not. What they lack is a size guy. They need someone who can just go up and be counted on grabbing the football, and they just don’t have that yet.

Brandon Marshall (6’4″) is out there-but unlikely. Malcolm Floyd (6’5″) is out there-and the chances of him ending up in Baltimore have everything to do with what the cost will be. Dez Bryant (6’2″) could end up slipping a bit in the NFL Draft. Danario Alexander (6’5″) from Missouri and Demaryius Thomas (6’4″) from Georgia Tech will likely both slide into later rounds of the Draft, especially after Thomas broke his foot yesterday.

The point is, without grabbing a receiver with size, the Ravens will leave themselves in a very bad place even with a guy like Donte’ Stallworth.

4. Ravens Official Site’s Ryan Mink says team released TE Sypniewski after he failed physical

I think a lot of people who enjoy hard-nosed football were really disappointed to hear this, as Sypniewski was certainly a hard-nosed player. He was a tough, physical guy who the Ravens liked enough to hold on to him despite the fact that he missed the last two seasons. Unfortunately, the knee injury ultimately did him in even after another recent cleanup procedure.

With Sypniewski gone, I guess the “best hair” award now defaults to Adam Terry???


5. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens discussing new deal with Derrick Mason

I’m not COMPLETELY certain that Derrick Mason will return to Baltimore, but I would lean that way, that’s for sure. I get less of a feeling every day that he’s coming back and going to Tennessee to re-join the Titans, I know that much. I still think there’s a real chance he retires, but I’m more than 50% on him coming back to Baltimore.

Addressing the other big discussion point from yesterday regarding the Ravens (and I already addressed this on Twitter, so make sure you follow us @WNST); the Ravens will NOT be dealing Willis McGahee for Antonio Cromartie. I get that the Chargers have dangled Cromartie and they’re looking for a Running Back; but NO ONE is interested in trading anything legitimate for McGahee.

Could McGahee be a throwaway to make the money work in a deal for Cromartie? Maybe. But the deal would have to be a Draft pick for Cromartie, and I don’t see the Ravens being interested in dealing a Thursday or Friday night pick (Rounds 1-3) for a Corner right now. Even beyond that, Cromartie was a first round pick, so I think the Chargers will be looking for 1st round equivalency. Tashard Choice and a draft pick seems like a much more likely combo to possibly head to San Diego.

6. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Maryland overcame ‘tired’ first half performance to rally past NC State in Raleigh

Clearly the sting of playing 3 games in 5 days was showing for this Maryland team for the first 25-30 minutes of their trip to the RBC Center. After a strong start from the field, they really struggled late in the first half; and once again failed to score 70 points on the road en route to a 67-58 victory.

Once again, Jordan Williams was a HUGE difference maker last night. When the Terps couldn’t get their feet under them and were struggling from the field, he didn’t let Tracy Smith establish himself inside, pulled down some boards and got some easy hoops. Once Greivis Vasquez (and Adrian Bowie) got something going offensively, Williams had kept things close enough that the Terps could pull away.

Sometimes conference road games are tougher than they should be. It was fitting that on the same night, Duke had to rally from down 12 in the second half to beat Miami. These types of things happen.

They get some rest now-but not much. 61 hours exactly before Saturday’s tilt with Georgia Tech.

7. The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Gary Williams thought Vasquez wasn’t “going to let (Terps) lose”

Obviously this was a showing of will from the Venezuelan senior in the 2nd half, as he was totally determined to make sure his team didn’t fall to the worst team in the ACC. He isn’t the first Maryland guard during the Gary Williams era to do those types of things, as John Gilchrist and Juan Dixon helped carry their teams to Championships doing almost the exact same thing.

Of course, there were also a couple times last night when Vasquez chucked up a wild 3 in transition or in a totally unnecessary situation. That’s the Vasquez lore. The one he hit at the shot clock buzzer was pretty impressive.

Now at 8-3 in ACC play, the Terps are in great shape. I know that a certain host of the “Comcast Morning Show” speculated this morning that the Terps needed to win 11 or 12 ACC games to clinch a trip to the NCAA Tournament; but there appears to be no chance of that being true. Given the lack of teams with Tournament resumes in the power conferences, there is just no chance an ACC team that wins 10 conference games will be left out of March Madness. However, I will say there is a chance that if the Terps were to lose 4 of their last 5 and finish 9-7 (unless the win is over Duke); they’ll get left out.

There’s just not enough teams elsewhere in the country to leave a 10 win ACC team out of the picture, even if the ACC is going through a down year. The Tournament committee won’t just take another CAA or Horizon League team just for the sake of taking someone else. A CAA team with one win over an ACC team earlier in the season does not have the resume of an ACC team with 10 wins over other ACC teams.

8. Raleigh News & Observer’s J.P. Giglio says Wolfpack blew double digit 2nd half lead in loss to Terrapins

There was ALMOST a moment last night where you felt bad for Sidney Lowe.

Look, he’s clearly not cut out for a big time job in the ACC, or what you imagine the ‘Pack want from a head coach. When a couple of things went Maryland’s way in the 2nd half, he just didn’t have an answer. He had no switches, he had no ideas, he really had nothing. His players acted accordingly.

I have to imagine that despite the fact that he’s an alum, they’re going to give him the Sendek treatment down there, right? If so, does he get to keep his jacket???


9. Morgan State Official Site says 17 from Reggie Holmes, double double from Kevin Thompson lead Bears to win at Delaware State

I got a text from Todd Bozeman after the game last night, he described it simply as “hard fought.” Which is exactly what he had to expect from a Hornets team that had MEAC Championship dreams of their own.

With just one more conference win, the Bears will clinch at least a tie for the MEAC regular season championship. Not to play spoiler, but they’re going to get it.

They’re back in action Saturday with a BRUTAL trip to Kentucky to face Murray State in an ESPN BracketBuster matchup. The game tips at noon and can be seen on ESPNU.

10. The AP says J’Hared Hall lead Loyola with 12, but Hounds fell to St. Peter’s at Reitz Arena

That’s another really tough loss for Jimmy Patsos’ crew. I’m not going to try to paint a picture that I’m a Greyhounds expert, but it looks like there’s an issue when the guys coming off your bench tend to be your leading scorers, and the most points you’re getting from a starter are Shane Walker’s 10.

They now fall to 5-11 in MAAC play after their loss to the Peacocks. They step out of conference play for an ESPN BracketBuster matchup against New Hampshire at home Saturday.

11. The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says former Boston College fundraiser Jim Paquette to replace Joe Boylan as Loyola Athletic Director

His experience in the catholic environment at BC will certainly help him make this transition; but raising money might be a bit more difficult here due to the fact that he won’t have football to fall back on.

I don’t know too much about Paquette, but we’ll be getting him on the air shortly here at WNST to make sure we introduce him to Baltimore.

12. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Bergesen to return to mound for Orioles within 2 weeks

There is no doubt that Andy MacPhail and every human being in the entire O’s organization is hoping for the exact same thing. The quicker he returns to the mound in Spring Training, the less “MASN commercial” jokes we can make.

For the record, pitchers and catchers reported yesterday. I really do wish I was in Sarasota.

And finally, I leave you with this.

The lineup for Bonnaroo 2010 was announced yesterday, and umm….it’s not too bad.

Dave Matthews Band, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, Weezer, Tenacious D, Nas, Damian Marley, Michael Franti & Spearhead, The Flaming Lips, Norah Jones, John Fogerty, Jeff Beck, Dropkick Murphys, Wale, Zac Brown Band, The Dead Weather, Tori Amos, Rise Against, and so many more. One of those more is Kings of Leon, who is…not even a little bit bad….

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 15 February 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because…frankly…I went to Bojangles on Friday night….


Look, there’s not a whole lot of reasons to go to Cameron Indoor Stadium, but the stop in Henderson, NC on the way to Durham isn’t a bad stop at all. If you make it, I also suggest Smithfield’s Barbecue.


Let’s see what everyone has to say….

1. The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Gary Williams didn’t have Terps revisit blowout loss to Duke during short prep for Virginia game

How many times do you think football players have wished that their coach would say something along the lines of “Let’s just go ahead and throw out that tape”?

The only good thing about having to play the Cavs just 2 days after a blowout loss to the Blue Devils is that there just really isn’t time for the players to have every little thing they did in a terrible game dissected and reviewed. Instead, they got to spend their Saturday night and Sunday looking at UVa tape and preparing for a tough ACC opponent. If they beat Virginia, it’s (almost) as if the Duke loss never happened.

If they lose….


2. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Tony Bennett hoping to before only 4th ACC coach to beat Gary Williams-lead team in initial attempt

Usually when an ACC team makes a head coaching move, it’s because the team isn’t particularly any good. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that Gary Williams is 16-3 against those coaches in his first try. That being said, there is clearly at least a bit more talent in Charlottesville (or if nothing else, they have a more outstanding guard in Sylvan Landesberg) than most teams have when a coach is fired.

Of course, seeing as how one of the 3 coaches to have defeated Gary was this guy…


I guess anything is possible.

3. The Sun’s Don Markus says Maryland president C.D. Mote would ‘gladly’ extend contract of Athletic Director Debbie Yow

Which won’t thrill the craziest of Maryland fans, but must be considered the right thing.

It’s easy to beat up Debbie Yow due to her frosty relationship with Gary Williams and the fact that the football team hasn’t won 10 games since I was (barely) attending class, but she has cleared up the “big picture” in College Park better than anyone could have asked for.

That being said, she could be facing the toughest test of her tenure if the football team DOESN’T improve this season under Ralph Friedgen-as she’ll have to choose between a head coach in waiting (James Franklin) that those surrounding the program really want to see become the next head man; or paying big money to fire an alum (Fridge) and hire a coach in hopes to “fix” the problem.

She also has to continue to figure out a way to continue to at least co-exist with Gary Williams. It ain’t easy…

4. Virginia Official Site previews Cavaliers’ battle with Terrapins tonight at Comcast Center

My official prediction: Terps 81, Wahoos 67.

As tough as playing 2 games in 3 days will be for the Terps, the Hoos are forced to play 2 games in 3 NIGHTS-both away from home. After seeing how they lost at Virginia Tech Saturday night, I get the feeling that something similar could be expected in College Park-but I think Maryland will be a bit more crisp.

Hell, I don’t really care what the final score is as long as Maryland comes out on top. I just can’t stomach seeing these idiots happy….


Look, I hate Duke as much as anyone, but I know their students are (probably) better than the rest of us. Virginia students just THINK they’re better than the rest of us….

5. Loyola Official Site says J’Hared Hall’s 14 points not enough as Greyhounds fell at Iona

Which is unfortunate, because Jimmy Patsos’ Hounds had a chance to win 3 straight MAAC games and improve to 6-9 in the conference. That doesn’t seem like all that much, but with seeding for the MAAC Tournament an issue, a win certainly would have done wonders for that team-knowing that their final 3 conference games are all at Reitz Arena; giving them a chance to finish .500.

The Greyhounds are back in action Wednesday night; making up the game against St. Peter’s that was scheduled last week.

6. Washington Post’s Kathy Orton says Maryland women blew out Clemson for most lopsided ACC victory of season

Which means that a win at Duke Sunday would get them right back into the NCAA Tournament picture.

Of course, that means having to win at Duke……

At 5-6 in the ACC, Brenda Frese’s team isn’t out of the NCAA Tournament picture. But with only one real win to sing about (beating Virginia at John Paul Jones Arena), they HAVE to win at Cameron Indoor Sunday to feel like they have any real chance of dancing for a 6th straight year.

Should they lose that game, they’ll sit at 5-7 in the ACC, needing to win at Boston College and beat Florida State at home just in order to be able to make the ACC Tournament some sort of resume builder.

7. South Carolina State Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Morgan State at Hill Field House on ESPNU

I’m sorry I won’t make it out there tonight. I had planned to, but the postponement of Maryland-Virginia will take me to College Park instead of Hill Field House. That being said, I would encourage everyone to try to get over there for the game, as the Bears are a team that are SERIOUSLY worth going to see.

As far as staying perfect in the MEAC is concerned, South Carolina State will pose a threat, as they are a tough 7-4 in conference play. That being said, they are coming off a loss to Coppin State Friday night. I expect Morgan to remain perfect; I’ll say 84-72.

8. Winston-Salem State Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with Coppin State at CSPEC

Wouldn’t you know….Fang Mitchell’s team is improving at the end of the season.

I don’t expect the Eagles to make a run towards the MEAC Championship or NCAA Tournament, but I’m not surprised that (even without a major go-to scoring threat), they are improving down the stretch. They’ll beat WSSU tonight, and they’ll have a chance to keep building the rest of the way.

9. Blast Official Site says Baltimore blow out 25-10 on road by Monterrey La Raza

I have not been able to get out to see the Blast AT ALL this season (I’ve tried-but the weather has stopped me), so I can’t REALLY comment on what’s gone wrong with them; but I know something has. They’ve now lost 5 in a row and 6 of their last 7 to fall to 5-7 overall.

They return to action with a rematch against La Raza Friday night at 1st Mariner Arena.

10. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Bisciotti willing to take chance on troubled player like Brandon Marshall, Vincent Jackson

I don’t think this assessment should catch anyone off guard. There is no doubt in my mind that Steve Bisciotti wants to be more of a “splashy” owner. He made a splash in trying to trade for Terrell Owens, and he ABSOLUTELY wanted to hire “sexy” coaching candidate Jason Garrett before the Ravens hired John Harbaugh.

The question for the Ravens will be whether or not John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome and even Dick Cass think it is worthwhile to take a chance on guys like Marshall and Jackson. Does Harbaugh think he can work with a guy like Marshall? Does Ozzie Newsome think Marshall will fit with the rest of the Ravens’ roster? Does Dick Cass think Vincent Jackson will avoid embarrassing the franchise and city?

If those men are satisfied with the answers, then the Ravens might make this type of splash. If not, it is doubtful any will end up in Charm City.

11. Ravens Official Site’s Ryan Mink says team’s biggest needs are WR, CB, TE, S, DE

Which is BASICALLY what I have been saying here at WNST.net over the last few weeks. We all know receiver is the biggest area of need for the Ravens, but it is not the ONLY need. The Ravens WILL NOT just take a WR in the first round of the NFL Draft for the sake of taking a WR, but it would clearly be helpful if a WR was the best player available at 25.

Expect the Ravens to value size not only at WR, but also at TE and CB.

12. MLB.com’s Spencer Fordin says some Orioles players already in Sarasota for Spring Training

Hopefully none of them are shooting any commercials.

What, too soon???

And finally, I leave you with this…

Believe it or not, I actually did poke at both the Daytona 500 and NBA All-Star Game for a few minutes yesterday, despite the fact that they are amongst the absolute most unwatchable big events in all of sports. Actually, throw the Winter Olympics in there as well, which include some of the most unwatchable sports….ever. But I DID poke at all 3 of them for about 5 minutes yesterday. Fortunately for me, the 5 minutes that I poked at the NBA All-Star Game were during halftime. If you missed it, Shakira looked like this…


And Alicia Keys performed like this….

As I said last night on Facebook (search “Glenn Clark” and please feel free to add me as a friend), “Do you think I spend more time thinking about Alicia Keys or Alicia Keys spends more time thinking about me?”

Talk to you later….


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