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Terps Advance to 2nd Round with Dominant 2nd Half in 84-71 Win over Cal

Posted on 19 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

The Terps picked the right time to put together one of their most impressive halves of the season.

After looking sluggish through the last 8 minutes of the first few minutes of the 2nd half; the Terps kicked things into high gear and found some serious confidence to put away Cal 84-71 in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament Thursday afternoon in Kansas City.

The Terps scored 50 points in the 2nd half; which included 16 points from Greivis Vasquez (he scored 27 for the game); and consecutive offensive rebounds and putbacks from Dino Gregory to help put things away.

The Terps never abandoned their offensive philosophy; maintaining their offensive aggression dispite patches of struggles during the game. They turned things on late; driving to the basket and getting fouled; or finding the open shooter and getting jump shots to fall.

The Terps clearly proved they belonged in the Tournament to anyone who thought they were fortunate to be there; and they now have the chance to prove even more.

Their next task will be even more difficult; as they’ll face Conference USA Champion Memphis Saturday; a game after the Tigers were given a serious wake-up call by upstart Cal State-Northridge.

But for a team that many analysts and even some fans gave up on during the season; it is presumably a sweet feeling just to be amongst the final 32 teams standing this season.

(Gametime for Saturday’s matchup with Memphis is now set for 3:20)



Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 27 points; tied for the team high with 5 rebounds (Gregory, Milbourne), and chipped in 4 assists. Dave Neal added 15 points and 4 rebounds; Eric Hayes 14 points, 4 boards, and 4 assists. Adrian Bowie added 12 points and tied for the game high with 7 assists. Landon Milbourne chipped in 9 points. The Terps were out-rebounded by the Bears; 33-29. They tallied 18 assists, 5 steals and a block. The Terps shot 31-63 from the field (49.2%), 6-16 from beyond the arc (37.5%), and 16-24 from the free throw line (66.7%).

Theo Robertson lead the Bears with 22 points, adding a game high 6 rebounds. Jerome Randle added 14 points, and tied for the game high with 7 assists. Patrick Christopher added 10 points and 4 rebounds; Jorge Gutierrez and Jamal Boykin each scored 9 points and grabbed 5 rebounds. The Bears tallied 12 assists, 2 steals, and 2 blocks. They shot 25-59 from the field (42.4%), 7-24 from beyond the arc (29.2%), and 14-19 from the free throw line (73.7%).


5:08-It’s a final 84-71 Terps. They’ll have Memphis Saturday for the right to advance to the Sweet 16. What an impressive 2nd for this team against a solid Pac-10 foe. I believe the ACC remains undefeated in postseason play now.

Back shortly to wrap it up.

5:05-Greivis steps back and drills a 3 with 1:20 to play; then adds another hoop with a minute left. 82-69 Terps and we’re in junk time.

5:03-Two minutes to play and Hayes is fouled. Too good of a free throw shooting team to be worried down the stretch. Hayes makes one; 77-66 Terps. Gutierrez with a highlight-reel hoop and foul; but there didn’t appear to actually be a foul. 77-69 Terps; who break Cal’s press but ALMOST turn it over.

5:00-The back to back buckets by Dino were HUGE Rich; but it was the attitude more than anything (well; the 3’s from Hayes and Milbourne to pull away really helped too). Cal knocks down a 3 to get within 10; but this one is just about academic.

4:57-This press conference has been more trouble than it’s worth! But Maryland is in cruise control; having reached a COMPLETE other level in the 2nd. Terps up 13 with 3 and a half to play; and Drew Forrester is claiming victory right now. He has asked me to say “Looks like Forrester was right” and “put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Son of a bitch.

4:49-Sorry for the lack of updates. Terps up 66-56 now and just forced another turnover. Feeling MUCH better now. Another hoop makes it 68-56.

4:39-Bucket from Bowie; 3’s from Hayes and Milbourne. 8-0 run gives the Terps their biggest lead at 59-51. Mike Montgomery needs a timeout.

4:36-Press conference over; Terps trailig 51-50; but headed to the line is Milbourne. He makes 1 of 2; we’re tied at 51.

4:30-Another 3 left short by Bowie; and Cal takes a 47-46 lead on the other end. Terps turn the ball over; they HAVE to start hitting some shots. Turnover by Cal. b

4:27-Mosley with a bucket; 46-44 Terps now at the official timeout. It is REALLY frustrating that I’m trying to do this during a press conference. And my laptop is dying.

4:23-The senior makes both; he has 11. 40-36 Terps. Cal gets out on a break; and Neal fouls Robertson.

I will admit; video went bad for a minute. 44-39 Terps now.

4:22-3 personals for Landon Milbourne early on in the 2nd half. I expected more from him today. Dave Neal fouled inside; he’ll shoot two.

4:20-Great split by Vasquez; and the finish for 2. 38-34 Terps, 13 for Vasquez. Patrick Christopher fouled by Milbourne next time down; he makes both. 38-36 Maryland.

4:19-Vasquez misses the 3 off the curl on a nice set play; then Theo Robertson gets a hoop inside and hits the PLUS ONE attempt. Shaky video right now from CBSSports.com. I’m “improvising and adapting” as Bob Haynie would say. 36-34 Terps.

4:18-Dave Neal inside for 2; Terps extend the lead to 36-31. Gutierrez can’t finish on the other end. 9 for Neal early on.

4:16-I’ve moved into the Ravens auditorium to blog live from Ray Lewis’ press conference. I’m now watching the game online on CBS Sports’ March Madness on Demand; and I apologize if I’m a minute or two behind you.

Franchise-Nestor assumed anyone in their car would be listening to the game; so he decided to go to Fox Sports Radio until the game is over.

4:11-Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with 11 points, Dave Neal added 7, Eric Hayes 6.

Jerome Randle lead the Bears with 11 points, Patrick Christopher and Theo Robertson added 6 each.

3:54-Hayes makes both; 34-31 Terps. Cal will get one more look. Two misses for Cal and the ball goes out of bounds with 1 second left. That took forever; and a double clutch keeps Cal from getting a shot off. 34-31 Terps, back shortly.

3:53-Robertson makes 1 of 2; Terps will get the last shot of the half. Cal’s Patrick Christopher called for the foul; Hayes to the line for 2 with 11 seconds to play.

3:50-Both teams could use some momentum heading into the half. Robertson drive and is fouled; he’ll head to the line. Terps will get one more shot after the free throw attempts and Gary’s timeout.

3:49-A big 3 from D.J. Seeley tied things up at 30 before Hayes’ floater. Which bears the question……who the hell is D.J. Seeley???

3:45-Thanks for that Drew. Not sure what I missed; but a Hayes floater just put the Terps agead 32-30 in the final 2 minutes of the half. Foul on Gregory inside; and Omondi Amoke heads to the line. He misses both. 1 minute to play in the half.

3:43- Drew still with you here from Owings Mills — Jeremy Guthrie’s been told by the O’s to come on back to Ft. Lauderdale after another miserable effort in the WBC last night.  Can’t say that I blame them.  If Guthrie doesn’t have his good stuff at the start of the season, the O’s are in trouble.  Derek Lowe…Derek Lowe…Derek Lowe…Derek Lowe.  Here’s Glenn.

3:41- Not sure why I’m doing this, but I’ll let Drew take over for a few minutes while I go set up the gear for the Ravens press conference.  Drew:  Thanks Glenn.  I stopped watching this one about five minutes into the game.  There’s no chance MD loses today.  Cal can’t rebound, for one, and can’t make shots, either.  It’s now 26-23, Terps.  They’ll lead by 7 at the half, at least.  I wonder what the spread will be for the MD-Memphis game on Saturday?  Terps +7.5?

3:38-Vasquez drives, stops, misses; Terps get the rebound in the backcourt eventually. Vasquez front-irons a long 2; and the Terps finally get fouled-believe it was Bowie. We’ll hit the last official timeout of the half with the Terps maintaining their 1 point lead.

3:36-Two interior misses by Cal; and Dave Neal is fouled after pulling down the rebound. Terps haven’t scored since Drew Forrester started talking; and Bowie and Hayes add missed 3’s to that. Under 5 minutes and Gutierrez is hit with the offensive foul.

Brutal basketball right now.

3:34-Rich; gotcha. You’re right, and it clearly has been effective. Terps have to get better collapses; and MUST continue to attack the zone. But Bowie can’t be the guy to do it. You can’t ask a 6’2″ guard to drive the zone.

Another layup for Jerome Randle and another Maryland turnover; and the Terps’ lead is just 24-23. Mosley with the walk and the foul.

3:28-Harper Kamp fouled by Vasquez inside; then Knezevic with one of the worst looking 3 point shots I have ever seen in my life. Terps turn the ball right back over with Greivis heading to the bench.

Rich-I like the results they have gotten from the zone; but I’m not sure I like the zone against the best 3 point shooting team in the country.

Terps get a HUGE block; but Bowie called for the travel to turn the ball over again. Terps maintain the 3 point advantage at the 3rd official timeout of the half.

3:26-Patrick Christopher throws home the alley-oop to pull the Bears within 1; Nikola Knezevic into the game and called for the foul. Hayes with the long 2 to get on the scoreboard; 24-21 Maryland.

3:25-Theo Robertson to the free throw line; he makes both. Terps tuen the ball over on the other end; 22-19 Terps midway through the first half.

3:24-Randle AGAIN to the basketfor 2; Vasquez answers with the 3 on the other end. 9 for both of the star guards thus far.

3:23-Vasquez into the lane for a jumper; putting the Terps up 19-15. 6 so far for the junior from Venezuela.

3:18-Patrick Christopher on the board with the third chance hoop. Milbourne fights for the offensive board on the other end; making one of two free throws. Randle drains the 3; then Vasquez called for the offensive foul. 17-15 Terps and Cal gets the ball back. Harper Kamp into the game for the Bears.

An overrule gives Maryland the ball back after the 2nd official timeout.

3:17-Pair of free throws from Vasquez; 16-10 Terps. Terps get a turnover going to the press to get the ball right back. Dino Gregory and Eric hayes in the game.

3:16-Rich, Drew added “Maryland’s not losing to these guys” after he told me it was over a 2nd time. The guy is just unreal.

3:12-Jerome Randle with the bucket for Cal; bucket for Landon Milbourne; then a drive and finish for Randle. Vasquez responds with an awkward hoop; an the Terps are up 14-10 at the first official timeout. This one isn’t slowing down any time soon. 13:27 to play in the half.

3:10-Dave Neal with the ugly jumper in the lane; he has 5 early and Maryland leads 10-3. Mosley with the steal on the defenive end; but can’t knock down his first 3 point attempt. Cal loves to shoot; and Theo Robertson knocks one down here. 10-6 Terps.

3:08-Boykin makes one of two free throws; and it’s 8-3. Both teams trying to get up and down the floor quickly as expected early on. Gutierrez and Mosley get tangled up; Gutierrez called for his first personal.

3:07-Sean Mosley’s free throw troubles continue; hitting just one of 2. 8-2 Terps. Jorge Gutierrez into the game for Cal. Boykin fouled by Mosley on the other end after Cal kept possession on a jump ball.

3:06-Adrian Bowie and Landon Milbourne with buckets; followed by a 3 from Dave Neal. Boykin with a putback on the other end; and it’s 7-2 Terps early.

3:03-Gary sticks with the Greivis Vasquez/Adrian Bowie/Sean Mosley/Landon Milbourne/Dave Neal lineup that’s been working; Mike Montgomery goes with Jerome Randle/Patrick Christopher/Theo Robertson/Jamal Boykin/Jordan Wilkes.

4-0 Terps; Drew Forrester chimes in with “This game is over.” It never ends…..

3:00-3 minutes from tip-off. I will say that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has already walked into the room once today and let everyone know that he talked to Gary Williams a few hours ago. Bisciotti has to be particularly distraught; as he would miss the next game if the Terps win; as he has to head to the NFL Owner’s Meetings this weekend.

Pre-game: Well, this might be the strangest live blog I’ve ever done. I’m not at the Sprint Center in Kansas City; I’m at the Ravens Complex in Owings Mills. And today’s blog might be interrupted a bit; as the Ravens scheduled a pesky press conference with Ray Lewis. Bear with me, I’ll do everything I can to keep the damage minimal.

The 10th seeded Terps bring a 20-13 record into this afternoon’s game; the 7th seeded California Golden Bears are 22-10. The winner of today’s game in the West region of the NCAA Tournament will advance to face #2 seed Memphis on Saturday.

Gary Williams is making his 13th appearance in the Tournament as head coach at Maryland; Mike Montgomery is making his 1st appearance as head coach at California (of course; it is his first season). The last time the two coaches faced off was also in the NCAA Tournament…….a win for the Terps in the 2001 Elite 8. The two teams shared one common opponent this season; with both the Terps and Bears having lost to Florida State.

Today’s game is being shown on CBS (WJZ 13 locally; Channel 23 on Comcast in Baltimore County). Tim Brando and Mike Gminski have the call.

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Terps Run Out of Gas; Will Await Selection Sunday Fate After 67-61 Loss to Duke

Posted on 14 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

Maryland’s resume is complete.

They deserve to be dancing come Sunday night.

That being said; they had the chance to feel much more comfortable about themselves; but couldn’t beat Duke in the ACC Semifinals Saturday night; losing 67-61 in Atlanta.

But that being said; this team has a resume that the rest of the teams on the NCAA Tournament bubble just can’t claim.

20 win ACC teams with 3 victories over legitimate Top 10 teams belong IN. And in a year where the mid-majors weren’t quite as good as they were in recent years, they shouldn’t have to sweat as much as they will Sunday.

If for some wacky reason the Terps are left OUT of the NCAA Tournament; they will obviously have themselves to blame. In the final 3 weeks of the season; they lost 2 close games to Duke, one to Wake Forest, and one to Virginia. Winning any of those would end this argument.

But if the Terps are left OUT of the NCAA Tournament; they will also have a legitimate gripe with the NCAA Selection Committee.

They have the resume. The other bubble teams don’t.

St. Mary’s had a nice year. So did Creighton. So did San Diego State. Penn State, Arizona, Auburn and Florida all have arguments too.

But NONE of those teams have the resume Maryland has; even if Maryland’s season wasn’t always pleasing to the eyes.

It will be an interesting Sunday in College Park.



Final stats: Eric Hayes finished with a flurry to lead the Terps in scoring with 20. Greivis Vasquez added 14 with team highs in rebounds (6) and assists (4). Adrian Bowie finished with 10 points; Sean Mosley 8 with 5 rebounds. 6 points and 4 boards for Dave Neal; Dino Gregory scored just 1 point but added 5 boards. Landon Milbourne finished with just 2 points and 4 rebounds. The Terps and Devils each pulled down 28 rebounds. Maryland collected 7 assists and 4 blocks. They shot 25-63 from the floor (39.7%), 4-15 from beyond the arc (26.7%), and 7-9 from the free throw line (77.8%).

Jon Scheyer lead the Devils with a game high 22 points; Kyle Singer chipped in 14 with a game high 11 rebounds. Nolan Smith added 10 points; Gerald Henderson 8 with 5 boards, and tied for game high with 4 assists (Vasquez). David McClure chipped in 6 points off the bench. The Devils tallied 11 assists and 4 blocked shots. They shot 20-55 from the field (36.4%), 9-22 from beyond the arc (40.9%), and 18-21 from the free throw line (85.7%).


6:15-Drew, I don’t think that either team really showed much in the way of desire today. I think Duke was just a bit better; which we all kinda knew coming in. The Terps didn’t have that next level to ramp up to when challenged; and that did them in. They were tired; and when a mediocre team gets tired, they look like a bad team. I think Duke did JUST enough to win; but didn’t show much to me when it comes to desire. They just hit a few shots and then hung on. Good teams do that and win.

6:12-That will be the end of this one. Maryland’s regular season will come to an end with a 20-13 record; and they’ll await their Selection Sunday fate tomorrow night. Duke will improve to 27-6 and will face Florida State for the ACC Championship tomorrow. The Terps didn’t seal their fate either way tonight; and it will be a tough 24 hours in College Park. 67-61 Duke win.

6:11-Smith makes both; Duke by 6. Terps probably don’t have this miracle left in them.

6:10-1 of 2 for Scheyer; then Hayes with another hoop. Smith fouled with 15.4 seconds to play. Duke 65-61.

6:09-1 of 2 for Smith, followed by a Hayes layup. He fouls Scheyer with 24.8 seconds to play; Duke 64-59.

Chris-Mosley was a spark plug; but clearly lost his legs. When your role is energy; and you have none left, it’s hard to do anything.

6:08-Scheyer indeed makes both; 21 for him. Hayes gets another hoop in the lane; 63-57 Duke and Smith is fouled with 34.9 seconds to play.

6:06-6 second half points for David McClure. Hayes finally fouls Scheyer with 47.1 seconds to play. He’ll head to the line; you can just about count both of these.

6:05-Duke breaks the press for a dunk by David McClure. Hayes cans a 3 to answer with 56.3 seconds to play; he has 14 now. Terps trail by 6, they have to get a foul here.

6:03-Singler makes both, he has 14. 59-50 Devils with less than 90 seconds to play. Hayes with the quick hoop; 59-52; Hayes has 11 on the game. Terps call timeout; they’re going to have to start fouling. 1:17 to play.

6:02-Bowie blocks Henderson; but Hayes misses the 3 that would have made this a game again. Under 2 to go; Duke back to work on the clock. Smith misses; but Singler with the BIG offensive board. 1:26 to play; and Singler to the line for 1 and 1. That might well do it.

6:01-Under 3 minutes to play, Terps work the give and go with Vasquez again; and he’s fouled by Singler-6th team foul. Tough hoop from Neal; 57-50 Duke. 2:40 to play, they’ll work the clock again.

6:00-Henderson fouled by Mosley with 8 seconds left on the shot clock. Tough call. Henderson to the line for 1 and 1 with 3:07 to play. He’ll make 1 of 2; Devils by 9 again.

5:58-Give and go to Vasquez; and he’s fouled by Nolan Smith. 3rd personal on Smith; Vasquez to the line for 2. He’ll hit 1 of 2; 56-48 Duke. 14 for Greivis.

5:55-Terps get the ball back with the Devils unable to get the dagger. 3:36 to play as we reach the final official timeout of regulation. The Terps aren’t dead yet; but they have to get a score here.

5:53-Terps get the ball back with under 5 to play; and Hayes puts another hoop off the glass to cut Duke’s lead to 56-47. Do they have a run left in them? Bowie called for the foul; 6th team foul.

5:50-Chris; Gary certainly isn’t getting out-coached. He clearly went to the zone because Maryland had no legs left. With Mosley not being able to finish at the rim; his legs are amongst the most tired. Gary had been doing a remarkable coaching job for a team that couldn’t get things going; but Duke just started canning outside shots.

Another turnover; and McClure finishes. He misses the free throw; and Singler called for interference. 56-43 Duke with 5 and a half to play. Hayes gets a quick hoop; 56-45.

5:48-After a turnover; Neal misses a runner, and Scheyer gets a layup in transition. That’s 19 for Scheyer; Devils by 9 with 6 and a half to play. Bowie settles for a long 3 point jumper; and Duke gets the ball back. McClure drives and finishes; Devils by 11; Gary needs another timeout. 54-43 Duke; and Maryland appears to be out of answers-or out of energy.

5:44-Vasquez with the tough pull up jumper; but Scheyer DRILLS a 3 on the other end. Duke by 7 again; 50-43. Vasquez will have to have every answer on the offensive end; but can’t finish this time down. 50-43 Duke at the 3rd official timeout. I just don’t know if Maryland can keep responding to Duke’s shooters.

5:42-Big momentum changing 3 from Henderson; who had been struggling. 47-41 Duke with 8:44 to play; and Gary calls a timeout.

5:40-Maryland does go to the zone; I don’t think Duke will be afraid to shoot over it. Foul on Cliff Tucker fighting for a board; then Maryland gets the ball back thanks to a Hayes rebound. Hayes’ 3 pointer is blocked; 1 second on the shot clock. Neal heaves an airball up with 9:08 to play.

5:37-Jon Scheyer with a hoop; followed by buckets for Vasquez and Neal. Coach K takes a timeout with 10:16 left and Maryland responding well following Duke opening their biggest lead of the game 44-41 Devils now. 14 for Scheyer; 11 for Vasquez.

5:35-This is a SERIOUS trouble spot for Maryland. They can’t keep giving away points on the offensive end; as Duke almost certainly has another hot streak in them.

5:32-Gregory gets the ball in the lane and can’t finish in close. Terps have given away some 12-14 points in near the hoop already in the 2nd half. Duke will maintain their 42-37 lead as Dino Gregory is hit with the foul. We’ll go to the 2nd official timeout of the half.

5:31-Bowie switches hands to finish a transition layup; he has 10. 40-37 Terps. Nolan Smith then flips in a reverse layup to extend Duke’s lead back to 5. Terps continue to have troubles inside.

5:30-Gregory makes 1 of 2; his first point of the game. 40-35 Duke, Terps trap early, then back off. Scheyer drives and is blocked by Gregory/Milbourne. Steve Martin seems confused that Maryland hasn’t gone to the zone. Has he seen how Duke has been shooting???

5:29-Scheyer makes all 3; he has 12 and the Devils take their biggest lead of the game at 40-34. Lance Thomas called for his 3rd personal on Gregory inside; he’ll shoot 2.

5:28-Vasquez settles for a decent look at a 3 but misses; and Hayes fouls Scheyer shooting a 3 the other way. He’ll head to the line for 3 shots; and the Terps are going to have to dig deep.

5:27-Nolan Smith fires up a 3 at the end of the shot clock; and Williams is their for the board and putback. Devils by 3. Williams called for his 2nd personal the next time down. Mosley with another inside miss; Maryland really struggling inside

5:24-Rich, I was afraid they were going to call a foul on that Williams play; but I also don’t quite understand how you can fall down and not move your pivot foot. I’ll refrain from comment; I don’t want to get fined.

5:21-Elliot Williams fouls Vasquez; we haven’t called Williams’ name much. Mosley drives for 2 but wave it off for a travel. Singler drives, loses it; and is stripped by Gregory. Terps miss THREE chances at the rim before Vasquez eventually turns the ball over. Duke by 1 with 15:09 to play in the game, and we reach the first official timeout of the 2nd half. Mike Gminski thinks the Terps are losing their legs playing their 3rd game in 3 days. I might well concur.

5:19-There’s the great equalizer for Duke; as Scheyer cans a 3. That’s 9 for Scheyer, and Duke goes back ahead 35-34. Mosley and Henderson then trade 3’s before the Terps get the ball back on the alternating possession.

5:18-Sean Mosley opens 2nd half scoring with a putback to tie things at 32. Another putback by Mosley gives the Terps a 34-32 lead. Another solid effort from the freshman out of St. Frances. He’ll foul Henderson this time as Henderson goes to drive.

5:14-The winner of today’s game will play Florida State at 1pm tomorrow for the ACC title and an automatic berth in the NCAA Tournament. Also, if you do not have TV access but you’re following along with the blog; the game is being streamed live on RaycomSports.com.

And when the ad for Chick-Fil-A appeared on the screen; credit to my roommate; who jumped right up off the couch and said “i’ll be back in a minute; i’m going to get dinner for us.” And he’s paying. Winner winner chicken dinner.

5:09-Rob, I’m certainly not unhappy to be trailing by 2 at the break; but I would definitely be wary of which team comes out of the break firing. Duke can turn a 2 point lead into a 10 point lead in 120-150 seconds; and the Terps CAN’T let them go on that kind of run. If this is still a one possession game at the 15 minute mark; that’s a win for the Terps, who will feel a little more like “we’re supposed to be here” the rest of the way.

Halftime stats:

Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with 9 points and a game high 3 assists. Adrian Bowie had 8 points; Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne contributed 5 apiece. 4 points for Sean Mosley, 2 for Dave Neal with a team high 3 rebounds. The Terps out-rebounded the Devils 12-11; adding 5 assists and 1 block. The Terps shot 11-27 from the field (40.7%), 3-6 from beyond the arc (50%), and 5-5 from the free throw line (100%).

Kyle Singer lead the Devils with 12 points and 6 boards; also tying for a team high with 2 assists (Gerald Henderson). Jon Scheyer added 6 points, Nolan Smith 5. The Devils collected 6 assists and 1 block. They shot 10-27 from the field (37%), 6-12 from beyond the arc (50%), and 6-6 from the free throw line (100%).

4:59-Mosley makes both, 32-30 Duke. His free throw shooting is vastly improved. Devils can hold fo the last shot; which Henderson leaves off the front iron. 32-30 Duke at the break; I’ll be back shortly.

4:58-Foul away from the ball on Greg Paulus; that’s their 7th team foul, and Mosley will go to the line for 1 and 1 with 21.4 seconds to play.

4:55-More good ball movement by Duke; but Scheyer misses the 3. Singler called for the foul away from the ball. That’s the first personal on Singler. Hayes turns the ball over; and Henderson lays it in. Under a minute to play in the half, Devils 29-28. Vasquez travels with a wide open path to the basket; Mike Gminski isn’t sure that was a good call. 52 seconds to play, Duke ball. Scheyer DRILLS a long 3; putting the Devils up 32-28 and getting them an extra possession before the end of the half. Gary Williams takes a timeout; as these last 42 seconds can be HUGE.

4:53-Hayes toe was apparently “this far” behind the line; so it’s a 3. Paulus EXPLODES to the hoop but can’t finish. Singler put it back, but was waved off for basket interference. Dave Neal called for the illegal screen; 6th team foul on Maryland, 1st personal on Neal.

4:51-Sean Mosley pulls up for the airball; but Milbourne gets his first field goal the next time down with a mid-range jumper. Paulus drills a 3 after Singler finally missed one; but the Devils have made 3 of their last 4 from outside. Hayes with the great ball fake and a 3 of his own; 28-27 Terps with 2:13 to play in the half. They’ll look at that again to see if Hayes’ foot might have been on the line.

4:49-Rich, I don’t know about you; but Duke’s ability to shoot lights out over long stretches REALLY concerns me. I just get a bad feeling that at some point (maybe right now); they’ll can about 5 or 6 mid-to-outside shots in a row; leaving the Terps flat-footed. Building momentum will not be easy for a Maryland team that doesn’t shoot well; as the atmosphere in the Georgia Dome is nothing like the typical atmosphere in College Park.

4:48-This could be that stretch. Singler buries another 3; he has 12 and the Devils go up 24-23. We’ll hit the last official timeout of the first half. 3:37 to play before the break, Devils by 1.

4:46-Vasquez with the bucket to tie things at 18, but he rushes the jumper next time down. Bowie drives and is fouled; making the PLUS ONE attempt to give him 8. Singler ties things at 21 with a 3; then Neal hits a floater after hitting Smith hard again on a screen and the Terps go up 23-21. Timeout on the floor with Smith banged up a bit.

4:41-The Terps have stayed focused defensively; which has kept Duke from jumping out to a big lead here before the half. They need to take advantage of that on the offensive end; as at some point, Duke will almost certainly go on a 5 minute pace where they make EVERYTHING.

4:38-Vasquez pulls up for the VERY deep 3 and cans it. 7 for the junior from Venezuela. 18-16 Devils. Dave Neal turns the ball over the next time down. We’ll hit the 3rd official timeout of the half with the Devils up by 2 following a Scheyer turnover. 7:06 to play in the first 20 minutes.

4:37-Vasquez goes toward the hoop; he’s fouled by Lance Thomas. Terps have to keep doing that exact same thing. They’ve gone cold from the field; and could use some extra trips to the line. It worked last night.

4:36-Nothing surprising about a 6-0 advantage for Duke in 2nd chance points. Vasquez goes to the bench for a breather; but checks right back in. Terps can’t afford to let Duke extend this past a 2 possession advantage here.

4:34-Hayes does the right thing by driving there; and is called for a late offensive foul; his first personal. I don’t know how the call could have been after the shot; as the shot appeared to come after contact.

Nolan Smith finds himself open from the corner, and he cans the 3. 18-13 Duke. Hayes is too strong on the 3 when he gets the look on the other end.

4:32-The Terps started the game well, attacking the basket. They can’t afford to go away from that; and it can’t just be Greivis. Bowie needs to continue moving towards the hoop; trying to get fouls even he is met with the type of defense that doesn’t let him finish. And if the Devils are going to meet Eric Hayes at the 3 point line; he needs to slash before he even sets.

4:29-Hayes loses control, gets it back; then turns the ball over again. Paulus called for traveling as he slips. Terps can’t afford to be tentative offensively, they need to attack the basket. Hayes pulls up for 2; 13-12 Terps. Great ball fake by Scheyer gets Vasquez off his feet; he drills the 3; 15-13 Devils. Vasquez turns the next one over; and we’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with 11:04 to play in the half, Duke by 2.

4:28-Rich, he might be more confident; but it hasn’t paid off yet. Bowie with a good looking 3 ball that won’t fall; then he can’t finish at the rim after the Terps held on to the ball. Greg Paulus into the game for Duke; and Singler is fouled underneath. If the Terps let the Blue Devils get offensive rebounds; the Devils will make them pay. First personal on Vasquez, Singler makes both. Duke with their first lead at 12-11.

4:27-Singler with the drive; he’s fouled by an entering Gregory. That’s the first on the sophomore. Braxton Dupree into the game early for the Terps. Singler makes both, 11-10 Terps. David McClure checks in for the Devils.

4:25-Terps to the press; Devils pass through it and Smith hits an open jumper. Vasquez with the runner on the other end; then Zoubek flattens Vasquez on the illegal screen. 11-8 Terps; 1st personal on Zoubek, who killed the Terps at Cameron; then was inexplicably left on the bench for much of the game at Comcast Center.

4:23-Henderson nails the pull-up jumper; then Kyle Singer gets a putback hoop off a Maryland turnover. 7-6 Devils; and their half-court defense is taking away Maryland’s driving lanes. Duke with a couple ugly looking/partially blocked shots; and Sean Mosley is fouled in transition. Nolan Smith in the game; probably still thinking about that screen Dave Neal leveled him with. Mosley makes both; 9-6 Terps.

4:20-Ohio State appears to have punched their ticket to the NCAA Tournament for sure; they beat Michigan State to advance to the Big Ten Championship Game. LSU falls to Mississippi State; the Bulldogs will play for an automatic berth tomorrow and might be getting off the bubble themselves.

4:19-Vasquez with the spin move; he’s called for a travel. We’ll hit our first official timeout with the Terps ahead 7-2. Nice first few minutes, but they have to get more in sync with their halfcourt offense.

4:18-With the shot clock winding down; Vasquez goes from side to side for the penetration and his first hoop. Great screen by Neal. Bowie’s next drive is blocked; but Rich you are absolutely right about what that could do for his confidence. Neal misses a long 2; Terps get the ball on the alternating possession. Eric Hayes in. 7-2 Terps.

4:16-Lance Thomas fouled by Landon Milbourne underneath; he’ll shoot two. Thomas makes both; 5-2 Terps. Devils to the press, Vasquez dribbles out of it in dangerous territory.

4:14-Greivis is content to let Elliot Williams take shots, but doesn’t want him using his athleticism to get to the basket. Two inside misses for Maryland before losing the ball on the alternating possession. I’m not going to have to start counting inside misses again, am I? Devils cold from outside to start; that’s a good sign. On the other end; Bowie drills a 3 (No Really! It was a good looking arc and everything). He has the first 5 points of the game, and Coach K needs a timeout.

4:12-Terps win the tip; Mosley with the bad miss to start. He improved as the game wore on last night; but can’t afford to miss chippies. Bowie in transition for the first bucket of the game; 2-0. Terps could really use a nice slashing game from Bowie.

4:10-Rich and I were debating blocking Drew from the live blogs. Of course, it might end up just being the two of us if we did. You’ll stay for now Drew.

Carolina ran out of miracles without Ty Lawson, falling to Florida State in the final minute. Terps lost their only contest with the Seminoles this season, an overtime loss in Tallahassee back in January.

Terps stick with Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, Sean Mosley
Duke goes with Kyle Singler, Lance Thomas, Gerald Henderson, Elliot Williams, Jon Scheyer to start

4:08-Drew Forrester poking his head in to offer up the early kiss of death this time. Thanks for that, Drew. I didn’t make a pick on this game; but if I had, I would almost certainly pick the Devils. As someone who had the pleasure of driving to Durham to see the Terps get pasted by 41 at Cameron Indoor; it isn’t the most comfortable of feelings. Need I remind everyone that Maryland has lost 4 straight to Coach K’s boys……ugh.

Pre-game: Okay, no internet issues at the Glenn Clark compund; and WNST.net has been pretty good today; with a lovely site upgrade on the back end (a gift to us, but not to you.) That being said; we shouldn’t have the issues today that we’ve had getting underway for the first two rounds (please knock on wood.) The 7th seeded Terps enter today’s ACC Tournament semi-final with a 20-12 record following a 7-9 regular season. They knocked off 10th seeded NC State and 2nd seeded Wake Forest to reach the quarters. The 3rd seeded Duke Blue Devils enter the game with a 26-6 record following an 11-5 ACC regular season. They held on to beat 6th seeded Boston College last night to reach today’s semifinal. Many prognosticators believe the Terps clinched an at-large berth with their win over the Demon Deacons last night; but many others think they’re still sitting on the bubble. With a win today, the Terps would advance to tomorrow’s ACC Championship; where they’d face Florida State for an automatic berth to the NCAA Tournament. Today’s game is again at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta; Maryland has won 4 straight games they’ve played at the venue. The last team to beat them at the home of the Atlanta Falcons? You guessed it, Duke. They fell in the semifinals of the 2001 ACC Tournament to the Blue Devils before reaching their first Final Four in school history that season.

Today’s game can be seen locally in ACC markets via Raycom Sports (WNUV 54 in Baltimore…..Channel 14 on Comcast Baltimore County.) Steve Martin and Mike Gminski will again handle the Play-by-Play of today’s game for Raycom, Scott Pryzwanski will patrol the sidelines. The rest of the country can see today’s game on ESPN; Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale have the call with Heather Cox on the sidelines.

The Terps will be playing their 3rd game in as many days for the first time all season (they played 3 games in 4 days at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando over Thanksgiving weekend). The Devils will be playing on back to back nights for the 3rd time this season (they did it twice at the beginning of the season during the 2kSports Classic).

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Terps Hold On, Beat Wake 75-64 to Get Back on Cusp of NCAA Tournament

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

With his back against the wall; Gary Williams did it again.

With his early defensive schemes, solid timeouts, and good substitutions throughout; the greatest head coach in Maryland basketball history guided his Maryland Terrapins to an ACC quarterfinal win over a Wake Forest team with a serious size advantage. The Demon Deacons helped out a bit by shooting under 30%; but credit Maryland’s defense for that.

The 75-64 win might not make Maryland a lock; but they certainly have to be just about IN the NCAA Tournament at this point.

The story has to again be about the head coach. The head coach that defiantly walked into a post-game press conference after a tough loss to Duke two weeks ago and exclaimed “This is a DAMN good basketball team”; and continued to stand behind them even after a home loss to Wake a week later.

The coach is clearly in love with his group of players (some might consider them more qualified to play at the DII level than the ACC); and that love affair has finally paid off this weekend in Atlanta. He’s stuck by them, and has admitted that the team has “had (his) back” throughout the season, and they continue to perform beyond their perceived limitations.

Credit Greivis Vasquez. Credit Eric Hayes. Credit Sean Mosley. Credit Landon Milbourne. Credit Cliff Tucker. Credit lone senior Dave Neal. Credit Adrian Bowie. Credit Dino Gregory.

But more than anything, credit Gary Williams; who has never stopped working in what might well have been his most trying season since returning to his alma mater. This one will certainly make Maryland fans around the globe proud.

The best thing about Friday night’s win is the reminder that they could still have more to accomplish just this weekend alone. The Terps will be back in action around 3:30 Saturday with the chance to play for the ACC Championship on the line.

But they’ll enjoy this one for a few minutes first.



Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 22 points, adding 8 rebounds and a game high 7 assists. Sean Mosley chipped in 12 points and 6 rebounds, Eric Hayes 11 points. 10 points and 6 boards for Dave Neal; 8 points and a team high 11 rebounds for Landon Milbourne. 6 points and 6 boards off the bench for Dino Gregory as well. The Terps out-rebounded the Deacons 43-34 (STUNNING!); adding 13 assists and 4 blocks. They shot 24-55 from the field (43.6%), 6-16 from beyond the arc (37.5%), and 21-26 from the free throw line (80.8%).

James Johnson lead the Deacs with 20 points and a game high 12 rebounds. Jeff Teague added 11 points (all in the 2nd half) with 6 boards. 9 points for Ish Smith, 8 for Al-Farouq Aminu to go with 7 rebounds. L.D. Williams added 7 points, Harvey Hale 5. The Deacs picked up 7 assists and 4 blocks. They shot 22-74 from the field (29.7%), 3-25 from beyond the arc (12%), and 17-24 from the free throw line (70.8%).


9:16-Gary Williams told his team after the Virginia loss that they needed to get two wins this weekend. But in his post-game interview; he sounded like a coach that still has goals in Atlanta; and isn’t taking anything for granted.

9:13-This one might not make the Terps a “lock” for the NCAA Tournament; but I can’t see how you leave a 20 win team from the ACC with wins over 3 Top 10 teams during the season out. What a win for the Terps; who will get a chance to make it academic tomorrow night against the Boston College/Duke winner.

9:11-Teague makes 2 of 3; he has 11, all in the 2nd half. I imagine this will about do it for tonight; the biggest win of the year again tonight for Gary Williams’ Terps. 75-64; and the Terps are RIGHT BACK on the cusp of the NCAA Tournament; advancing to the ACC Tournament semifinals for the first time since 2004.

9:09-Mosley makes 1 of 2; 12 for him tonight. He then fouls Teague shooting a 3; and Teague will shoot 3 with 25.3 to play.

9:08-Boy has Sean Mosley ever manned up tongith. He hits both, Wake finally fouls with 38.5 seconds to play. Dave Neal is clearly excited. 74-62 Terps; and FINALLY I can say this one will go to the Maryland column…..

9:07-Smith fouls Mosley; not the guy Maryland wants on the line. 1:08 to play. Chris Bonetti is NOT a funny comedian.

9:05-Hayes makes both, he has 11. James Johnson with a putback hoop, he has 20. Terps by 10 again as Wake calls their final timeout. Still more than a minute to play (1:20) to be exact; and I imagine Wake will keep fouling. Terps just have to keep making the freebies.

9:03-Mike Gminski thinks a win over the Deacs should get the Terps in. I find it hard to argue with that; but they have to finish first. James Johnson called for his 4th-a blocking call that sends Hayes to the line. Terps by 10 with 1:25 to play.

9:02-Hayes to Mosley, who finishes this time. Teague with a hoop inside with 1:26 to play; 70-60 Terps. Deacs almost have to foul now.

9:01-Mosley can’t finish inside; but Harvey Hale is called for his 5th personal; and the 7th team foul on the Deacs. Dave Neal to the line for 1 and 1…..he hits one of 2. Ten for the senior; Terps by 10. Johnson misses a 3; Terps ball with 2 minutes to go…..

9:00-Hale called for his 4th personal as the Terps try the long ball inbounds. 2:56 to play; Terps with a new 35 second clock.

8:59-If Dave Neal is trying to avenge his Senior Night loss; that 3 was a HUGE way to try to do it. Greivis with 2 unnecessary 3 ball attempts right afterwards though; which doesn’t help. The Terps can hold the ball on this possession for a little while; taking things toward the 2 minute mark. Time is their friend here; as is their free throw shooting.

8:57-James Johnson dunks back a miss; he has 18. Terps by 9; and Vasquez throws up a totally unnecessary 3. Terps keep the ball on the alternating possession; and they’ll maintain the 9 point lead with under 3 to play at the final official timeout of regulation. How’s your heartrate, Maryland fans?

8:56-Vasquez back in; he finds Neal who FINALLY hits a 3. 67-56 Terps, and they get the stop on the other end. Under 4 minutes…..

8:54-Aminu makes 1 of 2; but James Johnson gets the offensive board. Under 5 minutes to play. Ish Smith with the HUGE 3; and the Maryland lead is down to 8 at 64-56. Terps call timeout with 4:37 to play; and Gary will have to think about offense-for-defense switches with Vasquez. Mike Gminski reminds us of Maryland’s collapse in Miami; one of many blown double-digit leads this season…..

8:53-Terps take some time off the clock before Hayes explodes and misses. Gregory with the big rebound; but he misses as well. Neal called for the blocking foul-his 4th personal and the 7th team foul. Deacs in the bonus as the senior goes to the bench. Aminu to the line for 1 and 1.

8:52-Offensive foul goes against Dupree. That’s the 6th team foul. Hayes checks back in; he will have to take the ball to the rack offensively. Under 6 minutes to play. Aminue misses a 3; and Neal with the board.

8:50-Gary will HAVE to find a way to steal minutes from Greivis is the Deacs cut the lead to 7 or under. Big rebound by Milbourne after a missed dunk by Williams.

8:47-Nice possession by the Terps out of the timeout; and Vasquez gets to the rim after a ball fake. Wake gets a bucket from Johnson after a sloppy possession. Hayes with his first field goal; a 3 ball from the back corner. Johnson throws home a dunk on the other end; then Vasquez called for the offensive foul-a crucial call as it is his 4th personal. 6:56 to play-we hit the 3rd official timeout of the 2nd half. 66-54 Terps and this will be a critical point in this game.

8:45-UGLY basketball right now. Clark with the worst shot attempt I have EVER seen; but Tucker’s layup attempt in transition off the loose ball is blocked; and Wake converts on the other end; cutting Maryland’s lead to 59-48. 8:16 to play; Gary Williams calls timeout desperately trying to settle his team down. You just can’t help but get the feeling that this one could still end up being a one possession game.

8:44-Johnson slips inside and is blocked by Milbourne. Hayes tries to move the ball ahead to Tucker; but it goes out of bounds. SETTLE DOWN ALREADY!!!!

8:43-Vasquez with the 3; he has 20. James Johnson with a deuce, he has 10. Chris Bonetti with the knee-slapper, that counts for something. Drew doesn’t care about us apparently. Vasquez called for traveling after he and Teague fall down. 59-46 Terps with things really moving up and down quickly.

8:41-Completely unnecessary 3 point attempt by Vasquez, but Neal is there for the follow. Teague drives and is fouled by Vasquez, he’ll shoot 2. Terps can’t let this game be so open flowing and 1 on 1. Teague makes 1 of 2; he has 5 now. 56-44 Terps.

8:40-Teague makes both, then the Deacs get a steal and Ish Smith goes to the hoop for 2. Terps’ lead is down to 11; Teague had a shot to make it 8. Terps REALLY need to settle down.

8:36-Bowie with his 2nd drive finds himself right in front of the rim for 2. 54-39 Maryland. Teague drives again and is fouled. Terps cannot allow him to get going. We’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with the Terps up by 15.

8:33-Vasquez makes both, he has 17. 52-37 Terps. Terps called for an illegal screen-third personal on Milbourne-after Harvey Hale misses a 3. Terps will probably try to take some time off the clock. Wake with the steal; Terps get it back; no shot clock re-set and Vasquez’s desperation heave won’t go. Why no shot clock re-set there? That looked like possession to me. Teague finally gets on the board with a drive this time down. 52-39 Terps and Tucker calls timeout in trouble. 11:58 to play; Terps must remain focused.

8:32-Vasquez drives and is fouled by Harvey Hale. After the re-set, Vasquez is fouled in the lane; he’ll shoot two. What a difference ten days makes in getting free throw attempts.

8:30-Milbourne with the spin and the jumper; he has 8. Ish Smith answers with a floater; 50-35 Maryland. The Terps can’t get lazy on defense with the double-digit advantage. They can’t get lazy offensively either. Terps turn the ball over; James Johnson with the putback. Aminu with his 3rd personal foul meeting Eric Hayes. 50-37 Terps.

8:29-I will admit; I really enjoy the “Forever Young” Pepsi commercial Raycom has been running during this Tournament. Also; if for some reason you are reading this and don’t have the ability to watch tonight’s game on TV; the game is being streamed on RaycomSports.com. It’s a pretty clear picture only a few seconds behind the actual TV broadcast. I was very pleased watching GT/FSU earlier while my roommate and I played Tiger Woods Golf on Wii-the only gold I’m any good at.

8:27-Out of another Dino Gaudio timeout; Wake is called for a shot clock violation. They certainly wanted something more out of a timeout. 15:23 to play in the game; Terps by 15 at our first official timeout.

8:25-Johnson drives and scores, Mosley does the same the other way; then Vasquez adds a 3. 15 for Vasquez, and Mosley adds another 3. Maryland leads 48-33; their biggest lead of the game. Mosley has 7.

Drew-the winner of this game plays the winner of Duke/BC at 3:30 tomorrow. You will not get me to say anything more.

8:23-I can’t imagine the Deacs are going to continue to struggle so badly from the field. Maryland MUST continue to take advantage of the Deacs’ struggles before they start hitting shots. Maryland has played well defensively; but Wake has just continued to miss looks.

8:19-Aminu and Dave Neal get personals to open the 2nd half; Aminu’s 2nd, Neal’s 3rd-forcing the Terps’ lone senior to the bench. Terps get 3 tries around the rim and miss all 3! McFarland misses inside the other way; and Bowie finishes a layup in transition. Teague with his 7th miss; and Mosley drives for 2 of his own. 40-31 Maryland and Dino Gaudio takes his full timeout.

8:19-Rich gets points for the copycat distress call. Who’s desperation message was that?

8:12-Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 12 points, 4 rebounds, and game high 3 assists in the first half. Eric Hayes, Dino Gregory, and Landon Milbourne all chipped in 6; Milbourne adding a game high 5 rebounds. The Terps out-rebounded the Deacs 19-17; adding 6 assists and 2 blocks. They shot 11-29 from the field (37.9%), 1 of 8 from beyond the arc (12.5%), and 13-16 from the free throw line (81.3%).

Al-Farouq Aminu and L.D. Williams each had 7 points in the first half to lead the Demon Deacons. Aminu and Jeff Teague tied for the team high with 4 boards each; but Teague was held scoreless. No Deac had more than 2 assists (Teague, Gary Clark). James Johnson added 6 points, Harvey Hale 5. The Deacs had 5 assists and 3 blocks in the half. They shot 9-35 from the field (25.7%), 2-10 from beyond the arc (20%), and 11-15 from the free throw line (73.3%).

8:11-Nothing like the “Drew Forrester Kiss of Death” to make you worry about a game. Has there been a game this season where you haven’t said “Maryland’s gonna win” or “this one is over”?

8:04-Final from Winston-Salem. Morgan State 75, Coppin State 67. The Bears will face the South Carolina State-Norfolk State winner for the MEAC Championship at noon tomorrow; unfortunately the game is on ESPNU.

8:00-McFarland makes both; and Gary Clark’s desperation heave at the buzzer goes; but it won’t count. 36-31 Maryland at intermission; we’ll get some Mike Hogwood and presumably more David Cook at the break; I’ll be back shortly.

7:58-Vasquez drives, he’s fouled by L.D. Williams with 6.9 seconds to play. Terps will have at least 16 free throw attempt in the first half of this one. Any thoughts in Jamie Lucky’s officiating performance in the first Wake game? Vasquez makes both; he has 12. Wake has plenty of time and runs a nice play; McFarland fouled underneath with 1.5 seconds to play.

7:57-Adrian Bowie finally on the board making one of two; and Maryland leads 34-29 with uner a minute to play. Bout an 8 second difference betweek shot clock and game clock. Teague misses, and Maryland gets it back with 24.5 to play. They’ll hold for the final shot up 5.

7:56-McFarland “Mosley”s one at the rim; the outlet home run ball goes out of bounds off Bowie. Things have been a bit sloppy as we work towards the half; but Maryland has played well defensively to maintain the advantage. McFarland called for tripping Bowie as the Terps looked to get into transition.

7:54-McFarland makes 1 of 2 at the line; and Maryland’s lead is 30-27. Braxton Dupree into the game; he sets a nice screen on Williams. Vasquez finds himself wide open from the wing; and he knocks down Maryland’s first 3 of the game. On the other end; L.D. Williams takes the feed in the lane and jams it home. 33-29 Maryland. 10 for Vasquez.

7:53-Pretty looking hook from Gregory; he has 6 so far and the Terps lead 30-26. Dino Gregory has been playing like a basketball player thus far in the ACC Tournament. L.D. Williams misses the 3; but Landon Milbourne is called for the foul going for the rebound. Chas McFarland back to the free throw line, where he’s struggled.

7:52-Hayes makes both, and the Terps go ahead 28-26. Another drive by Ish Smith; he’s called for the offensive foul this time. 2nd personal on Smith. 6 points for Hayes so far, all from the free throw line.

7:51-Scott Pryzwanski tells us that the Wake players want to go into the locker room “With the win.” Speaking of which, has anyone ever heard of Scott Pryzwanski?

7:49-The Dave Trembley MASN commercial just doesn’t do it for me. I’d make a joke about

7:48-Nice ball fake by Teague gets him an open look at a jumper; but he can’t find the handle. Aminu is called for the foul fighting for the board; and we’ll hit the last official timeout of the half with 3:47 to play tied up at 26.

7:47-Here we go again with site updates. Greivis drives, can’t finish; but David Weaver is called for the blocking foul. Vasquez makes just 1 of 2 at the line; he has 7 and we’re tied again at 26 apiece.

7:42-Wake can get Maryland out of the zone if they keep hitting shots; and L.D. Williams cuts Maryland’s lead to 23-22 with that one. Dave Neal continues his cold pace from outside early (0-4); and Milbourne is called for the 7th team foul after a Mosley putback miss. Hale makes both free throws; and Wake leads 24-23. That’s 5 for Hale. Wake is coming to meet Hayes at the 3 point line; not wanting to give him the chance to shoot from outside. Ish Smith fouls him attempting a tough jumper. He’ll shoot two.

7:41-Vasquez makes both free throws; he has 6 and the Terps are up 21-19 and back into the zone. The Terps are content to let the Deacs take open looks from outside; and only Hale has managed to connect. Milbourne knocks down a long 2 the next time down; and Maryland’s lead is 23-19.

7:40-Maryland opened tonight’s game with a 14-5 run; Wake has answered with a 14-5 run of their own to tie things up. Weird how things like that work.

7:37-Harvey Hale into the game; he connects on the first 3 for either team to tie things up at 19 with under 7:30 to play. Vasquez drives and is tripped; 7th team foul on Wake. We’re tied at the 3rd official timeout of the half.

7:35-Aminu connects, he has 5 early on. Vasquez drives and finishes; and Maryland leads 19-16. Drew; you think Greivis is thinking to himself; “I guess I’ll just have to do this on my own again”?

Aminu drives, he’s called for the offensive foul on Dave Neal. That one was questionable.

7:34-So much for the Terps adjusting to sightlines; as Vasquez with another BAD miss from outside. On the other end; Aminu scores and is fouled. Gary needs a 30 second timeout with the Terps now only up by 2 and a PLUS ONE attempt coming for Aminu.

7:32-Hayes makes both; Terps by 6 again. Wake goes to the home run ball to break the press; and Aminu takes it right to the hoop for 2. 17-13 Maryland. Hayes drives and turns it over; Teague does the same the other way.

7:31-Wake finally finds an effective play against Maryland’s zone; as L.D. Williams throws home an alley-oop. 15-11 Terps. Eric Hayes draws the foul driving the next time down; he’ll shoot two.

7:28-Both teams continue to struggle with outside shooting; including Dave Neal’s 3rd miss. But James Johnson REALLY helps the Terps, picking up his 3rd personal with 10:48 still to play in the half.

7:26-The Terps need to get someone going from outside; or you can be sure that the Deacs will go to a zone to try to win this one. Maryland doesn’t need to settle for jump shots; but needs to continue their successful drive and kick offense.

7:25-James Johnson into the lane; and he’s fouled. Johnson makes both; and Maryland’s lead is down to 15-9. Dave Neal leaves a 3 point attempt short; and we’ll hit the 2nd official timeout with the Terps up by 6.

7:23-What a drive by Ish Smith to end a 12-1 run by the Terps; and get the Deacs their first FG in what Steve Martin says has been almost 8 minutes. Cliff Tucker into the game; he’s fouled by an entering Gary Clark. Tucker makes 1 of 2; 15-7 Terps. Tucker blocks Smith on his next drive.

7:21-Ish Smith’s floater won’t fall, but Vasquez goes coast to coast and finishes for 2 the other way. Terps get the ball back after a Mosley rebound, and Gregory puts back a Milbourne miss. Deacs get two chances after a rebound by Aminu, but can’t finish. Mosley called for his 2nd fighting for a board next time down.

7:20-Deacs turn it over again; as WNST.net continues to struggle with upgrades. Vasquez is blocked by Al-Farouq Aminu on that drive; and Vasquez will not have an easy time trying to drive the lane tonight.

7:19-Sean Mosley picks up his first personal on McFarland; sending Wake’s big man to the line to shoot two. McFarland makes just one; and the Terps’ lead is 8-5. Milbourne knocks down an outside 2; and it’s 10-5 with 15 to play in the half. Eric Hayes into the game.

7:17-While fatigue might give Wake an advantage since Maryland had to play last night; familiarity of the Dome could help Maryland early. The Deacs have struggled shooting early on; as the dynamics of shooting in a non-symmetrical dome are not easy to adjust to for a team that is used to shooting in symmetrical gyms. The Terps were able to adjust to the sightlines last night; and should be able to take advantage.

7:15-Terps use Dino Gregory early to try to neutralize Wake’s size-or at least as much as Dino Gregory can neautralize anyone’s size. He gets a putback to put the Terps ahead 8-4. After a turnover we hear Gary scream “Greivis, run another play! Don’t let them do that!” We’ll hit the first official timeout with the Terps up 8-4.

7:13-Big steal by Adrian Bowie after a turnover; and Dave Neal finishes. Lots of praise for Dave Neal; as Mike Gminski says “I don’t think there’s anyone in the ACC who gets more from his abilities than Neal.” He can’t can his first 3 point attempt; but James Johnson gets his 2nd personal, and the Terps have a 6-4 advantage. Good evening Rich from Westminster.

7:11-And we’re back. Drew Forrester in the house. Two buckets from James Johnson, buckets from Landon Milbourne and Dave Neal on the other side. Chas McFarland to the line; he misses both but Wake gets it back. Tied at 4 early on, a block by Dave Neal. Deacons aren’t wasting time trying to go inside; nor should they.

Pre-game: Internet works fine tonight here at the Glenn Clark compound; so I’ll be starting on time. The Terps put their NCAA Tournament life on the line one more time tonight; in the ACC Tournament quarterfinals at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. The Terps battle the Wake Forest Demon Deacons-the Tournament’s #2 seed. The 7th seeded Terps have a 19-12 record after a 7-9 ACC regular season; the Deacons bring a 24-5 record into the game; including an 11-5 ACC regular season record and a nailbiter of a 65-63 victory over Maryland just 10 days ago in College Park.

Tonight’s game will be seen locally on WNUV 54 (Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County) via Raycom Sports with Steve Martin and Mike Gminski on the call. If you’re outside of the ACC broadcast area; the game will be on ESPN2; with Mike Patrick and Len Elmore on the call; Heather Cox on the sidelines.

The winner of tonight’s game advances to face the winner of tonight’s Duke/Boston College showdown in tomorrow’s 2nd ACC semifinal. The first ACC semifinal will be a showdown between top seed North Carolina and 4th seeded Florida State; who survived close games today against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech respectively.

The last time the Terps and Deacs met in the ACC Tournament was in 2004; when the Terps beat the Deacs 85-84 in the quarterfinals en route to Gary Williams’ only ACC Tournament Championship.

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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 04 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

Matt Birk would be a very nice addition for the Ravens. I would like it better if he could catch the ball; but you deal with those things. Check out my recap of last night’s game; I’m already late getting this posted.

Let’s see what everyone has to say….

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The Official Site says Neal scored 19 on Senior Night, but Terps fell to Wake

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Official Site says Gary thinks Terps have ‘been there’ against good teams recently

The Official Site says Terps blew 32-25 halftime lead in loss

Wake Forest Official Site says Aminu tallied 16 points, 14 boards as Deacs topped Terps

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Demon Deacons had 19 offensive boards, 20 2nd chance points

The Sun’s Rick Maese says Terps have ‘no room for error’ now on bubble

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says despite almost identical record, Gary thinks Terps ‘different’ team than last year

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Gaudio thought James Johnson’s block in final minute crucial to victory

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Deacs had 17 free throw attempts to Maryland’s 2

Examiner Dylan Waugh says Vasquez scored 16 with 7-24 shooting in loss

Examiner Steve DeClue says Vasquez, Hayes missed big shots late in loss

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says 11-0 run by Wake in final minutes did Terps in

The AP says Deacs finished Terps with 6-0 run in final minute

The Diamondback’s Mark Selig says Terps failed in opportunity to put ‘emphatic stamp on Tournament resume’ with loss

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Deacs finished with 50-32 rebounding advantage over Terps

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Neal’s ‘gritty effort not enough’ in loss to Deacs

Washington Post’s Mike Wise says team he loves couldn’t give Gary 64th birthday present last night

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Wake’s zone gave Terps ‘headaches’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Wake finished with 10 blocks in win

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Burney back in protective boot

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says ‘flaws ultimately got better of’ Terps in loss

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says plenty of other bubble teams for Terps to watch tonight

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps will be 7, 8, or 9 seed in ACC Tournament

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps can survive Wake loss, but couldn’t survive loss to Virginia

DC Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Comcast Center wasn’t as amped for Wake as they were Carolina, Duke

Winston-Salem Journal says Deacs improve to 23-5 (10-5) with win over Terps

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says life ‘difficult’ again for Gary, Terps

Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman says Terps need to beat Cavs, ‘make some noise’ in ACC Tournament

Terrapin Times’ Mike Ashley says size hurt Terps in loss to Deacons (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Charlottesville prospect Mychal Parker has skills Terps ‘looking for’ in ’10 (must subscribe)

Terp Center’s Seth Hoffman says Terps failed in opportunity to ‘seal’ NCAA Tournament berth

Turtle Sports Report’s Maddie McConnell says Terps blew 11 point first half lead in loss


The Official Site says Kizer named to All-ACC freshman team

The AP says Kizer averaged 11.7 points, 7.4 rebounds en route to ACC Freshman team nod

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Terps did not have player named to All-ACC defensive team


ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Ralph will face ‘moderate expectations’ in College Park next season

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps trying to find more talent from St. John’s to join Pete White (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh scouts NY QB prospect (must subscribe)


The Official Site says Alex Hopmann’s 4 goals not enough as Retrievers fall to Hopkins

The Official Site says Hopkins remains only D1 team UMBC has faced and never defeated


The Official Site says Michael Powers ‘dominated’ face-offs in win over UMBC

Inside Lacrosse’s Geoff Shannon says Jays won ground ball battle 38-20 in win over Dogs


The Official Site says Cooper MacDonnell tallied 3 points as Greyhounds beat Siena

The Sun says Greyhounds improve to 3-1 with win over Saints

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Hounds happy to have Koppens back


The Official Site says Tigers to hold pep rally before CAA Tournament opener Friday


The Official Site says Bozeman nominated for Hugh Durham award for mid-major coach of the year


The Official Site says Michael Harper named MEAC Rookie of the Week


The Official Site says Mids open Patriot League Tournament with Colgate tonight in Annapolis

The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says Mids trying to win first conference tournament game since ‘01

The Sun’s Kent Baker says Mids looking for 3rd win of season over Raiders

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Lange looking for first Patriot League Tournament win

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens thinks Mids ‘dark horse’ to win Patriot League Tournament


The Official Site says Joe Lennon tallies 3 points as Mids top Mount


The Official Site says former coach Wayne Hardin on Hall of Fame ballot


The Official Site says Goode named All-NEC first team

Carroll County Times’ Bob Blubaugh says Goode first Eer to be named first team All-NEC in 10 years


The Official Site says T.C. DiBartolo’s 14 saves not enough as Mids beat Eers


The Official Site says Machel Milwood, PJ Wakefield honored by NISL


-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Matt Duerr; a 2nd time winner of the award. Duerr scored 21 points and grabbed 10 rebounds as Century knocked off South Hagerstown in playoff action. He surpassed 1,000 points for his career.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Terps Fall Apart Late; Suffer Costly 65-63 Defeat to Wake on Senior Night

Posted on 03 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

This one could haunt the Terps.

They were supposed to be a different team. A team that had matured, a team that wouldn’t give away games anymore. They wanted to prove that they were a good team, not just a team that had beaten some good teams. They’ll instead finish the regular season with just one win over an ACC team that is considered a “lock” for the ACC Tournament (North Carolina); and two wins against “bubble” teams (Virginia Tech, Miami).

The Terps had their chances in this one for sure. They had a 6 point lead with about 7 minutes to play. They had an 11 point lead in the first half. They had a 7 point lead at the half. But they reverted to doing the types of things they have done way too much this season. They settled for jumpers instead of finishing shots. They missed a staggering TWENTY shots in or around the circle. They lost focus and intensity, they got selfish and tentative; and they allowed their opponent to absolutely take it to them in a 65-63 loss.

Wake Forest was obviously trying too, but this wasn’t supposed to happen this late in the season.

There’s still hope for this Maryland team. Many will argue that an 8-8 ACC team deserves to make the NCAA Tournament, and the Terps will have a chance to reach that plateau Saturday. Others will argue that if the Terps can use the ACC Tournament to get a 9th conference win; they should be in. And they’ll have a legitimate chance to do that as well.

But even if all of those things go the right way; they’ll be a bubble team. Short of a run to the ACC Tournament semi-finals; the Terps will find themselves sweating on Selection Sunday when they had a chance to feel much more confident.

They’ll need to regroup, and they’ll need to refocus. But more importantly, they’ll need to get wins. This one could be the type of emotional loss that they can’t get away from; much like other Maryland teams have suffered late in the season.

They could have held fate in the palm of their hands.



Jeff Teague lead the Deacons with 17 points in the win. Aminu Al-Farouq poured in 16 points and a game high 14 rebounds. Ish Smith added 11 points and a team high 4 assists. James Johnson chipped in 9 points and 8 boards. The Deacs out-rebounded the Terps 50-32, including a 19-11 edge in offensive rebounds. The Deacs had 9 assists to 16 turnovers; 10 blocks, and 6 steals. They shot 25-63 from the field (39.7%), 5-15 from beyond the arc (33.3%), and 10-17 from the free throw line (58.8%).

The Terps were lead by 19 points from Dave Neal (game high), along with a team high 6 rebounds. Greivis Vasquez added 16 points, a game high 7 assists, and 5 rebounds. Hayes, Bowie, and Mosley all contributed 6 points each. The Terps had 15 assists to 10 turnovers; along with 3 blocks and 8 steals. They shot 27-69 from the field (39.1%), 7-19 from outside (36.8%), and 2-2 from the free throw line (100%).


To call Gary Williams dejected in his post-game press conference might be an understatement. Gary said “I thought our guys did a very good job of getting ready” and continued defense of his team throughout; but not in the almost arrogant way that he did last Wednesday after the loss to Duke. Some other thoughts on the team:

-“You look at the last 3 games, they’ve been against good teams. We’ve been there.”
-“We had the chance to break it open” in the 2nd half
-“We were in a position to win that game.”
-“This is a different team” than last year’s team (who also found themselves on the bubble late)
-“These guys have had my back all year, I had their back going into this game.”

Gary made mentions of Wake Forest’s very effective zone defense, which he thought was “big” because they were both tall and agile. He added that the Terps “can’t duplicate it in practice”, meaning they weren’t really able to fully prepare for the defensive look. Gary said of the Terps’ 2nd half struggles: “We just couldn’t move as well as we did in the first half, and that hurt us against a team of that size and speed.” He also said of Wake’s size “we got inside a couple times and they blocked everything.” And considering Wake’s ability to pull down offensive rebounds; Gary said the Terps were “used to” having a team out-board them, and needed to “fight through” multiple chances, reminding the media that the team still must play defense on a 3rd offensive opportunity.

Gary did take a few minutes to speak highly of senior Dave Neal on his final home game; saying Neal “made some big shots for us”. He reminded the media that Neal “does what he can” and “uses whatever he has” every time he’s on the floor.


11:00-There is something to be said about the fact that the Terps had to play 2 games in 3 days; a very difficult task. But Clemson was faced with the same task two weeks ago; and instead dispatched Maryland easily; getting stronger in the 2nd half. This is how ACC basketball works. If you don’t want to sweat on Selection Sunday; you have to win games like this. Charlottesville is never an easy place to win; but the Terps will have to get that one. That’s their 4th home loss this season by the way; all of which have been decided in the final minutes.

10:56-Mosley fouls Teague again here; but this is academic. 5.6 seconds to play. Dave Neal re-enters to a nice ovation, but this game is over. Teague misses the first; and Neal hits another 3 at the buzzer. He’ll finish with a game high 19. 65-63 Wake is the final. Terps fall to 18-11 (7-8); Deacs improve to 23-5 (10-5). Terps will face ANOTHER must win Saturday at Virginia; and may still need to do some work after that.

10:54-Teague hits both, he has 17. Vasquez misses a 3, Bowie misses one inside. 20 MAB’s. Hayes FINALLY makes a 3 with 6.2 seconds left; and the Terps call timeout trailing 65-60. This one could very well haunt them.

10:53-Terps will need a miracle. Vasquez turns the ball over with the Terps trailing by 5; and the team is yelling at each other. Crowd heads to the exits, and Milbourne fouls Teague again.

10:52-Wake runs some clock but turns the ball over. Vasquez misses the layup in transition; but Neal gets the putback. James Johnson with the 2nd chance hoop on the other end. Neal goes to the hoop and is blocked. 19 MAB’s, and this one might be over as Vasquez fouls Teague with 35.5 to play.

10:50-Aminu goes to work on Neal, but can’t finish. He’s called for the foul after the Terps get the rebound. That’s the 6th team foul on Wake. Hayes gets ANOTHER open look from outside; and misses. He’s had his chances in the 2nd half.

10:48-Desperately trying to curl; Vasquez is fouled by Clark. That’s the 5th team foul on Wake. Hayes penetrates, but is stuffed by the rim. 17 MAB’s. In transition; Vasquez’s lazy layup doesn’t fall. 18 MAB’s. Smith with a basket; answered by Milbourne’s first field goal of the game. 59-56 Wake with 2:21 to play; they’ll take a timeout.

10:45 Wake maintains the 3 point advantage as we hit the final official timeout of regulation, 3:45 to play. Terps CANNOT let this possession end with nothing more than an outside shot. Teague’s dunk clearly rattled them; but they’ve had two timeouts now to settle down. This has been a game of runs; and they have to end Wake’s now my establishing something at the basket. We’ve been sitting at 16 MAB’s for some time now; but that’s deceiving because the Terps really haven’t even tried anything underneath.

10:43-Ish Smith with the BIG 3 ball, and Wake reclaims the lead. Vasquez penetrates and pitches to Hayes, who misses another 3. On the other end, Teague takes the ball RIGHT to the goal for a thunderous jam; and Wake goes ahead 57-54. 9-0 run for the Deacs. Gary takes his 4th timeout with 4:01 to play. Terps HAVE to get inside somehow.

10:41-Wake continues to be effective with the zone, as Hayes misses a 3 here. Maryland can’t JUST rely on shooting against the Wake defense; they HAVE to TRY to penetrate; with kicking still being an option. Vasquez called for his first foul here on a call the crowd doesn’t like. 6th team foul.

10:39-Wake back to the zone with two men up top. Vasquez misses the 3. Deacs miss 2 shots from outside, but get two big boards before Aminu is fouled by Gregory. He exits for Milbourne. Aminu gets one of two; he has 16. Neal misses a shot from the corner, and Teague drills a 3. He has 11. Terps call timeout before Wake can get it any closer; but they’ve cut Maryland’s lead to 54-52.

10:37-Dave Neal must not want to ever buy a drink at Cornerstone again. If this continues tonight, his folk hero status will shoot through the roof. But the Terps have to maintain their defensive intensity and can’t waste possessions. Hopefully Neal’s shooting will open more paths to the basket for the Terps’ slashers. This one is FAR from over.

10:35-A shot clock violation by Wake; and we’ll hit the 3rd official timeout of the half. Chants of “Dave Neal” from the crowd. 54-48 Terps with 7:07 to play. They can really start to try to ice this one now.

10:31-The play where Vasquez was blocked was the 16th MAB. Johnson makes 1 of 2; and Neal drills his 3rd 3 on the other end. He has 11. Aminu with the big offensive board on a miss by Teague, 49-48. Vasquez drives and kicks to Neal for ANOTHER 3. WHAT A RUN FOR THE SENIOR! 14 points for Neal! Wake with another miss, and Gregory puts the ball home off an outlet pass. 54-48 Terps, timeout Wake. DAVE NEAL THE HERO!

10:30-The Terps will need Dave Neal’s shot the rest of the way. He takes the feed from Tucker and drills the shot from the corner, he has 8. Tucker then with the big steal and jam for his first points. Comcast comes alive again; as the Terps re-take the lead at 46-45. Deacs eventually get the ball to James Johnson inside; he’s fouled by Dave Neal from behind on a block attempt. 3rd foul on the senior.

10:26-Johnson can’t finish the 3 point play; and the Terps nearly throw the ball away. They get it back, but Milbourne misses another jumper. On the other end; Teague frives and gets the hoop; is called for a foul after the basket. His 2nd personal. Greivis drives and is blocked; Wake can’t corral an offensive rebound. 45-41 Wake right now; and the Terps can’t let them move this towards double digits.

10:24-The atmosphere picks up here at Comcast Center; but the defensive intensity fails before the official timeout. James Johnson with the ball fake and drive; he has 6 and will get a PLUS ONE attempt after the official timeout. Foul on Hayes after his slide wa too late. 43-41 Deacs for the moment, 11:44 to play. Terps absolutely need to start using the quick hands again to force turnovers.

10:22-The Deacs again work the clock against Maryland’s zone; and Ish Smith can’t hit the 3. Bowie with the quick basket the next time down; and Dino Gaudio calls his 2nd timeout. We’re tied again at 41 with 12 minutes to play.

10:20-Teague is forced to hoist one after a good defensive possession by the Terps. Mosley is blocked again inside; 15th MAB. Terps turn the ball over after Greivis doesn’t get a shot off before the clock expires. Greivis misses a 3 the next time down; and Neal goes to the bench. Gregory misses a jumper to end that possession.

10:19-The foul was the first of the game on Jeff Teague. Mosley knocked down both freebies; he has 6. Defensive intensity has to pick back up. Terps go to the zone.

10:17-0 points for Landon Milbourne sticks out like a sore thumb on the board right now. This isn’t a foul trouble issue; as Milbourne doesn’t even have one foul. It’s Wake using their size to take Milbourne out of his game. He HAS to get going in the 2nd half; and might need to start that by getting one or two outside.

10:15-Rich, I’d absolutely love to LOL at Georgetown for losing to St. John’s; but the Terps have to get going for me to feel excited again.

Things get worse after the timeout. Mosley blocked underneath; 13th MAB. Aminu knows down the 3 in transition. 10 for Aminu. Terps trail 41-37. Comcast is VERY quiet. Mosley fouled underneath; he’ll head to the line after the first official timeout of the half. Terps trail by 4; 14:42 to play. That becomes the 14th MAB since Mosley didn’t finish even though he was fouled.

10:12-Vasquez drives but loses the ball out of bounds. Ish Smith with the drive and finish. Landon Milbourne misses the outside jumper; and James Johnson gets a dunk the next time down. Terps cannot solve the Deacs defensively in the 2nd half; and their halftime advantage is completely gone. 38-37 Wake now; and Gary has to take his 2nd timeout.

10:09-Another bad stretch here. Big block by Mosley; then Vasquez with the no look feed to Mosley, but he misses the layup. 12th MAB. Wake gets a steal; and Ish Smith fouled by Bowie after making the hoop. Smith finished the 3 point play. Vasquez stops the bleeding with a nice drive and finish. He has 16. L.D. Williams uses a hop step for a drive of his own; 37-34 Terps. Hayes drives, he’s fouled by Williams. That’s Williams’ 4th personal; he’ll be forced to sit. David Weaver into the game for Wake.

10:07-Vasquez goes right inside to Neal; who misses a short one. 11 MAB’s. Marissa Coleman in the house; sitting in the press area. Vasquez chucks a 3 and misses; Adrian Bowie called for the foul.

10:06-Terps start with the ball, but turn it over. Aminu gets a 2nd chance hoop to open 2nd half scoring. Vasquez drills the 3 on the other end. Teague with a leaner the next time down; and Vasquez then turns the ball over. 35-29 Terps.

10:04-The Terps did a very nice of driving to the basket; and they MUST continue that in the 2nd half. They absolutely have to get free throw attempts and try to get some of Wake’s bigs in foul trouble. Will be interesting to see if Wake goes back to the same defense.

10:00-Al-Farouq Aminu lead the Deacons with 8 points. Gary Clark added 6. Tony Woods had a game high 5 rebounds in the first half; no Deac had more assists than Ish Smith’s 2. The Deacs out-rebounded the Terps 22-15; and had 5 assists to 11 turnovers; along with 4 blocks and 3 steals. They shot 10-27 from the field (37%), 2-6 from outside (33.3%), and 3-6 from the free throw line (50%).

The Terps were lead by Greivis Vasquez’s 11 points, he also tied for team high in rebounds with 3 (Mosley, Gregory). Dave Neal chipped in 5 points, and 4 Terrapins had 4 points each. Mosley had a game high 3 assists. The Terps had 7 assists to 4 turnovers; along with 1 block and 6 steals. The Terps shot 15-34 from the field (44.1%), 2-5 from outside (40%), and did not attempt a free throw. They also have 10 misses within the circle area (that’s 20 points given away at the basket).

9:55-If this is real; this is BRILLIANT! Amir missed the shot badly; and the crowd went absolutely insane. He freaked out, running around the court, and his friend came to present him with the check; where he lost his mind upon realizing that he hadn’t won the money. The video will be up on CollegeHumor.com tomorrow apparently. I can’t imagine this is real; but again, if it is; it is BRILLIANT.

9:51-The popular website CollegeHumor.com is apparently recording a prank at halftime. I don’t know if this is real or not; but if it is, it is BRILLIANT. The setup goes back to a popular viral video where a young man was punked by someone putting a marriage proposal up on the video board for his girlfriend. The video can be seen here. The victim of the prank is trying to get his friend back; and has asked the crowd to go crazy thinking his friend Amir has hit a halfcourt shot for $500,000. Let’s see how this goes….

9:48-Smith makes one of two; and Dave Neal gives the Terps a GIANT lift at intermission by drilling the open 3; this place goes absolutely nuts, and the Terps will take a 32-25 lead to the half. What a huge momentum play there.

9:47-Jeff Teague boards his own miss and finishes to cut the Maryland lead to 3. Terps finally end their slide with a nice dish from Vasquez to Mosley inside. 6 second differential between shot clock and game clock here; and Hayes called for a questionable foul inside on Ish Smith with 17.4 seconds to play.

9:45-Harvey Hale into the game for Wake; they have gone to a zone defense. Maryland with another turnover; someone is going to have to become an outside shooting option. Dave Neal checks back in with his two personals. Mosley can’t hold on to a pass inside; and the Terps turn the ball over again. VERY bad stretch for the Terps here.

9:44-Tucker’s shot there was almost impossible; but still the 9th MAB. L.D. Williams called for the offensive foul; his 3rd; team’s 6th. Gregory misses a dunk attempt on an offensive rebound; 10th MAB. Aminu with the easy bucket on the other end; and Gary needs a timeout. 8 for Aminu, Wake on a 6-0 run to cut the deficit to 27-22 Terps.

9:41-Rich, “MAB’s” are “Misses At (the) Basket.” Anytime a Terp misses a bucket (or is blocked; or loses it going up) from inside the circle area; I’m putting it in the MAB column. 8 MAB’s so far.

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is hear tonight; he does a little presentation during the official timeout.

9:40-Aminu with his first field goal on a stick back; 27-20 Terps. The Terps can’t afford to let Wake make a run here to close the gap before halftime. Foul on Ish Smith; and we’ll hit the final official timeout of the half with Maryland leading by 7 and 3:29 to play.

9:38-Terps CONTINUE to have quick hands defensively; and come away with another steal. Bowie gets the ball down low; but it produces the Terps’ 7th “Miss at Basket” of the game. James Johnson knocks down the mid-range jumper for Wake; then Hayes misses the 3 ball flat on the other end. 27-18 Terps.

9:35-Vasquez has to force one with the shot clock expiring, and it airballs. Gregory blocks McFarland next time down. Terps tentative to take jump shots; which is a good thing because they’re not a good jump shooting team; but they don’t want to keep taking time off the clock. Hayes with the leaner, then Bowie with the dunk off ANOTHER steal. Wake is forced to take their first timeout. 27-16 Terps. Drew better not declare this one over just yet.

9:33-Rich; you certainly have to be pleased with what Dupree’s done so far. For a guy that every message board in the world has transferring to Loyola after the season (maybe to open up a scholarship for Lance Stephenson); he clearly has maintained focus.

Drew; I also enjoyed the time you had Tony Franklin from Towson on the show. I might be sleeping at WNST again tonight if I get back after 1am; I might as well move in.

9:30-Good progression by Wake leads to a wide open 3 for Clark; who now has 6 to lead Wake. Vasquez fouled by Johnson the next time down; his 2nd person. GREAT passing by Mosley gets Dupree a dunk; 23-16. Terps with another steal; but Vasquez’s layup is blocked. 6 MAB’s. Dupree misses inside the next time down. I’ll make that 7 MAB’s. 23-16 Terps as we hit the 3rd official timeout with 7:19 to play in the half. Terps ball when we come back.

9:29-Hayes with the pretty move in the lane and the prettier finish for his first bucket. 19-13 Terps. Greivis with another miss from the lane next time down, he’s gone cold. But he goes right to the hoop after an offensive rebound; 21-13 Maryland.

9:27-Maryland goes to the full court press out of the official timeout. Deacs struggle, but break it; and Dupree is hit with his 1st personal fighting for position. Johnson is met by 3 defenders, and Hayes strips him from behind. Tucker misses the 3 off the nice feed from Mosley, then he’s called for the player controlled foul on a missed drive. That’s 5 MAB’s, 7 team fouls; and 2 personals on Tucker. Greivis back in after L.D. Williams is hit with his 2nd personal. Only 3 team fouls on the Deacs so far.

9:25-The obvious turnaround in the last 5 minutes was the Terps getting up and down off defensive plays. Whether turnovers or rebounds; the Terps worked quicker in the last 5 minutes. They haven’t found a hot hand shooting the ball yet though; even with Greivis’s 9 points.

9:23-Very pretty step-through by Vasquez, but he can’t finish. That’s 4 MAB’s. We hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland up by 4. 11:25 to play.

9:22-Woods misses both, and the Terps go inside to Dupree as the shot clock runs down. Another Wake turnover, but Vasquez misses the 3 in transition. Clark knocks down his first 3 the other way down; 17-13 Terps.

9:20-Eric Hayes and Cliff Tucker into the game for Maryland; Gary Clark in for Wake with L.D. Williams returning. Vasquez misses a 3 from the corner; then Tucker called for an over the top foul fighting for the board. Milbourne airballs a short jumper next time down; and Wake gets two more extra chances before Greogry fouls Tony Woods. He’ll shoot 3. 1st personal on Gregory, fifth team foul. Milbourne exits for Braxton Dupree.

9:18-Tony Woods and Ish Smith into the game for Wake; Adrian Bowie goes right to the goal for 2. Bowie goes coast to coast off a rebound for a wild finish off the glass, and Maryland leads 13-10. 9 for Greivis already. Milbourne misses the reverse, make it 3 MAB’s. Mosley with the strip and finish; 15-10 Terps. Wake turns the ball over again; and Comcast is rocking.

9:16-The Terps are trying to use their “fake doubles” that were successful in the North Carolina game inside thus far. But the Deacs have more inside options; and are just fighting harder for offensive boards and loose balls early. The Terps will have to find effective inside minutes somewhere. Dino Gregory got the first chance.

9:13-Terps tough up inside but Aminu gets the 3rd chance hoop after a loose ball and a block. Teague drives off the McFarland strip to take a 10-7 lead. After the stoppage in play; Vasquez pulls up for 2. He has 7 early; 10-9 Deacs. Johnson misses his first 3 point try; but the Deacs get another offensive rebound. A foul on Johnson will end the possession. First official timeout; 15:56 to play. 10-9 Deacs. 2 “MAB”s for the Terps early.

9:11-Floater and layup airballed on that possession; Vasquez’s floater, Neal’s layup. Terps get a turnover and a 3 from Vasquez though; he has 5. Bowie called for the foul as Wake brings the ball down. 7-6 Terps. Neal is hit with his 2nd personal as Neal drives; that’s a VERY questionable call.

9:10-Mosley with the nice look inside to Neal to tie things at 4. With Maryland having little to no size inside; Wake decides to go right back down low; and Neal is called for the foul on Aminu. Aminu makes both, 6-4 Wake.

9:08-Wake goes right inside to McFarland to take an early 2-0 lead. Size will be a serious issue all night. Mosley gets free inside; but again can’t finish at the rim. I’m starting a “MAB” stat (Miss at basket); that’s 1 for the team, 1 for Mosley. Vasquez hits a jumper; but McFarland with the putback on the other end. 4-2 Wake.

9:02-Odd atmosphere in Comcast Center tonight. Coming off two straight games where this place was completely electric, there isn’t quite the same vibe in the building. A smattering of empty seats even. There’s a number of factors for this I’m sure (Fans were REALLY passionate for each of the last two games; there really aren’t any Wake Forest fans in the building; not a national TV game; no real hatred for Wake on campus; etc); but it still feels strange for such a crucial game to the Terps’ NCAA Tournament chances.

8:50-Team manager Jason Davis was honored before the game along with Dave Neal as part of Senior Night festivities. Chants of “Dave!” and “Dave Neal!” echoed throughout the student section at Comcast Center.

Gary Williams’ Terps stick with the Sean Mosley/Adrian Bowie/Greivis Vasquez/Landon Milbourne/Dave Neal lineup. Dino Gaudio’s Deacons start Jeff Teague and L.D. Williams in the backcourt; with Chas McFarland, James Johnson, and Al-Farouq Aminu up front.

Tonight’s game is televised by Fox Sports Net regionally; with coverage locally on Comcast SportsNet Plus. Bob Rathbun (Atlanta Hawks PBP) and Daymeon Fishback (former Auburn) have the call.If you have Comcast cable in Baltimore County; channel 17 is your destination.



Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park; where the Maryland Terrapins are set to battle the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. The Terps bring their 18-10 (7-7 ACC) record into tonight’s game off a win over NC State Sunday night in Raleigh. The Deacons are 22-5 (9-5); and are coming off back to back wins over NC State and Virginia. Gary Williams’ team is cearly viewed as still being ‘on the bubble’ for the NCAA Tournament, but many prognosticators believe a win over Wake could put the Terps squarely IN.

For the superstitious types; Gary Williams’ Terps are back in their all gold alternate uniforms. They suffered their first defeat in the Under Armour threads last Wednesday against Duke. I appreciate the fact that I can mention Under Armour without discussing Lance Stephenson in the same breath by the way.

Jerome Burney (bruised foot) will again miss tonight’s game. Braxton Dupree received a few minutes in Gary Williams’ mostly tight rotation Sunday night, it will be interesting to see if he gets minutes again tonight; especially given the clear size advantage the Deacs will have underneath with Al-Farouq Aminu, Chas McFarland, and James Johnson.

Tonight is Maryland’s final regular season home game of the year (hopefully there won’t be NIT games to be played in this building); and will be Senior Night. Dave Neal is the lone senior to be honored tonight; and will certainly receive a solid reception from the College Park faithful.

Dino Gaudio certainly has local ties; he was the Head Coach at Loyola for 3 seasons from 2002-2004. Gaudio is in his 2nd season as Head Coach in Winston-Salem; he was named Head Coach after the tragic sudden death of Skip Prosser in 2007.

“Celebrity Sighting” in the media area tonight; as ESPN.com blogger Heather Dinich (former Baltimore Sun Maryland beat writer) is in the house. I’m surprised she’s not out running somewhere…..

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Quick Notes Before Tonight’s Maryland Game: Jerome Burney & U2

Posted on 03 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

-Since it hadn’t been reported previously; check out the WNST Audio Vault to hear Drew’s interview with Maryland assistant Robert Ehsan; who said Jerome Burney has missed the last two games with a brusied foot. Burney had given the Terps some quality minutes in the win over North Carolina, and I know many fans were particularly surprised to see that Braxton Dupree got minutes Sunday night in the win over NC State; but Burney had another DNP. No word on whether or not Jerome will be available for tonight’s game against Wake Forest.

-I just finished U2’s new CD “New Line On The Horizon”, which hit stores/ITunes today. It is outstanding. Listen for tracks “No Line on the Horizon”, “Stand Up Comedy”, “Breathe”, and others. As you would expect from U2, it is a nice mix of driving rock tunes and melodic pop ballads. I won’t try to tell you where the disc ranks amongst U2’s greatest albums of all time, but it is very good. Not that I expected anything less. We were blessed to have the greatest bank on the face of the planet currently visit Baltimore during their “Elevation” tour in 2001, despite the awful building they were forced to play in downtown. It was an absolutely unforgettable night only a month removed from the tragedy of 9/11. Something tells me we won’t be so lucky to host Bono and Company on their “New Line” tour; but I will make sure to check them in out in DC, Philly, or New York.

Maryland-Wake live blog tonight. Talk to you then.


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Terps Finish Strong Behind Vasquez’s 33; Beat NC State 71-60 For 2nd Road Win of Season

Posted on 01 March 2009 by Glenn Clark

It was brutal; but it was another road win for a team that just isn’t very good on the road.

The 2008-2009 Maryland Terrapins continue to overachieve with their 71-60 win over NC State in Raleigh on Sunday night. With just a home game against Wake Forest and a trip to Charlottesville left on the schedule; the Terps have a very real chance to finish .500 in ACC play or better; after being picked to finish 11th by multiple prognosticators, including The Sporting News.

The Terps needed every ounce of Greivis Vasquez’s 33 points to finish off the Wolfpack Sunday night (with MAYBE the exception of the 3 pointer he knocked down at the buzzer); as their best player again carried them to victory. The Terps were absolutely unwatchable for stretches; but had just enough leadership to finish off a victory.

They’re not a great basketball team. They’re a team that has just enough heart to will their way to wins. And it’s not as easy on the road as it is at home. But by gutting out another one on the road Sunday night, they remain alive for a chance to make the NCAA Tournament. And with two more wins; they might as well punch their ticket.

But things won’t get any easier for the Terps. When things ended Sunday night; they were already less than 48 hours away from their next tip-off. They’ll have to get right back to work, and will have to figure out a way to gut out a victory over one of the ACC’s better teams in Wake Forest.

All they have to do is just enough to win. That’s what they did Sunday night. It was sloppy. They didn’t get many contributions from players not named Greivis Vasquez.

But they got enough. And that’s all they need.



Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 33 points (on 13-22 shooting), he lead the Terps with 5 assists (tied for game high). Dave Neal chipped in 11 points and a team high 8 rebounds. Eric Hayes added 9 points and 4 assists, Cliff Tucker 7 points. The Terps were out-rebounded 29-21. They shot 27-55 from the field (49.1%); 10-21 from outside (47.6%); and 7-8 from the free throw line (87.5%).

Tracy Smith lead the Pack with 19 points and a game high 9 rebounds. Javier Gonzalez had 11 points and tied for the game high with 5 assists. 10 points apiece for Courtney Fells and Ben McCauley; McCauley chipped in 6 boards. Brandon Costner had 6 points, 7 boards, and tied for the game high with 5 assists as well. The Wolfpack shot 23-46 from the field (50%), 5-19 from outside (26.3%), and 9-14 from the free throw line (64.3%).


9:47-I haven’t seen Ol’ Mike P; but I’m doing my best to be unprofessional anyway. And Rich, it was snowing a bit earlier; but not right now.

9:33-Greivis won’t make any friends doing that. He pulls up and hits a 3 at the buzzer. I’m sure he took it from the fans tonight; but that’s not okay. Terps improve to 18-10 (7-7), Wolfpack fall to 15-12 (5-9) as the Terps finish off a 71-60 victory. 33 points for Greivis on another magical night.

9:32-Rich, if I sleep at the station tonight and it doesn’t snow; Chris Bonetti will feel my wrath in the morning.

Fells launches a 3 and misses; then the Pack decide to sit around and watch Eric Hayes hold the ball. Hayes to the line; he hits both. Terps by 8.

9:29-Great play, but Gregory misses another one at the hoop. How many of these can the Terps miss? Gonzalez goes to the basket for 2, he has 11. Terps by 4, under a minute to play; and Vasquez buries the runner. That’s 30 for Greivis. 66-60 Terps with 25 seconds to play. Sidney Lowe calls a timeout; and absolutely needed to foul on that last possession. This one is over now.

9:28-Gary calls timeout with 1:26 to play as he doesn’t want to waste this possession. It’s only a 2 possession game; so a stop here keeps the Wolfpack alive.

9:26-Hayes at the line; he makes both. First points of the 2nd half. 7 on the game now for Eric. 62-56 Terps, Costner misses on the other end. Tucker with the HUGE jumper at the end of the possession this time down; and that might be the dagger. 64-56 Terps. Fells answers with a baseline move; he has 10. Terps by 6.

9:24-Forrester calls it over for the 3rd time tonight; that was the magic number in the Duke loss too. Enjoy waking up and digging out pal!

Terps have to work time and stay patient defensively. The Pack will try to go inside-out to get open looks from 3; and the Terps CANNOT foul Smith if he gets the ball inside.

9:23-Javier Gonzalez with the MAJOR answer; drilling the 3 from about 4 feet beyond the arc. 60-56 Terps. Vasquez goes to the lane and is blocked-check that-foul on Courtney Fells. We’ll hit the final official timeout of regulation; 60-56 Terps with 3:01 to play. Hayes will go to the line.

9:21-Vasquez forces the 3; and instead of starting to put the Pack away; NC State will have the chance to cut this to a 1 possession game again. But thankfully they throw the ball away instead; and Vasquez finds Gregory for the hoop inside. Terps lead 60-53. NC State calls timeout with 3:54 to play.

9:19-Dave Neal loves taking that shot from the wing. He has 11 after the 3; he’s the only Terp not named Vasquez in double figures. 58-53 Terps.

9:18-Thanks to FSN for waiting until after the timeout to tell us that Milbourne got the foul. He fouls out. Smith hits one of two at the line; 55-53 Terps as the big man goes to the bench. Smith has 19. Terps turn it over again. Fells and Tucker trade misses. Brutal basketball again.

9:16-If I were Kevin Plank, I’d name Lance Stephenson 2nd in command if it meant he could suit up right now. The Terps are trying to execute the same defense they used on Hansbrough; but Smith is more physical than Hansbrough was. Hansbrough panicked when the Terps surrounded him; Smith just muscles up and gose to the basket.

9:14-Vasquez with the 3; he has 28. Terps 58-55. Pack’s success inside has forced the Terps to answer defensively; and they will continue to get outside shots that way. Smith gets the ball inside and is fouled by Neal. 6:53 to play, we’ll take the 3rd official timeout of the half.

9:13-Vasquez is just going to do it on his own I guess. He gets a floater in the lane; he has 25. Smith has 18 now after tossing one up and in. Tied at 52.

9:12-Costner with the ball fake and pass inside to Smith, who is hammered on the floor. Smith to the line for 1 and 1. He makes one of two. Milbourne back into the game. Smith with 16. Game tied at 50.

9:11-Smith makes the free throw; he has a team high 15. Terps trail 49-47. Tucker with the big answer from outside; 50-49 Maryland. Don’t need a shooting contest!

9:08-Horner gets the look from 3 and can’t get it to go. Hayes gets a look from 3 and can’t get it to go either. 47-44 still.

Drew-does Ethan have a Fisher Price hoop? We could definitely use that.

Horner finds the ball off a TERRIBLE miss and gets the hoop inside. NC State is alive after a Maryland turnover; and Smith gets a bucket inside and draws the foul. 48-47 Pack-their first lead of the game; and Gary needs a timeout. This is brutal.

9:06-McCauley hits both and goes to the bench. 10 for him. 45-44 Terps. Horner fouls Vasquez, he’ll go to the line for a 1 and 1. Vasquez makes 2, he has 23. 47-44 Maryland. They get the ball back after a turnover, but Bowie promptly throws the ball away inside.

9:04-I thought Gary should have tried to steal a minute or two from Vasquez at the 8 minute mark of the Duke game; and I wonder if he might try to do that with Milbourne tonight. I don’t think you can just leave a player on the bench until the 5 minute mark; I think you have to try to get some kind of contribution before that point, even if it means you break up the continuity of the game by calling timeout to get him off the floor.

9:02-Rich, your nightmare plays out. Milbourne fouls McCauley in the lane. That’s his 4th. McCauley will head back to the line after the official timeout. The Wolfpack will CERTAINLY try to keep working it in down low now. 11:35 to play, and Milbourne will be forced to sit for at least a few minutes. Terps by 3.

9:01-3rd personal on Dave Neal. McCauley to the line, he makes both and has 8. 45-42 Terps. Need someone besides Vasquez to do something here. Tucker tries, but can’t get it to go. Wolfpack with the board.

9:00-With the shot clock expiring; Costner drills a 3. Vasquez drives for 2 on the other end; he has 21. Terps lead 45-40. McCauley fouled inside.

8:59-Vasquez from the lane for 2 more. He has 19; Terps by 6 again. Finally some pace to this game. Sorry to wake you.

8:58-Gonzalez goes to the hoop; Dino Gregory called for the foul. Costner feeds McCauley inside for 2; cutting Maryland’s lead to 41-37. CJ Williams called for his 2nd next time down.

8:57-SOMETHING HAPPENED! Vasquez with the layup and he’s fouled. He makes the plus one attempt after CJ Williams’ first personal; and the Terps extend the lead to 41-35. 17 for Greivis. Dave Neal called for a foul away from the ball fighting with McCauley inside. 2nd on Dave Neal.

8:57-Horner walks. Why not.

8:56-That’s a stat. Terps 2/14 from the floor in the last 9:23 of this game. And yet they lead by 3. This is BRUTAL.

8:55-Matt-You’re not happy with the contributions from Bowie and Mosley?

8:53-McCauley with the airball next time down; then Milbourne misses a jumper and Tucker is called for the foul going for the rebound. This leads to an official timeout, the most exciting thing that has happened so far in the 2nd half. Terps by 3 with 14:43 to play.

8:52-McCauley inside with a basket; 38-35 Terps. If the Wolfpack keep going back inside; they’ll find more points.

8:50-Drew, if the game was at Hofstra I might feel differently; but on a neutral court I’ll take the Terps with the points.

This team CONTINUES to look lethargic on the road. And the ugliness of this one reminds me of the last “Sunday Night Hoops” game; that thriller at Georgia Tech.

8:49-Pack and Terps trade turnovers before a bad miss by Fells. Tucker gets a hoop; and Sidney Lowe calls timeout desperate to try to get something going as Maryland leads 38-33. This should be a 15 point game though; not a 5 point game.

8:47-Gonzalez turns the ball over again; and then fouls out of “frustration” as Brando says. The Terps have NOT done a good enough job of getting points of turnovers. Neal with an important offensive board off a Bowie miss; but Vasquez turns it over.

8:46-Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Mosley misses in close. Gonzalez can’t get a 3 to fall on the other end; and Mosley can’t hold on to the offensive rebound. He’ll depart for Tucker.

8:44-Starters back on the floor except for Costner; as Horner replaces him for the Pack. Vasquez with the missed runner to open the 2nd half as the shot clock expired; Tracy Smith misses inside on the other end. Horner hit with the foul; then Vasquez gets the first two of the second half. He has a game high 14; Terps by 3. Javier Gonzalez is hit with a foul; then Landon Milbourne called for his 3rd fighting for a rebound. Smith hit with the foul fighting for the rebound on the other side; that’s his 2nd.

HALFTIME STATS: Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with 12 points (tied for game high) and game high 4 assists. Dave Neal and Eric Hayes with 8 each; Milbourne with 5. No Terp has more than 2 rebounds. The Terps shot 14-30 from the field (46.7%), 6-12 from beyond the arc (50%), and 0-1 from the free throw line (a sparkling 0%). They were out-rebounded 17-9 as a team.

Tracy Smith with 12 points to lead the Wolfpack; he and Brandon Costner each had 5 boards. 8 points for Courtney Fells, 6 for Javier Gonzalez. Gonzalez and Costner tied for team high with 3 assists. The Pack shot 14-24 (58.3%) from the field, 3-9 (33.3%) from outside, and 2-5 from the free throw line (40%).

8:37-Eric Hayes with 8 Drew. Apparently this team got confused and thought their names were Mark Price, JJ Redick, Tim Legler, and Glen Rice. Outside shooting is NOT a good option.

I’ve also counted 5 misses from within the circle; 2 of which were nowhere close.

Rich, I’ll trade with you. We’ll put your picture up, and I can continue living in anonymity.

8:27-Vasquez drives and can’t finish a tough leaner. Terps let NC State finish the half on a 8-0 run. Gary tells Jenn Hildreth “we stopped really running our offense hard”. Really? This team CANNOT settle for jump shots. 34-33 Terps at the half.

8:26-Courtney Fells with the tough outside jumper to get the Pack within 1. Vasquez fouled by Tracy Smith away from the ball with under 30 seconds to play. Terps will hold for the final shot.

8:24-Matt, this is what happens when your offense gets “happy” as Gary would call it. You start thinking you can just hit jump shots; and you forget that the progression of your offense is NOT settling for outside shots. The Wolfpack have methodically gotten back into things after Maryland went south from outside.

8:22-Mosley tries the outside jumper and misses. Next time down Braxton Dupree gets the ball inside and is called for the offensive foul. Did Jerome Burney do something wrong? How do you make such a contribution in a win over North Carolina and then have to watch Braxton Dupree get first half minutes just a week later after a DNP against Duke? Final official timeout of the half; 1:17 to play, Terps by 3.

8:20-Another wild layup tossed up by Bowie. He needs to go to the hoop; but he can’t just throw the ball in the air and hope. Smith with ANOTHER basket inside; 12 points for him. 34-31 Terps and Gary Williams calls timeout with three unanswered buckets now for the Pack.

8:19-Terps getting lazy in their offense and settling for too many jump shots. McCauley gets the mid-range jumper to cut the Terps’ lead to 5. 34-29.

8:17-The same Drew Forrester that declared the Duke game over THREE different times Wednesday night and in the Maryland category. He jinxes us again as Fells knocks down the 3. Neal answers with a 3 of his own; he has 8. Don’t care for a shooting contest though. Horner gets a bucket; 34-27 Terps.

8:15-Gonzalez with the big 3 for the Pack; cutting Maryland’s lead to 28-22. Vasquez tries another 3 (is anyone surprised?) and misses. Hayes also misses a 3; no offensive rebounds. Brando tells us that Vasquez stepped on Tracy Smith’s foot and is now walking gingerly. Neal passes on a look from 3; that’s not something you see everyday. Neal sets the pick and let’s Greivis hit another triple. 31-22. 12 for Vasquez. State turns it over again.

8:14-Vasquez drains the 3; Terps by 9. (Vasquez has 9). Bowie called for the foul as NC State brings the ball up; 6th team foul.

8:13-Farnold Degand has one of my favorite names in the ACC. Dennis Horner is kinda lame.

Costner hits one of two at the line; 25-19 Terps. Vasquez checks out for Cliff Tucker; but checks back in about as quickly.

8:11-Drew Forrester will be providing the comedy tonight ladies and gentlemen; make sure you tip him on the way out.

Drew-why don’t you come join the slumber party here at WNST tonight? It’s me and……..well, just me.

8:09-Costner fouled by Gregory as he drives the lane. We’ll hit the 3rd official timeout of the half; Terps by 7 with 7:34 to play.

8:07-Vasquez is greeted by 3 defenders inside; he kicks it to Dave Neal, who misses the 3 ball. Pack get the rebound; but Hayes hits the 3 next time down. 5 for Hayes. 25-18 Terps. Sidney Lowe takes another timeout. Terps are playing well here, but with this much sloppiness, they could have opened a bigger lead.

8:06-NCSU throws the ball away again; and Vasquez misses a 3 next time down for Maryland. Ben McCauley saves a ball inbounds off Vasquez, and isn’t happy with State’s sloppiness. Pack throw up a wild one; the airball will lead to a shot clock violation. Terps ball.

8:03-The Terps have driven; which is exactly how their offense is supposed to run. But they HAVE to learn to finish. Vasquez misses a 3, Terps one and done again. But the Pack throw it away again. Hayes finds a curling Vasquez for 2 this time. He has 6. Smith dunks it home again on the other end; and he’s fouled by Milbourne. That’s 2 on Landon; and Gary will have to find a better (or at least another) defensive option inside. Smith misses the freebie, he has 10. Hayes with his first hoop on the other end. 22-18 Terps. Dino Gregory gets the inside assignment.

8:01-Wolfpack throw it away, and we’ll hit the 2nd official timeout of the first half. 10:59 to play; 18-16 Terps.

7:59-Bad shot by Milbourne off the offensive rebound goes wildly. Then Bowie takes it coast to coast before throwing up his own terribly wild layup, which also misses badly. Sidney Lowe takes his first timeout. 18-16 Maryland still.

7:58-Neal misses the 3, then another bucket inside for Tracy Smith. 8 for Smith early. Neal makes his next 3 point attempt; but Costner goes to the rim for 2. 5 for Neal by the way. 18-16 Terps.

7:55-Gonzalez makes one of two at the free throw line; and Neal hits a baseline jumper on the other end to make things 13-8. Eric Hayes into the game. Tim Brando tells us that Dave Neal is getting grief on campus for his pick that flattened Nolan Smith Wednesday night; Dave Neal says he likes the Duke player he laid out. Hoop from Gonzalez, then Smith gets a big offensive board and dunk the next time down. Vasquez uses a good ball fake to get a leaner. 15-12 Terps.

7:53-That’s the 2nd personal on Mosley; the Terps can’t afford to get themselves in foul trouble, as that has obviously been an issue in both the North Carolina win and Duke loss.

Like the drives so far; only Milbourne attempting a shot from outside. Terps can’t let the Pack keep getting offensive rebounds however, despite their obvious size advantage.

7:51-Vasquez with the runner; and the Terps extend their lead to 11-7; he goes to the hoop off a steal but misses. On the other end, Gonzalez drives and is fouled by Mosley. We’ll hit the first official timeout with Maryland leading 11-7.

7:50-Good note from Gminski; as he points out that NC State students are on Spring Break, possibly allowing for Maryland to not have as much of a disadvantage inside the RBC Center. Third chance offensively for NCSU here; and Fells finds Tracy Smith for a monster dunk. 9-7 Terps.

7:49-Mosley finishes this time; and draws the foul. He misses the PLUS ONE attempt though; and it’s 9-5 early on.

7:47-Mosley with his first miss at the rim of the night. There will be more. Apparently he wasn’t inspired by St. Frances’ win over Loyola Blakefield in the Baltimore Catholic League title game today. Courtney Fells and Landon Milbourne trade outside buckets; Milbourne’s touching every part of the rim. 7-5 Terps. 5 for Milbourne early.

7:46-Steal from Mosley turns into a layup by Bowie. State answers, but Milbourne gets a bucket inside. 4-2 Terps early.

7:45-Gary Williams’ Terps stick with the Dave Neal-Landon Milbourne-Greivis Vasquez-Adrian Bowie-Sean Mosley lineup.

Sidney Lowe goes with Brandon Costner, Ben McCauley, Tracy Smith, Javier Gonzalez, Courtney Fells

7:43-Like I said; we had time. It’s 7:43 and no tip yet. And the broadcast has already revolved around a song I’ve never heard of.

7:36-Well, we’re getting to the game 6 minutes late; but if I remember right; the FSN broadcasts have late tips. The Georgia Tech game seemed to start some 20 minutes late; which was good, because I needed to hear more “Dance Like Michael Jackson” and video of Gani Lawal teaching Jenn Hildreth how to play inside.

Pre-game: Greetings from the studios of Sports Talk 1570 WNST in Towson, MD; where I have set up camp for the evening to wait out the imminent white death that is upon us. I decided to pass on a trip to Raleigh tonight for fear of the bad weather; but the Terps and Wolfpack are playing at the RBC Center. The Terps bring their 17-10 (6-7 ACC) record into tonight’s game coming off a loss to Duke Wednesday night. The Wolfpack are 15-11 (5-8), coming off a loss to Wake Forest Thursday night.

Tonight’s game can be seen on Fox Sports Net nationally; Comcast SportsNet in Baltimore (Channel 7 on Comcast Baltimore County). The great Tim Brando and former Duke Blue Devil Mike Gminski have the call; with Jenn Hildreth working the sidelines. If they’re late getting to the game because of a women’s UNC-Duke game; I might destroy all of the equipment in the WNST studios.

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Terps Take Out Season’s Worth of Frustration With Stunning; Come-From-Behind 88-85 Win over Tar Heels

Posted on 21 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

This was Greivis Vasquez’s Mona Lisa.

This was the one that he’ll be remembered for some 30 years from now when Maryland fans talk about their memories at Comcast Center.

Greivis has not exactly been perfect this season; and has been at times absolutely humiliated. But when this team needed him today, he absolutely put them on his back.

Scoring 35 points is one thing. Scoring 35 points in a triple double is something you just don’t see in college basketball.

Coupled with an electric atmosphere (and fans that REALLY DID play a role in helping this team to a win); a performance from Cliff Tucker that might make his coaches think about inserting him into the starting lineup; and another Hall of Fame coaching performance by Gary Williams; and the Terps found the recipe for their greatest win in well over 12 months; 88-85 over North Carolina.

It wasn’t perfect; but this team isn’t built to have perfect games. At times it was bleak; but someone always came back with an answer. The Terps were ABSOLUTELY out-manned; but answered the Heels’ physical advantages with tons of heart. Maybe it was fitting that before the game the Terps showed a new video package ending with the question “Who wants it more?”

The sad thing about the emotions of a day like today is that ultimately; this game might come in a season where the Terps AGAIN fail to make the NCAA Tournament. That task is still not easy; as their 6-6 record in the ACC (17-9 overall); will be tested by two tough home games (Duke and Wake Forest) and two road contests that are in no ways gimmes (NC State and Virginia). John Gilchrist’s Comcast Center masterpiece (a 2005 win over Duke in Overtime) is overshadowed by the fact that his ’05 team was the first in the “NIT era” at Maryland.

But in 30 years, everyone in this building today; and everyone watching at home, will remember what Greivis Vasquez did. And they will smile when they think about it. Today was his most elegant symphony. Today was his chance to stake a claim amongst the best to ever play in this town. Juan Dixon never had a triple double, after all.

For those of us who watched the game; it was a reminder of why we love college basketball.



Gary decided to open his post-game press conference with a little humor. “Before the game I told Greivis we could win if you get the first 16.” In all seriousness, Gary had high praise for his star junior; but didn’t seem to be particularly surprised by his triple double. “He was shooting the ball well” Gary said, “the rebounds have been their on a consistent basis.” Gary went on to add that Greivis is a “catalyst” for the team; the type of player who both puts up stats AND makes the players around him better. Gary singled out a few other players too; saying “Sean Mosley had to guard their 6’8″ guy a couple of times” due to the Terps’ foul trouble. Gary also thought Cliff Tucker was “tremendous”, adding “I’m proud of Cliff because he wasn’t playing, and now he’s really a key to our team.”

Gary thought the Terps learned a little bit from their previous loss to Carolina. He reminded that the loss “could have been a 30 pointer” in Chapel Hill; but thought the Terps gained confidence by not letting the Tar Heels open up the lead much more in the 2nd half. He also came up with a new defensive strategy for Tyler Hansbrough; saying “we didn’t double as much. We tried to get a lot of people around him….faking double teams. If you can make a player feel uncomfortable, you try anything.” Gary still praised the Tar Heels’ big man, saying “there were times we had 5 guys around him tonight.”

Gary said much of tonight’s win could be creditted to practice and defense. “After not being able to play defense against them 18 days ago, we had to dig really deep to be able to do that” said the Terps’ head man. He added that the Terps had a great week of practice, even though “it’s hard to play hard in practice in the middle of February.” Moving forward, Gary said the Terps “have to be a great practice team again.” He will allow the team to celebrate this win tonight; and told them “you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives” after the game. With Duke ahead, Gary told the team “we have to prepare (for the Blue Devils) just like we prepared for this game.”

Gary was particularly pleased with the crowd today; saying “that’s the way it’s supposed to be at Comcast Center. That was a Cole Field House crowd.”


Ty Lawson lead the way for Carolina with 24 points. The Heels had 5 players finish in double figures; with Danny Green adding 18 (with 9 boards), Wayne Ellington 14, Deon Thompson 13 (with 7 boards), and Hansbrough 11 (with a team-high and tied for game-high 11 boards). No Tar Heel had more than 2 assists (Lawson). Bobby Frasor did not score; but did pull down 7 rebounds. The Heels finished with a 1:3 assist to turnover ratio (5 assists, 15 turnovers). The Heels out-rebounded the Terps 51-40. They shot 29-77 from the field (37.7%), 5-19 from outside (26.3%), and 22-28 from the free throw line (78.6%).

Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps in EVERYTHING with the first triple double of the Gary Williams era. 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Cliff Tucker added 22 points and 6 rebounds, Eric Hayes 17 points. Landon Milboune was the next highest scorer with 6. The Terps finished with a 9:8 assist-to-turnover ratio (18 assists, 16 turnovers). They blocked TEN North Carolina shots. The Terps shot 31-68 from the field (45.6%), 13-30 from beyond the arc (43.3%), and 13-17 from the free throw line (76.5%).

Carolina had 42 points in the paint to 32 for Maryland; 22 2nd chance points to Maryland’s 10; and 12 fast break points to ZERO for Maryland. The Terps’ bench outscored Carolina’s 41-5.


That is the 3rd straight home game in which Gary has flat out out-coached his opponent around the block.


Couldn’t agree more; and not promising anything. It is hard to be impartial when you’re having to walk away from everyone and wipe away tears. That was everything you could ask for in a basketball game.

5:51-Heels will have to get a 3 if the Terps give them the shot. Not enough time for 2 possessions. TURNOVER! BALLGAME! RUSH THE FLOOR! 88-85 TERPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:50-Vasquez makes both; Terps lead 88-85. Roy will take one of his timeouts with 4.2 seconds left. Again I ask; do you foul? I say yes.

5:49-Terps get the ball to Vasquez off the double inbounds pass; he’s fouled with 5.4 seconds to play. Foul is on Thompson; his 4th. Vasquez to the line for 2. Roy Williams still has two timeouts.

5:47-Ellington makes the first, makes the 2nd. He has 14. Terps lead 86-85 with 5.9 seconds left and will be looking for Hayes or Vasquez on the inbounds pass. They have to get it in; and the Heels will have to foul immediately.

5:46-Hayes makes the 2nd. He has 17. Terps by 3. They WILL foul with 5.9 seconds left. Foul is on Dave Neal; that’s his 5th. Does not look like that was an intentional foul; just part of the game play. If this goes to a 2nd overtime; that could be a costly foul. Ellington to the line for 2.

5:45-Hayes makes first. Heels will have chance to tie no matter what happens on the second; and Roy Williams will take a timeout. 85-83 Terps with one timeout remaining. If you’re Gary Williams and Hayes makes this free throw, do you foul?

5:43-Lawson makes both; he has 24. with 35.3 left, the Heels are almost forced to foul. Terps playing keepaway; and Heels FINALLY foul Hayes with 11.3 left. 84-83 Maryland; the foul is on Frasor. BIG free throws here!

5:42-Vasquez puts the Terps up by 3 with a jumper from outside. Ellington bails out the Heels by drawing the shooting foul from Vasquez with 35.3 seconds to play. He’ll shoot 2, not 3 though.

5:40-Terps can’t afford to settle for outside jumpers, and Vasquez misses here. Danny Green with the player-controlled foul; he fouls out. 1:36 to play in a tie game. Hansbrough has 4, the Terps have to try to take this at him.

5:38-Drew Forrester FOR THE WIN! Lol at the host of the Comcast Morning Show. Gary takes his final timeout with 2:03 to play in OT and the Terps having 13 seconds on the shot clock. 81-81 game; Roy still has 4 timeouts on the other side by the way.

5:36-Burney misses both. Lawson with the HUGE answer from 3-he has 22. Game tied at 81. Vasquez with the triple double after being so close so many times. Maryland’s first triple double since Derrick Lewis in over 20 years. Tucker misses from outside.

5:35-Foul called away from the ball on Thompson underneath-that’s his 3rd. Burney will shoot 2.

5:33-Green opens overtime with a hoop; Tucker with the answer. Tucker with a huge 22 points off the bench; he LOVES playing Carolina. Vasquez with the 3; he has 30. Terps with their first lead since 18-17; 81-78.

5:32-That was a HISTORICALLY good end to regulation for the Terps. The foul trouble is going to be an issue again; as the Heels will get a breather here; and Roy will remind them to take the ball inside. Both teams are in the double bonus; and Gary still has his full timeout.

5:30-Mosley with the rebound; Vasquez the hoop. Heels ball. OVERTIME!!!!!!!!!

5:29-Roy Williams calls timeout with 37.4 seconds to play and his team leading by 2. Terps CANNOT foul here; and the Heels will certainly look to get it inside to Hansbrough.

5:28-Terps within 2 after a hoop from Hayes. WHAT A GAME!

5:27-Terps get good pressure, force a turnover; and Vasquez gets the hoop. On the other end; Hansbrough called for the charge; his 4th. This got interesting quick! 76-72 Heels.

5:24-Neal gets a look from outside but misses; the Terps get the ball back after a Carolina miss; but Vasquez WHIPS a pass out of bounds. Ellington with the layup that MIGHT doom the Terps; but Tucker hits a 3 to answer. Gary calls timeout with his team trailing 76-70 and 1:37 to play. Too many missed opportunities. 20 for Tucker, 12 for Ellington. Terps HAVE to get a stop here to have a chance.

5:23-Another pretty good defensive possession doesn’t have a happy ending for Maryland; as Dino Gregory is hit with his 5th personal foul. The Terps will go with a small lineup here, with Danny Green on the line. Gary Williams IMPLORES the crowd to make noise as Green misses his first. He hits the 2nd; Carolina by 7.

5:21-Hansbrough hits 1 of 2 at the line; extending the lead to 73-65. Terps can’t use 35 seconds each time down anymore.Vasquez finds Neal for his first bucket of the game; and Carolina’s lead is down to 6. Hansbrough misses inside; but Frasor gets a HUGE offensive board.

5:18-Tucker with the block; but the Heels get the ball back AGAIN. Hansbrough with the hoop; he has 10. Vasquez knocks down a 3 for the Terps; he has 23. Hansbrough is fouled by Gregory inside the next time down (4th personal on Gregory); and he’ll shoot two after the final official timeout. With 3:40 to play, the Terps will have to shave the lead back down in a hurry.

5:16-Neal saves the ball inbounds; but it happened as the shot clock was expiring after an airball by Hayes. After the officials huddle; they give the ball back to the Heels; and Carolina has the chance to extend this to a double digit lead again.

5:14-Ellington makes 1 of 2; he has 10; Heels by 5. Lawson then hits a HUGE 3; giving the Heels an 8 point lead. Lawson has been the man in the 2nd half for Carolina; with 11 of his team high 19 coming since the intermission. The Terps have to stem this run by Carolina again; and Gary takes another timeout to try to settle things.

5:12-Lawson and Tucker trade jabs; two free throws and a bucket from Lawson; with a 3 from Tucker in between. Lawson has 16; Tucker has 17. Milbourne is called for his 5th foul fighting for a loose ball off a bad pass; and Ellington will go to the line with the Heels leading 66-62.

5:09-You can say that Karl Hess’s crew has been whistle-happy today; but neither team has much of an advantage because of it. Neal and Milbourne might both foul out; so the Terps will have to come up with other size options underneath. Terps earned the possession arrow back; but still need stops. Vasquez whistled for the 9th team foul as Lawson drives.

5:07-Tucker with the drive and the hoop in the lane; Terps within 3 at 62-59 with 7:04 to play as we hit the 3rd official timeout of the 2nd half. NOW this is a game.

5:05-Hayes makes both free throws, he has 13. Terps trail 62-57. Foul trouble will be a MAJOR issue the rest of the way. Two big offensive rebounds for the Heels here, but the Terps get the 3rd miss.

5:04-Hayes with the 3; he has 11. Terps trail 62-55. Lawson called for the player-controlled foul; that’s Carolina’s 9th team foul. Next foul will put them in the double bonus. There’s the next foul; on Hansbrough-his 3rd. Hayes will shoot two. Vasquez goes back to play cheerleader with the student section again.

5:02-Gregory stuffs Thompson; but Thompson gets it back for a basket. He has 13. On the other end; Vasquez and Tucker each miss 3’s before Neal is called for his 4th personal fighting for a rebound. Milbourne re-enters with his 4 personals and 9:22 to play. Surprised Gary hasn’t gone deeper on the bench for an inside option. Zeller makes both free throws; Heels by 10 again.

5:00-The Tar Heels are SUCH a different team with Hansbrough on the floor, by the way. They just feed off of him on both ends. Tucker is playing with great confidence; he sticks a 3 here to cut the deficit back to 6 again. He has 12.

4:58-With momentum shifting; Carolina puts the Heels on his back. He comes up with consecutive big drives and buckets; getting Carolina’s lead back to 9 at 58-49. Lawson now has 12; and Gary Williams takes the timeout with 10:36 to play. Both teams should go to the basket every time with each team being in serious foul trouble. Gary has to stem the positive plays Carolina has put together and try to swing momentum back to the Terps.

4:56-Tucker hits the free throw-he has 9. The Terps now trail 54-47; the closest it has been in the 2nd half. Vasquez with the block, and Lawson fouls him. Both teams shooting free throws the rest of the way. Vasquez hits both, and the Terps trail 54-49. 20 for Greivis. Comcast Center is rocking.

4:55-With that foul; the Terps and Heels are both now in the single bonus; with each team having 7 team fouls in the 2nd half. The Terps have put together a nice run here after Carolina took their biggest lead of the game (16); but they aren’t exactly in an even game just yet. The Terps will have a 3 possession advantage regardless of what happens on this free throw attempt; and the Terps will need to continue to make stops. Thompson and Tucker share some smack talk before the attempt.

4:53-Green boards his own miss and puts it back to re-extend Carolina’s lead to 10. But Tucker gets the hoop on the other end and will get the PLUS ONE attempt after the 2nd official timeout of the half. Terps aren’t quitting; and they trail 54-46 with 11:58 to play in this one.

4:52-Drew fouls Vasquez for Carolina’s 6th team foul; and the Terps won’t go away. Gregory back in for Burney, and Hayes drills the 3. He has 8; 52-44 Carolina. Psycho T will check back in; but Maryland did a GREAT job of taking advantage of his time on the bench.

4:50-Burney hooks in his first hoop of the game; 52-38 Carolina. Cliff Tucker re-enters for Bowie. Tucker knocks down a 3; and Maryland trails 52-41.

4:48-This could be getting ugly quick. The Heels add 5 points; with Milbourne picking up his 4th personal; and the Heels getting into the single bonus thanks to the Terps’ 7th team foul. Bowie cuts to the hoop and draws Danny Green’s 3rd personal; but Bowie misses both free throws. Vasquez rebounds the 2nd and puts it back for his first basket since that TORRID stretch to start the game-he has 18. Green with the floater on the other end; Heels lead 52-36.


There are MUCH bigger factors than the officiating. The Terps are just NOT GOOD inside; and have been scrappy; but are sometimes just throwing their bodies around without REALLY knowing where the ball is. Secondly, Hansbrough is actually making his shots almost every time he gets the ball inside; whereas the Terps have not been able to make the shots they should inside; as they are doing little more than throwing the ball to the AREA of the basket. The foul descrepancy is large, but there are obvious reasons.

4:42-Davis pulls down the offensive rebound; Milbourne called for his 3rd personal foul fighting for the ball. Hansbrough called for traveling; but Dino fouls Frasor over the back fighting for a rebound. That’s his 3rd personal; and the team’s 5th foul already not 4 minutes into the 2nd half. Carolina will get the ball back as Vasquez can’t hold a board going out of bounds. We hit the first official timeout of the 2nd half with Carolina leading 45-34.

4:40-Milbourne makes both at the line; and the deficit is down to single digits again. Hansbrough pulls down an offense rebound and puts it back; and it’s 45-34 Carolina. Vasquez called for the hook trying to find position.

4:38-Hayes back in for Mosley as Green makes a pair at the free throw line. Heels up 13 now; and the Terps have to get a run for confidence reasons. Vasquez finds Bowie for a hoop to make things 43-32 Carolina. Neal called for his 3rd personal inside; he has not been able to get ANYTHING going. Vasquez with the no look feed to Milbourne, who is HAMMERED by Green going to the hoop.

4:37-Misses on both ends (and 3 North Carolina fouls-including 2 on Hansbrough) highlight the first few minutes of the 2nd half-but the only scoring comes on a Lawson hoop. 41-30 Heels with 18 to play.

4:29-If the Terps can get the lead back down under 5 fairly early; they’ll stay in this. If the Heels extend it past 15 early; it could get to silly time before you can blink. The Terps will have to use their fouls again in the 2nd half; and hope that Carolina doesn’t catch fire from outside.

Deon Thompson lead UNC with 11 points, Ty Lawson added 8. Danny Green chipped in 6 points and Tyler Hansbrough 5; they also tied for the team (and game) high in rebounds with 5 each. The Heels had a 1:3 assist to turnover ratio (2 assists, 6 turnovers); and out-rebounded the Terps 27-23. They shot 15-38 from the field (39.5%); 2-9 from beyond the arc (22.2%), and 7-10 from the charity stripe (70%).

The Terps were lead by (guess who?) Greivis Vasquez with 16 points and 5 rebounds. Eric Hayes added 5 points. They had a 4:9 assist to turnover ratio, and came up with 5 blocks. They shot 12-37 from the field (32.4%); 4-14 from outside (28.6%); and 2-2 from the free throw line (100% for the math majors.)

4:17-Bowie does the right thing in cutting to the hoop; but gives it up too early when he sees Carolina’s giants in the middle. Tucker hits a 3; but Bowie misses two chances from outside before the break; sandwiched by about 10 misses inside from Carolina. The Terps’ deficit will be single digits at the half; but could have used a bit more momentum. 39-30 Heels. I’ll be back shortly with more.

4:13-Hayes works into the lane for a floater, but Thompson backs down Milbourne for the hoop on the other end. Terps turn the ball over and Hayes loses a rebound out of bounds. 39-27 Heels as we hit the final official timeout of the first half. 1:30 to play. It would do WONDERS for the Terps to get this back to single digits before the intermission.

4:11-Thompson makes one of two; then Milbourne gets a hoop off his own miss. Lawson drills a 3 to make the lead 12 for Carolina. Milbourne knocks down a jumper to cut the deficit to 10 again. The worst thing for Maryland is that Carolina leads by 10 without even being hot from outside. Thompson with the hoop inside; Carolina now by 12 again.

4:09-Vasquez penetrates, Hayes knocks down a 3. Green adds 2 on the end; he has 7. Lawson hits a pull-up jumper, and the Heels have their biggest lead of the game at 31-21. Terps CAN’T let this continue to balloon before the half. Neal misses the 3; Milbourne called for the over the top fighting with Thompson. 9th team foul.

4:07-Mosley misses the turnaround jumper; and Lawson gets the bucket on the other end. Carolina’s lead has ballooned to 9 at 27-18 with the Terps having not scored for at least 5 minutes. Gary calls his 2nd timeout to try to calm things down. The Terps HAVE to find offense in a hurry now.

4:05-Mosley with nice penetration and a kick to Vasquez, who misses another open shot from outside. Terps one and done on consecutive possessions here; they have to be thankful that Carolina hasn’t turned this into a double digit advantage during their cold streak. Ellington curls for a hoop; and Carolina leads 25-18.

4:03-This is a very dangerous place for Maryland. All things considered; they have done a nice job defensively. But they absolutely HAVE to find some offense; as the Heels have made the right switches to slow down Vasquez and force turnovers. It is easy to say that the team will have to hit their outside shots; but that is NOT their offense. If Vasquez’s penetration is slowed; Hayes might have to continue to go wide to the hoop; or Bowie might be forced to go to his (somewhat) reckless moved to the basket. But they HAVE to get to the hoop.

4:01-Terps turn the ball over, but Gregory with the big block on Lawson in transition. Hayes gets an open look from outside but misses; and the Terps turn the ball over again. Hansbrough CHUCKS the ball off Neal to save it inbounds; and we’ll hit the 3rd official timeout with Carolina leading 23-18 and 7:36 to play.

4:00-Hansbrough does a nice job of taking a fall well away from the basket; and Hayes is hit with the player-controlled foul. That’s the 8th team foul on the Terps, who have really hit a lull offensively. Hansbrough called for traveling.

3:58-Dave Neal misses his first outside shot; and Hansbrough outmuscles Milbourne for the rebound. Danny Green sticks back an airball; and he has 5. Gary takes his first timeout with the Terps trailing 23-18.

3:57-Tyler Zeller makes his first appearance of the game; and Danny Green is called for his first foul. Terps turn the ball over, and Ellington hits a jumper to extend UNC’s lead to 21-18. Terps turn the ball over again. Can’t let the Heels get breathing room here.

3:55-Tucker with the nice feed inside to Burney; but Burney can’t finish. The Terps CANNOT afford to miss inside shots (and especially the layups they missed the other night at Clemson). Thompson is fouled by Burney going to the hoop; Burney and Tucker exit for the re-entering Vasquez and Neal. Thopson makes both and Carolina leads 19-18.

3:54-And we finally have another Terp on the board. Bowie makes both at the line; and Maryland has their first lead of the day. The Maryland press forces a turnover; and Thompson gets his 2nd foul as he hits Bowie on the floor.

3:52-I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up seeing Jin Soo Kim and Braxton Dupree getting minutes inside today; as the Terps will likely be in foul trouble throughout this one. Hopefully Vasquez’s stellar play has weathered the storm of the rest of the team’s early struggles, and things will settle down. The longer they stay in it; the better chance they have.

3:51-Larry Drew into the game; and Milbourne with the BIG block on Hansbrough. In transition; Bowie is fouled by Thompson. He’ll shoot two after the official timeout. Terps trail 17-16 with 11:58 to play in the half.

3:49-This is as emotional as we’ve seen Greivis in recent weeks. He feeds Milbourne, but Milbourne misses the jumper. The rest of this team badly needs some confidence boosters. Vasquez misses the jumper that would have put the Terps ahead; but Davis is called for an over the top foul fighting for a rebounds. Greivis goes to the bench for a breather to a loud ovation; and the Terps turn the ball over.

3:48-Vasquez and Thompson trade jumpers; then Vasquez hits a 3 from the top of the key. Carolina 17, Vasquez 16.

3:47-More Vasquez offensively; as he rebounds his own miss and puts it back. It’s Carolina 15, Vasquez 11 right now.

3:45-Lawson makes one of two at the line; 14-9 Heels. Eric Hayes and Cliff Tucker into the game. Tucker makes a nice dish to Gregory, who misses a jumper. Gregory called for his 2nd personal as Ed Davis turns to the hoop; and Jerome Burney will enter. The Terps might need to use a number of fouls inside. Davis makes 1 of 2; 15-9 Heels.

3:44-So far, it looks like the Terps are dealing with some major nerves (aside from Vasquez). But Vasquez can’t revert to his old “I’ll just do everything” self either. He has to continue to work the ball to his teammates; and his teammates have to get their confidence up.

3:41-Milbourne looked for the jam; but was rejected. On the other end, Davis took a loose ball and put in a hook to make things 13-9. Mosley tried to slide in and draw an offensive foul on Lawson; but instead was hit with the block-his 2nd personal and the team’s 5th foul at the first official timeout. Lawson will go to the free throw line with the Terps trailing 13-9 and 15:36 to play in the half.

3:40-Think Vasquez wants this one? He hits a 3 to tie things at 9; he has all of Maryland’s points. Gregory called for hitting Hansbrough’s arm as he shoots a jumper; Psycho T makes both. He has 6; 11-9 Heels. Ed Davis enters for Thompson; and Frasor fouls Mosley away from the ball.

3:38-Dino Gregory into the game, and the Heels are happy to go right at the Terps’ “big” men. Thompson with a hoop; but Vasquez answers with one of his own in the lane. Ellington draws his first foul before Vasquez gets another inside hoop; but Green knocks down a 3. The Terps cannot shoot with the Heels. Vasquez with a basket; then Hansbrough called for an offensive foul. 9-6 Heels. Bobby Frasor in for Ellington.

3:36-Mosley fouls Green as he’s moving; then Hansbrough barrels into Milbourne before getting his 2nd hoop. The Terps will have to have a better answer for Hansbrough than Milbourne alone. Another questionable foul call; this time in the backcourt on Neal after a missed floater by Greivis. Not a good start.

3:34-Before the jump; Greivis gave “Psycho T” Hansbrough a friendly pat on the ass. Hansbrough didn’t even as much as look back. Hansbrough gets his first hoop off an offensive rebound (that will KILL Maryland); and it’s 2-0 Heels. Neal called for a charge on the other end.


Went to the lax game. They played VERY sloppy. Can see where the attack will be stout; but they cannot afford to not be able to win one man face-offs; and they CERTAINLY can’t afford the number of clearing turnovers they made.

3:29-Gary Williams’ Terps stick with the Dave Neal/Landon Milbourne/Greivis Vasquez/Adrian Bowie/Sean Mosley starting combo; Roy Williams’ Heels go with Deon Thompson/Danny Green/Tyler Hansbrough/Wayne Ellington/Ty Lawson. The Maryland fans (who chanted “Ga-ry!, Ga-ry!” again before the head coach hit the floor) had their harshest booing for Hansbrough. The Heels fans are a bit more noticeable with everyone sitting down; but I’m not sure they make up the even 10% of the crowd I guessed they would.

3:27-Two early games in ACC action today; as Miami was a 69-58 winner over Boston College; and NC State held serve in Raleigh for a 72-67 victory over Virginia.

3:23-Terps again in their alternate gold uniforms today; they’ve brought them out a few times recently for home games. I guess if it works they figure they should stick with it. Under Armour probably doesn’t mind trying to sell some extra threads with the exposure, either.

3:21-A new video introduction before the Terps took the floor; ending with the quote “Who Wants It More?” Apparently Gatorade was recently brought on as a sponsor; as they have handed out a number of red signs with their new “G” logo on the back.

3:18-Certainly a more electric atmosphere here at Comcast Center today with such a major opponent in the house. There are a smattering of Carolina fans spread out around the arena; but actually not quite as many as I thought there might be. I did notice the powder/baby blue fans across the campus; but the blue is not really sticking out anywhere in the arena.

3:12-Not a good day for the Terrapins on the lacrosse field. I took in the Maryland-Georgetown game at Ludwig Field before heading over here; and the Terps fell to the Hoyas 13-10. The Terps held a 6-5 advantage at halftime; but the Hoyas took advantage of failed face-offs by the Terps and sloppy clears to establish a 10-7 lead through three quarters. The Terps are back in action next Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium; where they’ll take on Duke in the Face-Off Classic.

3:05-Today’s game will be broadcast via “ESPN on ABC”-WMAR Channel 2 in Baltimore (Channel 12 on Comcast in Baltimore County). Brent Musberger and former UCLA Coach Steve Lavin have the call.

3:00-Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park; where the Maryland Terrapins are clinging to life on the bubble and desperately seeking a resume win over the mighty third ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. The Terps bring their 16-9 (5-6) record into today’s contest; while the Heels are 24-2 (10-2). The Terps lost their previous meeting with Carolina this season; 108-91 at the Dean Smith Center in Chapel Hill. The Terps have wins over UNC in each of the last two seasons however. The Heels are coming off an 89-80 win over NC State Thursday night (after which Roy Williams decided to drop the “F-Bomb” is his press conference”; while the Terps are coming off a miserable 2nd half in a 93-64 loss at Clemson Tuesday night.

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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 20 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

North Carolina 96, Maryland 78I get a bad feeling this one will look a lot like their first matchup. If Ellington and Lawson are shooting; this game will be over quickly, even at Comcast Center.

Morgan State 71, Towson 67

I was tempted to pick the Tigers at home; but I don’t think a team can win a big game like this after giving up just a few days earlier. The William and Mary loss told me a lot about this team.

Rider 68, UMBC 58

I would’ve liked the Retrievers at the RAC; but not on the road. Just not deep enough.

Drexel 77, Loyola 70

I’m not sure I’d pick the Greyhounds to beat much of anyone at this point.

Coppin State 64, Hampton 58

The Eagles are getting contributions from a number of players, and setting up well to be the number 2 seed in the MEAC Tournament

Let’s see what everyone else has to say……

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SOME QUICK THOUGHTS:-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Cassie Cooke; who scored 21 points for Winters Mill last night in an overtime win over Westminster. With the 21, Cooke has now surpassed 1,000 points for her career.

Some more weekend picks….
Maryland 13, Georgetown 9. The Terps’ attack is strong; and the only REAL questions I have about them are: A-How will the young guns hold up in big, pressure-packed games? And B-Can rotating Phipps and Carter in the cage REALLY work? I don’t think either question will be an issue tomorrow.
Johns Hopkins 9, Siena 6. The Blue Jays will have issues rebuilding this season; but they won’t come at Homewood Field tonight.
Loyola 8, Towson 6. I think the Greyhounds really benefitted from playing a week earlier than the Tigers. I think they miss Shane Koppens; but again, they’ll be okay.
UMBC 12, Rutgers 5. This could be uglier. The Retrievers looked REALLY good in their win over Delaware; and the Scarlet Knights aren’t as good as the Blue Hens.
North Carolina 10, Navy 9 (OT). Would you expect anything besides a classic from these two teams?

Talk to you tomorrow with a Maryland-Carolina live blog.



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Terps Fall Apart in 2nd Half; Fall 93-64 to Clemson

Posted on 17 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

The Terps DIDN’T lose this one in the 2nd half.

They lost it in the first half; when they didn’t take advantage of their opportunities to put Clemson behind the 8 ball.

As Gary has told us a few times in the past; the difference between a 13 point blowout and a 29 point blowout isn’t much. Once the game gets a bit silly; there’s not much you can do. Clemson turned this one into a blowout because of 3 consecutive momentum plays; and there wasn’t anything Maryland could to to stop them after that.

But in the first half; the Terps had their chances. The Tigers were tentative to take outside shots, they were in serious foul trouble, and they were allowing the Terps to get out in transition. But Maryland couldn’t establish a halftime advantage; and it killed them. They’re not a very good team. Clemson is MUCH better. But they are capable of beating teams better than they are (Miami, Virginia Tech, Michigan State, and Michigan are all better); they just have to play perfectly.

They get two more chances in the next week; and both chances come in College Park. Beating Carolina and Duke seems impossible; and might very well be. But getting just one of them is enough to make the rest of the season interesting if nothing else.

Let the “Fire Gary” comments commense…..


9:24-For those scoring at home; “Bobo” got on the board. Will be interesting to see what Gary says after this one. Terps were absolutely DESTORYED in the 2nd half. Tigers win 93-64. They improve to 21-4 (7-4); Terps fall to 16-9 (5-6). I’ll offer a few more thoughts; but only because I have to.

9:23-Clemson again by 27 with 1 minute to play. So much for making it LOOK respectable.

9:21-Catalin “Bobo” Baciu into the game……for what it’s worth. Hayes with a pair of 3’s; Burney with a dunk. What else is there in the world to talk about???

9:13-Bryan Narcisse into the game; they’ll continue to empty their bench. Jin Soo Kim hits a 3; but I’m not sure and Maryland students are still watching to explode. Oglesby and Vasquez trade 3’s. 79-56. Getting this down to 15 would make it look respectable…….but Tanner Smith just hit another 3.

9:10-Can I just write my post-game wrap now? At least I didn’t drive to Clemson…..

9:08-Maryland had the chance to cut the lead back to 20 (I know it doesn’t REALLY matter); but instead Potter will hit another 3 to extend the lead to 26.

9:07-Milbourne with a transition jam; and now Oliver Purnell calls a timeout to make sure the Tigers don’t sleepwalk TOO much. Fine line between not running up the score and falling completely asleep.

9:05-Milbourne takes a LITTLE frustration out with a dunk; but the Tigers are just outclassing them. This game SERIOUSLY turned a while ago; and Maryland just didn’t have the capability to answer with a jump shot. Clemson isn’t doing anything wrong now; and the “Fire Gary” crew will be back in force this week…..

9:02-Mosley misses another 3. I know Gary says he doesn’t expect freshman to contribute offensively; but Mosley is a downright liability on the offensive end. Tigers add 5 more to make the lead 24. Gary has to take another timeout; he has 1 left with 10:38 to play.

8:59-Four passes lead to an open look from outside for Tanner Smith. We’ll hit the next official timeout with Clemson leading 62-43. Ugh.

8:58-Missed free throws are contagious. Gregory misses both, but Hayes comes up with the loose ball rebound. Bowie drives for the layup with his left hand; Clemson by 14.

8:57-Finally Tucker with the layup; but Young blows past a lazy Maryland defense for a layup of his own. Vasquez finds Gregory inside; and he’s hammered going for a dunk.

8:56-Tigers with a steal, which turns into an Oglesby layup. They’re up 18 now…..and this is getting out of control. A miserable stretch here might well doom this Maryland team.

8:53-Milbourne with a tough 2nd effort to get a hoop here; but Clemson is just killing Maryland right now. Young knocks down the 3 (I told you these would start falling for Clemson); and the Terps miss ANOTHER layup inside. 55-39 Clemson here, as the Tigers are on a 19-6 run. Gary HAS to take a timeout here.

8:52-Hayes comes up with a big block with Tigers in transition; after Maryland turned the ball over again in transition. Potter knocks down a 3; extending Clemson’s lead to 13. Booker blocks Tucker in transition; 50-37 Clemson.

8:50-It is ONE thing to have a momentum play go your way. It is another thing to have THREE momentum plays go your way. Clemson just got 3…..and that can be killer. The Terps didn’t mope after any of them; but someone has to really take personal responsibility here to get things going again.

8:47-Inbounds play again works to Neal for an easy jumper; but Booker gives Clemson ANOTHER big response with a 3 from the top of the key. Bowie misses a layup; but Neal is fouled going for the rebound. Clemson takes their first double digit lead of the game; 47-37 at the official timeout. This is not looking good….

8:46-Another defensive breakdown, and Booker feeds Grant for another thunderous dunk. Too many easy inside hoops for the Tigers in this one; they have their biggest lead of the game at 44-35.

8:45-Neal with the bucket inside; but Littlejohn EXPLODES as Booker stuffs back a missed 3. Wow. Clemson starting to pull away here; leading 42-35. Maryland calls timeout; they’re in desperate need of making a jump shot right now.

8:43-Lots of touch foul calls early on; as Vasquez is called for one here. Clemson gets a big hoop from Stitt and is fouled. He misses the PLUS ONE attempt; but Grant rebounds and gets the put-back. Bad series for Maryland. 40-33 Clemson. Neal fouled on the floor by Grant. Lots of whistles in this one.

8:42-In transition; Milbourne gets the dunk and is fouled. He hits the PLUS ONE attempt; and the Terps trail just 36-33.

8:39-Rivers called for a walk early on; and Bowie gets a dunk in transition coming back. Nice move by Oglesby gets him a layup; he has 9. Mosley with a strong move, but he can’t finish. 36-30 Clemson. Mosley misses ANOTHER layup; this one where he was WIDE OPEN and all alone. That’s unfathomable. He’s called for the foul after.

8:37-Great defense from Maryland on the inbounds play to open the 2nd half; as the Tigers are forced to call timeout.

Stitt lead the Tigers with 10 points in the first half; Oglesby 7, Booker 6 with a game high 6 rebounds. The Terps got 7 points from Neal; 6 from Vasquez, 5 from Mosley, who also had a team high 4 boards.

8:19-Like I expected, Oglesby hit both. Clemson is now allowing Maryland to run their set play; and instead Rivers gets a steal and finishes on the other end. Clemson gets some VERY good momentum to take to the locker room; leading 34-28. Gary is OBVIOUSLY not happy.

8:17-Good screens by Clemson lead to a drive by Oglesby; who is fouled. Gary calls a :30 timeout here to set up a play after the free throw attempts by Oglesby. (We can pretty much assume Oglesby will hit these)

8:15-Vasquez is fouled and knocks down both free throws. 28-26 Tigers shortly-but Tigers and Terps trade hoops and it’s 30-28. Dave Neal doing a nice job. Vasquez called for a walk.

8:13-Good curl leads to a hoop for Tucker; Terps within 4. Neal steps through for ANOTHER steal. Great pass from Hayes to Tucker inside; but Tucker’s shot is partially blocked. Terps playing a little more inspired basketball here before the half…..

8:12-Vasquez gets both at the line, cutting the lead to 6 for the Tigers. They can’t afford to let this get to double digits before the half.

8:10-To be fair, the Terps are fortunate for this to even be a reasonably close game right now. They have NOT run an effective offense, and have been brutalized inside. These things have a tendency to happen you are an outsized team; but they have to force some turnovers and get a run.

8:08-Stitt with the ball fake and the hoop; then Milbourne misses on the other end. Vasquez with a hoop in transition next time down; getting him on the scoreboard. Stitt knocks down a 3; 28-20 Clemson as Vasquez is fouled. We’ll hit the final official timeout of the first half with the Terps in a bit of a danger zone.

8:07-Neal with a steal; then sloppy shots finally lead to him being fouled. He hits both; 23-18 Clemson. With 4:51 still to play in the half; the Terps want to get to the line a few more times.

8:05-Tigers get THREE chances and eventually cash in. Bowie AGAIN does the right thing and goes right to the hoop and is fouled by Grant. Bowie HAS to hit free throws though; he misses both here. 23-16 Clemson.

8:04-Oglesby DOES hit both freebies; and Milbourne responds with a mid-range jumper. 21-16 Clemson.

8:02-Finally the right decision by Adrian Bowie; as he drives and is fouled by Young. That’s already Young’s 3rd personal foul. Bowie knocks down both at the line; 19-14 Clemson. Oglesby fouled in transition; you might as well go ahead and count these two free throws…..

8:01-Another breakdown on the interior; and Grant gets another dunk. Terps JUST don’t have an inside answer for that. 19-12 Clemson.

8:00-Rich, this is why sometimes their good shooting games are a bit of a curse (like Saturday). This team is NOT a jump shooting team; they’re a team that needs to penetrate and draw fouls. They forget that, and it REALLY hurts them.

7:57-Clemson’s passing continues to baffle Maryland; they’re gonna start knocking down outside shots pretty soon. Jin Soo Kim into the game; he’s dunked on by Grant; then turns the ball over. Gary has to find effective inside minutes; and hasn’t gotten them yet. Steve Goins maybe? 17-12 at the 3rd official timeout; and Maryland HAS to find their offense.

7:55-A Jerome Burney sighting! What do you know??? Terps CONTINUE to struggle from outside; but they’re in the bonus now; which should benefit them for sure. Unless Adrian Bowie misses the front end of a 1 and 1……

7:53-Terps REALLY struggling with their jump shots, and haven’t shown the discipline to drive towards the hoop yet. Oglesby finds a cutting Sykes for another dunk, but Mosley answers with a layup off a good feed from Tucker. Terps have done a good job vs. Clemson’s press so far. 15-12 Clemson as Sykes blocks a driving Hayes.

7:52-Milbourne called for the offensive foul; his first, team’s 4th. Terps have actually done a nice job on the boards, at least defensively; and Milbourne gets a big block in transition. Terps have to get some points here.

7:50-Dino Gregory and Cliff Tucker have also checked in as Gary has gone to the bench early to try to match the number of players Oliver Purnell will use. Gregory unfortunately already has 2 fouls. The Terps might be forced to resorting to using other interior defenders just for their fouls to give at some point in this one.

7:48-Sykes fouled inside, he hits 1 of 2 at the line. Tigers really bringing their defense up to meet the Terps across midcourt. Mosley misses a jumper; but the Terps will get the ball back trailing 13-10 after the 2nd official timeout of the half.

7:46-Terps and Tigers each called for offensive fouls; then Milbourne slips underneath for a layup. 12-10 Tigers after Maryland’s first hoop in 5 minutes.

7:44-Mosley makes both; but Stitt responds with a 3. A defensive breakdown inside leads to a dunk by Booker. Jerai Grant, Andre Young, and Tanner Smith into the game for the Tigers. Clemson 12-8; but they already have 5 team fouls with over 13 minutes to play. Eric Hayes into the game for Maryland.

7:42-If you’re looking for a positive sign; the Terps aren’t being run out of the gym at the first timeout like they were in trips to North Carolina and Duke. The Tigers are getting things done inside; and that will continue to hurt the Terps throughout the night.

7:39-Turnovers on both ends; but a Milbourne rebound gets the Terps going in transition and Mosley is fouled. He’ll go to the free throw line after the first official timeout.

7:37-Mosley gets 1 of 2 at the line; but Oglesby drills a 3 from the corner to make things 7-6 Clemson. Vasquez penetrates and draws a foul from Rivers.

7:36-5-2 Terps after a transition hoop by Bowie. Tigers answer with Sykes’ 2nd inside hoop; then Sykes fouls Mosley going to the hoop in transition. 5-4 Terps with Mosley at the line.

7:35-Dave Neal gets Maryland on the board early with a 3. 3-2 Terps. They lead 3-2 at Duke after a Neal 3 earlier this season. That was their only lead……

7:33-While I will admit that I’m a sucker for Raftery’s “man to man”; I wish someone would let him know that the the Q in Vasquez sounds more like a K. Tigers get easy bucket inside, 2-0.

7:32-Tigers’ starting lineup: Demontez Stitt, Terrence Oglesby, K.C. Rivers, Trevor Booker, Raymond Sykes. Terps stick with Sean Mosley, Adrian Bowie, Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, Dave Neal.

7:30-The Terps bring a 16-8 (5-5 ACC) record into tonight’s game; the Tigers 20-4 (6-4). ESPN2 is doing “Interactive Tuesday” during tonight’s game. Interestingly enough; I host “Interactive Everyday.”

7:25-I don’t THINK I need to remind anyone of what happened the last time the Terps and Tigers tangled, do I? I’m not sure how I left it out of “Ten Worst Losses in Garyland History” blog; but on March 2, 2008; the Terps blew a 20 point lead at Comcast Center and were done in by a last second 3 pointer by Terrence Oglesby to give the Tigers a 73-70 victory. I still haven’t accepted it.

7:20-I’m not at Littlejohn Coliseum tonight; instead joining you from the comfort of my own sofa in Rosedale. But I’ll be with you tonight; as the Terps battle the 13th ranked Tigers. The game can be seen on ESPN2; with Mike Patrick (save your excitement) and Coach Bill Raftery on the call.

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