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Terps Get “Must” Win in Complete Performance, 83-73 over Hokies

Posted on 14 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

For the 2nd time in as many home games; Gary Williams stared down the face of his detractors and reminded each and every one of them that he is a VERY good basketball coach. Much like in Maryland’s home win over Miami; Gary pressed all of the right buttons in leading the Terps to an 83-73 victory over Virginia Tech. Not only did he call good timeouts and make effective defensive switches, but he kept the right players on the floor at just the right time; and made the Hokies’ night miserable defensively.

But something else happened tonight that wasn’t quite as evident as in Maryland’s win over Miami. Tonight the entire Maryland team proved that they just might be a pretty decent basketball team after all.

Virginia Tech is one of the better teams in the ACC; coming in strong with a 6-3 league record and 2 straight victories. The Hokies could very well still end up dancing come March, and like Gary said-have 3 players that can match up with many of the top 3 players in the entire conference.

But Maryland never blinked tonight. They took it to Virginia Tech from the opening tip; never allowing the Hokies to take a lead. The Terps opened a 3 point lead, then a 7 point lead, then an 11 point lead. And instead of allowing Virginia Tech to make things interesting; they locked down every time the Hokies did something positive. When the Hokies shaved the lead to 3 points in the 2nd half; the Terps put together an emphatic 5-0 run to answer. When the Hokies started hitting 3 point shots late; the Terps didn’t flinch at the free throw line (hitting 24 of 26 on the night).

And when leading scorer Greivis Vasquez went to the bench with four personal fouls and 8:32 to play in the game; Maryland REALLY responded. Not only did they prevent Virginia Tech from erasing the deficit; they actually extended the lead to 10 before Vasquez returned four minutes later.

The rest of Maryland’s schedule has been called a “Murderer’s Row”, as 4 of their next 5 are @Clemson and home games against Top 5 teams North Carolina, Duke, and Wake Forest. The Terps will need to find at least one or two wins in there to have any chance of making the NCAA Tournament; and few prognosticators have given them much of a chance. But for the first time all season; the Terps showed us a reason to think that we might need to talk about basketball the rest of the way; instead of talking about the perceived failures of the man in charge of the program.

That’s all for me tonight. Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0.


Gary opened his post-game press conference by saying he “thought (Maryland) did a good job on both ends of the floor of playing like a team.” He thought the 2nd half was “probably the best (Maryland has played) defensively.” Adding that the team “did a great job of seeing where to help, where to double.” He added to those comments by saying the team “both offensively and defensively was pretty consistent on both ends.”

Gary took time to credit Virginia Tech; saying they were “a good team” and they lead to the locker room having “a lot of emotion.” He added that the Hokies “have 3 players that can match any 3 players in” the ACC-obviously talking about Allen, Vassallo, and Delaney.

Gary mentioned the contributions of many players individually-

-Landon Milbourne “has done a tremendous job all season.”

-“The effort plays Sean Mosley gives you…….some of them go unnoticed because they don’t show up in stats.” “He’s always working.”

-“Dino Gregory……that’s 17 minutes of tough defense.”

-Dave Neal “gave (the team) great senior leadership.” “He kept (the young guys) focused.”

-Eric Hayes “finished the game.” “Anybody can start a game, not everybody can finish a game.”

-Greivis Vasquez “had a great game”

Gary had no interest in discussing anything besides the basketball game. When Sun beat writer Jeff Barker asked him about the atmosphere; Gary simply responded by saying “I love coaching this team.” And Gary didn’t appear to be in the mood to talk to Washington Post beat writer Steve Yanda (who co-authored the 3 part series about Gary’s recruiting struggles this week); responding to a question about finishing games by saying “You’re wrong.”

Gary mentioned that when Greivis sat on the bench with 4 fouls; he “thought Dave Neal really stepped up and said ‘we’re not going to lose this thing.'” Gary mentioned a few times that he felt the team really showed a “quiet confidence” as they are now in a stretch where they have won 3 of 4 games.

Adrian Bowie said that the Terps “wanna show everybody (they’re) a NCAA Tournament team.” He also discussed the mohawks he and Landon Milbourne sported today; saying he got his on Thursday, Landon got his yesterday, and they thought the rest of the team would show up today also having them done. Obviously they didn’t. After the win; he expected the rest of the team would choose to now go get them done.

When Sean Mosley was asked about matching up with fellow former Baltimore Catholic League star Malcolm Delaney, Mosley admitted it was “something (he’s) dreamed of.” He said the two players “met at half court” before the game, and Delaney said “he was going for 30 on” the Terps. Mosley deflected credit to Delaney despite a solid defensive performance, saying (Delaney) “played pretty well tonight.”

Landon Milbourne lead the way for the Terps in this one; tallying a game-high 23 points and a team high 6 rebounds. Greivis Vasquez scored 17 points before fouling out; Eric Hayes 12 (with a game high 5 assists), and Dave Neal 10. Sean Mosley had 9 points (and tied for a game high with 8 steals), and Adrian Bowie had 8. The Terps finished the game with a 15:11 assist-to-turnover ratio; and the teams each finished with 31 rebounds. The Terps shot 26-54 from the field (48.1%), 7-18 from 3 point range (38.9%), and a staggering 24-26 from the free throw line (92.3%). Jin Soo Kim, Braxton Dupree, Steve Goins, and Jerome Burney were all healthy DNP’s. (David Pearman was too for that matter).

A.D. Vassallo lead the Hokies with 20 points, Malcolm Delaney 16. Jeff Allen chipped in 8 points and a game high 9 boards before fouling out; Lewis Witcher also added 8 (all in the first half). Terrell Bell and J.T. Thompson had 7 points each. The Hokies finished with 9 assists and 12 turnovers (3:4 ratio); and Delaney tied for the game high with 3 steals. No Hokie had more assists than Hank Thorns’ 3. The boys from VPI show 26-55 from the field (47.3%), 8-21 from long range (38.1%), and 13-21 from the free throw line (61.9%).

5:59-Gary not quite as emotional as usual in his post-game interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche, but credits the players for the win. You certainly have to give a lot of the credit to Gary, who had 6 days to prepare for a big game. He’ll only have 2 to prepare for the trip to Clemson on Tuesday, which might be the toughest swing of the season. I’ll be back with more shortly after Gary’s press conference.

5:58-Delaney hits a halfcourt 3 as the clock expires; and Maryland wins what we knew coming in was their most important game of the season. Players clearly excited after the 83-73 victory. Terps improve to 16-8 (5-5), and Virginia Tech falls to 16-8 (6-4).

5:55-Hayes turns the ball over and Delaney hits a 3. He has 13. Hayes fouled by Delaney and knocks down both free throws. He has 12. Va Tech misses their next shot; and Neal is fouled after the rebound. He goes to the line with 45.2 seconds to play; makes 1 of 2. He has 10. Terps by 13. Airball for Delaney; and you have to imagine Greenberg will call off the dogs.

5:53-Terps get Thompson to turn the ball over, and Milbourne is fouled by Bell. Milbourne gets both, he has 23. Terps by 13 with 1:20 to play. Vassallo fouled by Hayes with 1:15 to play, he misses the front end of a 1 and 1.

5:52-Bell fouls Hayes going for the ball with 1:33 to play. Terps will have to hit their free throws down the stretch to put this one away. Hayes gets both, he has 10. Terps by 11.

5:50-Milbourne knocks down both; he has a game high 21. Delaney responds with a 3 on the other end; he has 10. Bowie fouled by Hudson (4th personal) with 1:54 to play, he gets both to roll in. 76-64 Maryland. Delaney’s shot was an eerie reminder of the double digit lead Syracuse blew earlier today before holding on for an overtime win. Another reminder as Bell knocks down a 3 of his own and Seth Greenberg calls his final timeout with 1:36 to play. 76-67 Maryland. Bell has 7, Bowie has 8.

5:48-Thompson knocks down both free throws; and sloppy play underneath the hoop ends when Hudson fouls Milbourne, who can’t finish the hoop. Thompson hurt on the play, Milbourne will shoot two. 2:24 to play.

5:46-Terps spread the floor out of the timeout; and get a dunk from Bowie. 72-59. Vasquez is called for the foul on the other end; his night ends with 2:33 to play. Thompson goes to the line.

5:45-Bowie makes both at the line; 70-57 Terps. Delaney gets a hoop on the other end; and the lead is 11. Delaney has 7. Terps call their 4th timeout as they are slow to bring the ball up court.

5:42-The story of the 2nd half right now is certainly how the Terps have played since Greivis Vasquez picked up his 4th personal foul. The Terps haven’t just held their own; they’ve been OUTSTANDING on both ends since then; adding to their lead and frustrating the Hokies.

Thompson gets the dunk inside; and the lead is 68-57. Allen called for his 5th personal going for the ball; and Bowie will go to the line to shoot two.

5:40-A tired Vassallo airballs a jumper, then fouls Mosley on the other end. 3rd personal on Va Tech’s leading scorer; 10th team foul, Terps in the double bonus. Mosley knocks down both free throws, he has 9. 68-55 Maryland with 3:36 to play after a tie-up; and we hit the final official timeout of regulation.

5:38-Vassallo makes one of two at the line; he has 20. Milbourne has 19. Allen called for the foul away from the ball defending Dave Neal. That’s Allen’s 4th personal, and the team’s 9th foul. Vasquez checks back out on defense; and Neal knocks down both. He has 9, lead is 11.

5:35-Milbourne loses the ball out of bounds; and Gary decides to call his 3rd timeout. 5:43 to play and Maryland has an 8 point lead. Virginia Tech didn’t need long to erase a big lead from NC State just last weekend; and they are very capable of doing it again.

Terps force a turnover; and Milbourne stuffs home an EXPLOSIVE dunk in transition. Crowd ERUPTS, and Maryland extends the lead to 64-54. Tucker fouls Vassallo away from the hoop; Vassallo will shoot one and one. Vasquez re-enters with 4 personal fouls and 4:58 to play.

5:33-Gregory with the head fake; and draws the foul going back up. He gets on the board with both free throws; and Maryland’s lead is in double digits at 62-52. Virginia Tech can close a double digit gap in a hurry however. Tough hoop from Vassallo; he has 19. 62-54 Terps.

5:32-Mosley to the free throw line; he hits both. 7 for the freshman from St. Frances on the night. Under 7 minutes to play, Terps 60-52.

5:30-3rd official timeout of the half comes with 7:10 to play, and Hudson picks up his 2nd personal foul. Va Tech now has 7 team fouls. With Maryland shooting free throws every time the Hokies are called for a foul herein; the Terps will HAVE to do a better job of getting to the rim. They have struggled with going to the basket since the Hokies have gone to their zone; but without their top scorer on the floor, it is particularly important to try to get points at the line.

5:27-Tucker misses the outside shot; and Neal does a nice job of getting the ball back by fighting for the offensive board. Neal then knocks down a jumper to extend the lead to 58-49. 7 points for Maryland’s only senior. Hank Thorns gets an open look for 3 and drills it with the shot clock expiring. Those are the first points of the game for Thorns; and Seth Greenberg calls his 4th timeout with 7:31 still to play. That’s interesting timing. Gregory re-enters with his 3 fouls. Maryland 58-52.

5:25-BIG moment here. Vasquez draws his 4th personal foul with 8:32 to play and will obviously have to return to the bench. Vassallo will shoot two; that’s Maryland’s 6th team foul. Don’t expect Vasquez to return until we go under the 5 minute mark. Vassallo knocks down both, he now ties for game high with 17. 56-49 Maryland; and the Terps will have to find offense without Vasquez on the floor. Hayes pushes the ball and Thorns get the foul call. That’s the 6th team foul for the Hokies.

5:22-Bell comes up with an offensive rebound and is fouled by Gregory; his 3rd personal. (Dave Neal missed another outside shot on the other end). Bell hits one of two, cutting the lead to 54-47. Vasquez is back in with his 3 fouls, and Milbourne also returns. Tucker knocks down a jumper for his first points; 56-47 Maryland. Hayes fouled by Vassallo going across the floor; that’s Vassallo’s 2nd. On the inbounds, Thompson draws his 2nd foul. Va Tech and Maryland each have 5 team fouls.

5:20-Milbourne knocks down the PLUS ONE attempt; he’s now tied with Vasquez for the game high with 17. He also joins Vasquez on the bench. 54-45 Terps. With the shot clock expiring, Delaney takes the ball to the rack; and Gregory attempts to slide underneath to draw the offensive foul. The call goes against Gregory, and Delaney goes to the line for 2. Questionable call, but probably the right one. Delaney makes one of two to cut Maryland’s lead to 8. He has just 5 on the night.


I would certainly call that an ‘inspired’ response from the Terps. They have to maintain the intensity on the defensive end; and MUST figure out a way to penetrate against the zone front the Hokies are showing them.

5:17-BIG transition for the Terps; as Mosley gets the strip; and Milbourne gets the bucket on the other end and is fouled in the process. He’ll get a PLUS ONE attempt after our 2nd official timeout of the half. Terps lead 53-45 with 10:57 to go in this one. Milbourne got the hoop off a missed 3 by Hayes.

5:15-Hayes with a missed 3 and a turnover on an inbounds play after a foul on Witcher. Vasquez called for his 3rd personal on a shot attempt by Bell. Bell makes one of two at the line; and Allen gets the offensive rebound and the basket. Vasquez’s diving attempt to save a ball out of bounds goes to the Hokies, and Vassallo knocks down a big 3. He has 15. Hayes with the MAJOR answer on the other end in the form of a 3 of his own. He has 8, Terps 51-45. They’re struggling with Va Tech’s zone for sure though.

5:11-Allen backs down Milbourne in going to the hoop for 2. Virginia Tech goes to a zone defensively; greeting the ball handler with two defenders. Mosley rebounds a Bowie miss; and gets a timeout called before going out of bounds. Another miss by Vasquez and Mosley gets the steal before Milbourne turns the ball over again. Mosley with the strip beneath the hoop; and he hits a baseline jumper. Vassallo knocks down a jumper of his own the next time down; and Maryland’s lead is 48-39 as Greenberg takes his 3rd :30 timeout. Vassallo has 10.

5:07-Couple of notes from halftime:

John Harbaugh did some politicking with the Maryland student section during a taped interview with Comcast Sports Net’s Chick Hernandez. I imagine you will be able to see that on “SportsNite” tonight.

Also, Maryland has decided to end their open locker room policy after games; a decision the media was informed of at halftime. Interesting timing for a program that has used open locker rooms for as long as I can remember; and you almost can’t help but notice that it comes after a week where the Washington Post ran a particularly negative story.

5:05-Allen steps outside and knocks down a 3; but Vasquez answers by sliding into the lane for a hoop of his own. Mosley with a big rebound; and Neal finds Vasquez, who shakes off a defender and knocks down a 3. Maryland extends their largest lead of the game to 46-35; and Vasquez has a game high 17. Not much hot-dogging from Vasquez tonight; but he did do his little shimmy after knocking that one down. Neal called for a foul as we hit the first official timeout with 15:53 to play.


I thought Maryland did an EXCELLENT job of guarding Delaney in the first half; and was smart to switch Bowie and Mosley. I do worry that Delaney has a personal run in him; possibly one where he attempts some long jumpers in the process.

Good timeout here from Greenberg; despite the fact that Maryland has lead throughout; they haven’t been able to pull away at any point. The Virginia Tech coach wanted to make sure that didn’t change here; as the Terps have their biggest lead of the game at 9.

5:01-Allen makes 1 of 2 at the line; his first point of the game. 38-32 Maryland. Dave Neal finds himself open outside and nails the 3; Maryland 41-32. Seth Greenberg calls the :30 timeout; he has 3 timeouts remaining.

4:59-Delaney picks up his 2nd personal to open the 2nd half; then Vassallo hits a jumper. Flat shots from Bowie and Mosley in between. Mosley gets a hoop in the lane to make things 38-31; Neal fouls Allen fighting inside after a bad shot attempt by the big Hokie.

4:54-Maryland was lead in scoring by Landon Milbourne with 14; Vasquez added 10. The Terps were out-rebounded by the Hokies 16-14; and had 8 assists to 5 turnovers. The Terps shot 14-30 from the field (46.7%); 4-8 from outside (50%); and 2-3 from the free throw line (66.7%).

Virginia Tech was lead by Vassallo and Witcher, who each had 8 points. They had 5 assists to 6 turnovers. They shot 12-25 from the field (48%); 1-6 from outside (16.7%); and 4-6 from the stripe (66.7%).


This is the first time Dave Odom has done a Maryland game this season; and I can’t tell you that I’ve heard him doing other games this season. It makes sense that Raycom would gobble up a successful former ACC Coach (Bobby Cremins used to be outstanding in a similar role); but Odom was never really much of a personality guy at any of his stops. I’m not particularly surprised he’s struggling. I think Bonner, Gminski, and even Jason Capel have done a nice job this season.

4:45-The Maryland men’s lacrosse team won their 2nd game in as many days to open the season today; defeating Air Force in Jacksonville. Notre Dame transfer Will Yeatman had 6 points in the win-two goals and four assists. They host Georgetown next Saturday in their first home game.

The Women’s basketball team got big wins at Boston College and at home over Virginia this week; they host C. Vivian Stringer’s Rutgers team tomorrow.

4:44-Standing ovation for Lefty Driesell and his ’84 Championship squad (Keith Gatlin amongst the players who are honored on the court). Loudest ovation is saved for the Ol’ Lefthander.

4:42-A sloppy final possession ends with a decent look from about 7-8 feet for Gregory; but he can’t get it to go. Terps will take a 34-29 lead to the intermission. I’ll be back shortly with more.

4:41-The Hokies decide not to hold it; and Vasquez is called for his 2nd foul instead. Vassallo knocks down both free throws; he has 8. Terps will hold.

4:39-Mosley rebounds a missed jumper by Vasquez, he can’t hit the putback but draws the foul. Mosley knocks down 1 of 2; Va Tech will get the last shot trailing 34-27.

4:38-Milbourne can’t hit another baseline jumper off the turnaround; and Sean Mosley picks up his first foul fighting for the rebound. Scoring drought for Maryland entering the final minute; but Mosley does a nice job of forcing a turnover on the other end.

4:36-Dino Gregory loses an offensive rebound out of bounds; and a long possession for Virginia Tech continues. Terps have actually done a nice job on the glass thus far; and are bailed out when Thorns missed an open jumper and Vassallo can’t come up with the rebound-glancing out of bounds instead.

4:35-A Valentine’s Day special during the official timeout; as a KISS CAM segment broke out on the big screen; culminating with a young man named Joe asking his girlfriend Sharon to marry him. She said yes for the record.

4:33-Tucker called for the foul away from the ball; and we hit the final official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading 33-27.

4:32-Delaney with the floater in the lane; and Milbourne responds with a jumper of his own. Milbourne has 14. Witcher slips underneath for another basket; he has 8. Maryland 33-27 as they turn the ball over.

4:30-Vasquez called for the foul defending Vassallo; and Witcher gets a hoop off an offensive rebound. A curl play gives Milbourne an open jumper; which he knocks down. 31-23 Maryland as Virginia Tech turns the ball over again.

4:29-Sloppy play out of the timeout with turnovers on both sides. Vasquez gets the hoop next time down; he has 10. Milbourne with an UGLY 3; and Maryland has their largest lead of the game at 29-21. Both Milbourne and Vasquez have 10.

4:26-Did anyone catch the St. Patrick (NJ)-Lincoln High (NY) game last night on ESPN2? North Carolina-bound Dexter Strickland certainly out-dueled Maryland hopeful Lance Stephenson (who will reportedly visit Kansas on Feb. 21 against Nebraska); but I thought Maryland commit James Padgett looked OUTSTANDING in the game. Both Strickland and “Born Ready” Stephenson were named McDonald’s All-Americans after the game.

4:25-Step back jumper from Delaney won’t fall; and Bowie sends another 3 point attempt flat. Vassallo with the basket the other way down; and we hit the 3rd official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading 24-21.

4:24-GREAT move by Delaney on Vasquez to get to the hoop for 2. Vasquez knocks down a jumper to answer; he has 8. 24-19 Maryland.

4:22-Bell knocks down a jumper from outside to get the Hokies within 2 at 17-15. Milbourne slips through a defense that fronted too much for a lay-up, he’s fouled by Witcher on the play. Milbourne is true on the PLUS ONE attemptto make things 20-15; he has 7. BAD defense by the Terps in transition leads to an easy dunk for Thompson. Hayes gets the ball on a curl and knocks down the jumper from the free throw line. 22-17 Terps.

4:21-Tucker with the big block of an attempted 3 by Vassallo in transition; but Witcher sends home a thunderous dunk off the inbounds pass. 17-13 Terps now as we go under the 10 minutes to play mark.

4:19-Vassallo makes one of two at the line; and Hayes responds with a 3 from the top; 17-11 Terps. Terrel Bell into the game for Va Tech; he’s called for traveling the first time he touches the ball.

4:17-A number of Virginia Tech fans have snuck their way into the now-capacity crowd. John Harbaugh receives a VERY nice ovation from the student section after donning the “We Love Our Coach” Gary Williams shirt that many of the top donors are wearing today. The mix of Redskins fans and Ravens fans give Harbaugh an interesting response when shown on the big screen.

4:15-Lewis Witcher into the game for VT, he knocks down a jumper. Gregory appeared to get a HUGE block in transition; but was instead called for a foul before the 2nd official timeout. 14-10 Terps with 11:18 to play.

4:13-Eric Hayes and Dino Gregory are first into the game from the bench; joined by Cliff Tucker about a minute later. Vasquez misses EVERYTHING on a terrible faller in the lane; then Thompson called for a foul going for a rebound. Hank Thorns into the game for the Hokies; Vasquez knocks down a 3. He has 6; Terps 14-8.

4:12-Vasquez knocks down a 3 out of the timeout; Tech gets one of two free throws from J.T. Thompson after Milbourne is called for a foul. Vassallo knocks down a 3; and Maryland’s lead is 11-8.

4:08-Today’s game can be seen on Raycom Sports (WNUV 54; Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County). Tim Brant and former Wake Forest/South Carolina Coach Dave Odom have the call.

Calvert Hall star Jonathan Graham is in the house; he just walked in with his father-former Terp Ernie Graham. Ravens coach John Harbaugh is also in the house; sitting next to owner Steve Bisciotti in his usual courtside seats. Former Washington Post columnist (he did take the buyout, right?) is seated in the media area; he’s of course still a contributor to “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN.

4:05-Mosley misses a jumper from the top of the key; then Bowie called for the foul as Delaney penetrated. Hokies with good screening to give Delaney a look; but he misses from outside. Bowie will end up in foul trouble early if they don’t switch Mosley on Delaney every now and then. Milbourne with his favorite shot-the jumper from the baseline; but Hudson responds with a jumper of his own. 8-4 Terps as we hit the first official timeout; Vassallo called for his first foul fighting for a rebound.

4:03-Terps using bumps and elbows inside to help defend the Hokies’ talented big men. Allen rebounds a Vasquez miss; but Vasquez holds his ground and draws an elbow from Allen. Hokies didn’t come back with help; and Vasquez took the fall after drawing the elbow. Dave Neal again gets an open look outside and misses.

3:59-Adrian Bowie wastes no time cutting to the hoop for the game’s first two; but Diakite responds with the game’s first offensive rebound and a basket of his own. Bowie fouled penetrating the 2nd time down; and Milbourne gets a hoop after the foul. Milbourne then stands up Allen inside on defense; and Neal hits a baseline jumper. Terps force a turnover and get the ball back leading 6-2.

3:51-Gary enters the floor to another ROUSING ovation; including chants of “Ga-ry!, Ga-ry!”

Seth Greenberg’s Hokies start Jeff Allen and Cheick Diakite up front; A.D. Vassallo, Dorenzo Hudson, and Towson Catholic’s Malcolm Delaney in the backcourt.

Adrian Bowie returns to Maryland’s starting lineup after battling flu-like symptoms in Atlanta. Sean Mosley remains in the lineup instead of Eric Hayes, they’re joined by regulars Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Dave Neal.

3:38-Terps wearing their all-gold alternate uniforms tonight; and will honor the 1984 ACC Championship team today (I see Lefty Driesell out of the corner of my eye). WNST’s Steve Hennessey just pointed out to me that Adrian Bowie is now sporting a mohawk; which is pretty funny. Crowd somewhat sparse 20 minutes before tip-off, which has to be concerning even given the nature of how this team has struggled.

3:27-Greetings from Comcast Center in College Park; where the Virginia Tech Hokies bring their 16-7 (6-3 ACC) record into today’s 4PM tip with the Terps, who are 15-8 (4-5). The game is considered a “Bubble Game” by many talking/writing heads throughout the country, and that’s probably an accurate statement. With Maryland having 4 games against Top 10-caliber opponents still on the schedule; they’re going to need a miracle if they lose today. (They might need a miracle even if they can figure out a way to win.) Maryland has had a week off after squeaking out a win over Georgia Tech last Sunday. The Hokies have won two straight over NC State and Georgia Tech.

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Terps Hang on for UGLY 57-56 win over Georgia Tech

Posted on 08 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

It is easy to say that “a win is a win” after you win a brutal game; and that is just about ALL you can say after Maryland’s 57-56 win over Georgia Tech Sunday night.

The Terps were FAR from perfect in the victory; and in fact played one of their worst games of the season. But sometimes teams need to win games like this. For the Terps, the game WAS a must win; and they walked out of Atlanta with a win.

Never before has a week off come at such a good time. Looking at the schedule ahead; their game Saturday against Virginia Tech in College Park will be a must win game as well. The Terps need a healthy Adrian Bowie; and DESPERATELY need a return to form from Landon Milbourne.

But tonight WAS a win. And while it is sometimes hard to believe; 4-5 in conference is MUCH better than 1-8. The Terps still have something to play for if they choose to work hard this week leading up to Saturday’s game.


Greivis Vasquez lead the way for the Terps with 19 points and tied for the team high with just 3 assists. Eric Hayes added 15 points and 5 rebounds. Cliff Tucker had 8 points; Dino Gregory 7 with 5 boards. Mosley and Milbourne tied for the team high with 6 boards each. They also combined to score just 3 points.

The Terps were 19-53 from the field (35.8%), 7-22 from 3 point land (31.8%), and 12-19 from the free throw line (63.2%). They were out-rebounded 34-29; and had 11 assists on their 19 field goal makes.

Iman Shumpert lead the Jackets with 13 points; he chipped in 6 rebounds. Zachery Peacock added 11 points off the bench. Gani Lawal had 8 points and a team high 14 rebounds. Lewis Clinch lead the Jackets with 5 assists.

Georgia Tech shot 19-47 from the field (40.4%); 7-20 from beyond the arc (35%); and 11-16 at the free throw line (68.8%). The Jackets had 14 assists on their 19 field goal makes; but were haunted by their 24 turnovers. (Maryland committed 16 turnovers of their own).

9:44-Almost a NIGHTMARE for the Terps. Hayes misses the front end of the 1 and 1; and the Jackets get two looks to win. Clinch misses the first, Shumpert misses a wild one at the buzzer. Hewitt wanted a foul; but there clearly wasn’t one. Terps hang on for a BRUTAL 57-56 win. They improve to 15-8 (4-5) with a very ugly win. Vasquez thanks God in his interview after the game. Tech falls to 10-12 (1-8). Gary seems particularly relieved in his postgame interview with high praise for Vasquez.

9:42-Peacock makes both, he has 11. Terps lead 57-56 with 18.6 to play. They want the ball in Vasquez or Hayes’ hands. They get it to Hayes, he’s fouled by Storrs. 16.7 seconds to play; Hayes must hit both to make this a 3 point game again.

9:40-Peacock tries the 3 from the corner and misses. Mosley gets the rebound and is fouled with 38.3 seconds to play. That clearly wasn’t what Paul Hewitt wanted there. That’s why Georgia Tech has one ACC win.

Maryland’s not much better, and Mosley shows why by missing the front end of a 1 and 1. Clinch misses a 3, but the Jackets get the rebound. Mosley fouls Peacock, he’ll shoot 1 and 1.

9:39-Vasquez knocks down both; he has 19. Terps 57-54 with 57 seconds to play. They’ll call a timeout to set their defense; I imagine the Wreck will try to find a shot from outside this time down.

9:38-Hayes gets a good look but can’t knock down the 3. Shumpert misses on the other end; 1 minute to play. Vasquez fouled by Shumpert away from the hoop. Terps in the single bonus.

9:36-Shumpert goes for the steal and can’t get it; and Hayes does a nice job of finding the open part of the floor with the Terps having a 5-4 advantage. Hayes has 15, Terps by 4. Vasquez fouls Shumpert on a 3 point attempt bailing the Jackets out. Shumpert knocks down all 3; he has 13. Terps 55-54 with under 2 minutes to play.


The biggest issue with Bowie’s absence is that he is the only player who consistently drives the lane and draws fouls. EVERYONE on this team should be following his lead. It’s maddening. They’ve missed the trips to the free throw line he gives them.

9:34-Steal and a hoop for Shumpert. Timeout Terps. Tech within two. That’s alliteration, kids.

9:31-Tim Brando makes the argument that Maryland needs this game more than Georgia Tech. Easy to make when Tech is the worst team in the league.

Gregory makes one of two at the line. 53-49 Terps.

9:27-Vasquez hits a bit of a wild floater to extend the lead to 52-49. FSN points out that Tech has now committed 43 (make that 44) turnovers in two games against the Terps this season. Terps call timeout here before the final official timeout. They’ve scored 21 points off Tech’s 24 turnovers. Vasquez has 17. Fans of the “Ramblin’ Wreck” have stuck with the Jackets through a tough season; and would love a reason to explode tonight.

Vasquez turns the ball over out og the timeout. Clinch misses a 3; Milbourne pulls down the rebound. Gregory gets the ball inside and he’s fouled. He’ll shoot two after the final offical timeout of regulation. Terps by 3.

9:25-Tech with their 22nd turnover; but a reminder that we’re still tied. That’s brutal. Milbourne gets the ball inside vs. two Tech defenders; and draws the foul from Lawal. He gets one of two at the line and Maryland takes a 50-49 lead.

9:23-Peacock with a basket; then Vasquez with a floater. Lawal fouled on the floor by Gregory. Vasquez has 15. Tied at 49. Tech can’t get the ball inbounds and they take another timeout. Jenn Hildreth tells us that Vasquez has been forced to grow up a bit due to the fact that his father is battling serious health scares.

9:21-Hayes drives the lane and is fouled. He’ll connect on one of two free throws; but will get a 2nd chance at the 2nd free throw after a lane violation and gets it to go. Tied at 47; Hayes has 13.

9:19-This is really a pivotal game for the Terps if they want to have anything to play for the rest of the way. They need to wake up over the next 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Tech just committed their 20th turnover-this one out of a timeout. How can Maryland be trailing a team that has committed more turnovers than they have made field goals?

9:16-Jenn Hildreth lets us know that Tech senior D’Andre Bell is “hopeful” to return to basketball next season. Good to hear.

Peacock misses the free throw; Vasquez misses a 3. Jackets could break this one open by knocking down a few outside shots or getting a few more chip shots inside. 47-45 Jackets and Paul Hewitt calls timeout.

9:12-Kim fouls Peacock inside; and Peacock knocks down both free throws to tie things up at 45.

Matt-watching Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus sounds about as entertaining as this abomination.

Neal misses another “good look” from outisde. Peacock gets a hoop underneath and is fouled by Neal. 47-45 Jackets with 7:59 to play as we hit the 3rd official timeout. This is bad.

9:10-Vasquez fouled hard by Peacock; and it will be an intentional foul. That’s the right call as Brando points out; there was no attempt at the ball there. Vasquez is turning this on at the right time; but can’t keep missing free throws. He makes one of two to extend the lead to 45-43. He has 13, Terps will get the ball back.

9:09-Terps obviously HAVE to find some interior defense in the final ten minutes to get their first road win of the season.

FSN again with a terrible camera angle; going to the long shot from the other end of the floor. Kim misses the 3 from the wing.

9:05-Vasquez with the answer on a drive; then knocks down a 3 after getting the kick. He now has 12; and the Terps re-take the lead at 44-43. 2nd official timeout.

9:04-Lawal with the HUGE putback jam off a missed 3. WOW. He has 8 now. Jackets by 2. Mosley misses an unnecessary 3 point attempt; then loses the ball trying to drive to the hoop in transition. Aminu with another inside hoop; and Tech leads 43-39. Terps need an answer; but where does it come from?

9:02-Just not a good game for Landon Milbourne tonight; as he walks after the Terps get a rebound. Gregory is whistled for a foul away from the ball. 2nd team foul. Correction: foul was on Hayes. That’s his 3rd. He leaves for Mosley.

9:00-Was it really 72 degrees in Atlanta today? Wow.

Gregory gets the ball on a nice look from Vasquez, who has done a nice job of running the offense tonight. Gregory got the hoop by the way; and Vasquez missed a 3 on the next possession. Peacock drains a 3; and we’re tied at 39 as the Terps turn it over again.

8:58-Nice drop to Milbourne; but he can’t finish. Interesting to see that Gary is sticking with him despite his struggles AND 3 personal fouls.

8:56-Mosley feeds Hayes for the 6th lead change of the half; 37-36 Terps with 15:57 to play as we hit the first official timeout of the 2nd half. Hayes is the first player to hit double figures with a game high 11. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are singing together; and the internet might shut down.

8:54-Vasquez makes both, he has 7. Lawal with the dunk as the Jackets break back in transition; he has 6. 36-35 Jackets. FSN goes to the TERRIBLE camera angle from the top of the arena; meaning I can’t really see what happened the next time down as Maryland lost the ball. Thanks FSN for your commitment to mediocricy. Peacock fouled by Milbourne, that’s Milbourne’s 3rd personal; and Tech is obviously committed to going inside.

8:52-Lawal with the hoop inside; and Tech re-takes the lead. Vasquez misses from the lane in transition; but he’s fouled by Moe Miller and will shoot two.

8:51-Mosley again does a nice job of getting to the basket; but he has no idea what to do when he meets larger defenders underneath. He’s tied up; and Neal gets a nearly impossible leaner off the inbounds to give Maryland the lead back.

8:50-Not a good start for the Terps; as Moe Miller knocks down the 3 off a curl; and the Jackets take a 32-31 lead. Maryland will have to play up on Tech’s shooters more.

8:49-I am rewarded for coming back from the Grammys by hearing more “Dance Like Michael Jackson.” Does life get any better than that?

8:44-Hayes lead the way for the Terps in the first half with 9; Tucker added 8. The Terps shot 11-30 from the field (36.7%); 6-14 from beyond the arc (42.9%). They were out-rebounded 17-16. The Jackets were lead by Iman Shumpert with 8; they shot 10-24 from the field (41.7%) and 5-10 from outside (50%).

8:31-Dave Neal walks; and Shumpert misses a jumper that would have tied things going to the half. It’s 31-29 at the intermission. I’ll be back in a few.

8:30-Least surprising thing you’ll hear all night: Carrie Underwood is attractive. Apparently she’s some sort of singer as well. Who knew?

8:28-Mosley had the ball underneath; and gave it to Dave Neal. Nothing good happened. No one is surprised. Tucker is short off the front iron on a 3 point attempt; and just when I thought we might have an entertaining game; the ugly snoozer I originally expected has broke back out. Clinch with the ball fake, then he nails a 3. Timeout Tech; they trail 31-29. Terps should be up by 15. I shouldn’t be this angry.

8:24-Tucker with a BAD miss from outside; an airball to be exact. 2:35 to play in the half as we hit the final official timeout of the half and the Terps maintain a 5 point lead.

Chris Martin and Coldplay are performing “Viva La Vida.” Someone should have told Chris Martin not to dress like Christina Aguilera.

8:23-Another dunk by Aminu; 26-20 Terps. Neal finally hits his first outside jumper; 29-20. Storrs responds with a 3 of his own on the other end. 29-23. This game picked up quickly. Tucker with the stop jumper from the baseline; he has 8. Terps 31-23. Storrs drills ANOTHER 3. Jackets within 5.

8:21-Aminu misses the front end of the 1 and 1. You mean there are other teams that do this? Tech turns the ball over again; and Hayes misses in transition; but Gregory gets the hoop on the 2nd putback attempt. Tech finally breaks their field goal drought with a dunk by Aminu. 26-18 as the Terps turn it over again.

8:18-Terps have four players collapse on Lawal after he gets the ball inside. The Terps get the ball on the alternating possession. Nice defense off the zone there. Vasquez again found Gregory; but this time Gregory didn’t look for the ball. Jackets get it back, Brando mentions they haven’t had a field goal in some 7 minutes. Hayes with an outside miss from the wing; and Kim fouls Aminu, Tech’s in the bonus.

8:17-Aminu is 1-2 at the line; and Jin Soo Kim into the game. Nice job by Vasquez of driving the lane, picking up the double team, and finding Gregory beneath the hoop. Gregory was fouled; he makes both at the line. 24-16 Terps.

8:16-It was Rev. Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Keith Urban, and Boyz II Men doing “Let’s Stay Together”. It still makes more sense than Maryland shooting jump shots.

8:13-IS THIS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AND THE REVERAND AL GREEN PERFORMING TOGETHER???? Curse the man who scheduled a Maryland game the same night as the Grammys! Ugh!

8:12-Rich, it feels like every time Dino does some positive things, he responds by doing about 5 bad things. We know he has some ability, he just hasn’t been able to play with any consistency.

Vasquez into the action; he makes a 3 to extend the lead to 22-15. Terps called for a foul as we hit the 3rd official timeout.

8:09-How was this guy ever not getting minutes? Tucker with another long 3; extending the lead to 19-15. Peacock drew a holding foul during that possession. Hayes was left alone next time down; but missed the open 3. Neal then BADLY missed a 3 of his own. Which is a worse idea: Maryland taking jump shots, or The Rock hosting an awards show?

8:07-Neal with the block of Lawal on the defensive end; then makes the extra pass to Tucker for the open 3 offensively. 16-13 Terps. Clinch fouled by Hayes next time down; he makes both at the line. 16-15.

8:05-Brando and Gminski take a minute to defend Gary Williams; and when we come back Hayes gets a layup off a run out. 8 points for Hayes, game tied at 13. Brando says Gary wouldn’t talk about his infighting with the Athletic Department before the game. Ray Lewis told Andrea Kramer he wouldn’t talk about free agency at the Pro Bowl. What does everyone want to talk about????

8:03-Le’Ron McClain scored a touchdown in the Pro Bowl; but the AFC lost. U2 is playing their newest smash hit “Get On Your Boots” to open the Grammys. They’re pretty good.

8:02-Alade Aminu into the game; he’s called for an offensive foul before the 2nd official timeout. If Gary says anything in the break besides “STOP TAKING JUMP SHOTS!” he’s wasting his breath.

8:01-Shumpert makes 1 of 2 at the line; he has 8 early. 13-11 Jackets. Mosley pulls up for a long 2; he can’t that to go.

8:00-Tucker into the game; he misses his first three point attempt. Gregory tries wrapping the ball to him under the hoop; but the ball goes out of bounds. WAAAAY too many jump shots early on; this team HAS to be reminded of what they’re supposed to be doing on the offensive end. Shumpert fouled by Vasquez driving the lane.

7:57-I guess I forgot to mention that Vasquez missed his PLUS ONE attempt, sorry about that. Hayes hit just 1-2 at the line before checking out in favor of Bowie. Terps go to a zone; and Shumpert responds with an alley-oop. 11-9. Milbourne had rebounded Hayes’ missed free throw; but traveled after getting it. And what happened to the world’s greatest free throw shooting team we saw at the beginning of the season? Dino Gregory checks in; Iman Shumpert drills a 3 to give Tech their first lead at 12-11. Gary calls his first timeout.

7:55-Thank you Jenn Hildreth for the update that would have been much more important at the top of the game. Bowie had a fever today; which is why he didn’t start. These are the things I don’t like about not being at the game to blog live. He is available tonight. Maurice “Moe” Miller with the 3 to cut the lead to 10-7; Hayes fouled driving to the basket.

7:52-Shumpert knocks down the jumper from the free throw line; but Vasquez responds with a PRETTY reverse layup from underneath the basket. He’s fouled by Lawal and will get a PLUS ONE attempt after the first official timeout. 15:22 to play, 10-4 Terps.

7:50-I don’t like the fluency of the offense without Bowie on the floor. This isn’t a jump-shooting team; it’s a team that should be attacking the basket. Without Bowie; no one appears interested in doing that right now. The Jackets are struggling; which is allowing Maryland to capitalize despite not running their most effective offense.

7:48-Hayes with the step back 3; Terps take a 5-2 advantage. Gary likes having Hayes on the floor offensively; and it pays off with a 2nd shot from outside. 8-2 Terps. Hayes clearly responding to being benched earlier in the week.

7:46-Two bad possessions early for the Terps; including a Lawal block of a Milbourne shot. Milbourne gets the game’s first points as he hits an open jumper after rebounding a missed 3 by Milbourne. Terps fall asleep on defense; and Lawal converts a transition layup but misses the PLUS ONE attempt. 2-2. Mosley misses his first jumper.

7:45-Tech’s lineup: Moe Miller, Lewis Clinch, Iman Shumpert, Zach Peacock, Gani Lawal. Terps make a change in the lineup again; bringing Eric Hayes back into the starting 5 in favor of Adrian Bowie. He’s joined by Sean Mosley, Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Dave Neal.

7:42-Obviously a sign that things are a bit different in College Park due to the economy and the struggles of the team; a spot runs advertising single game tickets on sale. While the Duke and North Carolina games are absolutely sold out; there are a handful of tickets available for the Virginia Tech and Wake Forest games. May I recommend the Virginia Tech game as a chance for an outstanding Valentine’s Day gift?

7:40-What in the hell is this “Dance Like Michael Jackson” song they’ve been playing; and why in God’s name do they think it fits on this broadcast? I get the fact that it is tough to dress up a national game of the week featuring two teams that likely won’t be playing in the NCAA Tournament; but this is just awful…..

7:39-Apparently no one cares that I was actually interested in watching some of the Grammys tonight; as this game isn’t going to tip off until more like 7:45. Does it make me less of a man that I admitted I wanted to watch some of the Grammys?

7:35-The Terps have won 7 straight over the Yellow Jackets; including an ugly 68-61 victory over GTU earlier this season at Comcast Center.

The broadcast opens with a strange “Halftime show” type package with Hildreth learning to rebound from Tech’s Gani Lawal. The show open comes after the first commercial break. I’m not sure who is producing this broadcast; but that was a particularly poor way to open the broadcast. I know the ACC imagined their FSN Sunday Night games to be more of a “show” than a simple game broadcast, but that was just plain bad.

7:00-Tip-off for tonight’s game is at 7:30; I’ll be back shortly to enjoy the game with you. I’m obviously not in Atlanta tonight; but look forward to discussing the game from the comfort of my own sofa.

6:57-Tonight’s game can be seen on Fox Sports Net nationally; Comcast SportsNet here in Baltimore. The great Tim Brando is on the call with Mike Gminski; Jenn Hildreth is working the sidelines.

6:53-The Terps take their 14-8 (3-5 ACC) record down to Alexander Memorial Coliseum in Atlanta tonight for a contest with Paul Hewitt’s 10-11 (1-7) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The Terps are coming off a 17 point loss to North Carolina Tuesday night; Georgia Tech is coming off a loss to Florida State Thursday night after a stunning upset of Wake Forest last weekend.

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Carolina Can’t Miss in 108-91 Win Over Terps

Posted on 03 February 2009 by Glenn Clark

I’m not going to waste time trying to put a spin on this one. The Terps were blown out; but it wasn’t as bad as it looked at times. They never gave up; and they kept trying to run their offense throughout the game. Not having an inside presence and not having an outside shooting option is the reason why this team is going to lose games; and that didn’t change tonight. In a way, it is what makes it remarkable that they have won ANY games this season against decent teams.

The Terps will be better served facing Carolina, Duke, and Wake at home in the 2nd half of the ACC season; but I’m not sure they can beat any of them. Having to play Clemson on the road makes things all the more difficult. The Terps are not done this season; but are certainly regretting their 3 tough ACC losses (@Miami, @Florida State, Boston College). They could be 6-2 in ACC play right now and sitting pretty for an NCAA Tournament berth. Instead, they will need to take the positives they got from Sean Mosley and Cliff Tucker tonight; and match that with the regular solid play they get from Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Adrian Bowie. This team has to maintain INCREDIBLE discipline to win basketball games, going to the hoop on every possession. Even then, it might not be good enough. It obviously wasn’t tonight.

Talk to you in the morning.


9:59-Two misses for Carolina, then Tucker with the layup. He finishes with a career high 18; and the final score will be 108-91. Maryland falls to 14-8 (3-5); and will absolutely face a must win Sunday against Georgia Tech. Carolina improves to 20-2 (6-2).

9:56-Davis knocks down 1 of 2 at the line; then Gregory fouled inside. He misses both of his freebies. Only one of Carolina’s wins all season has been by single digits; so the Heels are used to big time victories. Carolina continues to empty their bench, checking in Marc Campbell and J.B. Tanner. David Pearman into the game for Maryland. Bowie hits a cutting layup and is fouled, but misses the PLUS ONE attempt. 108-89.

9:53-Frasor with a jumper inside; then Mosley knocks down two from the line. Heels still by 20. Gary doesn’t appear to be particularly disappointed; and is still encouraging his team. There’s positives to take from tonight; but the final score won’t be one of them.

9:52-Two free throws from Dave Neal; and Tucker gets a jumper off a Carolina turnover. 16 for Tucker; and the lead is down to 20 with 3 minutes to play. Carolina will win their 6th straight game. Justin Watts enters for the Heels.

9:47-Lawson fouled in transition off a turnover; he hits both free throws and has 21. Heels by 26. Another hoop inside by Mosley; he has 17 and continues to get points near the basket. Final official timeout, 105-81 Carolina.

9:46-Mosley knocks down both free throws; he has 13. Heels by 24. 5 minutes to play, they turn the ball over. This one is obviously over; but there are still battles the Terps can win tonight. Mosley with a hoop; then a dunk for Green the other way down. 15 for Mosley, 16 for Green.

9:44-You almost knew that was coming. Ellington with his 7th 3; he has 30. He then stuffs one home in transition; and Carolina matches their biggest lead of the game at 99-75. Ellington with  hoop off a turnover by Maryland; and he has 34. 101-75 Carolina after that personal 7-0 run by Ellington; and Mosley is fouled driving the lane.

9:43-Dupree with a tough hoop inside; he’s given the Terps decent minutes inside. 94-75 Heels; 6:27 to play.

9:38-Mosley attacks the hoop and draws the foul. He’ll hit both; he has 9. Heels by 20, they break Maryland’s press and the entering Mike Copeland gets 2. Mosley answers with 2; he now has 11. Hansbrough drills a 3; and as Steve Martin says, “Why not?” Hayes with 2 on a tough drive. Carolina has a season high 15 3 point makes tonight. Hasbrough has 24. Heels 94-73.

9:37-How dangerous would Carolina be with Marcus Ginyard healthy? That’s a scary thought!

9:35-Hansbrough is now the all-time ACC leader in 20 point games. Ellington hits the Heels’ 14th 3 pointer; then Vasquez gets a tough hoop in the lane. Vasquez misses a 3, and Steve Martin says “Gary Williams did not like that shot selection.” Terps and Heels trade turnovers; then Green stuffs home an alley-oop and Gary calls another timeout. 89-67 Carolina.

9:32-Mosley with a tough hoop inside; he has 7 and has played well. Tucker blocked by Green in transition; which leads to an alley-oop for the Heels in transition the other way. After a sloppy possession; Dupree gets a hoop inside and is fouled. Credit the Terps for not getting embarrassed by bad decisions. Dupree misses PLUS ONE attempt; then Vasquez overthrows Milbourne for Maryland’s 13th turnover. Hansbrough fouled underneath again-this one on Dupree. He’ll shoot 2 with the Terps in the double bonus. Both are good; and Carolina leads by 19 again. 21 for Hansbrough.

9:27-Good offensive boards from Maryland; and Ed Davis picks up his 4th personal foul. Hansbrough checks back in; and Milbourne goes to the line. 1 of 2; he has 9. Lawson hits another 3; he has 19. Dupree with a putback on the other end; lead cut to 19. Terps get the ball back after the 2nd official timeout; 11:17 to play.

9:26-Frasor misses from outside; but the Heels get the offensive rebound. Lawson steps in for 2. He’s good. 14 for Lawson; Heels by 17. Terps turn the ball over again and Milbourne called for a foul. Heels will be shooting free throws the rest of the way with 12:21 to play. Lawson knocks down both, he has 16. Terps trail 77-58.

9:25-Thompson knocks down a pair of free throws; then Tucker drills a 3. Tucker has 14. Terps within 15. Where has Cliff Tucker came from?

9:22-Neal steps in to draw the offensive foul from Ellington. Tucker with the pull-up jumper on the other end; he has 8. This only makes me question more why Tucker hasn’t been playing much. He obviously has something to contribute. Davis fouled inside by Jin Soo Kim; misses both at the line. Braxton Dupree enters. Tucker drives the lane for 2 and is fouled. He makes the PLUS ONE attempt; cutting the deficit to 16. 11 for Tucker.

9:19-Vasquez wiggles into the lane and is fouled. He hits both free throws and now has 11 points. Heels by 20. Make it 23 as Ellington nails his 5th 3 pointer. He has 24. Neal fouled by Davis inside; he hits both. 71-50 Carolina.

9:19-Hansbrough with 2 free throws; then Carolina with two inside stops. A traveling call will give the ball back to Maryland trailing by 22.

9:17-Rich-I obviously don’t fault the team for not being able to defend Carolina’s shooting tonight; as no one could. But the best way to defend outside shooting is often to be able to answer an outside shot with an outside shot of your own. No one on this team is capable of making those types of shots. THAT is killer.

9:14-Two offensive rebounds for Carolina on this possession; and Kim is called for an offensive foul to keep it alive. Ellington airballs a jump shot; but Hansbrough is fouled after pulling the ball down. First official timeout of the second half; Heels by 20.

9:10-We’ve seen the Terps rally from a 66-44 deficit at Carolina before; but I doubt it will happen tonight. Mosley with a putback for Maryland’s first points in the 2nd half some 3:30 into the stanza. Tucker back into the game after Gregory gets his 3rd personal.

9:06-Catch and shoot won’t go down for Vasquez; then Bowie called for an offensive foul away from the ball after the Terps get a rebound. Hansbrough fouled by Vasquez inside; he hits both to extend the lead back to 20. That’s a 9-0 run for UNC (Thanks Raycom!) Mosley tries a casual drunk attempt and is blocked. Hansbrough with a dunk in transition after a turnover. 66-44 Heels with Carolina scoring the first 6 of the 2nd half. 17 for Psycho T; Gary calls another timeout.

9:04-2nd Half opens with Hansbrough fouled inside after a Maryland miss. Terps have to get this to single digits early to have ANY hope; and it could still end up a 30 point loss. Hansbrough with the easy hook to make the lead 18; he has 13.

8:47-Terps can’t get a shot off; and Heels will go to the break with a 16 point lead. As I’ve mentioned; Terps don’t look anything like the team that lost at Duke; they’re just getting beat by one of the best teams in the country. But they’re giving SERIOUS effort. They had a chance to make this a game at the half; but couldn’t maintain momentum. They’ll need to hope that Carolina slows down in their outside shooting. Back shortly.

8:46-Ellington misses the curl 3; but is fouled by Mosley. He was out of control; not a good decision. 4.7 seconds left in the half; Ellington hits all 3. 60-44 Heels. Ellington has 21. Wow.

8:45-Ellington with the hoop inside off a Hansbrough miss. Hayes tries a LONG 3 that won’t go. Heels will get to hold for the final shot of the half.

8:44-Mosley drives the lane for a hoop and is fouled! Terps putting together a decent run before the half that will at least force the Heels to keep playing. PLUS ONE attempt good; Heels 55-44.

8:43-Tough hoop from Hayes cuts the lead to 14. Hansbrough with the miss inside; then Mosley called for an offensive foul instead of Hayes hitting a shot that would have cut the lead to 12. That could be a costly swing.

8:41-Steal by Lawson; he’s fouled by Bowie in transition. Good foul; as Lawson misses 1 of 2. Vasquez with a 3; Carolina 55-39.

8:40-Free throw from Hayes, hoop from Hansbrough, hoop from Milbourne. Carolina could hit 70 in the first half if they keep shooting from outside.

8:37-Hansbrough fouls Vasquez outside. Not like it matters. Don’t take anything from Maryland thus far; they’ve pretty much played their game. But Carolina is LIGHTS OUT.

Hayes with the tough layup and he’s fouled. He’ll shoot a free throw after this official timeout.

8:36-Mosley stripped inside; Ellington hits another 3. 52-31 Carolina. What can you do????

8:34-Tucker with the floater off the glass; then Ellington hits Carolina’s TENTH 3 pointer. Hoop from Ellington in transition; and Gary needs ANOTHER timeout as the Terps fall behind by 18. As Gminski and Martin say “Maryland’s not playing that bad.” But Carolina’s outside shooting is absolutely KILLER. This is why a number of people thought the Heels might go undefeated this season. Their shooting accuracy is DEADLY.

8:33-Heels connect on their NINTH 3 point shot of the game; Green’s 4th (he has 12). Terps trail 44-29. Carolina might score 100 tonight the way they’re shooting.

8:32-Hoop from Neal out of a timeout by Gary. Milbourne with another hoop inside. 41-29 Carolina.

8:29-ANOTHER 3 from Lawson. He’s killing them. Terps have to come up with an outside answer; but i’m not convinced they have one. Kim throws up a WILD shot; and Green drills ANOTHER 3. He has 9. Gary with a timeout as Carolina’s advantage reaches 16. They’re shot 8-11 from outside. Ugh.

8:27-3rd official timeout with 7:55 to play. Credit the Terps for not going away like they did at Duke. But if Carolina keeps getting looks from outside; this one will get ugly. Terps have been KILLED from outside; and have no outside answer of their own.

8:25-Kim called for a travel after looking at an outside shot. He’s struggled with that when he’s been on the floor. Ed Davis with a THIRD chance basket inside; Heels by 12. Neal answers with a short hook to cut the lead to 10 again.

8:24-Hansbrough with the baseline jumper; then Maryland responds with another hoop in transition. Roy Williams calls a timeout after Bowie’s hoop; frustrated by Maryland’s ability to get fast break points. Jin Soo Kim enters.

8:22-Cliff Tucker in the game. Hansbrough hits both free throws; then Tucker gets two as Green is called for a goaltending. Lawson hits a 3; Neal gets a hoop inside; then Lawson hits ANOTHER 3. Outside shooting is KILLING the Terps. Tucker with a pull-up jumper; and Maryland won’t roll over early. 31-21 UNC.

8:20-Rich; we can say a lot of things about Hansbrough (including “no future”); but “matchup problem” is probably the highest on the list. There’s really little the Terps can do to try to slow down “Psycho T”.

Tonight’s game is on Raycom Sports (WNUV 54; Channel 14 on Comcast Cable in Baltimore. Steve Martin and Mike Gminski on the call.

8:18-Hansbrough with a hoop inside; then Bowie with a hoop in transition. Hansbrough fouled inside next time down; we hit the 2nd official timeout with Carolina leading by 8 and Hansbrough headed to the free throw line again.

8:15-Green with another 3 after Hayes misses a 3. Terps trail by 12; Heels have 4 makes from outside. Hayes with a make from 3 after a 2 from Vasquez. 20-13 Heels. Hansbrough misses brom outside; Hayes misses from outside and inside. Hansbrough is fouled-FLAGRANT-on Dino Gregory; as he cuts t the hoop. Gregory was ugly on that play; tackling Hansbrough after he was beat. Hansbrough makes one of two at the line, Heels maintain possession.

8:14-Ellington continues to get open looks; and drills another one. 17-8 Heels and Gary calls a timeout to try to keep from allowing the Heels to pull away. This is dangerous for the Terps; as Carolina can shoot all day. They have to be careful with how they double down. Hayes into the game.

8:12-Bowie misses an outside jumper and we hit the first official timeout. Terps can’t afford the bad turnovers; which have hurt them badly early on.

8:08-Vasquez with another hoop, cutting things to 10-6. Terps with good defense twice inside; and Milbourne slips underneath for 2. Deon Thompson gets a second chance hoop; 12-8 Carolina. Hansbrough comes up with a steal and dunks it home. 14-8 Heels.

8:07-Wayne Ellington adds another 3; Vasquez answers by slipping through for a layup. Ellington adds a long 2; then Lawson gets a layup off a steal. 10-4 Carolina, not the start the Terps were hoping for.

8:05-Somewhat surprisingly; Maryland is in their black alternates tonight. Maybe a sales ploy by Under Armour? Hansbrough with a miss first time down; Milbourne answers with a putback of a Vasquez miss. A Danny Green  makes things 3-2.

8:02-Obviously there are a few story lines with tonight’s game. Debbie Yow gave Gary Williams a “vote of confidence” yesterday; ending any discussion regarding Gary’s job status. Also, Cliff Tucker used the media this weekend to voice his frustration regarding playing time. For those of us around the team; we are equally puzzled by the lack of playing time Tucker has received.

7:57-Tough test for Gary’s Terps tonight. The Terps travel to the Dean Smith Center (“Dean Dome” if you will) in Chapel Hill for a battle with one of the nation’s best teams. The Terps have won their last two over the Tar Heels, but those teams had James Gist and Bambale Osby inside. The Terps will have to be willing to get into a shootout to win this one; as their ACC foe will have no troubles scoring. The Terps bring a 14-7 (3-4) record into tonight’s game; The Heels are 19-2 (5-2).

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Terps Exorcise Miami Demons with 73-68 win over Canes

Posted on 31 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

He can still coach.

I was talking to Baltimore Sun columnist and Comcast Morning Show regular David Steele; and he and I both agreed that Gary Williams really won this game as a coach.

Maryland’s 73-68 victory over Miami came during a rough week for the program; with infighting between the head coach and the athletic department and mounting losses dominating headlines and sports talk radio stations throughout the region. The Terps had blown a lead against Miami earlier in the season; and another loss could have moved the Terps to the NIT bubble; let alone any chances of making the field of 65.

But with his back against the wall; Gary reminded us that he can still do a thing or two as a head coach.

Gary pushed all the right buttons tonight. He got key minutes from Sean Mosley and Eric Hayes after swapping the two in the starting lineup.

He went to Jin Soo Kim early and often after Kim was reinstated academically; and the move paid off with a pair of big buckets from the Korean freshman.

He stuck with Dino Gregory despite 3 fouls, and went back to Dave Neal despite early struggles.

He mixed a box and one with a traditional zone and a few different press looks to help neutralize Miami’s superstar Jack McClinton.

He called timeouts before the Hurricanes could develop too much momentum; and called effective plays during Maryland’s halfcourt offense sets in the 2nd half.

He did it all with fans, alumni, and others calling for his head. And with one of the nation’s most sought after recruits sitting in the front row.

It was a good night for Gary Williams. It was a good night for the Terps. It might not make much of a difference at the end of the season for either; but it might make a world of difference.

And for one night at least; it will force a lot of people who don’t want to admit it that Gary Williams is still amongst the best game coaches in all of college basketball.

Boy did he need this one.

That’s it for me. Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0 after the Super Bowl.


10:33-In his post-game press conference; Gary tried to explain the differences between tonight’s game and recent games where the team blew 2nd half leads. He said he “was really pleased with the way (the Terps) ran (their) offense in the 2nd half”, adding that the team “used more of the clock” and “patience was key”. He said the game “wasn’t a one man deal”, and “that’s how (the team has) to be this year.” With the Terps having the lead; Gary thought they did a “pretty good job” of running the halfcourt offense. He thought the team learned tonight that they “can win games” when they have 2nd half leads.

Gary said the team “did some things defensively to mix it up” and thought Adrian Bowie “was really tough” defensively. He said that the now starting Sean Mosley brought “urgency” defensively. Gary said the team made the switch to get Hayes going offensively; noting that Hayes is usually a better shooter in practice. He thought Hayes just “needed a different look”; and “he might be really relaxed” coming off the bench. Gary thought Hayes “never backed off” and “really handled things well”; adding that he was “proud” of the way Hayes handled the benching. Gary said he tried to use free throw attempts and timeouts to get Eric in offensively and Mosley in defensively; but creditted Sean for hitting two big free throws after being sent to the floor; a feat he thought might be difficult for a number of freshman.

When addressing everything that has been swirling around this program this week; Gary said the team “knew what (they were) in for” tonight. He added that he told his team he “was gonna coach”; and he made the team “promise that they were gonna practice the same way.” As always, it was nothing but business.

I noticed Gary and his close friend Governor Ehrlich sharing a personal moment after the game; I can only imagine Governor Ehrlich might have been telling him something along the lines of “no matter what you do, there will always be detractors.”

In talking to Sean Mosley after the game; Mosley said that they “want to win for coach; but also want to win for (them)selves”, as the players have to hear a lot of negative things after each loss. He said he was so focused after the loss to Boston College that he didn’t even take time to celebrate St. Frances’ big triple overtime win over teammate Braxton Dupree’s alma mater Calvert Hall. He also added that he gains offensive confidence from the successful defense he plays.

10:31-In other ACC play tonight; Georgia Tech gets the stunner of the weekend; knocking off #4 Wake Forest 76-74. North Carolina blew out NC State 93-76; and BC nipped Virginia Tech 67-66.

10:20-For the 2nd time in his career: Greivis Vasquez finished just one digit shy in a statistical category of posting the school’s first triple-double since Derrick Lewis in 1987. Vasquez finished with 11 points, 10 boards (game high), and 9 assists (game high). Vasquez would have finished it had Adrian Bowie connected on a late layup (Bowie was fouled on the play). Landon Milbourne lead the Terps with 17 points, he had 6 rebounds. Dave Neal had 11 points, Adrian Bowie had 9 points and 6 boards, Sean Mosley and Eric Hayes each added 8 points. The Terps were out-rebounded 41-38; and had a 17:7 assist-to-turnover ratio. They had 8 steals; but did not block a shot. They were 27-65 from the field (41.5%); but shot 15-30 (50%) in the 2nd half. They were 5-19 from beyond the arc (26.3%); and 14-17 from the free throw line (82.4%).

Miami was lead by Baltimore’s Jack McClinton; who had a game-high 18 points and added 8 rebounds and a team-high 6 assists. James Dews chipped in 13 points; Lance Hurdle 8; DeQuan Jones 7; and Brian Asbury 7 with a team-high 9 rebounds. The Canes had 11 assists to 16 turnovers; with 3 boards and 3 steals. The shot 24-59 from the floor (40.7%); 10-31 from beyond the arc (32.3%); and 10-14 from the free throw line (71.4%).

9:55-“We just had to make them practice” Gary says in his postgame interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche. Gary says the box and 1 they used on Jack McClinton almost hurt them because the Canes have other good shooters. Gary says the team “didn’t stop” and “ran hard every play” to finish this one off.

9:53-Two at the line for Neal; he’ll finish with 11 on the game. The final will be 73-68 as Dews’ 3 at the buzzer goes in. Dews finishes with 13. Terps improve to 14-7 (3-4); Canes fall to 14-7 (3-5). “GA-RY” chants are more vocal postgame.

9:51-Bowie fouled, he hits both free throws. 71-63 Terps. McClinton hits a layup with 8.9 seconds to play. 71-65 Terps as Haith calls his final timeout. Chants of “Ga-ry” and “We love Gary” heard in the crowd, as the Terps probably can’t let this one slip away. “We want Lance” chants again from the student section.

9:48-Bowie penetrates; and the Terps get the ball back out of bounds after he loses it off a Miami defender. It appeared as though the Miami player had possession for a second, but the refs decided he didn’t and did not award a new shot clock to the Terps. Vasquez’s desperation 3 went off the backboard for a shot clock violation. Hurdle drills a 3 on the other end; cuttting Maryland’s lead to 5 with under a minute to play. Vasquez is fouled by Dews with 36.8 seconds to play; he hits 1 of 2. 11 for Vasquez. Terps do a VERY nice job of not allowing Miami space to attempt a 3; and Hurdle misses a poor attempt.

9:47-Miami stretches their half-court defense; and Gary decides to call his 4th timeout (final :30 timeout) with 14 seconds on the shot clock and 1:28 to play. They really need a hoop here; and could use a cutter if Miami stays in the same defense.

9:45-HUGE hoop from Adrian Bowie. With 2:02 to play; he drives to the hoop at the end of the shot clock; and connects on a hoop at the rim. He’s fouled by Asbury (2nd personal for him); and knocks down the PLUS ONE attempt. 68-57 Maryland, 7 for Bowie. Canes answer back with a 3 from Hurdle. 1:50 to play; Miami takes their 3rd timeout. 68-60 Terps.

9:41-Milbourne makes both free throws; he has 17 for the game. Asbury knocks down another 3; but Neal gets a hoop on the other end. Thomas misses a 3; and then fouls Mosley (hard) after Mosley grabbed a rebound. That’s Thomas’ 5th personal foul; he finishes the game with just 3 points.

Mosley knocks down both free throws; he has 8. Terps by 9 at 65-56. Defensively, the Terps appear willing to let other Miami players have outside looks, just not Jack McClinton. DeQuan Jones fouled by Neal after a rebound; he hits one of 2.  7 for Jones, Terps by 8.

9:39-Terps CANNOT afford to let Miami keep having outside looks here; and have to continue to score down the stretch. Miami has fouls to give; so Maryland really can’t rest on a 6-8 point lead in the final two minutes. They need to keep pressuring.

Final halftime note:
-A few extra media members in the house tonight with the Gary story swirling everywhere. I was told by the school that AD Debbie Yow did not leave for her sister’s funeral until Thursday of the past week; and attended Kay Yow’s burial today. No one knows if she intends to make a statement when she returns to College Park; but no one expects her to hold court with the media.

9:36-Miami called for a travel; then the flex works perfectly for Neal to get a layup off a feed from Milbourne. 7 for Neal. Asbury rebounds a missed 3 and draws a foul from Vasquez. Canes in the double bonus with Vasquez’s 2nd personal. Asbury knocks down both free throws, he has 7. Terps by 6.

Milbourne draws a foul fighting for a rebound on a missed attempt by Vasquez. That’s the 7th team foul on Miami. 3:58 to play and Maryland maintains their 6 point lead as we hit the final official timeout of regulation.

9:34-Vasquez misses a look at 3 from the wing; and the possession ultimately ends with him missing a curl attempt by leaving it short. Gary calls his 3rd timeout with Maryland’s 12 point lead having been cut in half and Miami having the ball.

9:32-Milbourne keeps the Terps from throwing the ball away; and he draws a foul. Vasquez is then fouled driving the lane; that’s Miami’s 6th team foul. Vasquez hits one of two at the line; he has 10. Maryland by 8. Miami breaks Maryland’s press, and Dews is fouled by Neal going to the hoop. Neal’s 3rd personal, Maryland’s 9th team foul. Dews knows down both free throws, he has 10. Maryland by 6 with under 6 minutes to play.

9:29-McClinton with two free throw makes; then Milbourne knocks down a baseline jumper. McClinton drills a 3 from the top of the key; and Frank Haith calls timeout with his team cutting the lead to 8.
Milbourne drives the lane and is fouled by Adrian Thomas (his 3rd, team’s 4th). Milbourne makes both free throws to extend the lead to 10. He has 15, McClinton has 16. Terps force a turnover off the press, but Bowie misses a shot from the lane. Dews drills a 3; Maryland’s lead is 56-49. Miami erased a double-digit lead against the Terps already this season…….

9:27-More from halftime…….
-Another RAUCOUS ovation tonight; this one for Sasho Cirovski and the Maryland Soccer team; who were honored for winning their 2nd national championship in 4 seasons. The place erupted during their introduction to the crowd. Cirovski was stopped by security trying to get to the floor; and the Maryland Media Relations again had to escort him down. That’s the 2nd time this year I’ve seen Cirovski stopped by security; you’d think a guy with 2 National titles would be a little more respected.
-Alumni Byron Mouton and Exree Hipp ARE in the house; as well as Steve Sheppard; who was the honorary captain tonight.

9:24-Bowie draws a foul driving the next time down; but Mosley threw the ball away after going up under the hoop and needing a man. Hayes knocks down a 3 next time down for the Terps; he has 8. Landon Milbourne called for his 2nd personal foul (team’s 8) next time down. The foul was originally given to Gregory; which would have been his 4th-but then correctly assessed to Milbourne. Miami will be at the line after the 3rd official timeout; 52-41 Maryland with 7:47 to play.

9:22-Julian Gamble hits one of 2 at the line for Miami; then Milbourne knocks down a jumper at the other end; he has 11. Jimmy Graham with a hoop inside for the Canes; he misses the PLUS ONE attempt after being fouled by Dino Gregory (Gregory’s 3rd personal; team’s 7th). Gregory is fouled on the other end, but the foul was called on the floor (he made the shot that didn’t count). Hayes missed a layup; and Hurdle connected on the other end. 49-41 as Gary takes his 3rd timeout. 7 team fouls for Maryland to Miami’s 2 in the 2nd half.

9:19-MORE halftime notes:
-Football recruiting coordinator Dave Sollazzo has a group of 10 or so football recruits with him here tonight; and offensive coordinator James Franklin is also in the house. Maryland got good news this week when 5 of their incoming freshman for ’09 enrolled a semester early and will be able to participate in spring practice.

9:16-McClinton knocks down a 3; but Vasquez answers with a long 2. Vasquez then feeds Neal for a hoop in transition; and Maryland has their biggest lead of the game at 47-36. Kim is called for a foul inside after Vasquez is blocked and lost the ball. 10:19 to play; Maryland by 11 at our 2nd official timeout of the 2nd half. Maryland with 6 team fouls; Miami with just 1. Miami has just 3 timeouts remaining as well.

9:15-More notes from halftime…..
-Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti declined the opportunity to make a public comment regarding Gary Williams. He was very pleasant in doing so when I talked to him; he just chose to not publicly throw his hat into the circus. I think we all know how Mr. Bisciotti feels about Gary; so I do not have a problem with choosing to withhold a statement.

9:13-HUGE stretch for Maryland.
-Collins makes just one of two at the free throw line.
-Jin Soo Kim knocks down a 3 pointer; causing the crowd to ERUPT.
-Sean Mosley makes a jumper AND throws home a dunk
-Dave Neal draws his 2nd foul (team’s 5th compared to just 1 for Miami); but comes up with a big steal.
-Timeout with 12:05 to play; Maryland has a 43-33 advantage.

9:08-So many halftime notes……

-Lance Stephenson is here on an official visit; he’s sitting in front of the student section with his family. A recruiting source I spoke to didn’t take the visit too seriously; saying “he’ll play professionally in Europe before he comes to Maryland”
-Governor Bob Ehrlich is in the house; and made his support for Gary Williams very clear. I spoke to the Governor, who believes Gary “deserves a break”, and compared him to Penn State coach Joe Paterno. He said the the taxpayers of the state of Maryland deserve to see their coach run a “clean program”, which he believes Williams does. He also believes Williams is one of the most “beloved” people in the entire state of Maryland. He doesn’t think that a mediator would work to repair the relationship between Gary and athletic director Debbie Yow; that they will have to do that on their own.

9:07-Some wacky missed shots and loose ball rebounds ultimately lead to Gregory picking up a foul with 14:11 to play and the Terps ahead by 4. We’ll hit the 1st official timeout of the 2nd half.

9:05-Jin Soo Kim is set to re-enter after Miami cuts the lead to 2 on a 3 ball from Asbury. We’ve yet to see Braxton Dupree or Cliff Tucker tongiht; and Gary is clearly looking to shake things up after the team’s recent struggles. Milbourne with the baseline jumper; he has 9; Terps by 4.

9:03-Milbourne with the pull-up jumper to take a 31-29 lead; then Hurdle his hit with his 2nd foul as he knocks down Mosley in the open floor. Vasquez nails a 3 and pumps his arm to the crowd. He has 7, Terps lead 34-29. Milbourne hits the deck after getting a rebound; and he is called for the travel.

9:00-Collins opens the 2nd half with a hoop for the Canes; then Neal is long again on a 3 point attempt; he’s just 1-5 for the night. Vasquez with a big block inside to protect the Terps’ 1 point advantate. Dave Neal draws the foul inside fighting for a rebound; and Gregory enters for him as the Terps desperately need help inside. The move pays off, as Gregory stuffs home a pass from Mosley to make things 29-26. The Terps had another transition look; but Mosley’s pass went off of Bowie; and the Canes get a hoop from McClinton the other way down; with a foul from Mosley to boot. McClinton ties the game at 29 by drilling the plus one attempt; he has 8 points.

8:41-Terps and Canes trade misses before Dews gets a floater in the lane to cut Maryland’s lead to 1. Bowie comes with a big rebound off a Neal miss from outside; he hits a VERY tough scoop layup to make things 27-24. 1 minute to play in the half with Maryland getting the ball back. Miami is allowing them a number of outside looks; which they to continue to struggle to make. Terps get two big offensive rebounds this time down; but Hayes again misses from outisde. McClinton misses a shot from the lane and the Canes can’t get the putback; and Maryland will again take a lead to the locker room; 27-24. I’ll be back very shortly.

8:37-He was reportedly an asset as a shooter; but Maryland has used Jin Soo Kim more inside this season with his 6-8 frame. He’s obviously missing the necessary bulk to play as a regular big man; but if he can defend and rebound; he will continue to get minutes playing under the basket.

Alumni Byron Mouton and Exree Hipp are also rumored to be here tonight; with a lot of alumni invited to support Gary Williams.

8:35-Hayes connects on a 3 that he DESPERATELY needed to make this time down; and Maryland takes a 23-22 lead. Dews misses a 3 for Miami on their end. Comcast ERUPTS as Kim takes the ball to the basket inside for a dunk. 25-22 Maryland as Kim picks up a foul on the other end; and we hit the final official timeout with Maryland leading 25-22.

8:33-Vasquez with another missed 3 from the corner; but a transition opportunity for the Canes becomes a turnover; and Vasquez gets his own transition hoop the other way. Jones blows past every Maryland defender next time down for a thunderous dunk; and Milbourne misses another shot inside before Jones hits over top of Vasquez. Bowie is flat on a layup attempt next time down; and Jin Soo Kim will enter for Milbourne. 22-20 Miami.

8:29-Graham with the big block on Milbourne inside; and we’ll hit the third official timeout with 6:25 to play and the game still tied at 18.

Students were chanting “We want Lance” during the official timeout; obviously referencing Lance Stephenson. Stephenson will likely be a “one and done” player wherever he goes; and is teammates with Terp commit James Padgett at Lincoln High School in New York. He’s considered a long shot for the Terps; with teams like Georgetown, Duke, and North Carolina all also interested.

8:28-Vasquez misses an unnecessary long 3. Mosley with the block inside; but Asbury gets the 2nd chance bucket. Vasquez misses another 3 from the corner before Jimmy Graham ties things up with a hoop inside. 18-18.

8:25-Three point misses aplenty for the Terps. Neal with 2 misses; and a miss for Hayes as well. In between; McClinton hit a jumper inside but then airballed a 3; and Asbury was hit with an offensive foul. All of the three point misses were “one and dones” for Maryland; but they got two offensive rebounds on their last possession; and following an Adrian Thomas foul; Dino Gregory hit an inside hook to make things 16-11. Landon Milbourne called for the offensive foul next time down; but Maryland steals the ball back and Milbourne gets a hoop on his 2nd try. Dews answers with a 3; 18-14 Terps.

8:22-I’ve noticed Montrose Christian junior Terrence Ross here tonight; and I heard a strong rumor that Lance Stephenson-one of the top prospects in the entire country; may be here tonight as well. If I get confirmation; I will pass it along.

8:20-Mosley with his first basket of the game; a jumper from the top of the key. Bowie comes up with a steal at midcourt; but can’t finish a very tough look at a layup. 14-9 with 11:20 to play as we hit the 2nd official timeout.

8:18-An open Gregory is too strong on what should have been an easy inside look. Miami is the beneficiary of a non-call on what could have been a travel; and Jones hits a jumper to make things 12-9. Bowie is again flat on a look from outside; but draws a foul from Hurdle trying to drive the lane next time down. Fast paced game thus far.

8:17-Dino Gregory into the game; Hayes pops a jumper off a screen to make things 12-7. James Dews tries to drive the lane for Miami and is met by 3 defenders. Hayes is hit with his first foul.

8:15-Milbourne with the jumper to make things 10-7; Miami gets another offensive rebound; but a travel ends their next possession. Neal misses a 3 and Terps are one and done. Jimmy Graham called for the offensive foul as he knocks down Milbourne; each team has two team fouls thus far.

8:11-Milbourne makes the first, misses the 2nd. Greivis with the rebound, but turns the ball over out of bounds trying to penetrate. DeQuan Jones into the game for Miami; McGowan with a hoop on the other end; then Hayes airballs a terrible layup attempt. Terps will get the ball back after the first official timeout leading 8-7 with 15:26 to play.

8:07-A big offensive rebound and a loose ball out of bounds off the Terps extend the Canes’ next possession; but they’re forced to call a timeout trying to inbound the ball. Vasquez then picks up his first foul. Terps with tough defense and the possession finally ends when Bowie gathers a sloppy pass. Bowie passes on an open 3 but coasts to the hoop for a layup; 4-2 Terps. defensive pressure creates another Miami turnover; and Greivis goes to the student section to try to pump them up.

James Dews, Cyrus McGowan, and Jimmy Graham enter for Miami before Neal hits a 3; McClinton answers with a step-back 3. Milbourne fouled inside; he’ll shoot 2, Hayes will enter.

8:05-Important to note: University President C.D. Mote publicly embraced Gary Williams as he entered the floor. The frostiness between the athletic department and the school apparently doesn’t extend to the top of the University.

Miami wins the tip; and Collins with a hoop inside. Vasquez drives the lane for a floater to tie things at 2.

8:00-Miami’s lineup is Adrian Thomas and Dwayne Collins up front; Brian Asbury, Lance Hurdle, and Calvert Hall’s Jack McClinton-who had 18 big points in Miami’s 62-60 win over Maryland in Coral Gables a few weeks ago.

HUGE ovation for Sean Mosley as he is introduced. A group of fans organized “Show Some Love for Coach Williams” night tonight; and I’ve seen a few fans wearing suits in support of the coach.

If you missed yesterday’s news; Jin Soo Kim won his appeal with the NCAA, and is again eligible to play. He is dressed tonight.

7:53-The Terps bring a 13-7 (2-4 ACC) record into tonight’s game; Miami is 14-6 (3-4). The Terps are losers of two in a row (Duke and Boston College); Miami has lost consecutive overtime games to Virginia Tech and NC State. Tonight’s game can be seen on Raycom Sports (WNUV Channel 54; Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County) with Tim Brant and Dan Bonner on the call.

This is Coaches vs. Cancer “Suits and Sneakers Awareness Weekend”; so Gary Williams and Frank Haith (as well as Keith Booth, Chuck Driesell, Rob Ehsan, and the Miami assistants) are wearing sneakers tonight.

The embattled coach of the Terps entered the Comcast Center floor to a RAUCOUS ovation from the crowd; and offered a particularly emphatic fist pump in return. I have to admit that it seemed a bit dramatic.

7:43-Live from the Comcast Center in College Park tonight; where the Maryland Terrapins host the Miami Hurricanes.

Two news items quickly. Sean Mosley will start tonight with Adrian Bowie, Greivis Vasquez, Landon Milbourne, and Dave Neal. Eric Hayes will come off the bench. Also, the Terps are wearing their alternate gold uniforms. They switched from the black alternates to the gold alternates a couple years back; and have always celebrated that the team’s official colors represent all of the colors of the state flag. Gold was a popular color some 20 years ago; but had disappeared until more recently.

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Terps Suffer ANOTHER Collapse; Lose 76-67 to Boston College

Posted on 27 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

There’s a lot of blame to go around after Maryland suffered another 15+ point collapse in a 76-67 loss to Boston College tonight. Eric Hayes struggled, Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie seemed to disappear in the 2nd half; and Gary Williams just didn’t have an answer. Fingers will undoubtedly be pointed mostly at the Head Coach; so let’s get this out of the way. Gary Williams will not be fired after another bad loss; no matter how many people send “Fire Gary” emails or call the station with “Fire Gary” phone calls.

It IS time to start thinking about what Gary can do to try to get his team’s attention more than he has. Gary has been a VERY even keel coach throughout his career when it comes to dealing with players; with the only psychological maneuver I can remember being his decision to take the players’ names off their lockers a couple seasons back. If he was considering doing something like that again; he probably wouldn’t tell anyone, but maybe it’s time.

The shouting and barking don’t work anymore. The sweating and screaming aren’t getting through to anyone. I’m not saying Gary needs to pull a Randy Monroe and lock his team out of the locker room; but he has to do SOMETHING. This team just seems willing to roll their eyes and act like sad puppies after multiple bad losses.

Maybe Gary needs to go on a tirade. I’m not talking about answering one question with a snappy tone (like he did with me after the Morgan State loss); but an outright Mike Gundy-like tirade. Maybe he needs to get himself ejected from a game. Maybe he needs to throw something. Maybe he needs to force the team to stay on the floor at halftime.

He needs to do something. It’s clear that the message isn’t getting across. This ISN’T a terrible basketball team. They’ve played terrible at times; but they’ve had a legitimate chance to win 17 of the 20 games they’ve played this season; and could be 17-3 instead of 13-7 very easily. They’re not a GREAT team, but they could be a very good team.

And if Gary IS going to do something; he really needs to do it before Miami on Saturday night. With a road trip to North Carolina following; and a brutal group of games in February; this team could be in danger of no postseason at all if they don’t turn things around soon.

I don’t think a lineup change is enough. I think a midnight run through the quad-in honor of Lefty Driesell-might be in order.

If not; rock bottom might not be that far away.

Talk to you in the morning. Be careful on the roads.


10:05-Ralph Friedgen said throughout football season that he didn’t know if he was “getting to” his kids. While Gary Williams wouldn’t say anything similar; he didn’t appear to have a good judgment of why his team is struggling so much out of intermission.

Gary tole me he “couldn’t tell” the team’s attitude or emotion level at halftime; and said it was pretty similar to every other game. He said the “defense wasn’t as good” in the 2nd half; and admitted that the team plays “pretty good defense” when they’re in front of their own bench (first 20 minutes); but they lose that in the 2nd half defending the other side of the floor. He admitted that defensive communication is “easier” in front of the bench; but also said the team gets “a little tentative and loses confidence” as well.

Gary refused to really look any deeper than this game tonight; saying that he felt as though the team will do “the same thing” to get ready to play against Miami; including looking at tape. He said preparations for the next game would be the same win or lose. When asked if he worries about where he is big picture; Gary responded defiantly by saying “I don’t worry about where I am……when you start to worry about things like that, (you) waste time.” Gary mentioned multiple times that the team would just go about preparing for Miami.

In what might be the most telling statement of the entire press conference, Gary admitted he “really wish(ed) (he) had the answer” for the team’s struggles. So do the many fans who continue to come out in droves….

Walking off the floor to the area’s exit; Greivis Vasquez chimed back to the assembled media “we’ll get it together….”

9:57-Greivis Vasquez lead the Terps with a game high 18 points and 6 assists; he also added 5 boards. Landon Milbourne tallied 14 points and a team high 7 boards. Adrian Bowie had 12 points and 5 boards, Sean Mosley had 10 points and 4 boards. The Terps put up ABYSMAL shooting numbers in the 2nd half; 11-37 from the field (29.7%), 1-9 from outside (11.1%), and 4-7 from the free throw line (57.1%). For the game they finished 29-71 from the floor (40.8%), 3-17 from long distance (17.6%), and 6-10 from the line (60%). They out-rebounded BC 41-34, and finished with a 13:9 assist-to-turnover ratio. Cliff Tucker played less than 1 minute in the game.

Boston College was lead by 16 points from Rakim Sanders, 12 from Josh Southern. Joe Trapani had 10 points and a team high 9 rebounds; Tyrese Rice had 10 points and a team high 6 assists; Reggie Jackson had 10 points. The Eagles finished with a 7:5 assist-to-turnover ratio. They shot 26-54 from the field (48.1%); 6-12 from long distance (50%); and 18-24 from the free throw line (75%).

9:24-Gary says “we’re not there in the 2nd half”; and think the Terps “should have been up 20” at the half instead of 11. He seems a bit despondent in his postgame interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche. He can’t shrug these off anymore.

9:23-Rice hits both again; and Mosley gets a layup. Mosley reaches double digits with 10; Terps will let BC dribble this one out. 76-67 Eagles is the final. Maryland falls to 13-7 (2-4); BC improves to 16-6 (4-3). I’ll have to go talk to Gary; delaying my venture into the storm.

9:22-Bowie puts back a missed 3; he has 12. Vasquez fouls out as Rice heads to the line with 23 seconds to play. Moderate applause for the exiting Vasquez.

9:21-Rice hits both, BC by 11. Gary’s detractors will be out in full force….

9:20-Trapani makes both; Greivis misses a wild 3 on the other end. 46.5 seconds to play; BC by 9, and Bowie misses a layup attempt. More boo birds. Vasquez fouls Rice.

9:19-Rice makes 1 of 2 again; BC by 7. Neal misses a 3; and the Terps are forced to foul Trapani on the rebound. Mass exodus and boo birds now.

9:16-Vasquez gets to the lane and finds the cutting Bowie; but the ball goes out of bounds off his hands. Rice breaks Maryland’s press; and they foul with 1:15 to play. Rice hits 1 of 2 at the line; then comes up with a steal as Maryland moves the ball ahead. Neal fouls Sanders; that puts BC in the double bonus; fans head to the exits and the weather with 1:07 to play.

9:15-Trapani slips underneath to the hoop for 2; he has 8. BC by 5. Terps call timeout with 1:33 to play and a CRUCIAL possession upcoming.

9:13-Great cut by Bowie; and he gets a hoop underneath. He has 10; Terps trail by 1. Sanders with the MASSIVE offensive rebound and putback; he leads the Eagles with 16. Hayes misses a 3 on the other end; BC with the ball and a 3 point lead; under 2 minutes.

9:12-Eagles do a GREAT job of getting it to Soutern at the hoop. Gregory fouls him; and he fortunately misses a VERY short jumper. Southern makes 1 of 2 at the line; 64-61 BC.

9:10-You almost saw it coming. Bowie misses both free throws (I would have guessed he misses one). Mosley grabs a HUGE offensive rebound though; and is fouled by Southern, hitting the floor. Mosley stayed down for a minute before getting up; and shook it off to make both free throws. He has 8; BC by 2. Southern has 4 fouls.

9:09-Can’t really fault Vasquez for anything tonight. Like Drew Forrester often says; he appeared to be the only person who wanted to do anything in the 2nd half. He’ll still need to make big shots for Maryland to steal a victory back in this one.

9:07-Sanders with the STRONG inside finish; and Maryland now trails by 4; 63-59. Sanders has 14. Bowie is fouled by Rice going to the hoop; that’s Rice’s 4th personal and the team’s 8th. He will go to the free throw line for two HUGE shots after the final official timeout of regulaion. 63-59 BC.

9:05-Sanders to the hoop; draws the fould from Vasquez, makes both free throws. 59-56 BC. Greivis gets the hoop and will get a PLUS ONE attempt as he draws the foul from Reggie Jackson. Sanders has 12; Vasquez makes the free throw and has 18. We’re tied at 59 with 4:41 to play. BC breaks Maryland’s press for a transition hoop from Jackson; who has 10. Vasquez can’t find the handle on an outside jumper.

9:04-Dave Neal drives the lane; misses the layup. I wish I was keeping track of missed layups tonight…..

9:02-This game turned when BC starting getting more physical with Adrian Bowie; limiting his ability to drive the lane. The Terps stayed alive with some big shots from Vasquez and by forcing BC turnovers; but they need to have Bowie getting to the lane to make things happen. Bowie will be faced with that type of defense until teams feel the need to respect his shooting ability.

9:00-Vasquez with the ball fake; he finds Gregory inside for the dunk. Gregory has 6, Terps back up by 1. Rice with the teardrop in traffic; and BC is back up by 1. Rice has 9. 3rd official timeout of the half; 57-56 BC with 5:46 to play.

8:58-Hayes is too strong on the layup attempt; but Maryland forces a turnover on the other end. Vasquez takes on 3 defenders and can’t finish; a lot of sloppy, selfish play offensively; and another turnover leads to a jumper by Raji. Raji has 8; BC now leads 55-54. That’s BC’s first lead of the game; and Maryland has blown another 15+ point lead this month.

8:55-Mosley with the strong move; and switches hands for the layup. Raji gets the basket inside; and Gary will have to go back to Milbourne with 3 fouls. He goes to the scorer’s table.

Vasquez with the VERY nifty behind the back pass as the shot clock expired; but Dupree was blocked inside. Roche misses a 3; then Mosley turns the ball over after deciding against a jumper in the lane. Raji with another hoop; and he’ll go to the free throw line for the PLUS ONE attempt after being fouled by Mosley. He makes the attempt; and Maryland’s once 16 point lead is down to 1.

8:53-Terps are CLEARLY uncomfortable in the half-court game; preferring to be in transition mode. Mosley is fouled by Jackson attacking the basket; BC now has 5 team fouls as well.

Make it 6 as Vasquez is tripped by Jackson going to the hoop. Gregory back in for Neal.

8:51-Vasquez stripped inside; but Bowie with the big block on Rice as he attempted to drive to the hoop. Neal hits a jumper to extend Maryland’s lead to 6; but Dupree fouls Sanders inside, he’ll shoot 2. 5 team fouls with over 10 minutes to play; Sanders makes both. 52-48 Maryland.

8:49-Thanks to Rich for linking me to THIS story from The Sun’s Jeff Barker. Associate AD Katherine Worthington chimed in on Gary’s declaration yesterday that it ‘wasn’t (his) fault’ certain recruits were no longer part of the Maryland basketball program (like Gus Gilchrist and Tyree Evans). Check the story out when you get the chance.

8:48-Great defense by Mosley; but Southern puts a move on Dupree to get to the hoop. BC has Maryland’s lead whittled down to 4 at 50-46; but Maryland is bailed out as Mosley draws an offensive foul from Southern after a rebound. 2nd official timeout; 11:52 to play in the game.

8:47-Hayes’ shooting struggles continue; as he uncharacteristically misses his first free throw attempt. He makes the 2nd; and the lead is 50-44. Bowie back in for Hayes.

8:45-Eagles get another hoop from Jackon; and he makes the PLUS ONE attempt after being fouled by Mosley. That’s Maryland’s 4th team foul of the half early on; and their lead is down to 5. Braxton Dupree with a BIG rebound on the defensive end after Sanders misses a 3; and he’s fouled by Southern.

Terps struggling to find a 2nd option behind Vasquez with Milbourne and Bowie both on the bench. Mosley needs to step up. Hayes fouled in the lane; but he’s too strong on his shot attempt. He’ll shoot 2.

8:43-Southern makes 1 of 2 at the free throw line; cutting Maryland’s lead to 7. Vasquez responds with a BIG 3 on the other end; he now leads all scorers with 15. Jackson gets the friendly roll to cut Maryland’s lead back down to 49-41. Bowie called for his 2nd personal away from the ball.

8:41-Mike T in the house……..and I have NO IDEA if Maryland will hang on. Rich-checking my email now.

8:39-Milbourne missed a chip shot; but tough D eventually leads to a hoop from Vasquez. 46-38 as we hit the first official timeout of the half; but Milbourne now has 3 personal fouls.

8:37-Hoop by Southern; but a hoop from Vasquez finally stops the run. Sanders is called for an offensive foul. Maryland gets it back leading by 8; but Corey Raji gets a dunk off a turnover. The 16 point lead before the half is down to 6….

8:34-A 2 by Sanders and a hoop from Southern get the Eagles within 8; Gary calls a timeout to try to stop BC’s mini run. 42-34 with 17:40 to play.

8:32-Greivis can’t get the three to start the 2nd half; and Milbourne draws the over the top foul; his 2nd. Unselfish play around the hoop the next time down leads to a thunderous putback dunk by Milbourne; he has 14. Terps by 13.

8:23-The most troubling number from the first half is BC’s 5-8 shooting from outside. The Terps have 2 longballs from Greivis; but everyone who doesn’t wear #21 is 0-5 from outside. The Eagles have four different shooters who have connected from outside as part of that 5-8 number.

The Terps are out-rebounding the Eagles 23-13; and have an assist-to-turnover ration of 2:1; compared to BC’s 5:6. The Terps have a 26-12 advantage in the paint; 11-4 off turnovers, 6-0 2nd chance, and 8-0 fast break. BC’s bench has outscored Maryland 12-8 however. The Eagles are 2-4 from the free throw line; the Terps are 2-3.

Milbourne leads the Terps with 12 points; Vasquez and Bowie have 8 each. No BC scorer has more than Joe Trapani’s 6.

8:13-Neal misses the front end of the 1 and 1; 5 second differential between shot clock and game clock.

Paris gives the Eagles a HUGE lift; as he hits an ugly desperation 3 as the shot clock expires. He has 5; and the Eagles will face a 40-29 deficit as we hit the half.

I’ll be back shortly with analysis.

8:12-Milbourne pops another jumper; he has 14. Eagles try to get an alley-oop the other way; but they throw the ball off the backboard. 40-27 Maryland as Dave Neal heads to the free throw line battling for a rebound. Cliff Tucker finally enters.

8:10-Dave Neal can do little against Josh Southern; and he gets a hoop to cut the lead to 38-26. Gary calls his first timeout of the game.

Rich-the roads weren’t particularly bad; but traffic was definitely slow getting down here.

Thyrl-Gregory and Milbourne have been a good combination down low on both ends.

8:09-Good ball movement by BC gets Sanders a hoop. He has 5 for the game. Terps turn it over next time down.

8:07-Interesting receptions for Vasquez and Gary before the game. Vasquez’s reception started slowly; then it appeared as though a group of fans wanted to start an ovation to show support of the junior from Venezuela. That didn’t gain much steam; and there were a few boos mixed in. Gary’s reception was awesome as always.

Great 5-0 run for the Terps here. Vasquez knocks down a 3 from the corner; he has 8, and does a little hot-dogging afterwards. Then, Mosley gets the ball in transition; and takes it to the hoop for the easy 2. Al Skinner takes a timeout with Maryland’s lead ballooning to 38-22.

8:05-Eagles turn the ball over once more; and we hit the final official timeout of the half with Maryland maintaining their 11 point lead; 33-22. 3:47 to play.

No sign of Braxton Dupree or Cliff Tucker thus yet; clearly this staff has no faith in Tucker particularly, as his minutes have constantly been in decline.

8:03-Tyler Roche into the game; he knocks down a 3. Vasquez misses a floater completely; but a Milbourne block gets Maryland going in transition; and Mosley comes up with the layup. 33-22 Terps. Bowie draws his first foul; team’s 6th.

8:02-Paris draws the player controlled foul; that’s BC’s 7th; Terps will enter the single bonus going forward. Vasquez with the underhanded floater from the lane; he has 5 and Maryland leads 31-19. Gregory exits for Neal to a NICE reception from the fans after Hayes picks up Maryland’s 5th team foul of the half.

7:59-The last BC foul was on Rice; his 2nd personal. Gregory tries to go up against 3 defenders; but his shot sails wide. Gregory draws his first foul the next time down on an entering Courtney Dunn; who sinks one of 2 at the line. 27-19 Maryland.

Bowie with the VERY difficult drive and kick; but again Hayes can’t find the handle on a 3. Milbourne gets 2 rebounds with no luck before Rice eventually fouls Bowie in the battle for the rebound. That’s Rice’s 3rd personal foul; he has to sit.

A GREAT ball fake by Gregory gets him to the hoop; and he scores on his second chance. 29-19 Maryland.

7:57-Rich, I actually think Gregory has done a nice job of battling thus far. Someone clearly got in his ear and said “if you get the ball inside, you get to the basket no matter what.” He has been active defensively as well. I like what I’ve seen.

7:55-Reggie Jackson slips outside uncovered and knocks down a 3. BC gets a bit more physical with Bowie as he tries to drive; and Hayes eventually gets the layup after he is able to penetrate. BC gets called for an offensive foul as we hit the 3rd official timeout of the half. 27-18 Maryland, 7:16 to play.

7:53-Greivis back into the game for Mosley; he makes a nice drive and pitch to Hayes; but Hayes misses the look from 3. Dino Gregory giving solid minutes thus far; and may have come up with a piece of the last drive from the Eagles. Hayes with another nice drive and pitch; but Neal misses from outside this time. An animated voice from the crowd yells “follow your shot Dave!”

Vasquez fould Sanders the next time down as Sanders attacks the hoop; Sanders makes the first, misses the 2nd. Milbourne back in for Neal.

7:52-Hayes with a block; then nifty footwork from Mosley to get out of trouble. Neal feeds Gregory inside; who goes under the hoop to reverse his layup for 2. 25-14 Terps.

7:49-Terps have a strange inside-outside game going right now. Instead of dumping inside and letting a big man find the open shooter on rotation; the Terps are effectively using dribble penetration by Bowie to get to the basket OR find their power forward (Landon Milbourne) when he slips out for jumpers. I’ve said before that this team MUST attack the basket for a possession to be successful; and they’re doing it with great success thus far. 10 for Milbourne, 8 for Bowie.

7:47-Reggie Jackson into the game for the Eagles, no relation (that I know of). Paris and Bowie trade baskets; then Trapani knocks down another 3 before Milbourne knocks down another mid-range jumper. Milbourne called for the blocking foul; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland leading 23-14. 10:49 to play.

7:44-Trapani’s shot could be a difference maker; but his 3 is matched by a 3 from Greivis (Vasquez’s first hoop of the game); and Maryland’s lead is 15-9. Hayes back into the game for Bowie; Mosley passed up an open look from outside on the previous possession.

BC is struggling to hold on to rebounds on the offensive end; which can ONLY help the Terps.

Landon Milbourne knocks down a mid-range jumper; then Paris fouls Mosley after a steal; BC’s 4th team foul. Bowie again to the lane for a layup; he has 6 (Milbourne has 8); Terps 19-9.

7:42-Terps go to their press to force a turnover on the inbounds; and Milbourne goes to his left for the scoop reverse layup. 10-6 Maryland; Biko Paris checks in after BC loses the ball out of bounds going for a rebound. Raji fouls Milbourne; who is true on both attempts from the line. 12-6 Terps. Dino Gregory checks in.

7:38-A pull-up jumper from Rice at the top of the key gets the Eagles within 2; then Sanders drives for a shot in the lane to tie things up.

Bowie missed a 3 in there; again his shot came off his hands flat. He has to get better arch on his shots; as Maryland needs him to be a threat from outside to improve his ability to drive and reach the free throw line.

Milbourne with a muscular rebound and putback to make things 8-6; then Vasquez comes up with the nice block on Southern. Vasquez draws a travel; Sean Mosley will check in, and we’ll hit our first official timeout. 8-6 Maryland; 14:42 to play.

7:36-A pretty pass from Rice to Southern gets BC on the scoreboard; 6-2 Terps.

Rakim Sanders is wearing number 33 tonight instead of his usual number 15; can anyone watching the game at home explain this to me?

Tonight’s game is on ESPN2; Mike Patrick and Len Elmore have the call.

7:34-It took two tries, but the Eagles won the opening tip; they tried to go inside early; but the Terps forced Josh Southern under the basket with nice interior defense.

A flurry of misses finally came to an end when Bowie put back a Vasquez miss off a soft jumper; he drew a foul from Rice on what would have been a breakaway. Vasquez found Neal for another hoop; then Bowie drove the floor for a layup; and Maryland has a 6-0 lead.

7:29-Al Skinner’s Eagles start 4 sophomores and 1 senior. The senior is 2 guard Tyrese Rice; with Rakim Sanders handling the point. The forwards are Corey Raji and Joe Trapani; Josh Southern starts in the middle. The Eagles are 15-6 (3-3 in conference play); and are coming off back to back wins over Georgia Tech and NC State.

Gary Williams makes no changes in his lineup; starting Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, and Eric Hayes. The Terps are 13-6 (2-3) ACC; and are coming off a 41 point loss to Duke.

If you missed the earlier news; Jin Soo Kim will miss tonight’s game as he appeals a ruling that he is academically ineligible for the semester.

7:26-A less than capacity crowd so far tonight at Comcast Center in College Park; however it wouldn’t be fair to say it is due to Saturday’s 41 point loss; as clearly the weather has kept a few people from making the trek. With students back on campus; I do expect the wall in the the student section to ultimately fill up; a nice change from the past few weeks while the school has been on Break.

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Terps Humbled During Worst Defeat in Williams Era; 85-44 at Duke

Posted on 24 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

He’s been criticized by many, and loved by many others. He’s had highs and lows during his time in College Park; and some fans will likely want to have nothing to do with after today’s game. He’s been one of the most polarizing figures that this Athletic Department has ever seen; and this might officially be a point of no return for him.

I’m not talking about Gary Williams. He will survive Maryland’s 85-44 loss to Duke today; and will have the chance to try to turn things around and still salvage something from Maryland’s season. It will be a difficult task for him; but he won’t be fired tomorrow just because the Terps suffered their worst defeat during his time at his alma mater; in a game where they also scored the fewest points of any team during Gary’s time as Head Coach. He’s going to be back; no matter what.

And Greivis Vasquez will be back on the floor Tuesday night; despite playing a particularly small 28 minutes in today’s game. But he’s officially reached might well be the point of no return as of today.

Greivis has struggled mightily in recent games; and today’s output was no different. He was 2-10 from the field, 0-2 from beyond the arc; didn’t reach the free throw line; had just one rebound, 1 assist, and 4 points. He also committed 4 turnovers in the loss.

But Greivis’ performance is particularly disappointing considering the way he boasted “that’s my house” about Cameron Indoor Stadium this week. Greivis is coming off some difficult weeks as a Terp; during which he mouthed off to the fans at Comcast Center during a win over Georgia Tech. Gary has been forced to pull him aside and discuss his antics; and Gary publically lashed out at him again today after I asked about Vasquez’s emotions.

But Greivis can turn everything around starting TODAY with one simple concept.


Today is the day that Greivis Vasquez can re-write his own personal history as a Maryland Terrapin. Today is the day that Greivis Vasquez can go from “polarizing figure whose potential was greater than his ability” to “gritty leader who learned determinition through adversity.”

It’s his choice.

Little can be more humbling than a 41 point defeat at the hands of a team you relish playing against. Little can be more humbling than having thousands of opposing fans mock and laugh at you while you struggle to try to add ANYTHING positive to a miserable, blowout defeat.

But no one is going to force Greivis to be humbled by the occassion. He’s going to have to choose to do that on his own.

In 2001, Maryland lost a Valentine’s Day home game to a lowly Florida State Seminoles team at Cole Field House. It was a humbling experience for the Terps; coming on the Heels of a hubling defeat to Duke in the final :54 seconds of a home game the night before Super Bowl XXV. But from that humility, a team bonded; recognized their need to do things differently, and went on to the first Final Four appearance in school history.

This team isn’t going to the Final Four; but a little humility could go a long way in giving them a chance to make a run at the NCAA Tournament.

Muhammad Ali was so good that he could make boastful statements no matter the situation. Greivis Vasquez is not.

This isn’t the time for Greivis to lose his intensity or edge on the floor; but it is certainly time for him to recognize that running his mouth has not made this team any better thus far.

The word of the day is humility.

That’s it for me tonight. Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0.


2:36-Gary opened his post-game press conference by saying “I hope the rest of your day is better than my last 2 hours.” That is probably an understatement.

Gary seemed to think there was a possibility that something like this might happen today. He said the team “didn’t come in with the intensity” necessary to win at Duke; and the Terps “didn’t do a good job…..of matching (Duke’s) intensity.” He added that a blowout loss “can happen (at Cameron Indoor Stadium) probably quicker than any other place in the country.” He added that “Duke looked more athletic in terms of 1 on 1 situations”; which he thought had a lot to do with emotion. He added that Maryland “paid for” not bringing enough emotion “to the table.”

As with many of the bad losses during his tenure at Maryland; Gary said he wouldn’t dwell on this one. “Part of being a coach is getting embarrassed and being able to come back” according to the coach. Gary says it “doesn’t bother (him) that (the team) lost by 40” as “it still counts as one loss.” He went on to say that the Terps were 2-3 in the ACC with two home games coming up, and they needed to be ready to play Tuesday night. He went on to add that the loss was only “one game.”

Gary didn’t seem to appreciate Greivis Vasquez’s comments to the media earlier this week, saying he could “think of something better to say than ‘That’s my house’ when” coming into Cameron Indoor Stadium. Williams believes his star player is contrite regarding the comments, having added “he knows that he shouldn’t have said what he said” and “I don’t think that would happen again.” Gary thinks that the timing of the comments had to do with the excitement of Maryland’s win over Virginia. He said he didn’t “think Duke needed Greivis’ comments to get ready to play” though. Gary went on to say that Vasquez has “really gotta concentrate on his game.”

2:30-Landon Milbourne lead the Terps with 19 points, no other Maryland player scored more than 5. Bowie, Milbourne, and Mosley all had 5 rebounds apiece in the loss to lead the team. The Terps finished the game with a 10:17 assist to turnover ratio; came up with 6 blocks, and added 5 steals. They shot 18-64 from the field (28.1%); 2-12 from beyond the arc (16.7%), and 6-12 from the free throw line (50%).

The Blue Devils were lead by Gerald Henderson with 17; Jon Scheyer added 12, Kyle Singler 11, Brian Zoubek and Elliot Williams 9 each, Nolan Smith 8, Greg Paulus and Lance Thomas both 7. Remember when you asked me what the definition of balance was? Zoubek had a game0high 9 rebounds; Henderson had 8, Singler 7. The team had an assist to turnover ratio of 23:10; adding 12 blocks and 11 steals. They shot 31-73 from the field (42.5%), 12-25 from beyond the arc (48%); and 11-19 from the free throw line (57.9%). Duke’s bench outscored Maryland’s 28-11. The Devils out-rebounded the Terps 56-38.

1:53-Confirm that. Elliot Williams with a 3. The final will be 85-44. Worst loss in the Gary Williams era; fewest points scored in the Gary Williams era. “Devil With A Blue Dress On” plays to celebrate. I’ll be back shortly.

1:51-Goins called for the offensive foul with 1 and a half to play. Terps need to shave 3 points off the lead to avoid matching the worst defeat in the Gary era; they need to score 4 to avoid matching the fewest total points in the Gary era. I doubt they do either.

1:49-Goins with one of two from the line and a layup from Tucker; and Duke’s lead is 82-44. Duke fans chant “Nuestra Casa” towards Vasquez; which of course means “Our house” in Spanish. The fact that they write their chants on a white board certainly takes away from the creativity.

1:47-Dupree with one of two at the free throw line; Steve Goins is going to check into this one. Haven’t seen Greivis since the intentional foul; and I doubt we will. Steve Johnson is going to enter the game for Duke; to the delight of the Duke crowd that has chanted the humorous “Insert Johnson” line for the last few minutes. Gary puts David Pearman in since someone has to play……

1:44-Mercifully we reach the final official timeout of the game with 3:50 to play. We reached it of course because we HAD to; not because anyone actually wanted to see time stop again in this one.

1:42-Elliot Williams fouled HARD by Bowie attacking the basket. He rattles home the first free throw and misses the 2nd. Milbourne with 2 more on the other end; he has 19. How is that possible? 80-40 Duke.

1:38-Mosley 1-2 at the line; 74-34 Duke. Williams adds a jam for Duke to make the lead 42. Chants from the student section include “Inspiration” (while pointing at Coach K) “Perspiration” (While pointing at Gary).

Landon Milbourne with another hoop; he has 17. Players not named Landon Milbourne have a total 19 for the Terps. Martynas Pocius into the game for Duke; he misses a 3.

Braxton Dupree gets the ball inside; but again throws the ball wildly in the air instead of actually toward the basket.

Pocious adds a 3; Dupree gets a hoop but misses the PLUS ONE attempt. 79-38 Duke.

1:33-Milbourne hits another jumper; he has 15. Terps trail 71-31. Milbourne would be a complement to a team that was already well put together.

Coach K continues to empty his bench with 8 and a half to play; as Oleg Czyz checks in. I believe he was recruited to Duke because Coach K wanted someone else whose last name had a “Z-y-z” combination in it.

Bowie with a hoop; Paulus with a 3. 74-33 Duke as we hit the 3rd official timeout of the 2nd half; an ungodly long 7:15 to play.

Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times confirms that the fewest points ever scored by a Maryland team in the Gary Williams era was 47; in a 1995 loss to UMass in the event now known as the BB&T Classic. The Terps have 7:15 to score 15 points if they don’t want to make more bad history….

1:30-Elliot Williams made 1 of 2 free throws; then an entering Jin Soo Kim airballed a 3 point attempt from the corner. 9:34 to play; Devils lead 71-29.

1:27-Touching moment before the game; as the teams held a moment of silence to honor NC State women’s coach Kay Yow; who lost her courageous fight with breast cancer this morning. Yow is the sister of Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow.

1:25-Paulus adds the floater; then Vasquez picks up an intentional foul as Duke tried to make things worse. Can it get worse? This is historic. Official timeout. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could just keep the clock running; like in soccer?

1:24-Two more from Henderson matched by two from Milbourne. Mosley knocks down his first three and the lead is under 40! Small victories, people.

1:22-Dino Gregory hits one of two at the free throw line; and the lead is cut to 42. Without “Stat”rick Stevens nearby I’m struggling to be absolutely certain of this; but nearby researchers believe Gary’s worst ever defeat as Maryland Head Coach is 36 points at the hands of North Carolina in 1993. This could be much worse.

1:19-David McClure with the long 2; the lead is 43. This is starting to resemble that 100-0 Texas High School game a week or two ago. Maybe Duke will forfeit later? Coach K will have his Devils slow things down; and he might as well. No need to see anyone get hurt…..

Miles Plumlee into the game for the Devils. I haven’t heard of him either…….

1:17-Milbourne with the reverse layup and adds the PLUS ONE attempt. Duke fans begin an “N-I-T” chant before getting another 3. Henderson adds the steal; he hits one of two to give Duke their biggest lead of the game at 41. Why not? Cliff Tucker into the game.

1:15-The “not our rivals” chant begins a bit early this time. Henderson was fouled on the layup; he will attempt a free throw after the official timeout. He misses the free throw; but the Terps can’t corral the rebound and the ball goes out of bounds. Wow.

1:12-Vasquez frustrated after thinking he was fouled; Duke throws an alley-oop to Singler; then runs a Harlem Globetrotters-like offense in getting a layup that has this crowd going absolutely INSANE. Duke’s lead is an UNREAL 40 points; and this is a VERY low moment in Maryland basketball history.

1:10-Nolan Smith adds another 3; and Maryland trails 53-20. I’m looking for something positive to say; but instead I’ll add that Henderson just drilled another 3 to make Duke’s lead 36. They’re outscored Maryland 16-5 in the first 3:51 of the 2nd half. Gary calls another timeout. I don’t think we have to worry about him wishing he had them in the final minute of the game……

1:07-Terps work it inside to Milbourne for 2; but Zoubek cleans up his own miss on the other end. Bowie attempted to penetrate again; but was met by Zoubek. Hayes wildly threw something up on the other end; I THINK it was meant to be a shot. Henderson with the jumper, and the Terps trail by 30.

1:04-It took nearly 21 minutes; but the Terps will FINALLY attempt a free throw. Bowie does what he wanted to do at the start of the game; driving to the basket. He was blocked once; but managed to draw a foul. He hit just one of two free throws however. Scheyer knocks down a 3 at the other end; and Hayes responds with a layup. Zoubek with an almost effortless offensive rebound; and Nolan Smith nails another 3. Duke opens the lead up to 28 with 18L55 to play; and Gary calls another timeout.

1:03-Is there a rule that says we have to play the 2nd half? This is normally when goofy things start happening in blowout games…….

12:53-Want the numnbers? I’m not sure you can handle the numbers!

The Terps had only three scorers in the first half; Landon Milbourne with 6, Dave Neal with 5, and Greivis Vasquez with 4. The Devils were lead by 9 apiece from Singler and Henderson; Zoubek added 7, Scheyer 6, and Lance Thomas 5.

The Terps were out-rebounded 27-12 in the first half; and their assist to turnover margin was……well…….2:12. That’s not good. Duke has turned the ball over just 6 times in comparison.

The Terps have yet to attempt a free throw; which makes it very difficult to prove that they are amongst the best free throw shooting teams in the country. Duke is 8-10 at the stripe on their end. Maryland is 7-25 from the field (28%); 1-7 from beyond the arc (14.3%). Duke is 14-35 from the field (40%); 4-10 from 3 point range (also 40%).

Maybe Maryland should stay in the locker room……

12:50-Rich, I’d love to respond to something; but there’s nothing for me to respond to. Duke has absolutely outplayed Maryland in all aspects of the game; and this is pretty similar to the Georgetown and Gonzaga games; except worse. The Terps are proving to just not be a good team; and they have absolutely no answer when things aren’t going well. This is absolutely brutal to watch; just be glad you didn’t drive to North Carolina to watch it.

12:47-Duke can’t add anything; and Sean Mosley can’t find the handle on a 3 to end the half. Duke takes a ridiculous 40-15 lead to the half; and I imagine we might see some Jin Soo Kim in the 2nd half.

12:45-Hayes with a miss; Terps one and done again. Duke takes timeout; hopefully considering showing Maryland some mercy. 39.4 to play; there’s an 8 second differential between the shot clock and the game clock. Like it matters……

12:44-Henderson with the 3; then forces Vasquez to turn the ball over. Duke is having a lot of fun right now. Henderson has 9; Smith fouled on the other end; he connects on both attempts at the line; and Duke leads 40-15. Wow.

12:43-For what it’s worth; Duke enjoys a 24-6 rebounding advantage over the Terps. But you probably already knew that…..

12:41-Scheyer takes a fall and Milbourne makes him pay; hitting a jumper to get Maryland within 18. Thomas with the layup on the other end; then Hayes called for a travel. 35-15 Duke. Milbourne has 6.

12:39-Zoubek makes one of two at the line; and Duke extends their lead to 33-13. Vaseuez drives and is fouled by Zoubek. The beat goes on…..

12:36-Duke misses two more shots; Duke gets two more offensive rebounds. Zoubek gets fouled; we head to the final official timeout of the half with Maryland still trailing by 19. 3:48 to play in the half; and Gary doesn’t have an answer for this bloodbath.

12:35-Greivis penetrates and finds Neal open for a look outside; but it won’t fall. Terps one and done again; while Duke adds 3 more. Neal with a hoop to put a band-aid on things; but Henderson adds another outside; and the Terps turn the ball over again. 32-13 Duke; and the Terps do not appear to belong on the same floor.

12:32-Vasquez finds himself wide open for a 3 and misses badly. Adrian Bowie had the rebound in his hand but lost it. Milbourne blocks Singler the next time down; but Singler gets the ball back and draws a foul from Milbourne. Singler knocks down both free throws; he has 6. Gary takes another timeout with his team trailing by 16 and unable to get anything going on either end. 5:41 to play in the half.

12:31-Bowie gets Maryland’s first good look at a jumper in some time; but can’t connect. Singler is fouled again inside fighting for a rebound; he makes both to extend Duke’s lead to 25-11. Duke’s ability to maintain defensive focus and pressure is incredible.

12:29-Elliot Williams called for the foul trying to pressure Dave Neal. That call probably wouldn’t go against Singler or Henderson. Singler draws a foul inside; and Maryland is reeling…..

12:27-The Terps are REALLY paying for not having an inside option today. As Duke continues to force them outside; Maryland has no answer to pound the ball back inside. The defensive end is no better; as Brian Zoubek has absolutely had his way with Maryland’s defenders inside. Jordan Williams and James Padgett are coming; but they can’t get here quickly enough…..

12:26-Singler with the airball on a 3 point attempt; and we hit the 3rd official timeout of the half with the Terps trailing 23-11.

Duke fans begin chanting “crazy towel guy”; and a man in the stands bounces up to wave a white towel. Okay……

12:24-Kyle Singler with the strip and finish; 23-11 Duke. With Duke’s defensive pressure; the Terps are being forced farther and farther away from the hoop. Vasquez tries to drive the baseline; but steps out of bounds in the process.

12:22-Duke is absolutely SUFFOCATING Maryland defensively; allowing them NO space to run plays. Dino Gregory into the game; screaming something rather unpleasant at Gerald Henderson as he attempted to inbound the ball.

Duke comes up with another big offensive rebound; but a traveling call ends the possession. Terps are lucky to be within ten right now.

12:20-Milbourne with the curl for the baby hook; he matches Vasquez with a team high 4. Henderson with the hoop on the other end; and Duke’s lead is back to ten at 21-11. Hayes misses a wild layup; ad Scheyer is called for an offensive foul driving to the hoop.

12:19-I’ll save my thoughts on the Duke cheerleaders. Probably wouldn’t go over well right now.

12:17-Terps CONTINUE to be killed by Brian Zoubek inside; and this offensive rebound leads to a long 2 for Greg Paulus. Vasquez draws a foul the next time down; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Duke leading 19-9 and 10:42 to play in the half.

12:16-David McClure into the game for Duke; and Landon Milbourne misses a long jumper for the Terps. Lance Thomas knocks one down on the other end; 17-9 Duke. Milbourne is going to get chances for those long jumpers; and he will have to find that range.

12:14-Terps come up with a rebound off a BAD miss of a long 3 by Vasquez, and Milbourne hits a jumper. On the other end; Zoubek LEVELS Neal before hitting a bucket. Vasquez responds by driving the baseline for 2. Zoubek has 6; Duke leads 15-9. Braxton Dupree checks in for Maryland; as Gary badly needs size underneath.

12:12-Sean Mosley heads to the scorer’s table; Greivis Vasquez takes on 4 defenders but scores to make things 12-5; ending a 10-0 run the Terps had going. Neal fouls Lance Thomas; who makes the first of two free throws. Zoubek draws a foul fighting for the rebound on the 2nd attempt.

12:10-During the timeout; a number of members of the Duke band ran onto the floor; laid down, and helped their mascot “surf” across the gym floor. These are the types of things that look stupid to opposing fans; but their own students just eat up. Again, I worry that they don’t think much about why they have particular traditions here; just caring more than the traditions carry on.

12:09-The Devils are not particularly athletic; but their size makes up for that. The Terps cannot afford to throw lazy passes; as the Devils will step in and quickly close the lanes that appear to exist. We hit the first official timeout with 15:35 to play; and the Devils lead 12-3.

12:07-Terps are REALLY finding it difficult to run sets against Duke’s disciplined defense. Hayes turns the ball over here; and fouls Scheyer before he could have an easy run to the opposing hoop.

Scheyer misses an easy layup; but Zoubek is there to clean it up. With nothing going right; the Terps absolutely NEED Greivis. 12-3 Duke.

12:05-Bowie again to the hoop; this time blocked by Zoubek. Henderson slips in on the other end for a layup; and Gary Williams needs a timeout with his team facing a 10-3 deficit just 2 and a half minutes into the game. Not the start they were hoping for……

12:04-Adrian Bowie gets back into his “attack the basket” mode; but it costs him a player controlled foul early on. He has to stick with that though for the Terps to stay in this early….

12:03-Henderson uses a jump step to draw defenders inside; then Scheyer knocks down a 3 off the feed. Scheyer gets another 3 the next time down after a Hayes miss; and it’s 8-3 Duke early.

12:02-Devils start out immediately going inside to Zoubek to take advantage of his size over Neal; he banks it in. Neal responds with a 3; 3-2 Terps.

12:00-Brian Zoubek, Kyle Singler Nolan Smith, Gerald Henderon, and Jon Scheyer are Mike Krzyzewski’s starters; Maryland sticks with Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, and Eric Hayes.

11:59-In a very strange development; many of the fans in the student section and elsewhere in the arena participated in the “OH” during the national anthem. When I asked them why they did it; they admitted that they didn’t know. When I informed them that it was a Baltimore tradition; one even admitted to me that he wished fans would stop doing it.

11:55-I’m not sure I will be able to stand for the National Anthem…..

11:52-One of the best things about having the student section breathing down my neck is that they are seriously looking over my shoulder to read my blog. I pointed out their mistake on the cheer sheet regarding the Dave Neal thought; and they made sure to have fun with me every time I started to type a word and then chose to go with another one. This could be an interesting day….

11:39-Thanks to my friend Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times; who brought me a copy of today’s “cheer sheet”; given out to students as they entered the game. If you think these kids take studying for school seriously; you have no idea how much they study their “cheer sheets.”

Amongst the notes given the students for how to cheer during today’s game are the following…….

“Gary Williams tends to sweat. A LOT. Make liberal use of ‘Sweat, Gary, Sweat!’ when he gets nervous. He doesn’t seem to think very highly of us Crazies either, sarcastically noting that, ‘They’re very smart down there. They figure Greivis (Vasquez) is from Venezuela, so that means he knows Spanish. It’s amazing.”


“(Dave) Neal had to take the SAT numerous times just to meet the NCAA eligibility requirement, which was less than 800 on the old scale. Given his history of academic troubles, it’s no surprise that it was Neal’s ‘lifelong dream to be a Terrapin.’ He also weighs 263 pounds. That over 1/3 of his SAT scores.”

(Read that last sentence again. For someone who is making fun of someone else’s perceived inability to read and write; you would think they would know that when you’re trying to spell the word “that’s”, there is typically an apostrophe and a letter “s” at the end.)

And here’s one more……

“Vasquez: where do we even start? This week he said of Cameron Indoor, ‘That’s my house. I love going in there. It’s going to be fun.’ He must figure that it can’t be any worse than his home arena. In a home game against Georgia Tech, a portion of the student section booed Greivis whenever he missed a shot or made a mistake; his response was to repeatedly turn toward the hecklers – even once while dribbling the ball – put his finger to his lips to silence them and shout, ‘Shut the f*** up!’ How pleasant.”

-The students have certainly studied the sheets; as they have made sure to shout things like “Hey Neal, my verbal SAT score is higher than your TOTAL SAT score!” I wonder if they know that students at most schools don’t really think much about what their SAT score was…..

-Another gem I heard was “Hey Vasquez, we like you more than your own fans do!” Of course, when Greivis wouldn’t turn around; they proved they didn’t REALLY like Greivis that much…..

11:34-Well, I’m here. Live from Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham; where the Maryland Terrapins are set to battle the #2 Duke Blue Devils; who are poised to become the country’s new #1 team with a win over Maryland today.

I am sitting along press row; and I cannot begin to explain to you what the atmosphere is like. The Duke student section is ABSOLUTELY breathing down my neck. I’m on the back left side of the court from where you’ll be watching on TV-with Mike Patrick and Len Elmore calling the game for ESPN.

The Terps bring a 13-5 record (2-2 ACC) into the game, and are looking for their first true road victory of the season. The Blue Devils are 17-1 (4-0 ACC); with their only loss coming to Michigan-a team Maryland defeated earlier this season.

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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 23 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

No matter how much Casey Willett and Ray Bachman love them; I HATE Duke.

I can’t even begin to explain how much I hate Duke.

I hate their bandwagon fans, I hate the fact that no one who roots for their basketball team roots for their football team, I hate their uppity attitude, I hate the way the rules are bent in their favor, I hate the way they get all of their calls, I hate the way everyone gets bent out of shape about them, I hate the fact that the rest of the country thinks the ACC is nothing more than them and North Carolina.

And frankly; I’m TOTALLY jealous of their success.

But tomorrow’s Maryland-Duke game is one more (albeit slim) chance for me to watch Duke fans suffer.

And I’m going.

I’ll be in Durham tonight to capture the sights and sounds of Maryland-Duke for WNSTV. Are you going? Please tell me where you’re hanging out; what I need to see while I’m in town; etc.

Do ANY of you have ANY hope? Is anyone fired up for tomorrow’s game at all? Are we still recovering from what happened to the Ravens last week?

Let me know.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Thursday’s WNST Blogs:

Casey Willett says Newsome, Bisciotti not exactly on same page

Drew Forrester says Birds should be using media to ‘help’ promote team

Bob Haynie says it’s time to start talking Orioles again

Casey Willett says Markakis plans on living in Baltimore full time, starting foundation

Nestor Aparicio allowed to attend press conference at Warehouse

Jason Jubb says Terps have worst 5 year run after National Championship of any team since ‘94

Darren Rudham offers details for tonight’s charity event


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Fangio has ‘most coordinator knowledge’ of in house candidates

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Bisciotti thinks Ravens can be ‘annual’ contenders with Harbaugh, Flacco

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Bisciotti already playing Newsome’s hand in Lewis negotiations

The Examiner’s Ron Snyder says Bisciotti thinks 52’s importance to Ravens ‘transcends’ statistics

Aaron Wilson says Ravens want to follow ‘model’ set by Patriots, Colts, Eagles

ESPN.com’s James Walker says most everyone thinks Ravens should keep 52

ESPN.com’s James Walker says all Ravens D-Coordinators have gone on to become head coaches

Fox Sports’ Adam Schein says Jets added ‘needed attitude’ by hiring Rex Ryan


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says MacPhail thought signing Markakis ‘major priority’ for offseason

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds finalize deal with Zaun

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Markakis now ‘face’ of Orioles with contract signed

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Birds ‘got it right’ with Markakis

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Birds have team option for 2nd year with Zaun

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. expects Rowell to start season in Frederick again

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Crowley thinks Markakis ‘cornerstone’ of Birds’ progress

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Markakis’ deal could help Roberts get ‘excited’ about staying with O’s

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck wonders if Zaun will still be ‘fired up’ when Wieters starts getting playing time

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says ‘money’, ‘comfort’, ‘hope’ all reasons Markakis inked extension

The AP says Markakis thought signing extension ‘fairly easy decision’

ESPN.com Scouts Inc.’s Keith Law thinks Wieters top prospect in all of baseball


Duke Official Site says former women’s star Waner will work sidelines for Maryland game on ESPN

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Vasquez takes ‘energy’ from Cameron Indoor Stadium crowd

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Duke’s Nolan Smith friends with Maryland’s Bowie

The Examiner’s Sean Welsh says Vasquez considers Cameron his ‘house’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says with road win over Blue Devils, Terps would ‘enhance resume’ for NCAA Tournament

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Terps, Blue Devils ‘similar in many ways’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says all of Maryland’s losses okay RPI-wise…….except the one

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says ‘aggressiveness’ difference in Miami loss, Virginia win

Washington Times’ Tim Lemke says Terps trying to become first team to win at Duke this season

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens has Terps OUT, Morgan IN

Raleigh News & Observer’s A.J. Carr says Henderson more ‘assertive’ for Devils

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Dupree ‘plugging away’ through struggles (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says prospect Will Regan trims options (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Buie ‘key’ recruit (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Porzel came to Maryland because it’s ‘close to home’


The Official Site says Retrievers shave 19 point deficit but fall in 2OT at Boston University

The AP says Proctor scores 27 (25 after halftime) but Retrievers fall to Terriers


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Blevins helps Retrievers stay ‘cool’ in close games


The Official Site says late 12-2 run pushes Loyola to win over St. Peter’s

The AP says Barney lead Hounds with 17 points in win

The Examiner’s Dave Carey says Ryan Bacon missed desperation shot at buzzer as Peacocks fell to Hounds


The Official Site says Goode scores 23 as Eers defeat Central Connecticut

Carroll County Times’ Bob Blubaugh says Cajou sunk key free throws to clinch win for Mountaineers

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Cajou earns ‘redemption’ at end of CCSU win


The Official Site says Seaman to participate in ESPNZone event


The Examiner’s Tom Flynn says trip to Army up next for Navy


Go Mids’ Shedrick Moorer says Midshipmen stuck with Ben Bostick despite injuries


The Official Site says Mids picked 11th by Inside Lacrosse in preseason poll


The Official Site says Hale happy to see David Grimaldi on as commissioner of NISL

The Sun’s Kent Baker previews tonight’s game with La Raza

The Examiner’s Sean Welsh says Craig Scheer came ‘full circle’ by rejoining Blast this season


The Official Site’s David Harrington says Ollie Guidry joins staff


The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Phelps back in pool with Coach Bowman

The AP says Phelps named USOC Sportsman of the Year

Washington Post’s Amy Shipley says Bowman, Phelps have developed ‘historically successful’ partnership

The AP’s Paul Newberry says Phelps not interested in matching Beijing performance in London


Duke 81, Maryland 73. This game will be close; as Duke isn’t a dominant, athletic team that can just run up and down the floor over the Terps. They’ll have about an 11 point lead midway through the first half due to shooting; but the Terps will stick around.
Towson 70, UNC-Wilmington 66. The Tigers SHOULD bounce back at home. SHOULD being the key word.
UMBC 63, Albany 58. Randy Monroe’s Retrievers NEED a win on the road; and Albany should be the place to do it.
Morgan State 77, Howard 70. The Bears are the class of the MEAC, and that won’t change.
Hampton 74, Coppin State 61. Fang’s team just isn’t clicking yet. They’re usually a late-blooming team; but it needs to happen soon.
Marist 68, Loyola 62. This would be a win at home.

-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Shaun Eyler. Eyler is a 112 pound wrestler at Francis Scott Key; and recorded a pin in the match over North Carroll last night to improve his record to 18-0 on the season; which includes 9 pins. Thanks to Rich in Westminster for the nomination.

Talk to you LIVE from right in front of the student section (I’m not gonna call them the stupid name Dick Vitale likes to call them) tomorrow at noon for a Maryland-Duke live blog.


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 22 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

I didn’t take MUCH from attending the season-ending press conference held by Steve Bisciotti and John Harbaugh yesterday; but a couple things jumped out at me……..

1-Steve Bisciotti WON’T tell Ozzie Newsome to “break the bank” in order to re-sign Ray Lewis….

This team can’t afford to mortgage anything just to bring Ray bank. I want Ray back as much as anyone; but if he decides he’s in it for the money; then the Ravens need to try to spend some money on Bart Scott and make sure they don’t lose both of their inside linebackers.

2-Bisciotti is hoping for a “hometown discount” from Ray

If Ray is as committed to helping the Ravens win this season as we hope he is; then this is a reasonable expectation. Ray wants to make money; but if the difference in bringing back a Terrell Suggs is $2 million per season; it is not terrible to hope Lewis will make the sacrifice to help the team. That being said; he doesn’t HAVE to do it. Ray has every right to say “I need to receive every penny I can.” But Bisciotti, and Ravens fans everywhere; can always hope.

3-The Ravens aren’t likely to use the Franchise Tag on Ray

I don’t know how I feel about this. I understand the concept that this might be ‘disrespectful’ to Ray; but knowing how important he is to the team; I don’t think I’m necessarily as against this as some people are.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say……

Best of Wednesday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester offers high praise to Ngata, Lewis, Suggs, Reed, Koch

Casey Willett says Pagano, Fangio most likely candidates to replace Rex

Drew Forrester says Ravens don’t want to have ‘annual negotiations’ with Lewis

Casey Willett says Hue Jackson, Clarence Brooks not going anywhere……at least yet

Alex Thomas says Flacco’s long run, win over Skins amongst highlights for ’08 Ravens

Nestor Aparicio says Harbaugh thought Rolle could have returned for Super Bowl

Chris Bonetti says Greyhounds have tough MAAC stretch ahead

Rex Snider says Philly fans don’t particularly hate Ravens

Ed Frankovic says Caps send Alzner back down to Hershey


The Official Site says Bisciotti ‘doesn’t see’ Ravens using franchise tag on 52

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Bisciotti ‘hopeful’ Ravens can re-sign 52

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Bisciotti ‘hopes’ Lewis will give Ravens ‘hometown discount’

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Bisciotti feels better now with ‘long-term coach’ and ‘long-term quarterback’

The Sun’s Rick Maese says Ravens ‘striving for consistency’

Newsday’s Erik Boland says ‘intensity’ got Ryan Jets’ job

The Sun says Browns could be approaching deal with Kokinis

The Examiner’s Ron Snyder says Bisciotti thinks Ravens value 52 more than other teams would

The Examiner’s Ron Snyder says Ravens definitely keeping defensive coordinator position ‘in house’

The Examiner’s Steve DeClue says Ravens have no ‘heir apparent’ to Ryan

Aaron Wilson says Bisciotti’s friendship won’t interfere with Newsome’s work in attempting to sign Lewis

Aaron Wilson says Ravens feel Harbaugh has ‘identity’

Aaron Wilson says Pettine left for New York with Ryan

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Bisciotti won’t tell Newsome to sign Lewis under ‘any circumstances’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Lewis will command ‘high price tag’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens, Lewis expected to hit negotiating table ‘pretty quickly’


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds finalize 6 year extension with Markakis

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Birds to announce Markakis extension at news conference today

The Sun’s Ray Frager announces Birds’ Spring Training radio schedule

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. would like to see Justin Turner start at 2nd for Norfolk

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says only Belle, Tejada have had higher annual salaries than Markakis will in O’s history

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Spring Training issues stem from Angelos’ fears

The Examiner’s Jay Trucker doesn’t expect anything particularly worthwhile to come from Markakis presser

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says deal would keep Markakis in Baltimore through 2014

The AP says Markakis’ deal includes $2.1 million signing bonus


The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Duke should have rebounding edge over Terps

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps could use Buck Williams

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says win over Virginia 400th ACC win ever for Maryland

The Examiner’s Sean Welsh says Terps winning thanks to free throw shooting

The Examiner’s Sean Welsh says Neal expected to become a Terp

The Examiner’s Dylan Waugh says Terps managed to beat Virginia without huge game from Vasquez

Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg says Dupree acting as ‘hype man’ for Bowie

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary doesn’t want rebounding pressure on Milbourne

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says even Gary ‘inspired’ by Neal

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Terps used defensive switch to shut down Landesberg

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says ‘less is more’ approach might help Terps with outside shooting

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps have twice beaten last undefeated team in last 15 years

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Burney still ‘sore’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says former Terps Gist, Osby ‘thriving’ in Europe

CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm thinks Terps ‘on the fence’ to make Tournament

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter profiles prospects playing for former Terp Gatlin (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Matt Bracken says DeOnte Arnett came to Maryland for ‘engineering’ program

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Turner will have chance to move into 2nd place on Maryland’s all-time passing list

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Fokou in Mobile for Senior Bowl this weekend


The Official Site says Tigers drop 5th straight CAA contest at James Madison

The Sun says Nwankwo, Rocky Coleman each score 13 in loss


The Official Site says Chris Harris, Mark Veazey score 20 each as Mids beat Holy Cross

The Sun’s Todd Karpovich says Mids improve to 3-1 in Patriot League with win

The Examiner’s Dave Carey says Mids now only trail American in Patriot League

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Avworo tallied 7 assists in win over Crusaders

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Mids best with  A. Teague on floor last night


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Mids burning to avenge last year’s loss to Army


The Official Site says Neal Pitt scores 24 as Hawks win at North Carolina Central


Boston University Official Site previews Terriers/Retrievers tonight


The Sun’s Edward Lee says Bobby Atwell will miss season with ACL injury


The Official Site previews tonight’s MASN contest with St. Peter’s


The Official Site previews tonight’s visit from Central Connecticut State


The Official Site says Kevin Thompson honored by MEAC

The Official Site previews Saturday’s contest with Howard


The Official Site profiles WR Scorpio Brown


-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete(S) of the Morning Will and Antonio Barton; who combined to score 40 points last night as Lake Clifton followed up their win over St. Frances with a 68-29 DRUBBING of Dunbar.

Boston U 67, UMBC 61-This Retrievers team is still banged up.
Loyola 70, St. Peter’s 67-Hopefully the lumps they took earlier in the year are now paying off for the Greyhounds.

Recapping “Who Knows Drew” from this morning….
-Drew would rather pay $18 to see Stephon Curry and Davidson than $33 to see Tyler Hansbrough and North Carolina.
-If he had to take President Obama to a Baltimore sporting event this Spring; Drew would rather have him sit in the bleachers on Opening Day at Camden Yards than the Preakness infield or the Maryland/Hopkins lacrosse game at M&T Bank Stadium.
-If Bruce Springsteen were to get sick and not be able to play the Super Bowl halftime show; Drew would pick the Beastie Boys over Pearl Jam and R.E.M. to replace him.
-Drew WOULD bet $250 that Tiger Woods wins two majors this year……if he got the right odds.
-If Drew could pick any goalie and any shooter for one penalty shot; he’d go with Guy LaFleur and Dominik Hasek.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 21 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

It will be bittersweet to see Rex Ryan introduced as Jets head coach today; but I am very happy for him. I understand the Ravens’ desire to promote from within; but if they choose to go that route; I would lean away from Vic Fangio. Fangio is not a “Ravens” guy, he’s a Harbaugh guy. I don’t mean he doesn’t BLEED purple; I mean he wasn’t brought up on the Ravens’ system. If you are choosing to keep hire within to try to maintain Rex’s system; it would be better to hire one of Rex’s guys.

Check out my blog from last night’s game for my thoughts on the Terps’ win over Virginia last night.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester grades Ravens’ offensive players

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-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Sam Murray from St. Paul’s Girls Basketball team. She scored 18 points last night in a win over St. Mary’s; and St. Paul’s is now 19-0 on the season despite playing without 3 of their starters.

JMU 65, Towson 60. This was a BRUTAL game at the Towson Center; and might not be much better in Harrisonburg; except I don’t think the Tigers can make a miracle run at the end.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Terps Hold Off Furious Comeback by Virginia for 84-78 Win

Posted on 20 January 2009 by Glenn Clark

Sometimes a team JUST needs a win.

That was certainly the case tonight; as the Terps had dropped 3 of their last 4 in stunning, heartbreaking fashion. This team BADLY needed to have some positive feelings coming out of a game; and they played a NEARLY complete 40 minutes tonight to beat Virginia 84-78.

There were good things: like Adrian Bowie’s tenacity in going to the hole in the first half; and Landon Milbourne’s will to finish in the 2nd half.
There were bad things; like Dino Gregory and Adrian Bowie’s foul trouble; Braxton Dupree’s inside misses, and Greivis Vasquez’s insistence on taking jumpers to try to answer shots on the Cavalier end.

But in the end; the Terps got a win; and a win they badly needed.

Moving forward; they MUST correct things on both ends. They CANNOT go away from taking the ball to the hoop. When teams put together runs; a 3 point play is just as damaging to an opposing team’s psyche as a 3 point shot.

They also cannot continue to allow teams to get open looks from outside in the 2nd half. Good teams hit shots late in games. Duke will certainly not gift the Terps any oustide misses at Cameron Indoor on Saturday afternoon.

But sometimes, getting a win is the most important thing. After the two weeks this team has suffered through; that was likely the case tonight. They got the win; now they can go back to working on becoming a better team.

It all starts with moving towards the basket!

Talk to you in the morning.


10:25-Virginia’s big scoring came off the bench; with Jamil Tucker scoring 21 and Calvin Baker adding 16. Mike Scott finished the game with 16 points and 10 rebounds; Sylven Landesberg had just 7 points, but added 11 boards. Mamadi Diane added 9 points. The Cavs shot 27-59 from the field (45.8%); 6-20 beyond the arc (30%); and 18-22 from the free throw line (81.8%).

Johnny Holliday reports Dave Neal needed 15 stitches to close his facial cut. Wow.

Landon Milbourne and Adrian Bowie each had 17 points to lead the Terps; Milbourne chipped in a team high 5 rebounds. Greivis Vasquez added 16; Eric Hayes had 10 points and 11 assists; Dave Neal and Dino Gregory each added 8 points. The Terps shot 29-54 from the floor (a MUCH better 53.7%); 5-10 from beyond the arc (50%); and 21-24 at the free throw line (87.5%).

10:18-Gary says he’s “proud” of the minutes he got from Dupree, Gregory, and Kim while Neal was back in the locker room. He says the Terps ‘have a lot of demons’ stemming from the Miami debacle; and still have to work them out. He says the Terps have to ‘keep up their toughness and keep getting better.’

-Gary ‘left it up to Dave’ as far as whether or not Neal would return; and the senior thought he could give it a go.

-Gary says the difference between tonight and the Miami game was that the Terps ‘stayed aggressive’

-Gary says Dino needs to continue to ‘push himself’ every day

-Gary thought the Terps were ‘okay’ at getting to the free throw line; and wouldn’t comment about the officiating

-According to Gary, Dave Neal’s return ‘picked everybody up’, including himself. Neal had no concussion; and the only thing that could have happened when he returned would have been the cut opening deeper.

-Gary doesn’t want rebounding pressure to fall on Landon Milbourne.

-Gary says he’s ‘very superstitious’ about his team’s free throw shooting; and never feels too confident that his players will knock the shots down.


You always take wins; even when they’re not pretty. They needed this one; and it wasn’t perfect; but it will give them an extra day to prepare for Duke. That will be a serious test for this Maryland team; as the Blue Devils are a VERY good shooting team; and the Terps have struggled with letting teams hit shots the last few times out.

10:09-Gary admits to the Terps making ‘mistakes’ at the end; but says they weren’t because the team ‘wasn’t trying.’ Also in his post-game radio interview with Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche; he says the Terps will get a much needed day off tomorrow; their first in about a week. He reminds that the Terps can’t just ‘put it away’ when they have big leads at the half.

I’m not going to bother to go up and talk to Gary tonight; as that 5:00am alarm gets earlier and earlier every morning. Nothing pressing for me to ask about. I’ll watch the presser here on the jumbotron; and work to pass along final statistics as I get them.

10:06-Virginia gets another look at 3 but misses; and the rebound goes the entire length of the floor and out of bounds off the Cavs. Maryland has the ball with 14.9 to play, and Virginia backs off. Maryland dribbles out the clock; and finishes off an 84-78 win. Terps improve to 13-5 overall; 2-2 in ACC play. Cavs fall to 7-8 overall; 1-3 in ACC play.

10:05-Landesberg drives and misses; but Scott is there to put it back. Scott has 16; and Farrakhan fouls Vasquez with 28.7 to play. Vasquez makes both; he has 16. Maryland 84-78.

10:03-Solomon Tat into the game as the designated player with fouls to give; and Milbourne knocks down both free throws. He has 17 now to tie the team lead. Baker knocks down ANOTHER 3; he has 16; then Vasquez knocks down both free throws after being fouled by Tucker. Vasquez has 14; the Terps lead 82-76 as Gary calls his 4th timeout. They have to make Virginia’s 3 point efforts tougher; but the Cavs can actually still afford to look for 2.

10:01-Jamil Tucker refuses to give up; he drills a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 78-73 with 55.7 seconds to play. Tucker has 21; and Maryland will have to break the Cavs’ press coming out of a timeout.

10:00-Cavs go to the press with just over a minute to play; and Mike Scott ends up fouling Milbourne. That’s Scott’s 4th personal. Milbourne continues his stellar 2nd half; knocking down both to extend the lead to 78-70. He has 15 for the game after just 2 in the first half.

9:58-Baker works for the hoop; and he has 13. Next time down Milbourne gets the jumper from the top of the key to fall. he has 13 and Maryland’s lead is 9 again. Diane is called for the player controlled foul next time down; and Maryland gets the ball back. Hayes now has 10 points and 11 assists; his first career double-double as reported on the jumbotron.

Disaster off the foul though, as the Cavs get the steal; and Tucker gets the lay-up. He adds the PLUS ONE attempt; has 18 points; and Maryland lead is 76-70.

9:55-If Maryland wants to finish this; the solution is simple. Move the ball toward the hoop every time down. Do I sound like a broken record? They’re in the single bonus already; so they’ll be shooting free throws every time they’re fouled here on in. Jump shots are similar to turnovers……

…..unless Landon Milbourne can rebound a miss by Eric Hayes; and get a bucket amidst 3 defenders! 11 for Milbourne; Terps by 7. Cavs get 4 or 5 chances the other way; but can’t capitalize. Terps settle; and Hayes drives for the layup. He has 10, Terps by 9.

9:54-Duke ended up closing out NC State pretty well; getting a 70-56 victory at Cameron before welcoming the Terps on Saturday at noon.

9:53-Right on cue; Baker is called for a travel; and we’ll hit the final official timeout of regulation with Maryland clinging to a 5 point lead; 70-65 with 3:41 to play.

9:52-Milbourne knocks down both at the line; he has 9. Maryland’s lead is 70-65; they need a stop here.

9:51-When they need their senior; Dave Neal responds with a huge 3. He has 8; but Tucker gets a hoop for the Cavs to cut the lead back down to 3. Tucker has 15 for the Hoos. Terps hold on to the ball thanks to alternating possession; and Milbourne is fouled coming out of a scrum for the ball. That’s Mike Scott’s 3rd personal; and Virginia’s 7th team foul.

9:49-That will do it for Dino tonight; as he draws his 5th foul. He exits with 5:05 to play; it is Maryland’s 7th team foul in the 2nd half. He leaves with 8 points; Dave Neal re-enters; and Mike Scott goes to the line. Scott knocks down the first with a generous roll; and calmly nails the 2nd. He has 14, Maryland’s lead down to 65-63.

9:47-Bowie works to the lane; misses, but gets his rebound and puts it back. He has 17. Baker responds on the other end; lead is 4 again. Gregory misses a jumper the other way down; and Virginia can get within 1 or 2 here.

9:46-Pull up jumper from Diane falls; he has had a HUGE 2nd half with 7 points after scoring just two in the first half. Maryland calls their 3rd timeout with the lead down to 4; and Gary will be forced to put Gregory back on the floor with four fouls. The crowd has gotten eerily quiet in recent minutes.

9:44-Diane hits one of two at the line; and the lead is cut to 6. Vasquez is blocked trying to get a shot off on the other end, but Hayes draws a foul making a move to the lane. Terps get a new 35 second clock. Foul was on Sene; that’s his 4th personal. Bowie gets his first hoop in what seems like an eternity-he as 15; but Scott answers on the other end; he has 12.

9:42-Just got a Facebook message from the King of Baltimore Sports Talk-Bob Haynie-saying “they’re choking again.”

Does blowing 15+ point leads twice in the last 13 days make everyone think they’re not capable of holding one anymore? I just hope that number doesn’t turn into “thrice.”

9:40-Diane pulls up and knocks down a jumper; Vasquez answers with a floater in the lane. Vasquez has 12; Terps again by 7. Cavs get bailed out by a foul inside; and we hit the 3rd official timeout with 7:51 to play. 61-54 Maryland.

9:38-Jamil Tucker gets an open look from outside; drills it, and Maryland’s lead has dwindled to 3. Mosley hits a HUGE jumper with the bank open; and the lead is 57-52 again. Milbourne follows that by throwing down a THUNDEROUS jam; and Leitao needs his 3rd timeout. Huge swing there for Maryland to re-establish a 7 point advantage at 59-52. Jamil Tucker has 13; Milbourne has 7; Mosley has 4.

9:36-Dave Neal fouls Scott working to the hoop; Scott continues his solid night with two more at the line. Maryland’s lead is 55-49. Hayes finds Milbourne inside; but Landon dribbles out of bounds, and Maryland turns the ball over again. Gary is forced to send Bowie back on the floor with 3 fouls for Vasquez with just over 10 minutes to play.

9:35-Milbourne takes the nice feed to the basket for a hoop and a PLUS ONE. He has 5; Maryland’s lead is 8 at 55-47. Big 3 point play there for the Terps; who would like to re-establish a double digit advantage.

9:34-Boston College needed overtime to finish off an 80-76 win over Georgia Tech; while Duke is clinging to a 54-53 2nd half lead over NC State.

9:29-The Terps CANNOT afford selfish play from Vasquez right now. Even during his shooting struggles he was making nice feeds to open shooters. If Vasquez wants the offense in his hands; he has to be going to the basket and working for free throws; not shooting jumpers.

Bowie’s 2nd half struggles continue as he misses a tough layup inside; then fouls Mike Scott on the other end. That’s Bowie’s 3rd personal; and Scott makes both free throws. Scott has 8; Maryland’s lead is down to 52-47 at the 2nd official timeout of the half. 11:37 to play.

9:26-Nice cut by Mosley to get the layup off the feed from Neal; then Bowie takes the ball all the way to the hoop and misses the layup. The other way down; Landesberg gets his own layup. He has 7; Maryland leads 52-45, and Gary calls his 2nd timeout.

9:24-Tucker gets a 2nd chance hoop inside; he has 10-the lead is back to single digits. Vasquez misses another jumper; then Gregory draws his 4th personal foul as Scott worked inside. Dave Neal returns to a nice ovation as Gregory is forced back to the bench with 13:15 to play. Scott knocks down both free throws; Maryland’s lead down to 7 at 50-43.

9:22-Greivis throws the ball away trying to find Gregory inside; but Mosley comes up with the tie-up as Virginia worked in transition. Bowie gives the ball back to Vasquez as the Terps get their own transition look; Vasquez misses but draws the foul. COMPLETELY out of character; Vasquez misses the first free throw but hits the 2nd; he has 10. Maryland by 11.


Traffic wasn’t a problem AT ALL coming down. I actually got here in 45 minutes from Rosedale. It was REMARKABLE. Gary has probably tried to coach the guys to not dunk hard because of so many misses off the iron. But that miss is inexcusable. Looks like Neal is going to at least try to return.


If they don’t want to blow the lead; they need Bowie to start going back to the hoop.

9:17-Calvin Baker to the lane for a hoop; he has 9. Dupree misses a WIDE OPEN look inside; and the Cavs draw another foul in transition. 49-39 Terps as we hit the first official timeout with 15:36 to play.

9:15-With the shot clock winding down, Vasquez finds Hayes in the corner for an open look outside, but he airmails it. Sene gets an offensive rebound and hoop inside the other way down; and Maryland’s lead is back to ten at 47-37. Dupree draws a foul from Sene next time down; and the crowd explodes as Dave Neal returns to the bench with an ice bag on his forehead. Dupree hits both free throws, he has 4. 49-37 Terps.

9:14-Dupree with a strong move inside for his first two; then Scott answers with a jumper on the other end. Dupree loses the ball after getting it inside this time down; but Maryland holds on after a jump ball is called thanks to the alternating possssion. 47-35 Maryland.

9:11-Vasquez with the defensive rebound; then Hayes is fouled by Zeglinski going to the lane. Milbourne misses the turnaround jumper; then Gregory is called for the foul fighting for the rebound. That’s Gregory’s 3rd; he’ll have to go back to the bench for Dupree; and Virginia will have the chance to do something inside. Baker knows down a 3 to start 2nd half scoring. He has 7; Maryland by 12. Vasquez decides to take a long jumper to try to answer; but misses. A selfish Vasquez is NOT the answer Maryland needs. Dupree steps out of bounds after getting the offesnive rebound. Scott called for a travel on the other end.

9:08-This should again be Adrian Bowie’s offense in the 2nd half. Why go away from a good thing? Bowie changed the game when he started driving to the hoop in the first half; and can help deliver a knockout blow with a few more inside hoops in the 2nd half.

9:07-Orioles CF Adam Jones is in the house tonight; I asked an Orioles beat writer here covering tonight’s game why he would be in town without the Orioles having him make publicity appearances and received the response “I doubt they even know he’s here.” He’s probably right.

8:53-Scott knocks down both free throws. 45-30 Maryland. Kim throws the ball away as Virginia pressures; but it will come back to the Terps. Hayes misses a 3 from the corner before the half; and we’ll hit the break with Maryland maintaining their 15 point advantage. Lots to be pleased with in the first 20 minutes; and I’ll be back shortly with more.

8:51-Vasquez FINALLY snaps his outside shooting slump; he knocks down a 3 in transition after a rebound from Kim. Vasquez of course does some hot-dogging before returning to defend. Bowie gets another steal; but can’t finish on the other end. Scott is fouled by Kim; and Gary will take his first timeout before Scott goes to the line. 45-28 Terps. Vasquez has 9.

8:48-Greivis puts up a bad jumper next time down; his shooting struggles continue. Jin Soo Kim re-enters for Gregory; he and Milbourne will man the post; which should give Virginia the advantage inside. Greivis comes inside for help; and the Terps force a turnover. Greivis then hoes to the hoop next time down for a layup-he has 6. Off the next turnover; Bowie is alone in transition and puts the ball home without thunder. He has 13; Leitao calls his 2nd timeout; Maryland by 14.

8:46-We hit the final official timeout of the first half with Maryland leading by 10 and 3:17 to play. If Maryland did take extra time to work on shooting yesterday as I heard; it looks like it is paying some dividends; but more importantly they have gone back to working to the hoop; and Dino Gregory is giving them an offensive option inside. What a world of difference……

8:43-Maryland’s rebounding woes continue; as Landesberg gets TWO offensive boards before hitting an inside hoop. Bowie goes to the basket again for 2 more-he has 11. Hayes then knocks down another 3; he has 8. Maryland 38-28; and Dave Leitao calls his first timeout.

8:40-Kim draws cheers getting a defensive rebound; and the refs draw boos as Kim is called for a travel the next time down. Gregory blocks a transition bucket attempt by Virginia; then Hayes knocks down a 3 off a feed from Vasquez. Meyinsse draws a foul inside from Gregory; that’s Maryland’s 7th team foul with over 5 minutes to play. Milbourne re-enters for Kim; Meyinsse makes just the first free throw. Vasquez with ANOTHER good look to Hayes-this time across the floor-but Hayes can’t knock down another 3. 33-26 Maryland.


Can’t explain Raycom’s issues; but I can certainly enjoy the minutes Dino Gregory has given the Terps. They DESPERATELY need someone to step up in the middle; and Gregory has at least attempted to be that man tonight.

Dupree draws a foul and exits for Gregory. Jin Soo Kim again into the game in the first half. Landesberg hits a pair of free throws; but Gregory knocks down a desperation jumper from the lane as the shot clock was expiring. He has 8; Maryland 30-25.

8:35-Bowie looks to go to the hoop, but is called for stepping on the endline on his way there. We hit the 3rd official timeout of the half; and Maryland maintains a 28-23 lead.

Elsewhere in ACC play; Boston College has a 53-44 lead at Georgia Tech in the 2nd half; and Duke has an early 18-12 lead over North Carolina State. Maryland visits Cameron Indoor Stadium this Saturday; and one particular blogger might well be joining them there.

8:31-Jerome Meyinsse enters for Virginia; the Terps get a steal; but Cliff Tucker steps out of bounds. Terps have struggled offensively since Bowie went to the bench; but Gregory knocks down a baseline jumper to make things 24-19. Vasquez is fouled going to the hoop in tranisition by Baker; and the Terps will shoot two free throws now the rest of the half. Vasquez knocks down both; he has 4; and Maryland’s lead is 26-19. Bowie re-enters; and part of the student section chants “Di-no, Di-no” for the efforts of Dino Gregory. Baker works a shot in the paint for 2; but Gregory uses a nice move for his own short jumper on the other end. Gregory has 6. Meyinsse gets an offensive rebound an easy putback; Maryland 28-23.

8:30-Vasquez beats a double team to get his first field goal attempt of the game; a short floater from the baseline. Scott fouls Gregory going for a rebound. That’s Virginia’s 8th team foul; so the Terps are in the bonus. Gregory misses the front end though; and the Cavs get the ball back.

8:26-Clearly the offense is going through Adrian Bowie; which is a welcome change. Bowie knows he is better off driving then taking jump shots; unlike some of the other players on this team. This team seriously benefits from going to the free throw line.

Asane Sene is called for an offensive foul; the Cavs now have 7 team fouls. Milbourne is stuffed going to the hole; and Jamil Tucker knocks down a 3 in transition. Cliff Tucker enters for Maryland; he is called for a foul as Landesberg drives. Landesberg misses the first free throw; but makes the 2nd. 20-19 Maryland. Virginia goes to their own press as Gregory re-enters for Dupree.

8:24-Bowie to the hoop AGAIN; but the basket is waived off before the 2nd official timeout (player controlled foul). Maryland maintains their 5 point lead with 10:44 to play in the half.

There’s a Comcast SportsNet commerical that plays inside the Comcast Center; promoting their coverage of Maryland basketball. I have to admit that I still get goose bumps hearing Johnny Holliday say “The kids have done it!” That was a special call.

8:23-Baker uses a nice move to get past Mosley and to the hoop. Bowie brings the ball up the floor even with Hayes in the game. Mosley cuts and finds Milbourne for a jumper; then the Terps get a turnover and Hayes gets a layup in transition. 20-15 Maryland.

8:21-Bowie’s first thought while running the offense has been “go to the hoop”. He goes to the basket again after drawing a double team; and is AGAIN fouled; this one on Sene. That’s 6 team fouls on Virginia early on. Hayes re-enters; Bowie makes both free throws. He has 9; Terps by 3.

8:19-Terps go inside to Dupree for the first time; and he turns the ball over. Farrakhan hits the mid-range jumper on the other end; and we’re tied at 13. Diane fouls Vasquez as he gets the ball; that’s Virginia’s 4th team foul with over 13 minutes to play. Gregory appeared to pick up his feet in the lane; but wasn’t called for traveling. Bowie again drives the lane; drawing a foul from Mike Scott. That’s the 5th team foul. Bowie hits the first but misses the 2nd ; he has 7; Terps 14-13.

8:17-Mustapha Farrakhan enters for Virginia; who has done a nice job in transition and moving with the ball. Tucker knocks down a 3; he creates match-up problems by being able to shoot from outside. Vasquez’s struggles from the field continue with another missed jumper. The Terps have been doubling down when the Cavs come inside; which has given them looks at outside jumpers. Braxton Dupree into the game for Maryland, Calvin Baker for Virginia. Farrakhan called for the foul as Bowie brings the ball up the floor.

8:14-Jamil Tucker makes both of his free throws; and the lead is 9-6 for the Terps. Bowie again goes to the hoop; misses a floater; but Gregory cleans it up with a VERY nice dunk. The teams trade turnovers; but Zeglinski then lays a miss back in to make things 11-8. Bowie is fouled going to the lane; he’ll shoot two. Mosley enters for Hayes, who had another nice steal in the last minute. Bowie makes both freebies; he now has 6, Maryland 13-8.

8:11-Adrian Bowie goes right to the hoop off a Hayes rebound in transition; and gets two points after the Cavs are called for a goaltending. Dino Gregory is called for a blocking foul (that was a toss-up; might well have been a good call) and Maryland has a 9-4 lead at the first official timeout. 15:59 to play in the half.

One correction: the earlier jumper was missed by Milboune. Bowie hit a layup. I regret the error as I try to stay up and down the floor. Bowie has 4.

8:07-Terps lose their first inside battle; as a Zeglinski miss from outside is rebounded by Sene; who puts it back for 2. Good offensive progression gets Hayes an open look from outside, but he misses. Vasquez caleld for a foul away from the ball on the next possession; then the Cavs break the press for a hoop from Diane. Two straight steals on the next two possessions; mixed in with a missed layup from Neal and a terrible shot in the lane from Hayes. Milbourne hits a jumper to make things 7-4; and play is stopped after Neal appears to have been poked in the face. Dino Gregory enters for Neal; Jamil Tucker into the game for Virginia.

8:05-Terps win the tip and go inside for an early bucket from Neal. They set the press, but the Cavs are able to break it. Landesberg drives the lane; but picks pu a player controlled foul before hitting a layup attempt. Neal knocks down a 3 on the other end; 5-0 Terps with all 5 coming from Neal.

8:04-Tonight’s game can be seen on Raycom Sports; WNUV 54 in Baltimore-which is of course on Channel 14 on Comcast in Baltimore County. Tim Brant and Dan Bonner are on the call.

8:00-The Cavs go with a particularly young starting lineup; whose only senior is swingman Mamadi Diane. Joining him in the backcourt are freshmen Sammy Zeglinski and leading scorer Sylvan Landesberg. Up front, the Cavs start Sophomore forward Mike Scott and Freshman Center Assane Sene.

The Terps stick with the same lineup: Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Adrian Bowie, and Eric Hayes. That Terps are 1-3 in their last four games using the lineup. I doubt Gary is considering any particular changes to the lineup; but if struggles continue he may be forced to.

7:54-I’m Live at Comcast Center in College Park; where Gary Williams’ Terps bring their 12-5 record (1-2 ACC) into tonight’s game against Dave Leitao’s Virginia Cavaliers (7-7, 1-2). The Terps are coming off back to back losses to Florida State and Miami by a combined FIVE points; with the Florida State loss coming in overtime.

Looks like a few fans were scared off by the traffic problems believed to be presented by the 2 million people in DC today to see the inauguration of Barack Obama; but not many. The student section is again particularly thin as the school bounces back from Winter Break.

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