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Lots of errors to go around with regard to Brooks statue

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Drew Forrester

We at WNST should just walk around with red flags in our back pockets.

They’d be used for “community challenges”.

It seems we’re the only ones who use them, but I guess that’s what we’re here for…Lord knows very few others in town are willing to challenge anyone.

The latest case for red-flag use came this weekend when the Brooks Robinson statue was unveiled across the street from the baseball stadium, in front of Pickles, a popular pre-game destination for Yankees and Red Sox fans when their teams are in town.

By now I’m sure you know the basic details.  Baltimore businessman Henry Rosenberg was the mastermind of the idea and he oversaw the financing and the hiring of the sculptor and all that jazz.  Rosenberg told members of the media over the weekend that the Orioles “weren’t overly enthusiastic” about the idea.


Because it wasn’t THEIR idea.

We all know how that goes.

But then, something interesting happened.

Some people around town started reporting that it actually WAS the Orioles who put together the great ceremony on Saturday. That’s an easy mistake to make, frankly, since you would have to assume – if you were the person putting together the story for a local TV station or writing the headine at the newspaper – the Orioles WERE involved.  After all, it’s Brooks Robinson.  The Orioles wouldn’t miss out on a chance to honor him, right?  Especially after someone like Rosenberg – who was a longtime financial contributor to Orioles baseball in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as part of his duties with Crown Petroleum – went to such great lengths to get this project started and completed.

But the Orioles weren’t involved.

No one from the team was there.  No Buck Showalter.  No member of the Angelos family.  Not even Jim Palmer or longtime broadcaster and close friend Tom Davis.  That would have been a great time to hand out some old bobbleheads or t-shirts or any other kind of team related merchandise.  Just a “thanks for coming” from the club, basically.

But the whole “Orioles didn’t help out” story isn’t really what aggravated me.

What bothered me more than anything is that no one else in town seems to care they weren’t involved.  Stan Charles actually took a shot at them…I will recognize him for that.  But other than WNST and Stan Charles, no one seemed overly concerned with this colossal snub of the greatest 3rd baseman to ever play the game.

No one at The Sun blasted the Orioles for the lack of participation.

None of the TV folks jabbed them.

The folks over at 105.7 wouldn’t DARE crack the whip, for fear they might lose their “FM partner” status and not be allowed to have players on the air during the season.

There’s absolutely no chance WBAL will question them on it.  There’s a better chance of the Orioles making the playoffs next year then to have one of the folks at the flagship station go off on them for their lack of participation in the ceremony.

Jerry Coleman probably would have beat them up had he not been summarily dismissed at The Fan two weeks ago.

There’s no one around to call the Orioles out.  Just us, at WNST.

And that’s why they do what they do.

And — that’s why I’ll throw yet another challenge flag at these imposters in town who are afraid to challenge the Orioles and their management.

Until The Sun says, “Please tell us why you weren’t there today so we can write an article grilling you for it”, they’ll just continue to ignore their obligations.  Until the folks at WBAL and The Fan decide to man-up and challenge them, they’ll just do whatever they want.

The Sun did have a quote from an Orioles representative who chimed in about how much the club loves Brooks and they’ll never be able to repay him for all that he did and a bunch of other word-smithy stuff that made it appear as if the Orioles DID care about Saturday’s event.  I guess that’s why no one from team management was there.  And maybe that’s why Jim Palmer was on the golf course in Florida somewhere instead of speaking to the folks who gathered for the unveiling.  And Buck Showalter wasn’t there, either.  He manages the team, in case you no longer follow the club.

This lack of challenge is precisely what’s wrong with our entire country these days, let alone this situation in town involving the Orioles.  Our country is dilapidated right now because no one can challenge the system.  We’re just now – 15 years after big business started to ruin the nation – starting to challenge the status quo with grass roots efforts like Occupy Wall Street and other forms of protest and even those efforts are met with cries of “sit down and shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about!”  If you’re a Democrat, you hate anything the Republicans stand for, even if it’s right.  And if you’re a Republican, you hate anything the Democrats stand for, even if it’s right.  I love when someone poses a legitimate question to our state government and you hear this:  “Maryland is a democratic state — you’re never going to change that.”  Right, because the Democrats are doing a real bang-up job in the “Free State”.

So everywhere we turn, people are afraid to challenge anyone.  If you challenge our government, you’re told, “Be thankful for what you have” even though, in nearly every single case, none of us “have anything” remotely close to what the politicians have.  They have better-everything than we do.  If you challenge our politicans, they respond with “you voted me in” (which is why I haven’t voted in 20 years…because I find them all to be charlatans).

And no one can challenge the Orioles.

Or, at the very least, they’re just afraid to challenge them.

It’s the worst kept secret in town.  The Orioles just do whatever they want and nearly everyone turns a blind eye.

FACT:  The Orioles were NOT involved in the Brooks Robinson statue ceremony on Saturday.

FACT:  That’s a damn shame.

FACT:  The statue was NOT erected at Camden Yards.  No, no, no.  There are four lanes of roads that separate the statue from the stadium property.  To say it was erected AT Camden Yards would be indicating that it sits on the property of the baseball stadium.  That’s a factual inaccuracy.  It’s NOT erected at Camden Yards because the Orioles didn’t approve of it being situated there.

FACT:  Very few people in town cared to question the Orioles on the whole thing.

OPINION:  That’s one of the reasons why the team and the organization is in the shape it’s in.

FACT AND OPINION:  We have some lame people in this town.

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The 15-7-0 Might Not Be Statue-Worthy As Of Now, But Give It Time

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Glenn Clark

You know how it works. 15 positive football observations, 7 “not so” positive football observations and one “oh no” moment from outside the world of football.

(As a reminder, we don’t do Baltimore Ravens analysis here. We do PLENTY of that elsewhere. This is about the rest of the world of football.)

15 Positive Observations…

1. If there are any tickets left for Towson-Delaware next Saturday at Unitas Stadium, get them now.

There was no 4th & 29 miracle this time around, just a good old fashioned butt kicking of William & Mary for Terrence West and the Tigers…

And now Towson has an undefeated record in the CAA (they’re tied with Maine for first place) and returns home to face the Blue Hens Saturday night.

I might go as Rob Ambrose for Halloween this year. He’s created more magic than Harry Potter.

2. I don’t think much of the “Tebow Time” monicker, but I’m happy for the kid.

I mean, I get it. Tim Tebow leads comebacks in consecutive games, so the late moments of games involving Tebow will now be known as “Tebow Time”…

I’m trying to figure out 67 more ways to put the word “Tebow” in this entry.

Yes, the Denver Broncos were TERRIBLE for most of their win over the lifeless Miami Dolphins. Who cares? Tebow was a winner, so America has a week to repeat his name over and over and over and over and over and over.

Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow Tebow.


Demaryius Thomas was so excited about Tebow’s performance he decided to plant one on his quarterback…


That’s just plain beautiful.

3. Christian Ponder had a nice day and all, but Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson play for the Green Bay Packers. Who did you think was going to win?

At least things were interesting enough that you get the feeling the Packers MIGHT somehow be vulnerable. Maybe.

Brian Robison did something to TJ Lang during the game that made everyone in America uncomfortable…

Oh. Oh…

4. It absolutely takes more time, but the end of the Wisconsin-Michigan State game was a reminder of how crucial it is to review every scoring play.

We should start by saying “thank God the replay officials in East Lansing got this one right”…

Doug Flutie and Gerard Phelan still have the greatest “Hail Mary” of all time (and I’ll assume Kordell Stewart and Michael Westbrook are still second on the list), but this was pretty awesome.

We can also all agree that if Russell Wilson and the Badgers had seen the ball again they would have won, right?

I’m certainly convinced of it.

5. Every establishment in Lubbock will now have a picture of Seth Doege with the words “his money is no good here” below it.

I’m not sure if you stayed up late enough (the game ended at about 1:30am) to watch all of Texas Tech-Oklahoma, but it turned out to be a really good game…

Apparently the Red Raiders didn’t get the memo that no one EVER beats the Sooners in Norman.

While OU is likely done (as far as the BCS Championship picture is concerned), their “Bedlam” date with Oklahoma State still looms large in the title picture after the Cowboys got another brilliant performance from QB Brandon Weeden in a win over Missouri.

By the way, Brandon Weeden is my age. Does that mean I still have a future in football?

6. There are four playoff spots to be had between the NFC North and NFC South. Because of this, the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons picked up HUGE wins.

The Bears went to London and beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who never really looked in sync. This is why I never want to see the Ravens play across the pond…

The game involved a Matt Forte run that was so brutal it made two Bucs players run into each other…


The Detroit Lions have now lost back to back home games after falling to the Falcons Sunday at Ford Field…

The Lions have serious rushing issues, but still have Calvin Johnson. That should mean they’ll be okay. Miraculously for the Falcons, Matt Ryan survived a brutal hit in this one and came back to finish the game. That should mean they’ll be okay as well.

Also in this game, Falcons TE Tony Gonzalez passed Marvin Harrison for the 2nd most receptions in history, only behind Jerry Rice.

That’s actually really amazing.

7. Rex Ryan may be a lunatic, but on Sunday he was at least a victorious lunatic.

I like to think I appreciate a level of refreshing honesty from a head coach, but for some reason Rex just tends to come off as more of a horses’s ass than anything…

Plaxico Burress is 6’5″. It must be nice for the New York Jets to have a capable receiver that size. There isn’t one of those in Baltimore, and the Ravens still have to face the San Diego Chargers later in the season themselves.

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Brooks at 3rd

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Babe, Brooks or Cal

Posted on 21 October 2011 by Tom Federline

Tomorrow, Saturday October 22 at noon, there will be an unveiling of statue down at the Camden Yards Complex. A statue dedicated to Brooks Robinson has been sculptured and is planned to have a home in a small plaza in the median between Pickles Pub and the non-utilized NW Russell Street left field entrance to Camden Yards. Finally, someone made a sensible baseball/City of Baltimore decesion to erect a statue of a Baltimore Oriole at Camden Yards. In contrast to the blockheads who chose to erect a statue of the Red Sox/Yankee icon, Babe Ruth. It only took the Orioles and the City almost 20 years to figure that one out. Yet another display of the ineptitude of the Baltimore Orioles organization. Wonders never cease, the brainstorm to recognize a Baltimore Oriole Legend actually at the Baltimore Orioles home field.

Brooks Robinson was and will always be “Mr. Oriole”.  The “Human Vacuum”, finally getting recognition. A name synonymous with the Baltimore Orioles and  Greatest Third Baseman to ever play the game. Hopefully they didn’t hire the same numbnut that sculptured that misplaced Yankee statue out at the North Eutaw Street plaza. If so, Brooks may be fielding with a left handers mitt. For those of you who may not know, the statue of the Babe has him holding a right handers catchers mitt. Yeah, they done blown that one. Babe was a left handed pitcher/outfielder/first baseman. They try to save face by saying, the sculpture represents the Babe at St. Marys School. No, ya done blown it.

I have not seen previews of the Brooks statue, but I sure would like to see the statue of Brooks poised in his classic fielding position.


Does a statue of Brooks belong at the Camden Yards Complex? Absolutely. Brooks is in declining health and it is fitting this honor comes while he is still on this earth. He deserves to experience this. I like the location. It would be more fitting if they would relocate that Red Sox/Yankee statue at least over to the Babes namesake museum on Emory Street and get it off Baltimore Oriole territory! I say keep the north Eutaw Street entrance for the retired numbers deal only or potential site for the statue of future owner and Baltimore Iron Man icon – Cal Ripken.

Let’s “Lay It On the Line” here – (Triumph). What is a statue of Babe Ruth doing at the home of the Baltimore Orioles? Answer – he was born here. So what? As a child he lived in a house/bar on the grounds of the baseball field. So what? Was the great Bambino ever associated with the Baltimore Orioles? Answer – Yes, he played 3 months for the minor league Baltimore Orioles and then was traded to the Boston Red Sox. What numbnut decided to put that statue at one of the main entrances to the ballpark in the first place? What group of numbnuts decided that it was appropriate to put a statue up of a man who is clearly identified with the New York Yankees? Old Yankee Stadium was commonly referred to as – “The House that Ruth Built”. I am a fan of Babe Ruth. I have seen the movies. I have read the books. The statue belongs in New York or over at Emory Street.

Statue of Cal? To early? Has he obtain that status? Cal breaking Lou Gehrigs consecutive game record at Camden Yards will always be etched in the minds of all Oriole fans. Could you call Cal, the second Mr. Oriole? In my book – yes. Brooks and Cal – one team for their entire career while representing the organization with class. If Cal would buy out Angelos and turn this organization around……….I’ll sculpture the statue of Cal. Well maybe not, I may end up putting Rafael Plameiro and Brady Anderson in there, sneaking up behind him and injecting Cal with HGH. Whoops, let’s not go there with this blog.  

Finally a statue worth checking out prior to going to the ball game, Brooks Robinson – now your talking. For goodness sakes relocate that Yankee Saltan of Swat and just get it off the Baltimore Oriole grounds. Make room for the new sheriff. Congratulations Brooks. Congratulations Orioles organization – you may actually have done something right. We’ll see tomorrow.



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Now it’s time to say good bye..

Posted on 07 September 2011 by Keith Melchior

to one of the Orioles fam il eee…. B R I A N M….A T U S Zeeeeee.  (Sung to the tune of the Mickey Mouse club closing song)

Sad but true…

Brian Matusz, one of those fabled young arms that was going to lead the Orioles to the promised land in the 2010-2020 era, needs to be sent packing. Plain and simple. Thanks, but no thanks, clean out your locker, pack your bags,  and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Your time here is done, kid. We can’t afford to throw you out there every 5th day and watch you get lit up like a roman candle on the 4th of July.  Go fix yourself and if you can hook up with another team, best of luck to you.

The numbers speak for themselves. The pitcher, who led the charge of Buck Showalter’s 34-23 finish to 2010 and gave the team and fans so much promise to finally get over the top in 2011,  got himself hurt in spring training and lost it, all of it. He had 1 decent outing when he returned against a weak hitting Oakland A’s team. If you can call 5 1/3 innings, with 95 pitches decent. It seems like none of the Oriole starters can get into the 7th inning on a consistent basis, so 5 1/3 on this team is a quality start. Since then, Matusz has gone something like 0-8 with an ERA close to the cost of a beer at M&T Bank Stadium.

But he’s not the only one who needs a change of scenery….

Vladimir Guerrero –  Had the Orioles gotten him 8 years ago, they may have been able to make a few playoff runs. But that was when Vlad was a feared hitter and RBI machine. Now, he’s at the very end of his career and just hanging on for a paycheck. His lack of production proves it.

Jeremy Guthrie  – Yeah, the guy pitches his ass off. Yeah, he’s been on bad teams. Yeah, he’s not a true #1 starter.  BUT he  cannot win baseball games in Baltimore.  Jim Palmer was saying last night Guthrie will probably get to the 200 inning plateau within 4 more starts. That’s great Jim, but he is not even going to win 10 games this season.  So, he eats up innings, so did Russ Ortiz      (Ortiz probably ate BETWEEN innings)  but Guthrie’s not a winner. Don’t pass around that BS about lack of run support. He’s hurt this team early and often on numerous occasions and has given up an average of 29 HR per season. In 2011 he’s won 1 game a month. For the 2nd time in 3 years, he leads the league is losses (17 in 2009, 17 thus far in 2011)  He’s 32 years old has a career record of 44-65.  He has averaged barely 9 wins per season over his 5 years in Baltimore. He’s NOT going to get better.   Thanks, but no thanks.  Time to go.  Catch on to another team and win 20 games and a Cy Young award.  Best wishes.

Mark Reynolds –   This guy is the classic Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde type player.  Reynolds as a 3rd baseman STINKS.  He has an .897 fielding % to go along with his 26 errors and is the worst for 3rd basemen in team history. He is so bad at 3rd base he makes Craig Worthington, Rick Schu,  and Wayne Gross look like they were reincarnations of Brooks Robinson.  Now, Reynolds the 1st baseman is totally refreshing with no errors in 26 games and has made quite a few spectacular plays. The team really needs to make a decision on whether Reynolds is going to be their future 1st baseman. He is a major liability at 3rd. His HR production doesn’t offset the multi-strikeout games and the cast iron in his glove. First base or bust.

Luke Scott – a selfish baseball player if I ever saw one. Scott is nothing but a streaky hitter which means he is inconsistent at best. He felt the curse of being the Oriole MVP in 2010 by having issues with the  labrum in his right arm/shoulder area. He stupidly tried to play through the pain and shame on the organization for even allowing it.  His lack of production hurt a team fighting for mediocrity. It came at a time where they really needed to win baseball games to help build the confidence of their young pitching staff. Losing became  contagious and  Scott ends up on the DL.  Luke Scott is a liability in left field anyway, and was taking at-bats away from guys like Felix Pie (who never got it going, then was sent packing)  and Nolan Reimold (who has produced more with less chances) Scott should have been traded after last year’s success when he had value. Now they are stuck with him. Unless he is going to be the full time DH, there isn’t a spot for him on the team.

Kevin Gregg – Closers are a dime a dozen. Just ask Mike Gonzalez and Koji Uehara. They both did it and look what happened to them. If you pitch well and are any good , you might get traded to a team that can use your talents for a playoff run. If you aren’t any good, you become the Orioles’ closer.

Brian Roberts – The Orioles dumped Jerry Hairston Jr because he was “injury prone”  Brian Roberts happened to be the guy who replaced Hairston. Look what has happened to Roberts over the last 2 seasons… You’d like to see him return next season and repeat his 2008/2009 seasons. But wasn’t that about the time he admitted taking a PHD? Hmmmm…I think it’s time to start grooming a new 2nd baseman and quickly.

Andy MacPhail –  It was reported that MacPhail wouldn’t be returning as the Orioles GM or whatever lame title they gave him. I was not a MacPhail fan before and he surely hasn’t done anything with this club to make me a fan now.  Why people gave him a pass is beyond me. He was the GM in Minnesota from 1985-1994 and the Twins won the World Series in 1987 and again 1991 under his watch. He joined the Cubs as CEO/President in 1995 and was with them until 2006. He also served as the GM from 2000-2002.  The Cubs did nothing under MacPhail the  GM, but they did win the division in 2003 after he returned to his full time duties as President and CEO.   With MacPhail in control, his teams went to the playoffs a total of 4 times in 21 years with 2 World Series titles.  So, please  help me understand why this guy is supposed to walk on water?  He came to Baltimore with his BS rebuilding plan in 2007 and here it is 4 1/2 seasons later and the organization has gotten progressively worse averaging about 94 losses the last 5 seasons.   Whether his hands have been tied by the owner or not,  I say good riddance.

Last but not least…..

Two other guys who need to be sent packing as well;

Joe Angel and Fred Manfra – These two have to be the worst team of announcers in any sport, period.  Angel constantly using his phony accent trying to pronounce a Latin player’s name as well as his ending statement “the Orioles are in the ____ column” and Manfra saying a player’s name over and over and over and over and over again during a single at-bat makes for a pretty BAD radio broadcast. Angel has always been a Jon Miller wannabe. Manfra is a “I wish I was.”  These two have had to endure the stretch of losing seasons and it shows in their play by play. Their shtick is as old and crusty as they are and it’s time for them to retire. As much as I love the Orioles, I really hate listening to them on the radio while in the car.  It’s just plain bad.

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50 words or less .... Tuesday, April 26th

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50 words or less …. Tuesday, April 26th

Posted on 26 April 2011 by Rex Snider

After resting and licking the wounds of a couple losses at the hands of the Yankees, the Orioles will recollect themselves and begin a 3 game series against the Red Sox tonight.

The Yankees’ series certainly revealed some glaring weaknesses for Buck’s offensive attack; CC Sabathia’s 28-pitch count thru 3 innings and Freddy Garcia’s 2-hitter thru 6 innings serve as fresh reminders of the problems with the lineup.

Here’s to hoping things improve over the next few nights. And, here’s your Tuesday edition of “50 Words Or Less” …..

Andino …. Out Or Safe ???

It doesn’t really matter, so long as this current edition of the Orioles lineup continues to languish and squander opportunities to score runs. They made Freddy Garcia look like Roy Halladay, yesterday.

It won’t get any easier with seeing Josh Beckett and Jon Lester over the next few games.
Shocking …..

Of course, I’m being sarcastic. Say last Friday, Ryan Chell would’ve uttered “an NFL player will be stabbed this coming weekend, who will it be?” I can honestly admit Brandon Marshall would’ve been on my short list of probable victims.

Funny …. I have never really associated “victim” with Marshall’s name. Thus, there is probably much more to the story. Stay tuned …..
A Proposal Of Sorts

Last week, a Milwaukee Brewers fan and devoted follower of Ryan Braun decided to do something unique. “Robin” made a sign proposing marriage to the Brewers star outfielder, and she attached her personal PHONE NUMBER TO IT …..

You know the rest of the story, right? Every desperate loser watching that game – and probably drinking a 12 pack of Old Milwaukee decided to call her. Robin has temporarily turned her phone off …..
Do You Feel Lucky?

Perhaps, the more burning question is can the Ravens afford to risk being UNLUCKY? Several reports have Ozzie Newsome and his staff salivating over the temptation of grabbing highly touted Colorado cornerback, Jimmy Smith.

The problem? Well, Smith has allegedly failed a series of drug tests during his college career and he has some underage drinking issues. After last year’s Sergio Kindle situation, I’m betting on a more conservative approach, but we shall see in just a few days …..
And You Thought I was Crazy

When I officially swore to give up LION TAMING for Lent, many listeners shuddered with dismay and frivolous disbelief. Well, it can get crazier …..

J. Wilson, an Iowa newspaper editor decided to give up every nutritional fuel source, except BEER for the entire period of Lent. And, he did it. That’s my hero, baby !!!! Here is the STORY
Good News On Brooks

Many of us have watched Brooks Robinson’s health situation from a distance, while holding out hope for the very best. Well, the Orioles legend appeared at a weekend autographed show and he was looking rejuvenated.

Here’s to hoping he gets stronger in the coming days and weeks.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 18 April 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Mixed Martial Arts-Bellator Fighting Championships 42 (Saturday 9pm from Concho, OK live on MTV2); Arena Football: AFL Kansas City Command @ Chicago Rush (Friday 8pm from Chicago live on NFL Network); Soccer: MLS-New York Red Bulls @ DC United (Thursday 8pm from RFK Stadium live on ESPN2); Tennis: ATP Barcelona Open BancSabadell (Friday 6:30am, Saturday & Sunday 4pm from Barcelona on Tennis Channel); Golf: PGA Tour The Heritage (Thursday & Friday 3pm live on Golf Channel, Saturday & Sunday 3pm live on CBS. All golf from Hilton Head, SC); Champions Tour Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf (Friday 12:30pm live on Golf Channel, Saturday & Sunday 1pm live on CBS. All golf from Savannah, GA)

10. Rush (Friday 7:30pm 1st Mariner Arena); Coheed and Cambria (Tuesday 7pm Rams Head Live, Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club), Crack The Sky (Saturday 8pm Rams Head Live); Rooney (Wednesday 7pm Bourbon Street); John Popper & The Duskray Troubadours (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head On Stage, Thursday 8:30pm State Theatre), Bret Michaels (Thursday 8pm Rams Head On Stage); Michael McDonald (Thursday-Saturday DC Improv); Charlie Sheen (Tuesday 8pm D.A.R. Constitution Hall); Stephen Kellogg (Friday 8:30pm Jammin’ Java-Vienna); Soulive (Saturday 9pm State Theatre); Local H (Sunday 8:30pm Rock & Roll Hotel), J Roddy Walston & The Business (Wednesday 8:30pm Rock & Roll Hotel); Saliva (Monday 7pm Jaxx); Gorillaz “The Fall” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

I’m ABSOLUTELY done with the Charlie Sheen fascination. I’m done even with the morbid curiosity. Unless he’s donning a Cleveland Indians jersey and hurling fastballs, I’m simply not interested.

I AM interested however in a Charm City appearance by the holy trinity…

Love Blues Traveler? You’re a good American. I loved Blues Traveler myself and will absolutely admit that I’m all in on John Popper’s new project…

Want to hear something that TOTALLY kicks ass? Here are Soulive and Robert Randolph doing Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”…

I’m not sure if anyone is still in the band, but I know Local H at least USED to be pretty awesome…

9. Glenn Clark’s Easter Plans (Sunday)

Here’s what I know. I DEMANDED Cadbury Cream Eggs Benedict from my girlfriend last year and she failed. It had better not happen again…


This is proof that God exists…I think.

8. Mortal Kombat available on Playstation3/XBox360 (Tuesday)

11 year old Glenn Clark is FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW.

If Streetfighter Turbo comes next, I might be in full blown panic mode.

While we’re on the subject of video games, how many folks do you know that are Grand Champions in NFL Blitz 2000?

The answer is at least one.


7. College Football: Navy Blue-Gold Spring Game (Friday 7pm from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium live on CBS Sports)

I won’t be able to make it out to Annapolis Friday night, but I do have a couple of thoughts related to College Football.

1-Alabama fans have to be at least a LITTLE embarrassed by the Nick Saban statue that was unveiled in Tuscaloosa, right? Of course, the more embarrassing part is that I’m SURE this means Auburn is rushing to get a Gene Chizik statue erected too.

2-Cliff Tucker is trying is hand as a receiver for the Maryland football team now that the whole hoops thing is over, huh? Seems like a good option, but I feel as though maybe I would have gone with Competitive Cheer…


6. NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference Quarterfinals-New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics (Game 2 Tuesday 7pm from Boston live on TNT, Game 3 Friday 7pm from New York live on ESPN, Game 4 Sunday 3:30pm from New York live on ABC); Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic (Game 2 Tuesday 7:30pm from Orlando live on NBA TV, Game 3 Friday 8pm from Atlanta live on ESPN2, Game 4 Sunday 7pm from Atlanta live on TNT); Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers (Game 3 Thursday 7pm from Indianapolis live on NBA TV, Game 4 Saturday 2:30pm from Indianapolis live on TNT); Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers (Game 3 Thursday 8pm from Philadelphia live on TNT, Game 4 Sunday 1pm from Philadelphia live on ABC); Western Conference Quarterfinals-Portland Trailblazers vs. Dallas Mavericks (Game 2 Tuesday 9:30pm from Dallas live on TNT, Game 3 Thursday 10:30 from Portland live on TNT, Game 4 Saturday 5pm from Portland live on TNT, Game 5 Monday from Dallas TBD); Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (Game 2 Wednesday 8pm from Oklahoma City live on TNT, Game 3 Saturday 10pm from Denver live on ESPN, Game 4 Monday 10:30pm from Denver live on TNT); Memphis Grizzlies vs. San Antonio Spurs (Game 2 Wednesday 8:30pm from San Antonio live on NBA TV, Game 3 Saturday 7:30pm from Memphis live on ESPN, Game 4 Monday from Memphis TBD); New Orleans Hornets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Game 2 Wednesday 10:30pm from Los Angeles live on TNT, Game 3 Friday 9:30pm from New Orleans live on ESPN, Game 4 Sunday 9:30pm from New Orleans live on TNT)

Let’s be honest…NBA basketball is AWFUL in the regular season and just sorta okay in the playoffs.

But Dwyane Wade and Jalen Rose (and Kyle Korver) did some pretty impressive things over the weekend…

5. NHL Playoffs: Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers Game 4 (Wednesday 7pm from New York live on Comcast SportsNet & VERSUS), New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals Game 5 (Saturday 3pm from Verizon Center live on NBC), Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers Game 6 if necessary (Monday TBD from New York live on Comcast SportsNet)

I know there are a few folks in Baltimore who have gone to the dark side and are rooting for the hockey team down in the Nation’s Capital.

That’s their choice…I won’t judge them. Much. I MIGHT however buy them a new Washington Redskins shirt to wear this football season while we’re all donning purple at M&T Bank Stadium.

To those that are still on the fence, I encourage you to root for the Rangers. If you’re not familiar with Sean Avery, let me introduce you to a few young ladies who ARE familiar with Mr. Avery…

Hilary Rhoda


Elisha Cuthbert


Lake Bell


And “Stacy’s Mom” herself, Rachel Hunter


You seriously don’t think this guy is worth rooting for?!?!?

4. Charm City Heroes (Friday-Saturday Pikesville Hilton)

With no offense to Frank Robinson, Mike Curtis, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, Earl Weaver, Cal Ripken Jr., Brooks Robinson, Roberto Alomar, Lenny Moore, Gino Marchetti, Art Donovan, Raymond Berry, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Brian Roberts, Buck Showalter or anyone else scheduled to attend this event (holy hell that’s quite the list), it’s not complete.

I mean…seriously…how about our city’s greatest Olympic champion?


Could anything say “hero” more than that picture?!?!?

3. Ravens Pre-Draft Luncheon (Tuesday 12:45pm 1 Winning Drive, airing 5:30pm on AM1570 WNST), Brian Billick Live! Pre-NFL Draft Show (Tuesday 7pm Mother’s Federal Hill)

I guess the excitement surrounding the NFL Draft has been a bit dampened because of the lockout. But that’s only because we haven’t spent time watching NFL DRAFT PORN!

I want all of them.

2. Boxing: Top Rank-Roberto Marroquin vs. Frankie Leal (Saturday 11pm from Thackerville, OK live on Fox Sports Net nationally, Comcast SportsNet locally); Joseph Agbeko vs. Abner Mares (Saturday 10:30pm from Los Angeles live on Showtime); Friday Night Fights: Breidis Prescott vs. Bayan Jargal (Friday 8pm from Uncasville, CT live on ESPN2)

Of course this makes the list because Ravens S Tom Zbikowski is scheduled to fight on the undercard of the Marroquin-Leal fight.

By the way, if you haven’t seen “The Fighter”, you might as well just admit you hate America. How AWESOME is this clip?

1. College Lacrosse: Navy @ Johns Hopkins (Saturday 8pm from Homewood Field live on ESPNU); Hobart @ Loyola (Saturday 12pm from Ridley Athletic Complex live on ABC2/ESPN3.com); Vermont @ UMBC (Saturday 1pm UMBC Stadium); ACC Lacrosse Tournament: Maryland vs. North Carolina (Friday 5pm from Durham, NC live on TheACC.com), ACC Championship Game (Sunday 3:30pm from Durham, NC live on Comcast SportsNet); CAC Tournament: St. Mary’s @ Stevenson (Wednesday 4pm Caves Athletic Complex), CAC Championship Game (Sunday 2pm from Caves Athletic Complex if Stevenson wins Wednesday)

I’ve posted this before I’m sure. I don’t care. Suck it, UNC!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Top 20 moments in Camden Yards history: No. 2

Posted on 04 April 2011 by Luke Jones

As the Orioles begin their 20th season at Oriole Park at Camden Yards, I take a look back at the top 20 moments in the history of the ballpark. Selected moments had to relate directly to the action on the field at the time. No orchestrated events such as World Series anniversary celebrations or Orioles Hall of Fame inductions were eligible.

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Previous selections:
20. Wieters’ debut
19. Nomo tosses only no-hitter in Oriole Park history
18. Orioles rally from nine-run deficit against Boston
17. 30-3
16. Showalter takes the helm
15. Palmeiro homers in Oriole debut
14. Griffey’s Warehouse shot
13. Sparring with Seattle
12. Davis defies the odds
11. Hoiles’ slam stuns Mariners
10. Game 6 of 1997 ALCS
9. 1993 All-Star Game
8. Moose misses perfection
7. Eddie comes home
6. Bonilla’s slam in first playoff win
5. The first Opening Day
4. Birds shrink Big Unit to win 1997 ALDS
3. No. 500 for Eddie

2. Farewell to Cal – Oct. 6, 2001

You know it’s not a typical game when your team is wearing special commemorative patches and the league ordered special baseballs for the occasion. Despite entering the night with 97 losses and closing out a miserable season on the field, the Orioles hosted the Boston Red Sox with all the glitz and hype of a postseason game, or at least Opening Day.

After all, it wasn’t going to be easy saying goodbye to Cal Ripken.

On June 19, Ripken announced his intention to retire at the end of the season, which led to a memorable farewell tour as the future Hall of Famer was honored in ballparks throughout the league, proving the entire baseball was just as appreciative to Maryland’s favorite son.

However, Baltimore was going to give Cal Ripken a farewell unlike any other after his 21 years with the club he grew up rooting for as a kid in nearby Aberdeen. Ripken was much more than a great player, a Hall of Famer, or one of the best to ever play the game. He was an icon, not just in the Charm City but everywhere.

The Orioles had originally been scheduled to play their final series of the year at Yankee Stadium, but the tragic events of September 11 had canceled a week’s worth of games as the nation mourned the many deaths in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Shanksville, Pa. As a result, the final game of the season would take place on a memorable Saturday night at Camden Yards.


The flashbulbs popped with Ripken’s every move, reminiscent of the night six year earlier when Orioles fans showed more adulation for a professional athlete than had ever been witnessed anywhere else. The game itself was forgettable as Boston won 5-1, but none of that mattered as the 48,807 on hand wanted a final glimpse of their hometown hero.

Ripken went 0 for 3 against Red Sox starter David Cone despite fans trying to will the 41-year-old to one more memorable moment. In the bottom of the eighth, he came to the plate for the final time in his career, a moment Orioles fans will never forget as Ripken flew out to center.

last at-bat

As the game moved to the bottom of the ninth, the Orioles tried to get Ripken to the plate one more time as Brady Anderson — also playing in his final game as an Oriole — stepped in against Boston closer Ugueth Urbina. With Ripken waiting on deck and the fans firmly behind Anderson, Urbina struck him out to end the game and the career of No. 8.

A dejected Anderson walked to the dugout, but the dramatic finish made for intriguing theater. It was the epitome of the old adage of leaving the crowd wanting more.

The post-game ceremony was a made-for-TV event with the stadium lights extinguished and the spotlight on Ripken for a final curtain call on the last night in which he’d wear an Orioles uniform. His final words to the faithful at Camden Yards, “The House that Cal Built,” were heartfelt but unassuming. Typical Cal.

“One question I’ve been repeatedly asked these past few weeks is, ‘How do I want to be remembered?’ My answer has been simple: to be remembered at all is pretty special. I might also add that if, if I am remembered, I hope it’s because, by living my dream, I was able to make a difference.”

A difference made, indeed. For Orioles fans of all ages, but particularly those who grew up in the 1980s and 90s, Ripken defined what it meant to be an Oriole in the same way Brooks Robinson had done a generation earlier. Simply put, Ripken was the Orioles for fans too young to enjoy the glory days of three world championships, six league pennants, and the fruits of the Oriole Way.

His departure not only symbolized the end of an era and the last link to the franchise’s glory days, but it sparked feelings similar to the ones felt by fans who witnessed Robinson’s farewell in 1977.

It was never going to be the same.

Players come and go, hits and strikeouts fade from memory, but you never forget how the special ones made you feel.


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Better than the Monday paper: The logical reasons why Bordick, Alomar and Raffy aren’t Orioles HOF’ers

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Drew Forrester

I’ll make quick work of this one.

Mike Bordick isn’t an Orioles Hall of Famer.

Neither is Roberto Alomar.

And neither is Rafael Palmeiro.

At least to me, they’re not.

That’s that.

But I guess it wouldn’t be fair – or thoughtful reading – to just throw those three declarations in there and not at least give some reasoning.

So here it is:

Bordick was a good major league baseball player and had a nice 6-year run (separated by a brief stint in New York) in Baltimore.  Along the way, he had the makings of two very good offensive seasons (for him), which came in 1999 (.277) and 2000 (.297).  He was always more than capable defensively.

But Mike Bordick was a good player – you can use the word “solid” instead of good and I’ll accept that – who had a couple of forgettable seasons and two very good ones for the Orioles.

Hall of Fame worthy?


Was he a quality member of the organization and a good representative of the franchise?

Without question, yes.

But that shouldn’t put him in the team’s Hall of Fame.

Alomar is a much different story, because he is a baseball Hall of Famer…so it only makes sense to just hand-over his Orioles HOF card.  But if you’re measuring Roberto Alomar on three seasons in Baltimore, there’s simply no way he belongs in the Orioles Hall of Fame.

For starters, I’d NEVER vote for someone who played three years in Baltimore unless those three seasons included world championships and league MVP awards or Cy Young honors.  Yes, I’m aware the powers-that-be in the front office say the minimum required stay to be considered for the team’s HOF is 3 years, so technically Robbie is eligible.  3 years?  Really? That’s like saying (continued on next page)

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Counterpoint: Bordick not amongst Orioles’ best, but I’m fine with induction

Posted on 20 March 2011 by Glenn Clark

Upon hearing that former SS Mike Bordick had been elected to the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame Saturday morning, I will admit that at first I thought to myself, “huh?”

But after a few minutes of thinking about it, it struck me that Mike Bordick is a fine choice for what isn’t a particularly significant honor.

Many Baltimore sports fans are particularly disappointed when they look towards the Baltimore Ravens’ Ring of Honor at M&T Bank Stadium and see the name Earnest Byner listed with the young franchise’s best players (Jonathan Ogden, Peter Boulware, Michael McCrary); the man who returned football to Charm City (Art Modell) and the players who represented the Baltimore Colts franchise that captivated this city for over 30 years.

Earnest Byner was a marginal contributor for two seasons and an assistant coach for a few years after that. It is well known that Modell wanted to honor Byner and decided the Ring of Honor was the way to do just that.

When Ravens fans in ten years see the names of Ray Lewis, Todd Heap, Jamal Lewis, Chris McAlister, Matt Stover and Brian Billick honored at their “Purple Palace”, Byner’s inclusion will seem out of place at best, but could be somewhat embarrassing when opposing fans visiting town ask “Byner? Why don’t you go ahead and put Kyle Boller up there too?”

The reality of Bordick’s induction to the Orioles Hall of Fame is that the honor itself isn’t significant enough to warrant such opposition. The Orioles honor their greatest players in franchise history by retiring their numbers and featuring them with figures outside Orioles Park at Camden Yards and commemorative signs inside OPACY as well.

As an organization, the O’s do a good job of separating the all-time greats (Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken) from those who simply warrant a “thank you” for their time in orange and black (BJ Surhoff, Harold Baines, Rick Dempsey, Mark Belanger).

Make no mistake. Mike Bordick does not deserved to be remembered in the same way as some other Birds who have received Hall of Fame status. Ken Singleton, Boog Powell, Dave McNally, Mike Flanagan and others had a much more significant impact on the franchise than Bordick.

Instead of being featured prominently at The Yard, Bordick will only receive mention on a small Eutaw Street wall plaque. The Orioles will hold their annual luncheon and pre-game ceremony for fans to thank Bordick, then he will mostly be a name on a list.

They’re not trying to compare Bordick to Ripken-even if Bordick was the player to replace the “Iron Man” at shortstop.

With the only criteria for induction being that the player must have played for the team for at least three seasons, Bordick (parts of six seasons) qualifies. He’ll be remembered for his All-Star Game appearance in 200 and a stellar defensive season in 2002. He’ll be remembered by myself as being the piece that brought Melvin Mora to Baltimore from the New York Mets.

For these reasons, I applaud Bordick’s election. It will be nice for me to clap for one of the few players I have enjoyed watching during these dreadful 13 seasons of Orioles baseball.


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Great news on a Monday? Angelos could be priming Orioles for sale …..

Posted on 17 January 2011 by Rex Snider

It’s pretty fitting that Baltimore is blanketed by a grey, dingy skyline to begin the first Monday of the Ravens offseason, huh? If nothing else, it kinda sums up how most of us are feeling …..

Losing to the Steelers is a horrible reality that’s becoming way too common for those of us who love football. But, blowing a commanding lead, enroute to losing the BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR is one of the bitterest defeats in franchise history.

It’s created a hangover lasting a couple days …..

But, fear not, I may have some very optimistic words for the Baltimore sports fan. And, it regards the city’s “OTHER” pro sports franchise …..

According to celeb-O’s fan, Roy Firestone, he received some possible inside information that indicated Peter Angelos might be readying the Orioles for a sale to local investors. Better yet, the group is supposedly headed by Cal Ripken.

On Saturday night, Firestone attended an event with Orioles greats, such as Brooks and Frank Robinson. The event provided Firestone with his information on the possible upcoming sale of the ballclub.

Firestone has been quick to point out his “source” is confidential. However, he has also identified this same source as one of credibility in past dealings – and, one who has the connections to know such information.

But, don’t get ready for any transition to happen soon …..

According to Firestone’s source, the sale is supposed to be consummated within the next two years. Of course, such a period of time can lead to many hurdles, detours and dead ends. But, it’s still comforting to hear such a transition of ownership might be in the works.

In all honesty, I can envision such a situation. I don’t think any of us really doubts Peter Angelos’ love for Baltimore. We know he’s aging and probably approaching that time in life where his impending future must be planned out. And, we’ve heard his sons are not intimately involved in the operations of the ballclub.

Why not sell it to someone who can be entrusted to do the right thing – and usher the franchise in the proper direction? It makes sense to me. Regardless of how the Orioles have languished under the Angelos ownership, he must be mindful of the team’s ultimate ownership by an entity other than himself.

Hey, if nothing else, Roy Firestone’s news gives us something to talk about – other than Saturday’s loss, in Pittsburgh.

I’ll talk to you, this afternoon @ 2pm …..

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