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Ray Lewis past, present and future: Is it safe to say the Ghost of Ray has passed?

Posted on 26 October 2010 by Nestor Aparicio

I was sitting in a Canton restaurant six weeks ago doing a WNST.net sales presentation and out of the corner of my eye I caught a purple flash. There, larger than life was the familiar sight of Ray Lewis coming down on Darren Sproles on the San Diego turf last fall on all of the flat screens at once in a jarring HD highlight reel, then pounding more running backs, belting quarterbacks and creating that beautiful purple havoc that we’ve grown to love to watch on Sunday afternoons in Baltimore.

The volume was down but it didn’t take me long to realize that Steve Sabol and a series of former Ravens coaches were doing a roundtable conversation about the career of Ray Lewis and I realized this was the NFL Films special that was shot in Orlando back during the NFL Owners Meetings that I attended. It was the same day when I spent time with all of these same people – Jack Del Rio, Mike Smith, Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary – for a coffee table conversation book I’m working on about the lineage of Baltimore coaching and leadership.

In case you missed any of the segments on NFL.com from the Orlando conversation here’s a link…

But this wasn’t any restaurant I sitting in last month – this was Ray Lewis’ former Full Moon BBQ dream that is now The Fieldhouse next to the Canton Can Company.

On the same walls that served as a civic homage to all things No. 52, a place where Ray’s dream of being a successful restaurant owner and entrepreneur failed, it was sadly bittersweet to see Lewis flying on the walls

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Showalter and Harbaugh: Taking Baltimore Back to the Future

Posted on 10 September 2010 by Domenic Vadala

The two main coaches in Baltimore right now are Buck Showalter of the Orioles and John Harbaugh of the Ravens. Both are with their respective teams for various reasons, both have different backgrounds and levels of experience, and both are at different stages of their lives. However they have one thing in common, and that’s Baltimore. To expound on that a bit, they’ve both inherited a rich tradition and lineage in that there’s greatness behind them. While the Orioles have been in a state of malaise for thirteen years, we all know the history and traditions that are associated with them. Showalter inherits the legacy of Earl Weaver, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, and Cal Ripken Jr. In the case of the Ravens, there’s a twelve-year span of time where there was no football in Baltimore, which stands in stark similarity to the most recent stretch of Orioles baseball. However Harbaugh is now taxed with stroking the legacy of Don Shula, Johnny Unitas, Alan Ameche, Raymond Berry, and Ray Lewis (who of course is still on the team).

Again, the common link between these two men is Baltimore, and thus the Baltimore fans. One of the reasons that I love Baltimore so much is because of it’s legacy as a survivor. Let us not forget that Baltimore was attacked by Brittish forces in August of 1814 (during the war of 1812). The resulting Battle of Ft. McHenry gave us our beloved Star-Spangled Banner, which essentially celebrates the fact that the city of Baltimore never fell to the Brittish forces that night. The city (and thus the nation) “survived.” How does that translate to the O’s and Ravens? Baltimore’s rich football legacy was hijacked in 1984 Robert Irsay and the Mayflower moving vans. However for twelve years the fans kept the legacy of Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts burning in their hearts, in hopes that one day the NFL might see fit to return to one of the places that helped to make it so great. Eventually those efforts paid off when in 1995 Art Modell announced that his Cleveland Browns were moving to Baltimore to become the Ravens.

The Orioles last contended in 1997 under the leadership of Davey Johnson, one of Earl Weaver’s former players. Since Johnson rode out of town on the heels of going wire-to-wire in first place and winning manager of the year, it’s been lean times in Birdland. Seemingly everything that this franchise has done has been wrong. We all remember the Albert Belle debacle, which might rank up there with the Glenn Davis trade as one of the worst moves in team history. Speaking for myself I’ll never forget the year that they lost Rafael Palmeiro and BJ Surhoff to free agency and/or trades, and then tried to market Delino DeShields as their big free-agent pickup the next year. They even tried bringing Palmeiro (who was always a fan favorite) back, however that blew up in their faces when he tested positive for steroids. Ultimately, a long series of poor management decisions by Peter Angelos and the people around him have led to these thirteen losing seasons, marred by embarassments and NY/Boston fans taking over our beloved stadium.

While some people would argue that Angelos is still mismanaging the team, I would tend to believe that through the hiring of Andy MacPhail and Buck Showalter, this team is on the right track once again. In the past few seasons they’ve drafted well and made some good pickups (although they should have gotten a big bat this past off season, as has been admitted by Andy MacPhail). I suppose my point is that through all of that, the Baltimore fans still stand by the team. Some would laughingly say that drawing 9100+ on a weeknight is hardly having people stand by you. However anyone that’s attended a game since Showalter’s shown up in August knows what I mean. The fans are into and behind this team. When people think of suffering fans, those of cities such as Cleveland, Boston, and Philly come to mind. However not having football for so long combined with the Orioles’ rocky thirteen years has put Baltimore fans in a similar category. Yet they’re still there, as resiliant as ever. So Buck Showalter and John Harbaugh are tasked with taking the traditions and memories of the past, and turning them into the future. I suppose that I’m reminded of the closing scene of Back to the Future III; as he lifted off in his new time machine, the Doc told Marty and Jennifer:

Your future isn’t written yet. Nobody’s is! So make it a good one…both of you.

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How are area teams perceived nationwide?

Posted on 04 September 2010 by Domenic Vadala

In my pieces about bandwagon fans earlier in the week, I wrote about various teams such as the Boston Red Sox and Pittsburgh Steelers that have a lot of bandwagon fans. All of those organizations also have what we call national fan bases. You can go to any stadium around the country and see someone wearing a Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Steelers, or Dallas Cowboys hat. That aside, when I travel I’m always interested in seeing how the teams from my home region are perceived around the country.

No Baltimore or mid-Atlantic team has what you might call a national following. However depending upon where you go you’ll find mixed results in a sense. Obviously if you go to Cleveland you won’t find many people with any love for the Ravens. It also matters which sport we’re talking about. When it comes to baseball most people are very sympathetic to Baltimore fans. One of the best trips I ever took was to Fenway in 2009 to see the Orioles play. Most of the Red Sox fans were very welcoming, and a lot of them told me that they hoped to see things looking up soon for the Orioles. And I’ve seen that kind of empathy towards the O’s in most places I’ve gone, including the southwest and Colorado. Players such as Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken to this day have bought the Orioles a great deal of goodwill. I spoke with one fan in Denver during a trip out there who told me that he had never really followed baseball until he started paying attention to Cal’s streak, and when he found out that Denver had a team he became a fan. Occasionally you’ll find some sneering Yankee fan that’ll just laugh at the Orioles, but that happens across the board.

With the Ravens it’s a little different. Baltimore’s plight of losing the Colts and not having a team for so long still makes people very sympathetic. That, combined with the legends of Johnny Unitas generally makes people look approvingly on the Ravens. However there’s no doubt that Ray Lewis’ brush with the law and subsequent murder charge has taken its toll on the Ravens’ reputation. While I do understand that kind of mentality, I also have to call it into question. The fact is that Lewis was exonerated of the charges. However, there’s a certain stigma that comes with a murder charge that never goes away; I understand that. But doesn’t mean that the Ravens are a bad or thuggish organization? I would say that if you feel that way you should dislike the player, not the team.

Baltimore fans have a lot of bearing on how our teams are perceived. As Oriole fans, we’re unfortunately used to seeing out-of-town fans in our stadium. Speaking for myself, I’ve always thought that Boston fans were the worst of the bunch. (The visiting fans at Camden Yards that is; I’ve been to Fenway to see the Orioles play, and the fans there are some of the most accommodating and decent fans I’ve ever met.) Where do I begin?…I’ve seen Red Sox fans urinating in Oriole hats, Red Sox fans complaining that not enough Red Sox merchandise is sold in the stadium, Red Sox fans purposely getting Oriole fans tossed from the ballpark, and Red Sox fans booing an in-stadium feature on Cal Ripken while say that Yaz is the only #8 worth cheering for. Each time I’ve gone on the road with the Orioles, I’ve felt an obligation to be on my best behavior because I believe that in that situation I’m representative of the Orioles, the Oriole fans, and the city of Baltimore as a whole. So if I behave like a moron, people in that city are going to come away with a negative impression of all of us and our teams. Furthermore, if you need any more proof that the fans’ behavior counts towards what people think, look no further than Philadelphia fans.

All in all, in my opinion Baltimore teams have a decent reputation around the country. I haven’t been in every state or city, however I’ve seen a decent amount of places here in the USA, and I would say that Brooks Robinson and Cal Ripken Jr. are the most high-profile Baltimore athletes. Johnny Unitas is up there as well, although I think that Baltimore not having football for so long probably puts him a notch below Brooks and Cal. It’s amazing where you meet like-minded people sometimes though. Last year I was walking through Milan’s Malpensa Airport waiting to board a flight to Paris (with Washington DC my ultimate destination that day). Since I was returning from a vacation at my family home in Italy, I decided to sport an Oriole polo shirt on the flight. Just as I’m getting in line to board the flight, this guy walks by me, raises his fist in the air and says, “Go O’s!”

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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 18 August 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because I have some new rules to unleash for “The Greatest Song of All Time This Week.” Previously, I handed just one honor out per week-but I’m going to mix that up. I will now be handing out both “New” and “Classic” versions of the honor.

If you’re friends with me on Facebook (feel free to search “Glenn Clark” and add the man who is sipping Orange Kool-Aid after losing a bet to Ed in Park Heights), you know that this week’s “Classic” version (the rule is that the song must be at least 5 years old) is “Out of My Head” by Fastball…

This week’s new version of “The Greatest Song of All Time This Week” isn’t really even a song I like that much. Honest to God. Frankly, I find “The Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney to be a particularly insufferable song musically. BUT-the speech from New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton at the front of the video is so freaking epic that I’m going to give it the honor anyway.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Luke French, Seattle Mariners shut down Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Yeah, but how are you expected to get anything going against a Cy Young Award candidate like Jeanmar Gomez Luke French?!?!? The Buck Showalter era has been very good in Charm City, but there have still been a few puzzling pitchers to shut the O’s down.

What’s weirder? The fact that the Birds were able to muster just 3 hits against some fella named Luke French or the fact that Josh Bell had two of them?

It all wasted the best start made by Kevin Millwood arguably all season. He gave up just 3 hits and 3 walks over 7 and 2/3 innings, allowing just one run to cross the plate. Armando Gabino sadly wasn’t quite as effective.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to remind everyone of this-but after the Birds have lost 3 of 4 for the first time under Showalter; I think it’s important.

You can’t win them all. You just can’t.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of loss

Rough night for Ty Wigginton-who went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts and left 3 men on base. Of course, it was a rough night for just about anyone else who was wearing orange and black too.

In one of those “at least it’s familiar” feelings; you REALLY don’t want to look at these numbers. Trust me. Instead, check out something else baseball-related. Sara Saco-Vertiz is the gall that got hit by a foul ball recently at a Houston Astros game down at Minute Maid Park when her boyfriend “Bo the Bailer” jumped out of the way. She’s also a very pleasant distraction from what happened in the Orioles game last night. (Thanks H8TORADE!)


3. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says MRI on Craig Tatum’s knee ‘shows no damage’

Good news!

Or at least “oh…okay” news.

You know what-if this is the most interesting thing going on with the Orioles’ roster, it IS good news.

You know what else is good news? The new Harvard Sailing Team video that Dave Carey linked to my Facebook page last night. Thanks Dave!

4. USA Today’s Paul White says O’s ‘soaring’ under Buck Showalter, but team still needs to improve roster

This is the unfortunate part about the reasonable success the Orioles have had recently. As solid as they’ve been, it just doesn’t REALLY matter.

The fact remains that it is MUCH nicer for us as fans to watch the team win a few games at the end of the season than to continue to lose games at a historic rate. I’m not trying to take away from the value of that, as it bothers me to watch losing as much if not more than anyone.

But this season has been over for some time. There was nothing to tangibly gain from a strong (or even semi-strong) finish to the season.

If the Orioles don’t make significant roster upgrades during the offseason and field a legitimate team come Opening Day; they’ll lose games in April and May of 2011 under ANY manager. Even Buck Showalter.

Wins this season are like “warm fuzzies.” They’re nice to have around, but they don’t actually help with anything. When you’re cold, you need a blanket-not something the size of pocket lint.

The Orioles don’t need warm fuzzies. They need a massive overhaul. It has started with the manager. Now they need more.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Bowie Baysox OF Xavier Avery had 4 RBI in win over Trenton Thunder on farm

A few things before we move on from the Orioles…

-The O’s and M’s wrap up their 3 game set tonight at OPACY. First pitch between Jeremy Guthrie and David Pauley is at 7:05pm and the game can be seen on MASN.

-Did you miss Xavier Avery this morning with Drew Forrester on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST? Make sure you head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net today to check it out. Other things you can hear in the Audio Vault include…

  • Rich Dubroff (Carroll County Times)-who discussed all things Orioles with Drew
  • Peter King (SI/NBC)-who checked in from Westminster to preview this afternoon’s “Tweetup” at Amicci’s in Little Italy (4:30-6pm…make sure you come hang out!)
  • Seth Everett (ESPN Radio New York/ESPNNewYork.com)-who checked in with Drew to preview the Jets as we finished the AFC East in our preview of every team on the Ravens’ schedule
  • Our “Cheap Shots from the Bleachers”, including Drew’s shot at all parties involved in the Renee Gork Arkansas/Florida debacle and my shot at the Ravens’ “You Make the Cut” game
  • Plenty of audio from McDaniel College Tuesday-including John Harbaugh, Jim Zorn and Oniel Cousins
  • Todd Heap-who checked in with Rex Snider yesterday afternoon following Ravens practice
  • Matt Bowen (National Football Post)-who discussed his former teammate Brett Favre with Rex Tuesday as well

It’s all in the Audio Vault, so go check it out. Your day is planned now. You can thank me in form of cash money.

6. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says David Hale, Matt Birk, Davon Drew, Marcus Paschal, Brandon McKinney, Daniel Sanders, Stefan Rodgers, Jared Gaither all missed practice Tuesday at Ravens Training Camp

When it comes to Birk and McKinney, my initial thought is “I bet they’ll be plenty healthy when the team is in Owings Mills next week.”

I’m not quite as laid back about David Hale; as the team doesn’t really have much interior line depth. Birk, Ben Grubbs, Marshal Yanda and Chris Chester are there to handle the Top 4 spots; but the team clearly doesn’t want to have to use Chester as the reserve center.

Now-they could be more flexible if they had better tackle depth. Should they be able to start Gaither and Michael Oher with Cousins behind them; it COULD allow Tony Moll to play guard and have the team use Chester in a pinch as a reserve center.

The thing is-they need these guys to be healthy to do ANY of that. That’s an issue as of right now.

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ed Reed has visited rehab specialist in Atlanta recently to ‘accelerate’ hip healing

You know what else might help Ed ‘accelerate’ his healing? Showing him this picture of Miss USA Rima Fakih. (Thanks Guyism!)


8. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says Tavares Gooden working with first team defense at JACK LB spot

And before we move on from the Ravens, a few things here as well:

-I have no idea what to make of the JACK LB battle. The job appeared to be Jameel McClain’s to lose, but both Gooden and Dannell Ellerbe have gotten their chances to run with the 1’s after McClain started against the Carolina Panthers. At this point, I’ll still leaning towards McClain-but it will be interesting to see who works with the first unit at FedEx Field Saturday night.

-A reminder that the Ravens hit the practice field today-if you missed the 8:45am practice, you missed it. There’s a special teams practice at 2pm today. Today and tomorrow are the LAST TWO DAYS that you can see the Ravens practice in person at McDaniel College; as they are closed to the public Friday before Saturday’s preseason showdown with the Washington Redskins.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland WR Emani Lee-Odai fractured pinkie during practice, Ralph Friedgen expects him to need surgery

This is a tough break for the senior; who was expected to play an important role in a surprisingly deep group of receivers.

Congratulations also to Terrapins LB’s Alex Wujciak and Adrian Moten; who were both named to the Butkus Award Watch List; and to Terps WR/KR Torrey Smith, who was named to the Paul Hornung Award Watch List-given to the nation’s most versatile player.

And if Maryland needs some depth at WR with Lee-Odai out, may I suggest Ann French? (Thanks The Smoking Jacket!)


10. UMTerps.com says Gary Williams to join Babe Ruth, Johnny Unitas, Art Modell, Jim McKay, Brooks Robinson in inaugural “Hall of Legends” class at Sports Legends Museum

We could debate the names that AREN’T part of that list (Cal Ripken, Jim Palmer, Frank Robinson, Chuck Thompson, Jonathan Ogden, etc.); but that isn’t the point of this really. They’re going to have years to get all of these guys in this group, and this first group of 6 is absolutely outstanding.

The real question is…which year will it be when we see “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio inducted?

I’m sure it has to be soon, right?

And finally, I leave you with this.

The young lady in my life (whatever that means) is a Dallas Cowboys fan. I’m not proud, trust me. We call her “Boomer Sooner” around here. I hope I NEVER hear her singing this song. (Thanks Deadspin!)

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 01 July 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because as of right now, I still haven’t had to eat any hot dogs yet. That’s a win.

I apologize for my tardiness with this, but here’s John Isner reading the Top Ten the other night with David Letterman…we’ll re-group after that.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Orioles belted 5 home runs in win over Athletics

So much for it being the season of the pitcher…

At the beginning of the season, Kevin Millwood pitched well-but the Birds couldn’t score, and it usually ended up leaving the team doomed to another loss.

Now that Millwood is struggling, the team is finally figuring out how to win. I’ll take that.

Adam Jones, Corey Patterson, Ty Wigginton, Luke Scott and Miguel Tejada all homered last night (we’ll get back to Scott’s later). Where the hell has that been all season?

The Orioles will now have a chance to win back to back series tonight, which is almost as good as playing meaningful games. Small victories, right?

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of win

I guess we DO need to address that Millwood went just 5 innings last night, giving up 6 runs (5 earned) on 8 hits against an Oakland team that’s roughly as capable of hitting as some of my young cousins. Granted, there was unbelievable trouble in the field-but Millwood wasn’t good.

Will it significantly hurt his trade value moving towards July 31? I doubt that. I was never convinced that Andy MacPhail was going to be able to fleece another organization in a Millwood deal, unless somehow Millwood had stunned everyone with a 10-0 start and sub 3 ERA.

There will still be teams who will want a veteran starter to try to help their run to the playoffs. Plenty of teams in fact. Someone is going to give up SOMETHING for Millwood-and I’m guessing it might be a LITTLE bit more than Chris Ray. Not MUCH more, but a little bit more.

Trading Millwood is not going to improve the future of the franchise in Baltimore. But it will get them SOMETHING…hopefully something that matters at least a little bit.

I’m personally hoping we can trade him for Susan Coffey (Thanks Barstool Sports!)…


3. MLB.com’s Noah Rosenstein says Luke Scott hurt running bases after go-ahead HR in win

How does this always happen to us?!?!?!?

It was a little funny listening to Juan Samuel say that Scott was going to try to leg it into a triple if it didn’t leave the yard. Funny because we all know Luke Scott isn’t going to be confused with Pete Rose any time soon when it comes to “hustle.”

There’s good news. Felix Pie is apparently going to be ready to go if Scott ends up on the DL. So…did you see the mistake Corey Patterson made last night? Expect more of that soon!

(Edit from GMC: Hopefully not. But I’m way to realistic to be too hopeful.)

4. The Sun’s Steve Gould says Frederick Keys pitcher Nathan Moreau threw no-hitter on farm

Did you miss Nathan this morning with Drew Forrester on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST? Make sure you head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net NOW to check it out! Other guests this morning included:

-Great American Champion Joey Chestnut, who gave me some hot dog eating tips ahead of his pursuit of a 4th straight Nathan’s Famous 4th of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest title Sunday in New York.
-Dan Steinberg from the Washington Post’s “DC Sports Bog”, who re-hashed the John Riggins MASN commercial controversy I stirred up last week.
-Baltimore Blast Coach Danny Kelly, who went around the USMNT and all things World Cup.

A few other O’s-related notes before we move on…

-Congratulations to our pal Steve Melewski, who claimed another “Apologist of the Morning” title today, as selected by “The Great Arbitrator.” I’m still convinced that Brian Matusz is going to have a bright future in Charm City myself; but to say his season hasn’t been “disappointing” is absolute apology.

-The O’s are back in action tonight, trying to wrap up back to back series wins against the A’s. First pitch at Oriole Park at Camden Yards is at 7:05pm, the game can again be seen on MASN2. Trevor Cahill goes for the A’s against Jake Arrieta and the O’s.

5. ABC2’s Lamont Williams says Cal Ripken and Bill Ripken broke ground on new youth park at Memorial Stadium site

What an awesome day to be out at 33rd Street yesterday. Kudos to Ripken Baseball, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and everyone else involved with the groundbreaking event.

If you missed any of our coverage at WNSTV, here’s your chance to catch up. First we bothered Cal Ripken, who is clearly much too important to be talking to myself, Luke Jones OR Nestor Aparicio…

Brooks Robinson was hanging out, and took a small shot at what’s going on these days at OPACY…

And then Brady Anderson reminded us that he’s much better looking than we are…

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens LB Terrell Suggs not concerned about missing OTA’s

As long as “T-Sizzle” has a good season, none of this will matter. If he struggles; his failure to report to Owings Mills will be something that fans and analysts alike will bring up all year.

John Harbaugh clearly wasn’t happy Suggs wasn’t there; but he handled it the best way possible. Suggs should have been at 1 Winning Drive; at least for SOME of the OTA’s. It’s a simple gesture. Maybe he’s doing enough work in Arizona that it won’t matter, but maybe he isn’t. We just don’t know.

Hopefully it won’t be an issue.

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says Sergio Kindle, Ravens rookies thought NFL symposium ‘great experience’

You know what else is a good experience? Checking out pictures of the cheerleaders for the Oregon Ducks over at Busted Coverage…


8. USA Today’s Skip Wood says Ravens popular preseason Super Bowl choice

Like I said then, when Ozzie Newsome and company acquired Anquan Boldin; it IMMEDIATELY made them a contender to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

But as I’ve also tried to remind in the months since then, there are other teams in the AFC that are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, including the Cincinnati Bengals right in the AFC North.

The Ravens aren’t the “favorites” to win the Super Bowl in my book; but they are AMONGST the favorites. Now they just have to go get to Dallas. No pressure there or anything…

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says 6 future lacrosse Terps, 4 future Johns Hopkins Blue Jays playing in Saturday’s Under Armour All-America Game

I have a pair of tickets for Saturday night’s game at Unitas Stadium in Towson; for the first person that emails glenn@wnst.net with “I want tickets” in the subject.

If you don’t have plans for Saturday night-it’s worth going over and checking out the game. The girls play early evening, followed by the guys. These are the best high school lacrosse players in the country; and they will be stars of the college game for years to come.

I’d be there, but I DO have plans Saturday night. Sadly, nothing more than looking at pictures of Paula Prendes from FHM Spain over at Guyism…


10. WNST.net’s Ryan Chell says interim Maryland AD looking to keep Terrapins going in ‘same direction’

I’m hoping it’s the “RIGHT direction” myself. And cue Robert Randolph…

And finally, I leave you with this.

The R. Lee Ermey GEICO commercial? Awesome…

Maybe even better than the Andres Cantor spot. Maybe.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Andy Etchebarren, former manager for your Aberdeen Ironbirds

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Former Orioles catcher Andy Etchebarren on 1970: “We Knew We Were Going to Come Back and Show Everyone How Good We Were”

Posted on 24 June 2010 by Ryan Chell

Andy Etchebarren, former manager for your Aberdeen Ironbirds
The Orioles in 1969 were arguably the best team in the major leagues, winning their division by 19 games and riding the wave easily to the World Series.

Led of course by Mike Cuellar, Tom Phoebus, Dave McNally, and Jim Palmer in the rotation, and with Brooks Robinson and Boog Powell at the corners, and Paul Blair ranging the outfield, the team was very strong and poised to win its second championship in four years.

And then there was Andy Etchebarren splitting time with Elrod Hendricks behind the plate, catching the perfect pitches from that great rotation.

But the “Miracle Mets” came up and bit the Orioles, and took the ’69 Series in five games. The O’s felt terrible, but the O’s players, especially Etchebarren were ready to go out the following year in 1970 and prove to the league yet again that the Mets just got lucky and that they truly were the best baseball team around.

“I think that when we left New York,” Etchebarren told Glenn Clark and Thyrl Nelson  at the end of “The Morning Reaction” Thursday, “we felt embarrassed because we had a great year. We really felt in the dumps because we knew we were a much better ball club than the Mets, and it really went their way.”

“We knew we were going to come back and show everyone how good we were.”

And they certainly did. With much of the 1969 team coming back the following year in 1970, Earl Weaver and the O’s returned to the Series, only this time against the Cincinnati Reds.

They won one less game than in 1969, but now their rotation posted three twenty-game winners this around in Palmer, McNally, and Cuellar. And much like ’69, it also took five games, but this time it ended in the O’s favor.

And forty years later, what remains of that team is joining together on Saturday to be honored for their achievement.

Etchebarren will be traveling down from his regular job as manager of the York Revolution to be a part of the festivities along with several of the other living members of that team, including Brooks Robinson, Boog Powell, Davey Johnson, and Paul Blair.

Etchebarren said that if you look at the product on the field from 1969-1971, where the team made it to the World Series only to lose to the Pirates, it was the one of the best teams to ever run onto a baseball field.

“Those three years, if you look at the number of wins those clubs put up, it was unbelievable.

And now he will get a chance to not only be honored for the work they put in, he will be able to be reunited with several of his teammates in that 1970 Series, who some he has not seen or talked to in years.

Brooks Robinson is actually an owner of the York Revolution, the independent team that Etchebarren coaches, so he sees him on a more regular basis than any of his former teammates.

Some unfortunately will not be there, only in spirit, guys like Dave McNally and Mike Cuellar , who passed away earlier in the year after a battle with cancer.

Etchebarren said those Oriole greats will be remembered for being great people as well as being great ballplayers.

“He was a wonderful person,” Etchebarren said. “He had a big heart.”

Saturday’s festivities will also give Etchebarren the chance to be re-united not only with one of his former teammates, but one of his former bosses when Etchebarren was a bench coach for the Orioles.

That man is Davey Johnson, who used to manage the Orioles back in 1996 and 1997, the last two seasons the Orioles had a winning record. Etchebarren had nothing but high praise to say about his former teammate and boss, who now also happens to be an Orioles managerial candidate.

“Davey Johnson is a good friend of mine. I don’t think he’ll come back to Baltimore. When I was his bench coach here in Baltimore, he taught me a lot about running a pitching staff. I thought he ran a pitching staff better than anyone else I’ve seen.

And of course, Etchebarren, whose career with the Orioles was severed earlier than he expected, is one of many former O’s who hurt every time they see their record and the losing continue.

“I watch them, and I was with the Orioles a very long time…it’s really sad,” Etchebarren said. “It’s hard to say you’re headed in the right direction when you’re 19-50, but the good ball clubs the Orioles had were built on defense and we made the pitching.”

“Then there were three or four guys who could hit the 3-run home run. Everyone had a job to do on those ball clubs. They just have to get back to pitching and defense.”

Tune into “The Morning Reaction” tomorrow as more members of the 1970 World Series join Nestor Aparicio and Glenn Clark on the show!

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Cinco de What?

Posted on 05 May 2010 by Tom Federline

Sports and politics, do not mix. Politics and anything, do not mix. Unless of course, you’re on “The Fix”. So what the heck is Steve Nash and the NBA “Phoenix” Suns trying to accomplish with the wearing of “Los” Suns on there jerseys tonight? Oh yeah, it’s the 5th of May, whoops, Cinco de Mayo and they want to “spotlight/protest the Arizona Immigration Law and honor the Latino community”. Well, guess what Phoenix Suns? The San Antonio Spurs just gained a whole new fan base. And the “Los” Suns just gained support from the 40% of illegal Mexican immigrants in Arizona. Hey, who is making out there? Now, if San Antonio changes their name to “Los” Spurs for the evening………I’d fair to guess that they would gain the support from 40% of illegal Mexican immigrants the city San Antonio is harboring. Note -all references to percentages are strictly guesses and exaggerated. Money has ruined Sports. Don’t add to the hurt with politics.

What is with this “Cinco de Mayo” celebration in the United States of America? Is it a reason to drink Tequila? Kinda like a reason to drink green beer on St.Pattys Day? Do you think they are celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Arizona? Yeah, probably the 25% of legalized Mexican American citizens recognizing their heritage. Add the 40% of illegal Mexicans in the state and you have a party. You do not have to count the 25% of retired folks that don’t even care what day it is and the last 10% of AZ citizens standing in line for a “Los” Suns game or “Los” Diamondbacks game or better yet – tickets for the “Los” Cardinals. Shouldn’t they be in St. Louis?

I also read about a potential boycott of the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star game? Go ahead MLB, make another mistake. Wait a minute MLB, why don’t you hand out HGH to the illegal Mexicans and watch them continue to deceive the Federal government and flourish economically? It’s just all wrong, man.

Cinco? That is “Five” (5) in my book. I think of 5 fingers, 5 toes, a $5 bill – American money – Abe Lincoln is on it, the ultimate No. 5 – Brooks Robinson. Hands down, no “arguably” about it, THE greatest third basemen of all-time. Cinco? Uh-oh, how could I forget – Chad Ocho Cinco? Chad (85) Johnson – the dancing machine who is still hanging in there on Dancing With the Stars! Come on Mr. 34oz – your buddy Ocho Cinco is one of “cinco” dancing couples left in the competition. I know you’re on it. I believe they are going to dance to “Mambo No. 5” (cinco) – Lou Bega.

It is Wednesday, May Fifth (5th), 2011. Take your Cinco de whatever and Tequila and head to the border. The Orioles lost 7 to “cinco”. When are they going to fire Senor Trembley and his band of bandidos?
Props to the state of Arizona for taking a stand on an issue the United States Federal Government does not have the sense or guts to. The immigration laws need reforming. Bless Arizona for at least doing something. Just keep the politics out of Sports!

Cinco? By the way, what is Joe Flacco’s number? Terrell Suggs?


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Happy 91st Birthday to the “real” creator of WNST

Posted on 05 March 2010 by Nestor Aparicio

Dear Pop:

Happy 91st birthday!!! I know you might be used to me doing the radio show dedicated to you every year here on March 5th but this year I’m “off” the radio (the listeners call it “retirement” and I call it “sabbatical”) so I’m just gonna write you this letter and hope it gets to you. And instead of taking calls all afternoon, I’m gonna take comments from folks on this space-aged thing called the internet. (I’ll explain it to you later but there’s a lot of stuff in the world here in 2010 you wouldn’t really understand without seeing it!)

A lot has changed since you left us back in July 1992 and I just thought I’d check in and update you a little with this letter – just kind of catch you up a little bit because every single day I think “What would Pop think of this crazy place now?”

And I know how much you love to read, so I thought I’d put it in writing for your birthday – how much different this place is in 2010!

Yes, I still write “for the paper” occasionally, but they just don’t call it a newspaper anymore. The words kinda live on a little television set and you don’t have to print them. You just “click” and you can get almost any information in the world. It’s kinda like the radio, TV and newspaper worlds have all gone into one place, if you can understand that. It’s called the “internet” – and really, I’d probably have a helluva time trying to make you understand it but I’m gonna try.

These days I’m so freaking busy building this sports media business I’ve created that I don’t even get to write about sports or talk about sports as much as I’d like but I’ll be doing more this baseball season for you and keep you in the loop on the Orioles and stuff. I’m also doing a book that I’m gonna send you a copy of later this year. It’s about coaching and leadership – I think you’ll dig it because it’s a lot of the stuff that you were always trying to teach me only put into words and kinda organized with words of wisdom from all of the coaches that I’ve met since 1984 who’ve taught me about life through sports.

Pop, a LOT of these people really helped make me the person I am since you’ve been gone. You remember Gene Ubriaco from the Skipjacks? Well he kinda gave me the idea since he was the first coach I talked to back in the day and he visited me recently and inspired me. I remember introducing him to you back at the Civic Center when I first covered the team for The News American.

Anyway, I remember that summer back in 1986 when we coached that Little League baseball team at Eastwood together. (One of those kids is now my Facebook friend, but I’ll save explaining that for next year’s letter, OK?)

I think a lot about you managing the 1973 Colgate Pirates, when I was the batboy, and we won the championship. I’m gonna write a little bit about it in the book. Gus Kaplanges still calls me and I ran into Teddy Boccia at Pizza John’s in Essex a few weeks ago. Tom Duni always sends along his best when I see him on the mornings when I take Mom to the IHOP over on Merritt Boulevard. It’s the “International House of Pancakes” – right in Dundalk. I know how much you love pancakes. They even have all of the fancy syrups!

So when I heard they just got email up there where you are I thought I’d send you a birthday card with some updates here from Planet Earth instead of doing the radio show. (Wait’ll you get a load of these “smart” phones when they get there with the “internet” on them. And wait’ll you see this thing called “texting”!)

Look, some of this stuff you’re not gonna understand. You’re just not, no matter what I do or how I try to explain it. Lemme just start with this – we have a black President of the United States, so you KNOW things are little different but the changes these last 18 or so years have been incredible – especially the last few years. You wouldn’t believe what’s happened in Baltimore with sports media and sports in general.

You were right about ESPN – they’re still around and they have a monopoly on virtually every sport and they have this 24-hour a day newspaper that people read all the time. You can even listen to the radio and watch videos on a screen without an antenna! (It’s all on that “internet” thing I told you about. And it’s all in the palm of your hand on this thing that’s like a phone. I’d try to compare it to a “cell” phone but even that would be hard.)

You know me, I still love hockey and the NHL is fun. The Capitals are really good and I think you’d even get on this bandwagon, even though you always hated hockey and Washington, D.C. The Caps have this Russian kid named Ovechkin – he’s like Gretzky, only bigger and meaner. It’s a fun time and the Caps SUCKED big time for a long time, kinda like they did when back when I started dragging you down there to the Capital Centre in 1981. I’m really sorry you never liked hockey, but I really do appreciate you taking me down to those Clippers games back in the day! You have no idea how great those memories are for me and how much hockey still means to me!

The Terps are having a great year – they even won a BIG one against Duke the other night and they play in this shiny new building and Gary Williams is STILL the coach! They finally won the National Championship back in 2002 and it was a lot of fun. I know how much you loved March Madness around the house and it’s still pretty much the same although they wear these long pants these days. And people don’t play bracket pools on paper – they do it on this “internet” thing!

The NBA kinda sucks these days and nobody watches. I know you saw Abe Pollin up there a few weeks ago. I hope you guys made up – he really did do some good things, though that would be hard for me to explain to you. The new guy here who owns the old Bullets (they call them the “Wizards” now — again, don’t ask…really some of this s&%t is too crazy to even try to explain!) is a guy named Ted Leonsis. Good dude and now he owns the Caps. I know him a little through the radio show. They moved outta the Capital Centre into downtown D.C. back in 1998 and they play in this place that kinda looks like a mall with windows. It’s wild, man, the way the stadiums and the arenas have changed. It’s all about business now with sports – lots of money, but still a lot of fun most of the time. And people love it more than ever!

But there’s even these new sports like this “mixed martial arts” — where guys literally beat the s&*t outta each other like something in one of those weekend Roman gladiator movies on Channel 45. It’s crazy. It’s like boxing, kinda, without gloves. It’s kinda like WWF only it’s REAL. Swear to God! But people love it!

Oh, about “rassling,” one of your favorites. It’s now called World Wrestling “ENTERTAINMENT” these days. Vince McMahon is still running it and making money but they’ve admitted what you said along: “It’s fake.” But nobody seems to mind and they still sell a lot of tickets.

Stock car racing (they just call it NASCAR these days) is this HUGE thing – these fancy cars, crowds of over 100,000 and big TV ratings. They moved the Olympics into every two years – summer and winter alternate – and they have these skateboard kids who surf on the snow getting medals. It’s exciting – you might even like it!

The Preakness is a mess. They took the beer away last year and now nobody goes but no one here seems to care too much about horse racing. Kinda sad. I know you never liked it too much but it’s tough to see it die like this, especially in May when Baltimore used to rock for the Preakness. They’re doing this new thing this year – “Get Your Preak On” – we’ll see how it goes.

I know I haven’t mentioned the Orioles because, well, you really don’t want to know. I know when you left us back in July of ’92 you were sorta losing it a little for life and sports and I know you thought Camden Yards looked nice on TV. Sorry I never took you down there before you left but honestly you haven’t really missed much down there, Pop.

This guy from Highlandtown named Peter Angelos bought the team about a year after you left us. Hotshot lawyer, got involved with some union guys who died from asbestos and made a zillion dollars, bought the team in 1994 and, well, they’ve turned into the worst franchise in sports.

They lose every year. They lie every year. They’re really rather disgraceful! And nobody goes to the games anymore. Mom still watches – we all kinda do – but no one goes to the games and the owner is the biggest heel since Bob Irsay.

Pop, some people hate him even MORE than Irsay and I’m not kidding!

I know it sounds crazy, but he’s kinda at war with me personally because I have had the balls and the voice to do what you’d have done if you were me – I tell the truth about the losing and the sad state of the city on summer night. But you’d dig it that some of the old Orioles from when we were taking the No. 22 outta Highlandtown are still around and are really cool to me. Those old Orioles come up to me and tell me to continue to fight with him but, really, Pop, it’s not the same and I’m tired of fighting with these lunatics.

I don’t even wanna bore you with it. (I’d tell you to “Google it” but you’d have no idea what the hell that means but I think you’d really think it’s cool. Imagine one of those World Book encyclopedias you bought me combined with every library in the world and all available in one place and you’ll begin to grasp it. Yeah, I know, you’re a little confused…so is Mom, don’t worry.)

But more than ANYONE, you’d be the proudest of how I’ve stood up and fought for what’s right. I take a lot of heat. People write me hate mail, threaten my life on occasion – but I know I’m right. This Angelos guy can’t even get along with Brooks Robinson, who’s still alive and has battled some illnesses recently.

This spring, I’m going to get behind a big civic movement to get a statue built for No. 5. I’ve sorta gotten to know Brooks since you left us and he’s just as great of a guy as you always thought he was and he deserves it. So I’m gonna help these guys who want to do this and I want to do it in your honor, if you’ll let me. I always tell Brooks about how you took me to “Thanks, Brooks Day” way back in 1977 and how we spent the day together out in left field like we always did in those days on 33rd Street.

By the way – I’ve got some more bad news. They tore down Memorial Stadium about 10 years ago. It really PISSED me off. I drive by there, think of you and get all pissed off again. I can’t even turn the corner up by Lake Montebello without getting depressed. The old site was turned into a YMCA. You’d hate it — trust me! Some days, I think you’re better off where you are and I can’t wait to join you!

I’m writing you this letter from a plane tonight and I’m going to spring training – but it’s not Florida, it’s Arizona. I’m doing some research work on this book on coaching and leadership. I’m going to be interviewing over 100 coaches with Baltimore ties and writing about their feelings on life, leadership and sports. I’m in Arizona and because the Orioles don’t let me come to their spring training games (or any games, really) because I did this protest of their ownership back in 2006. I had a press pass for all those years after you left but they took my pass away for telling the truth. I know, it’s kinda what you’d expect in Cuba or Russia, but that’s the way it is these days in America when you tell the truth – people hate you, abuse you and fail to be accountable. Especially when they’re rich and they threaten people with lawsuits every day. It’s a sick world. The more I know, the less I want to know about a lot of this stuff.

But that’s OK. I’m happy standing for what’s right and not falling for anything. Like I said, I know you’d be proud of me!

So anyway, I’m on this flight to Phoenix and I’m writing to you (we do it on these fancy computers that are kinda like typewriters that sit on your lap) and there’s a guy from the Ravens sitting behind me. His name is Justin Green – he’s a running back who used to play on the NFL team we have now in Baltimore.

I’m sorry it took me so long to tell you about the Ravens. But I wanted to save the good news for the end!

The Ravens are our new NFL team!

I know, I know. You said we’d NEVER get another NFL team but we did. It was something like a miracle, Pop, this team that Art Modell brought to Baltimore from Cleveland back in 1996. No, the Browns colors and logos stayed in Cleveland where they replaced the team but those people are STILL pissed, kinda like you were with Irsay until you left us.

(I’m assuming if you’ve ever run into Irsay up there you’re in the WRONG place…so I’ll just tell you that he died a few years ago!)

But Modell was great for Baltimore! He even hired Ted Marchibroda to be the first coach! It’s been a LOT of fun since this football team came to town.

We have a young local owner named Steve Bisciotti, who does his best to not be the jerk that Angelos is and Irsay was. He’s interested in winning and making the team fun every year and Baltimore appreciates that!

The Ravens have the best defensive player I’ve ever seen – a guy like Butkus and Curtis and Singletary but only better! His name is Ray Lewis and he’s fun to watch. He was a rookie on the first team back in 1996 and he’s still playing but the Ravens have really had a lot of good players and they win most years and the games are fun and it kinda reminds everyone here of those fun days you had with the Colts back in the ’50s and ’60s with Mom and Johnny Unitas. (I hope you said hi to No. 19 when he dropped by a few years ago. He stood on the sidelines here for the Ravens on game days and people thought it was cool! I talked to him a few days before he came to be with you…)

I miss you the most on those Ravens game days in the fall because you’d LOVE this football team. They wear purple, your favorite color. The band still plays, they’re just called “The Ravens Marching Band.” People come to the games really early and have picnics and drink beer. They call it “tailgating” because they sit on the trunk of the car and dine on swine and wait for the game and play catch. We’ve got this new stadium down where the railroad tracks used to be on the other side of the harbor, right next to the baseball stadium. It’s wild driving into downtown now and seeing those giant stadiums and all of the purple.

But I really miss you on those days when the team plays. I think of you every Sunday. I really do!

Because of what I do for work, I even get to go to all of the road games and sometimes we even take people who listen to the radio station and read my columns (we call ‘em “blogs” now) on the internet with us and it makes it more fun. Beer drinking, good food, football cheers – Pop, you’d LOVE it!

So, even though I did the radio show for a long time, I’m still here doing my media thing on this “internet” contraption and some of the people haven’t really changed. You remember Tom Davis and Scott Garceau – they work for my competitor. Stan The Fan still does this magazine every month. And Phil Jackman is still my friend and he’s gotten even older and even crankier. It’s fun to watch!

But I turned the old radio station into this 24-hour-a-day “internet” sports place with radio, television and news all in one place. We even have all of the box scores and standings for you! I wish you could see it!!! It’s like the Sporting News back in the day only even more in depth. You’d be really proud, Pop!

I have these awesome business partners – led by a guy named Brian Billick. He was the Ravens coach back when they won the Super Bowl in 2001. (I’ll tell you more about that later!)

Billick is sorta like Earl Weaver was to the Orioles – only taller, but he does cuss just as much! I’d pay a lot of money to see you and Billick have a conversation about sports. You’d make him laugh for sure!

Billick is just a fabulous guy and I really wish you two would’ve gotten a chance to meet. He joined me about 18 months ago as a business partner but all of the money we ever make on his behalf goes directly back to the community through this charity called “Living Classrooms” which helps the kids in the city who are trying to stay out of trouble, learn and get jobs. One day, we’ll make a lot of money for the people of Baltimore together! You always taught me to give something back and that’s what I’m trying to do because people have really been great to me as I’ve gotten older and you’ve left us.

I just wish you could see it – even for one day, what my life has been like! The travel. The roadtrips. The time I’ve spent in Europe, South America and Asia. I went to China with Cal Ripken Jr., who just like you told me, wound up in the Hall of Fame. We even went to Cooperstown for the induction!

But I’ve done World Cups, a bunch of World Series, All Star Games, Stanley Cups, Final Fours, Kentucky Derbies, Super Bowls — you name it! I’ve really had a great life – a great time since you left me!

Oh – that’s right – I almost forgot. The Super Bowl!

Yep, Baltimore WON the Super Bowl back in 2001. I sorta forgot that you didn’t know that…

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mom happier than she was when the Ravens beat the Giants that night. I was at the game that night in Tampa under the stars but she called me, bawling like a baby – she really loves the Ravens, Pop. I wish you could be there to watch those games with her on Sunday.

I took her to a game back in August to see the guys in purple play. I’m not sure if you get You Tube up where you are, but if you do here’s what it looked like:

She calls me every weekend and a lot of times I’m there at the games in all these far-flung places like Minnesota or Green Bay or New England and she wants updates. We have this tall quarterback named Joe Flacco who is her favorite. He wears No. 5 – just like Brooksie!

But sports and radio and Baltimore have been good to me all these years. All those things you taught me – fairness, integrity, working hard, practicing hard, being a good teammate, running out every groundball, looking for the cutoff man, playing by the rules – that’s all really helped me in the business world. Some days I feel like a success, some days I feel like the world’s biggest failure but I never give up. I never, ever give up!

And I always try to do the right thing…

And even though things are kinda crappy – the economy is worse than it was back in 1979, when you came home every day scared to death that you were gonna lose your job at ‘The Point – I’m in a good spot. I have a really good product and it’s growing every day but it’s hard work. Nothing I’m allergic to though. (Don’t worry…I never take a “scratch” either!)

But there’s lots of stuff you’d really like about the world in 2010 and stuff that reminds me of you every day.

They have Chick-Fil-A’s now where you don’t have to go into the mall. These computers have kinda taken over the world and you wouldn’t have to wait for The Sporting News or the Baseball Digest anymore. Heck, you wouldn’t even be pissed every morning at 5 a.m. because The Sun came late and you didn’t get to read it before work. You can read it ANYTIME on this device! Sounds kinda like a “dream,” doesn’t it?

You could even take your phone into the bathroom and READ on it while seated instead of taking the newspaper up there when you stink up the joint!

Ha!!! (Made you laugh!!!)

But we’re cool down here. Mom is fine, still feisty and nagging the hell outta me the way I like it. Barry is 25 now and helps me at WNST and is good guy. You two would be hell together watching Orioles games in high definition TV. (They call it HD – it’s kinda like 3D, just a little different. It’s just a really, really clear TV – everybody has them now and it’s kinda neat, makes you feel like you’re right on the field!)

I have an awesome wife that I met at a hockey game who likes sports even more than I do — most days anyway. She’s a Red Sox fan and she gets to have all of the fun in baseball season because the Orioles haven’t played a meaningful game since 1997. They stink every stinking year! It’s awful, really…but like I told you, google it!

Maybe I really just wish you were here from August through January every year — but you’re really not missing much from April through the summer…

So, I just wanted to say hi and share this letter. I’m gonna share it with the people who read my “internet column” and hope that they write me some neat stories about their lives and memories and emotions with their Pop. You wouldn’t believe what a big “celeb” I turn you into every March 5th!

People write me every year and ask me about my “radio show for my Pop.” Well, this year for your 91st birthday, I thought I’d do something extra special and write you a letter instead. Maybe this will be the new format every year, who knows?

But I hope you’re resting comfortably and that someone is watching over me down here.

Life is good. Times are tough. The world is changing. Sports is in a weird place in Baltimore but I have a good feeling about things and I’m even optimistic that one day the Orioles will be good and kind and honorable again and the games will be fun for me.

Give Steady my best if you see him. Tell all of my friends like Clem Florio and the other fellas that “Nasty loves ‘em and misses ‘em!” (OH…I almost forgot! I really hope you got to say hello to Ted Williams a few years ago. I know how much you loved him!)

In the meantime, I’m sure the Ravens will give me plenty to write you about and the business stuff and building this company has been a lot of fun and keeps me plenty busy.

And if you ever bump into Howard Cosell, you should apologize, Pop! You were really wrong about him! He really DID know what the hell he was talking about!

Have a great birthday, Mr. Pisces! I’ll have some strawberry shortcake out in Phoenix in your honor!

Strangely enough, I’m having breakfast with Frank Kush today at his office at Arizona State and lunch with a bunch of the San Diego Padres front office folks. (Aunt Jane would really dig it!)

I have a feeling your name will come up!

Happy Birthday, you old fart!

Ninety one would’ve been fun but, hopefully, you’re getting satellite up there so you can watch the Terps game this weekend.

And if the MASN feed doesn’t come in, don’t feel so bad. You’re better off with the VHS tapes you left with from 1983…



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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

Is it sad to hear that no current Orioles attended the Brooks Robinson event last night? Sure. It is surprising? Not at all. Am I angry about it? Of course not. It’s just another day in Birdland.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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The Official Site says Terps fell to Fork Union in JV game Monday

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Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Vince Murray ‘on a roll’ for Midshipmen

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Mids have 14 wins against BCS opponents since ‘03

Go Mids grades Mids for performance against Wake Forest (must subscribe)


The Official Site says Kemar Scarlett honored by MEAC


The Official Site says Tigers’ single game tickets on sale now


The Official Site says Blue Jays to open season February 19 against Manhattan

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Jays have 13 TV games between ESPNU/ESPN2/CBS College Sports


The Official Site says Brandon Hudson, Matt McMurdo, Tommy Kowalick honored by ACFC


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says ‘plan’ for Uehara is to be setup man or closer

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Brooks Robinson honored last night at Meyerhoff

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Josh Bell scored 2 runs for Phoenix Desert Dogs in Arizona Fall League action Monday


The Official Site says AIFA team brought back DB Armar Watson


Daily Racing Form’s Steve Andersen says Belmont winner Summer Bird breezed in preparation for Breeders Cup Classic


Terps in the NFL in Week 7…..

-Browns LB Eric Barton tallied 7 tackles (5 solo) in a 31-3 loss to the Packers
-49ers TE Vernon Davis had 7 catches for 93 yards and 3 TD’s in a 24-21 loss to the Texans
-Eagles LB Moise Fokou had 2 tackles (1 solo) in a 27-17 win over the Redskins
-Vikings LB EJ Henderson had 7 tackles (5 solo) and defended 1 pass in a 27-17 loss to the Steelers
-Raiders WR Darrius Heyward-Bey had 2 catches for 28 yards in a 38-0 loss to the Jets
-49ers QB Shaun Hill was 6/11 for 45 yards and rushed once for 2 yards in a 24-21 loss to the Texans
-Chargers LB Shawne Merriman had 5 tackles (5 solo, 1 TFL) in a 37-7 win over the Chiefs
-Dolphins DT Randy Starks had 7 tackles (1 solo, .5 sacks) in a 46-34 loss to the Saints
-Vikings S Madieu Williams has 3 tackles (2 solo) in a 27-17 loss to the Steelers

Morgan State Bears in the NFL Week 7….
-Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe had 4 catches for 27 yards in a 27-17 loss to the Steelers
-Colts RB Chad Simpson rushed 3 times for 35 yards and a TD and added 1 catch for 2 yards in a 42-6 win over the Rams

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/27/09)

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Jerry Hairston is next up with Drew to talk about the upcoming Series. He talks about how his career had taken some unexpected turns. He talks about how he dreamed of playing in the World Series as a child. He also speaks on Alex Rodriguez. He explains how A-Rod has stepped up this postseason and reversed his usual struggles. Finally, Hairston states the importance of having CC Sabathia start Game 1. He jokes that CC would start every game if he was allowed to.


Another caller talks about the Brooks Robinson celebration. He talks about the lack of current Orioles. He also mentions how Peter Angelos did not make an appearance. Drew puts out the idea of having the team pay to bring in some of the current players.


Drew pitches his idea for the new Chicago Bears logo to Nestor. (The wind. Remember?) He isn’t a fan of the idea. He and Drew next talk about players who have been “overlooked” and their motivation.  


A few callers talk about the Brooks Robinson event. They agree that the event went well and was a good celebration. One caller, who states that he is 28 years old, is upset that no current Orioles were present. He would like to be able to identify with players in his generation. 


Ken Singleton comes on to talk with Drew and Nestor. Singleton currently is an announcer on the YES Network. He talks about the high-priced additions that Yankees made this offseason. Both Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia have made huge contributions during the postseason. He moves on to how the Yankees will matchup with the Phillies. The Phillies have a very high-powered offense that can keep pace with the Yankees. Singleton next describes the evolution of Pedro Martinez’s game. Now that he can no longer throw has hard, Pedro has changed the way he has pitched.



Nestor is in studio an starts to talk with Drew about the Phillies. Nestor has decided to root for the Yankees in the World Series due to his dislike for the Philadelphia fans. He also talks about the ceremony honoring Brooks Robinson last night. He reveals that no current Orioles were present at the event. He calls this “disgraceful.” He compares this to the Ravens. Ravens players often will show up to charity events in the area.



Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times comes on to talk about the Terps. He starts off by stating that while Chris Turner is not the team’s biggest problem, it may be time to look to the future. He explains that the team should take a look at Jamar Robinson because it is not worth burning a freshman’s redshirt for only a few games. He goes on to talk about the idea that the team just does not have enough talent to compete. This is the simplest explanation, and in this case probably the correct one. Stevens does not believe the team will take any major actions during its bye week, partly because of the injuries to key players.


Moving on to basketball, Stevens says that Gary Williams seems much more excited for this season than he normally does. Stevens states that Maryland could rise to the top of the middle-of-the-pack ACC teams.



The Comcast Morning Show is starting a contest this morning. Callers are able to call in and be selected for either a player or the outcome of the World Series. If the player wins the MVP Award or the series ends up in that way, the caller will win a “special fall package.”

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